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Bible, continued.

Bigelow, Jacob. Modern inquiries; classical, protes. Giltillan, G. Bards of the bible Ed 9-7934

sional and miscellaneous. B., 1867 - Goodell, W'm. Old and the new Dh 10-6571

He 3-11923 - Halsey, L. J. Life pictures from the bible

The useful arts considered in connexion with the

Ee 7-8102 applications of science. N. Y., 1851. 2 v. Headley, P. c. ' Women of the bible Ed 9-7947

GU 4-8942 Jahn, J. Biblical archaeology Ee 7-8094 Bigelow, J. M. Description of the forest trees (of the - Kitto, John. Daily bible illustrations


Ae 4-13534 Ad 5–13412 – General description of the botanical character of - March, D. Night scenes in the bible

the west. See Report of explorations. Ee 7-8093

Ae 4-13534 - Murphy, j. Creation

Eg 9–8378 Bigelow, L. J. Bench and bar; a complete digest of - Newton, R. Jewish tabernacle Ca 11-2513 the wit, humor, asperities, and amenities of the – Nicholls, B. C. Helps to reading the bible

law. N. Y., 1807

He 2-11898 Ee 7–8106 Bigland, John. Geographical and historical view of – Power, P. B. Pivot words of scripture

the world. B., 1811. 4 v.

Ca 2-2201 Ef 7-8354 – History of Spain from the earliest period, to the - Smith, G. F. A. s.' The Gentile nations

close of the year 1809. L., 1810. 2 v. Ca 4-6447

Cg 7-3859 — Spring, G. Contrast between good and bad - Letters on the study and use of ancient and mod

Et 6-7891 ern history, with notes by J. Morse. Ph., 1814 - Steele, E. R. Sovereigns of the bible

Ca 3-11820 Ed 9-7941 Biglow papers. J. R. Lowell

He 6-11959 Thomson, w. M. The land and the book Bigsby, J. J. The shoe and canoe; or, pictures of

Dg 5–6267 travel in the Canadas, with facts and opinions – Tweedie, 'w. R. Rivers and lakes of scrip

on emigration, state policy, and other points of

Dg 6–6330 public interest. L., 1850. 2 v. Df 6-6005 – White cross, ... Anecdotes of passages in the Billiards. Dutton, Wm. Practical billiards old testament

Gb 12-9198 Miscellaneous.

– Pardon, G. F. 'Hand-book of billiards Biblical reason why Ee 7-13722

Gb 12–13038 Boardman, H. A. "Bible in the counting house Phelan, M. The game of

Gb 12-9200 Ef 5–8283 Billings, E. Canadian naturalist and geologist. MonHeadley, J. T. ' Sacred mountains

Dg 5-6025 treal, 1857 to '63. 8 v. 8° Dk 12-7079 Pride tux, II. Connection of the old and new Bindley, C. The sportsman's friend in a frost testaments Ey 6–8585 L., 1857. 8°

Ga 8-8795 - See History, sacred; Christianity; Prophecy; Bingham, Hiram. Residence of iwenty-one years in Religion; Theology.

the Sandwich islands, or the civil, religious and Bible animals. J. G. Wood

Dk 4-6917

political history of those islands. Hartford, Bible in India. L. Jacolliot

Ee 7-8113
1818. 8°

Dh 8-6412 Bible in Ireland. Miss E. II. Waishe : Fa 11-8553 Bingham, Joseph.' The antiquities of the Christian Bible in the counting house. H. A. Boardman

church, with two sermons and two letters on Ef 5-8283

the nature and necessity of absolution. L., Bible in Spain. G. Borrow

Di 9-6799
1865. 2 v. 8°

Ed 478 16 Bible lands. S. D. Phelps

Dg 6-6344 Bingham, J. F. Discourse on the assassination of A. Bible reading book S. J. Hale

Ad 3-13383
Lincoln. Buf., 1865

Bh 5-Pam. 06 Biblical criticism. S. Davidson, Treatise on

- Discourse relative to the death of the late Aaron Eg 6-8583 Rumsey. But., 1864

Bh 5-Pam. 63 Biblical researches in Palestine, Sinai, and Arabia. E. – Thanksgiving discourses for 1862–4. But., 1864 Robinson Dy 46239

Bh 5-Pam. 66 Bibliography. Allibone, s. A. Critical dictionary Binney, C. J. F. Ilistory and genealogy of the Pren

Ab 6–13578 tice or Prentiss family, in New England, from – Binney, w.g. Bibliography of North American 1631 to 1852. B., 18.32. 8°

Ch 8-4139 conchology:

Dk 12-7076 Binney, W. G. Bibliography of North American · Burton, J. H. The hook-hunter Hc 14-11410 conchology, previous to the year 1850. S. M. - Engelman, W. Bibliotheca oeconomica

C. Vol. 5, Art. 1

Dk 12–7076 Ilc 14-11402 – Land and fresh water shells of North America. - Gibbs, a.' Bibliography of the chinook jargon. Parts II. and III. S. M. C. v. 7 Dk 12-7078 S. M. C. Vol. 7, Art. 10

Dk 12-7078 - Report on shells. See Report of explorations, etc. - Macray, W. D. Manual of British historians, to

Ae 4 13:53) 1600

Ce 4–3259 Biography. Adanis, II. G.' Cyclopaedia of female – Roorbach, 0. A. Bibliotheca Americana


Ab 6-12663 Hc 14-11403 – Adams, N. Ănnals of Portsmouth

Cb 9-2093 Supplement,

Hc 14-11404 - Aikin John, and W. Enfield. General biography Bibliomania. John Brown, M. D. Spare hours.

Ad 9-13385 Second series

He 6-11984 Anderson, James. ' Memorable women of the Bickerstaff, I. Maid of the mill. Com. op.

puritan times

Dd 6-15953 Hb 1-10756 Appleton's cyclopaedia of

Ab 6-12665 - Padlock. Far.

Hb 1-10738 - Arago, F. Distinguished scientific men Bickersteth, E. H. Yesterday, to-day, and forever;

Dd 1-5394 a poem in twelve books, N. Y. 1869

- Artaud de Mentor, A. F. Lives of the popes Hf 7-11890

Ee 1-8009 Bickmore, A.'s. Travels in the East Indian archi- Baldwin, G. c. Representative women pelago. N. Y., 1869. 89 Dh 8-6509

Dd 1-5388 Biddle, Nicholas. Waldo, S. P. Biography of Bayle, p. ' Dictionary, historical and critical Db 4-11837

Ac 1-12896 Bierbower, Austin. Principles of a systematic phi- Bayne, P.' Essays on

Hc 9-11288 losophy. N. Y., 1870

Hc 5-11178 Beliarrell

, T. G. Biblical biography Ed 7-7906 Biernatzki J.C. The hallig; or, the sheepfold in the Belisle, D. W. History of independence hall Fa 6-15005

v. 6


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Cb 6-2630


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Biography, continued.

Belknap, J. American biography Db 3-4894
Blake, J. L. Biographical dictionary Ab 6–12666
Bogart, W. H. Who goes there? Cb 5-2706
Bradford, A. Notices of distinguished men in
New England

Db 3-4905
Bridgman, T. Pilgrims of Boston Cc 9-3040
British Plutarch

Dd 2–5438 Bruce, James. Classic and historic portraits

Dd 1-5393 Bungay, G. w. Off-hand takings Da 11-4791 · Butler, A. Lives of the fathers, martyrs, and other principal saints

Eů 8-7907 Challice, Mrs. A. E. Heroes, and philosophers of the time of Louis XVI

De 2-5626 - Chambers, R. Biographical dictionary of Scots

Åb 7-12767 Channing, E. T. Lectures on

Hc 9-11291 Cibber, T. Lives of the poets Dc 2–15943 Clarke, Benjamin. First heroes of the cross

Ed 9-7948 Clough, A. H. . Plutarch's lives Da 3–4627 Cox, T. A. Sacred biography

Ed 9-7946 Crevier, J. B. L. History of the Roman emper

Ca 7-16066 – Cunningham, A. Lives of the most celebrated

British painters and sculptors Hc 1-11056 Cunningham, G. G. Lives of eminent English

Dd 5-5451 Dale, T. P. A life's motto

Dd 6-5515 Davenport, R. A. Dictionary of . Ab 6–12668 - Davidson, J. W. Living writers of the south

He 12-12101 Delaplaine's repository

Db 44920 De Quincey, T. Biographical essays Hd 2–11424 Diogenes Laertius. Lives of eminent philosophers

Ha 1-10147 – Dix, J. R.' Pulpit portraits

Db 3-4934 - Doran, J. Monarchs retired from business

Ca 3-2255 - Dyer, T. II. Kings of Rome

Ca 5-2301 Edgar, J. G. Footprints of famous men

Da 1-5402 Edwards, B. B. Seit tatight inen Dd 1-5405 Eliot, John. Biographical dictionary Ab 6–12667 Ellet, E. F. Women of the revolution

Db 9-5038 Farrar, F. W. 'Seekers after God

Ca 5-2315 Fellowes, W. D. Historical sketches Di 1-6558 Forster, J. Eminent British statesmen Dd 2-5437 Gent, II. C. History of all the principal cardinals

Ec 3–8051 – Godwin, Wm. Lives of the necroma

Dd 1-5397 – Goodrich, 's. G. Famous men of ancient times

Dd 1-5417 Grant, J. . The bench and the bar Di 6–16222 - Griswold, R. W. Female poets of America

Ha 5-10500 - Grote, G.' Plato and the other companions of Sokrates

Da 3–4632 Hale, S. J. Woman's record

: Ab 6-12659 Hazlitt, Wm. Spirit of the age

Dd 2–5419 Headley, J. T. Chaplains and clergy of the revolution

Db 344906 - Ileadley, P. c. women of the bible Ed 9-7947 – Herring, J., and J. B. Longacre. National portrait gallery

Db 4-4907 - Hildreth, s. P. Pioneer settlers of Ohio

Db 4-4914 – Historic gallery of portraits and paintings

Hc 4-11133 – Hood, G. Skeiches of reformers and psalmists

Hb 10-10987 - look, W. F. Ecclesiastical biography

Ed 8–7919 Ilorne, F. 1. Introduction to the study of

Ila 7-10570 Houssaye, A. Men and women of the eighteenth century

Dd 1-5391

Biography, continued.
– Howard, A. Biographical illustrations

Ab 6-12669
Howe, H.' Memoirs of mechanics Da 10-4807
Hunt, F. Lives of American merchants

Bb 1-4875 Hunt, J. Tİ. L. Lives of Italian poets Hd 5-11526 Hunter, H. Sacred biography Ed 9-7823 - Jamison, R. Cyclopaedia of religious biography

Ab 6-12663 Jefferson, T. Sketches of distinguished men

Ba 1-12 - Jenkins, J. s. 'Heroines of history Dd 1-5386

Lives of the governors of New York Db 144880 -Jones, Wm. Sketches of the reform ministers

Dd 45168 Kingsley, c. The hermits

Dd 1-5389 Lamartine, A. de. Memoirs of celebrated charac

De 2–5114 Vie des grands hommes

Aa 3-12690 Lampriere, J. Universal biography Ab 6–12658 Lawrence, E. Lives of the British historians

Da 4-5462 Lewes, G. H. Biographical history of philosophy

Hc 5-11167 Lewis, Theresa. Memoirs of the friends of Clarendon.

Dd 3-5489 Lincoln, R. w. Lives of the presidents

Db 4-11838 Lives made sublime

Dd 2-5134 Lives of the alchemistical philosophers Ci 9-4373 Lives of the British reformers

Da +5461 Lodge, E. Illustrations of British biography

Cf 2-3508 Portraits

Dd 7-5560 Loring, J. S. Hundred Boston orators Db 44915 Lossing, B. J. Our countrymen Db 3-15551 Lynam, R. History of the Roman emperors

Ca 5-2299 Meclure, A. W. Translators revived na 2-5429 - Madden, R. R. Lives of the united Irishmen

Dd 10–3369 – Magoon, Ė. L.' Orators of the American revoluition

Db 3-4902 Martineau, H. 'Biographical sketches Da 6-5505 Men of the time

Ab 6–12661, and 12662 Milizia, F. Lives of celebrated architects

Ga 10-8870 - Miller, Josiah.' Singers of songs of the church

Dd 1-5118 Miller, S. F. Bench and bar of Georgia

Db 444910 Mills

, A. Literary men of Great Britian and Ireland

Ha 5-10501 Moore, Frank. Women of the war Cd 5-3198 Moore, J. B. Lives of the governors of new Plymouth

Cc 9-3038 Memoirs of American governors Db 44923 Morgan, H. J. Celebrated Canadians Db 1–4874 Mossman, S. Heroes of discovery Dd 6–5498 Naunton, Sir R. Court of queen Elizabeth

Dd 2-5450 - Old England's worthies (with portraits) Da 2-5449 Oliphant, Mrs. M. (). W. Historical sketches in the reign of George II.

De 5-13710 - Parker, II. F. Morning stars of the new world

Dd 1-5390 Parry, J. II. Cambrian Plutarch · Dd 10–5601 Parton, J. et. al. Eminent women of the age

Db 9-5054 - Peterson, C. J. Military heroes of the war of 1812

Db 1-4879 Pierson, II. W. American missionary memorial

Ab 1-7814 Platt, John. New universal biography

Aİ) 6–12653 Plutarch's lives

Da 3-4627 Prescott, W. H. Biographical miscellanies

Hc 11-11323 – Rose, 11. J. New general dictionary Ab 7-21155


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Biography, continued.

Birds, continued.
Russell, Wm. Extraordinary men Dd 1-5410 Baily, W. L. Our own birds

Dk 9-7040 Sabine, Lorenzo. American loyalists

Baird, S. F. Report on.

Ae 4-13540 Db 1-4864, and 4878 Catalogue of birds in the Smithsonian insti- St. John, J. A. Celebrated travellers Þd 1-3413

Dk 12–7073 Sanderson, John. Signers of the declaration of et al. Report on

Ae 4–13539 independence

Db 3-4985 Bechstein, J. M. Cage and chamber birds - Scoville, J. A. Old merchants of New York city

Dk 9-7033 Db 3–1897 Beeton's home pets .

Dk 5-6933 Seymour, C. c. B. 'Self-made men

Dd 1-5396 Birds of Great Britain and Ireland. 4 v. Nat. -Sigourney, Mrs. L. H. Examples of life and death Lib.

Dk 6–6974 Dd 1-5407 - Birds of Western Africa. Nat. Lib.

Dk 6–6972 Simms, J. R. Trappers of New York Db 3-4904 Cassin, John. Birds of California . Dk 9–7020 Smiles, S. Brief biographies

Dd 2-5130 Cuvier, F. Animal kingdom.v. 1 Dk 1-6863 Sparks, J. American biography Da 8-4701 De Kay, J. E. Birds of New York Dk 13–13819 Sprague, W. B. Annals of the American pulpit Dixon, E. S. Dovecote and aviary Dk 9–7037

Bb 1-4866 - Figuier, L. Reptiles and birds Dk 10–7062 – Steelė, E. R. Sovereigns of the bible Ed 9-7941 - Friends in fur and feathers

Dk 410576 Strickland, A. Lives of the bachelor kings of Gallinaceous birds. Nat. Lib

Dk 6–6972 England

Dd 5-10672 Gardens and menagerie of the zoological society Lives of the seven bishops Ed 8–7928


Dk 4-15907 Suetonius, F. C. Lives of the twelve Caesars Giraud, J. P. Birds of Long Island Dk 9-7032 Ha 2-10493 Heermann, A. L. Report on

Ae 4-13540 Thatcher, J. Military journal Cb 7-2673 Kennerly, C. B. R. Report on Ae 4-13540 – Thomas, J. Dictionary of biography Ac 7–16144 Lee, Mrs. R. Anecdotes of

Dk 9-7041 – Timbs, J. Early lives of celebrated British au- Linnaeus, C. Animal kingdom Dk 4-6913 thors

Hc 12–11346 Macgillivray, W. History of British birds – Tuckerman, H. T. "Book of the artists

Dk 9–7027 Hc 4-11146 Rapacious birds of Great Britain Dk 9–7033 Studies of character Dd 1-5385 Martin, F. Natural history

Dk 3–3873 – Tweedie, W. K. Life and work of earnest men Michelet, Jules. The bird

Dk 9–7023 Dc 5–5223 Montagu, G. Ornithological dictionary of Brit- Vasari, G. Lives of the most eminent painters, ish birds

Ad 7-13444 sculptors and architects

Hc 1--11050 - Morris, B. B. British game birds : Dk 9-7043 Walker, J. C. Memoirs of the Irish bards

Mudie, R. Feathered tribe of the British islands Ce 8–3377

Dk 9–7035 - Ward, G. A. American loyalists: Cb 4-2015 · Wood, J. G. Illustrated Nat. Hist. v. 1 Dk 4-6909 - Warnum, R. N. Biographical account of painters My feathered friends .

Dk 9-15488 Hc4_11140 Birds of America. J. J. Audubon. Cab. B 6-15628 Weld, h. it. Life of the apostles Ed 9–7935 Birds of Scotland, etc. J. Grahame Hf 6-12315 Wheeler, H. G. History of congress Cb 6–2623 Birkbeck, Morris. Notes of a journey in America, Whipple, E. P. Characteristic men Dd 1-5406 from the coast of Virginia to the territory of Whittier, J. G. Old portraits

Dd 6-5513 Illinois, with proposals for the establishment · Willis, James. History of Ireland in the lives of of a colony of English. See Faux, W. Ph., Irishmen

Ce 7-3358

Df 9-6107 Willis, Wm. Lawyers of Maine Db 4 4916 Birmingham, England. Timmins, s. Resources, Wilson, H., and J. Caulfield. Book of wonderful products and industrial history Gb 5-16333 characters

Dd 5–15935 Biron. Belknap, J. Historical account Db 3-4894 Wilson, T. Naval lieroes

Da 8-4693 Birthday. Drama. J. O'Keeffe Hb 7-10898 - Wyatt, T. Memoirs of generals, commodores, Bishop, A. W. Loyalty on the frontier; or, sketches etc.

Ꭰb Ꮞ ᏎᏭ0Ꮽ of union men of the south-west, with incidents Wynne, J. Literary and scientific men of Ameri- and adventures in rebellion on the border.

Db 3-4903
St. Louis, 1863

Cd 1-3145 See Actors; Architects ; Artists ; Authors; Brit- Oration, 1865. N. Y., 1865 Bh 5-Pam. 66

ish poets; Children; Clergymen; Dramatic Bishop, J. Leander. History of American manufacbiography; Explorers; Genealogy; Govern- tures from 1603 to 1860. Ph., 1864. 2 v. 80 ors; Indians; Jacobites; Kings; Lawyers;

Gb 3-8928 Literary and scientific men ; Merchants ; Milo Bishop, N. The Pampas and Andes, a thousand itary history; Misers; Missionaries; Monks ; miles walk across South America. IntroducNaval history ; Necromancers; Negroes ; Or- tion by E. A. Samuels. B., 1869 Df 12-6035 ators; Painters; Philosophers; Physicians; Bishop, W. S. Speech on the bill in relation to Poets; Political biography; Portraits; Presi- church tenures, 1855

Bh 6-Pam. 34 dents; Puritans; Queens; Recollections; Bishops. Strickland, A. Lives of the seven bishops Reminiscences; Reformers ; Sculptors; Sover

Ed 8–7928 eigns; Travellers; Wits; Women.

Bishop's son. Alice Carey

FI 6–14069 Biology. Spencer, H. Principles of Hc 6–11188 Bismark. Hesekiel, G. L. Life of De 7-7654 Bion. Elegies. See Theocritus Ha 4–10419 Bisons. Vasey, G. Natural history of Dk 5-6950 See Idylls, and

Ha 2–10459 Bissell, W. H. Speech in the house of reps., Feb. Birch, s. Adopted child. F's M. D.' v. 28

21st, 1850. (Slave question) Bh 6–Pam. 4 Hb 10–11002 Bit o' writin'. M. Banim

Fa 6–14676 Birch, Thomas. Memoirs of the reign of queen Eliz- Bitter-sweet. J. G. Holland

Hf 11-12181 abeth, from 1581 till her death, in which the Bitzius, A. Wealth and welfare. Fa 5-14469 secret intrigues of her court, and the conduct Bizarrias de Belisa. Com. Vega . Aa 2–12575 of her favorite, Robert Earl of Essex, both at Björnson Björnstjerne. The fisher maiden, a Norhome and abroad, are particularly illustrated. wegian tale

Fa 2-14646 L., 1754. 2 v. 4°

Dd 8–16090 Black, Adam and Charles.' Guide through EdinBird in a cage. Drama. J. Shirley Hb 7-10887

burgh. E., 1858

Ck 8-4566 Birds. Com. Aristophanes

Ha 2-10490 - Guide to the south-eastern counties of England, Birds. Atkinson, J. C.

British birds, eggs, and Hampshire, and Isle of Wight. E., 1861 nests Dk 9–7039

Ck 8-4561

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Dg 26:24 Bzx Para Larors at Av. 17. Baker. Rotert of pical literature from

Ε:. ε-ΡΑΤΣ. 2 the earliest times. L, 195. 27. PMX * 0..patro, L. The Paname of

Ha ..-10-520 Di 3 – HSC of the pipar of mind; embracing

Di 1012 the picious of a writrs on mental science P1A tr2991

Di. 1635 IT-mile earliest period to the present time. hin. E Vinage rond

Db 7-6452
L, 15). 47.

He s-i1225
F. 1. ***

Fa +-14612 Blakision. T. W. Fire months on the Yang-Tsze; Bax 95,060.**. Mol. Ce F. 13-14

with a narratire of the esploration of its upper Bratis, ... Vina M. (omeze days of Caivin. Ph., Wsiers, and notices of the present rebellion in

De 10-575 China. L, 112


Dh 6-6.501 Yuz Calvin in Paris :

Fa 6-14-4 Blakiston, John. Twenty years in retirement. L., Biskop k Croatian; a philoamphical poem, in 136. 2 v.

He 1.5–12152 mson burku, with life of the author. John Blameless prince, and other poems E. C. Stedman. W* e. Pa, 1-476 . Hif-12311

Hf 12-12316 · Work, B. P.

Hf 1-12241 Blanc, Louis

. History of ten years, 1930 to 1840; or, Biarkanitha of Antwerp. J. O'Keeffe IIb 7-10397 France under Louis Philippe. Trans. by W. Blackstone, Win, Commentaries on the laws of K Kelly. Ph., 1148 2 v. Cg 3-3794 England, by James grewart. L., 1854. 4v. 8 Blanchard, E. L. Artful dodger. F's M. D. v. 39 Bb +339

Hb 10-11005 Blackwr-11

, Elizabeth. 'The laws of life, with special Blanchard, Laman Sketches from life ; edited, with robe-topice to the physical education of girls. a life of the author, by Sir E. Bulwer-Lytton. S. Y., 1432

Ga 48:05
X. Y., 1816,

He 14-12115 Blackwoorl's magazine.' v. 7, 34, 35, 38, 49, and from Blanche Mortimer. A. Paul.

Aa 4-1274 61 u 1095 inclusive

Gd 8-9928 Blanche of Brandywine. F's S. D. v. 26 Hb 9-10964 Blaikie, Alexander. The philosophy of sectarianism; Bland, Theodorick. The Bland papers; introduction

or, a classified view of the Christian sects in and memoir by Charles Campbell. 2 v. in 1. the Cniud States; with notices of their pro

Petersburg, Va.,1840.

Da 11-4535 kraus and tendencies. B., 18.15 Ef 5-8268 | Blatchford, Samuel Statutes of the state of New Blnikie, W. G. Bible bistory in connection with the York, of a public and general character, passed general history of the world. L., 1859

from 1829 to 1851, both inclusire, with notes

Ee 7-8105 and references to judicial decisions, and the Houts and hands in the world of labor. L., 1865 constitution of 1846. Auburn, 1572. So Ba 8-187

Ba 10-219 Blain, Jacob. Death not life; or, the theological heli Blatchly; A. Report on the mineral resources of the

and endles misery lisproved, and the doctrine Reese river region in Nevada, 1865
of destruction (stablished; also, metaphysical

Bh 5-Pam. 65 arguments for the immortality of the wicked Bleak house. ' c. Dickens. Fd 8-15124, and 9–15145 exploded. N. Y., 1853

Eg 11-8640 | Bledsoe, A. T. Is Davis a traitor? or, was secession Blair, F. P.jr. Ship canal to connect Mississippi a constitutional right previous to the war of river and lake Michigan, 1862 . Bh 5–Pam. 42 1861 ? Baltimore, 1866

Cd1-3124 Blair, Ilugh. Lectures on rhetoric and belles lettres, Blennerhassett, II. Satford, w. it. Blennerhassett with a life of the author. Ph., n. d. 8°


Da 10_4797
IIc 9-11285
Life of .

Da 10-4816 Sermony, N. Y., 1826. .80

Eg 8-85:32 Blessington, M. P. Countess of. Country quarters Blair, J. Chronological tables, revised and enlarged

Fa 5–14574 by J. W. Rosse, 1.., 1856 .

Ca 3-2257 Desultory thoughts and reflections He 11–12129 Blair, Robert. Works, B. P.

HIT 1-12283 Marmaduke Herbert; or, the fatal error Blake, Francis. Oration, July 4th, 1810. Worcester,

Fa 5–14652 M218M.

Bh 6-Pam. 2 Memoirs of a femme de chambre Fa 5-14050 Blake, James, Annals of the town of Dorchester, Strathern

Fa 5–14651 1750, B., 18:16

Ce 7-3078 Blake, J. L. Biographical dictionary, comprising a

Madden, R. R. Literary life and correspondence

Dc (6–5247 summary account of the most clistinguishica Blighted being. T. Taylor.' F's M. D. v. 26

. .. persons of all ages, nations, and professions,

Hb 10-11003 B., 1863. go

Ab 6–12000 Blind Gartner. Liedersp. Kotzebue : Mb 8-109:32

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Blind geladen. Liedersp. Kotzebue . Hb 8–10933 Bogart, W. H. Who goes there? or, men and events.
Blind liebe. Liedersp. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10930
N. Y., 1866

Cb 5-2706
Blindness. New York institution Bh 6-Pam. 22 Bogota. Ranking, John. Conquest in the thirteenth
Perkins' institute
Bh 6-Pam. 38 century by the Mongols

Ch 5-4084 Bliss, Leonard. History of Rehoboth, Seekonk, and Bohemia. Kohỉ, J. G. Travels in Cg 9-2953

Pawtucket, with sketches of Attleborough, Pescheck, C. A. History of the reformation in Cumberland, and a part of Swansey and Bar

Ee 9-8128 rington, Mass., to the time they were separated Bohemian reformation. Gillett, E. H. Life of Jolin from the original town. B., 1836. 8°


De 7-5746 Cc 6–2954 Bohemians of London.' E. M. Whitty Fa 11-14793 Bliss, W. W. Woman and her thirty years' pilgrim- Bohl d' Arron, C. Elia; or, Spain fiity years ago age. B., 1870 Ga 2-14771

Fd 11-15244 Blithedale romance. N. Hawthorne Fe 1-16510 Bohn, Henry G. Guide to the knowledge of pottery Blodget, L. Climatology of the United States and of and other objects of virtu, comprising an illus

the temperate latitudes of the North American trated catalogue of the Bernal collection of continent. Ph., 1857. 8°

Ea 9-7340 works of art, with prices and an introductory Blomfield, C. J. et al. History of Greek and Roman


Gb 4–15936 pbilosophy and science. L., 1853 Hc 7–11214 - (Editor.) The hand-book of

games, comprising Blood. Stevens, W. Healthy and diseased proper- whist, piquet, ecarté, lansquenet; boston, ties of .

Ga 3-8733 quadrille, cribbage, and other card games; faro, Blood, B. Napoleon I., an historical lecture. Am

rouge et noir, hazard, roulette, backgammon, sterdam, N. Y., 1863 .

Bh 5-Pam. 60 draughts, billiards, etc. L., 1850 Gb 12-9197 Bloodstone. D. MacLeod

Fc 11-14982 Boid, Edward. A history and analysis of the princiBloody brother. Drama. Beaumont and Fletcher

pal styles of architecture, to which is added a Hb 7-10882

sketch of the architecture of England down Bloomer costume.' E. Stirling. F's M. D. v. 6

to the present time. L., 1839 Ga 10-8899

Hb 10-10994 Bojardo, F. _Shelley, Mrs. Life of De 11-5803 Bloomfield, R. Wild flowers; or, pastoral and local Bojesen, E. F. Manual of Grecian and Roman anpoetry. Ph., 1806

Hf 4-12267 tiquities. Ed. by Thomas Arnold. N. Y., 1848 Blot in the 'scutcheon. Trag. R. Browning

Ca 9-2445 HP2-12185 Bokhara. Moorcroft, Wm.. Travels in

Dh 5-6473 Blount, 8. Voyage to the Levant, 1634. Pinker- Vambery, A. Journey to

Dh 6-6199 ton's voyages. 10

Df 1-5835 Bokum H. Translations in prose and poetry from Blowpipe. Berzelius, J. J. Use, in chemistry and

celebrated German writers, with biographical mineralogy Eb 2–7406 notes. B., 1836 .

Ha 12-10691 Blue book. See 'United States, Miscellaneous. Bold dragoons. 'M. Barnett. F's S. D. v. 18 Blue devils. G. Colman, jr. F's S. D. v. 9

Hb 9-10960 Hb 9–10956 Bold stroke for a husband. Com. Mrs. H. Cowley Blue laws of New Haven colony, usually called blue

IIb 1-10753 laws of Connecticut; Quaker laws of Ply- Bold stroke for a wife. Com. Centlivre Hb 1-10754 mouth and Massachusetts; blue laws of New Boleyn, Anne. Benger, Miss E. O. Memoirs York, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina.

Dc 1–5008 Compiled by an antiquarian. Hartford, 1838. Strickland, A. Life of

Dd 7–5578 80

Ba 6-141 Bolingbroke. See Saint-John, H. Blundell, J. W.F. The muscles and their story. L., Bolivar, Simon. Holstein, H. L. V. D. Memoirs of 1864 Ga 3–8747

Db 10–10675 Boaden, James. Memoirs of the life of John Philip Bolivia. "Three years in the Pacific Dg 2–6103

Kemble, including a history of the stage from Bolles, James A. Holy matrimony. N. Y., 1870 the time of Garrick to the present period. L.,

Hc 10–11269 1825. 2 v. 80

Dc 4-5179 Bolles, John A., et al

. Prize essays on a congress of Boaden, John. Norway; its people, products and nations for the adjustment of international institutions, L., 1867

Di 10-16185 disputes, and for the promotion of universal Boadicea. Trag. Glover

Hb 1-10732

peace without resort to arms, with the subBoag, John. Imperial lexicon of the English lan

stance of the rejected essays. B., 1840. 8° guage. E., n. d. 2 v. go AC 413026

Hd 11-11628 Boardman, H. A. The bible in the counting house;

Contents.-1. Essay by John A. Bolles. 2. a course of lectures to merchants. Ph., 1853

Essay by Hamilton. .3. Essay by M. 4. Essay
Ef 5-8283

by T. Č. Upham. 5. Essay by A friend of Boase, H. s. Essay on human nature; showing the

peace. 6. Essay by Wm. Ladd. Appendix. necessity of a divine revelation for the perfect Bolton, R., jr. History of the county of Westchester, development of man's capacities. L., 1865. 8° from its first settlement to the present time. Ilc 8-11235 *N. Y., 1818. 2 v. 8°

Cc 3-2862 Boat life in Egypt and Nubia. w. c. Prime Bombastes Furioso. Trag. Op. T. B. Rhodes Dg 11-6378

Hb 10–10994 Boat races. Macmichael, w. F. Oxford and Cam- Bombay. Shepherd, w. A. From Bombay to bridge boat races

Ga 9-8810

Dh 4-6457 Boba para los otros. Com. Vega Aa 2-12575 Hand-book

Ck 7-4591 Boccaccio, Giovanni. The decameron, or ten days' Bomhoff, D. New dictionary of the English and

entertainment. Trans. by W. K. Kelly. L., Dutch language. Nimmegen, 1851. 2 v.
Ha 3-4803

Ac 3-12914 – Il decameron, riscontrato co' migliori testi e pos- Bon ton. Drama.' D. Garrick tillato da Pietro Fanfani. Firenze, 1857

Hb 1-10729, and 7-10904 An 5–12811 Bonaparte, Joseph. Abbott, J. S. C. History of - Shelley, Mrs., et al. Life of De 11-5803

De 6–7568 Boeckh, A. Public economy of the Athenians. Bonaparte, Lucien. Memoirs written by himselt: N. Trans. by A. Lamb. B., 1857. 8Ca 8–2408 Y., 1836

De 2-56:32 Boerhaave, Hermannus. Histora plantarum quae in Bonar, lioratius. Life of Rev. Jólin Nilne, of Perth. borto academico Lugduni-Batavorum crescunt L., 1869

De 5-5225 cum eorum characteribus et medicinalibus vir- Bond, J. W.

Minnesota and its resources. N. Y., tutibus. Rome, 1727. 2 v.

Ec 3-7630

Cb 11-2774

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