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Report of explorations, continued.

Representative men. R. W. Emerson Ha 11-10667 planations ; (For Nos. 2–5, see Vol. X.) Appen

Representative women. G. C. Baldwin Dd 1-5388 dices to report. V. Report of Lieut. R. S. Wil

Reptiles. Baird, S. F. Catalogue of, in Smithsonian liamson, upon the routes in California to con


Dk 12-7073 nect with the routes near the 35th and 32d parallels, including Part 1. Report; Part 11. Ge

- Reports on

Ae 4-13540 ological report, by W. P. Blake; Part 1. Botani- - Cuvier, Baron. Animal kingdom. v. 2 cal report, by E. Durand and T. C. Hilgard. VI.

Dk 1-6864 Report by Lieut. II. L. Abbot, upon the routes

Figuier, L. Reptiles and birds Dk 10–7062 in Oregou and California, explored by parties under command of Lieut. R. S. Williamson,

Girard, C. Herpetology

Af 3-13549 1855, including Part 1. General report, Part II.

Hollowell, E. Report on

Ae 4-134 Geological report; No. 1, Report upon the geology of the route, by J. S. Newberry; No. 2,

Lee, Mrs. R. Anecdotes of

Dk 9-7041 Description of tertiary fossils, by T. A. Conrad;

Leidy, J. Cretaceous reptiles of the United States. No. 3, Report upon an analytical examination

S. C. to K. Vol. 14, Art. 6 Ae 1-13489 of waters and minerals from the hot springe in

Martin, F. Natural history

Dk 3-3873
Des Chutes valley, by E. N. Horsford ; No. 4,
Catalogue of the minerals and fossils; Part 11.

Mitchell, S. W. Respiration in chelonia. S. C.
Botanical report; No. 1, Report upon the bot-

to K. Vol. 13, Art. 9

Ae 1-1348 any of the route, by J. S. Newberry; No. 2, – Swainson, W. The natural history of General catalogue of plants; Part iv. Zoological report: No. 1, Fishes, by C. Girard; No. 2,

Dk 10-70.58 Report upon the zoölogy of the route, by J. S. – Wood, J. G. Illustrated natural history. v.2 Newberry; No. 3, Shells, by W. G. Binney;

Dk 4-6910 No. 4, see Vol. X. VII. Report of explorations from San Francisco bay to Los Angeles, Califor

Repton, Humphrey. Landscape gardening and landnia, west of the coast range, and from Pimas

scape architecture. New edition, with historivillage on the Gila to the Rio Grande, near the

cal introduction, biographical notice, notes, 320 parallel, by John G. Parke, including Part 1. General report; No. 1, From San Francisco

etc., by J. C. Loudon. L., 1840. 8. Ec 5–7656 to Los Angeles; No. 2, From Pimas village to

Republic. M. T. Cicero

Ha 1-10138
the Rio Grande ; Part II. Geological report, by Republican landmarks. J. P. Sanderson Ba 5-105
Thomas Antisell; Part 111. Botanical report, by
Juhn Torrey; Appendicer: A. Remarks on

Republics of South America. Voice to America
meteorology, by A. H. Campbell; B. Report of

Ba 6-3112 C. H. Poole upon the route from San Diego to Requisitionnaire, le. Balzac

Aa 2-125.36 Fort Yuma, vía San Diego river, Warner's pass and San Felipe Cañon; C. Translation of an ar

Researches, physiological and anatomical. J. Davy chive from Tucson; D. Description of maps: E.

Cf 1-15901
Table of distances, by A. H. Campbell. VIII. Resolves, divine, moral, political. o. Feltham
General report upon the zoology of the several

Hd 13-11723
Pacific railroad routes; Part 1. Mammals, by S.
F. Baird. IX. Zoological report; Part 11.

Respektable Gesellschaft. Kotzebue Hb 8–10934
Birds, by S. F. Baird, John Cassin and G, N.

Respiration. Griscom, J. H. Uses and abuses of air
Lawrence. X. Zoological report: Part III.

Ga 5-8781
Reptiles, by S. F. Baird ; Part iv, Fishes, by C. - Ward, s. 8. Healthy respiration
Girard ; Zoological portion of the report, by E.

Ga 5-8781
G. Beckwith; No. 1, Mammals, by S. F. Baird ;

Resources de Quinola. Balzac

Aa 2-12360
No. 2, Birds, by S. F. Baird : No. 3, Reptiles, Resurrection de Lazare. H. Murger Aa 412733
by S. F. Baird; No. 4, Fishes, by C. Girard;
No. 5, Insects, by J. L. Leconte; Whipple's

Retaliation. 0. Goldsmith

Hd 2-11490 zoological report; No. 2. Mammals, by C. B. R.

Retour du jeune Tobie. Com.

Genlis IIb 2-10795 Kennerly; No. 3, Birds, by C. B. R. Kennerly ;

Retour imprévu. Com. Regnard Aa 6-12910 No. 4, Reptiles, by S. F. Baird ; No. 5, Fishes, by C. Girard ; Parke's zoological report: No.1,

Retribution. Drama. T. Taylor Hb 9-10961
Birds, by A. L. Heermann; No. 2, Reptiles, by

Return of the Druses. Trag. R. Browning
E. Hollowell; Williameon's report; Part Iv.,

Hf 2-12185
No. 1, Reptiles, by E. Hollowell; No. 2, Birds, Retz, cardinal J. F. P. de. Memoirs, with the most
by A. L. Heermann; No. 3, Mammals, by S. F.
Baird ; No. 4, Fishes. by C. Girard, see Vol. V.;

secret transactions of the French court, and Abbot's report; Part iv. Zoological report; No.

the civil wars. Trans. from the French. Ph., 4, Reptiles, by S. F. Baird. XI., Bk. I. Steven's

1817. 3 v.

De 5-5677 final report; Part 1, General report; Part . Botanical report; No. 1, Botany, by J. G.

Reuben Medlicott. M. W. Savage Ff 15-15130 Cooper: No. 2, Catalogue of plants. by Asa Reumont, Alfred de. Carafas of Maddaloni ; Naples Gray: No. 3, Catalogue of plants collected in

under Spanish dominion Washington te:ritory, by J. G. Cooper; Part

Cg 8-3909 II. Zoological report; No. 1. Insects, by J. L.

Rev. Dr. Willoughby and his wine. Mary S Walker
Leconte; No. 2, Mammals, by J. G. Cooper;

Fa 11-14802
No. 3, Birds, by J. G. Cooper; No. 4, Reptiles, Revelations. Bale, Jolin. Image of both churches
by J. G. Cooper; No. 5, Fishes, by G. Suckley;
No. 6, Mollusca, by Wm. Cooper; No. 7, Crus-

Ee (--058 tacea, by J. G. Cooper; Appendices: A. Table

Barnes, A. Notes on the book of

Eg 7-8506 of heights and distances ; B. Meteorological

Cumming, Jolin. Lectures on the book of
table; Bk. II. Steven's final report; Part II.
Botanical report ; No. 1, Report upon the bot-
any, by J. G. Cooper; No. 2, Catalogue of plants

- James, R. B. Concise explanation of the revelacollecied east of the Rocky mountains, by Asa

tion of St. John.

Eg 10–8612
Gray; No. 3, Catalogue of plants collected in
Washington territory, by J. G. Cooper; Part

- Whiston, Wm. Essay on the revelation of St. III., No. 1, Insects, by J. L. Leconte; No. 2,


Eg 6-8603
Mammals, Chap. 1, by J. G. Cooper; Chap. 2, Revelations of Russia ; or, the emperor Nicholas and
by G. Suckley: Chap. 3, by G. Suckley and G.
Gibbs; No. 3, Birds, Chap. 1, Land birds, by J.

his empire in 1844. By an English resident. G. Cooper; Chap. 2, Water birds, by G. Suck

L., 1845. 2 v. 8°

cfs-11883 ley; No. 4, Reptiles, by J. G. Cooper; No. 5, Revels at court. P. Cunningham HD 3-10307 Fishes, by G. Suckley, Chap. 1, Salmonidae ; Chap. 2, Fishes exclusive of salmonidae; No.

Revenge, the. Mrs. A. Opie

Fa 13-14848 6, Mollusca, by Wm. Cooper; No. 7, Crustacea,

Revenue system of the United States ; reports of a by J. G. Cooper, see Vol. I. XII. Report on the

commission for a revision of, 1865–66. W., Colorado river of the west, explored in 1857-8,

1866. 8°
by Lieut. J. C. Ives; Part 1. General report;
Part Hydrographic report: Part II. Geologi-

Reveries of a bachelor. 'D. G. Mitchell Fc 11-15030 cal report, by J.S. Newberry; Part iv. Botany,

Review, the Drama, G. Colman IIb 9-10969 by Gray, Torrey, Thurber, and Engelmann; Review of the railroad freight policy, 1859 Part v. Zoology, by S. F. Baird ; Appendices.

Bh Pam, 58 Report of the surveyor general of California from Revised statuies. Parker, A. J. “Revised statutes of Nov. 1st, 1867, to Nov. 1st, 1869. Sac., 1870

New York

Ba 10-216 Repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufacBh 5-Pum. 73 Revivals. Conant, w. C. Remarkable conversions

Et i-5345 tures and fashions. R. Ackerman Gc 1--9215 - Prime, s. J. The power of prayer Ef 6-5311

Eg 10_8608

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V. 64

Revolution of America. Abbe Raynal Ba 3-65 Rice family. A. H. Ward

Ch 844145 Revolutionary soldiers. Far. G. Jaimson

Rich, Claudius James. Narrative of a journey to the

Hb 10-11004 site of Babylon in 1811; memoir on the ruins; Revolutions. 'Chateaubriand, R. F. A. Essai sur remarks on the topography of ancient Babyles revolutions

Aa 1-12590

lon, by Major Rennell; second memoir on the Volney, C. F. C. de. Les ruins Aa 1-12577

ruins, in reference to Major Rennell's remarks ; Revolutions de l'Amérique espagnole, ou récit de with a narrative of a journey to Persepolis. l'origine, des progrès et de l'état actuel de la L., 1839. 80

Dh 4-6446 guerre entre l'Espagne et l'Amérique meridi- Rich, G. B. Chester, A. T. 'Remarks at the funeral onale. Par un citoyen de l'Amérique espag


Bh 5-Pam. 71 nole. P., 1819. 89 Cb 2–2544 Rich and educated. H. Mann

He 4-11935 Reybaud, Mme. Charles. Le cadet de Colobrières, Rich husband. Mrs. J. H. Riddell Fc 5-14934 P., 1859

Aa 5-12781 Richard I. Coeur-de-Leon. Abbott, Jacob. History Reynolds, Beatrice. My first season Fc 4-14932


Đc 7-7547 Reynolds, E. W. The Tangletown letters ; reminis

James, G. P. R. History of the life of Dc 6-5233 cences, observations, and opinions of Timothy Richard of Devises. Crusade of Ch 11-4150 Trap, esq., including a report of the great Richard II. Abbott, Jacob. History of Da 7–7549 mammoth reform convention. Buf., 1856

Alliterative poem on the deposition of. Cam.
He 8–12034
Soc. Pub. v. 3

Ce 9-16013 – True story of the barons of the south ; or, the Chronicle of the reign of. Cam. Soc. Pub. rationale of the American conflict. B., 1862

Ce 9-16025 Cd 1-3133

Richard III. 'Halsted, C. a. Aš duke of Gloucester Reynolds, F. Life and times of. L., 1826. 2 v. go

and king of England

Dc 9–5314
Dd 8_5544 Moore, Sir T. History of

Ha 10-13712 Reynolds, H. R. Notes of the Christian life ; a selec- Polydore Vergil's history of. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. tion of sermons. N. Y., 1868 Eg 8-13940


Ce 6-3320 Reynolds, Joshua. Discourses of, illustrated by John Richard, J. l'abbé. History of Tonquin. PinkerBurnet. L., 1842. 4°

Ae 2-13001
ton's voyages. 9

Df 1-5834 – Literary works; to which is prefixed a memoir of Richard de Swinfield. Roll of the household exthe author. By H. W. Beechy. L., 1855, 2 v. penses of. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 59 and 61 Id 1-11444

Ce 9-16020, and 16022 Cunningham, A. Life of Hc 1-11056 Richard Hurdis. w. G. Simms

Ff 14-15376 - Northcote, James. Memoirs

Dc 7–5184 Richard of Cirencester. Description of Britain; with Reynolds, J. N. Voyage of the United States frigate commentary on the itinerary. L., 1809. 8° Potomac during the circumnavigation of the

Ce 4-3263 globe in 1831-2-3-4. N. Y., 1835. 8°

See, also, Six old English chronicles Cf 7-3598

Dg 2–6231 - De situ Britanniae et stationum quas Romani Rhadamisthe et Zenobie. Trag. ' Crebillon

ipsi in eâ insulâ aedificaverunt. L., 1809. 8° Hb 2-10772

Ce 43263 Rhea, s. A. See Marsh, D. W.

Richard of Devises, and Geoffrey de Vinsaut. ChronRhees, William J. Manual of public libraries, insti

icles of the crusades; being contemporary nartutions, and societies in the United States and ratives of the crusade of Richard Coeur de

British provinces. Ph., 1859. 8° IIc 1+11406 Leon; and of the crusade of Saint Louis, by Rhesus. Trag. Euripides ·

Ha 1-10457 Lord John de Joinville. L., 1848 Ch 11-4150 Rhetoric. Adams, J.'Q. Lectures on Hc 11-11317 Richards, C. F. John Guilderstring's sin Aristotle. Treatise on Ha 2-10481

Fc 5-15512, and +14877 - Beattie, J. Essay on

Hd 13–11745 Richards, Mrs. C. H. B. Springs of action Fc 5-14931 Blair, H. Lectures on

Hc 9-1128.5 Richards, William. Gas consumer's guide; contain- De Quincey, T. Essay on

Hd 2-11440 ing instructions on the management of gas; the Whaiely, R. Elements of

Hc 9-11294 means of economizing gas. L., 1866 Gb 5–9052 Rhetoric of conversation. G. W. Hervey

Richardson, Albert D. Beyond the Mississippi; from

Hc 10–15961 the great river to the great ocean. Life and Rhind, Wm. Concise view of general and physical adventure on the prairies, mountains, and Pageography. N. Y., 1856. f) Cab. A 7-15583

cific coast. Hart., 1869. 8° Df 11-15899 Rhine. Eddy, D. C. Percy family Di +15475 - Personal history of U. S. Grant. Hart., 1868. go - Hand-book from Holland to Switzerland

Db 9-15898 Ck 7-4586 - Secret service, the field, the dungeon and escape. - Headley, J. T.' Alps and the Rhino

Di 8-6779
Hart., 1865. 8°

Cd 3-3149 - Hood, T. Up the Rhine

Di 3-15555 Richardson, Benjamin ' w.Medical history and — Ireland, W. W. Studies of a wandering observer treatment of the teeth. L., 1860. 8° Ga 3–8534

Di 2-6606 Richardson, Charles Dictionary of the English lanRhode Island Arnold, s. G. History of Cc 9-3078

guage. Ph., 1851. 2 y. 4°

Ac 4-13017 Bartlett, J. R. Records of the colony Cc 9-3050 Richardson, James. Travels in the Great Sahara, in King, Daniel. Outlines of political history of

the year 1815-6. L., 1848. 2 v. 89 Da 11-4843

Dg 9-6356 Rhode Island luistorical society

. Collections. v. 2, Richardson, John. Arctic searching expedition, a 3, and 4. Prov., 1835. 3 v. Cc 10-3079 journal of a boat voyage through Rupert's Rhodes, T. B. Bombastes Furioso Hb 10-10994 land and the Arctic sea, in search of the disRhone. Hand-book of the

Ck 7-1572 covery ships under the command of Sir John Rhyme and reason of country life. S. F. Cooper


Df 3-5906 He 12-12102

et al. Last of the Arctic voyages, being a narraRibault, John. sparks Jared. Life of. S. A. B. v. tive of the expedition in H. M. S. Assistance, 17

Da 8-4707 under the command of Captain Sir Edward Ribbans, F. B. An essay on perspective, with notes Belcher, in search of Sir John Franklin, during illustrative of the subject. L., 1843. 8°

the years 1852–3-4

Df 3-5894 Hc +-16184 Richardson, S. History of Clarissa Harlowe Ricardo, David Works; with a notice of the life

FC 4-14908 and writings of the author, by J. R. McCul- History of Sir Charles Grandison. 7v. loch. L., 1846. 8° Ba 2–44

Fc 4-14904 Rice, C. Three guardsmen.' Drama : Hb 9-10960 Richardus tirtius. 'T. Legge

Hb 3-10821

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Richelieu. Drama

Hf 2–10739 Riley, James, continued. Richelieu, cardinal. Robson, Wm. Life of

Sequel to Riley's narrative; being a sketch of in

De 2–5642 teresting incidents in the lite, voyages, and Richerand, A. The elements of physiology; con- travels of Capt. James Riley. Compiled by W.

taining an explanation of the functions of the W. Riley. Columbus, 1851. go Dg 9-6349 human body. Trans. by Robert Kerrison. Ring, Max. John Milton and his times Fc 6–11968 Ph., 1808. go

Ga 4–8696 Ring and the book. R. Browning Hf 9-124012 Richmond, Van R. Annual report of the state en- Ring of Amasis. Bulwer-Lytton

Fa 8-14711 gineer and surveyor of the state of New York, Rip van Winkle. Drama. "C. Burke Hb 9-10962 1867 (on railroads). Alb., 1868. 8°

Ripa, Father. Memoirs during thirteen years' resi

Ga 12-8948 dence at the court of Peking, in the service of Richter, J. P. F. Campaner Thai Fc 5-14928

the emperor of China ; with an account of the Flower, fruit, and thorn pieces; or, the married foundation of the college for the education of

life, death, and wedding of the advocate of the young Chinese at Naples. Trans. from Italian poor, Firmian Stanislaus Siebenkäs

by F. Prando. N. Y., 1846 Dg 2–6233

Fc 5–14929 Ripley, George, and Charles A. Dana. New AmeriHesperus

Fc 5-14924 can cyclopaedia ; a popular dictionary of genLevana; or, the doctrine of education. B., 1863 eral knowledge. N. Y., 1858–63. 10 v. go Hc 12-11353

Ab 4-12605 Titan

Fc 5–14992 Ripley, R. S. ' War with Mexico. n. Y., 1849. 2v. Walt and Vult Fc 5-14926

Ch 4-4028 Rickman, Thomas. An attempt to descriminate the Rise and progress of Australia, Tasmania, and New

styles of architecture in England, from the Zealand, in which will be found a colonial conquest to the reformation. Ox., 1862. 8°

directory; increase and habits of population;

Ga 10–8874 tables of revenue and expenditure; commerRiddell, Mrs. J. II. Far above rubies Fc 5-14920 cial growth and present position of each George Geith of Fen court

Fc 5-14919 dependency; intellectual, social, and moral Maxwell Drewitt

Fc 5-14918 condition of the people, etc. By an EnglishRace for wealth

Fc 5-14917
man. L., 1857

Dh 9-15939 The rich husband

Fc 5–14934 Rise and progress of the English constitution. J. L. Ridgeway. James McCarroll

Fc 10–15017
De Lolme

Bb 2-299 Riding and driving. J. H. Walsh Gb 12–13641 Rise of the Dutch republic. J. L. Motley Cg 6-3836 Ridley, Nicholas. Works. Edited by H. Christmas. Rishanger, Wm. de. Chronicle of the Barons' wars. Cam, 1843. 8 .

Eg 13–16284

Cam. Soc. Pub.
v. 15

Ce 6-3309
Contents.-Biographical notice; Brief declar-

Rising sun. C. Hogg

Ha 9-16076 ation of the Lord's supper; or, a treatise against Ritchie, A. C. M. Armand. Drama. F's S. D. v. 27 transubstantiation; À piteous lamentation of

IIb 9-10965 the miserable estate of the church of England ;

Autobiography of an actress ; or, eight years on Treatise on the worship of images; Conferences between Ridley and Latimer; Conference

the stage. B., 1854

Da 9-4789 between Ridley and Bourne; A determination

Clergyman's wife, and other sketches Fc 8–14892 concerning the sacrament; Judicium de epis. tolis decretalibus; Disputation at Oxford ; Last

Fairy fingers.

FC 8-14986 examination before the queen's commissioners;

Fashion. Drama. F's S. D.


27 IIb 9-10965 Smaller treatises; Letters; Appendices.

Mimic life; or, before and behind the curtain Treatises and letters of. Ph., n. d. Ee 6-8087

FC 8-14985 Ridner, J. P. Artists' chromatic hand-book; a prac- Mute singer

Fc 8–14984 tical treatise on pigments. N. Y., 1850

Plays. B., 1855

Hb 11-11015 Hc 1-11062 Ritchie, Leitch. Russia and the Russians; or, a Riedesel, F. C. L. von. Eelking Max von. Memoirs journey to St. Petersburg and Moscow, through and letters

DI) 8-5015 Courland and Livonia. Ph., 1836 Di 10-6093 Riedesel, Mrs. General. Letters and journals relating Rites and customs. Romanoff, H. C. Rites and cus

to the war of the American revolution, and the toms of the Greco-Russian church Ee 12-8186 capture of the German troops at Saratoga. Ritson, Joseph. Pieces of ancient popular poetry. Trans. from the German by W.L. Stone. Alb., L., 1833. 8°

Hf 5–12259 1867. 8°

Cl) 6-2638 Rittenhouse, D. Renwick, James. Life of S. A. Rienzi. Tray. Miss Mitford


Da 8-4697 Fc 8–14987, and IIb 9–10962 Ritter, A. History of the Moravian church in PhilaRienzi, the last of the Romam tribunes. Bulwer-Lyt- delphia; comprising notices defensive of its ton

Fa 7-14724 founder and patron. Ph., 1857. 8° Ed 10–7975 Riesbeck. Travels through Germany, 1780. Pink- Ritter, Carl. Comparative geography of Palestine erton's voyages. 6

Df 1-5831 and the Sinaitic peninsula. N. Y., 1866. 4 v. Rifle rangers. M. Reid Fc 2-14868

Ci 3-4254 Rig-Vedat-Sanhita. The sacred hymns of the Brah

Gage, W. L. Life of

De 10–5183 mins. Translated and explained by F. Max Ritualism. Coleman, L. Manual on prelacy and ritMüller. L., 1869

Ha 3–16418

Ěe 2–8025 Right at last. Mrs. E. C. Gaskell Fb 15-14417 Rival belles. J. B. Jones

Fb 11-14631 Rights and wrongs of inventors. II. Dircks

Rival candidates. Com. Henry Bate Hb 1-10729 Ga 11-16477 Rival queens. Trag. N. Lee

Hb 1-10744 Rights of an American citizen. B. L. Oliver

Rival volunteers. Mary A. Howe Fe 5–15278 Rights of man. com. .o. si Leland : IIb 10-11002 Ba 4-14 Rivalités, première histoire. La vieille fille. Balzac

Aa 2-12518 Rights of the poor. W. Cobbett Eg 8-8547 Rivals. Com. R. B. Sheridan

Hb 9-10953 Rights of war and peace. H. Grotius Ba 8–192 Rivals and Tracy's ambition. G. Griffin Fb 5-14424 Riley, H. T. Dictionary of Latin quotations, prov. Rivero. Mariano, E., and Tschudi, James von. Pe

erbs, maxims, and mottos, classical and me- ruvian antiquities. Trans. by Francis L. Hawks. diaeval, including law terms and phrases. L., N. Y., 1853. 89

Ci 2-239 1866

Ac 5-1311° Rivers, Thomas. The miniature fruit garden; or, Riley, James.' Authentic narrative of the loss of the

the culture of pyramidal and bush fruit trees. American brig Commerce, wrecked on the

N. Y., 1866.

Ec 6–1703 western coast of Africa, in the year 1815. (See Rivers and lakes of scripture. W. K. Tweedie Robbins, A.) N. Y., 1818. 8°. Dg 9-6353

Dg 6-6330

V. 7

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Riverside magazine for young people. N. Y., 1867- Robertson, Wm. Parish. A visit to Mexico by the 70. 4 v. So

Ia 6-17664 West India islands, Yucatan and the United Rires, Wm. C. Life and times of James Madison. States. L., 1853

Ch 4-4059 B., 1859. So

Da 7–1789 Robespierre, Maximilien. Lewes, G. H. Lite of Road to ruin. Com. T. Holcrofi Hb 1-10751

De 2-5620 Roads. Gillespie, W. M. Principles and practice of Robinson, Charles s. 'Short studies for Sundayroad-making

Ga 12-9966

school teachers. N. Y., 1863 Hc 12-11361 Rob of the bowl. J. P. Kennedy Fc 14-15770 Robinson, Edward. Greek and English lexicon of Rob Roy. Sir W. Scott

Ft 10-14188

the new testament. N.Y., 1868. go Ac 3-12906 Rob Roy Macgregor. Drama. I. Pocock Hb 9-10957 and E. Smith. Biblical researches in Palestine, Rob Roy on the Baltic. J. Macgregor Di 4-13737

mount Sinai, and Arabia Petraea, in 1838. B., Rob Roy on the Jordan. J. Macgregor Dg 6-2258

1811. 3 v. 80

Dg 4–6239 Roba di Roma. W. W. Story

Di 7-6738 Robinson, Mrs. E. Life's discipline; a tale of the Robuck, C. W. Mysteries of astrology and wonders annals of Hungary

FC 4-14897 of magic. B., 1854. 8°

Ci 9–4374 Robinson, Fay. Mexico and her military chieftains. Robber, the. Mrs. A. Opie .

Fa 13-149 18
Ph., 1817

Ch 4-10910
Robber of the Rhine. Drama. G. Almar Hb 9–10963 Robinson, F. W. Christie's faith Fc 4-14827
Robbers. Tray. Schiller
Hb 8-1091 House of Elmore

FC 4-14898 Robber's wife. I. Pocock Hb 9-10967 Mr. Stewart's intentions

Fc 4-14902 Robbins, Archibald. Journal comprising an account No church

Fc 4-14899 of the loss of the brig Commerce of Hartford, Owen; a waif

Fc 4-14900 Conn., James Riley, master, upon the western Slaves of the ring

Fc 6-14969 coast of Africa, August 28th, 1815; also, the Woman's ransom

Fc 4-14847 slavery and sufferings of the author and the Robinson, H. Original letters relative to the En. rest of the crew on the desert of Zahara in the glish reformation, written during the reigns of

years 1815-16-17. Rochester, 1818 Dg 10-6391 king Henry VIII., king Edward VI., and queen Robbins, Chandler. History of the second church, or Mary, chiefly from the archives of Zurich.

old north, in Boston; to which is added a lis- Trans. by Hastings Robinson. Cam., 1846—7. tory of the new brick church. B., 1872. 8°

2 v. 89

Eg 12-16295 Cc 6-2957 - Zurich letters, comprising the correspondence of Robert, Adrian. La princesse Sophie Aa 4-12742

several English bishops, and others, with some Robert Emmet. Drama. J. Pilgrim Hb 9-10970

of the Helvetian reformers during the reign of Robert Falconer. Geo. Macdonald Fc 12-15973 queen Elizabeth. Trans. by Hastings RobinRobert Graham, C. L. Hentz

Fe 2-15194

8o Robert Greathouse. John F. Swift Ff 12-15509 Same. Second edition chronologically arranged. Robert Macaire. Drama. C. Selby Hb 10-10993

Cam., 1846. 8

Eg 12–16298 Robert of Gloucester's chronicle. 1. Hearne

Same. Second series. Cam., 1845. 88
Cf 5-35-18

Eg 12-16299 Robert Severne. Wm. A. Hammond.

Fe 5-15270 The Zurich leiters; or, the correspondence of Roberts, Wm. Memoirs of the lite and correspond- several English bishops, and others, with some ence of Mrs. Hannah More. N. Y., 1855. 2 v. of the Helvetian reformers, during the reign of

Dc 7-5200 queen Elizabeth. Cam., 1816. 80 Ee 5-8055 Roberts, Wm.; M. D. À practical treatise on urinary Robinson, H. C. Sadler, T. Diary. Dc 2-17688

and renal diseases, including urinary deposits. Robinson, H. P. Pictorial effect in photography; Ph., 1866. 80

Ga 3-8728 being hints on composition and chiaroscuro for Robertson, David. Reports of the trials of colonel photographers. 4°

Hc 4-4071 Aaron Burr for treason. Ph., 1808 2 v. 8° Robinson, John. Belknap, J. Account of Db 3-4895

Bb 3–333 Robinson, J. C. Italian sculpture of the middle ages, Robertson, D. Tour through the isle of Man, 1791. and period of the revival of art. L., 1862.40 Pinkerton's voyages. 2 Df 1-5827

Hc 4-11152 Robertson, Frederick W. Lectures and addresses on Robinson, J. il. Nick Whifties. Drama Hb 9-10974 literary and social topics. B., 1868

Robinson, Mary. Autobiography. L., 1830
Hd 10–11659

Dd 5-5446 Sermons preached at Trinity church, Brighton. Robinson, Mrs. M. H. Helen Erskine Fc 4-14894 Five series. B., 1869. 5 v.

Eg 9-8572 Robinson, T. A. L. V. J. Historical view of the lan– Brooke, S. A. Lile and letters

Dec 2–5097

guages and literature of the Slavic nations ; Róbertson, Margaret. Janet's love and service

with a sketch of their popular poetry. N. Y., Fc 5-14921 1850

Ha 6–10544 Robertson, Wm. Ernestine. F's s. D.

Robinson, W. Alpine flowers for English gardens.
Hb 9-109.58
L., 1870

Ec 7-16513
Robertson, Win., D. D. History of America. Ph., Gleanings from French gardens. L., 1868
1812. 2 v. 8°
Cb 2-2531

Ec 6–7706 – An historical disquisition concerning the knowl- Robinson, w. . Memoirs of the Mexican revolu

edge which the ancients had of India. Ph., tion; with a narrative of the expedition of 1812. 8

Cf 11-3701

Xavier Mina; and some observations on the – History of the reign of the emperor Charles V. practicability of opening a commerce between Ph., 1812. 3 v. 8

De 9-5764

the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, through the - Same.' X. Y., 1833. 80

De 9-5767 Mexican Isthmus, in the province of Oaxaca, - History of the reign of the emperor Charles V., and at the lake of Nicaragua. L. 1821. 2 v. witii an account of the emperor's life after his 80

Ch 5-4072 abdication. B., 1857. 3 v. 8° De 7-5748 Robinson Crusoe. D. De Foe History of Scotland during the reigns of Mary

Fil 9-16788, and Hd 7-11585 and James VI.; with a review of Scottish his- Robson, Wm. Life of cardinal Richelieu. L., 1854 tory previous to that period; to which is pre

De 2-56 12 fixed a life of the author by Dugald Stewart

. Robson, W. J. Love and loyalty F's S. D. V. 32 Ph., 1811. 2 v. 80 Ce 10-3397

Hb 9-10967 – History of Scotland during the reigns of Mary Roche, Regina M. Children of the abbey Fc 6–16804

and James VI. (Same as that in 2 v. except Rochefoucauld, Francis duc de La. Wharton, G. and

life by Stewart.) N. Y., 1829. 8° Ce 10–3396 P. Wits and beaux of society . Dd 6-5506 - Stewart, D. Life and writings Hc 8-11785 See La Rochefoucauld.


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2 v.

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Rochelle, M. Roux de. L'Universe ou bistoire et Rogers, Daniel Report of the trial of Charles N.

description de tous les peuples, de leur religi- Baldwin, for a libel, in publishing charges of ons moeurs, coutumes, etc. Etats-Unis fraud and swindling against the managers of d'Amerique. P., 1853. 8°

Cb 5-2699

the medical science lottery, in the state of New Rochester, Thomas F. Address to the undergradu

York, 1818

Bh 6-Pam. 1 ates of the university of Buffalo, 1860

Rogers, E. P. Address to the graduating class of the

Bh 5-Pam. 55 normal school, Albany, Jan., 1857 Rochester. See New York state, Rochester.

Bh 6-Pam. 38 Rochester athenaeum and mechanics' institute

. An- Rogers, Henry. A defence of “the eclipse of faith;" nual reports, 1857–62–63-64-67 Bh 5-Pam. 44 a rejoinder to professor Newman's “reply." Catalogue and constitution of, 1850 Bh 6–Pam. 25 (See Newman, F. W.) B., 1854 Eg 11-3636 Charter, constitution, by-laws, and regulations of, – The eclipse of faith; or, a visit to a religious skep1810

Bh 6-Pam. 5 tic. B., 1853. See Newman, F. W. Eg 10–$627 Rochester rappings. Elliott, C. W. Mysteries Rogers, H. D. First annual report of the state geolo

Ci 9-4378 gist, 1836, Pennsylvania. Harrisburgh, 1836 Rochon, A. M. Voyage to Madagascar. Pinkerton's

Eb 4-7489 voyages. 16

Dg 1-5811 Rogers, H. W. on the rebellion. Buf., 1861 Rock bridge, Va. Sketches and views DE 10-6151

Bh 5-Pam. 75 Rockwell, Charles. Catskill mountains and the re- Rogers, James E. Thortord.' A manual of political gion around; their scenery, legends, and his

economy. Ox., 1869

Ba 1-15502 tory, with sketches in prose and verse, by Rogers, Mary E. Domestic life in Palestine. Cin., Cooper, Irving, Bryant, Cole, and others.' N.


Dg 5-6271 Y., 1867

Cc 4-2919 Rogers, Samuel. Recollections of the table talk of, Rockwell

, C. Sketches of foreign travel, and lite at to which is added Parsoniana. N. Y., 1856
B., 1842.
Di 2-6605

He 8-12012 Rocky mountains. Allen, Paul. Lewis and Clark's Rogers, S. B. An elementary treatise on iron metalexpedition

Df 5-5954 lurgy, up to the manufacture of puddling bars, Bowles, S. Across the continent Df 9–6099 with analytical tables of iron making materiBurton, R. F. Across the Rocky mountains to als. N. Y., 1857. 8.

Gb 9-9124 California

Df 4–5933 Rogers, Thomas. The catholic doctrine of the church - Dragoon campaigns

Df 10–6148

of England; an exposition of the thirty-nine - Farnham, T. J. Travels in

Df 9-6081
articles. Cam., 1854 80

Eg 12-16255 Fremot, J. C. Expedition in 1842 Df 7–6018 Rogers, W. Jack's the lad

Hb 10-11005 Df 5-5947 Rogers, Woodes. Cruising voyage round the world: Gass, P. Lewis and Clark's journal, 1804-6

First to the South sea, thence to the East

Dg 3-6207 Indies, and homeward by cape of Good Hope, Gerrard, L. H.' Look at Los Rancheros from the 1708–11. L., 1718. 8°

Dg 2-6225
Rocky mountain camp-fire
Df 6-5994 Out on the deep

Dg 3–16618
Long, S. H. From Pittsburg to the Rocky moun- - Drake, E. C. Voyage round the world
tains, 1819-20
Df 5-5951

Ch 1-2432 - McClure, A. K. Three thousand miles through Rogers, W. B. Report of geological survey in Vir

Df 9-6092
ginia, 1836

Bh 5-Pam. 69 Parkman, F. J. Rocky mountain life Df 7-6022 Roget, Peter M. Animal and vegetable physiology, Ruxton, G. F. Adventures in

Df 9-6105

considered with reference to natural theology, Smet, P. J. de. Over the Rocky mountains in Ph., 1836. 2 v. go

Ga 5-8375 1845-6

Df 10-6149 - Thesaurus of English words and phrases,so classified Rod. History of the. W. M. Cooper Ba 9-16503 and arranged as to facilitate the expression of Roderick, the last of the Goths. R. Southey

ideas, and assist in literary compositions. Re

Hf 5-12359 vised and edited by B. Sears. B., 1870 Rodogune, princess des Parthes. Trag. Corneille

Ac 2-11708 Hb 2-10769 Roi des montagnes. E. About

Aa 4-12736 Rodwell, G. H. Teddy thg'tiler. F's M. D. v. 24 Roland, Mme. M. J. P. An appeal to impartial pos

Hb 10-11000 terity: a collection of tracts writien by her Rodwell, T. G. More blunders than one. F's M. D. during her confinement in the prisons of the v. 23

Hb 10-11000

abbey and St. Pélagie in Paris. L., 1795. 2 v. Young widow. F's M. D. v.10 · Hb 10–10996 8°

Cg 3-3796 Roe, A. S. Cloud on the heart Fc 3-14887 - Abbott, J. S. c. History of

De 6-7570 How could he help it? Fc 3-14882 Child, L. M. Biography

De 6-11827 - James Montjoy ; or, I've been thinking

Roland Cashel. Charles Lever

Fb 6-14107 Fc 3-14889 Roland for an Oliver. Far. T. Morton Hb 10–11000 Like and unlike Fc 3–14885 | Roland furieux. Ariosto

Aa 1-12601 Long look abead Fc 3-14888 Roland Yorke. Mrs. H. Wood

Fa 12-14819 Looking around

Fc 3–14878 Rolfe, W. J., and J. A. Gillett. Cambridge course of Star and the cloud

FC 3-14887 elementary physics. Part III. Astronomy Time and tide

Fc 3-14884
B., 1868

Eb 9-95336 To love and to be loved .

Fc 3-14880 Elements of chemistry. B., 1870 : Eb 3-9537 True to the last

Fc 3-14886 Hand-book of natural philosophy for school and Woman our angel

FC 3-14879
home use. B., 1870

Ea 6-15769 Roe, T. Voyage to India. Pinkerton's voyages. 8. Rolla and his race. A. Warburton

De 6-5735 Df 1-5833 Rollin, Charles. Ancient history of the Egyptians, Roebuck; c. W. Russell

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Ca 4-23 from A. D. 732 to A. D. 1201. Trans. by Henry - Same. Pl., 1861. 4 v. '80

Ca 19:23 T. Riley. L., 1853. 2 v.

Cř 7-3604 Method of teaching and studying the Belles letRoger of Wendover. Flowers of history, comprising tres; or, an introduction to languages, poetry,

the history of England, from the descent of the rhetoric, history, etc. L., 1804. 3 v.
Saxons 10_A. D. 1235, formerly ascribed to

Ila 6-10.728
Matthew Paris. Trans. by J. A. Giles. L., Roman actor. Drama.' P. Massinger Hb 7-10894
1849. 2 v.
Cf 7-3596 / Roman and Teuton. C. Kingsley

Ca 5-2316

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