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Puffer Hopkins. C. Mathews

He 2–11900 Putnam, Israel. Cutter, Wm. Life of Db 9-5051 Pugin, A. N. Paris and its environs, displayed in a Peabody, 0. W. B. Life of. S. A. B. v. 7 series of 200 views from original drawings,

Da 8 4697 with topographical and historical descriptions Putnam, James 0. Birthday of Washington, oration L., 1831. 2 v. 4°

Hc 411155
at Paris, 1866

Bh 5-Pam. 68 Pugin, Augustus Welby Fioriated ornament; a se Putnam, Mrs. M. L. Record of an obscure man ries of 31 designs. L., 1849. 4• Cab. 0 2-15614

Fb 13–14503 Pulaski, count. Sparks, J. Life of. S. A. B. v. 14 Tragady of errors. 'B., 1862 ·

Hb 11-11024 Da 8-4704 Putman, the iron son of '76. Drama. N. H. BanPulpit, curiosities of thė. T. Jackson Ef 8-8370


Hb 9-10971 Pulpit and the pew; being the history of the struggle Pycroft, J. The cricket field ; or, the history and the for justice between the two. N. Y., 1858

science of the game of cricket. L., 1854 Ef 8-8333

Gb 11-16199 Pulpit eloquence. “Fish, H. C. History and reposi- Pye, Henry J. Comments on the commentators of

Eg 8–8539 Shakespeare, with preliminary observations on Pulpit germs. W. w. Wythe

Ef 8-8373 his genius and writings, and on the labors of Pulpit ministrations. G. Spring Eg 8–8541 those who have endeavored to elucidate them. Pulpit pungencies. H. W. Beecher EŤ 8-8373

L., 1807. 8°

Hb 5-10605 Pulszky, Theresa, and Francis. White, red, black. Pye, John. Patronage of British art; an historical

Sketches of American society in the United sketch, comprising an account of the rise and States during the visit of their guests. N. Y., progress of art and artists in London from the 1853. 2 v.

Df 7-6027 beginning of the reign of George II. L., 1845. Pumpelly, Raphael . Across America and Asia ; notes 8o.

Hc 3-11106 of a five years' journey around the world, and Pye, Thomas. Canadian scenery; district of Gaspé. residence in Arizona, Japan, and China. N. Beautifully illustrated with tinted lithographs. Y., 1870. 8° Dh 2-6404 Montreal, 1866. 4

Cab. C 8-15613 - Geological researches in China, Mongolia, and Pym, J. Smith, G. Three English statesmen Japan. S. C. to K. Vol. 15, Art. 4

CF 8-5271 Ae 1-13490 Pyramids. Greaves, J. Pyramidography Ca 10-2490 Punch ; or, the London charivari. v. 2, 26, and 33.

Lanoye, F. de. Remeses the Great Ca 10-6387 L., 1842–69.

Bi 12-2100 Smyth, C. P. Antiquity of intellectual man Punch's letter to his son. D. Jerrold. He 8-12047

Ca 10–16136 Punchard, George. History of congregationalism

Our inheritance in the great pyramid from about A. D., 250, to the present time. N.

Ca 10-2489 Y., 1865. 3 v.

Ed 11-7964 - Vyse, H. Operations in 1837 : Ca 10-2478 Punishment. See Corporal punishment.

Wilkinson, Sir J. Gardner. Description of the Punjab. Browne, J. Č. Punjab and Delhi in 1857

Ck 7-4589 Cf 12-3722 Pyramids of Gizel. J. E. Perring Cab. B 3-15624 – Edwardes, H. B. A year in the Punjab in 1848–9 Pyrenees

. Hand-book of

Ck 7-4572 Cf 10–3683 Pyrotechnist's companion. G. W. Mortimer Pupils of St. John. c. M. Yonge Ed 8-7930

Gb 48946 Pure gold. W. Marston

Hb 9-10972 Pyrrho, Maccoll N. The Greek sceptics Ed 12–16463 Puritan commonwealth. p. Oliver Cc 9-2925 Pyrrhus. Trag. Crebillon.

Hb 2-10773 See Massachusetts.

Pythagoras. Golden verses. Trans. from the Greek Puritanism. Arnold, M. Puritanism and the church by Mr. Rowe. L., 1707

Da 3-4642 of England. Ed 9-14673 Dacier, M. Life of .

Da 3-4642 Puritans. Coleman, T. English confessors after the reformation

Ee 10-8148 Quadroon. M. Reid - Hall, E. Puritans and their principles Quadrupeds. Audubon, J. J. Viviporous quadruEd 10–7973 peds of North America

Dk 5-6947 - Hopkins, 's. Puritans during the reign of Ed- Plates .

.Cab. B 1-15621 ward VI., and Elizabeth

Ce 2-3226 Gardens and menagerie of the zoological society – Martyn, W. c. History of English puritans


Dk 4–15907 Ed 11-7959 Pennant, T. History of

Dk 5-6925 – Neal, D. 'History of the puritans Ce 4-3276 Reid, Mayne. What they are and where found Stoughton, John. Spiritual heroes Dd 1-5401

Dk 5-15479 Pursh, Frederick. Flora Americanae septentrional- - See Mammalia; Zoölogy; and the names of speis; or, a systematic arrangement and descrip

tion the plants of North America. L., 1814. Quaker. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10934 2 v. 8°

Ec 4-7665 Quaker, and the young man of the world. Mrs. A. Pusey, E. B. The doctrine of the real presence, as Opie

Fa 13-14849 contained in the Fathers from the death of Quaker partizans; a story of the revolution. By the Saint John the evangelist to the fourth general author of “ The Scout" · Fd 12–16767 council, vindicated, in notes on a sermon, “ The Quakers. See Friends. presence of Christ in the holy eucharist,” Quarantines. Proceedings of the quarantine and preached A. D. 1853. L., 1855, 8°

sanitary convention, 1859. Gb 1-8836

Ef 10–11245 Quarles, F. Enchiridion; containing institutions diAn Eirenicon, in a letter to the author of “The vine and moral. L., 1856 . Hf 6-12332 Christian year.” N. Y., 1866 Ee 5–8061 Quarterly review. L., 1809–69. 104 v. 8°

Gf 5-9704 Put yourself in his place. C. Reade

Quash. G. Brookes

Hb 10-11005 Fc 6–7643 Quatrefages, A. de. Rambles of a naturalist on the Putnam, ' Mrs. E. Receipt book and young house- coasts of France, Spain, and Sicily. Trans. by keeper's assistant. N. Y., 1868 Gb 6-9069

E. C. Otté. L., 1857. 2 v.

Dk 2-6879 Putnam, G. P. Book-buyers' manual. N.Y., n. d. 8° Quatremère de Quincy. History of the life and

Bi 2-2161

works of Raffaello. L., 1846 Hc 1-11061 – The world's progress; a dictionary of dates ; à Quebec. Ursuline de Québec

Ch 1-3964 chronological record of all essential facts in the Queechy. Susan Warren

Fa 14-14440 progress of society, from the creation to the in- Queen Berengarias' courtesy. E. S. Wortley auguration of Lincoln. N. Y., 1863

Hř 6-12299 Ac 5-13101 Queen Hortense. Muhlbach

Fd 5-9519

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Queen Hynde. James Hogg

Hf 14-16629 Quincy, Josiah. History of Boston athenaeum, with Queen Mab. J. Kavanagh.

Fc 13-15084 biographical notices of its deceased founders. Queen-mother and Rosamond. A. c. Swinburne

Cam., 1851. 80

Cc 6–16105 Hf 5–12344 History of Harvard university. B., 1860. 2 v. 80 Queen of the Adriatic . W. H. D. Adams Cg 8-11875

Hc 12-11327 Queen of the air. John Ruskin

Hc 2-11072 Memoir of the life of John Quincy Adams. B., Queen of Corinth. Beaumont and Fletcher

1858. 8°

Da 7-4736 Hb 7-10883 - Magoon, E. L. Orators of the revolution Db 3-4902 Queens. 'Holi, E. S. Nemoirs of royal ladies

Quinet, E. Roman church and modern society. Trans

Dd 6–5499 by C. E. Lester. N. Y., 1845 Ee 2-8035 Hall, Mrs. 'm. 'Queens before the conquest Quint, A. H. Potomac and the Rapidan; army notes

Dd 6-5501 from the failure at Winchester, to the rečnforce. Queen's English. H. Alford

Ha 13-10723

ment of Rosecrans, 1861-3. B., 1864 Cd 1-3119 Queen's Maries. G. J. W. Melville

Fc 7-14950 Quinte bay. Walbridge, T. C. Notes on some mounds Queen's necklace. A. Dumas


. Bh 5-Pam. 71 Fd 11-15218, and 16–16457 Quirini. Kerr, R.' Voyage and shipwreck in 1431 Queens of American society. E. F. Ellet Db 3-4756

Df 2-5845 Queens of England. Doran, J. Lives of the queens Quintilian, M. F. Institutes of oratory; or, education

of England of the house of Hanover Dd 7–5587 of an orator. Trans. by J. S. Watson. L., 1856. Strickland, A. Lives of . Dd 7-10907

Ha 1-10443 Same

Dd 7-5569 Quintus Curtius Rufus. History of Alexander the Same

Dd 7-5575 Great. Trans. by Peter Pratt. L., 1821. 2 v. 8° Queens of France.' Bush, Mrs. F. Memoirs of the

Da 3-4635 De 6-5734 Quitman, J. A. Claiborne, J. F. A. 'Life and corQueens of Scotland. Strickland, A. Lives of


Db 9-5191 Dc 11-5368 Quits. Baroness I. Tautphoeus Fe 12-15381 Queens of song. Ė. c. Clayton Dd 1-5387 Quoits. Daryl, S. Quoits and bowls Gb 12–13644 Quekett, J. Lectures on histology; elementary tis. Quotations. Bartlett, John. Famillar quotations sues of plants and animals. L., 1852. 8°

He 12-13795 Ea 10–15960 Dictionary of Shakespearian Ac 5-13095 - A practical treatise on the use of the microscope, Hale, S. J. Complete dictionary Ae 5–13094

including the different methods of preparing Macdonnell, D. E. Dictionary of quotations in and examining animal, vegetable, and mineral most frequent use

Ac 5-13096 structures. L., 1852. 8° Ea 10–7418 New dictionary of classical

Ac 5-13098 Quentin Durward. W. Scott

Aa 8-13056 Riley, H. T. Dictionary of Latin . Ac 5-13111 Questions of the soul. J. T. Hecker Ef 5-8284 - Weld, H. H. Dictionary of sacred quotations Quevedo Villegas, D. F. de. Obras. Madrid, 1772.

Ac 5-13097 6 v. 4°

Aa 3–12670 Contents.-Vol. I. El Sueño de las Calaveras; Rabbi Joseph Ben Joshua Ben Meir, the Sphardi. El Alguacil alguacilado; Las Zaburdas de Plu.

Chronicles. Trans. by C. H. F. Bialloblotzky. ton; El Mundo por dedentro; Historia, y vida del gran Tacaño, Visita de los Chistes ; Cartas

L., 1836. 2 v. 8°

Ca 11-2498 del Caballero de la Tenaza; Libro de todas las

Rabbits.' Bement, C. Ñ. The rabbit fancier cosas, y otras muchas mas; La Calta Latinipar

Ec 11-7800 la ; El Entremetido, la Dueña, y el Soplon ; Cu

Rabelais, Francis. Works. Trans. from the French ento de Cuentos; Casa de los Locos de Amor; Pragmatica del Tiempo; Carta de las Calida

by Thomas Urquhart and Motteux. L., 1863. des de un Casamiento; Carta del autor, en que

2 v.

Ha 12-10697 dá cuenta de lo que le sucedió en el viage que Race for riches. W. Arnot:

Ef 5-8289 el Rey N. S. hizo al Andalucia; Historia, y Vida de Marco Bruto; El Rómulo, traduccion del que

Race for wealth. Mrs. J. H. Riddell Fc 5-14917 escribió el Marques Virgilio Malvezzi; Carta á Races. Campbell, John. Negromania Ch 9-4159 Luis XIII. Rey de Francia; Tira-la-piedra, y

- Darwin, C. Preservation of favored races Esconde-la-mano; Vida del Bienaventurado

Dk 1-6874 Fray Thomas de Villanueva; Memorial por el Patronato de Santiago. II. La Cnna, y la Sep

- Gobineau, count A. de.' Diversity of the altura; Doctrina para morir; De los remedios

Ch 9-4149 de qualquier fortuna; Introduccion á la Vida - Helper, H. R. 'White races to supplant the black Devota : Virtud Militante contra las quatro Pestes del mundo; Carta del autor declarando

Ch 9-4170 como puede ser loable, 6 reprehensible el temor — Knox, R. ' Races of men

Ch 9-4171 de la muerte; Afecto fervoroso del alma agonizante, con las siete palabras que dixo Christo

Latham, R. G. Native races of the Russian emen la cruz; La Fortnna con seso: Epicteto, y

Ch 9-4173 Focilides en Español con consonantes; Razon

Nott and Gliddon. Indiginous races of the earth de la Traduccion; Prevencion á la pluralidad

Ae 2–13500 de los Dioses; Vida de Epicteto; Vida y tiempo de Focilides Nombre, origen, intento, reco

Pickering, c. Races of man :

Ch 9_4172 mendacion, y descendencia de la Doctrina Er.

Smyth, T. Unity of the human races Ch 944162 toica; Defensa de Epicuro. III. Politica de

Rachel and the new world. L. Beauvallet Hb 7-10895 Dios, y Gobierno

de Christo. IV.-V. Poesias. VI. Vida de D. Francisco de Quevedo y Ville

Rachel Gray. Julia Kavanagh

Fc 13-15083 gas; Providencia de Dios ; Inmortalidad del Rachel Ray. A. Trollope .

Fe 7-15356 Alma. Tratado 1. ; La incomprehensible din

Racine, Jean. Oeuvres, avec des commentaires, par posicion de Dios en las felicidades y sucesos prosperos y adversos, que los del mundo llaman

M. Luneau de Boisjermain. Seconde édition. bienes de fortuna. Tratado 11.; La constancia

P., 1796. An 4 éme, 7 v. 8° Hb 2-10775 y Paciencia del Santo Job en sus pérdidas, enfermedades y persecuciones. Tratado III.

Contents.-Vol. I. Preface générale; Vie de

Jean Racine; Vers composés par Boileau, pour Quiet family. W. Suter

Hb 10-11002

étre mis au bas du portrait de Jean Racine; Quiet nook in the Jura. G. Ruffini

Fc 5-14915

Epitaphe de Jean Racine: Discours prelimin

aire; Theatre de Jean Racine : La Thébaide, ou Quin, M. J. A steam voyage down the Danube, les Fréres ennemis; Alexandre le grand. II.

with sketches of Hungary, Wallachia, Servia, Andromaque; Britannicus. III. Bérénice; BaTurkey. N. Y., 1836.

Di 10-6815

jazet; Mithridate. IV. Iphigénie; Phèdre. V.

Esther; Athalie; La nymphe de la Seine; La Quinby, M.° Mysteries of bee-keeping explained; renommée aux muses; Idylle sur la paix; Epibeing a complete analysis of the whole sub

grammes; Hymnes traduites du 'Breviaire ject. N. Y., 1865

Dk 8–7089 romain; Cantiques spirituels; Reflexions pienQuincy, Edmund." Life of Josial Quincy, of Massa- ses sur quelques passages de l'écriture sainte;

Chanson contre l'Aspar de Fontenelle; Le banchusetts. B., 1868

Db 7-4990

quet de Platon.


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Racine, Jean, continued.

Railroads, continued. Théatre complet, edition variorum, annoté d'ap- lations and deductions from the reports of the

pres Racine fils, Madame Sévigné, Le Batteux, railroad corporations for the year ending Sept. Voltaire, La Harpe, Napoléon, Schlegel, Roger, 30, 1863. Alb., 1864. 8°

Ga 12-8958 Geoffroy, Patin, Saint-Beuve, Saint-Marc Gi- - Richmond, V. R. ' Report on railroads of New rardin, Nisard, etc. P., 1861 Hb 2-10792

York, 1867.

. Ga 12-8948 Contents.-La Thébäide ou les Freres enne

- Pacific R. R. mis; Alexandre le grand; Andromaque; Le

· Memorial for a private charter asked by Dr. H. Plaideurs; Britannicus; Bérénice: Bajaset; Mithridate; Iphegenie en Aulide; Phédre: Es

Carver, and his associates, to build a railroad ther: Athalie; Plan du premier acte d'Iphi.

from the Mississippi or Missouri rivers, or from génie en Tauride.

lake Michigan, to the Pacific ocean Radau, Rodolph. Wonders of acoustics; or, the phe

. Bh 6-Pam. 4 'nomena of sound. Trans. by Robert Ball. N. – Memorial of W. Bayard and company to the senY., 1870

Ea 5-16542 ate and house of representatives of the United Radiata. Verrill, A. E. Radiata in museum of Yale States, praying for a charter for a railroad from

. Bh 5-Pam. 69 Raffaelle the reprobate. Drama. T. E. Wilks

the Mississippi to California, 1849 Bh 6-Pam. 4

- Palmer, W.J. Report on Kansas Pacific road, Hb 9-10969 1867-8

Ga 12-8957 Raffaello Sanzio d'Urbino. Facsimiles of original stud- Raising the wind. Far. J. Kenney : Hb 10-10994 ies, etched by Joseph Fisher. L., 1865. 4° Raius, Joannes. Catalogus plantarum Angliae et

Hc 411145 insularum adjacientium, tum indigenas, tum Quatremére de Quincy. Life of Hc 1-11061 in agris passim cultas complectens. In quo Raffles, Thomas. Letters during a tour through some praeter synonyma necessaria facultates quoque

parts of France, Savoy, Switzerland, Germany, summatim traduntur, unà cum observationibus
and the Netherlands, in the summer of 1817. et experimentis novis medicis et physicis. L.,
N. Y., 1818.

Di 3-6642

Ec 3-7633 - Memoirs of the life and ministry of the late

Rev. Rale, Sebastian. Francis, c. Life. S. A. B. v. 17 Thomas Spencer, of Liverpool. B., 1814

Da 8-4707 De 7-5273 Raleigh, Sir W. Discovery of the empire of Guiana, Raffles, T. s. ' The history of Java. Second edition. 1595-6. Hakluyt society. v. 3 Ib 1-16736 L., 1830. 2 v. 80

Cf 12-3720 · Engagement near the Azores, 1591. Pinkerton's Antiquarian, architectural, and landscape illus- voyages. 1

Df 1-5826 trations of the history of Java. L., 1844. 4° · History of the world in five books; whereunto is

Cf 12-3721 added the life and tryal of the author. L, Memoir of life and public services, with selections 1687. fo

Ca 1-2174 from his correspondence. L., 1835. 2 v. 8° Belknap, J. Historical account of

Db 3-4894 Dc 5-5226 Drake, E. C. Voyages

Cb 1-2432 Memoir of, Nai. Lib.

Dk 6–6969 Kingsley, C. Sir W. Raleigh and his times Rafn, Charles C. Memoir sur le découverte de l'

Dc 7-5283
Amerique au dxième siècle. Copenhagen, – Thompson, Mrs. A.T. Memoirs of the life of
1813. 8°
Ci 2-4242

Dd 9-5594 Rag-bag N. P. Willis .

He 1-11770
- Tytler, P. F. Life:

Dc 2-17602 Rag-picker of Paris. Drama. E. Stirling Hb 9–10958 Ralph Roister Doister. Udall

Hb 3-10334 Ragged Dick. H. Alger, jr. .

Fd 6–15454 Ranbler, the. S. Johnson Hd 7-11564, and 11-11696 Ragged London. J. Hollingshead Ce 3-3239 With preface by A. Chalmers. B., 1865. 3 v. Raikes, Thomas. Portion of journal kept by T. Raikes,

Hd 12-11672 esq., from 1831 to 1817; reminiscences of social Rambler in Mexico. C. J. Latrobe

Dr 9-6083 and political life in London and Paris. L., Rambles among words. W. Swinton . Ha 13-10722 18.58. 2 v.

Ee +3270 Rambles and recollections of an Indian official. W. Railroad and the church yari. B. Björnson

H. Slecman

Dh 5-6468 Fd 6-16577 Rambles and scrambles in North and South America. Railroad freight. Cobb, C. Remarks on Bh 5-Pam. 42 E. Sullivan.

Df 8-6067 Review of the railroad freight policy, 1859 Rambles of a naturalist. J. D. Godman Dk 3-6889

. Bh 5-Pam. 58 Rambles of a naturalist. A. de Quatretages Dk 2–6879 Railroail freight policy of the state of New York Rambles through Rome. C. de Chatelaine Di 7-6736 Buf., 1859

Bh 5-Pam. 12 Rameses the Great. F. de Lanoye Ca 10-6387 Railroads. General.

Ramond, L. Journey to the summit of Mont Perdu. Brees, S. C. Science pratique des chemins de fer Pinkerton's voyages. 4

Df 1-5829 Gb 2–8856 Ramsay, David. History of the American revolution. Day, James. Practical treatise Ga 12–8971 Trenton, 1811. 2 v. 8°

Cb 7-2679 Lecount, P. Practical treatise Ga 12–8973 History of South Carolina, from 1670 to 1808. Poor, H. V. Railroads in the United States, 1869– Charleston, 1809. 2 v. 8

Cb 12–2823 Ga 12–13632 Life of G. Washington. Fourth edition. Bal., Shippers' guide

Ck 44533

Db 7-4966 Tredgold, T. Practical treatise Ga 12-8963 Same. Second edition. B., 1811 : Db 7-4967 Williams, F. S. Our iron roads Ga 12-8960 Ramsay, E. B. Reminiscences of Scottish life and Wood, N. Practical treatise . Ga 12–8947


Ce 10-3408 - Michigan.

Ramsay, Wm. Manual of Roman antiquities

. L. Report of the directors of the Michigan central 1853

Ca 9-2414 railroad company to the stockholders; with Ramsden, Jessc. Howe, H. Life Da 10-4807 the reports of the treasurer and superintendent Ramsey, J. G. M. Annals of Tennessee to the end for 1851. B., 1851. 89

Ga 12-8964 of the 18th century. Charleston, 1853. 80 New York.

Cb 12-2814 · Adams, C. F. jr. Chapter on Erie Fa 12-8975 Rand, Edward s., jr. 'Bulbs; à treatise on hardy - Annual report of the railroad commissioners of and tender bulbs and tubers. B., 1866

the state of New York, and of the reports of the railroad corporations made to the board for – Flowers for the parlor and garden. B., 1868

the year 1855. Alb., 1856. 2v. 8° Ga 12–8951 - Annual report of the state engineer and surveyor Rand, L. P. History of the Davenport boys. Osof the state of New York, and of the tabula

wego, 1859.

Bh 6-Pam. 56


Ec 2-7640

Ec 8–7723

[blocks in formation]

2 v.

Randall, D. A. The handwriting of God in Egypt, | Raumer, Frederick von. America, and the Ameri

Sinai, and the holy land; the records of a jour- can people. Trans. from the German by W. ney from the great valley of the west to the W. Turner. N. Y., 1846. 8° Cb 3-2586 sacred places of the east. Ph., 1862. 89

Contributions to modern history from the British

Dg 4-6254 museum and the state paper office. Frederick Randall, G. M. See Pitts street chapel lectures.

II. and his times. L., 1837. 89 De 9-5773 Randall, H. S. Life of Thomas Jefferson. N. Y., · England in 1841; a series of letters written to 1858. 3v. 8

Da 5–4679 friends in Germany during a residence in Lon- Sheep husbandry; with an account of the differ- don. Trans. by H. E. Lloyd. L., 1842. 2 v. ent breeds, and general directions to summer

Ce 4-3264 and winter management, breeding, and treat

– History of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, ment of diseases. N. Y., 1860. 8° Dk 5–6927 illustrated by original documents. L., 1835. Randall, S. S. History of the state of New York.

Ca 10–16186 N. Y., 1870.

Cc 4-13668 Rauner, Karl von. Contributions to the history and Randolph John. Letters of John Randolph to a improvement of the German universities. N. young relative; embracing a series of

Y., 1859. 89

Hc 11-16526 from early youth to mature manhood. Ph., Ravenscliffe. A. Marsh

Fc 12–15062 1834. 8°

Da 11-4430 Ravenscroft, E. Anatomist. Far. Hb 1-10737 Garland, H. A. Lite of : Da 11-4849 Ravenshoe. H. Kingsley

Fc 14-15100 Magoon, E. L. Orators of the revolution Rawdon, Marmaduke. Life of. Cam. Soc. Pub. v.

Db 3-4902

Ce 9–16046 – Melbourn, J. Sketch of the life of Db 6–5060 Rawle, W. View of the constitution of the United Random recollections of the house of lords._J. Grant States of America. Ph., 1829. 8° Ba 4-86

Dd 2-5428 Rawlings, Thomas. Confederation of the British Rangers and regulators of the Tanaha. A. W. Ar- North American provinces, their past history rington

Fd 3-15189 and future prospects, including British ColumRanke, Leopold. Civil wars and monarchy in France, bia and Hudson's bay territory; with a map,

in the 16th and 17th centuries; a history of and suggestions in reference to a true route France principally during that period. Trans. from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean. L., by M. A. Garvey. L., 1852. 2 v. 8° Cg 4–3810 1865. 80

Ch 4-4045 Same. N. Y., 1853 .

Cg 4-3820 Ray, John. Correspondence of; consisting of selec- History of the popes, their church and state in the tions from the philosophical letters published

16th and 17th centuries. Trans. by W. K. Kelly. by Dr. Derham, and original letters of John Ph., 1844. 89

Ee 1-8015 Ray in the collection of the British museum. History of the reformation in Germany. Second

Edited by Edwin Lankester. L., 1848. 8° edition. Trans. by Sarah Austin. L., 1845.

Ec 4-7664 3 v. 8° Ee 9-8122 Itineraries. L., 1846. go

Dc 8–5307 – The history of Servia and the Servian revolution. Memoir of. Nat. Lib.

Dk 6-6987 With a sketch of the insurrection in Bosnia. Cuvier, and A. D. Thomas. Notices of Dc 8-5307 Trans. from the German by Mrs. A. Kerr. To Derham, Wm. Life of

Dc 8–3307 which is added, the slave provinces of Turkey, Macgillivray, W. Life

Dc 2–17630 chiefly from the French of Cyprien Robert. L., Smith, Sir J. E. Life of

Dc 8–5307 1853

Cf 8–3632 See Raius, J. Rankine, W.J. M. A manual of machinery and mill Ray, J. Hand-book of proverbs ; with complete alphawork. L., 1869.

Gb 4-17644 betical index, with additions by H. G. Bohn. Ranking, John. Historical researches on the conquest L., 1860

Ac 5-13108 of Peru, Mexico, Bogota, Natchez, and Talo- Raymond, Daniel. Elements of political economy. mew, in the 13th century, by the Mongols. L., Bal., 1823. 2 v. 8°

Ba 7-421 1827. 8°

Ch 5-4084 Raymond, H. J. History of the administration of Ranyard, L. N. The book and its story; a narrative president Lincoln; with a preliminary sketch for the young, with introduction by T. Phillips. of his life. N.-Y., 1864

Cb 6–4853 Ph., 1854

Ee 7-8099 – The life and public services of Abraham Lincoln. Stones crying out, and rock witnesses to the nar- N. Y., 1865. 8°

Db 5-11841 ratives of the bible concerning the times of the Raymond, R. J. Mr. and Mrs. White. F's

M. D. Jews. Evidence of the last ten years. L., 1865

Hb 10-11002 Ca 11-2511 Raymond, Rossiter w. Mineral resources of the Rape of Helen. Coluthus

Ha 4-10420

states and territories west of the Rocky mounRape upon rape. Drama. H. Fielding Hd 13–11727 tains. W., 1869. 8o.

Eb 6–7512 Rapelje, George. A narrative of excursions, voyages, - The mines of the west ; a report to the secretary

and travels, performed at different periods in of the treasury. N. Y., 1869. 80 Gb 11-9169 America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. N. Y., Raymond and Agnes. M. G. Lewis Hb 9–10973 1831. 80

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Ba 3-65 well ecclesiastical as civil; done into English Rayner, B. F. Dumb boy of Manchester. Drama from the French, with notes by N. Tindal. L.,

Hb 9-10973 1722. 2 v. fo Ca 1-2172 Rayner. Trag. j Baillie

Hb 7-10885 Rasselas. S. Johnson. Ha 4–11478, and Fb 11-14637 Reach, A. B. Claret and olives, from the Garonne to Ratcliffe, Anne. Romance of the forest Fc 4-14933 the Rhone; or, notes, social, picturesque and Rational recreations. W. Hooper Gb 11-9178 legendary, by the way. N.Y., 1852 DI 6–6717 Rationalism. Hurst, John F. History of

- Jenny Lind at last. F's M. D. v. 24 Hb 10-11000

Eg 10–8621 | Read, c. R. What I saw, heard, and did in the A us– Lecky, w. E. H. History of, in Europe

tralian gold fields. L., 1853. 8° Dh 9-6544

Eg 10–8622 Read, David. Nathan Read; his invention of the Rats. Buckland, F. t. 'Curiosities of natural history multi-tubular boiler and portable high pressure Dk 2-6877 engine, etc. N. Y., 1870

Ga 9-8844 Rattlesnake. Mitchell, S. W. Venom of the Ga 2-8689 Read, J. M. ' Historical inquiry concerning Henry Rau, H. Mozart; a biographical romance Fc 4-14896 Hudson, his friends, relations, and early lite, Raub, Albert N. Plain educational talks with teach- his connection with the Muscovy company, and

ers and parents. Ph., 1869 Hc 12-11352 discovery of Delaware bay. Alb., 1866.8° Rauber, die. Schiller Aa 1-12587

Cb 3-2594

V. 30

[blocks in formation]



Read, T. B. The onward agen an anniversary poem Reciprocity. Brooks of New York. Speech on, 1850 recited before the young men's mercantile

Bh 6-Pam. 4 library association of Cincinnati, 1852

Recollections of O'Flannigan and the fairies. F's M
Bh 6-Pam. 27
D. v. 11

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Fc 6–14964 dence; by a German nobleman. Trans, by Clouds and sunshine

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Dd 1-5408 Griffith Gaunt

Fc 6–14963 Recollections of a southern matron. C. Gilman Hard cash Fc 6-14962

Fb 15–14425 It is never too late to mend

Fc 6–14955 Recollections of a zouave before Sebastopol. Edited Love me little love me long

Fc 6-14959 by Felix Maynard. Trans. by Mrs. M. H. Peg Woffington

Fc 6-14960
Robinson. Ph., 1856 .

Di 10–6817 Put yourself in his place

Fc 6–7643 Recommended to mercy. A novel, by the author of White lies

Fc 6-14958
“Taken upon trust”

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Fb 13-14503 rica. N. Y., 1864. 8°

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He 4-11949 and recitations

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Gb 11-9178 Hc 2-11073 - See Amusements. Readings. Charles Dickens :

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Fd 13-13938 scripture readings and a hand-book for biblical Red as a rose is she. By the author of "Cometh up students; by the author of the gardener's and as a flower"

Fd 13-11993 farmer's reason why. L., 1859. Ee 7–13722 Red court farm. Mrs. H. Wood : Fa 12–14819 A careful collection of many hundreds of reasons Red cross.

W.T. Adams

Fd 3–14258 for things which, though generally believed, Red dragon. A. Gavin

Ee 2-8036 are imperfectly understood. L., 1869

Red Jacket. Stone, W. L. Life of Db 8-4954

Ea 4-13724 Red mask. Drama. J. Brougham Hb 9-10961 Denominational reason why, giving the origin, Red river. (British America.) Coffin, C.C. Seat of history, and tenets of the Christian sects. L.,


Df 10–15767 1866

Ed 11-13725 Hind, 'H. Y. Canadian Red river exploring ex– Domestic science, affording intelligible reasons pedition, 1857

Df 8-6053 for the various duties which a housewife has Red river. (Louisiana.) Marcy, R. B, and G. B. to perform, by the author of the biblical rea- McClellan. Explorations, 1852. Dr &5818 son why. L., 1869 Gb 7-13723 | Red rover. J. F. Cooper

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Ec 6–7795
L., 1851

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operation in the redemption of man Ef 8–1598 Reasons why the votes of the state of New York Redfield, J. H. Genealogical history of the Redfield

ought to be given to Henry Clay for president family in the United States. Alb., 1860.8 of the United States, 1824 Bh 6–Pam. 3

Ch 844144 Reaumur, René Antoine Ferchauli de. Macgillivray. Redfield, James W. Comparative physiognomy; or, Life

Dc 2–17630 resemblances between man and animals. W.Y., Rebecca. Baldwin, G. C. Representative women

1852. 8°

Ga 4-8701 Dd 1-5388 Red gauntlet.

Sir W. Scott

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Ff 5–15503 Redgrave, R. and S. Century of painters of the EnRebecca and Rowena. W. M. Thackeray

glish school; with critical notices of their works,

Fe 9-15323 and an account of the progress of art in EnRebellion. See United States civil war.

and. 1866. 2 v. 8°. Hc 411139 Rebellion record. Frank Moore . Cd 4–3161 Redpath, James. Guide to Hayti. B., 1861 Ch 7-4174 Recamier, Mme. Lenormant, Mme. Memoirs and Public life of John Brown. B., 1860 Db 9-5033 correspondence

De 2–5628 Reed, A. Martha ; a memorial of an only and beloved Receipt books. Hale, s. J. Receipts for the million sister. N. Y., 1835

De 7-5277 Gb 6-9067 Reed, Andrew, jr., and C. Reed. "Memoirs of the life - Putnam, Mrs. E. Receipt book and young house

and philanthropic labors of Andrew Reed, D); keeper's guide

Gb 6–9069 D.; with selections from his journal. Second Recherche de l'absolu. Balzac Aa 2–12555 edition. L., 1863. 8°

Dd 3–5495


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