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Shirley, James, continued.

Siam, continued. Chabot

Hb 7-10891 Leonowens, A. H. English governess at the SiConstant maid

Hb 7-10889
amese court

Dh 5-16840 Contention for honor and riches Hb 7-10891 - Neele, F. A. Residence in

Dh 5-6481 Contention of Ajax and Ulysses Hb 7-10891 Turpin, F. R. History of

Df 1-5834 Coronation

Hb 7-10888 Siamese twins. G. A. A'Beckett. нь 10–11002 Court secret

Hb 7–10890 Sibbald, Sir R. Memoirs. Nat. Lib. Dk 6-6974 Cupid and death

Hb 7–10891 Siberia. Atkinson, T. W. Oriental and western Doubtful heir Hb 7-10889

Dh 6-6489 - Duke's mistress

Hb 7-10889 Atkinson, Mrs. Tartar Steppes Dh 6-6492 Example

Hb 7-10888 Collins, P. McD. Land journey Dh 6-6495 Gamesters

Hb 1-10735 - Description of. See Collection of voyages
Gentlemen of Venice
Hb 7-10890

Dg 1-6525
Grateful servant
Hb 7-10887 Drake, E. C._Voyages

Cb 1-2432 Honoria and Mammon Hb 7-10891 Erman, A. Travels

Dh 6-6493 Humourous courtier

Hb 7-10889 - Habersham, A. W. My last cruise Dg 1-13788 Hyde park Hb 7-10887 Kennan, G. Tent life

Dh 6–16319 Imposture

Hb 7-10890 Mitchie, A. Siberian overland route Dh 6-6491 Lady of pleasure

Hb 7-10889 Piotrowski, R. Escape from . Dh 6-6496 Love in a maze

Hb 7-10887 See Russia. Love tricks

Hb 7–10886 Siborne, W. History of the war in France and Bel- Love's cruelty

Hb 7-10887 gium in 1815 ; containing minute details of Qua- Maid's revenge

Hb 7-10886 tre-Bras, Ligny, Wayre, and Waterloo. Ph., Opportunity

Hb 7-10888
1845. 89

Cg 3-3783 Politicians

Hb 7–10890 Sibree, James. Madagascar and its people. Notes Royal master

Hb 7-10889 of a four years' residence; with a sketch of the St. Patrick for Ireland

Hb 7–10889 history, position, and prospects of mission work Sisters

Hb 7-10890 amongst the Malagasy. L., 1870 Dg 10–7530 Traitor

Hb 7-10887 Sibyl Huntington. Mrs. J. C. R. Dorr Fd 11-15242 - Triumph of beauty

Hb 7–10891 Sibylline leaves. S. T. Coleridge Hd 8-11613 - Triumph of peace Hb 7-10891 Sicilien. Cb. Moliere.

Hb 2-18767 Wedding

Hb 7–10886 Sicilies. Kavanagh, Julia. Summer and winter in Witty fair one:

Hb 7-10886
the two Sicilies

Di 4-15088 Young admiral

Hb 7-10888 Sicily. Brydone, P. Tour through Di 6-6725 Shirley. C. Bronté Fa 10-14773 Gould, W. M. Zephyrs from

Di 7-6758 Shoberl, F. Excursions in Normandy. L., 1841. 2 v. Sick giant and the doctor dwarf. D. Jerrold Di 6-6714

Hd 14-17697 - The world in miniature. See Africa; Turkey: Siddons, Mrs. S. K. Campbell

, T. Life of De 7-5270 and

Ci 10–4417 Sidney, Algernon. Discourses concerning governShocking events. J. B. Buckstone Hb 10-11004 ment; to which is added the paper he deliv. Shoe and canoe. J. J. Bigsby

Df 6-6005 ered to the sheriffs immediately before his Shoemaker of Toulouse. F. Š. Hill Hb 9-10967 death, and an alphabetical table. L., 1704. 4° Shoes. See Boots.

Bå 12-263 Shooting stars. Kirkwood, D. Meteoric astronomy - Van Santvoord, g. ' Life of : De 1-5087

Eb 8-7536 Winthrop, R. C. Lecture on . Bh 6-Pam. 13 Short American tramp in the fall of 1864. By the Sidney, Edward W. The partisan leader; a tale of author of “Life in Normandy." E., 1865. 8° the future

Ff 13-14206 Df 8–6057 Sidney, Henry. Diary of the times of Charles II. Ed. Short studies for Sunday-school teachers. C. S Rob- ited by R. W. Blencowe L., 1843. 2 v. 8 inson Hc 12-11361

Dc 10-5339 Short studies on great subjects. J. A. Froude


Sir Philip. Defense of poesy. Cam., 1831 He 3-11910

He 4-11951 Shortest route to California. J. H. Simpson

Gray, w. Life and times

Dc 6–5200 Shortland, Edward. Traditions and superstitions of

Df 8–6058 Sidney, Samuel. Three colonies of Australia : New

South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia, the New Zealanders; with illustrations of their their pastures, copper mines, and gold fields. manners and customs. Second edition. L., L., 1852. 8°

Dh 9–6538 1856 Cf 12–3726 Siebold,'C. T. E. von. Anatomy of the invertebrata

. Shrewsbury, Mass. See Massachusetts

Trans from the German, and edited with notes Shrimpton, Charles. Lillian; or, woman's endurance. and additions recording the progress of the sci

A narrative connected with the early history ence, by W. J. Burnett. B., 1854. 8°
of Canada, and the American revolution. N.

Dk 4-6916
Y., 1868

Ci 6-4338 Siebold, Ph. Fr. von. Manners and customs of the Shuckford, Samuel. Sacred and profane history of Japanese in the nineteenth century. L., 1841 the world connected, from the creation of the

Dh 6-6503 world to the dissolution of the Assyrian em- Siege of Aquileia. "Trag. J. Home Hd 3-11474 pire; including the dissertation on the crea- Siege. Com. J. Baillie

Hb 7-10885 tion and fall of man. Revised, with notes by Siege of Damascus. Trag. J. Hughes Hb 1-10732 J. Talboys Wheeler. L., 1858.2v. 8° Siege of Roxburgh. A legion of the wars of Scotland

Ca 4-2277 and England in the reign of Robert II. James Shute, Samuel M. A manual of Anglo-Saxon for be- Hogg

Fd 5–16628 ginners ; comprising a grammar, reader, and Sierra Leone. Poole, T. E. Life, scenery, and cusglossary. N. Y., 1867

Ha 13-10700
toms in

Dg 10-6204 Shuttleworth, Philip Nicholas. Paraphrastic transla- Sighelm. Kerr, R. Voyage to India in the reign of tion of the apostolic epistles. L., 1840. 8°

Alfred, king of England

DE 2-5845 Eg 6-8587 Signboards. Larwood, J., and J. C. Hotten. History Shylock. F. Talfourd

Hb 10-10998

Ci 2-13720 Si no vieran las mugeres. Vega . Aa 2–12575 Signers of the declaration of independence. Lincoln, Siam. Corner, Miss J lia. Account of Dh 2-6413 R. W. Biographical notices of Db 4-11838 – Crawfurd, John. Embassy

Dh 5–6466 Sanderson, J. Biography of the. Db 3-4885

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Signing the declaration of independence. Drama. C. Simmonds, P. L. Sir John Franklin, and the Arctic E. B. Howe

Hb 10-11005 regions; with detailed notices of the expediSignora Fantastici, proverbe dramatique. Stael- tions in search of the missing vessels under Sir Holstein

Aa 1-12589 J. Franklin ; also, an account of the American Signs of the times. C. C. J. Bunsen Ef 5-8273 expedition under the patronage of Henry GrinSigourney, Mrs. L. H. Examples of life and death. nell, by John C. Lord. Buf., 1852 Dr 3-5909 N. Y., 1851

Dd 1-5407 Simms, Frederick, W. Practical tunnelling; explain- Letters of life. n. Y., 1868

Da 11-4834 ing in detail the setting out of the works, shaftLetters to mothers. N. Y., 1839. Hc 10-11266 sinking and heading, driving, etc., as exempli- Past meridian. N. Y., 1854

He 5-11988 fied by the particulars of Blechingley and SaltSayings for the little ones and poems for their wood tunnels. L., 1860. 8° Gb 2-16466 mothers

Ff 15–15435 Simms, J. R. Trappers of New York; or, a biograSikes, Wirt. One poor girl; the story of thousands. phy of Nicholas Stoner and Nathaniel Foster; Ph., 1869

Ff 13-14201 together with anecdotes of other celebrated Silas Marner. M. Evans

Fb 7-14524 hunters, and some account of Sir W. Jolinson. Silberne Hochzeit. Kotzebue Hb 8-10924 Alb., 1860

Db 3-4904 Silent struggles. Ann S. Stephens Ff 8-14101 Simms, W. G. Beauchampe

Ff 14-15369 Siljeström, P. A. Educational institutions of the Border Beagles

Ff 14-15377 United States, their character and organization. Charlemont

Ff 14-15367 Trans. by Frederica Rowan L., 1853

The confession

Ff 14-15370 Hc 12–11339 Egeria ; or, voices of thought and counsel for the Silk. Cobb, J. H.' Manual, with directions for culti- woods and wayside. Ph., 1853 Hf 11-12473 vating silk

Ec 8–7725 Eutaw; a sequel to “The forayers" Ff 14-15366 History of Gb 3-8934 The forayers

Ff 14-15373 - Kenrick, W. Silk growers' guide Gb 6-9108

Guy Rivers

Ff 14-15368 – Treatise on the origin of silk manufacture

History of South Carolina. N. Y., 1860 Cb 12-2824 Gb 6-9111 Katharine Walton

Ff 14-15363 Sill, James. Erie city directory for the city of Erie, Lily and the Totem; or the Huguenots in Florida containing a sketch of the early history of

Ff 12-14169 Erie. Erie, Pa., 1853 Ck 2-4438 Mellichampe

Ff 14-15362 Silliman, Benjamin. Elements of chemistry in the Partisan

Ff 14-15361 order of the lectures in Yale college. New Ha- Pelayo, a story of the Goth

Ff 14-14684 ven, 1830. 2 v. 80

Eb 2-7396 Poems, descriptive, dramatic, legendary, and con- A journal of travels in England, Holland, and templative. N. Y., 1853.2 v. . Hif 9-12414 Scotland, and of two passages over the Atlan- Richard Hurdis

Ff 14-15376 tic, in 1805-6. Second edition. B., 1812. 2 v. The scout

Ff 14-15364 Di 5-6697 Southward ho !

Ff 14-15375 - Remarks made on a short tour between Hartford Vasconselos

Ff 14-15371 and Quebec, in the autumn of 1819. By the Wigwam and the cabin

Ff 14-15370 author of a journal of travels in England, Hol- Woodcraft

Ff 14–15365 land, and Scotland. N. H., 1824 Df 7-6019 The Yemassee.

Ff 14-14372 - A visit to Europe in 1851. N. Y., 1853.2 v. Simond, L. Switzerland; or a journal of a tour and

Di 4-6620 residence in that country in the years 1817–18– – Fisher, G. P. Life of

Da 9-4770
19. B., 1822. 2 v. 8°

Di 8-6766 Silliman, B., jr. First principles of chemistry, for the Simonin, L. Underground life; or, mines and miners. use of colleges and schools. Ph., 1840

Trans. by H. W. Briston. N. Y., 1869. 80 Eb 3-7383

Gb 8-9103 Principles of physics; or natural philosophy. Ph., Simple tales. Mrs. A. Opie:

Fa 13-14848 1865. 80

Ea 4-7175 Simplicity and fascination. A. Beale Fa 6-14673 Silliman, B., and Goodrich, c. R. (Editors.) The Simpson & Co. Com. J. Poole". Hb 9-10995

world of science, art, and industry, illustrated Simpson, Sir Get. Overland journey round the world from examples in the New York exhibition, in 1841-42. Ph., 1847. 89 Dg 2-6232

1853–4. N. Y., 1854. 4° Ae 2–13502 Simpson, James. Necessity of popular education as Silliman's journal

Gc 14-9606 a national object. B., 1834 Hc 12-11356 Silloway, T. W. Text-book of modern carpentry, Paris after Waterloo. E., 1853 Cg 5–3833

with a glossary of technical terms in use among Simpson, Joseph C. Horse portraiture; embracing carpenters. B., 1858

Ga 11-8914 breeding, rearing, and training trotters, with Siluria. Ř. J. Murchison

Eb 5-7493 their management in the stable and on the Silver, Rey. Abiel. The holy word in its own track, and preparation for races; including his

defence; addressed to bishop Colenso. N. Y., tories of the horse and horsemen. N. Y., 1868. 1863 Eg 11-8588

Dk 7-6998 Silver. Blake, W. P. 'Production of the precious Simpson, James H. Journal of a military reconnoismetals

Gb 9-9122 sance from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the NaSilver cord. Shirley Brooks

Fa 5–14653 vajo country, made with the troops under comSilver cup of sparkling drops from many fountains. mand of Col. John M. Washington. Ph., 1852. C. B. Porter He 4-11938

Df 4-5946 Silver store. S. Baring-Gould Hf 7–6844 Simpson, J. H. Shortest route to California, illusSilver thread. H. B. McKeever

Fc 7-14938 trated by a history of explorations of the great Silversmith, Julius. A practical hand-book for miners, basin of Utah. Ph., 1869. 8° Df 8-6058 metallurgists, and assayers. N. Y., 1867 Simpson, J. P. Dreams of delusion. F's M. D. v. 32 Gb 9-9135

Hb 10-11003 Silvia. Op. G. Lillo

Hb 11-11019 - Heads or tails. F's M. D. v. 38 Hb 10-11005 Simcoe, Col. J. G. Military journal. History of the Marco Spada. F's S. D. v. 13 Hb 9-10958

operations of a partisan corps called the queen's Second love. F's S. D. v. 34 Hb 9-10968 rangers, during the war of the American revo- Simpson, Robert. Traditions of the covenanters. Ph., lution. N. Y., 1844. 8°

Cb 8-2716
n. d. 3 v.

Ce 10-3405 Sime, Wm. History of the inquisition. Ph., 1834 Simpson, Thomas. Narratives of the discoveries on

Ee 4-8071 the north coast of America, effected by the Similes. Spencer, John. Things new and old

officers of the Hudson's bay company. L., 1843. He 7-12014 80

Df 3-5902

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Simrock, K. The remarks of Karl Simrock on the Six sisters of the valleys. W. Bramley-Moore plots of Shakespeare's plays, with notes and

Fa 7-10590 additions by J. O. Halliwell. L., 1850. 8° Six years in India. Mrs. Colin Mackenzie Dh 5-6482

Hb 3-10843 Six years in India. Mrs. E. J. Humphrey Dh 5–6487 Simpson, Walter. History of the gipsies, with speci- Six years later. A. Dumas

Fd 11-15214 mens of the gipsy language. Édited with Sixteen string Jack. Drama. L. Rede Hf 9-10964 preface, introduction, and notes, and a disqui- Sixteen years in the West Indies. Lieut. Col. Capasition on the past, present and future of gip- dose

Ch 7-15909 sydom. N. Y., 1866

Ch 9-4165 T. J. The crisis; its rationale, 1862 Sinai. Headley, J. T. Sacred mountains Dg 5-6025

Bh 5-Pam. 60 Laborde, M. Leon de. Journey to Dh 3-6436 Skating. Forrest, G. Hand-book of Gb 12–13642 Lepsius R. Letters from the peninsula of Sinai Skeleton. Owen, R. Structures of the skeleton and

teeth. See Orr's Circ. of the Sci. Ea 4-7166 Randall

, D. A. ' Handwriting of God Dg 4-6254 Skeleton witness. Drama. Li. Rede Hb 9-10964 Robinson, E. Biblical researches . Dg 4–6239 Skepticism. De Wette, W. M. L. Theodore; or, the Stanley, A. P. Sinai and Palestine Dg 4–6253 skeptic's conversion

Eg 10-8629 Wellsted, J. R. Travels in Arabia. v. 2

Newman, F. W. The“ reply” to “ the eclipse of Dg 3-6434 faith"

Eg 11-8636 Sinclair, Catherine. Flirtations in fashionable life Rogers, H. A defense of the eclipse of faith Ff 15-15133

Eg 11-8636 Modern society; or, the march of intellect

- The eclipse of faith

Eg 10-8627 Ff 15-14445 Walworth, c. The gentle skeptic Eg 10-8628 Sinclair, Sir John. Code of agriculture, including Sketch book. W. Irving

Ha 8-10589 observations on gardens, orchards, woods and Sketch of the history of France, from the suspension

plantations. Hart., 1818. 8°. Ec 5–7683 of the monarchy, in 1792, to its reëstablishment - General report of the agricultural state and polit- in 1815. L., 1817. 8° Cg 3–3786, and 3787

ical circumstances of Scotland. E., 1814. 5 v. Sketch of the internal condition of the United States, 80

Ce 11-3414

and of their political relations with Europe, by Statistical account of Scotland, from the com- a Russian. Bal., 1826. 89

Cb 6-2626 munications of the ministers of the different Sketches and adventures in Madeira, Portugal and

parishes. 12 v. 8°. E., 1791-4 Ce 11-3419 the Andalusias of Spain, by the author of DanSinger, S. W. See British poets.

iel Webster and his contemporaries. N. Y., Singers. Clayton, E. C. Queens of song Dd 1-5387


Di 9-6812 Singers of songs of the church. Josiah Miller Sketches and anecdotes of aniinal life.' J. G. Wood Dd 1-5418

Dk 3-15485 Singing. Seiler, Emma. Voice in singing Sketches and views of scenery in various parts of the

Hb 10-10986
world. N. Y., 1831

Df 10-6151 Single blessedness; or, single ladies and gentlemen Sketches

by Boz. Charles Dickens Fd 8-15123 against the slanders of the pulpit, press, and Sketches from life. L. Blanchard He 14-12115

lecture room. N. Y., 1852 Hc 10–11267 Sketches in India. Far. T. Morton Hb 9-10957 Sioux Indians. Eastman, Mrs. M. Legends of Sketches of China. W. W. Wood Dh 2-15557

Ch 10-4191 Sketches of Christian life in England. Mrs. E. Larimer, S. L. Capture and escape Df 10–9523


Ff 2-13998 Sir Brooke Fosbrooke. Charles Lever Fb 6–14408 Sketches of creation. A. Winchell Dk 2-6888 Sir Clyomon and Sir Clamydes. Drama. G. Peele Sketches of the English. D. Jerrold Hd 14-17697

Hb 4–13786 Sketches of English literature. R. F. A. ChateauSir Genevieve. Sarah Chester

Ff 5-14060

Ha 6–10534 Sir Harry Wildair. Com. Farquhar: Hb 1-10731 Sketches of the natural history of Ceylon. J. E. TenSir Henry Morgan, der buccanier. F. Marryat


Dk 2-16233 Aa 8-13075 Sketches of places and people abroad. 'W. W. Brown Sir Jasper Carew. Charles Lever Fb 6-14409

Di 3-6641 Sir Jasper's tenant. M. E. Braddon Fa 5–14665 Sketches of a seaport town. 'H. T. Charley Sir Launcelot Greaves. T. Smollet Hd 13-11715

Ff 4-14025 Sir Rohan's ghost. E. Harriet Prescott Fb 13-14495 Sketches of Switzerland, by an American. Ph., 1836. Sir Theodore Broughton. G. P. R. James

2 v.

Di 8-6777 Fb 11–14606 Sketches of western life. Mrs. C. M. Kirkland Sir Thomas More. Dyce (editor) Hb 3-10823

He 2-11899 Sismondi, J. C. L. S. de. Historical view of the lit- Skin. Plumbe, S. Diseases of the Ga 3-17476

erature of the south of Europe, with notes by Skinner, John S. Address delivered before the agri

T. Roscoe. N. Y., 1827. 2 v. 8° Ha 5–10511 cultural society of Newcastle county, DelaHistory of the Italian republics; or, the origin, ware, at the annual meeting, 1844 progress, and fall of Italian freedom. Ph., 1832

Bh 6-Pam. 17 Cg 8-3899 Skinner, Roger s. New York state register for Same. N. y., 1843

Cg 8-3895 1830–31. N. Y., 1830–31. 2 v. Ck 10-4605 Sisters. J. Shirley

IIb 7-10890 | Skinner, Thomas. Life of general Monk; an account Sisters bye-hours. Jean Ingelow Fb 11-14633 of the march from Coldstream to London ; of Sisters of charity. Jameson, Mrs. A. M. Ci 6-4330 the preparations for it in Scotland, and of the Sister's story. Mrs. A. Craven

Ft +14037 happy consequences of it in England. Preface Six days of creation. Tayler Lewis Eg 6-8600 by Wm. Webster. L., 1723

Dc 7-5288 Six degrees of crime. Drama. F. S. Hill Hb 9–10966 Skirmishing. Mrs. C. Jenkin

Fb 11-14640 Six months at the white house. F. B. Carpenter Skottowe, Augustine. Life of Shakespeare; inquiries

Db 4-4927 into the originality of his dramatic plots and Six months in America. G.T. Vigne Df7-16072 characters; and essays on the ancient theatres Six months in the federal states. E. Dicey Df 8–6068 and theatrical usages. L., 1824. 2 v. 8° Six old English chronicles: I. Ethelwerd's chroni

Hb 6-10857 cle; II. Asser's life of Alfred the Great; III

. Skrine, H. Tour through Wales, 1795. Pickerton's Geoffrey of Monmouth's British history; IV. voyages. 2

Df 1-5827 Gildas; V. Nennius; VI. Richard of Ciren- Skye. Sinith, Alexander. Summer in Di 5-6671 cester's ancient state of Britain. Edited with Slack, Henry J. Marvels of pond life; or, a year's minotes by J. A. Giles. L., 1848. CE 7-3598 croscopic recreations among the polyps, infu

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Slack, Henry J., continued

Sloan, Samuel, continued. soria, rotifers, water-bears, and polyzoa. L., – City and suburban architecture; containing de1861

Ea 10–7421 signs and details for public edifices, private Slade, A. Records of travels in Turkey and Greece, residences, and mercantile buildings. Ph., and of a cruise in the Black sea. L., 1833. 2 v. 1859. 49

Af 3-13544 80

Dh 10-6555 Homestead architecture, containing forty designs – Turkey and the Turks, and a cruise in the Black

for villas, cottages, and farm houses ; with an sea, N. Y., 1854

Dh 10-6572

essay on style, construction, landscape gardenSlade, Wm., jr. Vermont state papers, records, docu- ing, furniture, etc. Ph., 1870. 8° Ga 10–17641

ments, journal of the council of safety, first - The model architect; a series of original designs constitution, early journals of the general as- for cottages, villas, suburban residences, etc. sembly, and laws, from 1789 to 1796. Middle- Ph., 1852. 2 v. 4°

Af 3-13550 bury, 1823. 8°

Cb 9-2731 Sluggard, the. Cobbett, W. Sermon on Eg 8–8547 Slasher and Crasher. Far. J. M. Morton Hb 10-10994 Small books on great subjects. C. F. Cornwallis Slater, Samuel. Howe, H. Life Da 10-4807

He 1-11771 - White, G. S. Memoir of

Db 8-4999 Small house at Allington. A. Trollope Fe 7-15349 Slaughter, P. Virginian history of African coloniza- Smarius, C. F. The pagan and Christian families; a tion. Richmond, 1855. 8°

Bb 7-365
lecture. 1850

. Bh 6-Pam. 35 Slave trade. Burton, R. F. Mission to Dahome Smedley, Edward, et al. The occult sciences. L., 1855 Dg

Ci 9-4388 - Buxton, T. F . African slave trade BB :-4320 Smedley, Frank E. Frank Fairleigh ; or, scenes from Carey, H. C. Domestic and foreign Bb 7-411

the life of a private pupil. Ff 13-14209 Clarkson, T. Abolition of the

Bb 7-400 Smee, Alfred. Elements of electro-metallurgy. N. - Low, C. R. Tales of old occan Dg 11-13834 Y., 1852

Gb 10-9162 Slavery. Autographs for freedoin. Edited by Julia The potatoe plant; its uses and properties, with Griffiths

Bb 7-404 the cause of the present malady. N. Y., 1847 - Bissell, W. H. Speech, 1850 Bh 6-Pam. 4

Ec 8-7720 Channing, W. E.. Slavery

Bb 7-418 Smellie, Wm. Memoir of. Nat. Lib. : Dk 6-6976 Clay, C. M. Writings

Bb 7-399 The philosophy of natural history, with introduc- Follen, C. T.C. Address on

Hd 9-11633 tion and alterations by John Ware. B., 1832. - Giddings, J. R. Exiles of Florida Cb 12-2827


Dk 4-6919 Gurowski, A. Slavery in history Bb 7–405 Smet, P. J. de. Oregon missions and travels over Hall, M. Two-fold slavery of the United States

the Rocky mountains in 1845–6. N. Y., 1847 Bb 7-41

DE 10–6149 – Harper, Chancellor, and others. Pro-slavery Smiles, Samuel. Brief biographies. B., 1861 Bb 7-408

Dd 2-5430 Helper, H. R. Impending crisis Bb 7-403

Contents.-James Watt; Robert Stephenson ; Helps, A. Friends in council. v. 2 He 12-12067

Dr. Thomas Arnold; Hugh Miller; Richard Hildreth, R. Despotism in America Bb 7-415

Cobden; E. Bulwer Lytton; Francis Jeffrey: May, S. J. Anti-slavery conflict Bb 7-413

Ebenezer Elliott; George Barrow; John James Mayer, B. Capt. Canot

Bb 7-414

Audubon; Wm. Macgillivray: Lord John Rus

sell; B. Disraeli; Wm. E. Gladstone; N. HawOlmsted, F. L. Cotton kingdom Df 8-6071

thorne ; Thomas Carlyle; John Sterling; Leigh Journey in the seaboard slave states Dr 6-5995 Hunt; Hartley Coleridge; Dr. Kitto; E. A. Poe;

Theodore Hook; Dr. Andrew Combe; Robert – Paulding, J. K. Slavery in the United States

Browning; Edwin Chadwick; Robert Nicoll;
Bb 7-420

Samuel Bambard; John Clare: Gerald Massey; – Phelps, Mr., of Vermont. Speech on, 1850

E. B. Browning; Frances Brown; Sarah M.
Bh 6-Pam. 4

Fuller; Sarah Martin; Harriet Martineau; - Phillips, W. Speeches

Bb 7-402 - Pollard, E. A. Black diamonds Bb 7-3147 - Industrial biography; iron workers and tool- Seabury, S. American slavery justified Bb7-407 makers. B., 1864

Dd 6-5511 - Smith, G. Speech, March 11, 1850 Bh 6-Pam. 6

Contents.--Iron and civilization; Beginning Stringfellow, T. Scriptural view in favor of

of the iron manufacture in Britain: Iron smeltBb 7-416

ing by pit-coal, - Dud Dudley; Andrew Yarran– Tucker, St. George. Dissertation on Bb 7-417

ton; Coalbrookdale iron-works,--the Darbys

and Reynoldses; Invention of cast-steel,-- Ben- Van Evrie, J. H. Negroes and negro slavery

jamin Huntsman; Inventions of Henry Cort; Bb 7-410

Scotch iron manufacture,--Dr. Roebuck; David Slavery and secession. J. H. Aughey Cd 1–3138

Mushet; Invention of the hot blast.-James

Beaumont Neilson; Mechanical inventions and Slaves of the ring. F. W. Robinson Fc 6–14969

inventors; Joseph Bramah; Henry Maudelay; Slavic language. Robinson, T. A. L. v. J. Historical Joseph Clement; Fox of Derby,-Murray of view

Ha 6–10544

Leeds, -Roberts and Whitworth of Manchester; Sleeman, W. H. Rambles and recollections of an

James Nasmyth; Wm, Fairbairn. Indian official. L., 1844. 2 v. 8° Dh 5–6468 - Life of George Stephenson, railway engineer. L., Sleep. Hall, W. W. Hygiene of the night


Dc 5-5213 Ga 5-15505 — Life of George Stephenson and of his son Robert - Hammond, w. A. Sleep and its derangements Stephenson; comprising a history of the in

Ga 5–8779 vention and introduction of the railway locoMacnish, R. The philosophy of Ga 2–8688 motive. N. Y., 1868. go

Dd 3-5481 Sleeper, M. G. Fonthill recreations. The Mediter

Lives of Boulton and Watt; comprising, also, a ranean islands; sketches and stories of their history of the invention of the steam engine. scenery, customs, history, painters, etc. B.,

Ph., 1865. 80

Dd 3-5482 1866 Di 4–13837 Smiles and frowns. s. A. Wentz

Fa 11-14741 Sleigh, J.W. Pine forests and Hackmatack clearings; Smiley, Thomas T. New federal calculator; or,

or, travel, life, and adventure in the British scholar's assistant, containing the most concise North American provinces. L., 1853 89

rules for performing the operations in common Df 8-5791 arithmetic. Ph., 1861

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Hb 9-10973 can builders' journal. Ph., 1869. 8. Ga 10–8865 - The story of Mont Blanc. n. Y., 1853 Di 8-6783

Mrs. Chisholm

V, 43

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Smith, Alexander. Alfred Hagart's household Smith, Gerritt. No treason in civil war. Speech. Ff 12-14172 N. Y., 1865 ·

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Smith, Rev. G., D. D. Narrative of an exploratory rice; The night before the wedding, or ten years

visit to each of the consular cities of China, after; A boy's dream ; The change.

and to the islands of Hong Kong and Chusan. - Dreamthorp; a book of essays written in the N Y., 1847

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X., 1859–61. N. Y., 1866 Ca 3-10712 says; On death and the fear of dying; Wm.

Three English statesmen; a course of lectures on Dunbar; A lark's flight; Christmas; Men of létters ; 'on the importance of a man to him

the political history of England. (Pym, Cromself; A shelf in my bookcase; Geoffrey Chau

well, and Pitt.) N. Y., 1867 Cf 8-5271 cer; Books and gardens; On vagabonds.

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Ff 15-15449 Miss Oona McQuarrie

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atrum poetarum. B., 1848

Hf 5-12365
Contents.-A life-drama; An evening at home;

- Same. Edited by E. Sargent. N. Y., 1866 Lady Barbara ; To —; Sonnets.

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Eb 10-16099

and the summer isles. 1584-1624. PinkerSmith, Charles. American war from 1775 to 1783, ton's voyages. 13

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typical forms, primeval distributions, filiations, sketches of Western Presbyterianism, its early
and migrations; with preliminary abstract by ministers, its perilous times, and its first re-
S. Kneeland. B., 1851. 80

Ch 9-4161
cords. Ph., 1854. 30

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the earliest settlement of the country to the of all the most important original narratives of present time; with a biographical appendix. this event, to which is added an examination Newburyport, 1854. 8°

Cc 6–2962

of the comparative merits of the northmen and Smith, George. History of Delaware county, Penn- Columbus. L., 1842

Cb 2-2527 sylvania, with a notice of the geology of the Smith, J. V. C. Natural history of fishes of Massacounty. Ph., 1862. 8°

Cc 11-3089 chusetts, embracing a practical essay on ang Smith, George F. A. S. The gentile nations; or, ling. B., 1833

• Dk 10–7059 the history and religion of the Egyptians, As- Pilgrimage to Egypt, embracing a diary of exsyrians, Babylonians, Medes, Persians, Greeks, plorations on the Nile, with observations on and Romans, forming a complete connection the manners, customs, and institutions of of sacred and profane history. N. Y., 1854. 8° the people, and of the present condition of the

Ca 4-6447 antiquities and ruins. "B., 1852 The harmony of the divine dispensations; a series Smith, Margaret. Whittier, J. G. Leaves from jourof discourses. N. Y., 1856 Eg 9-8633 nal of

Cc 7-2983 The IIebrew people; or, the history and religion Smith, Matthew H. Mount Calvary, with medita

of the Israelites. N. Y., n. d. 8° Ca 11-2505 tions in sacred place. N. Y., 1866 Eg 4-8470 – The patriarchal age; or, the history and religion Smith, N. D. Meteorological observations made of mankind, from the creation to the death of

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suited for the dwellings of the laboring classes. original designs for rural and ornamental cot-
Glasgow, 1834. 89

Ga 10–8876
tages. Buf., 1852. 40

Ga 10-8864

Dg 11–6374

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