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v. 91


Reed, Andrew, and James Matheson. Narrative of Register of officers and agents, civil, military and nathe visit to the American churches by the depu

val, in the service of the United States on the tation from the congregational union of En- 30th September, 1821. W., 1822 Ck 5-4445

gland and Wales. N. Y., 1835. 2 v. Df 10-6127 Register of officers and agents, civil, military and naReed, H. Lectures on English history and tragic val, in the service of the United States on the poetry, as illustrated by Shakespeare Ph., 1856 30th September, 1831. W., 1831 Ck 5-4446 Ce 43268 Register office. Far. 'J. Reed

Hb 1-10738 – Lectures on English literature from Chaucer to Registrum

sive liber prioratus Mariae Wigorniensis

. Tennyson. Ph., 1858

Ha 9-10601
Cam. Soc. Pub.

Ce 9-16052 Life of Joseph Reed. S. A. B. v. 18 Da 8-4708 Regnard, J. F. Oeuvres; avec des avertissements Reed, J. Register office. Far.

Hb 1-10738

sur chaque piéce, par M. Garnier. Nouvelle Reed, Joseph. Reed, Henry. Life of. S. A. B. v. 18

edition. "P., 1820.6 v. 8°. Aa 6-12938

Da 8-4708 Reed, w. B. Life and correspondence Da 7-4733

Contents.-Vol. I. Avis de l'editeur; Notice

sur Regnard; Voyage de Flandre et de HolReed, J. W. History of the Reed family in Europe lande Denemarck, Swède; Reflexions, Voyage and America. B., 1861. 80

Ch 844131

de Laponie, Pologne, Allemagne, Provencale, Reed, W. B. Life and correspondence of Joseph

Normandie, Chaumont, Observations,

Catalogue des comedies ; La sérénade; Le bal; Reed. Ph., 1847. 2v. 89

Da 7-4733

Le joueur; Le distrait; Attendez-moi sous Reemelin, Charles. The vine dresser's manual; an

l'Orme. III. Démocrite: Le retour imprévu;

Les Folies amourenses; Le mariage de la illustrated treatise on vineyards and wine-mak

Folie; Les Menechmes, ou les Jumeaux. IV. ing. N. Y., 1856

Ec 11-7800

Le legataire universel; La critique du legaRees, Abraham. Cyclopaedia ; or, universal diction- taire ; Les souhaits; Les vendanges; Sapor;

Le carnaval de Venise; Poésies diverses.' v. ary of arts, sciences, and literature. Ph., n. d.

Le Divorce; Descente d'Arlequin aux Enfers ; 47 v. 4°

Ab 9-12828

L'Homme å bonnes fortunes; La critique de Rees, James. Foot-prints of a letter-carrier; or, a l'homme a bonnes fortunes; Les filles errantes ; history of the world's correspondence, contain

La coquette. VI. Les Chinois ; La Baguette de

Vulcaín; L'augmentation de la Baguette; Naising biographies, tales, sketches, incidents, and

sance d'Amadis; La foire Saint-Germain; La statistics connected with the postal history. suite de la foire Saint-Germain, ou les momPh., 1866

He 3-11924

ies d'Egypte. Reese, D. M. Elements of zoölogy; or natural his- – Journey to Lapland, 1681. Pinkerton's voyages. tory of animals. N. Y., 1849 Dk 5-6945


Df 1-5826 Reform. Essays on. By Broderick, and others Regnault, Eugene. The criminal history of the

EnBb 2-294 glish government, from the first massacre of - Greeley, H. Hints towards

Bb 5–355 the Irish to the poisoning of the Chinese. Jones, Wm. Reform ministers Db 4-5468 Trans. from the French, by an American. N. Reform des credits und handels. J. L. Stiger

Y., 1843

Cf 8-3622 Bh 5-Pam. 61 Regular fix. Far. J. M. Morton Hb 10-11004 Reformation.' Adams, c. 'Words that shook the Rehbock. L. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10937 world.

Ee 10–8154 Rehoboth, Mass. See Mass., Rehoboth. - Burnet, G. Reformation of the church of En- Reichenbach, C. von. Physico-physiological regland

Ee 9-8131

searches on the dynamics of magnetism, elec- Cobbett, W. Protestant reformation in England tricity, heat, light, crystalization, and chemism,

Ee 10-8160 in their relations to vital force; with preface
- Foxe, John. Narrative of the days of. Cam. and critical notes, by John Ashburner. L.,
Soc. Pub.
V. 77

Ce 9-16038
1851. 8°

Ea 4-7181 - Introductory view of the early reformation Reid, Christian. Valierie Aylmer Fc 6–16805

Cf 6–3579 Reid, David B. Illustrations of the theory and prac– McCrie, T. History, in Italy and the Grisons tice of ventilation. L., 1844. 8° Gb 6-9114

Ee 9-8135 Reid, John. Sorrow. N. Y., 1870 Ef 6-11313 History of, in Spain

Ee 9-4136 Reid, Capt. Mayne. The castaways; a story of adIllustrations of the history of the reformation ventures in the wilds of Borneo. FC 2-16791 in Scotland Dc 10–5334 Child-wife

Fc 2–14865 - Merle d'Aubigné, J. H. History of the Ee 8-8114 Headless horseman ; a strange tale of Texas History of the great reformation in Germany

Fc 2-14861 Ee 9–8130, and 10-8155 Hunter's feast :

FC 2-14859 – History of the protestant church in Hungary Lost Lenore

Fc 2–14874 Ee 9-8139 Maroon; or, planter life in Jamaica FC 2-14875 Reformation in the time of Calvin Ee 10-8149 Osceola, the Seminole

FC 2-14869 - Pescheck, C. A. Reformation and anti-reforma- - Quadroon; or, a lover's adventures in Louisiana tion in Bohemia Ee 9-8128

Fc 2-14870 – Ranke, L. History of the reformation in Germany - Quadrupeds, what they are and where found ; a

Ee 9-8122 book of zoology for boys. L., 1868 Dk 5–15479 - Robinson, H. Original letters from the archives

Rifle rangers

Fc 2-14868 of Zurich

Eg 12–16295 - Scalp hunters; or, adventures among the trappers – Ullman, C. Riformers before the reformation

FC 2-14860 Ee 9-11863 - Tiger hunters

Fc 2–14872 - See British reformers

Ee 6-8090 - War trail; or, the hunt of the wild horse
Refugee. Herman Melville.
Fc 9-14988

Fc 2-14866 Regal arınorie of Great Britain. A. Brunet Ch 11-4215 White chief

Fc 2–14867 Regester, Seeley. Pseudonym of M. V. F. Victor. - White gauntlet

FC 2-14863 Regester, Seeley, and others. Stories and sketches Wild huntress

FC 2-14873 by our best authors Fc 4-14895 Wild life

Fc 2-14862 Reginald's revenge. S. J. C. Whittlesey Fa 11–14796

Wood rangers

c 2-14871 Register of the commissioned, warrant, and volunteer Reid, Thomas. Treatise on clock and watchmaking,

officers of the United States navy, including of theoretical and practical. Ph., 1832. 89 ficers of the marine corps and others, to Janu

Ga 11-8905 ary 1st, 1870

Ck 9-16198 Reid, T. Stewart, D. Life and writings Hc 8-11791 Register of officers and agents, civil, military and na- Reid, Whitelaw. "Ohio and the war; her statesmen,

val, in the service of the United States, for her generals, and soldiers. Cin., 1868. 2 v. 86
1825–7. W., 1825. 2 v.
Ck 5-4443

Cd 4-3182





v. 72

nary affairs




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Reign of law. G. D. Campbell Hc 5–11179 Religion, continued.
Reign of terror; a collection of authentic narratives

Boardman, H. A. Bible in the counting house of the horrors committed by the revolutionary

Ef 5-8283 government of France under Murat and Robe- | – Brown, a. M. 'Wreath around the cross spierre. Written by eye witnesses of the

Ef 5-8293 scenes, with biographical notices and curious – Brown, H. s. 'Ancient maxims of modern times anecdotes. L., 1826. 2 v. 8o. Cg 3–3784

Ef 5-8292 Reims, Phillippe de. The romance of Blonde of Ox- Brown, J. B. Christian policy of life Ef 7-8339 ford. Cam. Soc. Pub.

Ce 9-16033 Bunyan, J. The Jerusalem sinner saved
Rejected wife. Ann S. Stephens
Ff 8-14097

Ef 3-8240 Relationes des jesuites contenant ce qui s'est passeé Burton, W. Cheering views of man and provide plus remarquable dans le missions des Pères dence

Ef 7-8365 de la campagnie de Jésus dans Nouvelle- Chapin, E. H. Christianity the perfection of true France. Quebec, 1858. 3 v. 8° Ch 2-3987


Ef 5-8280 Relics. John Calvin

Ed 3–7835 Chalmers, T. Application of Christianity to ordiRelics of genius. T. P. Grinsted Dd 6–5509

Ěf 5-8278 Religio medici. Thomas Browne Hd 13–11725 - Charnock, s. The chief of sinners, objects of the Religion. History.

choicest mercy

Ef 3-8242 - Baring-Gould, S. Origin of religious belief

Clark, A. The gospel in the trees Ef 5-8287 Eg 3–11247

Coleridge, T. Confessions of an enquiring spirit Burder, W. History of all religions EN 10–7978

Ef 6-8318 Child, L. M. Progress of religious ideas - Cox, s. H. Interviews, memorable and useful Eg 3-13984

Ef 11-4757 Dunlap, s. F.' Vestiges of the spirit history of Coxe, A. C. Moral reforms

Ef 5–8296 Ed 13–1995

- Dewey, 0. Discourses on human life Ef 5-8297 - Farrar, A. s. History of free ihought Eg 3-8460 - Doddridge, P. Rise and progress of, in the soul - Pressensé, E. de. Religion and the reign of ter

Ef 11-13941 Ee 5–8064 - Drummond, J. Thoughts for the Christian life - Spring, G. First things Ef 5-8270

Ef 7-8341 Stevenson, J. Translation of the Sanhitá of the Field, H. ` A home for the homeless Ef 5-8288 Sáma Veda

Ed 12–7980

Gasparin, Mme. A. de. The near and heavenly – Wortabet, J. Religions of Syria Ed 12–7981


Fd 14-14467 - Philosophy.

Gerardus de Zutphania. De reformatione virium - Burgh, James. The dignity of human nature. animae

Ef 7-8492 Part IV.

Hc 8-11239 - Gillet, E. H. Life lessons in the school of ChrisColeridge, s. T. The friend Hd 8-11608 tian duty

Ef 7-8340 Dick, Thomas. Works. 1 Hd 4-11480 Grant, James. The comforter

Ef 6-8324
Philosophy of religion
Hd 8-11594 The end of all things .

Ef 6-8329
Forbes, Duncan Works
Ef 10–8405 Foes of our faith

Ef 6-8327 Howitt, W. History of the supernatural

God is love

Ef 6-8328 Ef 11-8418 God's unspeakable gift

Ef 6-4321 Jones, J. H. Influence of health and disease on Grace and glory.

Ef 6-8322 religious experience Ef 7-8338 Our heavenly home

Ef 6-8326 — Ruskin, J. True and the beautiful in Hc 3-11115

Steps and stages

Ef 6-8323 - Schedel, H. E. Emancipation of faith Ef 10–8402 Truths for the day of life

Ef 6-325 Spurzheim, J. G. Philosophical catechism

Hall, N. A parting word

Ef 6-8331 Hc 10-11274 Harsha, J. W. Song of the redeemed Ef 7-7624 – Taylor, I.' Natural history of enthusiasm

Hecker, J. T. Questions of the soul Ef 5-8284 Ef 10-8413

Henry, M. Daily communion with God – Vaughan, R. A. Hours with the mystics

Ef 7-8350 Ed 3–7839 Holcombe, w. A. Our children in heaven - Devotional.

Ef 5-8286 Bunyan, J. Pilgrim's progress Eg 5–8481 Hopkins, M. The law of love and love as law · Coalbank, S. Devout thoughts by deep thinkers

Ef 5-8279 Eg 5–8478 Hotchkin, B. B. Upward from sin Ef 7-8346 Cumming, J. Teach us to pray Eg 5–8486 Howe, J. Redeemer's tears

Ef 3-8245 Greenwell, D. The patience of hope Eg 5-8490 Huntingdon, F. D. Christian believing and living Hare, J. C. Mission of the comforter Eg 5–8487

Eg 8-8557 Hours of devotion

Eg 5–8485 Hyacinthe, Fr. The family and the church Mountford, W. Euthanasy Eg 5–8488

Ef 7-8353 Pascal, B. Thoughts

Eg 5-8482 - Janeway, J. Heaven upon earth Ef 3-8243 Tayler, C. B. Thankfulness . Eg 5–8489 - Kelty, M. A. Reminiscences of thought and feelPractical,


Ef 6-8310 Abbott, J. The corner stone .

Ef 5-8276 - Kennedy, J. Work and conflict Ef 7-8348
The way to do good
Ef 7-14240 - Light in the grave

Ef 5-8290 Adams, T. Three divine sisters: Faith, Hope, Looking unto Jesus

Ef 7-8347 and Charity

Ef 3-8246 Magoon, E. L. Proverbs for the people - Aids to faith Ef 5-8272

Ef 6-8311 -Anspach, F. R. Sepulchres of our departed Müller, G. Life of trust'.

Ef 7-4862 Ef 5-8281 Arnoia, F. The path on earth to the gate of

Neander, A. Memorials of Christian life

Ef 5-8294 heaven

Ef 5-8299 Arnold, T. The Christian life; hopes, fears, and

- Philip, R. Young man's closet library Ef 5-8285 - Prime, S. J. The power of prayer

Ef 6-8308 close

Ef 5-8274 Proudfit, A. Doctrines and duties of Christianity
The Christian life ; course, hindrances and
Ef 6-8305 Reid, John. Sorrow

Ef 6-11313 Baxter, R. Making light of Christ Ef 3-8244 Reynolds, H. B. The Christian life Eg 8-13940

Beecher, H. W. Lecture room talks Ef 7-8334 - Spring, G. Contrast between good and bad men - Bernardus, Saint. Liber meditationum beati Ber

Ef 6-7891 nardi

Ef 7-8492 Spurgeon, C. H. Morning by morning Eg 8-16140

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Eg 8-8548





Religion, continued.

Renouard, G. C. See Lyall, W. R. - The saint and his Saviour. Ef 6-8302 Renouard, P. V. History of medicine, from its origin – Taylor, J. Saturday evening

Ef 6-8315 to the 19th century. Trans. by C. G. Comegys. – Taylor, Jeremy. Selections from his works

Cin., 1856. 8°

Ga 2-12132 Hd 13-11724 Rensselaer polytechnic institute.

Annual reports, – Tertullian, St. Apologetic and practical treatises 1865-69

Bh 6-Pam. 39 Eg 2–13704 Rent day. D. Jerrold :

Hb 9-10953 - Thompson, A. C. Seeds and sheaves f6-8306 Rent in a cloud. Charles Lever Fb 6-14406 Tweedie, W. K. Home.

Ef 5-8282 Renwick, James. The elements of mechanics. Ph.,
Lamp to the path

Ef 6-8320
1832. 89

Gb 8-9093 Ware, M. G. Thoughts in my garden Ef 7-8337 Life of Benjamin Thompson, count of Rumford. - Where is the city

Ef 5-8295
S. A. B. v. 15

Da 8-4705 Wilberforce, W. Practical view:

Ef 7-8349 - Life of David Rittenhouse. S. A. B. v.7 Miscellaneous.

Da 8-4697 - Beauties of sacred literature

Ef 8-9400

- Life of Robert Fulton. S. A. B. v. 10 Da 8-4700 - Ellet, E. F. Watching spirits Eg 5-8477 Treatise on the steam engine. N. Y., 1830. 89 – Foster, John. Lectures delivered at the Broadmead chapel, Bristol

Ef 11–13981 Reply to J. S. Mill on the subjection of women. Ph., – Fuller, A. Dialogues, letters, etc. Ef 11-13987


Ci 6-15761 - Gordon, W. R. Lectures on the history of Joseph, Report from the secretary of the treasury on the mineral

illustrating particular providence Ef 11-13864 resources of the states west of the Rocky mounParsons, T. Essays

Ef 11-13960
tains. W., 1867. 89.

Gb 11-9165 – Potter, Alonzo. Discourses, addresses, etc. Report of the adjutant general of Arkansas for the

Ef 11-13863 period of the rebellion and to Nov. 1866. W., - Scott, T. Essays on important subjects

1867. 8o.

Gb 10-9147 Ef 11–13988 Report of the executive committee of a convention of - See Amusements; Christ; Conversion ; Death; delegates from the counties within the Holland Faith ; Family ; Gospels; Heaven ; Morals; purchase. 1834

Bh 6-Pam. 30 Prayer ; Revivals ; Theology ; Truth.

Report of explorations and surveys to ascertain the Religion and chemistry. J. P. Cooke . Eb 2-7394 most practical and economical route for a railReligion of geology. E. Hitchcock Eb 5-7505 road from the Mississippi river to the Pacific Religious ceremonies and customs. W. Burder

ocean, made in 1853-4. W., 1855–60. 12 v. in Eg 3–8449

Ae 4-13531 Religious liberty. 'Bunsen, C. c. J. Dangers to reli

Contents.-Vol. I. Report of the secretary of gious liberty

Ef 5-8273

war, on the several railroad explorations; Exam– Miall, J. G. Footsteps of our forefathers

ination of the routes by Capt. A. A. Humphreys

and Lieut.G. K. War en; Memoranda on railways, Eg 3–5066

by Capt. G. B. McClellan : Report upon the cost Reliques of ancient English poetry. T. Percy

oi transporting troops and supplies, by Gen. T. Hf 8-12377

S. Jesup; Report of explorations for a route for

the Pacific railroad, near the 47th and 49th paralReliquiae Hearnianae. Thomas Hearne Hd 7-11586

lele, from Saint Paul to Puget Sound, by I. I. Remarkable providences. I. Mather Ci 9-4393

Stevens. II. Report, by Lieut. E. G. Beckwith, Remarks on a reprint of letters from Washington to

upon the route near the 38th and 39th parallels, Joseph Reed. Jared Sparks

Ba 4-87

explored by Capt. J. W. Gunnison, from the

mouth of the Kansas river to Sevier lake in the Remarks on a war with America, and its probable Great Basin; Report of E. G. Beckwith upon consequences to that country. L., 1840

the route near the 41st parallel, including geoBh 6–Pam. 6

logical report of the country explored under Reminiscences of Congress. C. W. March Da 10-4824

38th and 41st parallels, by James Schiel, and

letter from J. W. Bailey upon infusorial fossils Reminiscences of European travel. A. P. Peabody

submitted to him by Dr. Schiel, also, report on Di 3-6646

the botany of the expedition, route 41st parallel Reminiscences of a literary life. T. F. Dibden

and route near 38th and 39th parallels, by John

Torrey and Asa Gray; Synopsis of a report of
Dc 9–17453

the reconnoissance of a railroad route from Reminiscences of an old sportsman. J. P. Hainilton

Puget Sound via South Pass to the Mississippi

river, by F. W. Lander; Report, by Capt. John Ga 8-8002

Pope, upon the portion of the route near the Reminiscences of thought and feeling. M. A. Kelty 32d parallel, lying between the Rio Grande and

Ef 6-8310

Red' river, including report on botany of the Remy, Jules. " A journey to Great Salt Lake city, by

expedition, route near 32d parallel, by John

Torrey and Asa Gray, and report on the geology Jules Remy, and Julius Brenchley ; with a of the route near 32d parallel, by W. P. Blake, sketch of the history, religion, and customs of

1856; Report of Lieut. John G. Parke, upon the the mormons, and an introduction on the reli

portion of the route near the 32d parallel, lying

between the Rio Grande and Pimas village, on gious movement in the United States. L., 1861.

the Gila; Extract from report of a military re2 v. 8°

Df 4-5925

connoissance made in 1846–7, by Lient. W. H. Remy St. Remy; or, the boy in blue. Mrs. C. H. Gil- Emory, of the portion of the route near 32d

parallel, lying between the mouths of the San dersleeve

Fb 12-16619

Pedro and Gila rivers. III. Extracts from the Rena. Mrs. C. L. Hentz

Fe 2-15196

(preliminary) report of Lieut. A. W. Whipple, Renal diseases. W. Roberts

Ga 3-8728

upon the route near the 35th parallel, with an

explanatory note by A. A. Humphreys, includRenan, Ernest. The life of Jesus. Trans. by Charles

ing Part 1. Itinerary; Part II. Report on the E. Wilbour. N. Y., 1864

Eg 4-8466 topographical features and character of the St. Paul. N. Y., 1869

Ed 9-7945

country: Part III. Report upon the Indian

tribes, by A. W. Whipple, T. E. Ewbank, and - Studies of religious history and criticism. Trans. Wm. Turner; Part iv. Report on the geology by 0. B. Frothingham. N. Y., 1864. 8°

of the route, by Wm. P. Blake; Resumé of a

Eg 3–8454 geological reconnoissance extending from Na- Schaff, P., and M. N. Roussel. Romance of Re

poleon, Ark., to the Pueblo de Los Angeles, in

California, by Jules Marcou. IV. Part v.

Eg 4-8464 (Whipple's report.) Report on the botany of the Rendezvous. 'Drama. R. Ayton Hb 10-10998

expedítion; No. 1, General description of the René. R. F. A. Chateaubriand

Aa 1-12592

botanical character of the country, by J. M.

Bigelow; No. 2, Description of the forest trees, Renegado. Drama. P. Massinger Hb 7-10884

by J. M, Bigelow; No. 3, Description of the Rennel, James. Geographical system of Heroditus Cactaciae, by George Engelmann; No. 4, Deexamined and explained. L., 1830. 2 v. 8°

scriptions of the general botanical collections, hy

John Torrey; No. 5, Descriptions of the mosses
Ci 4-4276

and liverworts, by W. S. Sullivant; Part vi. - See Rich, C. J.

Zoological report, No. 1, Field notes and ex





Report of explorations, continued.

Representative men. R. W. Emerson Ha 11-10667 planations ; (For Nos. 2–5, see Vol. X.) Appen

Representative women. G. C. Baldwin Dd 1-5388 dices to report. V. Report of Lieut. R. S. Wil- Reptiles. Baird, S. F. Catalogue of, in Smithsonian liamson, upon the routes in California to con


Dk 12-7073
nect with the routes near the 35th and 32d par-
allels, including Part 1. Report; Part 11. Ge-

Reports on
n :

Ae 4-13540 ological report, by W. P. Blake; Part u. Botani.

Cuvier, Baron. Animal kingdom. v. 2 cal report, by E. Durand and T. C. Hilgard. VI.

Dk 1-6864 Report by Lieut. H. L. Abbot, upon the routes in Oregon and California, explored by parties

Figuier, L. Reptiles and birds

Dk 10–7062 under command of Lieut. R. S. Williamson,

Girard, C. Herpetology

Af 3-13549 1855, including Part 1. General report; Part 1.

E. Report on

Ae -13540
Geological report; No. 1, Report upon the geo-
logy of the route, by J. S. Newberry; No. 2,

Lee, Mrs. R. Anecdotes of

Dk 9-7041 Description of tertiary fossils, by T. A. Conrad;

Leidy, J. Cretaceous reptiles of the United States. No. 3, Report upon an analytical examination

S. C. to K. Vol. 14, Art. 6 Ae 1-13489 of waters and minerals from the hot springs in Des Chutes valley, by E. N. Horsford; No. 4,

Martin, F. Natural history

Dk 3-3873 Catalogue of the minerals and fossils; Part III.

Mitchell, S. W. Respiration in chelonia. S. C. Botanical report; No. 1, Report upon the bot

to K. Vol. 13, Art. 9

Ae 1-13488 any of the route, by J. S. Newberry; No. 2, General catalogue of plants; Part iv. Zoologi

— Swainson, W. The natural history of cal report ; No. 1, Fishes, by C. Girard; No. 2,

Dk 10–7058 Report upon the zoology of the route, by J. S. – Wood, J. G. Illustrated natural history. v. 2 Newberry; No. 3, Shells, by W. G. Binney;

Dk 4-6910 No. 4, see Vol. X. ' VII. Report of explorations from San Francisco bay to Los Angeles, Califor

Repton, Humphrey. Landscape gardening and landnia, west of the coast range, and from Pimas

scape architecture. New edition, with historivillage on the Gila to the Rio Grande, near the

cal introduction, biographical notice, notes, 32d parallel, by John G. Parke, including Part 1. General report; No. 1, From San Francisco

etc., by J. C. Loudon. L., 1840. 89 Ec 5–7686 to Los Angeles; No. 2, From Pimas village to

Republic. M. T. Cicero

Ha 1-10438
the Rio Grande; Part II. Geological report, by Republican landmarks. J. P. Sanderson Ba 5-105
Thomas Antisell; Part 111. Botanical report, by
John Torrey: Appendices : A. Remarks on

Republics of South America. Voice to America meteorology, by A. H. Campbell ; B. Report of

Ba 6–3112 C. H. Poole upon the route from San Diego to Requisitionnaire, le. Balzac

Aa 2-12556 Fort Yuma, vía San Diego river, Warner's pass and San Felipe Cañon; C. Translation of an ar

Researches, physiological and anatomical. J. Davy chive from Tucson; D. Description of maps; E.

Cf 1-15701
Table of distances, by A. H. Campbell. VIII. Resolves, divine, moral, political. o. Feltham
General report upon the zoology of the several

Hd 13-11723
Pacific railroad routes; Part 1. Mammals, by S.
F. Baird. IX. Zoological report; Part II.

Respektable Gesellschaft. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10934 Birds, by S. F. Baird, John Cassin and G. N.

Respiration. Griscom, J. H. Uses and abuses of air
Lawrence. X. Zoological report: Part 1.

Ga 5-8781
Reptiles, by S. F. Baird ; Part iv, Fishes, by C.
Girard ; Zoological portion of the report, by E.

Ward, s. H. Healthy respiration : Ga 5-8781
G. Beckwith; No. 1, Mammals, by S F. Baird ; Resources de Quinola. Balzac

Aa 2-12560 No. 2, Birds, by S. F. Baird : No. 3, Reptiles,

Resurrection de Lazare. H. Murger Aa 4-12733 by S. F. Baird; No. 4, Fishes, by C. Girard; No. 5, Insects, by J. L. Leconte; Whipple's

Retaliation. O. Goldsmith .

Hd 2-11420
zoological report; No. 2. Mammals, by C. B. R. Retour du jeune Tobie. Com. Genlis Hb 2-10798
Kennerly; No. 3, Birds, by C. B. R. Kennerly; Retour imprévu. Com. Regnard Aa 6-12940
No. 4, Reptiles, by S. F. Baird ; No. 5, Fishes,
by C. Girard ; Parke's zoological report ; No. 1,

Retribution. Drama. T. Taylor Hb 9-10961
Birds, by A. L. Heermann; No. 2, Reptiles, by Return of the Druses. Trag. R. Browning
E. Hollowell; Williamson's report ; Part iv.,

Hf 2-12185
No. 1, Reptiles, by E. Hollowell; No. 2, Birds, Retz, cardinal J. F. P. de. Memoirs, with the most
by A. L. Heermann; No. 3, Mammals, by S. F.
Baird ; No. 4, Fishes. by C. Girard, see Vol. V.;

secret transactions of the French court, and Abbot's report; Part iv. Zoological report; No.

the civil wars. Trans. from the French. Ph., 4, Reptiles, by S. F. Baird. XI., Bk. 1. Steven's

1817. 3 v. 20

De 5-5677
final report; Part 1. General report; Part II.
Botanical report; No. 1, Botany, by J. G.

Reuben Medlicott. M. W. Savage Ff 15-15430
Cooper; No. 2, Catalogue of plants, by Asa Reumont, Alfred de. Carafas of Maddaloni ; Naples
Gray: No. 3, Catalogue of plants collected in
Washington territory, by J. G. Cooper; Part

under Spanish dominion

Cg 8-3909 . Zoological report ; No. 1. Insects, by J. L.

Rev. Dr. Willoughby and his wine. Mary S. Walker
Leconte; No. 2, Mammals, by J. G. Cooper;

Fa 11-14802
No. 3, Birds, by J. G. Cooper; No. 4, Reptiles, Revelations. 'Bale, John. Image of both churches
by J. G. Cooper; No. 5, Fishes, by G. Suckley;
No. 6, Mollusca, by Wm. Cooper; No. 7, Crus-

Ee 6-8088 tacea, by J. G. Cooper; Appendices: A. Table

Barnes, A. Notes on the book of

Eg 7-8506 of heights and distances; B. Meteorological

- Cumming, John. Lectures on the book of
table; "Bk. II. Steven's final report; Part 11.
Botanical report; No. 1, Report upon the bot-

Eg 10_8608 any, by J. G. Cooper; No. 2, Catalogne of plants

- James, R. B. Concise explanation of the revelacollected east of the Rocky mountains, by Asa

tion of St. John.

Eg 10_8612
Gray; No. 3, Catalogue of plants collected in
Washington territory, by J. G. Cooper; Part

· Whiston, Wm. Essay on the revelation of St. III., No. 1, Insects, by J. L. Leconte; No. 2,


Eg 6-8603
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by G. Suckley : Chap. 3, by G. Suckley and G.
Gibbs; No. 3, Birds, Chap. 1, Land birds, by J.

his empire in 1844. By an English resident. G. Cooper; Chap. 2, Water birds, by G. Suck

L., 1845. 2 v. 80

Cf 8-11883 ley; No. 4, Reptiles, by J. G. Cooper; No. 5,

Revels at court. P. Cunningham HD 3-10807
Fishes, by. G. Buckley, Chap. 1, Salmonidae ;
Chap. 2, Fishes exclusive of salmonidae; No.

Revenge, the. Mrs. A. Opie

Fa 13-14848 6, Mollusca, by Wm. Cooper; No. 7, Crustacea,

Revenue system of the United States; reports of a by J. G. Cooper, see Vol. I. XII. Report on the

commission for a revision of, 1865-66. W., Colorado river of the west, explored in 1857-8,

1866. 8°

Bc 1-485 by Lieut. J. C. Ives; Part 1. General report; Part 11. Hydrographic report: Part wu. Geologi

Reveries of a bachelor. · D. G. Mitchell Fc 11-15030 cal report, by J. S. Newberry; Part iv. Botany,

Review, the. Drama. G. Colman Hb 9-10969 by Gray,' Torrey, Thurber, and Engelmann ; Review of the railroad freight policy, 1859 Part v. Zoology, by S. F. Baird ; Appendices.

Bh --Pam. 58 Report of the surveyor general of California from Revised statutes. Parker, A. J. "Revised statutes of Nov. 1st, 1867, to Nov. 1st, 1869. Sac., 1870

New York

Ba 10-216 Bh 5-Pam. 73 Revivals. Conant, w. C. Remarkable conversions Repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufac

Ef 7-8345 tures and fashions. R. Ackerman Gc 1-9215 - Prime, s. J. The power of prayer Ef 6-8511




V. 64


Revolution of America. Abbe Raynal Ba 3-65 Rice family. A. H. Ward

Ch 844145 Revolutionary soldiers. Far. G. Jaimson

Rich, Claudius James. Narrative of a journey to the

Hb 10–11004 site of Babylon in 1811; memoir on the ruins ; Revolutions. Chateaubriand, R. F. A. Essai sur remarks on the topography of ancient Babyles revolutions

Aa 1-12590 lon, by Major Rennell; second memoir on the - Volney, C. F. C. de. Les ruins Aa 1-12577 ruins, in reference to Major Rennell's remarks; Revolutions de l'Amérique espagnole, ou récit de with a narrative of a journey to Persepolis. l'origine, des progrès et de l'état actuel de la L., 1839. 8

Dh 4-6446 guerre entre l'Espagne et l'Amérique meridi- Rich, G. B. Chester, A. T.

Remarks at the funeral onale. Par un citoyen de l'Amérique espag- of

Bh 5-Pam. 71 nole. P., 1819. 80% Cb 2-2544 Rich and educated. H. Mann

He 4-11935 . Reybaud, Mme. Charles. Le cadet de Colobrières Rich husband. Mrs. J. H. Riddell Fc 5-14934 P., 1859

Aa 5–12781 Richard I. Coeur-de-Leon. Abbott, Jacob. History Reynolds, Beatrice. My first season FC 4-14932


Dc 7-7547 Reynolds, E. W. The Tangletown letters ; reminis- James, G. P. R. History of the life of Dc 6–5233

cences, observations, and opinions of Timothy Richard of Devises. Crusade of Ch 11-4150
Trap, esq., including a report of the great Richard II. Abbott, Jacob. History of Da 7–7549
mammoth reform convention. Buf., 1856 – Alliterative poem on the deposition of. Cam.

He 8-12034
Soc. Pub. v. 3

Ce 9-16013 – True story of the barons of the south ; or, the – Chronicle of the reign of. Cam. Soc. Pub. rationale of the American conflict. B., 1862

Ce 9–16025 ca 1-3133 Richard III. 'Halsted, C. a. As duke of Gloucester Reynolds, F. ' Life and times of.' L., 1826. 2 v. 8° and king of England

Dc 9–5314 Dd 8–5544 - Moore, Sir T. History of

Ha 10-13712 Reynolds, H. R. Notes of the Christian life ; a Polydore Vergil's history of. Cam. Soc. Pub. tion of sermons. N. Y., 1868 Eg 8–13940 29

Ce 6–3320 Reynolds, Joshua. Discourses of, illustrated by John Richard, J. l'abbé. History of 'Tonquin. PinkerBurnet. L., 1842. 4° Ae 2–13501 ton's voyages. 9

Df 1-5834 – Literary works; to which is prefixed a memoir of Richard de Swinfield. Roll of the household exthe author. By H. W. Beechy. L., 1855. 2 v. penses of. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 59 and 61 Hd 1-11444

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Ce 4-3263 globe in 1831-2-3-4. N. Y., 1835. 8°

See, also, Six old English chronicles Cf 7-3598

Dg 2-6231 – De situ Britanniae et stationum quas Romani Rhadamisthe et Zenobie. Trag. ' Crebillon

ipsi in eâ insulâ aedificaverunt. L., 1809. 8° Hb 2-10772

Ce 4-3263 Rhea, S. A. See Marsh, D. W.

Richard of Devises, and Geoffrey de Vinsauf. ChronRhees, William J. Manual of public libraries, insti- icles of the crusades; being contemporary nartutions, and societies in the United States and

ratives of the crusade of Richard Coeur de British provinces. Ph., 1859. 8. Hc 14–11406 Leon; and of the crusade of Saint Louis, by Rhesus. Trag. Euripides.

Ha 1-10457 Lord John de Joinville. L., 1848 Ch 11-4150 Rhetoric. Adams, J. Q. Lectures on Hc 11-11317 Richards, C. F. John Guilderstring's sin – Aristotle. Treatise on Ha 2-10481

Fc 5–15512, and 4-14877 - Beattie, J. Essay on

Hd 13–11745 Richards, Mrs. C. H. B. Springs of action Fc 5–14931 - Blair, H. Lectures on

Hc 9-11285 Richards, William. Gas consumer's guide; containDe Quincey, T. Essay on

Hd 2-11440 ing instructions on the management of gas; the Whately, R. Elements of

Hc 9-11294 means of economizing gas. L., 1866 Gb 5-9052 Rhetoric of conversation. G. W. Hervey

Richardson, Albert D. Beyond the Mississippi; from Hc 10–15961

the great river to the great ocean. Life and Rhind, wm. Concise view of general and physical adventure on the prairies, mountains, and Pa

geography. N. Y., Cab. A 7-15583 cific coast. Hart., 1869. 89 Df 11-15899 Rhine. Eddy, D. C. Percy family Di 4-15475 - Personal history of U. S. Grant. Hart., 1868. 8° Hand-book from Holland to Switzerland

Db 9-15898 Ck 7-4586 Secret service, the field, the dungeon and escape. - Headley, J. T.' Alps and the Rhine Di 8-6779 Hart., 1865. 89

Cd 3-3149 - Hood, Ť. Up the Rhine

Di 3-15555 Richardson, Benjamin W.' Medical history and – Ireland, W. W. Studies of a wandering observer treatment of the teeth. L., 1860. 8° Ga 3-8534

Di 2–6606 Richardson, Charles. Dictionary of the English lanRhode Island. Arnold, s. G. History of Cc 9-3078

guage. Ph., 1851. 2 v. 4° Ac 4-13017 Bartlett, J. R. Records of the colony Cc 9–3050 Richardson, James. Travels in the Great Sahara, in King, Daniel. Outlines of political history of

the year 1845-6. L., 1848. 2 v. 8° Da 11-4843

Dg 9-6356 Rhode Island historical society. Collections. v. 2, Richardson, John. Arctic searching expedition, a

3, and 4. Prov., 1835. 3 v. Cc 10-3079 journal of a boat voyage through Rupert's Rhodes, T. B. Bombastes Furioso Hb 10-10994 land and the Arctic sea, in search of the disRhone. Hand-book of the

Ck 7-4572 covery ships under the command of Sir John Rhyme and reason of country life. s. F. Cooper


Df 3-5906 He 12-12102 — et al. Last of the Arctic voyages, being a narraRibault, John. Sparks Jared. Life of. S. A. B. v. tive of the expedition in H. M. S. Assistance, 17

Da 8-4707 under the command of Captain Sir Edward Ribbans, F. B. An essay on perspective, with notes Belcher, in search of Sir John Franklin, during illustrative of the subject. L., 1843. 8°

the years 1852–3-4

Df 3-5894 Hc 4-16184 Richardson, S. History of Clarissa Harlowe Ricardo, David. Works; with a notice of the lite

FC 4-14908 and writings of the author, by J. R. McCul- - History of Sir Charles Grandison. 7 v. loch. L., 1846. 8° Ba 2-44

Fc 4-14904 Rice, C. Three guardsmen. Drama : Hb 9-10960 Richardus tirtius. "T. Legge

Hb 3-10821


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