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Beattie, James, continued.

Beaumont, F. and J. Fletcher, continued.
Moral philosophy. First part: Of ethics. Sec-
ond part: Economics. Third part: Politics.

venge; Thierry and Theodoret; The woman
IX. Moral science, concluded. Part III. Moral

hater; The nice valour; or, the passionate madphilosophy. Third part: Politics, concluded.

man: The honest man's fortune; Four plays, or Fourth part: Logick. Chap. 1. Rhetoric.

moral representations, in one, --The triumph of

honor; The triumph of love; The triumph of
Chap. II. Remarks on evidence. X. The min-

death; The triumph of time ;-The faithful
strel; or, the progress of genius; Poems on
several occasions; Miscellanies, by James

friends; The two noble kinsmen; The maid
Hay Beattie, with an account of his life and

in the mill; Love's pilgrimage; The lovers' character, by James Beattie; Essays and frag

progress; The night-walker; or, the little thief; ments in prose and verse.

The masque of the inner temple and Gray's inn;

Gray's inn and the inner temple; Recommend Works. British poets

Hf 1-12292

atory poems; Beaumont's poems; Glossary. Forbes, Wm. Life and writings

Dc 10–5345 Beattie, W. Life and letters of Thomas Campbell.

Campbell, T., et al. Lives of the British dram-
L., 1849. 3 v. 8°

Dc 10–5341

Hb 11-11011 Same, N. Y., 1850. 2 v.

Dc 10–5364

Beaumont, G. de. Marie; ou l'esclavage aux EtatsFb 10–14601

Unis. P., 1840 Beauchamp. G. P. R. James

Aa 412747

Beaumont and A. de Toqueville. On the penitenBeauchampe. W. G. Simms

Ff 14-15369 Beaumarchais; an historical novel. A. E. Brachvo- tiary system in the United States and its appligel

Fa 6-14672

cations in France; with an appendix on penal Beaumarchais, P. A. C. de. 'Oeuvres complètes pré

colonies, and also statistical notes. Trans. by

Francis Lieber. Ph., 1833. 8° Ba 9-440 cédées d'une notice sur sa vie. P., 1821. 6 v. 8°

'Aa 6–12944 Beauties and achievements of the blind. W. Artman, and L. V. Hall

He 4-11937 Contents.-Tom. 1. Notice sur sa vie; Essai Beauties, harmonies, and sublimities of nature. c. sur le genre dramatique serieux ; Eugénie, drame en cinq actes; Avertissement de l'anteur


Ea 3-7160 sur les deux amis ; Les deux amis; ou, le né

Beauties of sacred literature; a compendium of Christgociant de Lyon; Lettre modérée sur la chute

ian doctrine, faith, and practice. Selected et la critique du Barbier de Séville; Le Barbier de Séville, ou la précaution inutile. II. Pre

from various authors, by a lay member (T. M.) face du mariage de Figaro; La folle journée;

of the protestant episcopal church. (Authors ou, le mariage de Figaro; Un mot sur la mère

are Saint Augustine; Lord Bacon; Bishop coupable; L'autre Tartuffe, ou la mère coups able; Aux abonnés de l'opéra; Apologue à

Berkeley, and twenty-seven others.) N. Y., l'auteur de Tarare; Epître dedicatoire à M.


Ef 8-9400 Salieri; Prologue de Tarare; Tarare. III. Beauties of the court of Charles II. A. M. Jameson Mémoire à consulter pour Beaumarchais; Aver

Dd 6-5507 tissement de l'éditeur; Requête d'attenuation du sieur de Beaumarchais; Quatrième mémoir

Beauties of the study of nature. Saint Pierre a consulter contre M, Goëzman accusé de subor

Dk 3-6903 nation et de faux; Avertissement de l'editeur; Beautiful widow. Mrs. P. B. Shelley Fb 12–14159 Requête du sieur de Beaumarchais. IV. Avertissement de Beaumarchais; Mémoire Beauty and the beast. J. R. Planche. Hb 10–10993 à consulter et consultation pour Beaumar

Beauvallet, Léon. Rachel and the new world; a trip chais. Réponse au mémoire signifié du A.

to the United States and Cuba. N. Y., 1856 J. F. de la Blache; Compte definitif entre MM. Duverney et Caron de Beaumarchais;

HI 7-10895 Réponse ingénue à la consultation injur- Beaux stratagem. Farquhar

Hb 1-10727 iense que le J. A. F. de la Blache á repandue

Beazley, S. The steward. Com. Hb 9-10968 dans Aix; Le Tartare à la légion; Lettre de Beaumarchais aux gazetiers et journalistes;

Bechstein, J. M. Cage and chamber-birds ; their Memoire de Beaumarchais ; Court mémoire en

natural history, habits, food, diseases, manageattendant l'autre; Piéces a l'appui; Troisième

ment, and modes of capture. Trans. by H. G. mémoire, résponse à Kornman. V. Observations sur le mémoire justificatif de la cour de Londres ;

Adams. L., 1853

Dk 9–7038 Requête à MM. les represéntans de la commune Beck, Lewis C. Mineralogy of New York. Alb., de Paris; Précis et judgement du procès de

1842. 4°

Dk 13-13812 Caron de Beaumarchais; Petition à la convention nationale; Beaumarchais à Lécointre son

Report on the mineralogy of New York, comprisdénonciateur,-premiére epoque des neuf mois

ing additions which have been made since 1842 les plus penibles de ma vie; Deuxième epoque;

(see page 109 of the v.). Alb., 1850. go
Troisieme époque; Quatrième époque; Cin-
quième epoque, Sixième et dernière époque.

Dk 4-6920
VI. Compte rendu de l'affaire des auteurs dram-

Beck, T. R. and J. B. Elements of medical jurispruatiques; Rapport fait aux anteurs dramati

dence. 5th edition. Alb., 1835. 2 v. 80 ques: Petition a l'assemblée nationale au

Ga 2-8678 sujet de l'usurpation de la propriété des auteurs dramatiqnes; Lettres de Beaumarchais: Mélan.

Same, 10th edition

Ga 2-8680 ges; vers et chansons.

Becker, W. A. Charicles; or, illustrations of the - Lomenie, L. de. Beaumarchais and his times

private life of the ancient Greeks. Trans. De 2–5617

from the German by F. Metcalf. L., 1866 Beaumont, F. and J. Fletcher. Works; with an in

Ca 7-2372

Gallus; or, Roman scenes of the time of Augustus, troduction by George Darley. L., 1839. 2 v. 8°

Hb 7-10882

with notes and excursuses illustrative of the

manners and customs of the Romans. L., 1866 Contents.-Vol. I. Introduction; List of plays;

Ca 6-2343
Commendatory verses. The maid's tragedy Becket, Andrew. Shakespeare's himself again; or,
Philaster; A king and no king; The scorntul
lady; Custom of the country; The elder brother;

the language of the poet asserted; being a full The Spanish curate; Wit without money ; The

but dispassionate examen of the reading and beggar's bush; The humorous lieutenant; The faithful shepherdess; The mad lover; The loyal

interpretations of the several editors. L., 1815. subject; Rule a wife and have a wife : The laws

2 v. 80

Hb 6-15930 of candy; The false one; The little French law- Beckford, Wm. Italy, Spain, and Portugal; with an yer; Valentinian; Monsieur Thomas; The

excursion to the monasteries of Alcobaça and chances; The bloody brother; or, Rollo duke of Normandy; The wild-goose chase ; A wife

Batalha. N. Y., 1845

Di 3-6656 for a month; The pilgrim; The captain. II.

Vathek; an Arabian tale

Fa 6-14687 The prophetess; The queen of Corinth; Bon- Beckington, Bishop. Letters. Cam. Soc. Pub. 86 duca; The knight of the burning pestle; The double marriage; The knight of Malta ; Love's

Ce 9-16047 cure; or, the martial maid ; Women pleased; Beckley, H. History of Vermont, with descriptions, The woman's prize; or, the tamer tamed; The island princess; The noble gentleman; The

physical and topographical. Brattleboro, 1846 coxcomb; The sea-voyage; Wit at several wea

Cb 9-2732 pons; The fair maid of the inn; Cupia's re

Becon, Thomas. Writings. 'Ph., n. d. Ee 6-8083

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Becon, Thomas. The catechism, with other pieces, Beecher, Lyman. Autobiography, correspondence,

written by him in the reign of Edward VI. etc. Ed. by Charles Beecher. N. Y., 1864. 2 v. Ed. by J. Ayer. Cam., 1844. 8. Parker

Db 7-4978 society.

Eg 13–16247 Allen, D. H. Life and services of Bh 5-Pam. 60 Contents.- Catechism; The jewel of joy; The Beechey, F. W. Narrative of a voyage to the Paprinciples of Christian religion: A fruitful trea

cific and Beering's strait, to cooperate with the tise of fasting; The castle of comfort; The solace of the soul; The fortress of the faithful;

polar expeditions, performed in his majesty's The Christain knight ; A homily against whore

ship Blossom, in the years 1825-8. Ph., 1832. 80

Df 2–5867 – Early works; being the treatises published by - Voyage of discovery towards the north pole, per

him in the reign of Henry VIIÍ. Ed. by J. formed in his majesty's ships Dorothea and Ayers. Cam., 1843. 8. Parker society.

Trent, under the command of Capt. David BuEg 13-16249 chan, 1818. L., 1843. 8°

Dr 3–5903 Contents.-Biographical notice : General pre

Beechey, H. W. Memoir of Sir J. Reynolds. See face; Lines addressed to Becon; News out of

Reynolds, J. Works .

Hd 1-11444 heaven; A Christmas banquet; A potation for Beekman, D. Voyage to Borneo, 1713. Pinkerton's lent; The pathway unto prayer; A pleasant dosegay; The policy of war; David's harp; A

voyages. 11

Df 1-5836 new year's gift; An invective against swear- Beekman, John. A history of inventions, discoveries ing; The governance of virtue ; Index.

and origins. Trans. from the German by Wm. – Prayers and other pieces. Ed. by J. Ayer. Cam., Johnston. 4th edition, revised by Wm. Fran1844. 8°

Eg 13–16248 cis, and J. W. Griffith. L., 1846.2 v.
Contents. The flower of godly prayers; The

Ga 11-8909 pomander of prayer; The sick man's salve; A Beers, W. G. Lacrosse, the national game of Canacomfortable epistle to the amicted people of God; An humble supplication nnto God for the

da. N. Y., 1869

Gb 12-9205 restoring of His Holy Word ; The displaying of

Bees. Brougham, II. Dialogue on the cells of the popish mass; The common places of the

Ef 9-8380 holy scripture; A comparison between the Lord's Supper and the pope's mass; Certain ar

Langstroth, L. L. Hive and ihe honey bee ticles of Christian religion proved and con

Dk 8-7090 firmed: The diversity between God's word and - Natural history of

Dk 7–7015 man'a invention; The acts of Christ and of Antichrist; Christ's chronicle; The summary

Nutt, T. Humanity to honey bees Dk 8-11882 of the New Testament; The demands of the

Phelps, E. W. Bee-keepers' chart Ec 11-7800 holy scriptures with answers; Index.

- Quinby, M. Mysteries of bee-keeping explaine i Bede, Cuthbert. Pseudonym. See Bradley, E.

Dk 8–7089 Bede, the Venerable. Ecclesiastical history of Eng- Weeks, J. M. Manual on managing bees land; also the Anglo-Saxon chronicle. Ed. by

Ec 11-7800 J. A. Giles. L., 1849

Ed 3–7841
Nat. Lib.

Dk 6–6990 Bedford row conspiracy. W. M. Thackeray Beethoven, Ludwig von. Letters, 1790–1826. Trans.

Fe 9-15326 by Lady Wallace. N. Y., 1867. 2 v.
Beechcroft. c. M. Yonge
Fa 3–14608

Hb 10–10980 Beecher, Catherine E. "Common sense applied to Beetles. 'J. Duncan. Nat. Lib.

Dk 6-6987 religion; or, the Bible and the people. N. Y., Beeton, S. 0. Book of poultry and domestic ani1857

Eg 2–8432 mals, showing how to rear and manage them - Something for women better than the ballot. in sickness and in health. L., n. d. Dk 5-6933 N. Y., 1869

Bh 5-Pam. 73 – Dictionary of universal information; a complete Beecher, C. È., and H. B. Stowe. 'American woman's

summary of the moral, mathematical, physical, home; or, principles of domestic science; be- and natural sciences. L., n. d. 8° Ad 6-13428 ing a guide to the formation and maintenance Beets, Nicolas. La chambre obscure. P., 1860 of economical, healthful, beautiful, and Christ

Aa 412735 ian homes. N. Y., 1869. 80 Bb 5-349 Before the footlights and behind the scenes. O. Logan Beecher, Charles. Redeemer and redeemed; an in

Hb 11-15769 vestigation of the atonement, and of' eternal Beggar on horseback. Drama. J. O'Keefe Ef 5-8277

Hb 7-10898 Beecher, Edward. The papal conspiracy exposed Beggars’ bush. Drama. Beaumont and Fletcher and protestantism defended in the light of rea

Hb 7-10882 son, history and scripture. B., 1855 Ee 2–8039 Beggars of Holland. J. W. Meares Cg 7–15075 – Concord of ages; or, the individual and organic Beggars' opera. Com. J. Gay

Hb 1-10736 harmony of God and man. N. Y., 1850 Beharrell, Rev. T. G. Complete alphabetically ar

Ef 8-8398 ranged biblical biography, containing full hisConflict of ages; or, the great debate on the moral tory of bible men and women. Indianapolis, relations of God and man. B., 1863 Ef 8–8401 1867. 8°

Ed 7–7906 Beecher, Henry W. Eyes and ears.' B., 1862 Behemoth. Com. Mathews

He 2–11900 He 3-11917 | Behind the scenes. E. Keckley

He 6-11965 - Freedom and war.' Discourses on topics sug- Beichte, L. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10937 gested by the times. B., 1863 Eg 8–8544 Beiden admirale. J. F. Cooper

Aa 8–13041 - Lecture-room talks; a series of familiar dis- Beiden Kleinen Auvergnaten. Drama. Kotzebue courses on themes of general Christian experi

Hb 8-10934 ence. N. Y., 1870

Ff7-8334 Beiden Klingsberg, L. Kotzebue Hb 8-10926 - Life thoughts gathered from the extemporaneous Beke, Mrs. Emily.' Jacob's flight; or, a pilgrimage

discourses of. By one of his congregation. B., to Harran, and thence in the patriarch's foot1858

He 3-11913 steps into the promised land. L., 1865 – Norwood.' N. Y., 1868 : Fa 5-14449

Dg 5–6276 - Notes from Plymouth pulpit; a collection of Belagerung von Saragossa. Drama. "Kotzebue memorable passages from the discourses of.

Hb 8-10934 By Augusta Moore. N. Y., 1859 Ef 8-8371 Bela's Flucht. Drama.' Kotzebue

Hb 8-10935 – Plain and pleasant talk about fruits, flowers, and Belcher, Sir Edward. Narrative of the voyage of H. farming. N. Y., 1859

Ec 11-7801 M. S. Samarung, during the years 1843–6, em- Pulpit pungencies. N. Y.,

Ef 8-8373 ployed surveying the islands of the eastern - Royal truths. B., 1866.

He 5-11992 Archipelago ; accompanied by a brief vocabu- Star papers; or, 'experiences of art and nature. lary of the principal languages. L., 1848. 2 v. N. Y., 1855

He 3–11914

Df 2-5870

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Belden, E. P. New York, past, present, and future; Bell, Thomas. History of the british stalk-eyed cruscomprising a history of the city of New York, tacea. L., 1853. 8°

Dk 11-7122 a description of its present condition, and an Bell, Wm. H. Memorial to the congress of United estimate of its future increase. N. Y., 1850

States, in relation to Captain Bell's inventions

Cc 4-2913 for pointing cannon. 1836. Bh 6-Pam. 8 Belgiojoso, Mme. La Princisse ċ. T. de. Oriental | Belle et la bete. Com. Genlis

Hb 2-10799 harems and scenery. N. Y., 1862 Dh 10-6574 Belle of the village. J. Mills

Fc 11-14981 Belgium. Humphrey, H. Short tour in 1835 Belles lettres. Blair, H. Lectures on Hc 9-11285

Di 5–6703 Rollin, C. Method of teaching and studying - Siborne, W. War of 1815 Cg 3–3783

Ha 6–10528 Hand-book

Ck 7-4586 Belle's stratagem. ' Com. Mrs. Cowley Belin, J. L., and A. Pujol. Historie civile, morale et

Hb 1-10748, 9-10969 monumentale de Paris depuis les temps les Bellew, Frank. The art of amusing. N. Y., 1866 plus recules jusqu'à nos jours. P., 1845

Gb 12–10673 Cg 5-9533 Bellows, Albert J. How not to be sick; a sequel to Belisarius. Stanhope, P. H. Life of Dd 10-5616 the “Philosophy of eating.” N. Y., 1869 Belisle, D. W. History of independence hall from

Ga 5-8775 the earliest period to the present time, embrac- - Philosophy of eating. N. Y., 1868 Ga 5-8721 ing biographies of the immortal signers of Bellows, Henry W. The old world in its new face; the declaration of independence, with histori- impressions of Europe in 1867–8. N. Y., 1868. cal sketches of the sacred relics preserved in that

Di 3-6634 sanctuary of American freedom. Ph., 1859. -Re-statement of Christian doctrine in twenty-five 89

Cb 6-2630

N. Y., 1860

Eg 9-8563 Belknap, Jeremy. American biography, or, an his- Below the surface. A.'H. Elton : Fb 9-14544 torical account of those persons who have been Belphegor. Com.


Hb 9–10973 distinguished in America, as adventurers, Belsham, W. Essays, philosophical and moral, hisstatesmen, philosophers, divines, warriors, au- torical and literary. L., 1799. 2 v. 8° thors and other remarkable characters. B.,

Hd 11-11701 1794. 2 v. 89.

Db 3-4894 Belton estate. A. Trollope Fe 8-15357, 7-15357 Contents.-Vol. I. A preliminary dissertation

Bement, C. N. The American poulterer's companon the circumnavigation of Africa by the an

ion; a practical treatise on the breeding, rearcients; and its probable consequence, the popu.

ing, fattening and general management of the lation of some part of America; Chronological detail of adventures and discoveries, made by

various species of poultry. N. Y., 1850 the European nations in America, before the

Dk 5–6939 establishment of the council of Plymouth, in

– The rabbit fancier; a treatise on the breeding, 1620; I., Biron. II., Madoc. III., Nicolo Zeno. IV., Christopher Columbus. V., John and Se

rearing, feeding and general management of bastian Cabot. VI., James Cartier. VII., Fer

rabbits. N. Y., 1856

Ec 11-7800 dinando de Soto. VIII., Humpbrey Gilbert. Bemis, George. Report on the case of John W. WebIX., Walter Raleigh and Richard Grenville. X.,

ster, indicted for the murder of Geo. Parkman, John de Fuca. XI., B. Gosnold. XII., John Smith. XIII., De Monts, Poutrincourte, and

before the supreme court of Massachusetts. Samuel Champlain. XIV., Fernando Gorges,and

B., 1850. 8°

Bb 3-317
John Mason. XV., Henry Hudson. Vol. II. Ben the boatswain. Drama. T. E. Wilks Hb 9-10961
XVI., Thomas Smith. XVII., Thomas Lord
Delaware, Sir Thomas Gates, Sir Geo. Somers,

Ben Bolt. Drama. J. B. Johnstone, Hb 9-10961
Christopher Newport, Sir Thomas Dale, Sir F. Ben the luggage boy. H. Alger, jr. Fd 6-15458
Wainman. XVIII., Sir Samuel Argal, Sir Bench and bar. L. J. Bigelow

He 2-11898
George Yeardley. XIX., Sir Francis Wyat.

Bench and the bar. James Grant Dd 2-16224
XX., B. Gosnold, Martin Pring, B. Gilbert, Geo.
Weymouth. XXI., John Robinson. XXII.,

Bench and bar of Georgia. Miller, 8. F. Db 4-4910
John Carver. XXIII., William Bradford. Benedict, David. General history of the baptist de-
XXIV., Wm. Brewster. XXV., Robert Cush-
XXVI., Edward Winslow. XXVII.

nomination in America, and other parts of the Miles Standish. XXVIII., John Winthrop, Gov.

world. N. Y., 1853. 80

Ed 10–11809 of Massachusetts. XXIX., John Winthrop, Benedict, E. C. Address at the close of the twentyGov. of Connecticut. Vol. III. XXX., George

eighth term of the normal school, Albany. Calvert, Cecilius Calvert, Leonard Calvert. XXXI., William Penn. Appendix, Mr. Win


Bh 6-Pam. 38 slow's account of the natives of New England,

A run through Europe. n. Y., 1860 Di 3-6637 annexed to his narrative of the plantations, A. Bengal. Law, Thomas. Resources in Cf 10–3675 D. 1624. Index.

Hooker, J. D. Notes of a naturalist Dh 3-6430 - History of New Hampshire, from the discovery Bengal tiger. Far. C. Dance . Hb 10–11001

of the Pascataqua river 1614 to 1790. B., 1813. Bengel, John A. Gnomon of the new testament 3 y. 80

Cb 9-2723 Bell, Sir Charles. “Anatomy and philosophy of ex

pointing out the form and natural force of the

words, the simplicity, depth and saving power pression as connected with the fine arts. L., of its divine thoughts. Trans. by C. T. Lewis 1847 4°

Hc 4-11159 and M. R. Vincent. Ph., n. d. 2 v. 8° The hand, its mechanism and vital endowments,

Ad 4-13403 as evincing design. Ph., 1835 . Ga 6-8387 Benger, Miss E. O. Memoir of John Tobin.

L., Pichot, Aamédée. Life and labors Dc 1-5083


Dc 1-5059 Bell, Currer. Pseudonym of C. Bronté.

– Memoirs of Elizabeth Stuart, queen of Bohemia, Bell, George. Rough notes by an old soldier, during daughter of king James I., including sketches

fifty years' service. L., 1867. 2 v. 8° Dd 8–5534 of the state of society in Holland and GerBell, H. G. Life of Mary queen of Scots. N. Y., many in the 17th century. L., 1825. 2 v. 1831. 2 v. . Dc 10–5366

Dc 6–10876 Bell, James

. System of geography, popular and sci- Memoirs of the life of Anne Boleyn, queen of entific; or, a physical, political and statistical Henry VIII. ; with a memoir of ihe author by account of the world. L., 1853. 6 v. 8°

Miss Aikin. Ph., 1851

Dc 1–5068 Ci 3-4258 Memoirs of the life of Mary queen of Scots. Bell, John. Water as a preservative of health, and Ph., 1851. 2 v.

De 10-5357 a remedy in disease; a treatise on baths, etc. Benjamin, Asher. Practical house carpenter. B. Ph., 1859

Ga 5-8782

Bh 1-1944 Bell, Robert. Life of the Right Hon. George Can- – Practice of architecture; containing the five ning. N. Y., 1846

Dd 9-5504 orders of architecture, etc. B., 1835. 4° - Temper. Com.' F's s. D. Hb 9-10955

Bh 1-1946





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Benjamin de Tudela. Travels through Europe, Asa Bentley, John. An historical view of the Hindu as

and Africa, from Spain to China, from the year tronomy, from the earliest dawn of that science of our Lord 1160 to 1173. Pinkerton's voyages. in India, to the present time, in two parts.

Df1-5832 Part 1, Ancient. Part 2, Modern. L., 1825. Benjamin, S. G. W. The Turk and the Greek; or, 80

Eb 8-7533 creeds, races, society and scenery in Turkey, Benton, N. S. History of Herkimer county, includGreece and the isles of Greece. N. Y., 1867

ing the upper Mohawk valley, from the earliest

Dh 10-6578 period to the present time. Alb., 1856. 8° The choice of Paris; a romance of the Troad.

Cc 3-2864 N. Y., 1870

Ha 10–16119 Benton, T. H. Abridgment of the debates of ConBennet, J. Henry. Winter and spring on the shores gress from 1789 to 1856. N. Y., 1857. 16 v. of the Mediterranean; or, the Rievera Men


Bd 1-663 tone, Italy, Corsica, Sicily, Algeria, Spain and – Thirty years' view; or, a history of the working Biarritz, as winter climates. N. Y., 1870

of the American government for thirty years,

Di 4-6630 from 1820 to 1850. N. Y., 1854. 2 v. 8° Bennett, James Gordon. Memoirs by a journalist.

Ba 4-81 N. Y., 1855

Da 10-4817 Benwell, J. An Englishman's travels in America ; Bennett, John C. The poultry book; a treatise on his observations of life and manners, in the

breeding and general management of domestic free and slave states. L., n. d. Df 6-5997 fowls. B., 1851 Dk 5–6940 Beppo. T. A. Trollope

Fe 8-15401 Benson, H. C. Life among the Choctaw Indians, Beranger, P. J. de. Two hundred of his lyrical and sketches of the south-west. Cin., 1860

poems, done into Engliah verse by Wm. Df 10-6149 Young. N. Y., 1869

Hf 13-12530 Bentham, Jeremy. Principles of legislation; from Berengaria, queen of Richard I. Strickland, A. the manuscript of J. Bentham; by M. Du- Life of

Dd 7-5576 mont. Trans., with notes, and' biographical Berenice. Trag. J. Racine Hb 2–10777, and 10772 sketch of Bentham and Dumont, by John Bergen, Teunis G. The Bergen family ; ór, the deNeal. B., 1830. go

Hc 9-11297 scendants of Hans Hansen Bergen, one of the – Works, published under the superintendence of early settlers of New York and Brooklyn. N. his executor, J. Bowring. E., 1843. 11 v. 8° Y., 1866. 8°

Ch 8-4133 Bb 1–268 Genealogy of the Van Brunt family, 1653–1867. Contents.-Vol. I. Introduction to the study

Alb., 1867. 8°

Ch 8-4141 of J. B's works; An introduction to the prin. Berick, F.'H. The grand crisis in human affairs ; ciples of morals and legislation ; Essay on the promulgation of laws, and the reasons thereof,

the Lord soon to come. Lowell, n.

d. with specimens of a penal code; Essay on the

Eg 10–8613 influence of time and place in matters of legis- • Berkeley, George, Bishop of Cloyne, Ireland. Melation ; A table of the springs of action; Frag:

moirs of. L., 1784. 8°

Dd 10-5607 ment on government; principles of the civil code; Principles of penal law. II. Principles

Berkeley, G. F. Anecdotes of the upper ten thouof judicial procedure, with the outlines of a

sand; their legends and their lives. L., 1867. procedure code. Rationale of reward ; Lead

2 v. 80

He 9-12050 ing principles of a constitutional code for any

Month in the forests of France. L., 1857 Di 6–6713 state; On the liberty of the press, and public discussion; Essay on political tactics : Book of Berkeley, M. J. Introduction to cryptogamic botany. fallacies, from unfinished papers; Anarchical

L., 1857. 80

Ec 1-7619 fallacies: Principles of international law ; Protest against law-taxes; Supply without burden,

Berlin. Lander, S. W. Spectacles for young eyes or, escheat, rice taxation : Tax with monopoly.

Di 4-15468 III. Defence of usury, showing the impolicy of

- Mirabeau, Count Court of

De 9-5768 the present legal restraints on the terms of pe

Berlin and sans-souci cuniary bargains, in letters to a friend, also a

Muhlbach, L. Fd 6-14311 letter to Adam Smith on the discouragements

Bermuda. Lloyd, S. H. Sketches of Ch 7-4120 opposed by the above restraints to the progress

Bernal collection of works of art. H. G. Bohn of inventive industry. IV. View of the hard

Gb 4-15936 labor bill; Panopticon, or, the inspection house: Panopticon versus New South Wales; Plea for

Bernan, Walter. History of the art of warming and the constitution; Draught of a code for the or

ventilating rooms and buildings. L., 1845. 2 v. ganization of the judicial establishment in

Gb 6-9116 France; Bentham's draught for the organization of judicial establishments, compared with

Bernard, Mrs. Bayle. Our common fruits, a descripthat of the national assembly; Emancipate

tive account of those cultivated in Great your colonies; J. Bentham to his fellow citi

Britain. L., 1866

Ec 8-7729 zens of Frauce, on houses of peers and senates; Papers relative to codification and public in

Bernard, Charles de Gersaut. Pl., 1853 Aa 5-12782 struction; Codification proposals. V. Scotch

- Un homme sérieux. P., 1856 Aa 5-12779 reform; Summary of the plan of a judicatory, Bernard, John. Retrospections of the stage. L., under the name of the Court of Lords' delc

1830. 2 v..

Hb 9-10975 gates: Elements of the art of packing; “Swear not all." V. Truth versus Ashhurat; The king

Bernard, W. B. Dumb belle. Får. F's M. D. v. 23 against Edmonds and others. The king against

Hb 10-11000 Sir Charles Wolseley and Joseph Harrison ; Offcial aptitude maximized, expense minimized :

Evil genius.

Com.' F's s. D. v. 20 Hb 9-10961 Commentary on Mr. Humphrey's real property

His last legs. Far. F's M. D. v. 1 Hb 10–10993 code; Outline of a plan of a general register of

Irish attorney. Far. F's M. D. real property; Justice and codification petitions;

Hb 10-10993 Lord Brougham displayed. VI. Introductory view of the rationale of evidence, for the use of

Middy ashore. ' Far. F's M. D. v. 13 non-lawyers as well as lawyers. VII. Same.

Hb 10–10997 VIII. Chrestomathia; Fragment on ontology ;

The mummy. Far. F's M. D. v. 27 E on logic; Essay on language; Fragments on liversal grammar; Tracts on poor laws and

Hb 10-11001 pauper management: Observations on the poor

The nervous man and the man of nerve. Far. bill. Three tracts relative to Spanish and Port

F's S. D. v. 5

IIb 9-10954 nguese affairs; Letters to Count Toreno on the proposed penal code; Securities against misrule.

Passing cloud. F's S. D. v. 11. Hb 9–10957 ix. Constitutional code. X. Memoirs and cor

Bernardus, Saint. Liber meditationum beati Berrespondence. XI. Same.

nardi. 1492

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Df 1-5833 and poems, contributed to "Bentley's miscet Berry, Duc de Chateaubriand, R. F. A. "Memoirs lany.” L., 1862 lif 13-12325

Aa 1-12590

v. 1

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Berschworung, die. Schiller

Aa 1-12587 | Bible, continued.
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Ca 11-2511 tion to the natural and economic history of the

The book and its story

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ments of the bible

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new testament

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Fb 8–14380
of the new testament

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Prolegomena in biblia sacra Bible. Text,

polyglotta Bagsteriana

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cal literature

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new testament

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Nouveau testament

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contation – Gospel and epistle of Jolin (in Japanese)

with the general history of the world Eg 3–8448

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Gaussen, J. W: From Egypt to Sinai
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Ee 7-8104

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