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Magellan. Account of the voyage of five Rotterdam Maid of the mill. Bickerstaff

Hb 1-10756 ships, 1598. See Collection of voyages

Maid of Orleans. Schiller

Hb 10-10978 Dg 1-6525 Maid with the milking pail. Buckstone Out on the deep Dg 3–16618

Hb 10-11003 Magellan, F. Drake, E.C. ' The voyage of Maiden ånd married life of Mary Powell. Miss A. Cb 1-2432 Manning

Fc 8-14976 Maggie Miller. M. J. Holmes Fd 4-14266 Maiden sisters

Fd 13-15533 Magic. Apuleius, L. Discourses on . Ha 3-16350 Maiden widow. E. D. Ė. N. Southworth Fb 6–14064 - Aubrey, J. Miscellapies He 6–11960 Maid's revenge. J. Shirley .

Hb 7-10886 - Christmas, H. Cradle of the twin giants

Maid's tragedy. Beaumont and Fletcher
Ci 9–4379

Hb 7-10882 – De Foe, D. System of:

Ci 9-4387 Mails. Spooner, 1. Private mails Bh 6-Pam. 26 – Roback, C. W. Wonders of

Ci 9–4374 Maine. History and miscellany. - See Necromancers.

- Kidder, F. Military operations during the revoMagic banner. J. O'Keeffe.

Hb 7-10899

Cb 9-2738 Magic harmonies. E. P. Page

· Ph 6–Pam. 2 Sewall, R. K. Ancient dominions of Cb 9-2739 Magico prodigioso. Calderon Aa 2-12576 Sullivan, James. History of

Cb 9-2736 Magill, É. H. French grammar. B.,

Williamson, D. History of

Cb 9-15549
Ha 13–7603 Wells, W. Water power of

Cb 9-13657 Magistrat. Com. Genlis Hb 2-10796 Willis, Wm. Lawyers of

Db 4-4916 Magna charta. Care, H. English liberties

Cities and towns.

Bb 2-311 Gardiner. Hanson, J. W. History of Gardiner, Magnalia Christi Americana. c. Mather Cc 6–2966 Pittston, and West Gardiner Cb 9-2740 Magnetic and meteorological observations at the Portland. Willis, Wm. History of Cb 9-2737

Girard college. Plates Cab. A 1–15604 Maine, Henry Sumner. Ancient law; its connection Magnetic lady. B. Jonson .

Hb 7-10641 with the early history of society, and its relaMagnetic needle. Drake, E. C. Discovery of

tion to modern ideas. Introduction by T. W. Cb 1-2432 Dwight. N. Y., 1867 .

Bb 4-344 Magnetic observations in the Arctic seas. E. K. Mainstone's housekeeper. Eliza Meteyard Kane. S. C. to K. Vol. 10, Art. 3 Ae 1–13485

Fc 7–14937, and 10–15019 Magnetic survey of Pennsylvania. A. D. Bache. S. Maintenon, Madame de. The secret correspondence C. to K. Vol. 13, Art. 8

Ae 1-13486 with the princess des Ursins; from the original Magnetism. Davis, D., jr. Manual Ea 10–7417 manuscripts in the possession of the duke de - Farrar, John. Elements of

Ea 10-7411

Choiseul. L., 1827. 3 v. 8° Cg 2–16073 - Lardner, D. Hand-book of

Ea 6–7275 Maison du chat-qui-pelote. Balzac Aa 2-12542 Locke, Jobn. Terrestrial magnetism. S. C. to K. Maison Nucingin. Balzac

Aa 2-12552 Vol. 3, Art. 1

Ae 1-13477 Maitland, James A. The cousins; or, the captain's - Metcalfe,'s. L. New theory of terrestrial magnet- ward

FC 8-14980 ism

Ea 10–7412 – The old patroon ; or, the great Van Brock prop– Reichenbach, C. von. Dynamics of magnetism erty

Fc 8-14979 Ea 4-7181 Maitre Cornelius. Balzac

Aa 2-12556 Sonntag, A. Terrestrial magnetism in Mexico. Maitres sonneurs, les. A. L. A. D. Dudevant 8. C. to K. Vol. 11, Art. 7 Ae 1-13486

Aa 4-12723 - See Electricity; Galvanism ; Library of useful Maizeaux, Mr. Des. Life of Mons. de Saint Evreknowledge.


He 10–16074 Magnus, Charles. (Pub.) Magnus's commercial atlas Life of Peter Boyle

Ac 1-12896 of the world, comprehending 79 maps and Majoribanks, Alex. Travels in South and North charts; accompanied by a concise view of gen

America. L., 1853

Df 9-6085 eral and physical geography, by Wm. Rhind. Make your wills. Mayhew and Smith Hb 10-10998 Compiled by J. H. Johnson.' Ñ. Y., 1856. f• Making light of Christ and salvation. R. Baxter Cab. A 7-15583

Ef 3-8244 Magoon, E. L. Orators of the American revolution. Makins, G. H. A manual of metallurgy, more parN. Y., 1848

Db 3-4902 ticularly of the precious metals, including the Contents.-The battle fields of early American

method of assaying them. L., 1862 Gb 9-9136 eloquence; Jaines Otis; Samuel Adams; Josiah Malabar. Buchanan, F. Journey through Quincy; John Hancock'; Joseph Warren : John

Df 1-5826 Adams Patriotic piety of *76; Patrick Henry; Richard Henry Lec; Alexander Hamilton;

Malacca. Newbold, t. J. Political account of the Fisher Ames; Wm. Þinkney ; Thomas Addis

British settlements in .

Cf 12-3716 Emmet; John Randolph.

Malacology. See Conchology, and Dk 11-7108 - Proverbs for the people; or, illustrations of prac- Malade imaginaire. Com. Molière tical godliness drawn from the book of wisdom.

Hb 2-10767, and 8–10947 B., 1849

Ef 6-8311 Malaysia. Wallace, A. R. Malay archipelago Maguire, J. F. Rome; its rulers and its institutions.

Dh 8-6517 1858 Ca 6-2340 Malbone. t. w. Higginson

Fe 5-15276 Mahan, M. 'Palmoni; or, the numerals of the scrip- Malbrook. Susan Chestnutwood Fd 14-13883 ture a proof of inspiration. N. Y., 1863 Malcolm, J. P. Anecdotes of the manners and cus

Eg 6–8589 toms of London during the 18th century; Mahomet . Trag. J. Miller

Hb 1-10757 with a review of the state of society in 1807. Mahomet. Trag. Voltaire Aa 12-13242 L., 1810. 2 v. 8°

Ce 3-3237 Mahomet. See Mohammed.

Malcom, 'Howard. Christian rule of marriage. Ph., Mahomet and his successors

Ca 10–10580

Hc 10-11277 Mahomet the imposter. Trag. Miller Hb 1-10730 - Extent and efficacy of the atonement. Ph., 1870 Mahon, Lord. See Stanhope, P. H.

Ef 8-8394 Mahoney, D. A. · Prisoner of state. N. Y., 1853 Malcontent. Webster and Marston Hb 11-11022

Cd 1-3142 Maldive islands, Ibn Batūta. Travels Dg 1-15564 Maid in the mill. Beaumont and Fleicher

Male coquette. D. Garrick .

Hb 7-10903 Hb 7–10883 Malet, H. P. Interior of

the earth. 1, 1870 Maid of Bath s. Foote Hb 7-10901

Ea 8-16790 Maid of Croissey. Mrs. C. Gore Hb 10-10994 Malkin, B. Hİ. The scenery, antiquities, and biogMaid of honour. Massinger

Hb 7-10884

raphy of South Wales, from materials collected

N. Y.,





Malkin, B. H. continued.

Man and mankind, continued.
during two excursions in the year 1803. L., Latham, R. G. Man and his migrations
1807. 2 v. 8°
Di 5-6677

Ch 9-4169 - Tour through Wales. Pinkerton's voyages. 2 — Lyell, C. Antiquity of man

Ch 9-4153 Df 1-5827 Martin, W. C. L. Physical history of Ch 9-4151 Mallary, Mrs. M. Jeanie. Horace Wilde Fe 11–15014 – Nott, J. C., and G. R. Gliddon. Types of manMallet, D. Eurydice. British theatre Hb 1-10732


Ch 9-4152 Works. British poets

Hf 1-12278 Pritchard, J. C. Natural history of man Mallet, Robert. First principles of observational

Ch 9-11839 "seismology, as developed in the report of the – Smith, c. H. Natural history of the human speexpedition into the interior of Naples, to in


Ch 9-4161 vestigate the circumstances of the great earth- - Smythe, c. p. ` Antiquity of intellectual man quake of December, 1857. L., 1862

Ca 10–16136 Ea 8-7288 Stevens, E. T. Flint chips

Ch 9-16799 Physical conditions involved in the construction Wilson, D. Pre-historic man

Ch 9-4149 of artillery. L., 1856. 4°

Gb 2-8859 Wood, J. G. Natural history of man Dk 4–6908 Mallory, Daniel. Life and speeches of Henry Clay. See Anthropology ; Cosmology; Ethnology; HuN. Y., 184. 8 .

Da 7-4726 man race; Races. Malory, T. La mort d'Arthure.

The history of king Man and manners. A. B. Johnson He 5-11990 Arthur and of the knights of the round table. Man and nature. G. P. Marsh

Ea 8-7287 Edited by T. Wright. L., 1866. 3 v.

Man and wife. W. Collins.

Ff 5-11408 Ha 9-10613 Man-at-arms. G. P. R. James

Fb 10-14579 Malta. Brydone, P. Tour through Di 6–6725 Man in Genesis and geology. J. P. Thompson Davy, John. Notes on Di 4-6628

Ch 944167 Tallack, Wm. Malta under the Phoenicians, Man milliner. J. O'Keeffe :

Hb 7-10899 knights and English

Cf 11-3706 Man of business. J. W. Alexander, et al Hc 10-11252 - Wilkinson, C. Epitome of history Cg 8–3893 Man upon the sea. F. B. Goodrich Dh 1-16142 Malte-Brun. Universal geography; or, description of Man who laughs. V. Hugo

Fe 4-13251 all the parts of the world on a new plan ac- Man with the broken ear. E. About : Fd 3-14237 cording to the great natural divisions of the Man with the iron mask. M. Topin De 5-16795 globe, with analytical and synoptical tables Man with the iron mask. W. J. Lucas Hb 9–10966 and elementary tables. B., 1834 3 v. 40. Man without a head. J. P. Wooler Hb 10-11004

Ci 2–4246 Management of home pets. Beeton Dk 5-6933 Malthus, T. R. Essay on the principle of population. Manager's daughter. E. Lancaster Hb 10-11004

A view of its past and present effects on hu- Mañanas de abril y mayo. Calderon . Hb 8-10923 man happiness. L., 1817. 3 v. 8°

Manby, G. W. Journal of a voyage to Greenland in Ba 7-171 1821. L., 1822. 4°

Ch 2-16232 Maluco islands. Middleton, Sir H. Voyage to, 1606 Manchester, w.'D. M., duke of. Court and society

Ib 1-16750 from Elizabeth to Anne. L., 1864. 2 v. 8° Malus, S. L. Arago, F. Biography : Dd 1-5395

Dd 3–5487 Mammalia. Baird, s. F. Report on Ae 4-13540 Manchester, England. Whitaker, John. History of Report on Ae 4-13538

Cf 5-3368 Cooper, J. G. Report on

Ae 4-13541 Manchester public library. Annual report 1866–68 Cuvier, F. Animal kingdom. v. 1 Dk 1-6863

Bh 6-Pam. 40 De Kay, J. E. Nat. Hist. N. Y. Dk 13–13822 Manchester strike.' H. Martineau Fc 15-15424 · Figuier, L. Various orders and habits

Mandeville, Sir John. Kerr, R. Travels in 1322 Dk 4-7682

Df 2-5845 Harlan, R. Fauna Americana Dk 4–7675 Mangin, Arthur. The desert world. Ed. and en- Jardine, W. Nat. Lib.

v. 1-13

Dk 6-6953 larged by the translator of “The bird, by MiKennerly, C. B. R. Report on Ae 4-13540

chelet." L., 1869. 8°

Dk 4-6911 Linnaeus, C. Animal kingdom Dk 4-6913 - Mysteries of the ocean. Trans. by the translator Martin, F. Natural history

Dk 3-3873

of " The bird." L., 1868. 8° Dk 10–7045 Martin, W. C. L. Mammiferous animals

Manilla. Stewart, C. S. Notices of Dh 8-6531

Ch 9–4151 Mankind in many ages. T. L. von Oldekop · Wood, J. G. Illustrated natural history.

Ca 3-4163 Dk 4-6912 Mann, Horace. Lectures on various subjects. N.Y., See Man and mankind; Quadrupeds.


He 4-11935 Mammon. C. F. Gore

Fb 14-14513

Contents.—Thoughts for a young man ; Poor Mammoth cave. Forwood, w.'s. Historical and and ignorant; Rich and educated; The pow

ers and duties of woman ; Demands of the age descriptive narrative

Df 11-10874

in colleges; Baccalaureate address. Man. Ewbank, T. The world a workshop

Mann, Mrs. H. Life of Horace Mann, by his wife.

Ea 4-7186 Second edition. B., 1865. 89. Da 9-4768 Greene, H. A story of light and darkness Mann, Sir H. Walpole Horace. Letters to Bb 2-2990

Ef 11-13923 Mann, James. Medical sketches of the campaigns of – Pope, Alex. Essay on

Hf 5-12372 1812-13–14; Surgical cases ; observations on Voltaire, F. M. X. de. Discours en

military hospitals and flying hospitals attached l'homme .

Aa 12-13251 to a moving army ; dissertation on dysentery; Man; a story of light and darkness. H. Greene

epidemic of 1815-16, denominated peripneuEf 11-13923

monia notha. Dedham, 1816. 89 Ga 2-8676 Man and his dwelling place; an essay towards the Mann von vierzig Jahren. Kotzebue. Hb 8-10923 interpretation of nature. N. Y., 1859

Mannequin, proverbe dramatique. Staël-Holstein Hc 9-11304

Aa 1-12589 Man and mankind. Baldwin, J. D. Pre-historic na- Manners, John, marquis of Granby. James, G. P. tions

Ca 4-4168
R. Life of .

Dd 1-5401 Cabell, J. L. Unity of mankind : Ch 9-1162 Manners and customs.' Atkinson, J. Customs and Figuier, L. Primitive man

Ch 9-15790

manners of the womenof Persia Ci 10-4410 — Jones, J. H. Man, moral and physical

Castellan, A. L. Turkey

Ci 10-4414 Ef 7-8338 Dew, Thomas. Digest.

Ca 2-2227 - Kames, H. H., lord. Sketches of the history of Goodrich, S. G. Manners and customs of the prinCh 9-1155 cipal nations of the globe

Ci 10-4413

V. 3







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Manners and customs, continued.

Manufactures, continued. - Kirkland, Mrs. C. M. Fireside talk on manners


Ad 6-13426 He 2-11899 The philosophy of

Gb 4-8944 Moors of Zahara Ci 10-4417 Manufacturers. M. Edgeworth

Fb 9-14547 - Polack, J. S. Manners and customs of the New Manures. Browne, D. J. Field-book of Ec 10–7780 Zealanders.

Db 8-6520 Manuscript man. Miss. E. H. Walshe Fa 11-8553 - Siebald, P. F. von.

Manners and customs of the Manuscript, written on reeds in the Famil language, Japanese

Dh 6-6503

Ae 2-13508 See Dress ; Etiquette; Costume ; Fashion; Morals. Mapes, Walter. De nugis curialium distinctiones Manning, Miss Annie. Chronicle of Ethelfled

quinque. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 50 Ce 6-3341

Fc 8-14975 Latin poems. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 16 Ce 6–3310 – Family pictures Fc 8-14971 Maple leaves. J. M. LeMoine

Ch 3-4020 - Good old times

Fc 8-14970 Mappus, Marcus. Historia plantarum alsaticarum, - Household of Sir Thomas More Fc 8-14977 posthuma opera et studo Johannis Christiani - Maiden and married life of Mary Powell, after- Ehrmanni. Amstelodami, 1742. 4° Ec 1-7614 wards Mistress Milton Fc 8-14976 Maps. Andrew's report

Cab. A 6-15588 - Moravian life; or, an English girl's account of a Battle of Cerro Gordo

Cab. A 7-15584 Moravian settlement in the dark forest

Battles of Mexico

Cab. A 7-15584 Fc 8-14978 County maps of England Cab. A 4-15595 – Poplar house academy

Fc 8-14973 European cities, viz: Roma; Venezia ; Como; Some account of Miss Clarinda Singlehart

Livorno; Milano; Sevastopol; Firenze; Ge

Fc 8-14972 neve; Bologna; London; Berne; Paris; PomManning, H. Ė. Temporal mission of the holy ghost ; pei

Cb 3-17600 or, reason and revelation

Ef 10_8415 – Exploring expedition to Rocky mountains, 1842, Manoeuvring. M. Edgeworth

Fb 9-14548 and to Oregon and N. California, 1843-4
Manor farm. M. C. Phillpotts
Fb 13-14499

Cab. A 7-15584 Manor Sackville. Lady Morgan

Hb 1-10741 Inter-oceanic ship canal of Darien Cab. A 1-15606 Man's enmity to God. “John Howe Ef 3-8275 Lighthouse maps and drawings Cab. A 6–15587 Man's wrongs. Kate Manton

Fc 10–9532 Maps and report of commissions under treaty of Mansfield, C. B. Theory of salts; a treatise on the Gbent

Cab. A 4-15598 constitution of bipolar chemical compounds.

Maps of the coast survey Cab. A 5-15593 L., 1865. 80

Eb 2-7407 Military map of Kentucky and Tennessee Mansfield, Edward D. American education; its

Cab. A 6-15590 principles and elements. N. Y., 1851

Mineral lands adjacent to lake Superior
Hc 12-11336

Cab. A 7-15584 Annual address delivered before the Cincinnati Northeastern boundary

Cab. A 7-15584 astronomical society, June, 1845

Oregon territory, by United States exploring ex

Bh 6-Pam. 17 pedition. Charles Wilkes Cab. A 7-15583 – Life of Gen. Winfield Scott. "N. Y., 1846

Series of charts, with sailing directions, embrac

Db 9-5050 ing surveys of the state of California. By Cad- Memoirs of the life and services of Daniel Drake; walader Ringgold

Cab. A 415596 with notices of the early settlement of Cincin- Stanbury's expedition

Cab. A 6-15590 nati. Cin., 1855 Da 9-4772 Siege of Vera Cruz .

Cab. A 7-15584 Mantell, G. A. Geological excursions round the Isle Texas

Cab. A 7-15584 of Wight, and along the adjacent coast of Wilgus' new reference distance map of the city of Dorsetshire. Third edition. L., 1854 Eb 4-7485 Buffalo, 1846

Cab. A 3–15601 - Petrifactions and their teachings; or, a hand-book


Cab. A 7-15585 to the gallery of organic remains of the British Marana, les. Balzac

Aa 2-12556 museum. L., 1851 Eb 5-7499 Maratre, la. Balzac

Aa 2-12560 – Pictorial atlas of fossil remains; selected from Marble faun. N. Hawthorne

Fe 1-15184 Parkinson's “ Organic remains of a former Marble heart. C. Selby

Hb 9-10968 world," and Artis's “Antediluvian phytology." Marble worker's manual. Trans. from French, by L., 1850. 4°

Éb 1-7330
M. L. Booth. N. Y., 1856

Gb 5-9050 – Wonders of geology; or, a familiar exposition of Marbois, Barbé. History of Louisiana, particularly of geological phenomena. L., 1838. 2 v.

the cession of that colony to the United States Eb 5-7588

of America. With an introductory essay on Manton, Kate. Man's wrongs; or, woman's foibles. the constitution and government of the United B., 1870

Fc 10-9532
States. Ph., 1830

Cb 11-2752 Manual of arms for troops doing duty with the per- Marcella. Wm. Hayley

Hf 2-12192 cussion musket. Alb, 1858

Gb 10-9155 March, C. W. Reminiscences of congress. N. Y., Manual of classical literature. J. J. Eschenburg


Da 10-4824 Ac 2-1 3035 March, Daniel

. Night scenes in the bible. Ph., Manual of the constitution. T. Farrar Ba 4-84


Ee 7-8093 Manual of dignities. C. R. Dodd Ch 11-4218 March, Francis A. Comparative grammar of the Manual of manly exercises. J. H. Walsh

Anglo-Saxon language; in which its forms are

Gb 12-13640 illustrated by those of the Sanskrit, Greek, Manual of prose composition. J. M. Bonnell

Latin, Gothic, Old Saxon, Old Friesic, Old

Hc 11-14834 Norse, and Old High German. N. Y., 1870. Manual of scientific enquiry J. F. W. Hershel

Ha 14-15637 Ea 4–7192 Marchande de modes. Genlis

Hb 2-10797 Manufactures. Baines, E. ' History of the cotton Marcian Colonna. B. W. Procter Hf 5-12260 manufacture Gb 6-9112 Marco Spada. J. P. Simpson

Hb 9-10958 - Bishop, J. L. History of American manufac- Marcou, Jules. Resumé of a geological reconnoistures

Gb 3-8928 sance, froin Napoleon, Ark., to the Pueblo de – De Bow, J. D. B.' Industrial resources of the los Angeles, California. See Report of explorsouth

Ba 7-159
ations, etc. v. 3.

Ae 4-13533 – Mason, G. C. Application of art to Gb 4-8937 Marcoy, Paul. Scènes et passages dans les Andes. - Timmins, S. Resources of Birmingham

P., 1861. 2 v.

Df 12-6179 Gb) 5-16333 Marcus Brutus. John Sheffield : Hd 4-11476 - Ure, A. Dictionary of :

Ad 6-13425 | Marcus Warland. Mrs. C. L. Hentz Fe 2-15200

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Another of the

Marcy, E. E. Christianity and its conflicts, ancient Markham, Clements R., continued.

and modern. N. Y., 1867 . Ed 3-7843 - Life of the great Lord Fairfax, commander-inMarcy, R. B. Thirty years of army life on the bor- chief of the army of the parliament of Engder. N. Y., 1866. 8°

Df 6-5975
land. L., 1870. 8°

Dc 3–13636 and G. B. MacClellan. Explorations of the Red Marks, J. J. Peninsula campaign in Virginia, or inriver of Louisiana, 1852. W., 1854. 8°

cidents and scenes on the battle-lields and in DE 8-5818 Richmond. Ph., 1864

Cd 1-3134 Marcy, Wm. L. Jenkins, J.'s. Life Db 1-4880 Marlborough, J. c., duke of

. Alison, A. Military Maretzek, Max. Crotchets and quavers; or, revela

life of .

Dc 9–5317 tions of an opera manager in America. N. Y., - Coxe, W. Memoirs, with correspondence 1835 Hb 10-10988

Dc 3-5156, and 6-5242 Margaret, queen of Henry VI. Strickland, A. Life Marlborough, 's. J.

, duchess of. Thomson, Mrs. A. of Dd 7-5577 T. Memoirs

Dc 4–5181 Margaret, of Anjou. Abbott, J. History Dc 7-7555 Marlborough, Mass. See Massachusetts

. Letters of. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 86 Ce 9-16047 Marleborrough, Henry. The chronicle of Ireland; Margaret Tudor. Strickland, A. Life Dc 11-5368 continued from that of Hanmer in the yeare Margaret. A story of life in a prairie home, by “Lyn- 1571. Dublin, 1809 Ce 7--3460, and 8-3374 don” Fa 12-2885 Marlitt, E. Countess Gisela

Fc 7-14954 Margaret; a tale of the real and ideal.' s. Juda

Gold Elsie

Fc 7-14953 Fb 11-16565 The old mam'selle's secret

Fc 7-14952 Margaret Cecil. C. D. Bell

Fa 8-16773 Marlowe, Christopher. Works : including his transMargaret Maitland. M. 0. W. Oliphant Fa13-14844 lations. Edited, with notes, by F. Cunningham. Margaret Moncrieffe.C. Burdette Fa 6-16112

L., 1870

· Hb 11-11016 Margaret l'ercival. E. M. Sewell Ff 11-14134

Contents.-Introductory notice; Tamburlaine Margoliouth, Moses. Pilgrimage to the land of my the Great; The tragical history of Dr. Faustus; fathers. L., 1850. 2 v. 8°

Dg 4-6244

The Jew of Malta; Edward the second ; The Marguerite, queen of Edward I. Strickland, A. Life massacre at Paris; Dido. queen of Carthage;

Hero and Leander; Ovid's elegies; Epigrams of

Dd 7-5576

by J. D.; Ignoto; The passionate shepherd Marguerite d'Angauleine. Freer, M. W. Life

to his love; The passionate sheepheard to De 6-5722

his loue; The nimph's reply to the sheepheard;

Fa 11-16806 Marguerite Kent. M. W. Wayne

same nature_made" since;

Fragment; Dialogue in verse; Epitaph on Sir Maria Stuart. Schiller

Aa 1-12587

Roger Manwood; The first book of Lucan; The Maria Theresa. Anderson, Wm.' Treasury of histo- tragical history of Dr. Faustus from the 4to of ry and biography

Ca 10-16616

1604; Notes; Appendixes; Index to notes, Jenkins, J. S. Heroines of history Dd 1-5386 Marmaduke Herbert; or, the fatal error. Countess Maria Theresa, of Germany. Jameson, Mrs. A. M. of Blessington

* Fa 5-14652 Life of

Dd 1-5412 Marmier, Xavier. Nouvelles danoises. Traduites Mariage de Figaro. Beaumarchais Aa 6-12945 par X. Marmier. P., 1855

Aa 5-12788 Mariage de la folie. Regnard

Aa 6-13940

Contents, -Une histoire de chaque jonr; MéMariage de Momus. A. Piron

Hb 2-10789

salliance; La petite Carine; Les sentiers péril.
Mariage forcé. Moliere Hb 8-10946, and 2-10766
Mariamne. Voltaire
Aa 12–13240 Maroon. Mayne Reid.

FC 2-14875 Marian Graham. Mrs. A. W. Lawrence Fb 3-14343 Marooners’ island. F. R. Goulding Fb 15-14438 Marian Grey. M. J. Holmes

Fd 4-14270 Maroons. Giddings, J. R. Exiles of Florida
Marian Rooke. H. Sedley
Ff 15-15432

Cb 12-2827 Marian Withers. G. E. Jewsbury Fb 11-14629 Marquette, F. J. Shea, J. G. Voyages and discovMariana, Juan de. Historia general de España. Mad- eries, 1673

Cb 2-2525 rid, 1780. 2 v. 4°

Cb 1-2470 Sparks, 'J. Life of.' s. Å. B.' v. io Da 8-4700 Marianna. Jules Sandeau

Aa 5–12777 Marriage. 'Alcott, W. A. Moral philosophy of courtMarie. G. De Beaumont Aa 4-12747 ship and marriage

Bb 5–356 Marie Antoinette and her son. Mühlbach Fd 5-14300 Balzac, H. de. La physiologie du mariage Marie. Kotzebue Hb 8-10938

Aa 2-12557 Marina. G. Lillo .

Hb 11-11020 - Bolles, J. A. Holy matrimony

Holy matrimony : Hc 10-11269 Marine algae. Harvey, w. H. History of

. Part I. Cobbett, W. Forbidding marriage Eg 8-8547 S. C. to K. Vol. 3, Art. 4. Ae 1-13477 Carlier, A. Marriage in the United States. Part II. Vol. 5, Art. 5 Ae 1-13479

Bb 5-362 Part III. Vol. 10, Art 2

Ae 1-13485 Evans, H. D. Christian doctrine of Hc 10-15513 Mariner, Wm. Account of the natives of the Tonga Malcom, H. Christian rule of Hc 10-11277

islands in the South Pacific ocean. Compiled - Opinions concerning the bible law of Bb 5–16567 and arranged by J. Martin B., 1820. 8° - Powell, W. B. Human temperaments in relation Dh 8-6516

Ga 4-8694 Marini, G. Shelley, Mrs. Life of

De 11-5804 Smith, Mrs. E. O. Sanctity of . Bh 6-Pam. 12 Marion, F. Wonderful balloon ascents; or, the con- Wood, E. J. Wedding day in all ages and counquest of the skies; a history of the balloons


Bb 5-368 and balloon voyages, with illustrations. N. Y., – Woolsey. T. D. Divorce, and divorce legislation 1870 Ea 5-16718

Bb 5-357 - Wonders of optics. Trans. by c. w. Quin. L., Marriage licenses. Names of persons for whom issued 1868

Ea 8-7314 in New York, previous to 1784 . Ch 8-4044 Marion Berkley; a story for girls. By Laura Caxton. Marriage of the lamb. G. W. Henry He 1-11779 B., 1870

Fd 13–13907 | Marriage of wit and wisdom. See Halliwell, J. O. Mariotti, L. Pseudonym of A. Gallenga.

Hb 3-10831 Mark. Alexander, J. A. The gospel of, explained Married and single. J. Poole

Hb 9-10956 Eg 7–8522 Married bachelor. O'Callaghan Ab 10-10998 Lange, J. P. Commentary Ad 3–13364 Married life. J. B. Buckstone

Hb 9-10960 Mark the match boy. II. Alger, jr. Fd 6-15456 Married rake. C. Selby

Hb 10-10995 Markham, Clements R. Cuzco; a journey to the an- Marriott, W. B. The testimony of the catacombs and

cient capital of Peru; an account of the histo- of other monuments of Christian art, from the
ry, antiquities, etc., of the Incas and Lima; a 2d to the 18th century, concerning questions
visit to the capital and provinces of modern of doctrine now disputed in the church. L.,
Peru. L., 1856. 8°

Ch 6-4106

Ed 7-16545



[blocks in formation]


Marryat, Florence. Confessions of Gerald Estcourt Marston, J. Works; with notes, and some account of

Fc 12-15041 his life and writings, by J. O. Halliwell. L, - Forever and ever

Fc 12-15039
1856. 3 v.

Hb 11-11021 - Love's conflict.

Fc 12–15045

Contents.-Vol. I. Preface; Antonio and Mel– Nelly Brooke

Fc 12-15047

lida; The wonder of women, or the tragedie of - Temper; a novel

Fc 10-15009

Sophonisba ; What you will. II. Parasitaster, - Véronique

Fc 12–15057

or the fawne; The Dutch courtezan; The mal

III. Eastward hoe; The insatiate Marryat, Frederic. Ardent Troughton Aa 8-13050

countesse; The metamorphosis of Pigmalion's - Children of the new forest

Fc 12–15044

image and certaine satyres; The scourge of vil- Der alte commodore

lanie; The lorde and ladye Huntingdon's enterAa 8-13051

tainment of their right noble mother, Alice, - Diary in America. N. Y., 1839 Df 6-5996

countesse dowager of Darby, the firste nighte – Dog fiend

Fc 12–14011

of her honor's arrivall at the house of Ashby; - Frank Mildmay

Fc 12-15040

City pageant; Verses by Marston. - Frank Mildmay, der flatten offizier Aa 8-13045 - Collier, J. P. Some account of John Marston - Jacob Faithful. Fc 12-15042

Hb 3-10801 - Japhet, der einen vater fucht. Aa 8-13046 Marston, J. W. Anne Blake. F's s. D. v. 34 - Japhet in search of a father Fc 12–15043, and 15052

Hb 9-10968 - Joseph Rushbrook

Aa 8-13048 A hard struggle. F's s. D. v. 39 : Hb 9-10971 - King's own

Fc 12–15044 A life's ransom. Fs S. D. v. 36 Hb 9-10969 - Midshipman Easy

Fc 12–15046 The patrician's daughter. F's S. D. v. 32 Midshipman Easy. St., 1857: Aa 8-13044

Hb 9--10967 The mission; or, scenes in Africa Fc 12-15055 Pure gold. F's s. D. v. 41 :

Hb 9-10972 - Newton Forster Fc 12–15048 Marstons. Hamilton Aidé

Fd 3-15852 - Newton Forster. St.

, 1857 Aa 8–13049 Martha ; a memorial of an only sister. A. Reed - Pacha of many tales Fc 12-15230

Dc 7–5277 - Percival Keene

Fc 12–15042 Martha Brown. By the author of still waters
Percival Keene. St., 1860
Aa 8-13043

Fd 13–14533 - Der Pirat. Die drei Kutter. st., 1861 Aa 8-13052 Marthe de Montbrun. Max Valrey Aa 5-12772 – Peter Simpel. St., 1860 .

Aa 8–13042 Martial, Marcus Valerius. Epigrams, translated into - Peter Simple Fc 12–15052 English verse. L., 1865

Ha 3-15974 – Phantom ship.

Fc 12–15053 | Martin, E. W. Secrets of the great city ; virtues and – Poacher.

Fc 12–15051 the vices, mysteries, miseries, and crimes of - Privateersman.

Fc 12–15056 New York city. Ph., 1868. 8° Cc 2-2890 - Settlers in Canada Fc 12–15054, and 15055 Martin, F. Natural history. Trans. from the Ger- Die Sendung, oder scenen in Afrika Aa 8–13047 man by Sarah A. Myers. N. Y., 1870.2 v. - Sir Henry Morgan, der buccanier . Aa 8-13075

Dk 3–3873 - Snarleyyow; or, the dog fiend Fc 12–14011

Contents.-First series-Class I. Mammalia.
Travels and adventures of Mons. Violet

II. Birds. III. Reptilia. Second series—IV.
Fc 12–11319

Fishes. V. Mollusca. VI. Insecta; Vegetable

Fc 12–15056

kingdom; Mineralogy. Marrying by lot. C. B. Mortimer Fc 10-15018 Martin, Francois-Xavier. History of North CaroMarsh, Å. Aubrey

Fc 12–15058

lina, from the earliest period. New Orleans, Castle Avon

Fc 12–15059
1829. 2 v. 80

Cb 12-2818 - Emilia Wyndham

Fc 12-15064

Martin, Henri. History of France. The age of - Evelyn Marston

Fc 12-15060

Louis XIV. Trans. by M. L. Booth. - Heiress of Haughton

Fc 12–15061
1865. 2 v. 8°

Cg 3–3779 - Ravenscliffe

Fc 12-15062 Martin, M. Description of the western islands, and - Rose of Ashurst

Fc 12-15063 voyage to St. Kilda, 1697. Pinkerton's voyMarsh, D. W. The Tennessean in Persia and Koor

Df 1-5828 diston, being scenes and incidents in the life of Martin, R. M. China, political, commercial, and Samuel Audley Rhea. Ph., 1869 Dh 46455

social; in an official report to her majesty's govMarsh, G. P. Lectures on the English language. N.

ernment. L., 1847. 2 v. 8° Dh 2-6403 Y., 1860. 80

Ha 14-11030

History of Austral-Asia, comprising New South – Man and nature; or, physical geography as modi

Wales, Van Diemen's island, Swan river, and fied by human action. N.Y., 1864. 8° Ea 8-7287

South Australia. Second edition. L., 1839. 40

Dh 9-6534 Marsh king's daughter. H. C. Andersen Fd 1–7492 Marshall, H. The history of Kentucky. Frankfort,

History of the British colonies ; Vol. I. Posses1824. 2 y. 8°

Cb 12-2809

sions in Asia. II. Possessions in the West InMarshall, John. History of the colonies planted by

dies. III. Possessions in North America. IV. the English on the continent of North Ameri

Possessions in Africa and Austral-Asia. L., ca. Ph., 1824. So

Cb 4-2659
1834–5. 4 v.

Ce 2-3221 – Life of George Washington. Ph., 1835. 2 v. 8° Martin, W. C. L. A general introduction to the

Da 44662 natural history of mammiferous animals, with - Same. Pi., 1805. 5 v. 'go

Da 5-4687

a particular account of the physical history of Writings upon the federal constitution. B., 1839. man, and the more closely allied genera of the 80

Ba 4-72

order quadrumana, or monkeys. L., 1841. 8° Marshall, Nelly. As by fire Fc 10–15008

Ch 9-4151 Marshall, O. H. Narrative of the expedition of the Martin Chuzzlewit.c. Dickens marquis De Nonville against the Senecas in

Fd 8-15128, and 10-15155 1687. N. Y., 1848

Bh 6-Pam. 7 Martin Merrivale, his mark. J. T. Trowbridge - Niagara frontier ; embracing sketches of its early

Fe 12-15405 history, and Indian, French, and English local Martineau, Arthur. Church history in England, from B., 1865. 8°

Ce 2-2905

the earliest times to the period of the reformaMarshall, T. W. M. Christian missions ; their agents tion. L., 1870

Ed 5-6041 and their results. N. Y., 1864. 2 v. 8°

Martineau, Harriet. Biographical sketches. N. Y.,

1869 Ed 1-7897

Dd 6-5505 Marshall, w. H. Old Vauxhall Fc 10–15005

Contents.-I. LITERARY. Amelia Opie; ProMarshman, J. C. Life and times of Carey, Marsh- fessor Wilson ; Christopher North; John Gib. man, and Ward ; embracing the history of the

son Lockhart; Mary Russell Mitford ; Charlotte

Bronté; Samuel Rogers; John Wilson Croker; Serampore mission. L., 1864. El 1-7820

Mrs. Marcet; Henry Hallam ; Mrs. Wadsworth;


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