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V. 1

Miller, John, continued.

Milner, Rev. Thomas, continued. as they existed in 1695; with an introduction, Gallery of nature; a pictorial and descriptive

etc., by J. G. Shea. N. Y., 1862. 8° Cc 2-2899 tour through creation ; illustrative of the wonMiller, Josiah. Singers and songs of the church; be- ders of astronomy, physicial geography and ing biographical sketches of the hymn writers geology. L., 1846. 8°

Ea 8-7301 in all the principal collections. L., 1869. 8° Milnes, R. M. Poems of many years. B., 1846 Dd 1-5418

Hf 4-12264 Miller, Linus w. 'Notes of an exile to Van Die- Milnor, James. Stone, J. s. Life of Db 7-4988

man's land. Fredonia, N. Y., 1846 Dh 9–4939 Milton, John. Poetical works, with a memoir and Miller, Samuel. A brief retrospect of the 18th cen- critical remarks on his genius and writings, by

tury. Part I. in two volumes; containing a James Montgomery. L., 1861. 2 v.
sketch of the revolutions and improvements in

Hf 1-12295 science, arts, and literature, during that period.

Contents.--Vol. 1. Memoir; Paradise Jost.
N. Y., 1803. 2 v. 8°

Ca 9-6923

II. Paradise regained ; Samson agonistes ;
Historical discourse. Col. N. Y. Hist. Soc.

Comus; Arcades; Minor poems; Sonnets;
Cc 4-2908

Odes; Miscellanies; Translations; Elegiarum - Life of Jonathan Edwards. S. A. B. v. 8

liber; Epigrammatum liber; Sylvarum liber.

- Prose works; with an introductory review, by

Da 8-4698 Miller, Stephen F. Bench and bar of Georgia, me

Robert Fletcher. L., 1835. 8° Hd 4-15571 moirs and sketches. Ph., 1858. 2 v. 8°

Contents.-Reformation touching church dis

cipline in England; Prelatical episcopacy; ReaDb 44910

son of church government urged against prelacy; Wilkins Wylder

Fc 10-15012

Animadversions upon the remonetrant's deMiller, Thomas. History of the Anglo-Saxons. L.,

fence; Apology for Smectymnuus; Education ;

Areopagitica ; Doctrine and discipline of di1856

Cf 5–3566

vorce restored to the good of both sexes; Judg. Miller, William Allen. Elements of chemistry, theo

ment of Martin Bucer concerning divorce ; Te. retical and practical. N. Y., 1864–68. 3 v. 8°

trachordon ; Colasterion ; Tenure of kings and

magietrates; Observations on the articles of

Eb 3-7391 Miller and his men. Mà. I. Pocock: Hb 9-10964

peace between James, earl of Ormond, for king

Charles the first, on the one hand, and the Irish Miller of Mansfield. Far. R. Dodsley Hb 1-10738

rebels and papists on the other hand; EikonoMiller of New Jersey. Drama. J. Brougham

clastes; A defence of the people of England, in

answer to Salmasius's defence of the king; Hb 9-10965

Treatise of civil power in ecclesiastical causes; Miller's maid. Md. J. F. Saville

Hb 10-10996

Considerations touching the likeliest means to

remove hirelings out of the church; Letter to Millhouse, John. New English and Italian diction

a friend, concerning the ruptures of the comary, with additions by Ferdinand Bracciforti.

monwealth ; Present means and delineation of N. Y., 1866. 2 v. 8°

Ac 5-13088

a free commonwealth; Ready and easy way to Millingen, J. G. Ladies at home. F's M. D. v. 19

establish a free commonwealih; Brief uotes on

a sermon entitled The fear of God and the king, Hb 10–10999

preached by Matthew Griffin ; Accedence comMillot, C. F. X. Elements of general history, an- menced grammar; History of Britain, specially cient and modern. E., 1823. 6 v. 8°

that part called England, from the first tradi.

tional beginning, continued to the Norman conCa 2-2210

quest; Of true religion, heresy, schism, toleraMills, Abraham. Literature and literary men of

tion, and what best means may be used against Great Britain and Ireland. N. Y., 1851 2 v.

the growth of popery ; Brief history of Mosco

via ; Declaration, or letters patents for the elecgo

На 5-10501

tion of Jobu the third, king of Poland, elected Mills, Charles. The history of chivalry; or, knight- on the 22d May,1674; Letters of state to most of hood and its times. L., 1826. 2 v. 8°

the sovereign princes and republics of Europe, Ch 11-4202

during the administration of the common.

wealth and the protectors. Oliver and Richard Mills, John. Belle of the village Fc 11-14981

Cromwell; Letters written in the name of the Millwrights. Overman, F. Mechanics for the

parliament; Letters written in the name of Gb 8-9097

Oliver, the protector; Letters written in the Milman, H. h. Annals of St. Paul's Cathedral. L..

name of Richard, the protector: Manifesto of

the lord protector against the Spaniards: Johan1868. 8°

Ce 3-3235

nis Miltoni opera omnia Latina; Defensio pro Fazio. Trag. 'F's S. D.' v. i

libellum populo Anglicano contra infamem Hb 9-10952

anonymum cui titulus "Regii sanguinis clamor History of Christianity from the birth of Christ to ad coelum adversus parricidas Anglicanos"; Authe abolition of paganism in the Roman em

thoris pro se defensio contra Alexandrum Mopire. N. Y., 1855. 8°

Ed 5-7878

rum ecclesiasten libelli famosi, cui titulus,

"Regii sanguinis clamor ad coelum adversus History of the Jews from the earliest period to

parricidas Anglicanos"; Authoris ad Alexandri the present time. N. Y., 1831. 3 v.

Mori supplementum responsio: Johannis Phil. Ca 11-2555

ippi Angli responsio ad apologiam anonymi cu

jusdam tenebrionis pro rege et populo Angli. – History of Latin Christianity; including that of cano infantissimam; Literae senatis Anglicani

the popes to the pontificate of Nicholas V. L., nomine ac jussu conscriptae; Literae Oliverii,
1854. 6 v. 80

Ed 6-7881

protectoris nomine scriptae; Literae Richardi, Milman, R. Life of Torquato Tasso. 'L., 1850. 2 v.

protectoris nomine scriptae; Literae parla

menti, restituti nomine scriptae; Seriptum De 11-16568

Dom. protectoris Reipublicae Angliae, ScoMilne, John. Bonar, H. Life of

Dc 5–5225

tiac, Hiberniae, etc.; Autoris epistolarum familiMilner, G. Massaniello. F's S. D. v. 25

arum liber unus; 'Prolusiones quaedam ora

toriae ; Artis logicae plenior institutio ad Petri Hb 9-10964

Rami methodum concinnata; Praxis logicae Milner, H. M. Gambler's fate. F's s. D.

analyticae ex Dounamo; Petri Rami vita ; Hb 9-10963

Second defence of the people of England against – Mazeppa. F's S. D. v. 23

Hb 9-10963

an anonymous libel, entitled The royal blood

crying to heaven for vengeance on the English Milner, Joseph. History of the church of Christ ; parricides; Familiar epistles.

from the days of the apostles till the famous Prose works of, with remarks and notes by J. A. disputation between Luther and Miltitz in St. John. L., n. d. 5 v.. Hd 6-11539 1520, continuation G. T. Haweis. E., 1835. 8°

Contents.-Vol. I. Defence of the people of Ed 5-7872

England; Second defence of the people of Eng. Milner, Rev. Thomas

'The Crimea; its ancient and laud; Eikonoklastes. II. Tenure of kincs modern history; the khans, sultans, and czars.

and magistrates: Areopagitica ; Tracts on the

commonwealth; Observations on Ormond's L., 1855

Cf 9-3657

peace; Letters of state, etc.; Brief notes on Gallery of geography, a pictorial and descriptive Dr. Griffith's sermon; Os reformation in Eng. tour of the world. L., 1864. 2 v. 4°

land; of prelatical episcopacy; Reason of

church government urged against prelacy of Ci 3–4269

true religion, heresy, schism, toleration; Civil

V. 24




V. 75

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Milton, John, continued.

Mineralogy, continued. power in ecclesiastical causes. III. Likeliest

Humble, Wm. Dictionary of Ad 7-13449 means to remove hirelinge out of the church;

- Kobell, F. von. Popular sketches from the minAnimadversons upon the remonstrant's de

eral kingdom

Ea 4-7194 fence against Smectymnuus; Apology for Smect ymnuus; Doctrine and discipline of di

Martin, F. Natural history

Dk 3-3873 Force; Judgment of M. Bucer concerning di

Mitchell, W., and J. Tennant. Mineralogy and Force; Tetrachordon; Colasterion; Tractate

crystallography. See Orr's Circ. of the Sci. on education; Declaration for the election of John third, king of Poland; Familiar letters.

Ea 4-7169 IV. First book of a treatise on Christian doc

Raymond, R. W. Mineral resources of the west trine, compiled from the holy scriptures alone,

Eb 6–7512 translated from the original hy Charles R. Sum

Schoedler, F. Book of nature ner. V. Second book of a treatise on Christian

Dk 3-6907 doctrine; History of Britian; History of Mus.

Sowerby, H. Popular mineralogy Eb 5–7515 covia; Accedence commenced grammar; Index.

Stephenson, J. Medical mineralogy Dk 5–6948 - Comus. Mask

Hb 1-10736 – Trimmer, J. Practical geology and mineralogy - Life of; narrated in connection with the political

Eb 4-7464 ecclesiastical, and literary history of his time. See Geology, New York state

Eb 1-7332 B., 1859. 8

Dc 3–5141 | Minerals. Jones, Wm. Treasures of the earth - Original papers illustrative of the life and writ

Gb 9-9143 ings of. Cam. Soc. Pub.

Ce 9-16036 Mines. Daddow and Bannan. Our mines and minMilton, J. L. The stream of lif one our globe; its ar

eral resources

Gb 11-9164 chives, traditions and laws. L., n. d.

Our coal and our coal pits

Gb 11-9167 Dk 3-7458 Raymond, R. W. Mines of the west Gb 11-9169 Milwaukee young men's association. Supplement to Simonin, L. Underground life Gb 8-9103 first catalogue, 1863 Bh 5-Pam. 62 Ure. A dictionary of

Ad 6–13425 Mimic life. A. C. M. Ritchie Fc 8-14985 Supplement

Ad 6-13426 Minage de garcon. Balzac .

Aa 2-12547 Wallace, W. Mining districts of Alston moor Mind. Brigham, A. Influence of mental cultivation

Gb 9-9120 Ga 3-8745 Mining. Jones, w. The treasures of the earth Chapone, Mrs. H. Letters on the improvement

Gb 9-9143 of the

Hc 10-11275 – Phillips, J. A., and J. Darlington. Records of - Cooke, Wm. Mind and the emotions

mining and metallurgy

Gb 9-9133 Hc 8-11242 Silversmith, J. Hand-book for miners – Dendy, w. c. ' Philosophy of mystery

Gb 9-9135 IIc 7-11220 — Smyth, w. w. Coal and coal mining – Elam, c. Physicians' problems He 8-11245

Gb 11-16525 – Hazard, R. G. Freedom of mind in willing Whittlesey, c. ' Ancient mining on the shores of

Hc 8-11243

lake Superior. S. C. to K. Vol. 13, Art. 4 Mill, James. Analysis Hc 5-16507

Ae 1-13487 Rush, B. Diseases of the mind Ga 5-11299 Minisink region, Orange county, N. Y. Stickney, c. Sweetzer, W. Mental hygiene Ga 5-8776

E. History of

Cc 42917 – Taylor, Isaac. Fanaticism

Ef 8–8399 Minister's wife. M. O. W. Oliphant : Fa 13–14842 – Theory of agreeable sensations Hc 10–13793 Minister's wooing. H. B. Stowe

Ff 11-14150 Winslow, F. Diseases of Ga 3–8742 Ministry. Fletcher, J. Letters of

Ef 8-8366 Mind in pature. H. J. Clark

Dk 5-6946 Murray, N. Preachers and preaching Et 8–8226 Mind your own business. Drama. M. Lemon

Pastor's jottings

Ef 8-8369 Hb 9-10957 Pulpit and the pew

Ef 8-8333 Minelli – Alfio Balzani

Fc 10-15023 Spencer, J. S. Pastor's sketches Ef 8-8367 Miner, Charles. History of Wyoming in a series of - Thompson, M. Larue P. The church, its minletters to his son. Ph., 1845. go Cc 11-3087

istry and worship

Eg 11-8635 Miner, Thomas, and W. Tully. Essays on fevers and – Wisner, W. Incidents in the life of a pastor other medical subjects. Middletown, 1823. go

Er 8-8368 Ga 3-8732 Ministry of life. M. L. Charlesworth Ff 4-14016 Miner boy and his mo itor. ' P. C. Headley

Minnesota. Bond, J. W. Resources and history Ďa 11-4837

Cb 11-2774 Mineral kingdom. Kurr, J. G. Mineral kingdom McClung, J. W. Minnesota as it is Cb 11-13669 Ac 2–7598 Neile, E. D. History of

Ch 11-2776 - Williams, John. Natural history : Gb 9-9129 - Oliphant, L. Minnesota and the far west Mineral resources of the states and territories west of

Df 9-6052 the Rocky mountains. J. Ross Browne

Owen, d. D. Geological survey of Eb 1-7335

Bf 3–13616 Seymour, E. S. Sketches of, 1849 Df 10-6133 Mineral resources of the United States. A. Sutro

Minor. Drama. S. Foote.

Hb 7-10900 Gb 2–8857 Minot, G. R. Continuation of the history of the provMineralli. Drama. H. g. Plunkett:

Hb 9-10961 ince of Massachusetts Bay, from 1748, with inMineraolgy. Beck, L. C. Natural history of New troductory sketch, from its original settlement. York

Dk 13–13812
B., 1798-1803. 2v. go

Cc 7-2971 -- Report of the mineralogy of New York Minturn, R. B., jr. New York to Delhi, by way of

Dk 4-6920 Rio de Janiero, Australia, and China. Ni Y., – Buckland, w. Geology and mineralogy with ref- 18.58

Dg 3–6185 erence to natural theology

ÈD 4-7465 Minutes of the provincial council from the organiza- Dana, J. D. System of .

Eb 6-7511

tion to the termination of the proprietary gov– Egleston, T. Catalogue of minerals with their ernment of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg, 1838– formulas

Dk 12-7078
40. 3v. 8°

Cc 11-2660 – Feuchtwanger, L. Popular treatise on gems Mir Gholam Hussein-Khan. The history of Hydur

Eb 6–7514 Naik, otherwise styled Shums ul Moolk, Ameer - Heck, J. G. Iconographic encyclopaedia. v. 1 Ud Dowlo, Nawaub Hydur Ali Khan Baha

Ac 8–13234 door, Hydur Juog; Nawaub of the Karnatic - Hitchcock, E. Report on the mineralogy of Balaghaut. Trai s. by Col. W. Miles. L., Massachusetts

Eb 5-7490
1842. go

Dh 4-6444 – Hollister, 0. J. The mines of Colorado

The Siyar-ul-Mutakherin, a history of the MaEb 6-7513

homedan power in India during the last cen




Mir Gholam Hussein-Khan, continued.

Missions, continued. tury. Revised and collated with the Persian Pierson, H. W. American missionary memorial original, by John Briggs. L., 1832. v. 1

Ed 1-7853 Cf 10-3697 Smith, T., and Choules. History of Ee 9-8120 Mirabeau, H. G. R. Comte de. Oeuvres de precedees Africa.

d'une notice sur sa vie et ses ouvrage par J. - Jewett, S. A. W. Livingstone in . Dg 11-16128 Merilhou. P., 1827. 9 v. 8o. Aa 9-13079 Krapf, J. L. Eastern Africa Dg 10-6206 Contents.– Vol. I. Essai historique sur la vie

Moffat, R. Labors in Southern Africa Dg 10-6392 et les ouvrages de Mirabeau ; Par J. Mérilhou;

Des lettres de cachet et des prisons d'état,

Bartlett, W. S. The frontier missionary. Life of
II. Des lettres de cachet et des prisons d'état;

J. Bailey
Preuves et éclaircissements; Essai sur le despo-

Ed 1-7818 tisme. III.-V. Notice-ur Sophie et sur ces let

- Heckewelder, J. Mission among the Delaware tres ; Lettres écrites du donjon de Vincennes,

and Mohegan Indians

Ed 1-7815
à Sophie Rutrei et à quelques autres personnes; – Kip, W. I. Early jesuits in North America
Lettres de Sophie à Mirabeau. VI. Avant-pro-
Histoire secrète de la cour de Berlin;

Df 7-6033

Loskiel, G. H. ' Missions of the united brethren nant en Prusse, le jour de son avénement au

among the Indians

Ed 2-16110 trône. VII.-IX. Discours et opinions; Observations d'un voyageur anglais sur Bicêtre; De

Palou, Francisco. Relacian historica de la vida la liberté de la presse, imité de l'anglais de

del padre Fray Junipero Serra . Ed 1-7825 Milton ; Considérations sur l'ordre de Cincinna

Smet, P. J. de. Oregon missions DE 10–6149 tus.

– Taché, Mgr. Alex. Vingt années de missions - Secret history of the court of Berlin. Dublin,

Df 11-6166 1789. 80

De 9-5768 - Asia. Dumont, E. Recollections of

Cg 4_3806 Badger, G. P. Narrative of a mission to MessoMiracles. Montford, Simon de. Miracles. Cam.

potamia and Coordistan

Ed 1-1812 Soc. Pub. v. 15

Ce 6-3309 Dean, W., D.D. The China mission Ed 1-7822 Mountford, Wm. Miracles, past, and present Judson, Emily. Kathayan slave Ed 1-14634

Ee 12-7803 - Marshman, J. C. History of the Serampore mis· Trench, R. c. Notes

Eg 6–8597

Ed 1-7820 Miralda. Drama, M. M. Ballou Hb 10-11003 - Scudder, H. E. Life and letters of David Coit Miramichi

Fd 14-13885

Ed 1-7824 Miriam. Baldwin, G. c. Representative women Waterbury, J. B. Memoir of Rev. John Scud

Dd 1-5388

Ed 2-7826
Miriam. 'Mrs. M. V. Terhune
Fe 6-15298 Woman and her Saviour in Persia

Ed 1-7822 Miriam Cothin; or, the whale fishermen Fd 14-13901

Wylie, Mrs. M. Gospel in Burmah Ed 1-7817 Mirkhond. History of the early kings of Persia, from Ceylon.

Kaiomars, the first of the Peshıdadian dynasty - Selkirk, James. Church mission society's operato the conquest of Iran by Alexander the Great. tions

bh 846013 Trans, from the original Persian of Mirkhond, China. entitled the Rauzat-us-safa, with notes and il

- Ljungstedt, Sir A. Roman catholic mission in lustrations, by David Shea. L., 1832. 8°

Dh 2-6007 Dh 4-6445 Egypt. Mirror, the. Newburyport, 1803. 2v. Hd 13-11748

- Lansing, Gulian. Egypt's princes. Dg 11-6377 With preface by A. Chalmers. B., 1866. 2v. - Hawaii.

Hd 12–11684 - Anderson, R. Progress under missionary lahors Mirza Itesa Modeen. Shigurf Namah-I- Velaet; or,

Dh 8-6523 excellent intelligence concerning Europe; be- Hindostan. ing travels in Great Britain and France. Trans. - Ward, F. de W. Account of the Christian misby J. E. Alexander. L., 1827. 8° Di 5-6679


Dh 5-6485 Mirza. Staël-Holstein

Aa 1-12588 India. Misanthrope. Com. Moliere

Hb 2-10766 Mackenzie, Mrs. Colin. Life in the mission Mischief making. Drama. J. B. Buckstone

Dh 5-6492 Hb 10-10998 Wari, F. de w. Christian missions Dh 5-6185 Miser. Com. h. Fielding :

Hd 13–11729 Madagascar. Miserables, les. V. Hugo

Fe 4-15252 Sibree, J. Mission work among the Malagasy Miserables, los. V. Hugo Aa 1-12595

Dg 10-7530 Miser's daughter. W. H. Ainsworth Fd 2-14230

Ocean. Misrepresentations. Anna H. Drury Fa 11-15245 Rowe, G. S. Life of John Hunt, missionary at Miss Carew. A. B. Edwards Fb 9-145.75 Fiji

Ed 2-7806 Miss Gilbert's career. J. G. Holland :

Fe 3-15209 · Williams, J. Narrative of missions in South sea Miss in her teens. Far. D. Garrick Hb 1-10737


Ed 1-7819 Miss Lucy in town. Far. H. Fielding Hd 13–11730 Mississippi bubble.' A. Thiers

Ci 9-1390 Miss Oona McQuarrie. Alex. Smith Ff 12-12171 Mississippi river. Ashe, T. Explorations in 1860 Miss Slimmins' window. Mrs. Mark Peabody

Df 9-6108 Fb 13-14509 Hennepin, Lewis. Discovery of . Ci 2-11810 Miss Van Kortland Fd 13-13906 Lanman, C. Canoe voyage

Df 10-6140 Mission. Fred. Marryat

Fc 12-15055 - La Salle. First attempts to explore Cb 2-2325 Mission of the comforter. C. J. Hare Eg 5-8187 · Olmsted, F. L. Journey in the back country Missionaries. Thompson, E. Our oriental missions

Df7-6042 Fa 2-5094 Pike, z. M. Sources of the

Dr 6-5977 Missions. General.

Schoolcraft, H. R. The actual source of Df 4-5927 Brown, W. Propagation of Christianity among Narrative journal

Df 5-5944 the heathen

Ed 1-7809
Summary narrative

Df 459:2
Horne, M. Letters on missions
Ed 2-7685 - Tourists' guide

Ck 11-4623 Kingsmill, J. Missions and missionaries Mississippi valley. Bailey, F. Journal of a tour,

Ed 1-7808

Dr 10-6114 Marshall, T. W. M. Christian missions Ed 1-7897 Bradford, w. J. A. ' Valley of the upper MissisMemorial volume of the first fifty years of Ameri- sippi

Cb 4-9653 can board of

Ed 1-7816 Flint, 'T. "History and geography of Ci 34264 - Newcomb, II. Cyclopaedia of Ad 1-13186


Df 5-5967


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Mississippi valley, continued.

Mitchell, S. L., continued. - Foster, J. W. Physical geography Ci 3-13633 Observations on the geology of North America ; - Monette, J. W. Discovery of Cb 2-2528 illustrated by the description of various organic - Shea, J. G. Discovery and exploration of

remains, found in that part of the world. N.Y., Cb 2-2525 1818. 80

Eb 4-7469 – Squier, E. G., and E. H. Davis. Ancient monu- Mitchell, s. w. Researches on the venom of the ments. S. C. to K. Vol. 1

Ae 1-13475 rattlesnake, with an investigation of the anatoMissouri. Waterhouse, S. Resources of Bh 5-Pam. 75 my and physiology of the organs concerned. - St. Louis. Hogan, J. Thoughts about

W., 1860.

Ae 1-13487, and Ga 2–8689 Bh 6-Pam. 34 - Respiration in the chelonia. S. C. to K.

Vol. 13, – Johnson, T. c. Her past, present, and future

Art. 9 .

Ae 1-13488 Bh 6-Pam. 59 Mitchell, T. L. Journal of an expedition into the inHistory of commercial statistics, improve terior of tropical Australia in search of a route ments, etc., of the year 1854 Bh 6-Pam. 10 from Sydney to the gulf of Carpentaria. L., Memorial of the citizens to the congress of the 1818. 8

Dh 9-6539 United States praying for an appropriation for Three expeditions into the interior of eastern removing the obstructions to the navigation of Australia ; with description of the recently exthe western rivers, for the improvement of the plored region of Australia Felix, and of the preharbor of St. Louis, etc. 1844. Bh 6-Pam. 10 sent colony of New South Wales. L., 1839 Public schools of. First annual report of 1854

Dh 9-6551 Bh 6-Pam. 36 Mitchell, Walter. 'Bryan Maurice Fc 10-15021 -- Fourteenth annual report of the board of direc- Mitchell

, w., and J. Tennant. Mineralogy and crystors of the St. Louis public schools for year talography. Orr's Circ. of the Sci. Ea 4-7169 ending Aug. 1, 1868. St. Louis, 1869. 8° Mitchell, W., J. R. Young, and John Murray. Me

Bb 6–385 chanical philosophy. Orr's Circ. of the Sci. Missouri bill . King, Rufus. Substance of two speeches

Ea 47174 on the, 1819

Bh 6-Pam. 2 Mitford, M. R. Life of. Toid by herself in letters to Missouri river. Allen, Paul. Expedition under Lewis her friends. Edited by Ă. G. K. L'Estrange. and Clark

Df 5-5954
N. Y., 1870. 2 v.

Dc 5–5220 Mistake. Com. J. Vanbrugh

Hb 1--10735 Rienzi. "'Trag. F's s. D. v. 22 IIb 9–10962 Mistaken. Lydia Fuller

Fa 15–16324 Stories of American life, by American writers Mistress and maid. Muloch Fd 7-14289

Fc 8–15256 Mitchell, D. G. Battle summer; being a transcript Works. Prose and verse

Fc 8-14987 from personal observation in Paris in 18-18. N. Mitford, Wm. History of Greece. B., 1823 Ca 8-2394 Y., 1852 Di 6–15037 | Mithridate. Trag. J. Racine

Hb 2-10777 - Doctor Johns Fc 11-15036 Mithridates. Trag. Lee

Hb 1-10743 - Dream life Fc 11-15033 Mitla. G. F. von Tempsky.

Df 4-5936 - Fresh gleanings; or, a new sheaf from the old Mob cap. Drama. H. Paul

Hb 10–10995 fields of continental Europe. N. Y., 1851 Moby Dick. H. Melville

Fc 9-14991 Di 3–15038 Mock doctor. Com. H. Fielding Hd 13–11728 - - Fudgle doings

Fc 11-15031 Modern antiques. Drama. J. O'Keeffe Hb 7–10896 - The lorgnette

Fc 11-15035 Modern culture. See Culture demanded by modern - My farm of Edgewood; a country book. N. Y., life. By Tyndall, et al

Hic 8-11244 1863

Ec 11-15029 Modern griselda. M. Edgeworth Fb 9-16573 - Reveries of a bachelor

Fc 30–15030 Modern husband. Com. H. Fielding Hd 13–11728 - Seven stories with a basement and attic

Modern inquiries. J. Bigelow

He 3-11923 Fc 11-15037 Modern mercantile calculator. A. D. Y. Henriques Mitchell, D. W. Ten years in the United States; an

Eb 10–7582 Englishman's views of men and things in the Modern minor drama. .sce French's M. M. D. north and south. L., 1862. 8° Df 8–6062 Modern palmistry. A. R. Craig :

Ci 9-4384 Mitchell, J. Fall of Napoleon ; an historical memoir. Modern pilgrims. George Wood Fa 13-14831 L., 1846 3 v. De 45702 Modern society. C. Sinclair

Ff 15-14445 - The female pilgrim

Fc 11-15015 Modern standard drama. See French's M. S. D. History of Ireland from the treaty of Limerick to Modern traveller ; a popular description, geographi.

the present time. N. Y., 1868. 8. Ce 7–3351 cal, historical, and topographical, of various Mitchell, John. Manual of practical assaying, in

countries of the globe. B., 1830 Dy 6-6338 tended for the use of metallurgists, captains of Modeste mignon. Balzac

Aa 2-12545 mines, and assayers in general; with tables. Moens, W. J. C. English travelers and Italian briL., 1854. 8°

Gb 9-9125
gands. N. Y., 1866

Di 7-6740 Mitchell, John M. The herring, its natural history Moffat, R. Missionary labors and scenes in southern and national importance. E., 1864. 8°

Africa. N. Y., 1844

Dg 10-6392 Dk 10–7049 Mohammed. Koran, commonly called the Alcoran Mitchell, Nahum. IIistory of the early settlement of of Mohammed. Trans. by George Sale. Ph., Bridgewater, Massachusetts, including an ex

1850. 8°

Ca 10-2491 tensive family register. B., 1840. 8° Cc 6–2952 Life and religion of, as contained in the Sheeah Mitchell, O. M. The astronomy of the bible. N. Y, traditions of the Hyât-ul-Kuloob. Trans. from 1863

Eb 9-7604 the Persian by J. L. Merrick. B., 1850. 89 - The planetary and stellar worlds ; popular expo

Ca 10-2492 sition of the great discoveries and theories of

Mahomet. Life of; or, history of that imposture modern astronomy. N. Y., 1848 Eb 8-7543

which was begun, carried on, and finally estabHeadley, P. C. Patriot boy.

Da 10-4815

lished by him in Arabia. Wor., 1802 Mitchell, S. A. Accompaniment to Mitchell's refer

(a 10-2496 ence and distance map of the United States, Bush, G. Life of

Ca 10-2493 containing an index of all the counties, dis- Irving, W. Mahomet and his successors tricts, townships, towns, etc., in the union, with

Ca 10-2494 an index of the rivers. Ph., 18:34. g• Ck 1-4227 Mohammed Khan. Lai Mahan. Life of - Mitchell's new general atlas; with statistical ta

(f 12-3731 bles. Ph., 1863 .

Cab. A 5-15592 Mohammedanisin.' Burder, w. History of
Mitchell, S. L. Historical discourse. Col. N. Y. Hist.

Ed 10-7969
Soc. v. 11,
Cc 4-2909 – Evans, J.' Outline of

Ed 11-7958








v. 26


V. 23

2 v.

Mohammedanism, continued.

Momentous question. Drama. E. Fitzball
Gibbon, E. Saracen empire
Ca 11-13740

Hb 9-10967 Koran

Ca 10-2491 Momies d'Egypte. Com. Regnard Aa 6-12913 Mir Gholam Hussein-Khan. "History of Mahom- Mommsen, T. History of Rome. Trans. by W. P. edan power in India

Cf 10-3697

Dickson. v. 1. N. Y., 1869. v. 2-4. L., 1864–6. - Perkins, J. Notices of the Muhammedans

4 v. 8°

Ca 6-2328 Dh 4-6440 Monarchs retired from business. J. Doran Ca 3-2255 Sheikh Zeen-ud-Deen. Historical work

Monasteries. Ancren Riwle. Cam. Soc. Pub. Ca 12-15539 57

Ce 9-16018 - Southgate, H. 'Observations on Dh 4-6459 Beckford, Wm. Excursion to the monasteries of Temant, Rev. W. Indian recreations Cf 10-3685 Alcobaça

Di 3-6656 - Weil, G. Biblical legends of the Mussulmen — Curzon, R. A visit to monasteries in the Levant Ee 9-8107

Dg 5-6200 Mohawk valley. Sketches and views

DE 10-6151 – Irgulph. 'Chronicle of Abbey of Croyland Mohr, F. The grape vine, a practical scientific trea

Cf 7-3601 tise on its management. N. Y., 1867

Les Ursulines de Québec

Ch 1-3964 Ec 8–7731 Three chapters of letters relating to the suppresMoïse. Trag. Chateaubriand

Aa 1-12592

sion of monasteries. Cam. Soc. Pub. Moldavia. Neale, A. Travels Di 1-6565

Ce 6–3318 Moleville, A. F. Bertrand de. Annals of the French Monastery. Sir W. Scott · Ff 10-14189

revolution; or, chronological account of its Monastic life. See Monasteries.
principal events. L., 1800-9. 9 v. 8° Monastic orders. Jameson, Mrs. A. M. Legends of

Cg 5–3847

HC 3-11099 Chronological abridgement of the history of Monboddo, Lord. See Burnet, James.

Great Britain, from the invasion of the Romans Moncrieff, W. T. Cataract of the Ganges. F's S.
to 1703. L., 1818. 4v. 8°
Cf 5-3552

Hb 9-10963 - Private memoirs relative to the last year of the - Jewess. F's S. D. v. 16

Hb 9-10959 reign of Louis XVI. L., 1797. 3 v. 8°

Monsieur Tonson. F's M. D. v. 16 Hb 10-10998 Cg 4–3807 Spectre bridegroom. F's M. D.

V. 24 Molière, J. B. P. de. Oeuvres complètes; précédes

Hb 10-11000 de la vie de Molière par Voltaire. P., 1854. Tom and Jerry. F's M. D. V. 20 Hb 10-10999 80

Hb 2-10766 Monette, J. W. History of the discovery and settleContents.-Vol. I. Vie de Molière; L'Étourdi;

ment of the valley of the Mississippi by the three Le dépit amoureux; Les précieuses ridicules; Syanarelle; Don Garcie de Navarre; L'École

great European powers, Spain, France, and des maris; Les facheux; L'éole des femines;

Great Britain, and the subsequent occupaLa critique de l'école des femmes; L'im

tion, settlement, and extension of civil govpromptu de Vereailles; Le mariage forcé, Com.;

ernment by the United States. N. Y., 1848. Le mariage forcé, ballet: La princesse d'Elide; Don Juan; L'amour médecin ; Le misanthrope;

2 v. 89

Cb 2-2528 Le médecin malgré lui; Mélicerte; Pastorale

Money, J. History of the campaign of 1792 becomique. II. Le Sicilien; Le Tartufé; Am

tween the armies of France, under generals Duiphitryon ; L'avare; George Dandin; Monsieur de Pourceaugnac: Les amants magnifiques;

mourier, Valence, etc., and the allies, under Le bourgeois gentilhomme; Psyché; Les four

the duke of Brunswick. L., 1794 Cg 2–13798 beries de scapin; La Comptesse d'Escarbagnas; Money. Bunting, H. Money mentioned in scripture Les femmes savantes; Le malade imaginaire; Remerciement au roi: Bouts-Rimés; Sonnet;

Dg 6-6351

Davies, T. A. How to make money and how to La Gloire du dôme du Val-de-Grace.

keep it

He 5-12002 - Oeuvres, de. P., 1833. 3 v. . Hb 8-10945 Gouge, W. M. Paper money

Bc 1-506 Contents.-Same as above.

Haskins, R. W. Effect of increase of money – Voltaire, F. M. A. de. "Vie de Aa 12-13286


Bh 6-Pam. 6 Moliere characters. C. C. Clarke Hb 2-10784 How a penny became a thousand pounds Molina, Abbe don J. Ignatius. Geographical, natu

He 7-13726 ral and civil history of Chili, with notes from Kellore, E. New monetary system Bc 1-503 the Spanish and French versions. Middle- - Law, J. Money and trade

Bc 1-15841 town, Ct., 1808. 2 v. 80

Ch 0-1098 Locke, J. Consequence of lowering the interest, Molino, el. Com. Vega

Aa 2-12575
etc. Works.

Hc 5-11172 Moll, C. B. See Lange, J. P., and Ad 3-13368 Spaulding, E. G. History of legal tender paper Moll Flanders. Fortunes and misfortunes of. D.


Bc 1-491
De Foe
Hd 7-11581 – Tucker, G. Theory of :

Bc 1-502
Moll Pitcher. Drama. 'J. S. Jones
Hb 9–10966 Money. Com. Bulwer-Lytton

Hb 9-10952 Möllhausen, Baldwin. Journey from Mississippi to Money king: J. G. Saxe

Hf 11-12493 the coast of the Pacific; with an introduction Mongolia. Atkinson, T. W. Explorations Dh 6–6489 by A. von Humboldt. L., 1858. 2 v. 89 Df 5-5945

Dh 6-6491 Molloy, Rev. G. Geology and revelation; or, the an- Monikins. J. F. Cooper

Ff 1-13972 cient history of the earth considered in the Monk, G. Guizot, F. P. G. Monk; or, the fall of light of geological facts and revealed religion. the republic

Ce 5–3282 N. Y., 1870. Ef 5-16154 - Gumble, Thomas. Life of

Dc 1-524 Mollusca. Cooper, Wm. Report on Ae 4-13541 James, G. P. R. Life of


Dd 1-5403 Cuvier, F. Animal kingdom. V. 3 Dk 1-6865 - Skinner, T. Life of

Dc 7-5208 De Kay, J. E. Natural history of New York Monkeys. Martin, W. C. L. Physical history of Dk 13-13821

Ch 9-4151 Gosse, P. II. Naturalist's rambles Dk 11-7116 Monks. Johnson, J. E. Monks before Christ Gould, A. A. Mollusca and shells Af 3-13.517

Ed 3-13653 Martin, F. Natural history

Dk 3-3873 Montalembert, C. F. The monks of the west
Phipson, T. L. Practical studies: Dk 11-7117
- Tate, R. Land and fresh water mollusks of – Ruffner, H. Origin and practice of monkery
Great Britain

Dk 11-7111
Wood, J. G. Mustrated natural history. Monmouth, battle of j. T. Headley :

Dk 4–6910 Monnier, Marc. Les amours permises P., 1861 - Woodward, s. P. Manual

Dk 11-7115

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v. 5

15 – Michie, A. Through the desert and steppes..?

Ec 4-8074

Ec 2-8030 He 6-11978

v. 2

Aa 5-12786

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