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Medicine, continued.

Melville, G. J. W., continued. Periodicals and Transactions.

The white rose

Fc 7-14947 - American homoeopathic journal of materia medi- Melville, Herman. Battle pieces and aspects of the

Gb 1-8837
N. Y., 1866

Hf 9-12429 - Buffalo medical journal Gb 1-8828 Moby Dick

Fc 9-14991 - Journal of health Gb 1-8826 The refugee

Fc 9-14988 - The lancet Ga 1-8642 Typee

Fc 9-14989 – Medical society of New York.' Transactions,

White jacket

Fc 9-14990 1854

Bh 6-Pam. 14 Membré, Father. Narrative of the adventures of La- Same. From 1858 to 1869

Gb 1-8814 Salle's party, from Feb., 1980 to June, 1681. - Transactions of New York state homoeopathic See Shea, J. G., and .

Cb 2-2525 medical society

Gb 1-8821 Memoirs of American governors. J. B. Moore Medico de su honra. Drama. Calderón Ae 2–12576

Db 4-4923 Medina. Burton, R. F. Pilgrimage to El-Medinah Memoirs of great commanders. G. P. R. James Dh 3–6439 | .

Dd 1-5403 Medina, Miss L. Ernest Maltravers. F's S. D. v. 18 Memoirs of a journalist. J. G. Bennett Da 10-4817

Hb 9-10960 Memoirs of the musical drama. G. Hogarth – Last days of Pompeii. F's s. D. v. 19 Hb 9–10961

Hb 12-11035 - Nick of the woods. F's S. D. v. 34 Hb 9-10968 Memoir of s. S. Prentiss. N. Y., 1855. 2 v. Meditationes sacrae. F. Bacon. Works v. 1 and 11

Da 10–4811 Hd 1-11383 Memoirs d'une femme de qualité sur Louis XVIII., Meditations on the actual state of Christianity. F. P. sa cour et son règne (par Damas-Hinard, MalGuizot

Ef 10-8303 itourne, et Villemarest.) P., 1829–30. 6 v. in Meditations on the essence of Christianity. F.P. 3. 80

Aa 9-13076 Guizot.

Ef 10-8433 Memoirs d'un pauvre hére. 'Ph., 1829. 2 v. Mediterranean sea. Bennet, J. H. Winter and spring

Aa 2-12569 on the shores of the

Di 4-6630 Memoires de deux jeunne mariées. Balzac - Colton, W. Ship and shore : Di 3-6660

Aa 2-12543 - Montague, John. Voyage round, in 1738–9 Memoirs of Barry Lyndon, esq. W. M. Thackeray Cb 1-2464

Fe 9-15325 Sleeper, M. G. Sketches and stories of Di 4-13837 Memoirs of Captain Carleton. D. De Foe Hd 7-11580 – Wilde, W. R. Voyage along the shores

Memoirs of a cavalier. D. De Foe Hd 7-11580

Dg 4-6258 Memoirs of Mr. Charles J. Yellowplush. W. M. - Willis, N. P. Summer cruise Di 4-6667 Thackeray :

Fe 9-15324 Medway river. Ireland, Sam. Picturesque views Memoirs of the dukes of Urbino. J. Dennistoun Di 2–6582

De 9–16437 Meech, L. w. Relative intensity of the heat and light Memoirs of a femme de chambre. Countess M. P.

of the sun upon different latitudes of the earth

S. C. to K. Vol. 9, Art. 2 Ae 1-13483 Memoirs of a good-for-nothing. Joseph von EichenMeek, F. B. Check list of the invertebrate fossils of

Fb 4-14567 North America. S. M. C. Vol. 7, Art. 7

Memoirs of a Huguenot family. J. Fontaine
Dk 12–7078

De 6-15074 – Palaeontology of the upper Missouri. Inverte

. Memoirs of a physician. A. Dumas Fd 11-16456 brates. S.C. to K. Vol. 14, Art. 5 Ae 1-13489 Memoirs of Hon. Thomas Jefferson, containing a conMeeker, N. C. Life in the west; or, stories of the cise history of the United States, from the acMississippi valley

Fc 10-15011 knowledgment of their independence; with a Meg's diversion. Drama. H. t. Craven Hb 9-10973 view of the rise and progress of French influMelaia. Eliza Cook

Hf 4-12263 ence and French principles in that country. Melanges litteraires. R. F. A. Chateaubriand

N. Y., 1809. 2 v. 8°

Da 5-4685 Aa 1-12593 Memorabilia of Socrates. Xenophon Ha 2-10462 Melbourn. Julius. Life and opinions; with sketches Memorable women. Mrs. N. Crossland Dd 1-5409

of the lives of T. Jefferson, J. Q. Adams, John Memorial de famille. E. Souvestre Aa 4-12724 Randolph, and several other eminent American Memorial volume of the first fifty years of the Ameristatesmen. Edited by a late member of Con- can board of commissioners for foreign misgress. Syracuse, 1847 Db 6-5060 sion. B., 1861. 80

Ed 1-7816 Melbourn and the Chincha Islands. G. W. Peck Memorias de un asno.

C. De Segur Aa 3–12688

Dh 9-6548 Memories of the great metropolis. F. Saunders Mélicerte. Drama. Moliere

Di 5-6691 Meline, James F. Two thousand miles on horseback. Men and mysteries of Wall street. J. R. Medbery Santa Fe and back. A summer tour through

Bc 1-505 Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and New Mexico, Men and times of the revolution.' w. c. Watson Df 8-6074

Db 1-4863 Melish, John. Geographical description of the United Men and women of the 19th century. "A. Houssaye States, with the contiguous British and Span

Dd 1-5391 ish possessions. Ph., 1818. 8. Ci 4-4284 Men of character. 'D. Jerrola

Fb 11-14642 – Travels in the United States of America in 1806- Men of the time. Biographical sketches of eminent

7-9-10–11. Ph., 1812. 2 v. 39 Df 8–6050 living characters, also biographical sketches of Mellichampe. W. G. Simms

Ff 15-15362 celebrated women of the time. L., 1859
Melmoth reconcilié. Balzac
Aa 2-12555

Ab 6–12662 Melville, G. J. W. The Brookes of Bridlemere Men of the time; or, sketches of living notables. n.

Fc 7-14946
Y., 1852

Ab 6-12661 - Cerise; a tale of the last century Fc 7-14943 Men, women, and ghosts. E. S. Phelps Fb 12-14350 - Digby grand

Fe 7-14941 Menault, Ernest. The intelligence of animals, with – The gladiators.

Fc 7-14945 illustrative anecdotes. N. Y., 1869 Dk 5–6944 - Good for nothing

Fc 7–14951 Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. Letters from 1833 to - Holmby house.

Fc 7-15854 1847. Trans. by Lady Wallace. N. Y., 1868 - The interpreter Fc 7-14948

Hb 10-10991 - Kate Coventry

Fc 7-14940 Letters from Italy to Switzerland. Trans. by - The queen's maries .

Fc 7-14950 Lady Wallace. ' N. Y., 1868 НЬ 10-10984 – Tilbury Nogo

Fc 7-14944 Kingsford, J. The tone masters Hb 10-10989





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Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix, continued.

Merchant of Berlin. Muhlbach . Fd 6-14312 Lampadius, W. A. Life of Hb 10–10892 Merchant of Venice. Shakespeare Hb 5-10634 - Polko, Elise. Reminiscences of Hb 10–10992 Merchants. Hunt, F. Lives of American merchants Mendez, M. Chaplet Hb 1-10737

Db 1-4875 Menechmes. Com. Regnard

Aa 6–12940

Scoville, j. A. ' oid merchants of New York city Men's wives. W. M. Thackeray Fe 10-15331

Db 3-4897 Menschenhasz und Reue. Kotzebue Hb 8-10940 Merchants and bankers' almanac, 1863. N. Y., 1863. Menschikoff, A. Life. Trans. by M. A. Pietzker


Ck 11-4625 Fd 5-16509 Merchants

’ magazine and commercial review. v. Menstruation. Bliss, W. w. woman and her thirty 2 to 62. N. Y., 1840–70. 61 v. 8° year's pilgrimage Ga 2-15771

Gf 1-9546 Mental hygiene. W. Sweetser Ga 5-8776 Mercy received. S. Charnock

Ef 3-8240 Mental science. Bain, A. Compendium of psychol- Mère coupable. Beaumarchais Aa 6-12945

Hc 5-16716 Meredith, Geo. Shaving of Shagpat; an Arabian - Barlow, J. Physiology and intellectual philoso- entertainment

Fc 10–15010 phy

He 1-11771 Meredith, L. A. My home in Tasmania ; or nine - Beecher, C. E. Common sense applied to re- years in Australia. N. Y., 1853 Dh 9-6456 ligion

of mind
Eg 2–8430 ,

Meriam, Maria S. Memoir of. Nat. Lib. Dk 6-6989

Hc 8–11225 Merimack, N. H. See Fox, C. J. Brown, T. Lectures on the philosophy of the Mérimée, N. H. History of Peter the Cruel, king of human mind

Hc 6–11201 Castile and Leon. L., 1849. 2 v. De 8-5758 Champlin, J. T. Text-book on intellectual phi- Merivale, Charles. The conversion of the northern losophy

Hc 5-9535 nations. Boyle lectures for 1865 N. Y., 1866. Confucius and the Chinese classics Hc 9-11300


Ef 11-13929 Gall, F. J. Origin of the intellectual faculties - History of the Romans under the empire. N.

Ga 6-8749
Y., 1864. 7 v. 8°

Ca 6-2346 – Locke, J. Human understanding. Works. v. Merle d'Aubigné, J. H. History of the great re1 to 3

Hc 5-11177, and 8-11237 formation of the 16th century in Germany, Man and his dwelling place

Hc 9-11304 Switzerland, etc. Ph., 1843. go Ee 9-8130 - Mill, James. Analysis of the human mind

History of the great reformation of the 16th cen

Hc 5–16507 tury in Germany, Switzerland, England, etc. – Murphy, J. J. 'Habit and intelligence

Ph., 1845. 5 v.

Ee 10-8155 Dk 10-16471 History of the protestant church in Hungary from Rush, J. Analysis of the human intellect

the beginning of the reformation to 1850; with

Hc 8-11223 special reference to Transylvania. Trans. by Schmucker, s. S. Psychology Hc 8-11241 J. Craig. B., 1854

Ee 9-8139 - Stewart, D. Philosophy of the human mind History of the reformation of the 16th century.

Hc 6-11202 Trans. by H. White. N. Y., 1841–53. 5 v.
Hc 8–11785

Ee 8-8114 - Upham, T.C. Elements of mental philosophy History of the reformation in Europe in the time of

Hc 6-11210
Calvin. N. Y., 1863. 5 v.

Ce 10-8149 Menteur. Com. Corneille :

Hb 2-10769 – The protector ; a vindication. n. Y., 1847 Menus propos. A. Karr Aa 4-12731

Dc 9–5323 Menzel, W. German literature. Trans. by C. C. Writings; with a sketch of the life of the author, Felton. B., 1840. 3 v.

Ha 12-10687 by Robert Baird. N. Y., 1846. Ef 11-13990 - History of Germany from the earliest period to Merolla, G. Voyage to Congo, 1682. Pinkerton's the present time. Trans. by Mrs. G. Horrocks.

voyages. 16

Dg 1-5841
L., 1848.
3 v.
Cg 6–3903 Merope. Trag. A. Hill

Hb 1-10732 Mequinez. Windhuss, J. Journey in 1721. Pink- Merope. Trag: Voltaire

Aa 12-13242 erton's voyages. 15

Dg 1-5840 Merrifield, M. P. Original treatises, dating from the Mercantile law. Holcombe, J. P. Compendium of 12th to 18th centuries, on the arts of painting,

Ba 11-249 gilding, dyeing, etc. L., 1849. 2 v. 80 Montefiore, J. Synopsis of Ba 11-250

Hc 4-11131 Waterston, W. Cyclopaedia . Ad 8-13464 Merrell, W m. E. Iron truss bridges for railroads ; Mercantile library association, Boston. Annual re- Methods of calculating strains; with a comports for 1850-1-2-3 .

Bh 6-Pam. 15 parison of the most prominent truss bridges, Report, 1856 Bh 5-Pam. 75 etc. N. Y., 1870. 40.

Gb 2-8862 Mercantile library association of the city of New Merrimack. D. K. Lee

Fb 2-14327 York. Annual reports, 1850-1-2-3-4

Merrimack river. Thoreau, H. D. Week on Bh 6-Pam. 15

Df7-6029 - Report, 1855

Bh 6-Pam. 33 Merritt, W. H. Journal of events on the Detroit and Report, 1856

Bh 5-Pam, 75 Niagara frontiers during the war of 1812 Reports, 1858-9-60-1-2-5-6-9 Bh 5-Pam. 43

Bh 5-Pam. 66 Catalogue of books, 1830 and 1834 Bh 6-Pam. 25 Merry wives of Windsor. Shakespeare Hb 5-10634 - Catalogue of books; with constitution and rules. Merry wives of Windsor. First sketch. S. 8. Pub. N. Y., 1837 Bi 2-2142 Shakespeare

Hb 3-10809 - Same. N. Y., 1850

Bi 2-2143 Mervyn Clitheroe. w. H. Ainsworth Fd 2-15577 - Same. N. Y., 1866

Bi 2–2144 Merwin, S. J. M. Old sights with new eyes. N. Y., - Supplement, 1869

Bi 2-2145

Di 3-6645 Mercantile library association of St. Louis. Home, Mesprisons. Sch. ' Pellico

Aa 3-12698 Wm. Inaugural address Bh 6-Pam. 33 Mésalliance. X. Marmier

Aa 5-12788 Reports, 1853-5

Bh 6-Pam. 33 Mesmerism. Christmas, H. Cradle of the iwin giants Mercantile morals. W. H. Van Doran Hc 10-11265

Ci 9-4380 Mercator. Com. Plautus

Ha 2-10464 Haven, S. 2. Elementary principles Bh 5-Pam. 59 Mercedes of Castile. J. F. Cooper Ff 1-13959 Mesopotamia. Badger, G. P. Narrative of a mission Mercein, W. A. Letters on the eastern states. N.

Ed 1-7812
Y., 1820
Ce 9-3047 - Buckingham, J. S. Travels in

Dh 4-6441 Merchant. Mrs. L. c. Tuthill

Fe 13-15413 Southgate,
H. Tour through

Dh 4-6459 Merchant-mechanic. Mary A. Howe Fe 5-15282 Message, le. Balzac

Aa 2–12543

v. 1-3:






Messe de l'Athée. Balzac

Aa 2–12551 Meteorology, continued. Metallurgy. Bauerman, H. Metallurgy of iron Magnetical and meteorological observations made

Gb 9-9131 at Washington, under orders of the secretary Makins, G. H. Manual of

Gb 9-9136 of the navy, 1838, by Lieutenant J. M. Gillis. - Overman, F. Treatise on

Gb 9-9121
W., 1848. 8°

Ea 9-7349 - Percy, John. Metallurgy Gb 9-9119 Muller, J. Principles of

Ea 9-7341 - Phillips, J. A. Manual of

Gb 9-9132 Observations at the magnetic and meteorological – Phillips, J. A., and J. Darlington. Records of observatory at the Girard college, Philadelphia, mining and metallurgy

Gb 9-9133 made under the direction of A. D. Bache, – Rogers, S. B. Treatise on iron metallurgy

1840–5. W., 1847. 3 v. 8° Ea 9-7345 Gb 9-9124 Plates. W., 1845. go

Ea 9–7348 Silversmith, J. Hand-book for metallurgists Prout, W. Meteorology and natural theology Gb 9-9135

Eb 3-7387 Metals. 'Byrne, o. Metal worker's assistant - Report of the commissioner of patents (see Patent Gb 9-9127 office)

Ea 9-7337 - Hunt, R. "Treatise on manufactures in metal - Results of a series of meteorological observations

Gb 9-9139

made in obedience to instruction from the re– Jones, wm. Treasures of the earth Gb 9-9143 gents of the university at sundry academies in - Scoffern, J., et al. Useful metals and their alloys the state of New York, from 1826 to 1850 in

Gb 9-9128 clusive. Edited by Franklin B. Hough. Alb., Whitney, J. D. Metalic wealth of the United 1855. 4°

Ea 9-7339 States

Gb 8-9107 - Scoffern, J., and E. J. Lowe. See Orr's Cir. of – Willson, J. L., and C. Robb. Tie metals in Canada the Sci.

Ea 4-7170 Gb 9-9138 Steinmetz, A. Sunshine and shadows Metamora. Bur. J. Brougham Hb 10-11003

Ea 9-7284 Metamorphoses. N. P. Ovidius

Ha 4-10421 - Trembley, J. B. Synopsis for 1866–7–8 Metamorphoses, the. Apuleius, L. Ha 3–16350

Bh 5-Pam. 69 Metaphysics. Aristotle

Ha 2-10482

Zürcher and Margollé. Meteors, aërolites, storms, - Campbell, G. D. The reign of law Hc 5-11179


Ea 9-7355 - Hamilton, Wm. Lectures on Hc 9-11283 See Bache, A. D. - Maurice, F. D. Metaphysical philosophy

See Report of explorations, etc., v. 7, et al.

Hc 9–11307 Meteors. Coffin, J. H. Orbit of a ball seen July 20, Metastatio. Hogarth, G. Life. See Memoirs of the 1860. S. C. to K. Vol. 16, Art. 6 Ae 2–15848 musical drama

Hb 12–11035 - Zürcher and Margollé. Meteors Ea 9-7355 - Shelley, Mrs., et al. Life of :

De 11-5804 Meteyard, Eliza. Mainstone's housekeeper Metcalfe, S. L. Caloric; its mechanical, chemical,

Fc 7-14937, and 10-15019 and vital agencies in the phenomena of nature. Methodism. Methodist quarterly review Gf 13–10020 Ph., 1859. 2 v. 8°

Ea 5–7228 Southey, R. Rise and progress of Ed 8–7927 - A new theory of terrestrial magnetism. N. Y., Stevens, A. The centenary of American 1833. 8° Ea 10–7412

. Ed 11-7960
Meteoric astronomy. D. Kirkwood Eb 8–7536 History of American methodism Ed 10–7971
Meteorological observations in the Arctic ocean. E. Religious movement called methodism
K. Kane. S. C. to K. Vol. 11, Art. 5

Ed 11-7949
Ae 1-13486
Women of methodism

Dd 6-5512 Meteorological observations in the Arctic seas. L. Taylor, Isaac. Wesley and methodism MacClintock. S. C. to K. Vol. 13, Art. 3

Ed 11-7961 Ae 1-13488 Whitehead, John. History of Dc 8–5306 Meteorological observations made at Brunswick, Methodist quarterly review. J. MacClintock Maine, 1807–59. P. Cleveland. S. C. to K.

Gf 13-10020 Vol. 16, Art. 3

Ae 2-15848 Methodists. Gorrie, p. D. Lives of cminent meth Meteorological observations made at Marietta, O. S. odist ministers

Dc 11-5381 P. Hildreth. S. C. to K. Vol. 16, Art. 4 Methodius. Writings of

. A. N. C. L. Vol. XIV. Ae 2–15848

Ef 413861 Meteorological observations made at Providence, Metromanie. Com. A. Piron

Hb 2-10786 1831-60. A. Coswell. s. c. to K. Vol. 12, Metropolitan magazine, from No. 75, July, 1387, to Art. 4

Ae 1-13487
No. 80

Bi 12-2092 Meteorological observations made near Washington Metropolitan mechanics’ institute. Catalogue of arti

Ark., 1840–59. N. D. Smith. S. C. to K. cles deposited for competition and premium at Vol. 12, Art. 5

Ae 1-13487

the first annual exhibition of. W., 1853 Meteorologist's hand-book Ea 9-7354

Bh 6-Pam. 19 Meteorology. Arago, F. Essays Ea 9-7343 - Chandler, J. R. Address at the opening of first – Blodget, L. Climatology of the United States


Bh 6-Pam. 19 Ea 9-7340 - Henry, J. Address at closing of first exhibition - Buchan, A. Handy-book of : Ea 9-7357

Bh 6–Pam. 19 - Butler, T. B. The philosophy of the weather Metropolitan pulpit. James Grant Dd 1-5400 Ea 9–7360 Metropolites. R. St. Clar

Ft 15–15434 Daniell, J. F. Elements of

Ea 9–7351 Meunier, Victor. Adventures on the great hunting – Drew, John. Practical meteorology Ea 9-7359 grounds of the world. N. Y., 1869 Ga 8–14936 - Espy, J. P. Philosophy of storms Ea 9–7344 Mexican boundary commission. Bartlett, J. R. PerReports on . Cab. C 2–15609, and 12 sonal narrative

Df 4-5934 - Hutchinson, Graham. Treatise on the causes of Mexican boundary survey. Emory, W. H. Report meteorological phenomena Ea 9-7350

Ae 4–13530 - Kane, E. K. Meteorological observations in the Mexican war. See United States, Mexican war. Arctic seas.

Ea 9-7336 Mexico. Antiquities and history. - Lardner, D. Hand-book of

Ea 4-7184 - Chevalier, M. Mexico, ancient and modern - Loomis, E. On certain storms in 1836. S. C. to

Ch 5–16071 K. Vol. 11, Art. 8

Ae 1-13486 – Cortez, H. Despatches concerning conquest of Treatise on Ea 9-16146

Ch 44058 – Lowe, E. J. Treatise on atmospheric phenom

Diaz del Castillo. Memoirs

Ch 44032 Ea 9-7358 Flint, H. M. Mexico under Maximilian Ch 4-4062



[blocks in formation]


Mexico, continued.

Michaux, F. A., continued. Foote, H. S. Events of Mexico Cb 11-2745 Travels to the westward of the Rocky mounHumboldt, A. Essai politique sur La Nouvelle- tains, in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Espagne

Cb 2–2539 Tennessee, and return to Charlestown through - Kingsborough, ford. Antiquities of Mexico

the upper Carolinas. Trans. by B. Lambert. Af 1-13520 L., 1805. 8°

Df 8–6063 Mayer, Brantz. Mexico; Aztec, Spanish, and Michelet, Jules. The bird ; with 210 illustrations, by republican

Ch 4 4030
Giacomelli. L., n. d. 4°

Dk 9–7023
Mexican history and archaeology. S. C. to K. - History of France (to 1483.) Trans. by G. H.
Vol. 9, Art. 4
Ae 1-13483 Smith. N. Y., 1867. 2 v. 8°

Cg 2-13629 Other side

Ch 4 4061 Love (l'Amour.) Trans. by J. W. Palmer. N. Prescott, W. H. Conquest of Mexico Ch 4-4046

Y., 1859

Ci 6-4349 Ranking, J. Conquest by the Mongols, 13th cen. - L'Amour. P., 1861

Aa 412750 tury

Ch 5-4084 La sorciere; the witch of the middle ages. Trans. Robinson, W. D. Memoirs of the Mexican revo- by L. J. Trotter. L., 1863 .

Ci 9-4381 Ch 5-4072 – Life of Martin Luther; gathered from his own Salis, Antonio de History of the conquest by the writings. Trans. by G. H. Smith. N. Y., Spaniards

Ch 44053

De 10-5779 – Wilson, R. A. ' New history of the conquest Woman (la femme.) Trans. by J. W. Palmer. Ch 5-4049 N. Y., 1860.

Ci 6-4341 - Travels and description.

Women of the French revolution. 'Ph., 1855 Box, M. J. Adventūres and expeditions

Cg 4-3831 Df 10–13661 Michelet, J., and E. Quinet. Des Jésuites. 9., 1845 - Bullock, W. Six months' residence Ch 44052

Aa 4-12741 Carpenter, W. W. Travels and adventures – The Jesuits. Trans. by C. E. Lester. N. Y., 1845 Df 9–6095

Ee 2-8046 – Elton, J. Ė. With the French in Mexico Michell, N. Spirits of the past. L., 1853 Hf 7–12376

Ch 44040 Michie, A. Siberian overland route from Peking to Farnham, T. J. Geography, people and institu- Petersburg, through the deserts and steppes tions

Bh 4-Pam. 77 of Mongolia, Tartary, etc. L., 1864.80 – Terry, G.' Vagabond life Df 7-6043

Dh 6-6491 – Gregg, Josiah. Residence of nine years in Michigan. sheldon, E. M. Early history Ch 11-2762

Df 10–6134 - Towns. Kollonitz, P. The court of Mexico Ch 5-11872 - Kalamazoo. Quarter centennial celebration of Latrobe, Ć. J. The rambler in Mexico, in 1834

the settlement of Kalamazoo, Mich.; published

Df 9-6083 by order of the board of directors of the ladies' Mason, R. H. Pictures of life in Ch 44055 library association. Kalamazoo, 1855 Mayer, B. Mexico as it was and as it is Ch 5-4051

Cb 11-2758 Robertson, W. P. Visit to Mexico Ch 44059

- Old Mackinaw. strickland, W. P. Fortress of, Ruxton, G. F. Adventures in Dr 9-6105 and its surroundings

Cb 11-2763 Salm-Salm, F. My diary in . Ch 5–16625 Michilimackinac. Ancient and modern Bh 6-Pam 31 Tempsky, G. F. von. Mitla

Df 4–5936 Mickle, W. J. Works. British poets Hf 1-12282 Thierry de Menonville, N. J. Travels to Gwax- Microcosmiography. John Earle. He 1-11778

Pinkerton's voyages. 13 Df 1-5836 Microscope. Bailey, J. W. Examination of soundThompson, W. Recollections of Mexico

ings. S. C. to K. v. 2

Ae 1-13476 Ch 44039 - New species of microscopic organisms. S. C. to K. Tudor, A. Tour in

Df 8–6059
Vol. 7, Art. 3

Ae 1-13481 Wilson, R. A. Mexico and its religion Ch 4-4057 Observations made in South Carolina, Georgia, Wise, H. A., Lieut. Los Gringos Ch 4- 4063 and Florida. S. C. to K. Vol. 2, Art. 8 Miscellaneous. Abbott, G. D. Mexico and the

Ae 1-13476 United States

Ch 4-13664 Brocklesby, J. Views of the microscopic world - Bonnycastle, R. H. Spanish America Ch 4-4037

Ea 10-7423 Humboldt, A. Political essay on New Spain - Carpenter, w. B. The microscope and its reve

Ch 4-4041

Ea 10–7419 – Message of A. Lincoln, April 14, 1862, with docu- Cook, M. C. Microscopic fungi Ea 10–7426 ments Ch 44034 Curiosities of animal life.

Ea 10-7424 Robinson, F. Mexico and her military chieftains Gosse, P. H. Evenings at the Ea 10–7420

Ch 4-10910 - Griffith, J. W. Elementary text-book of the - Ward, h. G. Mexico in 1827 Ch 4-4035

Ea 10-7422 Meyer, Moritz. Electricity in its relations to practi- Micrographic dictionary

Ad 8-13469 cal medicine. Trans. from the third German Intellectual observer

Dk 12-7063 edition, by W. A. Hammond. N. Y., 1869. 8° Pereira, J. Lecture on

Ea 8-7313 Ga 2-12036 - Quekett, J. Practical treatise on the use of the Miall, James G. Footsteps of our forefathers; what

Ea 10–7418 they suffered and what they sought; describ- Slack, H. J. Marvels of pond life Ea 10-7421 ing localities, and portraying personages and - Vanleeuwenhoek, A. Select works Ea 9-7361 events conspicuous in the struggle for religious Ward, Mrs. M. Microscopic teachings Ea 10-7425 liberty. B., 1853

Eg 3–5066 Middle ages. Anthon, C. Mediaeval geography Michael Erle. Drama. T. E. Wilks : Hb 9-10967

Ci 3-4267 Michael Rudolph. E. A. Dupuy Fd 11-16347 – Baring-Gould, s. Curious myths of the middle Michand, J. F. History of the crusades. Trans. by ages

Ci 5-4316 W. Robson, L., 1852. 3 v. . Ch 11-4209 - Boutell

, c. Arms and armour in the Gb 10–9156 Michaux, F. A. Flora boreali-Americana sistens car- - Buckley, T. A. The great cities of

Cg 1-3755 acteres plantarum quas in America septentrion- - Cresy, E., and G. L. Taylor. Architecture of ali collegit et detexit. P., 1820. 2 v. in 1. 8°

Af 5-13564 Ec 47671 Glimpses of the dark ages The North American Sylva; or, a description of

Cg 1-3754

- Hallam, H. State of Èurope during the the forest trees of the United States, Canada,

Cg 1–3745 and Nova Scotia. P., 1819. 3 v. 8°

Koeppen, A. L. The world in the

Ca 1-2188 Ec 1-7607 - Lacroix, P. Arts of the .

Hc 4-15492

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Middle ages, continued.

Milk and honey. J. N. Norton

Hc 10-7149 - Lea, 8. C. Superstition and force Ci 9-8416 Mill, James. History of British India. L., 1826. 6 - Lord, John. Essay on society and character of.


Cf 10_3676 See Froissart, J. Chronicles Cf 1-3363 Analysis of the phenomena of the human mind. - Nuttall, P. A. Dictionary

Ac 3-12908

A new edition, with notes by A. Bain, A. - Street, G. E. Brick and marble in the Ga 10–8881 Findlater, and George Grote. Edited, with – Thrupp, J. The Anglo-Saxon home, from the additional notes, by J. S. Mill. L., 1869. 2 v. 5th to the 11th centuries

Ci 10-16479

Hc 5-16507 – Turner, S. History of England during the Mill, J. Stuart. An examination of Sir Wm. Hamil

Ce 2-16083 ton's philosophy, and of the principal philo- Wright, T. Domestic manners in England dur- sophical questions discussed in his writings. ing the Cf 6-3131 B., 1865. 2 v. 8°

Hc 6-11208 Middleham, England. Documents relating to the Principles of political economy, with some of collegiate church at. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 38 their applications to social philosophy. N. Y., Ce 6-3329 1864. 2 v. 8°

Ba 7-165 Middleton, Conyers. History of the life of Marcus The subjection of women. N. Y., 1869 Tullius Cicero. L., 1839.89 Ca 5-2291

Ci 6–4332 Middleton, Sir H. Voyage to Bantam and the Ma- Reply to J. S. Mill on the subjection of women luco islands, 1606. Hakluyt society. v. 17

Ci 6–15761 Ib 1-16750 System of logic; ratiocinative and inductive. N. Middy ashore. Far. W. B. Bernard. Hb 10-10997 Y., 1846. 8°

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Fb 7-14522 Midnight banquet. Md. J. B. Wright Hb 9-10970 Mille, James de. Lady of the ice Fd 10–12049 Midshipman Easy. F. Marryat.

Millennium. Priest, Josiah. A view of the expected Aa 8-13044, and Fc 12-15046 Christian millennium.

Eg 10–8611 Midsuminer night's dream. Shakespeare Hb 5-10634 Miller, George. History philosophically illustrated Midsummer night's dream. Arranged from Shakes- from the fall of the Roman empire to the peare by Laura Keene

Hb 9-10965

French revolution. L., 1849. 4 v. Ca 3–2261 Midsummer night's dream. Fairy mythology of. J. Miller, Hugh. Cruise of the Betsy; a summer ram0. Halliwell

Hb 3-10826 ble among the fossiliferous deposits of the Midwifery. Hooker, W. Report in relation to de- Hebrides; with rambles of a geologist in Scotmonstrative midwifery Bh 6-Pam. 34 land. B., 1858

Eb 4-7473 Mieux vaut tard que jamais. Mme. J. Mussard Edinburgh and its neighborhood, geological and

Aa 5-12789 historical, with the geology of the bass rock. Milagros del desprecio. Com. Vega Aa 2-12575 E., 1864

Eb 4-7481 Milch cows and dairy farming. C. L. Flint – Essays historical and biographical, political, soEc 10-776 cial, etc. B., 1865

Hd 11-11711 Mildred Arkeil. Mrs. H. Wood : Fa 12-14823 First impressions of England and its people. B., Miles Wallingford. J. F. Cooper Ff 1-13965


Di 5-6705 Miles, G. H. Mary's birthday. F's S. D. v. 31 - Footprints of the Creator ; or, the asterolepis of

Hb 9-10967 Stromness, with memoir of the author by Senor Valiente. F's S. D. v. 41 : Hb 9-10972 Louis Agassiz. B., 1850

Eb 5-8391 Miles, Wm. The horse's foot, and how to keep it – Leading articles on various subjects. N. Y., 1870 sound. N. Y., 1856 Ec 11-7800

He 5-15764 Milestones in our life journey. s. Osgood

Contents.-Thoughts on the educational ques-
He 14-12111

tion; Lord Brougham; The Scott monument; Military affairs. Halleck, H. W. Elements of mili- The late Mr. Kemp; Annie M'Donald and the tary art

Gb 10-9150

Fifeshire Forester; ' A highland clearing; The - Heck, J. G. Iconographic encyclopaedia

poet Montgomery; Criticism-internal evi.

dence; The sanctities of matter; The late Rev. Ac 8-13236

A. Stewart; The calotype; The Tenant's true – Jebb, J. Treatise on outposts Gb 10–9148

quarrel; Conclusion of the war in Affghannis

tan; Periodicalism; 'Annus Mirabilis'; Effects - Jervis, J. W. Manual of field operations

of religious disunion on colonization; Fine, Gb 10–9154

bodyism; Organship; Baillie's letters and journ- Military dictionary

Ad 8-13458

als; First principles; An unspoken speech; Scott, É. L. Military dictionary Ad 8-13457

Disruption principles; Characteristics of the

Crimean war; The poets of the church; The en. Szabad, E. Modern war

Gb 10-9152

cyclopaedia Britannica; A vision of the rail- United service journal

Ge 13-10191

road; The two Mr. Clarks; Pulpit duties not - Voyer, L. N. Les qualités morales du bon mili

secondary; Dugald Stewart; Our town coun

cils; Sutherland as it was and is, or how a taire

Hc 10-11271

country may be ruined. Wilkinson, H. Engines of war Gb 10-9145 Military biography. Bartlett, D. W. Heroes of the - My schools and schoolmasters; or, the story of Indian rebellion . Dd 6-5508 my education. B., 1854

Dc 10–5359 - James, G. P. R. Memoirs of great commanders Old red sandstone. B., 1851

Eb 5-7500 Dd 1-5403 Popular geology; a series of lectures, with de- Peterson, C. J.' Heroes of the war of 1812

scriptive sketches from a geologist's portfolio. Db 1-4879 B., 1859

Eb 4-7480 - Shanks, W.F. G. Personal recollections of dis- Scenes and legends of the north of Scotland. tinguished generals Db 4–4926 Cin., 1851

Ce 10-3400 Wyatt, T. Memoirs of generals, etc. Db 444909 The testimony of the rocks; or, geology in its Military dictionary, explaining and describing tech- bearings on the two theologies, natural and nical terms, works and machines, used in the revealed. B., 1857

Eb 5-8390 science of war. Dublin, 1780.

'Ad 8-13458 Miller, Mrs. Hugh. Cats and dogs; or, notes and Military law of England, adapted to the general use anecdotes of two great families of the animal of the army. L., 1810. 8° Ba 8-4275 kingdom. L., 1868

Dk 5-6931 Military life. Cooke, P. St. G. Romance of

Same. B., 1869

Dk 5-13794 Df7-6009 Miller, J. Mahomet

. Trag.

Hb 1-10757 Milizia, F. The lives of celebrated architects, ancient Mahomet the imposter. Trag. Hb 1-10730

and modern. Trans. by E. Cresy. L., 1826. Miller, John. Description of the province and city 2 v. 8°

Ga 10–8870 of New York, with plans of the several forts

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