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Taylor, Bayard, continued.

Taylor, Jeremy, continued. - Hannah Thurstone .

Fe 11-15378

of nature, or of all mankind, as it is com- John Godfrey's fortunes ·

Fe 11-15379

manded, digested, and perfected by our Su- Land of the Saracen. N. Y., 1854 . Dg 6-6332

preme lawgiver, Jesus Christ. 12. ”The inter

prelative and the obligation of the laws of - Northern travel. Summer and winter pictures.

Jesus Christ. 13. Or hunan laws, their obligaSweden, Denmark, and Lapland. N. Y., 1865

tion and relaxation; and of the collateral, inDi 10-6829

direct, and accidental bands of conscience. 14. - Picture of Saint-John. B., 1866 . hf 12-12520

Of the nature and causes of good and evil, their

limits and circumstances, their aggravations - Poems. B., 1866

Hf 9-12433

and diminutions. 15. Clerus Doinini. — Story of Kennett

Fe 11-15380

Rules and advices to the clergy of the diocess

of Down and Connor. 17. The golden grove. - The poet's journal. B., 1863 : Hf 9-12416

18. The psalter of David. 19. A collection of — Travels in Greece and Russia. N. Y., 1859

offices. 20. The worthy communicant.

Di 10-3664 Selections from the works of; with some account – Views a-foot; or, Europe seen with knapsack and of the author and his writings. B., 1833 staff. N. Y., 1847 Di 4-6623

Hd 13–11724 – A visit to India, China, and Japan, in the year Taylor, John. Records of my life. N. Y., 1833. 80 1853. B., 1860 Dh 2-6424

Dd 8-5533 Taylor, C. W. Drunkard's warning Hb 9-10974 Taylor, R. C. Statistics of coal; the geographical Taylor, Emily. Tales from the history of the Saxons. and geological distribution of combustibles, or B., 1862

Cf 8-15559

fossil fuel, iucluding, also, notices and localities Taylor, Fitch W. Flagship; or voyage around the of the various mineral bituminous substances

world in the United States frigate Columbia. employed in arts and manufactures, with staN. Y., 1840.

Dg 3–6186

tistics of iron manufactures. Ph., 1855. 8° Taylor, George. The indications of the Creator ; or,

Gb 11-9163 the natural evidences of final cause. N. Y. Taylor, Theodore. Thackeray, the humorist and the 1852

Eg 2–8441

man of letters. In memoriam, by_Charles Taylor, Isaac. Fanaticism. 'N. Y., 1834 Ef 8-8399

Dickens, and a sketch by Anthony Trollope. – Natural history of enthusiasm. B., 1830

N. Y., 1864

Da 9-5591
Ef 10-8413
Taylor, Tom.

Life of B. R. Haydon, historical Saturday evening. N. Y., 1832 Ef 6-8315

painter, from his autobiography and journals. - Spiritual despotism. N. Y., 1835 Ef 10-8410

N. Y., 1853. 2 v.

Dc 6–5253 - Wesley and methodism. N. Y., 1852 Ed 11-7961 Blighted being. F's M. D. v. 31 : Hb 10-11003 Taylor, Jeremy. The whole works of; with an essay Fool's revenge. F's S. D.

Hb 9-10972 biographical and critical. L., 1837. 3 v. go*

Helping hands. F's S. D.

V. 35

Hb 9-10969 Ef 1-8191

Retribution. F's S. D. v. 20 Hlb 9-10961 Contents.-Vol. I. 1. Essay on the genius and

Still waters run deep. F's S. D. v. 35 Hb 9-10969 writings of J. Taylor 2. Funeral sermon.

Ticket-of-leave-man. F's S. D. v. 42 Hb 9-10972 Christian consolations: taught from five heads in religion. 1. Faith. 11. Hope. III. The Holy

To oblige Benson. F's M. D. v. 11 Hb 10–10996 Spirit. iv. Prayer. v. The sacraments. 4. Life

Victims. F's S. D.

Hb 9-10963 of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

- and C. Reade. King's rival. F's S. D. v. 16 5. History of the life and death of the holy Jesus. 6. Contemplations of the state of man.

Hb 9-10959 7. Rule and exercises of holy living. 8. Con

Masks and faces. F's s. 'D. V. 30 Hb 9-10966 siderations of the general 'instruments and

Two loves and a life. F's S. D. v. 34 Hb 9-10968 means serving to a holy life. 9. Of Christian sobriety. 10. Of Christian justice. 11. Of Chris.

Taylor, T. P. The bottle. F's M. D. v.3 tian religion. 12. Rule and exercises of holy

Hb 10-10993 dying: 13. General preparation towards a holy Taylor, Wm. Historic survey of German poetry, and blessed death. 14. Of the state of sickness, and the temptations incident to it, with their

interspersed with various translations. proper remedies. 15. Of the practice of the

1830. 3 v. 8°

Ha 6-10531 graces proper to the state of sickness, which a Taylor, Rev. Wm. California life illustrated. N. Y., sick man may practice alone. 16. Vistation of


DE 10–6132 the sick. 17. Twenty-five sermons. 18. Twenty-seven sermons. II. 1. Ten sermons. 2. Of

Taylor, Winifred. Labours of love; 'a tale for the the sacred order and offices of episcopacy. 3.

young N. Y., 1870

Fe 13-15418 Apology for authorized and set forms of liturgy. Taylor, W. B. Annual report of the state engineer 4. Discourse on the liberty of prophesying. 5. Doctrine and practice of repentance. 6. Foun

of the canals of New York for 1862. Alb., 1863. dation and necessity of repentance. 7. Of the


Ga 12-8959 nature and definition of repentance. 8. Of the

Same for 1863.' Alb., 1864. go

Ga 12-4974 distinction of sins, mortal and venial. 9. of actual, single, sins, and what repentance is

Taylor, W. B. S. Ilistory of the university of Dubproper to them. 10. Of habitual sins, and their

lin. L., 1845. 8°

Bb 6–387 manner of eradication, and their proper instru

Origin, progress, and present condition of the fine ments of pardon. 11. Of concupiscence and origipal sin. 12. Further explication of the doc

arts in Great Britain and Ireland. L., 1841. 2 v. trine of original sin. 13. Of sins of infirmity. 14.

Hc 2-11087 Of the effect of repentance. 15. Of ecclesiastical Taylor, Zachary. Obituary addresses Bh 6-Pam. 20

" penance. 16. Deus justificatus. 17. Of the real presence of Christ in the holy sacrament. 18.

Montgomery, H. Life Db 8-5010, and 9-5048 Diesuasive from popery. 19. The doctrine of

Tea. Fortune, R. Journey to the tea countries of the Roman church in the controverted articles


Dh 2-6409 is neither catholic, apostolic, nor primitive. 20.

Two visits to the tea countries of China The church of Rome, as it is at this day disordered, teaches doctrines and uses practices

Dh 6-6410 which are in themselves, or in their true and Technical analysis. B. H. Paul

Eb 3–7381 immediate consequences, direct impieties and give warranty to a wicked life. 21. The church

Technology. Heck, J. G. Iconographic encycloof Rome teaches doctrines, which in many

paedia. v. 4

Ac 8-13234 things are destructive of Christian society in

Knapp, F. Chemical technology Eb 2-7392 general, and of monarchy in special; both

Wright, T. Universal dictionary Ac 6-13202 which, the religion of the church of England and Ireland does by her doctrines greatly and

Tecumseh. G. H. Colton

Hf 12–12513 Christianly support. III. 1. Discourse of con

Teddy Roe. E. Sterling

Hb 10-11001 firmation. 2. Discourse of the nature, offices, Teddy the tiler. G. H. Rodwell Hb 10-11000 and measures of friendship. 3. Rule of con. science. 4. Rule of conscience in general. 5.

Teeth. Richardson, B. W. Treatment of the The right of sure conscience. 6. The confidant,

Ga 3–8534 or erroneous conscience. 7. The probable or Tegetmeier, W. B. Pigeons; their structure, variethinking conscience. 8. Of a doubtful consci. 9. Or the scrupulous conscience. 10.

ties, habits, and management. L., 1868. 4° The law of nature in general. 11. Of the law

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Dk 9-7022


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Tegetmeier, W. B., continued.

Tempsky, G. F. von, continued. The poultry book; comprising the breeding and co, Guatemala, and Salvador, in 1853–55; with

management of profitable and ornamental observations on the modes of life in those poultry, their qualities and characteristics; to countries. Edited by J. S. Bell. L., 1858.8 which is added "the standard of excellence in

Dr 4-5936 exhibition birds.” L., 1867. 4° . Dk 9-7021 Temptation. J. Brougham

• Hb 10–10995 Tegoborski, M. L. de. Commentaries on the pro- Temptation and triumph. V. F. Townsend ductive forces of Russia. L., 1855. 2 v. go

Fe 13-15408 Cg 11-16738 Temptation and truth. V. F. Townsend Fe 8-15417 Tehuantepec. Williams, J. J. Isthmus Ch 5-4066 Ten nights in a bar-room. W. W. Pratt Hb 9-10973 Teignmouth, Lord J. S. Memoirs of the life, writings, Ten thousand wonderful things. E. F. King and correspondence of Sir Wm. Jones. Ph.,

He 14-11948 1805. 8°

Dc 7-5183 Ten thousand a year. S. Warren Fa 11-14804 Tekel; or, Cora Glencoe ; a novel, by Braganza. Ph., Ten times one is ten. The possible reformation. B., 1870

Fd 12-6169

Fc 6-16796
Telegraph. Briggs, c. F., and A. Maverick. Story Ten years in the United States. D. W. Mitchell
of the telegraph
Gb 6-9066

Df8_6062 – Field, H. M. History of the Atlantic telegraph Tenant of wildfell hall. Anne Bronté Fa 10–14774 Gb 6-9065 Ténébreuse affaire. Balzac .

Aa 2-12553 Prescott, G. B. Theory and practice of the elec- Tennant, Thomas. Nautical almanac for the Pacific tric telegraph

Ea 10–7414 coast, California tide-register, and marine diProceedings of the board of regents of Smithso

gest for 1869. San. Fran., 1869 Ck 6–4500 nian institution in relation to the electro-mag- Tennant, Rev. William. Indian recreations; consist

netic telegraph. S. M. C. v. 2 Dk 12–7073 ing chiefly of strictures on the domestic and – Proposed union of the telegraph and postal sys- rural economy of the Mahommedans and Hintems

Bh 5-Pam. 72
doos. E., 1803. 2 v. 80

Cf 10–3685 Telemachus Fenélon

Ha 10–17719 Tennent, J. Emerson. Sketches of the natural history Telescope teachings. Mrs. M. Ward Eb 8–7544 of Ceylon, with narratives and anecdotes illusTelescopes. Draper, H. Silvered glass telescopes. S. trative of the habits of the mammalia, birds, C. to K. Vol. 14, Art. 4

Ae 1-13489
reptiles, etc. L., 1861

Dk 2-16233 Telford, Thomas. Howe, H. Life of Da 10-4807 Tennessean abroad. R. W. MacGavock Dg 3-6189 Tell, Guillermo. Florian, J. P. C. de. Lebertador Tennessean in Persia. D. W. Marsh Dh 4-645.5 de la Swiza

Aa 3-12695 Tennessee. Carpenter, W. H. History Ch 11-2779 Temper. R. Bell .

Hb 9-10955 Ramsey, J. G. M. Annals of. Cb 12-2814 Temper. Florence Marryat

Fc 10–15009 Tenney, Sanborn. Geology of classes and private Temper. Lady Morgan

Hb 1-10741
students. Ph., 1860

Eb +7482 Temperance. Carpenter, W. B. Physiology of

- A manual of zoology for schools, colleges, and

Ga 4-8710 the general reader. N. Y., 1866 Dk 3–6902 See Intemperance.

Tennyson, Alfred Poetical works. N. Y., 1870. Temperance doctor. H. Seymour Hb 9-10974

Hf 4-12229 Tempest. Shakespeare

Hb 5-10634

Contents.-Poems, published in 1830 ; Poems, Tempest and sunshine. M. J. Holmes Fd 4-14273

published in 1832; English idyls and other Temple, Henry John.. Bulwer-Lytton, H. L. Life

Dc 9–11441

in ,
; In memoriam; Maud and other poems:

Idy's of the king; Enoch Arden; Additional Temple, Wm. Works; to which is prefixed the lite poems; Experiments; Miscellaneons : Timbucand character of the author. L., 1757. 4 v. 89

too; Poems, published in 1830 and 1833 and Hd 3-11466

omitted in later editions; Occasional poems. Contents.-Vol 1. Essay on the original and

- Poems. B., 1865. 2 v.

Hf 7-12379 nature of government; Observations upon the

Enoch Arden. B., 1868

HP 9-12354 united provinces of the Netherlands; Letters containing an account of the most important

- The Holy Grail,

and other poems. B., 1870 transactions that passed in Christendom from

Hf 9-12400 1665 to 1672. II. Sequel of the author's letters

Maud and other poems. ' B., 1855' Hf 5-12369 serving to supply the loss of the first part of his

Brightwell, D. B. Concordance of the works of memoirs ; A survey of the constitutions and interests of the empire, Sweden, Denmark, Hol

Ad 4-13407 land, France and Flanders in 1671 ; Letters to Tênot, Eugene. Paris in December, 1851; or, the duke of Ormond, written in 1973, u pon his grace's

coup d'état of Napolen III. Trans. from 13th desiring the author to give him his opinion what ought to be done in that conjecture;

French edition, with many original notes, by Memoirs, part 2, What passed in Christendom

S. W. Adams, and A. H. Brandon. N.Y. from 1672 to 1679; Memoirs, part 3, from 1679 to

1870 the author's retirement from public business ;

Cg 5-1364) Appendix to part 3 of the memoirs. III. Essay

Tent and barem. C. Paine :

Dh 10-6576 upon the advancement of trade in Ireland ; Of

Tent life in the holy land

Dg 6-6334 popular discontents; Introduction to the history

Tent life in Siberia. G. Kinnan

Dh 6-16319 of England; Of gardening; Essay upon the cure of the gout by moxa; Of health and long life ;

Tent on the beach. J. G. Whittier Hf 11-12486 of heroic virtue; Of poetry : Essay upon antient

Tercera. Chaste, de. Voyage in 1583. Pinkerton's and modern learning ; Thoughts upon reviewing

voyages. 1

Df 1-5826
that essay; Of the excesses of griet; Of the dif- Terentius, Afer P. Comedies. p., 1770 hb 11-11013
ferent conditions of life and fortune ; Heads of
an essay on conversation ; Virgil's last eclogue ;

Contents.-L'Hecyre; Le Phormion.
Horace, Lib. IV. ode 7. Lib. 1, ode 13; Upon the
approach of the shore at Harwich ; Horace Lib.

Comedies of Terence. Trans. by H. T. Riley ; to
III. ode 29. Lib. 1, Ep. 2; Tibullue, Lib. IV. El.

which is added the blank verse translation of 2. IV. Letters to the king the prince of Orange.

George Colman. N. Y., 1859. Ha 1-10446 Temple beau. H. Fielding .

Hd 13–11727

Contents.-Andria ; Eunuchus; HeautontimoTemple de la gloire. Opéra. Voltaire . Aa 12—13248 rumenos; Adelphi; Hecyra; Phormio. Temple of Jerusalem. *Jalal-Addin Imam. History Terentius, Afer P., and Phaedrus. Comedies of of the

Ca 11-2497 Terence and fables of Phaedrus. Trans. by H. Temple house. E. Stoddard

T. Riley; with metrical translation of PhaedFf 13–14213, and Fb 12–14168 rus by C. Smart. L., 1853

Ha 1-10415 Temple of death. J. Sheffield Hd 4-11476 Terhune, M. V. At last. N. Y., 1870

Fe 6-14447 Temple of nature. E. Darwin

Ilf 6-12302 - Helen Gardner's wedding-day; or, Col. Floyd's Tempsky, G. F. von. Mitla, a narrative of incidents

Fe 6-15634 and personal adventures of a journey in Mexi- — Husbands and homes


Fe 6-15301


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V. 10

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Terhune, M. V., continued.

Thackeray, W. M., continued. · Husks; Col. Floyd's wards

Fe 6-15299

(1) The great Hoggarty diamond; The book - Meriam

Fe 6–15298

of snobs. - Nemesis

Fe 6-15300

(2) Kickleburys abroad; A legend of the

Rhine; Rebecca and Rowena; The second - Phemie's temptation

Fe 6–15302

funeral of Napoleon; The chronicle of the – Ruby's husband

Fe 6–15297


Fe 6-15303 – Sunny-brook

(3) Tremendous adventures of Major Gaha.

gan; The fatal boots; Ballads. Terrestrial magnetism. 'S. L. Metcalfe Ea 10-7412

(4) Memoirs of Mr. Charles J. Yellowplush ; Terry, D. Guy Mannering. F's S. D.

Diary of C. Jeames de la Pluche, esq.; Cox's
Hb 9-10956


(5) Sketches and travels in London; Novels Terry, Rose. Poeins. B., 1861 Hf 10_12440

by eminent bands: Characters; Sketches. Tertullian, Q. S. F. Apologetic and practical trea

(6) Memoirs of Barry Lyndon, esq.

(7) A little dinner at Timmins's The Bedtises. Trans. by C. Dodgeson. Ox., 1854. 8°

ford-row conspiracy: The Fitz-Boodle papers ; Eg 2-13704

A shabby genteel story. - Five books against Marcian. A. N. c. 2. v.7

(8) Men's wives.
Ef 4-8265
Miscellanies II. B., 1869

Fe 10-15330 Writings. iVol. 11. A. N. C. L. v. 15 Ef 4-16531

Contents. -The Paris sketch-book; Memoirs
Contents.-Vol. II. De praescriptione haereti.

of Sir Charles J. Yellowplush; The Irish
corum ; Adversus Hermogenem ; Adversus Val-

ketch-book; Notes of a journey from Cornhill entinianos ; De carne Christi; De resurrectione

to Grand Cairo. carnis ; Adversus Praxean ; De anima.

Mr. Brown's letters to a young man about town. See Appendix.

N. Y., 1853 .

Fe 10–15: 35 Testimony of the catacombs. W. B. Marriott

Newcomes. Leip., 1854. 2 v.

Fe 9-15314
Ed 7-16545
Same. N. Y., 1867

Fe 9-15316 Testimony of the rocks. H. Miller Eb 5-8390 - Notes of a journey from Cornhill to Grand Cairo, Teufels Lustschlok. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10927

by way of Lisbon, Athens, Constantinople, JeruTexas. Bartlett, J. R. Incidents in Df 4-5934

salem. N. Y., 1846

Dg 2-6233 Buckley, S. B. Geological survey Bh 5-Pam. 69

Round about papers

Fe 9-15313 Duval, J. C. Adventures of Bigfoot Wallace Vanity fair

Fe 9-15312 Df 11-16579 The Virginians; a tale of the last century Edward, D. B. History of Texas : Cb 11-2747

Fe 9-15309 - Foote, H. S. Texas and the Texans Cb 11-2745 Yellow-plush papers

Fe 10-15334 - Green, T. J. Expedition against Mier Df 6–5985

Taylor, T. The humorist

Dd 9-5591 - Kendall, G. W. Texas Santa Fé expedition Thadeus of Warsaw. Jane Porter Fb 13-16325 Cb 11-2743 | Thal von Almeria. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10934 Kaufman, D. s. speech in 1848, on territorial re. Thalaba, the destroyer. R. Southey Ilf 5-12361 lations

Bh 6-Pam. 4 Thanet.' Brayley, È. W. Delineations, historical and Montgomery, Cora.' Eagle pass. Di 9-6013


Di 5-6677 Olmsted, F. L. Journey through DI 9-6104 Thankfulness. c. B. Tayler

Eg 5-8489 Prairiedom ; rambles and scrambles in

Thames. Ireland, S. Illustrations of the picturesque Df 10-6147 beauties of the

le 4-11129 – Yoakum, it. Hlistory Cb 11-2741 Picturesque views

Di 2-6584 Tezkereh al Vakiāt. Jouher

De 12–15573 Thanet, and the cinque ports. E. W. Brayley Thacher, James. American medical biography; or,

Di 5-6677 memoirs of eminent physicians who have flourThat blessed baby. J. G. Moore Hb 10-10996 ished in America. B., 1828. 2 v. in 1. 89 That boy of Norcott's. C. Lever

Fb 6-14411 Ꭰb Ꮞ 919 | That nose! B. E. Woolf

Ilb 10-11004 Thackeray, Anne Isabelle. 'Writings. N. Y., 1870. That rascal Pat. J. H. Grover Hb 10-11005 8°

Fd 10–12032 Thatcher, B. B. Indian biography; or, an historical - Same. B., 1869

Fe 10–15337

account of those who have been distinguished Contents. --The village of the cliff; From an

among the North American natives as orators, island; Miscellanies-Little scholars: Toilers

warriors, statesmen, and other remarkable charand spinsters; The end of a long day's work; Heroines and their grandmothers : Making mer

acters. N. Y., 1832. 2 v.. Ch 10-4195 ry; A sad hour; Out of the silence; A city of Thatcher, James. Military journal during the Amerirefuge; Chirping crickets.

can revolutionary war, from 1775 to 1783 ; to Thackeray, W. M. Adventures of Philip on his way which is added an appendix containing biothrough the world

Fe 9-15308

graphical sketches of several general officers. Ballads. B., 1556

Hf 13-12482
B., 1823.

Cb 7-2074 - Catherine

Fe 10-12041 Same. Second edition. B., 1827. go C1 7-2013 - Confessions of Fitz-Boodle and some passages in That's it; or, plain teaching. An encyclopaedia of the life of Major Gahagan. N. Y., 1852

universal information, containing a thousand

Fe 10–15333 interesting and curious facts in nature, art, and Denis Duval

Fe 9-15307 science, by the author of “ Inq ire within," etc. Early and late papers. B , 1867 He 6–11967

N. Y., 1860.

Ile 5-11995 English humorists of the eighteenth century. Thaxter, A. 'W. Grotto nymph. F's M. D.

V. 34
Leip., 1853
Fe 9-15307

Hb 10-11004 - Same.' N. Y., 1854 Hd 10-11661 Thayer, C. B. Angel's song

Fe 12-15395 The four Georges; sketches of manners, morals, Thayer, T. B. See Pitts St. chapel lectures.

court, and town life. N. Y., 1860 De 1-5079 Thayer, William M. Poor boy and merchant prince; - Same. Leip., 1861 .

Fe 9-15327

or, elements of success. B., 1858 Da 10-4823 Henry Esmond and Lovel the widower

Thayer, W. M. Youth's history of the rebellion, from Fe 9-15328

the capture of Roanoke island the battle of Same

Fe 9-15311
Murtreesboro. B , 1865

Cd 1-3140 History of Pendennis. N. Y., 1850. 2.

“ The Julia.” Mrs. Hornblower

Fe 5–15268 Fe 9-15318 Theatre. Dibdin, T. Reminiscences of the theatre Same. Leip., 1849

Fe 9-15320
royal, etc.

Hb 4-13780 – Jeames's diary. N. Y., 1853 Fe 10–15336 – Dunlap, W. History of the American theatre - Luck of Barry Lyndon Fe 10-15329

Hb 12-11047 - Men's wives

Fe 10-15331 – Ebers, Jolin. Seven years of the king's theatre Miscellanies I 8 v. Fe 9-15323

Hb 4-13777

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g 3-8457


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See Intemi

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Tegetmeier, W. B., continued.

Tempsky, G. F. von, continued.
The poultry book; comprising the breeding and co, Guatemala, and Salves

management of profitable and ornamental observations on the r,
poultry, their qualities and characteristics; to countries. Edited b-
which is added the standard of excellence in

Ga 6-8387 exhibition birds.” L., 1867. 4o . Dk 9–7021 Temptation. "J. Brous: Tegoborski, M. L. de. Commentaries on the pro- Temptation and triu'

theology ductive forces of Russia. L., 1855. 2 v. go

Ef 9-8383

instinct, strucCg 11-16738 Temptation and Tehuantepec. Williams, J. J. Isthmus Ch 5-4066 Ten nights in s

ssil osteology

Ef9-8383 Teignmouth, Lord J. S. Memoirs of the life, writings, Ten thousanr' and correspondence of Sir Wm. Jones. Ph.,


Eb 4-7465 1805. 8°

Dc 7-5183 | Ten thon Tekel; or, Cora Glencoe ; a novel, by Braganza. Ph., Ten tin

Et 9-8379

lark things Ef 9–8391 1870 Fd 12-6169

gion Ef 9-8388 Telegraph. Briggs, C. F., and A. Maverick. Story Ter

Ef 9-8382 of the telegraph

nature Gb 6-9066 - Field, H. M. History of the Atlantic telegraph

.nd chemistry Eb 2-7394

to H. Miller Eb 5-8389

Gb 6-9063 – Prescott, G. B.' Theory and practice of the ele

ailosophy Ef 9-15554

Ef 9-8377 tric telegraph

all its forms Ea 10

nite earth

Ea 8–7311 - Proceedings of the board of regents of Sn

religion of geology Eb 5-7505 nian institution in relation to the elect netic telegraph. S. M. C. v. 2

wes, and Dickie, G. Typical forms and - ends in creation

Ef 9-8374 – Proposed union of the telegraph an.'

sonald, J. S. Vital philosophy Ef 9-16801 tems Telemachus Fenélon

willer, H.' Foot-prints of the creator Eb 5–8391 Testimony of the rocks

Eb 5-8390
Telescope teachings. Mrs. M. Wari
Telescopes. Draper, H. Silvered

Molloy, G. Geology and revelation Ef 5–16154
Murphey, J. Creation

Ef 9-8378
C. to K. Vol. 14, Art. 4
Telford, Thomas. Howe, H.

- Paley, W. Works .

Ef 2-8121 +.19 Prout, Wm. Chemistry, meteorology, and the Tell, Guillermo. Florian, de la Swiza

VL1 functions of digestion, with reference to natural theology

Eb 3-7387 Temper. R. Bell .

Roget, P. M. Animal and vegetable physioloxy Temper. Florence 11

Ga 5-8375 Temper. Lady Moi

Taylor, G. Indications of a creator Temperance. Ca

Eg 2-8441 the Greek, Wallace, W. C. The eye, with reference to patural theology

Ga 6-83-6 -337 Temperance


, W. "Astronomy, with reference to nat

115 1-10730 1 Tempest

ural theology

Eb 9-8392 Tempes

- See Astronomy; Bridgewater treatises ; Chris

No 11981 Templ

tianity ; Cosmology ; Creation ; Geology ; Man.

1 Pastoral. Ter

te y $0.34 Shedd, W. G. T. Homiletics and pastoral theology

Ef 8-8260 Cyclopaedias satu Pettenartes. di I 13187 - Vinet, X. Theory of the evangelical ministry

Ef 8-8263
I 1318
+ = 3 3 3 + + + + + v txt to kov - |

Hul 13200 Armstrong, G. D. Theology of Christian experi-

Ef 11-13937
fin ('hurtit !!****
I 13190|--Blaikie, A. The philosophy of sectarianism

Ef 5-8268 - Lauro daunea (typepluca

Id 1 18198 Burton, W. Origin, uses, and remedies of evil -&?, d. (trend the themel laterature did 14 (veljederline

Ef 7-8365 10236 Butler, J. Analogy of religion Ef 10_8414 Cobbe, F. P. Dawning light

Ee 1248185
Hit 10 070 Cudworth, R. Intellectual system Hc 8-11232
Denominational reason why

Ed 11-13725
IT W T heller
De Quincey, T. Essays .

Hd 2-11434

Frothingham, E. L., and A. l. Ontology, theolI tried to that pothal RI till IN

ogy, and psychology made one. HC 6-11198

Garbeit, E. "The dogmatie faith
Minnie and they

Ef 7-8336
James, H. The nature of evil

Ef 6-8314 tal than MARANATO the Manning, H. E. Reason and revelation

Ef 10_8114

Maner, Max Chips from a German workshop (1, 1114114 thevalets

Ef 10-8106
Renan, E.' Studies of religious history Eg 3-8454
Squier, M. P. Reason and the bible Eg 2-8436
Taylor, I. Spiritual despotism Ef 10-8410
Sam Christianity; Philosophy ; Skepticism.
Tubetlen, C. A. The foundations of our faith

Ef 10-8409
Tattou,. The divine character vindicated

Ef 8-8631
Memberi Ċ
Investigation of the atonement

Ef 5-8277
Hexatret. c Concord of ages Ef 8-8398
Titlict of ages.

Ef 8-8401

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Theology, continued.
W. Restatement of Christian doc- Warner, Susan. The law and the testimony
Eg 9-8563

Eg 6–8582
e vicarious sacrifice Eg 4_8461 Educational.
divine love

Et 7-8344 Barnes, G. S. Illustrative gatherings for teachers
Id grace of the holy trinity

Eg 1-8493
Æf 8-2772 Collected Works.
Ef 7-8342 Baxter, R. Works.

Ef 1-8187
the atonement
Bunyan, J. Works

Ef 1-8194 Ef 8-8304 Chalkley, T. Collection

Ef 2-8224 of the atonement Chalmers, T. Works

Ef 2-8223 Ef 8-8394 Channing, W. E. Works Ef 3-8232, and 8237 *ian theology Chillingworth, W. Works

Ef 1–8202 Ef 8-8397 - Edwards, J. Works

Ef 2-8209 ine dispen- - Fuller A. Principal works

Ef 3-8250 Eg 9–8633 Hall, R. Works

Ef 3-8579 Hasted, F. Writings

Ef 2-8225 -15982 Hooker, R. Works

Ef 1-8200 1983 Leighton, R. Works

Eg 6-8581 122 Paley, W. Works

Ef 2-8421, and 8213 Tavlor, J. Works

Ef 1-8191 Tillotson, J. Works

Eg 1-8560 1-8528 Wesley, J. Works

Et 2–8227 Eg 7-8526 See, also, Ante Nicene Christian library ; Exeter

Eg 7–8522 hall lectures; Library of the fathers; Works u explained

of the English puritan divines.

Eg 7–8523 Theology of Christ from his own words. J. P. » on the acts of the apostles


Eg 4-16544 Eg 7-8502 Theophrastus. Characters of; an English translation its on the book of Daniel

Ey 7-8516 from a revised text, by R. C. Jebb. L., 1870 - Notes on the book of Isaiah Eg 7-8512

Ha 4-15501
Notes on the epistles of James, Peter, John Theophilus. Writings of. A. N. c. i. 1.3
and Jude
Eg 7-8510

Ef 4-8259
Notes on the book of Job : Eg 7-8314 Theory of agreeable sensations. Trans. from the
Notes on the first epistle of Paul to the Corin- French. L., 1819

He 10-13793 thians.

Eg 7-8509 Theory of the firmament. F. Bacon. 'Works. v. 15 Notes on the second epistle of Paul to the Cor

Hd 1-11397 inthians, and the epistle to the Galatians Theory of natural selections. A. R. Wallace

Eg 7–8504 Notes on the epistles of Paul to the Ephesians, Therapeutics. Morgan, c. E. "Electro-physiology Philippians, and Colossians Eg 7-8508 and therapeutics

G 4-8602 Notes on the epistle to the Romans Ey 7–8507 Nettel, Wm. B. Galvano-therapeutics Ga 4–17551 Notes on the book of revelations Eg 7-8506 Therese. J. H. Payne

Hb 9-10958 Notes on the epistles to the Thessalonians, to Thermometer. See Library of useful knowledge Timothy, to Tiius, and to Philemon

Ea 5–7241 Eg 7-8505 Thesaurus of English words. P. M. Roget – Bethune. "Leciures on the Heidelberg catechism

Ac 2-11768 Eg 6-593 Thesmophoriazusae. com. Aristophanes Ila 2-10491 - Bush, G. Notes on the book of Exodus Eg 7-8520 Thessalonians. Auberlen, C. A. Paul to the Notes on the book of Joshua Eg 7-8518

Ad 3-13368 Notes on the book of judges Eg 1-8517 | Thibet. Goez, B. Travels from Lahor to China. Notes on the book of numbers Eg 7-8519

Pinkerton's voyages. 7

Df1-5832 - Colenso, J. W. Pentateuch and book of Joshua, Huc, M. Journey in 1844-6

Dh 2-6418 critically examined

Eg 6-8590 Thiebault, Dieudonne. Original anecdotes of FrederSee Silver, Abiel.

ick the Great, king of Prussia. Ph., 1806. 2 v. - Cowles, H. Notes on proverbs, ecclesiastes, and

De 7-10908 the song of Solomon Ey 6-8601 Thierry, Augustin. History of

the conquest – Dix, Morgan. Exposition of the epistles of St. of England by the Normans; its causes and Paul to the Galatians, and Colossians

its consequences in England, Scotland, IreEg 6-8599

land, and on the continent. Trans. from the - Fowler, c. u. . Colenso's fallacies Eg 11–8639 seventh Paris edition, by Wm. Hazlitt. L., - Guthrie, T. Parables read in the light of the present

1817-56. 2 v.

Cf 8–3623 day

Eg 7-8494 Thierry de Menonville, N. J. Travels to Guaxaca in – Jacobus, M. W. Notes on Genesis

Eg 7–8501

Mexico, 1777. Pinkerton's voyages. 13
Eg 7-8499

Df 1-5836 Mark and Luke :

Eg 7-8498 Thierry and Theodoret. Beaumont and Fletcher · Mathew Eg 7–8497

Hb 7-10883 Silver, A. The holy word in its own defence Thiers, Adolphe. History of the consulate and the

Eg 11-8588 empire; or, France under Napoleon. Trans. – Trench, R. C. 'Notes on the miracles of our Lord by D. F. Campbell and H. W. Herbert. Ph.,

Eg 6-8597
1861-63. 5 v. 8°

Cg 2-3760 Notes on the parables of our Lord Ey 6-8.598 – History of the French revolution. Trans. with Studies in the gospels

Eg 6–8602 notes and illustrations by F. Shoberl. N. Y., – Tyndale, Wm. Expositions and notes on sundry 1870. 4 v. 8°

Cg 3-7614 portions of scripture

Eg 12-16289 — The Mississippi bubble ; a memoir of John Law. - Wheden, D. D. Commentary on the gospels :

Trans. by F. S. Fisk. N. Y., 1859 Ci 9-4390 Mathew and Mark

Eg 7–8495 · Things new and old. J. Spencer . He 7-12014 Luke and John .

Eg 7-8496 Things not generally known. Timbs, J. - Whiston, Wm. Essays on the revelation of St. Curiosities of science

Ea 7--12021

Eg 6-8603
Curiosities of history

Ca 412022

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