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Linn, E. A., and N. Sargent. Life and pub'ic ser- Literature. Bibliography,

vices of Dr. Lewis F. Linn, ten years senator Allibone, S. A. Critical dictionary Ab 6–13578

from Missouri. N. Y., 1857. 80 Db 5-4952 - Lowndes. W.T. Bibliographer's manual Linnaeus, Carl von. The animal kingdom, or zoö

Aa 2–16373 logical system. Class I. Mammalia, being – Lippincott's pronouncing biographical dictionary a translation of that part of the systema na

Ac 7-16144 turae as published by professor Gmelin, of Thomas, Ralph. Hand-book of fictitious names Goettingen, by Robert Kerr. Class II. Birds.

Ab 6–16630
L., 1792. 4°

Dk 4-6913 History.
Memoir. Nat. Lib.

Dk 6-6966 Blakey, R. Political literature Ha 5-10520 – Torrey, J. Observations on the Batis maritima Burnet, James. Origin and progress of language of. S. C. to K. Vol. 6, Art. 3. Ae 1-13480

Ha 6–10537 - Smith, J. E. Selections from the correspondence Dunlap, J. History of fiction Ha 5-10496 of

He 10–15540 Ellis, G. Rise and progress of romantic compoLinton, E. Lynn. "Witch stories

Fb 4-14565

sition in England and France Ha 9-10617 Lion, Ben E. Kellogg

Fc 11-15459 - Fauriel, C. C. History of Provençal poetry Lionel and Clarissa Hb 1-10736

Ha 5-10522 Lionel Lincoln. J. F. Cooper

Ff 2-13978 Hallam, H. Literature of Europe Ha 5-10513 Lippincott, Mrs. S. J. Bonnie Scotland ; tales of her Howitt, W., and M. Literature and romance of history, heroes and poets. B., 1866

northern Europe

Ha 6-10546 Ce 10-3401 Sismondi, J. C. L. S. de. Historical view of the – Forest tragedy, and other tales Ff 4-14018 literature of the south of Europe Ha 5-10511 - Greenwood leaves; a collection of sketches and White, R. G. Words and their uses Ha 13–16720 letters. B., 1854

He 3-11916 Philosophy and study. – Haps and mishaps of a tour in Europe. B., 1854 - Chateaubriand, R. F. A. Sketches of English litDi 3-6651

Ha 6–10534 - Records of five years. B., 1867 He 4-11949 – Gilman, A. First steps in English Ha 8-16156 Lippincott's cabinet histories. See Carpenter, W. H., - Goethe, J. W. von. Auswärtige literatur and and T. S. Arthur.


Aa 7-13006 Lippincott's magazine. v. 1-5. Ph., 1868–70

Jameson, Mrs. A. M. Essays on Hd 13–11717

Gc 6-9278 - Knapp, S. L. Advice in pursuit of . He 14-12127 Lippincott's pronouncing gazetteer. J. Thomas, and Lord, D. N. Laws of figurative language T. Baldwin Ac 6–13210

Ha 13-10699 Liquors. Bordeaux liquor dealers' guide

Sears, B.; B. B. Edwards; and C. C. Felton. ClassGb 5-9057 ical studies

Ha 5-10517 Lisbon. · Colton, W. Ship and shore Di 3-6660 – Stael-Holstein, Mme. de.' De la literature – Jones, J. T. Lines thrown up in 1810

Aa 1-12588 Cg 7-3856 Influence of

Ila 13–10707 - Voltaire, F. M. A. de. Poëme sur le désastre de Whipple, E. P. Lectures on literature Lisbonne en 1755 Aa 12-13251

Ha 11-10659 Lister, M. Journey to Paris, 1698. Pinkerton's voy- Collections.

Df 1-5829 Artman, Wm., and L. V. Hall. Beauties and List, F National system of political economy.

achievements of the blind

He 4-11937 Trans. by G. A. Matile, with notes by H. Rich

Boston book

He 12–15553 elot and S. Colwell. Ph., 1856. 8° Ba 7-157 - Chambers, R. "Cyclopaedia Lists of foreign protestants and aliens resident in

Ac 6–15791, and Ad 8–13459 England. Cam. Soc. Pub. V. 82 Ce 9–16043 Cooper, S. F. Rhyme and reason of country life Liszt, F. Lite of Chopin. Trans. from the French

He 12-12102 by Martha W. Cook. N. Y., 1866

Cory, I. P. Ancient fragments Ca 4-6325

IIb 10-10990 Duyckinck, E. A., and G. L. Cyclopaedia of Litchfield, N. H. See Fox, c. J.

American literature

Ha 5-10494 Literary and philosophical society of New York. - Supplement

Ha 5–10508 Člinton, De Witt. Introductory discourse Hale, S. J. Woman's record. Ab 6–12659

Ha 10–10629 - Hunt, J. H. Leigh. Book for a corner Literary and scientific men. 'Arago, F. Biographies

Hd 5-11528 of distinguished scientific men Dd 1-5394

Selections from the poets Hd 5-11527 – Brougham, H. Lives of men of letters of the Knight, C. Half hours with the best authors time of George III. Dd 2–5422

He 12-12097 Gilfillan, G. Gallery of portraits Ha 9-10600 Library of English literature : Ha 6–10523 Hazliit, W. Lectures on the English comic wri- Mills, A. Literature of Great Britain and Ireland ters Hd 13–11720

Ha 5-10501 – Mills, A. ' Literary men of Great Britain and Ire. Montagu, Basil. Selections from Taylor, et al land Ha 5–10501

He 12-12103 – Shelley, Mrs. M. W., et. al. Lives of literary and Morris, R. Specimens of early English scientific men of Italy De 11-5803

Ha 13-10709 - Walker, Wm., jr. Distinguished men of science Original letters of eminent literary men. Cam. living in 1807-8 .

Dc 1-16465
Soc. Pub.

Ce 6–3315 – Wynne, J. Lives of eminent literary and scien- Phoenix

He 12-12094 tific men of America

Db 3-4903 - Porter, Miss C. B. Silver cup of sparkling drops - See Authors; Literature; Poets ; Historians.

He 4-11938 Literary character. I. Disraeli He 14-12124 Sayings of sages

He 4-11954 Literary hours. N. Drake

Ild 8-11614 - Thornton romances. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 30 Literary institutions. Hole, James. Essay on the

Ce 6-3321 management of . Ha 10-10626 Voices from the press

He 15-12154 Literary remains. Wm. Hazlitt : Hd 9-16442 Williston, E. B. `Eloquence of the United States Literary remains. S. T. Coleridge Hd 8-11611

He 12-12090 Literary sketches and letters. °C. Lamb


He 1-11762 Disraeli, I. Curiosities of literature Ha 6–10525 Literary world. v. 2–13. N. v., 1848–53. 12 v. 4° - Giltillan, G. Modern literature and literary men Bi 12-2075

Ha 9-10600

ages. 4

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Literature, continued.

Live woman in the mines

Hb 10-10998 · Ossoli, S. M. F. d'. Art, literature, and the Liver. Budd, G. Diseases of the

Ga 3-8727 drama.

Ha 11–10686 Livermore, S.' T. Condensed history of Cooperstown, Papers on literature and art Ha 11-10670 with biographical sketch of J. Fennimore Robertson, F. W. Lectures on literary topics

Cooper. Alb., 1862

Da 10_4799 Hd 10-11659 Lives and voyages of Drake, Cavendish, and DamWilliston, E. B. American miscellany He 12–12090 pier ; including an introductory view of the - Woodworth, F. C. American miscellany

earlier discoveries in the south sea and the his

He 14–12113 tory of the bucaniers. N. Y., 1832 See Authors; Belles-letters; Copyright; Criti

Dg 3–6210 cism; Journalism; Letters; Literary and sci- Lives made sublime; or, sketches of Christian men entific men; Newspapers ; Novels; Poetry, who adorned their lives with good works. N. and names of different languages.

Y., n. d.

Dd 2-5134 Literature, oriental. Miscellaneous translations from Lives of alchemystical philosophers; with a critical oriental languages. L., 1831. 2 v. 8°

catalogue of books in occult chemistry, and a Ha 3-11834

selection of the most celebrated treatises on the Contents.-Vol. I. 1. Notes of a journey into

theory and practice of the hermetic art. L., the interior of northern Africa, by Hadji Ebn


Ci 9-4373 Eddin El-Eghwoati. Trans. from the Arabic, Lives of the British reformers. See British reformers

. by W. B. Hodgson. 2. Extracts from the Sakaa Thevan Saasteram, or book of fate. Trans.

Lives of the seven bishops. A. Strickland from the Tamul language, by Joseph Roberts.

Ed 8-7928 3. The last days of Krishna and the sons of Living in earnest. J. Johnson

He 3-11915 Pandn, from the concluding section of the Mahabharata. Trans. from the Persian version, Living questions of the age. J. B. Walker made by Nekkeib Khan in the time of the em

Ef 8-15983 peror Akbar. By major_David Price. 4. The Vedàla Cadai, being the Tamul version of a col

Livingston, E. Hunt, C. H.' Life

Da 6–4745 lection of ancient tales in the Sanscrit lan

Livingston, John. Portraits of eminent Americans guage, popularly known throughout India, and

now living, with biographical and historical entitled the Vetàla Panchavinsati. Trans. by

memoirs of their lives and actions. N. Y., 1853. B. G. Bobington. 5. Indian cookery, as practised and described by the nations of the east.

2 v. 8°

Da 12–16548 Trans. by Sanford Arnot. II. 1. Genealogi- Livingston, John. Refutation of his claim to lands cal catalogue of the kings of Armenia. By

in the western district of the state of New Prince Hubboff. Trans. from the American into the Russian language, by Lazar Kooznets.

York, under certain Indian leases, with opinTrans. from the Russian, by James Glen. 2.

ions of counsel thereon

Bh 6-Pam. 8
An account of the siege and reduction of Chai.

Livingston, Wm. Sedgwick, T., jr. Memoir
tur by the emperor Akbar. From the Akbar-
namah of Shaikh Abul-Fazl. Trans. by major

Da 7-4732
David Price. 3. Short history of the secret mo.

Livingstone, David and Charles. Narrative of an extives which induced the deceased Alemdar

pedition to the Zambesi and its tributaries; Mustafá Páshá, and the leaders of the imperial camp, to march from the city of Adrianople to

and of the discovery of the lakes Shirwa and Constantinople, with the stratagems they em

Nyassa, 1858–1864. `N. Y., 1866 Dg 8-6310 ployed in order to depose sultan Mustafa, and

– Jewett, S. A W. Livingstone in Africa
restore to the throne sultan Selim, the martyr,
in the year of the Hejira, 1222. 4. Account of

Dg 11-16128 the grand festival held by the Amir Timúr on

Livius, Titus.' History of Rome. Trans. by George the plains of Káneh Gul, or mine of roses, after

Baker. L., 1822. 6 v. 8°

Ča 6-2323 his return from Asia Minor, and the defeat of Ilderum Bayazid, or Bajazet, A. H. 803. Trans.

Lizzy Glenn. T. S. Arthur .

Fd 2-15576 from the Mufrizát Timúri, or life of Timur, Ljungstedt, Sir Andrew. Historical sketch of the written by himself. By Col. Francklin. 5. The

Portuguese settlements in China ; and of the ritual of the Buddhist priesthood. Trans. from

Roman catholic church and mission in China. the original Pála work, entitled Karmawákya. By Benjamin Clough. 6. Translation of an ex

A supplementary chapter, description of the tract from a horticultural work in Persia. By

city of Canton. B., 1836.8° Dh 2–6007 Baboo Rodhakant Deb, of Calcutta.

Llewellyn, E. L.
Title hunting

Fb 3-14334 Confucius and Mencius

Ha 3–10386 Lloyd, S. Harriet. Sketches of Bermuda. L., 1835 Littell's living age; conducted by E. Littell. B.,

Ch 7-4120 1844–70. 115 v. 8°

Lo que ha de ser. Vega

Aa 2-12575 Gd 4–15671, and Bb 8–15636 Loan of a lover. Drama. J. R. Planché Little barefoot. B. Auerbach Fd 1-12040

Hb 10–10993 Little barefoot. A. Waldauer

Hb 9–10972 Loango. Proyart, L. History of. Pinkerton's voyLittle boy's story. Julie Gouraud Fb 15-14434

Dg 1-5811 Little brother. F. H. Ludlow

Fb 3–14337 Lobo, J. Voyage to Abyssinia, 1622. Pinkerton's Little dinner at Timmins's. W. M. Thackeray

voyages. 15

Dg 1-5810 Fe 8–15326 Locke, D. R. Ekkoes from Kentucky. B., 1868 Little Dorrit. c. Dickens Fd 8-15127

He 8-16336 Little French lawyer. Beaumont and Fletcher - Swingin round the cirkle ; his ideas of men, poli

Hb 7-10882

tics and thirgs. B., 1867 . He 8-11998 Little hunchback. 'J. O'Keeffe

Hb 7–10897 Locke, John. Works. Tenth edition. L., 1801. 10 v. Little Toddlekins. C. Mathews

Hb 10-11003

Hc 5–11168 Little foxes. H. B. Stowe

Fb 11-14146

Contents.-Vol. I. Life of the author; Epistle Little treasure. A. Harris

Hb 9-10959

dedicatory to the essay of human understandLittle women. L. M. Alcott

Fd 1-14127

ing; Epistle to the reader; Contents of the Little page manuscripts. See Cooper, J. F.

essay on human understanding; An analysis of

Mr. Locke's doctrine of ideas; An essay conLittlejohn, A. N., and 14 others. Lectures on the

cerning human understanding to the end of evidences of Christianity, delivered in Phila

Chap. 22, Bk, II. II. Essay on human underdelphia by clergymen of the protestant epis

standing, Bk. II., Chap. 23, to the end of Chap.

4. Bk. IV. Essay on human understanding, copal church, in 1853-4. Introductory essay

Bk, Iv., Chap. 5, etc., A defence of Mr. Locke's by Alonzo Potter. Ph., 1855. 8° Eg 2–8420 opinion concerning personal identity; ApLittrow, T. T. von. Atlas des gestirnten bimmels.

pendix; Conduct of the understanding:
Für freunde der astronomie,

'Thoughts concerning reading and study for a

St., 1839.

gentleman: Elements of natural philosophy;
Eb 8-7526

Å new method of a commonplace book; Iudex Liturgies and occasional forms of prayer set forth in to the essay concerning human understanding.

IV. Letters, V. Some considerations of the the reign of queen Elizabeth. Edited by W.

consequences of lowering the interest and raisK. Clay

Cam., 1847. 8° . . Eg 13-16274 ing the value of money ; Short observations on

ages. 16


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Locke, John, continued.

Logan, Olive. A propos of women and theatres; a printed paper, entitled, For encouraging the

with a paper on Parisian topics. N. Y., 1869 coining of silver money in England: Further considerations concerning raising the value of

Ib 11-11025 money: Two treatisee of Government. VI.

Before the footlights and behind the scenes; a Lettere VII. Reasonableness of Christianity

book about the show business" in all its as delivered in the scriptures; Vindicatiun of the reasonableness of Christianity from Mr.

branches. Ph., 1870. 8° . Hb 11-15769 Edward's reflections; Second vindication of

- Chateau Frissac ; or, home scenes in France the reasonableness of Christianity. VIII. Es

Fb 3-14341 say for the understanding of St. Paul's epistles, Logan, W. E Geological survey of Canada. Reby consulting St. Paul himself; Paraphrase and notes on St. Paul's epistle to the Galatians ;

port of progress for the years 1853–54-55-56. Paraphrase and notes on St. Paul's first epiztle

Toronto, 1857

Eb 4-7474 to the Corinthians; Paraphrase and notes on Logan, W. E, director, A. Murry, ass't geologist, T. St. Paul's second epistle to the Corinthians ; Paraphrase and notes on St. Paul's epistle to

S. Hunt, chemist, and E. Billings, palaeontolothe Romans; Paraphrase and notes on St.

gist. Geological survey of Canada. Report of Paul's epistle to the Ephesians. IX. Thoughts

progress from its commencement to 1863. concerning education ; Examination of P. Malebranche's opinion of seeing all things in God;

Montreal, 1865. 8°

Eb 1-7334 Discourse of miracles; Memoirs relating to the


Eb 1-7331 life of Anthony, first earl of Shaftesbury; Logarithms. Maseres, F. Scriptores logarithmetici Familiar letters between Mr. Locke and several of his friends: Index, X. Letters.

Eb 1-7316 – Essay concerning human understanding. L., Logic. Aristotle.' Organon

Ha 2-10479 1793. 2 v. 8° Hc 8-11237 Beattie, J. Essay on

Hd 13-11745 - Same. In works Hc 5-11168 Duncan, Wm. Elements of

Hc 9-11293 – King, lord P. Life of Dc 8–5304 Everett, C. C. System of

Hc 9-11290 Locke, John. Observations on terrestrial magnetism. Gilbart, J. W. Logic for the million Hc 9-11286 S. C. to K. Vol. 3, Art. 1. Ae 1-1347 Hamilton, Wm. Lectures on

Hc 9-11284 Locke, J. G. Book of the Lockes; a record of the Jevons, W. S. Substitution of similars, the true descendants of William Locke of Woburn. B., principle of reasoning

He 10–16475 1853. go

Ch 8-4027 - McCosh, James. Laws of discursive thought Locker, Frederick. London lyrics. B., 1870

Hc 10-16143
Hf 7-16321
Mill, J. s.' System of

Hc 9-15322
Lockhart, J.G. Memoirs of the life of Sir W. Scott. Watts, I. Right use of reason Hc 9-11291
Ph., 1838. 2 v. 8°
Dc 3-5148 Logic of banking. J. W. Gilbart

Bc 1-496 Lockhart, John Ingram. Attica and Athens; an Logic of history. S. D. Carpenter Cd 5-3200

inquiry into the civil, moral, and religious in- Logic of political economy. T. De Quincey, stitutions of the inhabitants. L., 1842.8°

Hd 2-11442 Ca 8-2411 Lohn der Wahrheit. Sch. Kotzebue' Hb 8-10926 Lockman, J. Travels of the jesuits into various Lois de Minos. Trag. Voltaire . Aa 12-13245

parts of the world; compiled from their let- Lois the witch. Mrs. E. C. Gaskell Fb 15-14422 ters; with extracts from other travelers and Lollard doctrines. Apology for, attributed to Wicmiscellaneous notes. L., 1743. 2 v.

litfe. Cam. Soc. Pub.

Ce 6–3313 Dg 1-16088 Loménie, L. de. Beaumarchais and his times. Locomotive engineering. Norris, s. Hand-book Sketches of French society in the 18th century. for locomotive engineers

Ga 9-8845 Trans. by H. S. Edwards. N. Y., 1857 – Tredgold, T. Machinery of the locomotive and

De 2–5617 marine engine

Gb 2-15631 London. Description. – Walker, J. Comparative merits of locomotive Chamberlayne, E. The city of London. See and fixed engines

Ga 9-8763
Angliae notitia, part 2, page 171

Cf 8-3631 Locos de Valencia. Drama. Vega Aa 2-12575 Drew, W.A. Glimpses and gatherings Di 5–6681 Lodge, Edmund Illustrations of British history,

Grant, James. Travels in town Ce 8-16220 biography, and manners, in the reigns of Headley, J. T. Rambles about He 6-11978 Henry VIII., Edward VI., Mary, Elizabeth, - Ireland, S. Picturesque views Di 2-6581 and James I.; containing the correspondence Knight, C. London

Ce 1-3206 of Elizabeth with George, sixth earl of Shrews- Lemon, M. Up and down the London streets bury, during the fifteen years in which Mary,

Ce 3-3236 queen of Scots, remained in his custody. L.,

Saunders, F. Memories of the great metropolis 1838. 3 v. 89 Cf 2-3502

Di 5–6691 - The peerage of the British empire with the arms Wheaton, N. S. Journal of a residence in of the peers, to which is added the baronetage.

Di 5-6682 Twentieth edition. L., 1851. 8° Ch 8-11811 Exhibitions, - Portraits of illustrious personages of Great Britain. - Clark, D. K. The exhibited machinery, 1862 L., 1849. 8 v. Dd 7-5560

Gb 3-8919 Lodge, T. A defense of poetry, music, and stage

- Exhibitions of the works of industry of all nations. players; to which are added, by the same au- Reports of the juries

Gb 3-8920 thor, an alarm against usurers; and the de- Official, descriptive and illustrated catalogue, 1851 lectable bistory of Forbonius and Prisceria,

Gb 3-8916 with introduction and notes. L., 1852

Whewell, w., et al. Progress of arts and sci

Hb 3-11946 ences resulting from the great exhibition Loew, H. Monographs of the Diptera of North

Ea 4-7195 America. S. M. C. Vol. 6, Art. 1 Dk 12–7077 History Lofty and the lowly. M. J. McIntosh Fc 13-15089 - Chronicle of the grey friars. Cam. Soc. Pub. Logan, C. A. Yankee land. F's M. D.


Ce 6-3344 Hb 10-11001 Croniques de London. Cam. Soc. Pub. Logan, James. Scottish Gaël; or, Celtic manners as

Ce 6-3319 preserved among the Highlanders; being an De antiquis legibus liber. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 34 historical and descriptive account of the in

Ce 6-3325 habitants, antiquities, and national peculiari- – Jesse, J. H. Literary and historical memorials ties of Scotland. First Am. edition. B., 1833

Ce 3-3231 go

Ce 12-3454 - Life in.
Logan, Jobn. 'Works. British poets : Hf 1-12289 – Grant, James. Lights and shadows of London
Logan, M. C. Artist's dream

Fb 4-14564

Ce 8-16218

V. 20

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London, continued.

Longfellow, H. W., continued. – Greenwood, James. Seven curses of London The golden legend. B., 1859 Hf 11-12472 Ce 3–3244 Hyperion, B., 1865

Hf 12-12522 - Hollingshead, J. Ragged London Ce 3-3239 Jolin Endicott. Trag.

Hb 10–10985 Malcom, J. P. Manners and customs during the Kavanagh

Fb +14569 18th century

Ce 2-3237 - New England tragedies. John Endicott; Giles – Mayhew, H. London labor and London poor

Corey of the Salem farms. B., 1868
Ce 3–16000

Hb 10-10985 Raikes, T. Reminiscences

Ce 4 3270 Outre-mer, a pilgrimage beyond the sea. B., 1865 Smith, C. M. Curiosities of London life

Di 4-6618 Ce 3-3243 Poets and poetry of Europe, with introductions – Thackeray, w. M. 'Sketches and travels

and biographical notices. 2 v. 8° Hf 3-12223

Fe 9-15325 Seaside and tireside. B., 1850 Hf 12-12514 Thornbury, W. Haunted London Ce 3–3233 Song of Hiawatha. B., 1856 Hf 12-12524 - Miscellaneous.

Tales of a wayside inn. B., 1863 . Hf 11-12495 — Colburn, Z. and W. H. Maw. Water-works of Longitude. Gould, B. A. Transatlantic longitude.

Ga 12–8950

S. C. to K. Vol. 16, Art. 7 Ae 2–1588 – Dodd, G. Food of London Ce 3–3245 Longman, F. W. Chess openings. l., 1870 Jesse, J. H. London and its celebrities

Gb 12-16493 Ce 3-3231 Longueville, Mme. de. Cousin, V. Youth of Milman, 11. H. Annals of st. Paul's cathedral

De 2-5619 Ce 3-3235 Longus. ' See Heliodorus. Rush, R. ' Residence at court

Ce 3–3251 Loo Choo. Habersham, A. W. My last cruise Saunders, F. Literary and historical curiosities

Dg 1-13788 – Stanley, A. P.' Memorials of Westminster abbey Di 5-6686 Look before you leap. Com. G. w. Lovell

Hb 9-10954 Ce 3–3234 Looker-on; a periodical paper, by the Rev. Simon – Timbs, J. Romance of London Ce 3–3240 Olive-branch. Ph., 1796. A v. in 2 London assurance. Com. D. L. Boucicault

Hd 13-11721 Fb 9–10953 Looker-on, the. With preface, by A. Chalmers. B., London encyclopaedia; or, universal dictionary of 1866. 3 v.

Hd 12-11691 science, art, literature, and practical mechan- Looking around. A. S. Roe

Fc 3-14878 ics. L., 1829. 22 v. 8° Ac 10-13340 Looking glass for London and England. Drama. R. London hermit. Drama. J. O'Keefe Hb 7-10898


Hb 4-13786 London lyrics. F. Locker

Hf 7–16321 Looking unto Jesus; a narrative of the brief race of London magazine. March, May and June, 1734,

a young disciple. By her mother. Bath, n. d. April, 1837. 80 Bi 12-2168

Et 7-8347 London Quarterly review

Gf 5-9704 Loomis, Elias An introduction to astronomy, with · See Quarterly review.

a collection of astronomical tables. N. Y., London romance. C. H. Ross

Fc 5-14916
1855. 80

Eb 8-7528 London society. An illustrated magazine. L., 1869. - On certain storms in Europe and America in 8°

Ha 10-10880

1836. S. C. to K. Vol. 11, Art. 8 Ae 1-13486 London Times. Essays from

Hd 13-11719 Treatise on meteorology, with a collection of Long, John H., and R. I. Buel. The cadet engineer; meteorological tables. N. Y., 1870.80 or, steam for the student. Ph., 1865. go

Ea 9-16146 Ga 9-8840 Lootfe, der. J. F. Cooper

Aa 8-13039 Long, Roger. Astronomy. Cam., 1742.2 v. 4° Lopez de Castaneda, H. History of the discovery

Eb 8-7518

and conquest of India by the Portuguese, beLong, Stephen H. Expedition from Pittsburg to the

tween the years 1497 and 1505. Kerr, R. Rocky mountains in 1819-20. Compiled by Voyages. v. 2

DE 2-5846 E. James. Ph., 1823. 2. v. 8° Df 5–5951 Lord, David N. Characteristics and laws of figura– Expedition to the source of the St. Peter's river, tive language. N. Y., 1855 Ha 13-10699

lake Winnipeg, lake of the Woods, etc., in Lord, H. Discovery of the Banians and Persees. 1823. Compiled by W. H. Keating. Ph., 1824. Pinkerton's voyages. 8

Df 1-5833 2 v. 8°

Df 5–5949 Lord, John. Ancient states and empires, for colleges Long Island. See New York state.

and schools. N. Y., 1869. 8° Ca 4-9303 Long Island historical society. Second and fifth an- Old Roman world, the grandieur and failure of its nual reports, 1865, 1868

Bh 5-Pam. 45

civilization. N. Y., 1867. 8°. Ca 5-2314 Report, 1866

Bh 5-Pam. 68 Lord, John C. The dead of the present war; funeral Long look ahead. `A. S. Roe

Fc 3-14888

discourse, Buf., June 28, 1862 Bh 5-Pam. 74 Long pack, the. James Hogg

Fd 5-16628 Discourse delivered before the faculty and stuLong parliament. Verney papers. Cam. Soc. Pub. dents of the Buffalo medical college, February v. 31

Ce 6-3322
12th, 1854

Bh 6-Pam. 13 Longfellow, H. W. Prose works. B., 1866. 3 v.

Quarter century sermon, preached in the central Ha 9-10597

presbyterian church, Buffalo, 1860 Contents.-Vov. I. Outre-mer, a pilgrimage

Bh 5-Pam. 74 beyond the sca. II. Hyperion, a romance. III. Lord, John K. The naturalist in Vancouver's island Kavanagh; Driftwood.

and British Columbia. L., 1866. Poetical works of. B., 1866. 4v. , Hf 10-12425

Dk 43026
Contents.-Vol. I. Voices of the night; Earlier Lord, wm. W. Christ in hades. A poem. N. Y.,
poems; Translations; Ballads and other poems;
Poems on slavery: The Spanish student; Notes.


Hf 12-12519 II. The belfry of Bruges and ot poems; Evan. Lord Erlistoun. Muloch

Fd 7-14294 geline; The seaside and the fireside. III. The Lord mayor of London. W. H. Ainsworth golden legend; The courtship of Miles Standish; Birds of passage. IV. The song of Hiawatha ;

Fd 2-14339 Tales of a wayside inn; Birds of passage.

Lord Oakburn's daughters. Mrs. H. Wood
The courtship of Miles Standish and other poems.

Fa 12-14824
B., 1859
Hf 11-12469 Lord Russell.' Trag. Wm. Haviey

Hf 2-12192 - Evangeline. B., 1869

Hf 12-12523 Lord's prayer. Cumming, J. 'Teach us to pray Giles Corey of the Salem farms. Trag. Hb 10–10985 Lorenzo Benoni. G. Ruffini

Fc 5-14890

2 v.


2 v.


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Lorenzo de Medici. Shelley, Mrs. Life of De 11-5803 | Louis XV. Voltaire, F. M. A. de. Panegyrique de
Lorgnette. D. G. Mitchell
Fc 11-15035

Aa 12-13286 Lorimer, Jobn G. A historical sketch of the protes

Eloge funebre de

Aa 12-13268 tant church of France, with parallel notices of Louis XVI. Challice, Mrs. A. E. Heroes, philosothe church of Scotland. Ph., 1842 Eg 9-8134 phers, and courtiers

De 2-5626 Lorimer, Mary. Among the trees; a journal of walks - Moleville, A. F. B. de. Private memoirs in the woods, and flower hunting through field

Cg 4–3807 and by brook, N. Y., 1869 Ec 4-7677 Williams, H. M. Correspondence

Cg 3–5660 Loring, James Spear. Hundred Boston orators ap- Louis XVIII. Memoirs d'une femme de qualité sur pointed by the municipal authorities and other

Aa 9-13076 public bodies, from 1770 to 1852. B., 1852. 8° Louis Lambert. Balzac

Aa 2-12557 Db 44915 Louisa of Prussia, and her times. Muhlbach Los Gringos. Lieut. H. A. Wise. Ch 4-4063

Fd 5-14306 Loskiel, George H. History of the mission of the Louisiana. Du Pratz, L. Page. Histoire de la Louisiunited brethren among the Indians of North

Cb 11-2753 America, L., 1794. go

Ed 2-16110 French, B. F. Historical collections Cb 11-2750 Loss and gain. Alice B. Haven . Fe 5-15264 Gayarré, C. History of .

Cb 11-2749 Lossing, B. J. Cadet life at West Point Fb 3-14339 Madison, J. Message on

Cb 6-2628 - History of the United States, for families and Marbois, Barbé. History

Cb 11-2752 libraries. N. Y., 1860. 8°

Cb 6-2020 - New Orleans. Parton, James. Butler in - Life and times of Philip Schuyler. N. Y. 1860.

Cd 3-3152 v. 1. . . Da 11-4851 Stoddard, A. Sketches of

Cb 11-2748 - Our countrymen ; or brief memoirs of eminent Lounger, the.

With preface by A. Chalmers. B., Americans. Ph., 1855

Db 3-15551
1866. 2 v.

Hd 12-11686 - Outline history of the fine arts. A view of the rise, Love. Drama. J. S. Knowles

Hb 9-10956 progress, and influence of the arts among dif- Love, John. Sheldon, James. "Trial of the three ferent nations, ancient and modern. N. Y., Thayers for the murder of.

Cc 3-2883 1860

Hc 3-11116 Love, Wm. De Loss. Wisconsin in the war of the - Pictorial history of the civil war in the United rebellion; a history of all regiments and batStates of America. Hart., 1866–8. 3 v. 80

teries the state has sent to the field. Chicago, Cd 3-15996 1866. 8°

Cd 4-3184 Lost and saved. Mrs. C. E. Norton Fa 2–14648 Love and duty. Mrs. A. Opie

Fa 13-14848 Lost and won. G. M. Craik

Ff3–14348 Love and intrigue. Trag. Schiller Hlb 10-10977 Lost cause regained. E. A. Pollard Cd 1-3117 Love and law. M. Edgeworth

Fb 9-14550 Lost church found. C. T. C. Trelawny Ed 5–3230 Love and loyalty. W. J. Robson Hb 9-10967 Lost daughter. Mrs. C. L. flentz Fe 2-15198 Love and murder. Far. J. Brougham Hb 10-10995 Lost heiress. E. D. E. N. Southworth Ff 7-14074 | Love chase. Drama. J. S. Knowles Hb 9-10953 Lost in the jungle. Paul B. Du Chaillu Dg 10–6382 Love epistles of Aristaenetus

Ha 3-15969 Lost inheritance. W. Sewell Ff 15–15448 Love in '76. Com. O. Bunce

Hb 10-10997 Lost Lenore. Mayne Reid .

Fc 2–14874 Love in a camp. Drama. J. O'Keefe Hb 7-10899 Lost love. By the author of“ Jolin Drayton." Love in humble life. Pet. com. J. H. Payne Fd 13–13913

Hb 10-10997 Lost prince. J. H. Hanson:

Da 11-4836 Love in livery. Far. J. P. Wooler Hb 10-11001 Lost ship. Drama. T. Townsend Hb 9-10971 | Love in a maze. Drama. J. Shirley. Hb 7-10887 Lost Sir Massingberd: a romance of real life. By the Love in several masks. Com. H. Fielding author of" Carlyon's year,” etc. Fd 14–13887

Hd 13–11727 Lost tales of Miletus. 'Bulwer-Lytton Hf 7–1:3802 Love knot. com. J. S. Coyne Hb 9-10971 Lothair. B. Disraeli

Fc 9-15000 Love-letters. Drama. T. Otway Hb 1-10745 Lothrop, s. K. Life of Sam. Kirkland. s. A. B. v. 25 Love match. H. Cockton

Ff 4-14023 Da 8-4711 Love me little, love me long. c. Reade Fc 6-14959 Lott, Emmeline. Harein life in Egypi and Constan- Love of a prince. Drama. C. Gaylor Hb 9–10962 tinople. Ph., n. d.

Dh 10–6573 Love tricks. Drama. J. Shirley Hb 7-10886 Lotta Schmidt. A. Trollope Fe 8-15355 Loved at last M. Lemon

Fb 4-14503 Lottery. Far. H. Fielding

Hd 13-11727 Lovejoy, 0. Address on the death of .Bh 5-Pam. 63 Lottery, the. M. Edgeworth

Fb 9–16.572 Lovel, ibe widower, W. M. Thackeray Fe 9-15328 Lottery ticket. Far. J. B. Buckstone Hb 10-10998 Lovelace, Richard. Lucasta; the poems of R. LoveLotus eating G. W. Curtis

Df 9-6098 lace, with some account of the author, and a Loud, J. Gabriel Vane

Fb 3-14333 few notes by W. C. Hazlitt. L., 1864 Louie's last term at St. Mary's. Miss M. Coles

Hf 6–12329 Ft 3–14038 Lovell, G. W. Love's sacrifice. 'F's S. D. V. 2 Louis de Bourbon, the great Condé. James, G. P. R.

Hb 9-10952 Life of

Dd 1-5404 Look before you leap. F's S. D. v.5 Hb 9–10954 Louis Philippe. Blanc, Louis. Ten years, 1830 to Lovell, Maria. Ingomar. F's S. D. v. 12 Hb 9-10957 1840

Cg 3–3794 Lovell, R. Works. British poets Hf 1-12290 Louis IX. Guizot, F. P. G. Great Christians of Lover, S. Happy man. F's M. D. v. 24 Hb 10-11000 France

De 6-5711 He would be a gentleman; or, treasure trove – Voltaire, F. M. A. de. Panégyrique de

Fb 4-14572 Aa 12-13240 White horse of the Peppers. 'F's M. D. v. 3 Louis Xiv. Anquetil, L. P. Memoirs of the reign

IIb 10-10993 of Cg 4–3801 Lover, the. Joseph Addison

Hd 4-11486 Astié, J. E. Lectures on

Cg 4-3821 Lover by proxy. Bur. D. Boucicault Hb 10–11003 Grimblot, Paul. Letters of William ill., and Lovers and thinkers. H. Gordon Fb 15-14428 Louis XIV. Cf 3-5673 Lover's melancholy. J. Ford

Hb 7-10884 - James, G. P. R. Life and times

De 2–5638 Lover's progress. Beaumont and Fletcher IIb 7-10883 Martin, H. Age of Cg 3–3779 Lover's vows. Kotzebue

Hb 1-10748 Pardoe, Miss J. Court of France in the lith cen- Love's conflict. Florence Marryat Fc 12-15045 tury

De 6–5730 Love's cruelty: Drama. J. Shirley Hb 7-10887 - Voltaire, F. M. A. de. siécle de

Aa 12-13259 Love's cure. Drama. Beaumont and Fletcher Précis du Siécle de Aa 12-13261

Hb 7-10883 -- Supplément

Aa 12–13266 Love's labours lost. Shakespeare Hb 5-10634



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