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Martineau, Harriet, continued.

Mary, queen of Scots, continued.
Thomas de Quincey; Lord Macaulay ; Mrs.

Chalmers, G. Life of

Dc 10-5348 Jameson; Walter Savage Landor. II. SCIEN

Jameson, Mrs A. M. Life

Dd 1-5411 TIFIC. George Combe; Alex. von Humboldt.

Jenkins, J. S. Heroines of history Dd 1-5356 III. PROFESSIONAL. Bishop Blomtield; Archbishop Whately; The marquis of Londonderry;

Laing, M. Dissertation on the murder of Darn. Lord 'Raglan ; The Napiers; Francis Beaufort;


Ce 12-3449
John Richardson; Lord Denman; Lord chan-

Lodge, E. Illustrations of British history
cellor Campbell; David Roberts. IV. SOCIAL.
Miss Berry; Father Mathew; Robert Owen;

CT 2-3302
Lady Noel Byron. V. POLITICIANS. Marquis of

Mac Leod, D. "Life of

Dc 11-5267 Anglesey ; Joseph Hume; Lord Murray; Lord

- Strickland, A. Life of

Dc 11-5310
Herbert of Lea; Marquis of Lansdowne; Lord
Lyndhurst; Earl of Elgin and Kincardine;

See Froude, J. A. History of England
Duke of Newcastle ; Ears of Carlisle; Lord Pal-

Ce 5-3282 merston; Lord Brougham. VI. ROYAL. Last

Mary Barton.' Mrs. E. C. Gaskeli
birthday of the emperor Nicholas, July 6, 1854;
Metternich and Austria; The duchess of Glou-

Fb 15–14416, and 14492 cester; Frederick William IV. of Prussia; Mary Brandegce. Cuyler Pine Fb 13-14499 Duchess of Kent.

Mary Elmer. F. M. W bitcher

Fa 13-14834 - Deerbrook

Fe 15–15422 Mary Montgomery. James Hogg Fd 5-16678 History of British rule in India. i.,


Mary of Burgundy. G. P. R. James . Fb 10-14558

Cf 11-5815 Mary of Lorraine. Strickland, A. Life of History of the peace; being a history of England

Dc 11-3369 from 1816 to 1854, with an introduction, 1800 Mary of Lorraine. Grant, James Fb 14-14464 to 1815. B., 1864. 2 v. 8° Cf 6–3570 Mary Osborne. Jacob Abbott

Fd 3-9528 The hour and the man Fc 15–15419, and 15421 Mary Stuart. Schiller

Hb 10-10778 How to observe. Morals and manners. Ph., 1838 Mary's birth-day. G. H. Mills

Hb 9--10967 Hc 9-11311 Maryland. Bozman, J. L. Sketch' during three - Illustrations of political economy. No. IV. De

years after discovery

Ch 10–2784 merara

Fc 15-15426 — Davis, G. L-L. Day star of American freedom
No. V. Ella of Garveloch :
Fc 15-15427

Cb 10-2785
No. VII. Cousin Marshall. Fc 15–15425 Macsherry, James. ' History of Maryland
No. VIII. Manchester strike Fc 15–15424

Cb 10-2782
No. XII. French wines and politics

Proceedings of conventions of the province of

Fc 15–15423 Maryland at Annapolis, in 1774-5-6. Bal., - Letter read by Mrs. Coe at the convention at 1836. 8°

Cb 10-2783 Worcester, 1851 .

Bh 6-Pam. 12 Maseres, Francis. Scriptores logarithmici; or, a colRetrospect of' western travel. ' L., 18:38. 2 v.

lection of several curious tracts on the nature

Df 10-6141 and construction of logarithms; with some Martins of Cro Martin. c. Lever

Fb 6-14402

tracts on the binomial theorem, and other sub-
Martyn, W. Carlos. History of the English puritans. jects connected with the doctrine of loga-
N. Y., 1867.
Ed 11-7959 rithms. L., 1791. 2 v. 4°

Eb 1-7316 – Pilgrim fathers of New England ; a history. N. Masius, Herman. Studies from nature. Trans by Y., 1867 Cc 0-3045 C. Boner. L., 1855. 8°

Dk 3-6905 Martyr. 'J. Baillie Hb 7-10885 Masken. Kotzebue

Hb 8-109:34 Martyr Calviniste. Balzac

Aa 2-12556 Masks and faces. Taylor and Reade Hb 9–10366 Martyria ; or, Andersonville prison. A. C. Hamlin Mason, Geo. C. Application of art to manufactures

. Cd 1-3120 N. Y., 1858.

Gb 4-8937 Martyrs. Builer. Å. Lives of the saints Ed 8-7907 Mason, John. Belknap, J. Account of Dd 3-4894 Chambers' book of days

Ac 6–15963 Ellis, G. E. Life of. S. A. B. v. 13 Da 844703 – Foxe, J. English martyrology Ec 10–8145 Mason, Rev. John. Treatise on self-knowledge, showBook of

Ee 9-8119

ing the nature and benefit of that important - Tayler, C. B. English martyrs Ee 10–8144

science and how to attain it. Hart., 1814 - Van Braght, T. J. A martyrology of the (Bap

IIc 12-11363 tist) churches

Ee 10-8142 Mason, Nonek. Aeronautics; or, sketches illustraMartyrs, les. R. F. A. de Chateaubriand

tive of the theory and practice of aerostation; Aa 1-12593

an account of the aerial expedition to Ger. Martyrs of Spain.' Mrs. E. Charles

Ff 2-14054
many. L., 1838. go

Ea 5-725 Marvel, Ik. Pseudonym of D. G. Mitchell.

Mason, Richard.' The gentleman's new pocket farMarvels of Science. Š. W. Fullom Ee 4-7197 rier; comprising a general description of the Marx, A. B. Theory and practice of musical compo- noble and usetul animal the horse, with modes

sition. Trans. and edited by H. S. Saroni. of management in all cases, and treaiment in
N. Y., 1863

Hb 12-11012
disease. Ph., 1866.

Dk 7-6938 Mary, mother of Jesus. Baldwin, G. C. Represent- Mason, R. H. Pictures of life in Mexico. L.

, 1851

. ative women Dd 1-5388

Ch 44055 - Charles

, Mrs. E. Mary, the handmaid of the Mason, Wm. 'Works. L., 1811. 4 v. 9• HT 3-12209 Lord

Ed 9-7939

Contents.-Vol. I. Sonnet to the earl of HolStafford, A. Life

Ed 9-16514

dernesse; Musacas, a monody to the memory Mary I., queen of England Lake, E. Diary while

of Mr. Pope; Odes; Eleyies: Sonnets: Epi

taphs and inscriptions; Miscellanies; The Eng. tutor, 1677-8. Cam. Soc. Pub.

V. 39

lish garden; Religio clerici, -Hymns--Psalms. Ce 6-3330

II. Elfrida; Caractacus; Letters relative to Turner, S. Reign of

Elfrida; Illustrations of Caractacus; Argen:
CI 7-16081

tile and Curan; Sappho; Pigmalion. Strickland, A. Life of .

Dd 7-5579

Art of painting, of C. A. DnFresnoy. Trans. by Mary II., queen of England. Strickland, A. Life

Wm. Mason; Essays on English church music. Dd 7-5584

IV. Sermons on various subjects: Estay on the Mary II., queen of Wm. III. Strickland, A. Life .

meaning of the word angel, as used by St. Paul;

Examination of the prophecy in the 4th chapDd 7-5585

ter of St. Matthew. Mary Beatrice, queen of James II. Strickland, A. Works. British poets

Hf 1-12292 Life Mary, queen of Scots. 'Abbott, Jacob. History of

Dd 7-5583 Masonic biography. 'Hayden, s. Washington and his masonic compeers

Db 5–49900 De 11-7552 Masonic melodies. L. Eastman

Hb 12-11013 - Bell, II. G Life of

Dc 10–5366 Mass. Cooper, T. Answer against the apology of – Benger, Miss E. O. Memoirs of Dc 10–5357

private mass

Eg 13-16257

2 v.





Massachusetts. History and genealogy.

Massachusetts, continued. - Barbee, J. W. Historical collections Cc 8-3059 Bridgewater. Mitchell, N. History Cc 6-2952 Barry, J. S. History

Cc 6-16106 Danvers. Proceedings at the reception and din- Baylies, F. Colony of New Plymouth

ner in honor of G. Peabody Cc 6-2943

Cc 9-3049, and 2922 Dorchester. Blake, J. Annals of . Ce 7-3078 – Bradford, A. History from 1620 to 1820

Dunstable. Fox, C. J. History of Cc 7-2976

Cc 6-2958 - Duxbury. Winsor, Justin. History Cc 6-2947 Histors from July 1775 to 1789

Oc 7-2973 East Boston. Summers, W. H. History - Collections of historical society Cc 8-2993

Cc 6-2944 - Carpenter, W. H. History

Cc 7-16322 - East Hampton. Lyman, P. W. History - Everett, A. H. Journal of the convention of

Cc 7-2978 1779, for framing a constitution Ba 5-106

- Fall River. An authentic narrative. By the au- Godwin, N. Genealogical notes Ch 8-3997

thor of “Tales, national, revolutionary,” etc. - Holland, J. G. History of western Massachusetts B., 1833

Cc 7-2984 Cc 7-2981 Framingham. Barry, Wm. History Cc 6–2959 – Hutchinson, T. History from 1628 to 1691

Hanover. Barry, J. S. History Cc 6-2960

Cc 7-2974 - Haverhill. Chase, G. W. History Cc 6-2964 History from 1691 to 1750 : Cc 7-2975 - Lexington. Frothingham, R. History of the History from 1749 to 1774 .

Cc 9-3011
battles of L. and Concord

Čc 6-2963 - Journal of the house of representatives, 1715

Hudson, C. History of Lexington Cc 6-2945

Ba 4-91 Lowell. Cowley, C. Illustrated history – Lectures delivered in course before the Lowell

Cc 7-2977 institute in Boston. B., 1869. 8° Cc 6–13660 Marlborough. Hudson, C. History Cc 6-2953 Contents.-I. Massachusetts and its carly his.

Newbury and Newburyport. Coflin, J. Sketch tory, by R. C. Winthrop. II. Aims and pur.

of the history of

Cc 6-2961 poses of the founders of the Massachusetts -- Smith, Mrs. E. V. History of Newburyport colony, by G. E. Ellis. III. Treatment of in

Cc 6-2962 truders and dissentients by the founders of Mas-achusetts, by G. E. Ellis. IV. History of

New Ipswich.' History from its first grant in grants ander the great council for New Eng

1736 to the present time; with genealogical notiland, by S. F. Haven. V. Colony of New Ply

ces, and proceedings of the centennial celebramouth and its relations to Massachusetts, by W. Brigham. VI. Slavery as it once prevailed

tion, Sept. 11, 1850. B., 1852. 8° Cc 6-2948 in Massachusetts, by E. Washburn. VII. Re

Newton. Jackson, Fr. History Cc 7-2987 cords of Massachusetts under its first charter,

North Bridgewater. Kingman, B. History by C. W. Uphain. VIII. The medical profession in Massachusetts, by 0. W. Holmes. IX.

Cc 6-2950 Earlr relations with the Indians, by S. Eliot.

- Pawtucket. Bliss, L. History Cc 6-2954 X. The regicides sheltered in New England, by

- Plymouth. Account of pilgrim celebration, AuC. Robbins. XI. The first charter and the early religious legislation in Massachusetts, by Joel

gust 1, 1853. B., 1853. 8°

Cc 6-2949 Parker. XII. Puritan politics of England and

Rehoboth. Bliss, L. History

Cc 6-2954 New England, by E. E. Hale. XIII. Education

Seekonk. Bliss, L. History

Cc 6-2954 in Massachusetts ; Early legislation and history, by G. B. Emerson.

Shrewsbury. Ward, A. H. History Cc 6–2956

Spencer. Draper, James. History Cc 6-2965 - Minot, G. R. Continuation of history from 1748 · Watertown. Bond, H. Genealogies of the fam

Cc 7-2971
ilies of

Ch 8-3996 – Moore, J. B. Lives of the governors of New Woburn. Sewell, s. History Cc 6-2951 Plymouth

Cc 9-3038 Worcester. Lincoln, Wm. Iistory Cc 6–2946 - Mudge, Z. A. · History of the Plymouth colony See New England.

Cc 7-2988 Massachusetts charitable mechanic association. Six- Oliver, p.' Puritan commonwealth

Ce 9-2925

teenth triennial festival. Oct. 11, 1854 - Quaker laws Ba 6-141

Bh 5-Pam. 76 Whittier, J. G. Leaves from Margaret Smith's Massachusetts general hospital. Account of, 1824 journal Cc 7-2983

Bh 6-Pam. 3 – Young, A. Chronicles from 1602 to 1625 Massachusetts historical society Collections, ist,

. Cc 9-3043

2d, 3d, and 4th series. B., 1806-68. 38 v. 8° -- Chronicles of first planters from 1623 to 16:36

Cc 8-2993 Cc 8-3060 Massachusetts historical review. B., 1848–50. 2 v. 8° - Civil war.

Bi 10-2032 - Cudworth, W. H. History of the 1st Massachu- Massachusetts state lunatic asylum. Annual report, setts regiment

Cd 1-3109

Bh 5-Pam. 55 – Hanson, J. W. History of the 6th Massachusetts Massacre at Paris. Marlowe

Hb 11-11016 volunteers Cd 1-3110 Massacre of Paris. N. Lee.

Hb 1-10744 -Geology and botany..

Massacre of St. Bartholomew. Normand, H. de. - Emerson, G. B. Report on trees and shrubs

True stories from history

Cg 5–3842 Ec 1-7617 White, H. History of

Cg 5-3834 – Hitchcock, E. ' Report on the geology, mineralo- Massaniello. G. Milner

Hb 9-10964 gy, etc., of

Eb 5–7490 Massey, Gerald. Poems. B., 1866 Hf 4-12254 - Cities and towns.

Massey, Wm. History of England during the reign - Abington. Hobart, B. History of Cc 7-2986

of George III. L., 1865. 4v. . Cf 7-3609 - Beverly. Stone, E. M. History Cc 7–2980 Massey. Origin and progress of letters. L., 1763. 8° – Boston Bridgman, T. Pilgrims of Boston

Ha 14-11028 Cc 9–3040 Massie, J. w. Continental India. Traveling sketches -- Daggett, John. Massacre in 1770

Cc 6-2955 and historical recollections, illustrating the anDrake, S. G. History and antiquities

tiquity, religion, and manners of the Hindoos,

Cc 8–16111 the extent of British conquests, and the proFrothingham, R' Siege of Cc 6-2963 gress of missionary operations. L., 1840. 2 v. Midgley, R. L. Sights in .

Cc 7-2979

Cf 10-3695 Robbins, C. History of the second, or "Od Massimila Doni. Balzac

Aa 2-12556 North " Cc 6–2957 Massinger, P. Bashful lover

Hb 7-10884 Report of the port society : Bh 6-Pain. 7 Bondman

Hb 7-10884 Loring, J. S. Hundred Boston orators

- City madam

Hb 7-10884 Db 4-4915 - Duke of Milan

Hb 7-10884

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Massinger, P., continued.

Mathematics, continued. Emperor of the east

Hb 7-10884 Jardine, A. Practical geometry Ea 47173 Fatal dowry

Hb 7-10884 - Twisden, J. F. Planes, trigonometry, series, etc. Great duke of Florence Hb 7-10884

Ea 4-7173 Guardian. Hb 7-10884 – Young. J. R. Arithmetic, Algebra, and

elements Maid of honour

Hb 7-10884
of Euclid

Ea H7173 New way to pay old debts

Hb 7-10884 See Algebra ; Arithmetic; Calculus; Geometry: Old law

Hb 7-10884 Logarithms; Trigonometry: - Parliament of love :

Hb 7–10884 Mather, C. Magnalia Christi Americana; or, the ecclePicture

Hb 7-10884

siastical history of New England from 1620 to Renegado

Hb 7-10884

1698. Hart., 1853. 2 v. 8° Cc 6-2966 Roman actor

Hb 7-10884 - Wonders of the invisible world ; being an account Unnatural combat

Hb 7-10884

of the trials of several witches lately executed Very woman Hb 7-10884 in New England. L., 1862

Ci 9-4394 Virgin martyr Hb 7-10884 – Peabody, O. W. B. Life

Da 8 4696 Massinger and Ford. Dramatic works; with an in- Poole, W.F. Cotton Mather and witchcraft troduction by H. Coleridge. L., 1840. 89

Ci 9-8484 Hb 7-10884 See Fowler, s. P. See Massinger, P., and J. Ford. Also, Collier, J. Mather, Increase. Remarkable providences; illusP. S. S. Pub.

Hb 3-10801

trative of the earlier days of American coloniMasson, Michel. Celebrated children of all ages and zation. With introductory preface by G. Offer. nations. Trans. by Mrs. L. Burke. L., 1853

L., 1856

Ci 9-4393 Dd 2-15561 Mather, W. W. First annual report on the geological Contents.-ROYAL CHILDREN. The children of

survey of Ohio. Columbus, 1838. 8° Ëb 4-7476 Edward IV. Eudocia, empress or the East, b.

Geology of New York. Alb., 1843. 4• Dk 13–13809 406—d. 460; Lady Jane Grey, b. 1537-d. 1554; Ivan VI., emperor of Russia, b. 1739—d. 1764;

Second annual report on Obio. Columbus, 1838. Joash, king of Israel, b. 885 B. C.-d. 838 B. C.;


Eb 5-7491
Louis XVII., b. 1785d. 1795; Napoleon II., b. Mathews, Mrs. A. J. Memoirs of Charles Mathews.
1811–1. 1832; Edward VI,,b. 1537d. 1553.
MARTYR CHILDREN. Nicholas Ferry; Nicolette

Ph., 1839. 2 v.

Dc 55209 de Foix; Caspar Hauser; The Maccabees; Mar

Continuation of the memoirs of Charles Mathews, ciali; Henry of Nemours ; Sons of Ugolino. DE

including his correspondence, and an account VOTED CHILDREN. Appius; Elizabeth Cazotte;

of his residence in the United States. Ph., Fi-ken; Hal-Mehi; Proscavia Lopuoloff. LA BORIOUS CHILDREN. Valentine Jameray Duvall,

1839. 2 v.

Dc 5-5211 b. 1692–d. 1772; Peter Laramée, or Ramus; Mathews, Cornelius. Indian fairy tales; from the Charles Linnaeus, b. 1707--d. 1778; Michael

original legends. N. Y., 1869 Ha 9-10616 Verino. COURAGEOUS CHILDREN. Silvina d'Aubencourt; Ambrose de Bouters, b. 1734-d.

– The various writings, embracing the Motley book; 1744; David; Mathew Goffin; Joan of Arc, b.

Behemoth ; The politicians; Poems on man, in 1412-d. 1431 ; Frances Mariette; Volney Bek

the republic; Wakondah; Puffer Hopkins; PoET CHILDREN. Francis de Beauchateau ; John Milton, b. 1608-d. 1674; Lucretia

Miscellanies; Selections from Arcturus; InDavidson; Metastasio, b. 1698d 1782; Lucius

ternational copyright. N.Y., 1863 He 2–11900 Valerius. LEARNED CHILDREN. James Crich

.Mathews, Charles Bachelor's bedroom. F's M. D. ton; Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola, b. 1463-d. 1494; Vincenzio Viviani. ARTIST CHILDREN.

v. 23

Hb 10-11000 Adrian Brauwer; Antonio Canova, b. 1757-d.

Dowager.' F's M. D. v. 32 : Hb 10-11003 1822 The two Lazzaroni; Lesueur; Jean Bap

Little Toddlekins. F's M. D. v. 31 Hb 10-11003 tiste Lulli, b. 1631-d. 1687; Marcilia Euphro

Used up. F's M. D. v. 2

Hb 10–10993 sine; Peter of Cortona; The Raisin family.

Who killed cock robin. F's M. D. V. 38 Master, the. Mrs. M. A. Denison Fd 11-15234

Hb 10-11005 Master Humphrey's wanduhr. C. Dickens

Matilda.' See Caroline Matilda, and De 12-5877

Aa 8–13066 Matilda, queen of Henry I. Strickland, A. Life Master Humphrey's clock. C. Dickens Fd 9-15789

Dd 6-5575 Master of the hounds. Horlock Fe 6-15493 Matilda, queen of 'Wm. the Conqueror. Strickland, Masterman, G. F. Seven eventful years in Paraguay; A. Life

Dd 7-5575 a narrative of personal experience. L., 1870 Matilda, queen of Stephen. 'Strickland, A. Life Ch 6–16502

Dd 7-5575 Masury, J. W. A popular treatise on the art of house Matrimonial infelicities. R. B. Coffin

Ff 6-14073 painting; plain and decorative. N. Y., 1868 Matrimony. J. Kenney

Hb 10-10997 Gb 5-9062 Matteo Falcone. W. II. Oxberry Hb 10–11000 Mat de Cocagne. E. Souvestre:

Aa 4–12727 Matthew. Alexander, J. A. Explanation
Maternity. T. S. Verdi
Ga 3-6904

Eg 7-13418
Match. Com. J. Baillie
Hb 7-10885 - Chrysostom, st. John. Homilies :

Eg 1-13657 Match in the dark. C. Dance Hb 10–11002 Lange, J. P. Commentary

Ad 1-13303 Mathematical monthly. Ed. by J. D. Runkle. Cam., Matthew 'of Westminster. The flowers of history, 1859. 4°

Eb 1-7324 especially such as relate to the affairs of Britain Mathematics. Alvord, B. Tangencies of circles and

from the beginning of the world to the year of spheres. S. C. to K. Vol. 8, Art. 4

1307. Trans. by C. D. Yonge. L., 1853. 2 v. Ae 1-13482

Ct7-3602 Barlow, P. New mathematical dictionary Matthew Paris. See Paris, M.

Ad 8-13454 Matthews, C. Chanticleer; a thanksgiving story Beeton, s. o. 'Dictionary of universal informa

Fc 11-14919 tion

Ad 6-13428 Matthews, wm. Hydraulia; an historical and deByrne, o. Practical model calculator Eb 10-7584

scriptive account of the water-works of LonCape, J. A course of

Eb 10–7586 don, and the contrivances for supplying other Compte, A. The philosophy of Eb 10-7588 great cities, in different ages and countries. Davies, C., and W. G. Peck. Dictionary

L., 1835. 8.

Ga 12-8954 Ad 8-13455 Maturin.'c. Bertram. F's S. D. 7 Mb 9-10953 – Gregory, o. Mathematics for practical men Maturin, E. Viola. F's S. D.

v. 26 Hb 9-10961 Heck, J. a. Iconographic encyclopaedia. v. 1

Eb 10–7583 Maud, and other poems. A. Tennyson Hf5–12369

Maundeville, Sir John. The voiage and travaile,

Ac 8–13234 which treateth of the way to Hierusalem and - Hutton, c. Dictionary :

Ad 8-13452

of marvayles of Inde, with other ilands and


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Maundeville, Sir John, continued.

countrves. Reprinted from the edition of 1725. L., 1869. 8°

Dg 6–15786 Maundrell

, H. Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem,

1697. Pinkerton's voyages. 10 DE 1-5835 Maupertuis, Pierre Louis Moreau de. Journey to the polar circle, 1736. Pinkerton's voyages. 1

Df 1-5826 – Travels to determine the figure of the earth. See Drake, E. C.

Cb 1-2132 – Camus, Clairaut, L. Monnier, Outhier and Celsi

us. The figure of the earth, determined from observations made by order of the French

king, at the polar circle. L., 1738 Eb 9-7607 Mauprat. d. L. A. D. Dudevant Fd 11-14212 Maurice, F. D. Moral and metaphysical philosophy. Ancient philosophy. L. and G., 1854

Hc 9-11307 Maurice, T. History of Hindostan ; its arts and its

sciences, as connected with the history of the other great empires of Asia, during the most ancient periods of the world. L., 1795. 2v. 4°

Cf 10–3673 Maurice Dering. G. A. Lawrence

Fb 3–14315 Maurice Tiernay. C. Lever

Fb 6-11403 Maury, M. F. Explanations and sailing directions, to

accompany the wind and current charts. W., 1851.

Eb 9-7546 - New theoretical and practical treatise on navigation. Ph., 1836. go

Eb 9-7601 - Physical geography of the sea. N. y.,

1455. go

Ea 8-7290 Mausoleum. Wm. Hayley

Hf 2-12192 Mavor, William. Historical account of the most cele

brated voyages, travels and discoveries, from the time of Columbus to the present period. L., 1796–7. 20 v. 189

Dg 7-6285 Contents.--Vol. I. C. Columbus, First-fon:th voyage; Biographical notices of the Cabots, and their discoveries; Biographical notices of Americus Vespucius, and his discoveries; Discoveries of the Spaniards, from the death of Columbus, to the expedition of Hernando Cortez; Conquest of Mexico, by H. Cortez; Conquest of Peru, by F. Pizarro ; Character and description of the Aboriginal Americans; Vasquez de Gama, First, second voyage to the East Indies; Pedro Alvarez de Cabral, Voyage to the East Indies; General view of the progress and the decline of the Portuguese interest in the East Indies; F. Magellan, Voyage round the world. II. View of the early voyages of the English to the coast of Africa ; Sir F. Drake, T. Cavendish, W. Raleigh, 0. Van Noort; J. Lancaster, to the East Indies; W. Keeling, to Bantam and Banda ; H. Meddleton, to the Red Sea and Surat; G. Spilbergen, round the world; J. C. Schouten and J. La Maire, round the world; Commodore Beaulieu, to the East Indies; Capt. Monk, for the discovery of a north-west passage to Japan. III. T. James, for the discovery of a north-west passare to India; H. Ellis, for the discovery of & north-west passage to the South seas ; w. Dampier, round the world, etc.; Capt. Cowley; W. Rovers, round the world. IV. P. Kolben, to the Cape of Good Hope; Capts. Clipperton and Shelvock, round the world; Com. Roggewein, for the discovery of a southern continent; Com. Anson, round the world; Don G. Juan and Don Antonio de Ulloa, to South America. V. J. H. Grose, to the East Indies; J. Byron, round the world; S. Wallis, round the globe; P. Carteret, rondd the world ; L. A. Bougainville, round the globe; C. J. Phipps, towards the North Pole. VI. J. Cook, First, second voyage to the southern hemisphere. VII. J. Cook, to the northern hemisphere. VIII. A. Sparrman, to the Cape of Good Hope, and round the world; T. Forrest, from Balambangan to New Guinea and the MoInccas; J. Matthews, to the Sierra Leone; N. Portlock and G. Dixon, to King George's sound, and round the world. IX. H. Wilson, Shipwreck on the Pelew islands; A. Phillip, to Botauy Bay; J. Shortland, between Port Jackson and Batavia ; Capt. Marshall, from Port Jackson to China; Lieut. Watts, to Otaheite and China; W. Blizh, to the South sea; Historical narrative of Lord Macartney's embassy to China. X. F. Pírard de Laval, on the Maldivia islands; G. Roberts, shipwreck; J. Byron, narrative of the losa of the Wager, man of war; Narrative of the loss of the Centaur; Narrative of the lows of the Grosvenor Indiaman, wrecked on the coast of

Mavor, William, continued.

Caffraria; Loss of the Halsewell Indiaman, off
Sencombe: M. de Brisson's narrative of his
shipwreck on the coast of Barbary, and captiv-
ity among the Moors; Barbarity of the Dutch
to the English at Amboyna ; Historical account
of Russian discoveries in the northern hemis-
phere: General view of the Russian attempts to
discover a north-east passage to the Indies;
Table of the latitudes and longitudes of the
principal places in the world. XI-XX. Travels.
XI. Through Norway, Lapland, Iceland, and
other northern countries of Europe ; J. There-
not, from Italy to Constantinople; J. Chardin,
through Mingrelia and Georgia, into Persia; Le
Compte and J. B. Du Halde, in China. XII. J.
Addison, through Italy and Swisserland: T.
Shaw, through Barbary ; into Syria and the Holy
Land; J. Bell, from St. Petersburg to Pekin;
J. Windus, Journal of an embassy to Mequinez;
P. L. Moreau de Maupertuis, to the Polar circle.
XIII. R. Pococke, through Egypt: J. Hanway,
through Russia into Persia ; R. Wood, journey
to Palmyra ; C. Niebuhr, in Arabia and other
oriental countries. XIV. J. Bruce, into Ahys-
sinia. XV. F. de Payés, towards the South
Pole; F. de Pagés, towards the North Pole; C.
P. Thunberg, in Europe, Africa, and Aria; in
Japan. XVI. P. Brydone, through Sicily and
Malta; H. Swinburne, through Spain: N. W.
Wraxall, throngh France. XVII. N. W. Wrax.
all, through the northern parts of Europe; A. W
Costigan, in Portugal; S. Hearne, journey from
Fort Prince Wales to the Northern Ocean.
XVIII. W. Coxe, in Switzerland; J. Moore,
View of society and manners in France, Swit-
zerland, and Germany. XIX. J. Moore, View of
society and manners in Italy; J. P. Brissct de
Warrille, in the l'nited States of America. XX.
J. Pitts, Captivity among the Algerines; Adven-
tures of Prince Menzikoff: Adventures and
melancholy fate of Iwan III; Sufferings of Mr.
Holwell and others in the Black hole of Cal.
cutta; W. Hamilton, Account of the earth-
quakes in Calabria, and Sicily; Narrative of the
sufferings of J. Bristow. of the Bengal artillery,
during ten years' captivity with lyder Ally and
Tippoo Saib; Adventures and sufferings in an

overland journey to India.
- Universal history, ancient and modern, from the

earliest records of time to the general treaty of

peace, 1801. N. Y., 1801-3. 25 v. 18° Ca 3-3229 Max Helfenstein. L. Kotzebue Hb 8-10934 Maximilian I. Flint, H. M. Mexico under Maximilian.

Ch 4-1062 Salm-Salm, F. My diary in Mexico Ch 5–16625 Maxims of Washington

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including a tour in Norway and Sweden. 'N. Y., 1848

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duke of Wellington. L., 1852. 3 v. 8° Fifth edition

De 45162 – The victories of Wellington and the Pritish armies. L., 1852

C18-3629 Maxwell, Drewitt.' Mrs. J. H. Riddeli

Fc J-14918 May, E. J. Mortmer's college life

Fc 11-15076 May, S. J.

The rights and conditions of women ; sermon preached in Syracuse, Nov., 1845

Bh 6 Pam. 12 Some recollections of our anti-slavery conflict. B., 1869

Bb 7-413 May, T. E. Constitutional history of England since

the accession of George III., 1760–1860. B., 1862. 2 y. 8°

(1 6-3572 May, W. S. Romance dust :

Fc 10-15013 May day. Drama. D. Garrick

Hb 7-10904 May day and other pieces. R. W. Emerson

Hf 11-12475 May flower. H. B. Stowe

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Bb 7-414 – Mexico as it was, and as it is. N. Y., 1841. go

Ch 5-4051 - Mexico; Aztec, Spanish and republican; with a

view of the ancient Aztec empire and civilization, a historical sketch of the late war and notices of New Mexico and California, Hart., 1853. 2 v. 8°

Ch 4-4030 – Mexican history and archaeology. S. C. to K. Vol. 9, Art. 4

Ac 1-13483

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Mayhew, Edward. Illustrated horse doctor. Ph., Mechanics, continued. 1862. 80

Dk 7-6993 Overman, F. Mechanics for the millwright, maMayhew, E., and G. Smith. Make your wills. F's

chinest, engineer, architect, and student
M. D. 16
Hb 10-10998

Gb8-9097 Mayhew, H. London labor and London poor; a cy- Renwick, J. The elements of

Gb 8-9093 clopaedia of the condition of those that will

Smith, A. W. Elementary treatise Gb 8-9090 work, those that cannot work, and those that Weisback, Julius. Principles of Gb 8–9088 will not work. Vols. I., II., and III. The Lon- Young, J. R. Elements of

Gb 8-9098 don street folk. IV. Those that will not See Library of useful knowledge Ea 5-7265 work; comprising prostitutes, thieves, swind- Mechanics' and engineers' magazine. First series, 4 lers, beggars; by several contributors. With vols. ; second series, 2 vols. E., 1842-50 an introductory essay on the agencies at present

Gb 3-8921 in operation in the metropolis, to suppress vice Mechanics' institutions.' Hole, J. Essay on the manand crime. N. Y., and L., 1851 and 1862

agement of

Ha 10-10626 Ce 2–16000 Mechanics of nature. Ż. Allen

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Méchanique céleste. M. de La Place Eb 1-7318

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Ci 8-16234 Ea 4-7187 - Mease, J. Description of medals struck in relaMayhew, Ira. Popular education ; for the use of

tion to important events in North America parents and teachers, and for the young of

Cc 4-2910 both sexes. N. Y., 1850

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Bc 1-505 in New York. N. Y., 1859 Cc 4-2918 Media. Euripides

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Fc 10–15024 Médecin de campagne.


Aa 2-12554 Mayor impossible. Com. Vega Aa 2-12575 Medecin de village. Balzac

Aa 2-12554 Mayor monstruo los Zelos. Calderon Aa 2–12576 Medecin malgré lui. Com. Moliere Hb 2-10766 Mayor of Garrat. Drama. S. Foote . Hb 7-10900 Medes. Rollin, C. Ancient history of the Mayor of Wind-gap. M. Banim Fa 6-14677

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popes, emperors and kings, and crusaders Mead, Peter B. An elementary, treatise on Ameri

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Bh 6-Pam. 3 Introductory narrative of a voyage performed Medical socieiy of the state of New York. Transacin 1786, from Bengal, in the ship Nootka; ob


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v. 3.

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Ad 7-13442

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- Ferguson, J. Lecture on
Ea 6–7266

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Ab 8–12819

– to

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