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Bain, A. The senses and the intellect. L., 1864. 8° Balance sheet. C. D. Ferris

Fe 15-14365

Baines, Edward. History of the wars of the French

Ilc 8-11229 Balbi, G. Voyage to Pegu, 1579. Pinkerton's voy-

Df 1-5834

revolution, from 1792 to 1815, with the civil Balbo, o. Life and times of Dante Allighieri. Trans.

history of Great Britain and France during from the Italian, by T. J. Bunbury. L., 1852.

that period. Ph., 1823–4. 4 v. 8° Cg 2–3772 2 v.

De 11-5801

Baines, Edward, jr. History of the cotton manufac- Baldwin, D. Evils of tobacco, as they effect body,

ture in Great Britain; with a view of the con- mind, and morals. N. Y., 1854 Bh 6-Pam. 27

dition of the classes engaged in its several de Baldwin, E. Annals of Yale college in New Haven,

partments. L., 1835. 8°

Gb 0-9112

Ct., from its foundation to the year 1831; with

Baines, Thomas. Explorations in southwest Africa ; an appendix containing statistical tables and

an account of a journey in the years 1861-2, exhibiting the present condition of the institu-

from Walvisch bay on the western coast to tion. N. H., 1831. 80

Bb 6-369

lake Ngami and the Victoria falls. L., 1864. Baldwin, G. C. Representative women from Eve to


Dg 8-6322 Mary. N. Y., 1856

DI 1-5388

Baird, Robert. Religion in America ; or, an account

Contents. - Eve, the tempted. and fallen

of the origin, relation to the state, and present woman; Sarah, the deferential wife; Rebecca,

condition of the evangelical churches in the

the managing woman; Jochebed, the faithful

United States. N. Y., 1856. 8° Ed 10–7970

mother; Miriam, the first phophetess; Ruth,

the young widow; Endor's witch, the female

- Visit to northern Europe; or, sketches of Den-

spiritualist; Abigail, the superior wife of an

mark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. N. Y., inferior husband; Sheba's queen, the wire

1841. 2 v..

Di 10–6821

woman; Esther, the resistless petitioner; Eliz-

Baird, S F. Catalogue of North American birds,

abeth, the believing wife ; Mary, the mother of

'chiefly in the museum of the Smithsonian in; Baldwin, J. D. Pre-historic nations ; or, inquiries

stitution. S. M. C.

Dk 12–7073

Catalogue of reptiles. S.M.C. v. 2 Dk 12–7073

concerning some of the great peoples and civil-

Baird, S. F., et al. "Report on birds. See Report of

izations of antiquity and their probable relation

to a still older civilization of the Ethiopians,

explorations. v. 9

Ae 4-13539

Same. See Report of Ex. v. 10

or Cusbites of Arabia. N. Y., 1869 Ca 4-4168

Ae 4-13540

- Report on mammals. Report of explorations.

Baldwin, S. D. Armageddon; or, overthrow of Ro-

manism and monarchy; the existence of the

v. 8

Ae 4-13538

- Same. Report of Ex. j. 10.

United States foretold in the bible. Cin., 1864.

Ae 4-13540

- Report on reptiles. Report of Ex.

Eg 10-8806

v. 10

Baldwin, T. See Thomas, j.

Baird, w. Dictionary of natural history. 1., 1960Bale, John. Select works. Ed. by H. Christmas.



Ad 6-13429

Cam., 1849. 8° Parker society, 32

Bajazet. Trag. Racine : Ab 2-10777, and 10792

Eg 12-16246

Baked head, and other tales.

FI 14-13871

Contents.--Examination and death of Lord

Cobham ; Examination of W. Thorpe; Exami-

Baker, C. R. Practical and scientific fruit culture.

nation of Anne Askewe; The image of both

B., 1866

Ec 7-7710

Baker, D. Baker, W. M. Life and labors

Kynge, Johan. A play in two parts. Cam. Soc.

Da 11-4536

Pub. v.2.

Ce 9–16012

Baker, D. E., Isaac Reed and Stephen Jones. Bior. Some account of John Bale, with extracts from

raphia dramatica ; or, a companion to the play- his vocation to the bishoprie of Ossory in Ire-

house, with an introductory view of the rise land, and his persecutions in the same. Also

and progress of the British stage. L., 1812. extracts from the Image of both churches, after

Ib 4-13771 the most wonderful and heavenly revelation of

Baker, G. H. Konigsmark, the legend of the hound, Saint John the Evangelist. Ph., n. d.

and other poems. Ph., 1869 Hf 11-12406

Ee 6-8088

Baker, G. M. Amateur dramas for parlor theatricals, Ball, the. J. Shirley

IIb 1-10988

evening entertainments and school exhibitions. Bull, C. Fifty years in chains; or, the life of an

B., 1868

Hb 12-16151

American slave

Da 12-11866

Baker, L. C. History of the United States secret Ball, Charles. History of the Indian mutiny, giving

service. Ph , 1867. 8°

Cd 5-3187 a detailed account of the Sepoy insurrection in

Baker, Richard. Chronicle of the kings of England India ; and a concise history of the great mili-

from the time of the Romans government unto

tary events which have tended to consolidate

the raign of our soveraigne lord King Charles. British empire in Hindostan. L., n. d. 2 v. 8°

L., 1643.

Cf 10-3071

Baker, 's: W. The Albert Nyanza, the great basin of Ball, E. Floating beacon. Ma. Hb 9-10963

the Nile and explorations of the Nile sources. Ballads. Ancient Spanish ballads IIf 8-12298

L., 1866. 89

Dg 8–6326 Bentley ballads

Ilf 13-12325

– Eight years' wanderings in Ceylon. L., 1855. go

Cary, A. Ballads

Hf 13–12470

Dh 8-6515 Herd, D. Scottish ballads

Hf 5-12341

Same. Pl., 1869. go

Dh 8-13056 Homer. Ballads

Ha 4-10412

- Explorations of the Nile tributaries of Abyssinia, - Howitt, M. Ballads and other poems

the sources, supply, and overflow of the Nile,

Hf 13-12535

the country, people, customs, etc. Hart., 1868. -Jones, T. P. The book of ballads' Hf 13-14591


Dg 8-6315 – Leland, C. G. Hans Breitman's ballads

Baker, Samuci w. Cast up by the sea. N. Y., 1869.

HIf 10-12438

Ha 13–13831 Mackay. C. Legendary and romantic ballads of

Baker, Wm. M. Life and labours of the Rev. Daniel Scotland

TIF 13-12:36

Baker. 3d edition. Ph., 1859 . Da 11-1536 Moore, F. Songs and ballads Hf 13-12483

- The new Timothy. N. Y., 1870 Fa 7-5948 Thackery, W. M. Ballads

Bakewell, F. C. Great facts; a popular history and

Hf 13–12482, and Fg 9–15324

description of the most remarkable inventions Wilkins, W. W. Political ballads Hf 13-12528

during the present century. N. Y., 1860. 89 Ballantine, J. See Five black arts.

Ga 11-8908 Ballantyne, R. M. The coral island; a tale of the

Bal le. Com. Regnard

Aa 6-129:39

Pacific ocean. L., 1868

Ila 13-13828

Bal d'enfans. Com. Genlis

IIb 2-10796 – Deep down; a tale of the Cornish mines. Ph.,

Bal de sceaux. Balzac

Aa 2-12512


Ha 13–13826

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Ballantyne, R. M. Fighting the flames; a tale of the Balzac, H. de., continued.

London fire-brigade. Ph., 1868 Ha 13-13829 ÍI.; Les comédiens sans le savoir ; Un épisode Hudson's bay

Ha 13-13824

sous la terreur; Une ténébreuse affaire ; Z. The life boat; a tale of our coast heroes. B., 1865 Marcas; L'envers de l'histoire contemporaine,

Ha 13–13825 premère episode; Le député d'Arcis The world of ice; or the whaling cruise of “ the

Aa 2-12553 Dolphin” and the adventures of her crew in Tom: XIII. Les chouans; Une passions dans le the polar seas. L., 1866

Ha 13–13827 désert; Le médecin de campagne ; Le curé de Balloons. See Aerostation.


Aa 2-12554 Balloon travels. S. G. Goodrich

Ha 10-6668 Tom. XIV. La peau de chagrin; Jesus-Christ en Ballou, M. M. History of Cuba; or, notes of a trav- Flandre; Melmoth réoncilié; Le chef-d'oeuvre

eller in the tropics, being a political, historical, inconnu; Le recherche de l'absolu Aa 1-12555 and statistical account of the island from its Tom. XV. Massimila Doni; Gambara ; L'enfant first discovery to the present time. B., 1854

maudit; Les marana ; Adieu ; Le requisition

Ch 7-4127 naire; El verdugo; Une drame au bord de la Miralda. Drama

Hb 10-11003 mer; L'auberge rouge; L'elixir de longe vie; Ballou, Moses. The divine character vindicated; Maitre Cornelius; Sur Catherine de Medics, prea review of the “Conflict of ages.” N. Y., 1854 mière partie, Le martyr Calviniste Aa 2–12556

Ef 8-8634 · Tom. XVI. Sur Catherine de Medicis, second Balmes, J.

J. European civilization; protestantism partie, Les proscrits; Louis Lambert: Séraand catholicity compared in their effects on the phita; Etudes analytiques. Physiologie du civilization of Europe. Bal., 1868. 8°


Aa 2-12557 Ed 4-7848 Tom. XVII. Les parents pauvres. Première Balnaves, H.' The confession of faith.' Ph., n. d.

partie, La consine Bette; Deuxième partie, Le Ee 6-8080 cousin Pons

Aa 2-12558 Baltic sea. Carr, J. Northern

summer Di 3–6692 Tom. XVIII. Splendeurs et miseres des courMacgregor, J. Rob Roy on the Baltic Di 4-13737 tisanes, quatrième partie, La dernière incarBaltic to Vesuvius. D. C. Eddy

Di 4-15476 nation de Vautrin; L'envers de l'historie conBalzac, H. de. Oeuvres complètes. P., 1866. 20 v. temporaraine, deuxième episode, L'initié; Les 80

paysans; Petites misères de la vie conjugale - Tom. I. La maison du chat-qui-pelote; Le bal de

Aa 2-12559 sceaux; La bourse; La vendetta; Madame – Tom. XIX. Theatre Vautrin ; Les ressources Firmiani; Une double famille; La paix du de Quinola; Pamela Giraud; La Maratre; Le ménage; La fausse maitresse; Étude de femme; Faiseur

Aa 2-12560 Albert Savarus

Aa 2-12542 – Tom. XX. Des contes drolatiques. Premier Tom. II. Memoires de deux jeunes mariées; Une dixain, Prologue; La belle impéria; Le péché

fille d'Eve; Femme abandonnée; La grena- véniel; La mye du roy; L'héritier du diable; dière; Le message; Gobseck; Autre étude de Les joyeulsetez du roy loys le unziesme; Le famme.

Aa 2-12543 connestable; La pucelle de Thilhouze; Le Tom. III. La femme de trente ans ; Le contrat frère d'armes; Le curé d'azay-le-rideau; L'aposde mariage; Beatrix, première partie

trophe; Epilogue. Deuxiesme disain, ProloAa 2-12544

gue; Les trois clerqs de Sainct-Nichols; Le Tom. IV. Béatrix, deuxième et derniere partic; Jeusne de François premier; Les bons proupos

La grand Bretèche, fin de autre étude de femme; des religieuses de poissy ; Comment feut basti Modeste mignon; Honorine; Un debut dans la le chasteau d'azay; La faulse courtizane; Le vie

Aa 2–12545 dangier d'estre trop cocquebin; La chiere nuic– Tom. V. Ürsule Mirouet; Eugénie Grandet; Les tée d'amour; Le prosne du ioyeulx curé de célibataires, première histoire, Pierrette

meudon; Le succube; Dezesperance d'amour;

Aa 2-12546 Epilogue. Troisiesme dixain, Prologue; Per– Tom. VI. Les célibataires, deuxieme histoire, Le sévérance d'amour; D'un iusticiard qui ne se

curé de Tours ; Les célibataires, troisème his- remembroyt les chouses; Sur le moyne amador toire, Un ménage de garçon; Les Parisiens en qui feut ung glorieux abbé de turpenay; Berthe province, première histoire, L'illustre Gaudis- la repentie; Comment la belle fille de portillon

Les Parisiens en province, deuxième his- quinauda son iuge. Cy est démonstré que la fortoire, La muse du département : Aa 2-12547 tune est tousiours femelle; D’ung paouvre qui Tom. VII. Les rivalités, première histoire, La avoyt nom le vieulx-par-chemins; Dires in

vieille fille; Les rivalités,deuxième histoire, Le congrus de trois pèlerins; Naifveté; La belle cabinet des antiques; Le lys dans la vallée

imperia mariée; Epilogue Aa 2-12561

ilks Aa 2–12548 Bamboozling: Far. T. E. Tom. VIII. Illusions perdues; Première partie, Bampfylde, J. Works. British poets

Hb 10-10993

Ilf 1-12290 Les deux poètes; deuxième partie, Un grand Bancroft, Aaron. Life of George Washington. B., homme de province à Paris; Troisième partie,

in 1 Eve et David

AN 2412549 Bancroft. Edward. Experimental researches con - Tom. IX. Histoire des treize.' Première episode, cerning the philosophy of permanent colors

Ferragus; Deuxième episode, La Duchesse de and the best means for producing them by Langcois ; Troisième episode, La fille aux dyeing, calico printing. Ph., 1814.2 v., 8° yeux d'or; Le père Goriot . Aa 2-12550

Gb 6–9073 - Tom. X. Le Colonel Chabert; Facino Cane; La Bancroft, G. History of the United States from the

messe de l'Athée; Sarrasine; L'interdiction ; discovery of the American continent. B., Histoire de la grandeur et de la dècadence de

1838-66. 9 v. 89

Ch 4-2596 César Birotteau

Aa 2-12551 Memorial address on the life and character of A. Tom. XI. La maison Nucingen; Pierre Grassou; Lincoln. W., 1866. 8°

Da 6–4767 Les secrets de la princesse Cadignan; Les em Banim, J. Damon and Pythias. F's S. D. v. 5 ployés; Splendeures et misères des courtisanes.

Hb 9-10954 Première partie, Esther heureuse. Deuxième Banim, M. Bit o’writin’

Fa 6–14676 partie, A combien l'amour revient aux vieillards Mayor of Wind-Gap

Fa (-11077 Aa 2-12552 | Banished count. M. F Bovet

De 10–5712 Tom. xii. Splendeurs et miseres des courtisans. Banished son. Mrs. C. L. Ilentz

Fe2-15197 Troisième partie, Un prince de la Bohème; Bank of the United States. Clarke and Hall. HisUne esquisse d'homme d'affaires ; Gandissart

Bc 1-482


tory of

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Bankers' magazine and statistical register, 1863–6. Bardsen, Ivar. Sailing directions of Henry Hudson, Ed. by J. S. Hamans. N. Y., 1863–6. 3 v. prepared for his use in 1608; with an introduc

Bc 1-490

tion and notes; also a dissertation on the disBankes, H. Civil and constitutional history of Rome

covery of the Hudson river. By B. F. De from its foundation to the age of Augustus. Costa. Alb., 1869. 8°

Dr 2-13730 L., 1818. 2 v. 8°

Ca 4–15918 Barham, R. H. The Ingoldsby legends ; or, mirth Banking and banks. Foot, S. A. Argument

and marvels. By Thomas Ingoldsby, Esq. Bh 6–Pam. 9 N. Y., 1864. 2 v.

He 9-12060 - Gibbons, J. S. 'Banks of New York

Bc 1-504 Baring-Gould, S. Curious myths of the middle ages. - Gilbart, J. W. History and principles of banking Ph., 1809

Ci 5-4318 Bc 1-497 – Iceland, its scenes and sagas. L., 1863.80 --Logic of banking Bc 1-496

Di 8-11405 Treatise on banking

Bc 1-483 — In exitu Israel; an historical novel. N. Y., 1870 - Goddard, T. H. Banks in Europe Bc 1-498

Fa 6-16095 Gouge, W. M. History of banking Bc 1-506 – The origin and development of religious belief

. - Lawson, W. J. History of banking Bc 1-493 Part 1. Heathenism and Mosaism. N. Y., 1870. Tucker, G. Theory of banking Bc 1-502


Eg 3-11247 Walker, R. J. Report on the banks of the United The silver store, collected from mediaeval ChrisStates, 1818

Bc 1-488 tian and Jewish mines. L., 1868 Hf 7-6844 See Finance; Money; Savings banks.

Barker, F. Sea-sickness. N. Y., 1870 Ga 3-5093 Bankrupt. S. Foote

Hb 7-10901 Barker, G. P. Bryan, G. J. Life of Da 10-4820 Banks, Joseph. Memoir. Nat. Lib.

Dk 6–6980 Barker, W. B. Lares and Penates; or, Cilicia and its Bannister, John. Adolphus J. Memoir Hb 4-13775 governors ; being a short historical account of Bannister, N. H. Putnam. F's S. D. v. 39

that province from the earliest times. With a

HIb 9–19971 description of some household gods of the Banyard, Joseph. 'Wisdom, wit and whims of dis- ancient Cilicians. L., 1853. 8° Cf 9-3641 tinguished ancient philosophers. N. Y., 1855 Barlass, W. Sermons on practical subjects, and a

He 9-12066 biographical sketch of the author. N.Y., 1818. Baptism and Baptists. 'Benedict, D. History of the go

Eg 8–8513 Baptist denomination

Ed 10–11809 Barlow, l'eter. Essay on the strength and stress of – Clark, D. A candid discussion on Christian bap- timber; also, an appendix on the strength of tism

Eg 11-8638 iron, and other materials. 3d edition. L., Cramp, J. M. Baptist history Ed 11-7962

Curtis, T. F. Baptist principles Ed 11-7963 - New mathematical and philosophical dictionary. -- Kennedy, c. Close communion or open com

L., 1814. 89

Ad 8-13454 munion

Et 6-8312 Barmherzigen Brüder. Kotzebue IIb 8-10927 – Noel, B. W. Essay on Christian baptism Barnaby Rudge. (German.) C. Dickens Aa 8–13068

Ef 6–8317 Barnaby Rudye. C. Dickens Pacian, Saint. On baptism

Eg 2–13701

Fd 8-15123, 10-15146, and 10-15148 - Peck, John et al. Origin of the Baptists Barnard, C. Sample flower garden for country homes. Ed 11-7967 B., 1870

Ec 6-13707 – Van Braght, t. J. A martyrology of the churches Barnard, G. Theory and practice of landscape paintof Christ

Ee 10–8142 ing in water colors. L., 1858. 8° He +11143 Barbara's history. ' A. B. Edwards

Fb 9-14558 Barnard, H. National education in Europe; being Barbarossa. Trag. Brown

Hb 1-10755

an account of the organization, administration, Barbary States. Ibn Batūta. Travels Dg 1-15564 instruction and statistics of public schools of Margoliouth, M. Pilgrimage to the land of my different grades in the principal states. N.Y., fathers Dg 4-6214 18.54. 8°

Bb 6–375 - Noah, M. M. Travels

Dg 1-15564 Report of the commissioner of education submitRussell, M. History of the present condition of ied to the house of representatives, June 2,

Ca 12-2605
1868. W., 1868. 8°

Bb 6-378
Sala, G. A. Trip to Barbary Dg 8–6314 School architecture; or, contributions to the im-
Shaw, T. Travels in 1727. Pinkerton's voyages. provement of school houses in the United States.
Dg 1-5840 N. Y., 1848.

Ga 10-8890 See Algeria ; Morocco; Tripoli; Tunis. Barnes, A. ''Evidences of Christianity in the nineBarber, J. W. Historical collections; being a gen- teenth century. Lectures on the “Ely foundaeral collection of facts, traditions and bio- tion.” N. Y., 1868.

Eg 2-8437 graphical sketches relating to the history of - Notes on the acts of the apostles. Designed for every town in Massachusetts. Worcester, 1841, bible classes and Sunday schools. N. Y., 1863 8 Cc 8-3059

Eg 7-8502 Barber, J. W. and H. Flowe. Historical collections Daniel. N. Y., 1863 :

Er 7-8516 of the state of N. Jersey; with geographical Job. N. Y., 1863. 2 v.

Eg 7-8514 descriptions of every town in the state. New- Isaiah. N. Y., 1863

Eg 7–8512 ark, 184. 8o

Cc 11-3104 James, Peter, Jolin, and Jude. N. Y., 1852 Barbier de Séville. c. Beaumarchais Aa 6–12944

Eg 7-8510 Barchester towers. A. Trollope

Fe 8-15399

Paul to the Corinthians. First epistle. N. Y., Barclay, James. Complete and universal English


Eg 7-8509 dictionary; with which is incorporated a com

Second epistle. N. Y., 1849°

Eg 7-8504 plete modern gazetteer. Hull, n. d. 89

Paul to the Epliesians, Philippians, and ColosAC 413031 sians. N. Y., 1862

Eg 7–8508 Barclay, A. Practical view of the present state of Paul to the Hebrews.' N. Y., 1851 Eg 7-8503 slavery in the West Indies. L., 1828. 8°

Paul to the Romans. N. Y., 1859 Eg 7–8507

BI) 7-4319 Paul to the Thessalonians, to Timothy, to Titus, Barclays of Boston. Mrs. II. G. Otis

Fa 13-14836

and to Philemon. N. Y., 1851 Ey 7-8505 Bord, S. A. Pseud. of E. G. Squier.

Revelations. N. Y., 1852 .. Eg 7-8506 Bards. Walker, J. C. Memoirs of the Irish bards Barnes, J. The Green Mountain travellers' enter

Ce 8-3377
tainment. N. Y., 1861

Ha 13-13832 Gillian, G. Bards of the Bible

Ed 9-7934 Barnes, Robert. Treatise on justification. With a Bardwell, Wm. Healthy homes and how to make life, from the Acts and monuments of John them. L., 1855. 8°

Ga 10-8869 Fox. Ph., n. d. British reformers Ee 6-8084

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all ages.

V. 15

Barnes, Wm. Settlement and early history of Al- Barthélemy, J. J. Travels of Anacharsis the younger bany. Alb., 1864. 80

Cc 3-2877 in Greece in the middle of the 4th century Barnes, W. H. History of the 39th congress of the before the Christian era. L., n. d. 2 v. 8° United States. N. Y., 1868. 8° Cb 6-2622

Di 10-6836 Barnett, M. Bold dragoons. F's S. D. Hb 9-10960 Bartholomew fair.' B. Jonson

Hb 7-10641 The serious family. F's S. D. Hb 9–10956 Bartle, G. Scriptural doctrine of Hades; comprising

The Yankee peddler. F's M. D. Hb 10-11000 an inquiry into the state of the righteous and Barney, Joshua. Biographical memoir. Ed. by Mary the wicked between death and the general Barney. B., 1832. 8°

Db 8-5020
judgment. Ph., 1869

Ef 8-8395 Durney, the Varon. Far. F's M. D. : Ab 10-11000 Bartlei, Wm. S. The frontier missionary; a memoir Barnum, P. T. The humbugs of the world; an ac

of the life of Rev. Jacob Bailey. B., 1853. 8° count of humbugs, delusions, impositions,

Ed 1-7818 quackeries, deceits and deceivers generally, in Bartlett, D. W. Cases of contested elections in con

gress from 1834 to 1865 inclusive. W., 1865. Struggles and triumphs; or, forty years' recollec- go

Bb 3-326 tions. N, Y., 1869, 8o

Db 6–15755

- The heroes of the Indian rebellion. Columbus, Baron, S. Description of Tonqueen. Pinkerton's 0., 1859

Dd 6–5508 voyages. 9

Df 1-5834 Life of Lady Jane Grey. Auburn, 1853 Baron d'Otrante. Opera buffa.' F. M. A. de. Vol

Dc 1-5096 taire

Aa 12-13248

Paris; with pen and pencil; people and literature, Baron Munchausen; with an introduction by T. T. its life and business. N. Y., 1858 Shore. L., 1870. 4° Hd 14-13731

Di 6-6729 Baron-Wilson, Mrs. C. Memoirs of Harriot, duchess Bartlett, John. Familiar quotations; being an at

of St. Albans. L., 1839. 2 v . Hb 11-15950 tempt to trace to their source passages and Baronetage. Debrett, J. Illustrated baronetage, phrases in common use. B., 1870 He 12-13795

knightage and louse of commons Ch 11-4213 Bartlett, J. R. Glossary of words and phrases usu- See Knightage; Peerage.

ally regarded as peculiar to the United States. Baron's wars. Chronicle. Cam. Soc. Pub.

B., 1859. 8°

Ac 4-13028 Hb 10–10993 - Personal narrative of explorations and incidents Barrack room. T. H. Bayly

Hb 10-10993 in Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora, and Barrett, W. Pseudonym of J. A. Scoville.

Chihuahua, connected with the United States Barrett, W. A. Flowers and festivals; or, directions Mexican boundary commission, in 1850-3. N. for the floral decoration of churches. L., Ox. Y., 1854. 2 v. 8°

Df 4-5934 and Cam., 1868

Gb 5-9080

- Records of the colony of Rhode Island and Barrington. C. Lever .

Fb 5-14384 Providence plantations in New England. Barrington, Mass. See Bliss, Leonard.

Prov., 1856. 9 v. 8°

Cc 9-3050 Barron, James. See Trials.

Bartlett, W. H. The Nile boat; or, glimpses of the Barrow, Fanny. Wife's stratagem; a story of fire- land of Egypt. N. Y.. 1851. 8° Dg 11-6371 side and wayside

Fa 6-14674 Bartlett, W. II. C. Elements of natural philosophy, Barrow, Isaac. Works; with a life of the author, by acoustics and optics. N. Y., 1852.89 Abraham Hill, and a memoir by James Ilam

Ea 5-7231 ilton. N. Y., 1845. 3 v. 8°. Ef 1-8197 Bartoli, Pietro Sunti. Colonna traiana eretta dal Contents.-Vol. I. Account of the life of Dr.

senato, e popolo Romano all'imperatore Isaac Barrow, by Abraham Hill; Memoir of Dr.

traiano Augusto nel suo foro in Roma. ScolBarrow, by James Hamilton ; Sermons. II. Ser

pita con l'historie della guerra Dacica la prima mons, continued. III. Exposition of the Lord's fupper; Exposition of the decalogue; Doctrine

e la seconda espeditione e Vittoria contro il re of the Sacraments; Introduction of the Pope's

Decebalo. Nuovamente disegnata, et intaglifupremacy; Treatise on the Pope'e supremacy;

ata. N. d. or place. f

Ac 1-12895 Discourse on the wity of the church ; OPUSCU

Barton, Bernard. Memoir, letters, and poems. Ed. LA THEOLOGICA, ORATIONES, POEMATA.

by his daughter. Ph., 1850

Dc 1-5061 Barrows, Wm. The general; or twelve nights in Barton, J. L. Address on the early reminiscences

the hunter's camp. A narrative of real life. of western New York and the lake region of
B., 1869

DE 11-6168
country. Buf., 1818. 8°

Cc3-2902 Barry, J.'s. Historical sketch of the town of Hano- - Letter to the Ilon. R. McClelland in relation to

ver, Mass., with family genealogies. B., 1853. the importance of the commerce of the great 89

Cc 6–2960
western lakes

Bh 6-Pam. 31 Barry, J. S. ITistory of Massachusetts

, colonial, pro- Bartram, Wm. Travels through North and South vincial and commonwealth periods. B., 1866–7. Carolina, Georgia, cast and west Florida, the 3 v.

Cc 6–16160 Cherokec country, and the country of the ChocBarry, P. The fruit garden; a treatise intended to taws. D., 1793. 8

Df5-5967 illustrate and explain the physiology of fruit Bashful lover. P. Massinger

Hb 7-10881 trees, the theory and practice of all operations Basil. Trag. J. Baillie

Hb 7-10885 connected with the propagation, transplanting, Basil. Wilkie Collins

Ff 5–14050 pruning and training of orchard and garden Basil Godfrey's caprice. II. Parr Fb 13-16334 trees. N. Y., 1851 Ec 7–7713 Basket maker. J. O'Keeffe .

IIb 7-10897 Barry, S. The Dutchman's ghost. F's M. D.

Basque provinces. Henningsen, c. F. Twelve

IIb 10–10999 months' campaign in Navarre and the Basqne – The persecuted Dutchman. F's M. D.


Di 9-6803 Hb 10–10999 Stephens, E. B. Basque provinces . Cg 7-4301 Barry, W. llistory of Framingham, Mass., from Bassnett, T. Outlines of a mechanical theory of 1610 to the present time. B., 1847. 8°

storms; containing the true law of lunar influCc 6-2959 N. Y., 1854

Ea 9-7356 Barrymore, W. Wallace. F's S. D. Hb 9-10968 Bast, A. De. Contes à ma voisine. P., 1861 Barstow, G. History of New Hampshire, from its

Aa 4-12749 discovery in 1014 to 1819. B., 1853. go Bate, II.' Rival candidates. · Com.

Hb 1-10729 Cb 9-2631 Bateman, Josiah. Lite of the Rt. Rev. D. Wilson; Barth, H. Travels and discoveries in north and cen- with extracts from his journals and correstral Africa-a journal of an expedition under- pondence. B., 1860. 8°

Dc 8–5281 taken in 1849-55. N. Y., 1857. 3 v. 8° Bateman, Mrs. S. F.' Self. F's S. D. v. 21 Dg 8-6307

Hb 9–10962


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Bates. Mrs. D. B. Incidents on land and water; or, Baxter, R., continued.

four years on the Pacific coast; being a narra- - Making light of Christ and salvation, and other tive of the burning of the ships Nonantum, works, with an essay on his life, by T. W. Humayvon, and Fanchon, with many startling Jenkyn. L., 1816

Ef 3-8244 and interesting adventures on sea and land.

Contents.-Essay on the life, ministry and B., 1858

Dr 7-6010

theology of Baxter; Making light of Christ and Baths. Bell, John. Water as a preservative of health salvation; A call to the unconverted to turn and

live; The last work of a believer; of the shedGa 5-8782

ding abroad of God's love on the heart by the – Fife, John. Manual of the Turkish bath Ga 5-8783 Holy Ghost. Batrachomyomachia, hymns and epigrams. Homer Bay-path. J. G. Holland

Fe 3–15211 Ha 4-10410 Bayard. Kotzebue

Hb 8–10927 Bats, Allen H. Bats of N. A. s. M. c. v.7

Bayle, Peter. Dictionary, historical and critical; to

Dk 12-7078 which is prefixed the life of the author, reBattel, A. Strange adventures in Angola. Pinker- vised by Mr. Des Maizeaux L., 1734. 5v. fo ton's voyages. 16 Dg 1-5841

Ac 1-12896 Battlefields of the south, from Bull Run to Fred- Baylies, Francis

. Il istorical memoir of the colony of ricksburg; with sketches of confederate com- New Plymouth, from 1620 to 1675. B., 1830. manders and gossip of the camp. N. Y., 1864. 2 v. 8°

Cc 9-3049 8°

Cd 3-11800 Narrative of Major Gen. Wool's campaign in Battlefields of our fathers. V. F. Townsend

Mexico in 1846-8

Bh 6-Pam. 31 Fe 13–15410 Bayley, T. H. The barrack rooin. F's S. D.

. Battle of Alcazar.' G. Peele Hb 4-13786

Hb 10–10993 Battle of Lake Erie. Burgis, T. . Cb 6-11831 The daughter. 'F's M. D. v. 15 Hb 10-10997 Parsons, U. Bh 6-Pam. 13 Forty and fifty. F's M. D.

Hb 10-11002 See Perry, 0.

- Perfection F's S. D. v. 4

Hb 9-10953 Battle of the books. A. E. Dodge He 4-11939 - The Swiss cottage. F's M. D. Battle of life. C. Dickens Fd 8–15125, and 10-15151

Hb 10-10996 Battle pieces. H. Melville

If 9-12429 – Tom Noddy's secrei. F's M. d. v. 35 Battle summer. D. G. Mitchell : Di 6-15034

Hb 10-11004 Battles. Bowen, A. Naval monument Ch 8-2714 Bayne, Peter. Essays in biography and criticism. Great battles of the British army Cf 8-3628

B., 1857–8. 2 v.

Hc 9-11288 – Creasy, E. S. Fifteen decisive battles of the world

Contents.-First series. Thomas De Quincy
Ca 3-2254

and his works; Tennyson and his teachere; - Szabad, E. Celebrated battles : Gb 10-9152

Mrs. Barrett Browning ; Glimpses of recent See Ibn Batūta; Names of battles.

British art; Ruskin and his critics; Hugh Mil

ler; The modern novel; Dickens-Bulwer-Baucher, F. A method of horsemanship, founded Thackeray-Currer Bell-Ellis-Acton-Curer.

upon new principles, including the breaking Second series. Charles Kingsley; T. B. Macand training of horses, with instructions for ob

aulay; A. Alison; S. T. Coleridge; Wellington; taining a good seat. Ph., 1852 . Ga 8-8790

Napoleon Bonaparte; Plato; Characteristics of

Christian civilization ; The modern University; Bauerman, H. A treatise on the metallurgy of iron. The pulpit and the press; ** The testimony of L., 1868. 80

Gg 9-9131

the rocks," a defence. Baxter, M. Coming wonders expected between 1867 Bazar book of decorum. N. Y., 1870 He 12-16125 and 1875. Ph., 1867 .

Eg 10–8619 Beach, E. T. P. Pelayo; an epic of the olden MoorBaxter, R, Practical works; with an essay on his ish time. N. Y., 1864

Hf 11-12496 genius works and times. L., 1845. 4v. 8°

Beacon. J. Baillie

Hb 7-10885 Ef 1-8187 Beale, A. "Simplicity and fascination. B., 1869 Contents.-Vol. I. An essay on the genius,

Fa 6-14673 works and times of Baxter; Preface; A Christ. Beamish, n. L. Discovery of America by the ian directory, Part 1. Christian ethice; Part 2. Christian economics; Part 3. Christian ecclesi.

Northmen in the tenth century, with notices astics; Part 4. Christian politice; A moral prog

of the early settlements of the Irish in the Dostication; The reformed liturgy ; Appendix.

8° II. The reasons of the Christian religion, Part

western hemisphere. L., 1811. 1. Of natural religion, or godliness; Part 2. Of

Cb 2-2526 Christianity, and supernatural revelation ; Con- Beamish; R. Memoir of the life of Sir M. I. Brunel, sectaries; Conclusion; More reasons for the

civil engineer. L., 1862. 80 Dc 8–5309 Christian religion and none against it. Unreasonableness of infidelity, Part 1. The spirits

Beaseley. Is he jealous. F's M. D. v. 18 witness to the truth of Christianity, Part 2.

Hb 10-10998 Christ's witness within us; Part 3. The un

Beatrice. Julia Kavanagh

Fe 13-15079 pardonable sin; Part 4. Arrogancy of reason against divine revelation repressed; A treatise

Beatrice. O. S. Leland

Hb 9-10970 of conversion ; A call to the unconverted; Now

Beatrice Boville. L. De Larame

Fb 1-14313 or never; Directions and persuasions to a sound

Beatrice Cenci. F. D. Guerrazzi Fb 15-14432 conversion: A saint or å brute; Mischiefs of self-ignorance and benefits of self-acquaintance;

Beatrix. I. Balzac

Aa 2-12544 The right method for a settled peace of con

- II.

Aa 2–12545 science and spiritual comfort ; God's goodness Beattie, James. Works. Ph., 1809. 10 v. vindicated; Weak, distempered Christians ;

Hd 13–11739 Character of a connd, confirmed Christian. III. The saint's everlasting rest; A treatise of self

Contents.-Vol. I. Dissertations moral and denial; The crucifying of the world by the cross

critical. 1. On memory and imagination; 2. On of Christ; The life of faith; The divine life;

dreaming. II. Dissertations continued. 3. The The divine appointment of the Lord's day

theory of language. Part 1. Origin of speech. proved : Obedient patience; Dying thoughts;

Part II. Of miversal grammar. III. DissertaAppendix; Short meditations. IV. Compas

tions concluded. 4. On fable and romance. 5. sionate counsel to all young men; The mother's

On the attachments of kindred. 6. Illustracatechism; Confirmation and restauration the

tions on

IV. Essays. 1. Essay on Decessary means of reformation and reconcilia

truth. Part 1. Standard of truth. Part II. Mus. tion; The reformed pastor; The vain religion

trations of the preceding doctrine, with inferof the formal hypocrite; The fool's prosperity;

ences. V. Essay on truth. Part in. Objections Catholic unity : Directions to justices of the

answered : Postscript. 2. An essay on poetry peace; Letter in answer to the case of marrying

and musick. Part 1. Poetry considered with with a papist, Preface to Mr. Alleine's alarm;

respect to its matter or subject. VI. Poetry and Rederuption of time; Mr. Baxter's sense of the

musick. Part II. Of the language of poetry. 3. articles of the church of England ; Letter to

An essay on laughter and ludicrous composiMr. Bromley, on freewill; Reasons for minis

tion. 4. Remarks on the utility of classical terning the greatest plainness and seriousneng

learning. VII. Elements of moral science. poseible, in all their applications to their peo

Part 1. Psychology. VIII. Moral science, conple.

tinued. Part 11. Natural theology. Part III.

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