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V. 18

Arnold, Thomas, and others. History of the Roman Art. Whewell, W. Progress of Ea 4-7195

empire from the time of Julius Cæsar to that Winckelmann, J. History of ancient art
of Vitellius. L., 1853
Ca 6-2341

Hc 3-15825 History of the Roman republic, from the earliest Art and artifice. Drama. J. Brougham Ib 9-10965

records, to the time of Sylla. L., 1852 Ca 6–2354 Art and artists. R. W. Haskins Bh 6-Pam. 12 Arnold, Thomas. Stanley, A. P. Life and corres- Art and mystery of making British wines, cider, and pondence

Dd 8-5558 perry cordials and liqueurs; also the whole Arnot, D. H. Gothic architecture applied to modern art of brewing. L., 1865

Gb 5–9059 residences. N. Y., 1851. 4° Bh 1–1938 Art galleries. Historic gallery of portraits and paintArnot, Wm. Life of James Hamilton. L., 1870


Hc4-11133 Dc 11-13719 Ireland, s. Illustrations of Hogarth, of a tour The race for riches, and some of the pits into through Holland, of the beauty of the Thames which the runners fall; six lectures applying and Medway

HC 4-11129 the word of God to the traffic of men. Ph., Westmacott, ¢. M. British galleries of painting 1853 Ef 5-8289

Hc 4-11154 Arnott, N. Elements of physics, or natural philosophy, Art Journal. L., 1849–50–51-52.' L., 1849–53. 4v. general and medical. Ph., 1835. 2 v. 80

Ae 2-13491 Ea 4-7179 – Illustrated catalogue of the industry of all nations, Arrah Neil. G. P. R. James

Fb 10-14602
1851. L., 1851. 4°

Ae 2–13495 Arraignment of Paris. Drama. G. Peele Hb 4-13786 Art of decorative design. C. Dresser . Hc 4-11153 Arrington, A. W. Rangers and regulators of the Art of illuminating (in print). W. R. Tymms, and Tanaha

Fd 3-15189
0. D. Wyatt

Hc 411148 Arron, C. Bohl d'.' See Bohi d'Arron.

Art of living. W. Gladden :

· Hc 10–11273 Arrowsmith, James. The paper hangers' companion; Art of war in Europe._R. Delafield Be 3-973 a treatise on paper hanging. Ph., 1852 Artaud de Mentor, A. F. Lives and times of the Ro

Gb 5-9019 man pontiffs from St. Peter to Pius IX. N. Art, Allston, w. Lectures on Hc 3-11113 Y., 1867. 2 v. 8°

Ee 1-8009 Burn, R. S. Self aid cyclopaedia : Hc 3-11123 Artemire. Trag. Voltaire

Aa 12-13240 · Cousin, V. French art

Hc 6-11205 Artemus Ward, his book. C. F. Brown He 9–12056 Coxe, John R. Emporium of arts and sciences Artemus Ward in London. C. F. Brown He 8-12032

Ea 3–7149 Artful dodger. Far. E. L. Blanchard Hb 10–11005 Emporium of the arts and sciences Ea 13–7451 | Arthur Mervyn. C. B. Brown

Fa 6-14667 Fairholt, F. W. Dictionary of terms Ac 6–13212 Arthur O'Leary. C. Lever

Fb 5-14383 · Hamerton, P. G. Thoughts about IIc 2–15826 Arthur, King. Early English metrical romances. - Illustrated magazine of

Hc 2–11091
Cam. Soc. Pub.

Ce 6–3346 - Imison, John. Elements of science and art

Arthur, T. S. Angel and the Demon Fd 2-15416 Ea 4-7182 Friends and neighbors

Fd 2-15646 – Jameson, Mrs. A. M. History of our Lord in art The hand but not the heart

Fd 2-11872 Hc 3-11094 Home heroes, saints, and martyrs FA 2-14218 Legends of the madonna HIC 3-11098 Home lights and shadows

Fd 2–14901 Legends of the monastic orders Hc 3-11099 Light on shadowed paths

Fd 2-14219 Sacred and legendary art

Hc 3-11096 Lizzy Glenn, or the trials of a seamstress
Jarves, J. J. Art hints
Hc 2–11090

Fd 2-15576
Art thoughts
Hc 3-11111 Nothing but money

Fd 2–14222 Art idea

Hc 3-11118 Our neighbor in the corner house Fd 2-14216 Art studies Hc 3-11102 Out in the world

Fd 2-14227 Lardner, D. Popular lectures on science and art Steps towards heaven

Fd 2-14223 Ea 3–7139 Wedding guest

FI 2-14220 Lübke, W. Ecclesiastical art HC 4-11151 What came afterwards

Fd 2-14221 History of art

IIc 4-11149 Arthur, Wm. An etymological dictionary of family Lübke and Lütron. Monuments of art

and christian names. N.Y., 1857 Na 13-10721 Text, Hc 3-11103, Plates, Ae 2–13506 The successful merchant; sketches of the life of Muller, C. O. Ancient art and its remains

Mr. Samuel Budgett, late of Kingswood Hill.

Hc 3-11105 - Ossoli, s. M. F. d. Art, literature, and the – The tongue of fire, or the true power of ChristianDrama

Ha 11-10686
ity. N. Y., 1856

Ef 7-4351 Papers on art

: Ha 11-10670 Artillery. Bell, W. H. Invention for pointing canPalgrave, F. Essays on Hc 3-11114

Bh 6-Pam. 8 Polehampton, E. Gallery of nature and art Mallet, R.' Construction of

Gb 2–8859 Ea 3-7133 Straith, H. Treaties on

Gb 10-9161 - Pye,

John. Patronage of British art Hc 3-11106 Artists. Tuckerman, H. T. Book of the artists Redgrave, R. and S. Progress of art in England

Hc4-11146 HC 4-11138 -Ellet, Mrs E. F. Women artists

Hc 1-16192 – Reynolds, Joshua. Discourses Ae 2–13501 See Engravers; Painters; Portraits ; Sculptors. Robinson, J. C. Italian sculpture of the middle Artist's chromatic hand-book. J. P. Ridner Hc 411152

Hc 1-11062 Ruskin, J. The true and the beautiful He 3-11115 Artist's dream. M. c. Logan. Fb 4-14564 The two paths

Hc 2-11083 Artists of America. C. E. Lester Hc 3-11110 Samson, G. W. Elements of art criticism

Artman, Wm., and L. V. Hall. Beauties and achieveHc 2–11089

ments of the blind. Dansville, N. Y., 1854. Sears, B. 'B. B. Edwards, and c. C. Felton. Es

He 411937 says on ancient art

Ha 5–10517 Arts. Ackerman, R. Repository of arts Gc 1-9215 Sereux d' Agincourt. History of art by its mon- - Brande, W. T. Some of the arts connected with uments Cab. Ci 1-15607 organic chemistry

Eb 3-7369 – Spooner, S. Curiosities of art IIc 1-11033 · Cellini, B. Memoirs of .

De 9-15970 Taine, II. The ideal in art

IIc 3-11117 - Jameson, Mrs. A. M. Memoirs and essays Urbino, Mme. L. B. Art recreations Hc 2-11086

Hd 13–11717 Viardot, Louis. Wonders of Italian art IIc 3-11119 – Lacroix, Paul.' Aris of the middle

ages Wallace, II. B. Art and scenery in Europe

Hc415492 Hc 3-11112 - Porter, A. L. Chemistry of the Eb 2-7409


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Arts. Ure, A. Dictionary of

Ad 6-13425 Asser of Saint David's. Life of Alfred the Great. - Supplement

Ad 6-13426 See Six old English chronicles . Cf 7-3598 – Verplanck, G. C. Disconrses on American arts Assinniboine and Saskatchewan expedition 1858. H.

• Ha 10–10631
Y. Hind

Df 8-6053 - Williams, J. F. L. Discoveries in arts and sci- Assyria. Eadie, J. History of Da 10–6458

Ea 3-7145 - Rollin, C. Ancient history of Ca 4-2273 Arts of design in the United States. W. Dunlap Astié, J. F. Louis XIV. and the writers of this age;

Hc 3-11100 a course of lectures delivered to a select audiArt's true mission in America. Å. Daganne

ence in New York. Trans. from the French,

Bh 6-Pam. 28 by E. N. Kirk. B., 1855 . Cg 4_3821 As by fire. Nellie Marshall

· Fc 10-15008 Astoria. W. Irving Cb 2-2549 and 5-10590 As you like it. Shakespeare

Astrologer of Chaldea. W.P. Strickland Ff 13-14205 Hb 5-10634, 10760, 14630, 6–10860, and 9–10956 Astrology. Christmas, H. Cradle of the twin giants Asbury, F. Strickland, W. P. Pioneer bishop

Ci 9-4379
Db 7-4987
Elliott, c. w. Mysteries of

Ci 9–4378 Ascham, R. Whole works; with a life of the author, Lilly, Wm. Indroduction to

Ci 9-4372 by J. A. Giles. L., 1865. 4v. Hd 7–11575 - Roback, C. W. Mysteries of . Ci 9–4374

Zadkiel. A grammar of

Ci 9–4382 Contents.-Vol. I., Part 1. Life of Ascham; Letters written in the reigns of Henry VIII., Astronomical observations in the Artic seas. E. K. Edward VI., and Queen Mary, 1539-58; Letters

Kane. S. C. to K. Vol. 12, Art. 2 Ae 1-13487 written in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Part 2.

Astronomical observations made under direction of Letters continued. II. Letters continged, and Toxophilus. III. Report and discourse of the

M. F. Maury, Lieut. United States navy, duraffairs and state of Germany and the Emperor

ing the year 1848. v. 4. 4°. Eb 10–13919 Charles, his court during certaine years; The

Astronomy. Bailley, M. Histoire de l'astronomie scholemaster; or, plaine and perfite way of teaching children to understand, write, and


Eb 8–7522 speake the Latin tong ; Latin Poems; Grant's

- Histoire d'l'astronomie moderne Eb 8–7546 oration on the life and death of R. Ascham.

Trait de l'astronomie

Eb 8–7520 Ashe, Thomas. Travels in America performed in Bacon, F. History of

Hd 1-11397 1806, for the purpose of exploring the rivers Bentley, John. Hindu A.

Eb 8–7533 Alleghany, Monongahela, Ohio and Mississip- Brun, H. Practical A.

See Orr's Circ. of the pi, and ascertaining the produce, and condition Sci.

Ea 4-7170 of their banks and vicinity. L., 1808

Brocklesby, J. Elements of Eb 8–7536 Df 9–6108 Burr, E. F. Ecce coelum

Eb 8–7540 Ashton, Mrs. 's. G. Mothers of the Bible B., 1855 Carpenter, W. B. Astronomy

Ea 4-7185 Ed 9-7933 Chambers, G. F. Descriptive A. Eb 8-7525 Asia. History. Goodrich, s. G. Lights and shad- Conant, M. Year-book .

Ck 11-4622 Cf 12-3725 Costard, G. History of .

Eb 8–7545 Heeren, A. H. L. Researches

Ca 2-2197 Denison, E. B. A. without mathematics Martin, R. M. History of the British posses

Eb 8–7538 sions in

Ce 2-3221 – Dick, T. Celestial scenery Hd 4-11481 – Oldekop, T. L. von. Mankind in many ages

Practical astronomy

Hd 4-11481 Ca 3-4163 Siderial heavens

HD 4-11481 – Xenophon's Anabasis

Ha 2-10462
Solar system

Hd 4-11481 - Cyropaedia

Ha 2-10461 - Ennis,

Jacob. Origin of the stars Eb 8-7535 - Travels. Atkinson, F. W. Explorations in part - Ferguson, J. Lecture on

Ea 6-7267 of central Asia

Dh 6-6489 - Gilliss, J. M. Naval astronomical expedition to Evliya, Efendi. Narrative

Cb 1-2465 the southern hemisphere. 1849–52 Di 1–6561 - Harriot, John. Travels

Dg 1-11850 Observations at the national observatory - Kingsley, Calvin. Round the world Dg 1-4640

Eb 8–7529 - Morier, J. Journey through part of Asia

Grant, R. History of physical A. Eb 8-7532 Cb 1-2457 Guillemin, A. The heavens .

Eb 8–7524 Polo, Marco. Travels. 'Pinkerton's voyages. 7 The sun

Eb 8–7539 Ďr 1-5832 Haskins, R. W. A. for schools

Eb 9-7609 - Pumpelly, R. Across Asia

Dh 2-6404 Heck, J G. Iconographic encyclopaedia. v. 1 Tilley, H. A. Western Asia . Di 4-6616

Ac 8-13234 Turner, S. Embassy to the court of Teshoo Herschel, J. F. W. Treatise on Eb 8–7542 Lama.

Cb 1-2456 La Place, M. de. Mechanique celeste Eb 1-7318 Vambéry, A. Travels in central Asia

Lardner, D. Hand-book of
Dh 6-6499

Ea 4–7184, and Eb 9-7603 - See Babylon; Cabul; Cilicia; Indian archipelago; Leitch, W. God's glory in the heavens Eb 8–7541 Persepolis ; Tigris; Palestine; Syria.

Library of useful knowledge

Ea 5-7242 Asia Minor. Durbin, J. P. Observations in the east Long, R. Astronomy

Eb 8-7518 Dg 5–6283 Loomis, E. Introduction to

Eb 8-7528 – Fellows, C. Travels and researches Dh 10-6567 Mitchell, O. M. A. of the Bible Eb 9-7604 - Hamilton, W. J. Researches Dg 4-6251 Planetary and stellar worlds Eb 8-7543 – Morier, James. Journey through

· Nichol, J. P. The architecture of the heavens Cb 1-2457 and Dh 4-6443

Eb 8–7531 -- See Aleppo; Mount Arrarat.

System of the world :

Eb 8–7534 Askaros Kassis the Copt. E. DeLeon Fd 11-15239 Pluche, Abbé. The history of the heavens Askew, Anne. Writings of. Ph., n. d. De 6-8080

Eb 9-13791 - See, Manning, Miss A.

- Rolfe, w. J. and J. A. Gillett. Cambridge course Astnodens. Drama. T. Archer

Hb 9–10964
Part III.

Eb 9-9536 Aspects of nature in different lands and climates. A. -Schoedler, F. Book of nature Dk 3–6907 von Humboldt

Ea 8-7293 - Voiron, M. Histoire de l'astronomie Eb 8-7521 Asphodel. B., 1866

Fd 13-13932 Von Gumpach, J. Baby worlds. Eb 8–7527 Assassins. Walpole, F. The ansayrii Dh 3-6427 - Von Littrow. 'Atlas des gestirnten himmels Assaying. Lieber, O. The assayer's guide

Eb 8-7526 Gb 9-9142 Ward, Mrs. M. Telescope teachings Eb 8-7544 - Mitchell, John. Manual of practical A. Gb 9-9125 Whewell, W. Astronomy and general physics -- Silversmith, J. Hand-book for assayers Gb 9-9135

Eb 9-8392

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Astronomy. White, C. J. Elements of Eb 8–7537 Atlases. Standard library atlas of classical geography At anchor; a story of our civil war, by an American.

Ci 2-4340 N. Y., 1865

Fd 14–13870 Atonement. Beccher, ċ. Investigation of the At home and abroad. B. Taylor Di 3-6633

Ef 5-8277 At home and abroad. M. F. Ossoli Di 5-6684 Bushnell, H. The vicarious sacrifice Eg 4-8461 At odds. I. Tautphoeus

Fe 12–15384 - Jenkyn, T. W. The extent of the Ef 8-8304 Atala. R. F. A. Chateaubriand

Aa 1-12592 Malcom, H. Extent and efficacy Ef 8-8394 Atalanta in Calydon. Drama. A. C. Swinburne Atrée et Thyeste. Trag. Crebillon Hb 2-10774

Hf 5–12345 Atrée et Thyeste. Trag. Voltaire Aa 12-13245 Athalie.' Trag. J. Racine · Hb 2–10779, and 10792 Atrocious jŭdges. J. Campbell Dd 6-5514 Athanasius, St. Festal epistles. Ox., 1854 Eg 1-13670 Attache in Madrid; or, Sketches of the court of IsaHistorical tracts. Ox., 1843. Eg 2–13700 bella II. N. Y., 1856

Di 9-6807 Select treatises in controversy with the Arians. Attachments of kindred. J. Beattie · Hd 13–11740 Ox. 1853. 2 v.

Eg 1-13697 Attendez-moi sous l'Orme. Com. Regnard Atheism. Cudworth, R. Atheism confuted

Ae 6–12939 HC 8-11232 Attila. G. P. R. James

Fb 10-14593 Evans, J. Outline of

Ed 11-7958 Attleborough, Mass. See Massachusetts. Attlebor- Noville, E. Lectures on modern Å. Ef 6-8309 ough. Parker, T. Sermons

Eg 9-8565 Atwater, C. Description of the antiquities of the Voltaire, F. M. A. de. Philosophical dictionary state of Ohio and other western states. Arch

Aa 12-13276 aeologia Americana. Wor., 1820 Ci 2–11810 Atheist, the. "T. Otway

Hb 1-10746 - Remarks made on a tour to Prairie du Chien; Athenaeus. Deipnosophists; or, banquet of the learn- thence to Washington city. Columbus, O. ed. Trans. by C. D. Yonge. L, 1854. 3 v.


Df 7-6040 Ha 1-10440 Auber, P. History of the rise and progress of BritAthenagoras.' Writings. An. C. L., v. 2

ish power in India. L., 1846.2 v. Ef 48264

Cf 10–3693 Athenia of Damascus. ' R. Dawes Hf 9-12411 Auberge rouge. Balzac

Aa 2-12556 Athens. Boeckh, A. Public economy of the Athe- Auberlen, C. A., et al. The foundations of our faith. nians

Ca 8–2408 Ten papers read to a mixed audience of men. – Bulwer-Lytton, E. Rise and fall

L., 1863.

Ef 10–8409 Ca 7-2375, and 14718 See Lange, J. P., and

Aa 3-13368 - Colton, w. Visit to

Di 3-6672 Aubigné. See Merle d'Aubigné. Lockhart, J. Ingram. Attica and Athens

Aubrey. A. Marsh

Fc 12-15058 Ca 8–2411 Aubrey Conyers. Miss E. M. Stewart Ff 15–15431 Athens ; or, the tragedies of unbelief N. Y., 1862 Aubrey, John. Miscellanies upon various subjects

. Eg 10-8624 4th edition. L., 1857

lle 6-11960 Atis. Drama. A. Piron

Hb 2-10789 Atkinson, James. Customs and manners of the

Contents.-Apparitions; Blows invisible;

Day fatality; Ecstacy; Families, fatalities of; women of Persia, and their domestic supersti

Glances of love and malice; Knockings; Imtions. L., 1832. 8°

Ci 10-4410

pulses; Local fatality; Magick; Miranda; Atkinson, J. C. ' British birds' eggs and nests, pop

Omens; Oracles; Ostenta, or Portents; Places,

fatalities of; Prodigies; Prophecies; Rome, ularly described. L., 1861 Dk 9–7039 day-fatality of; Second sighted men in ScotAtkinson, Ń. E. Ivy leaves. Ph., 1870 hf 11-12508 land, account of; Visions in a beryl of crystal; Atkinson, T. W. Oriental and Western Siberia; a

Visions without a glass or crystal; Voices

narrative of seven years' explorations and ad-
ventures in Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis Auchinleck, G. History of the war between Great
Steppes, Chinese Tartary and part of Central Britain and the United States, 1812–15. To-
Asia. N. Y., 1858. 8°

Dh 6-6489
ronto, 1862. 80.

Cb 6-2635 - Travels in the regions of the upper and lower Audubon, John James. Birds of America, from

Amoor, and the Russian acquisitions on the original drawings. L., 1827–30. 3 v.
confines of China. N. Y., 1860. 8° Dh 6-6490

Cab. B 6-15628 Atkinson, Mrs. T.W. Recollections of Tartar Steppes – Life of. Ed. by his widow. With an introduc

and their inhabitants. L., 1863 Dh 6-6492 tion by J. G. Wilson. N. Y., 1869 Da 9-4788 Atlantic and trans-atlantic. L. Mackinnon Df9-6103 - Ornithological biography; or, an account of the Atlantic monthly; a magazine of literature, art and habits of the birds of the United States of

politics. B., 1857--69. 24 v. 8° Gc 2-9244 America; interspersed with delineations of Atlantic ocean. Morrell, A. J. Voyage to the South American scenery and manners. Ph., 1832. Atlantic, 1829–31.

Dh 8-6533
2 v. 80

Dk 9–7024 Silliman, B. Two passages, 1805-6 Di 5-6697 Saint John, Mrs. H. Adventures and discoveries Atlantic telegraph. Field, M. History of Gb 6–9065

Da 10-4822 See Telegraph.

Audubon, J. J., and Bachman, J. The viviparous Atlas des gestirnten himmels. T. T. von Littrow

quadrupeds of North America. N. Y., 1846. Eb 8-7526 go

Dk 5-6947 Atlases. ' Bradford, s. G., and s. G. Goodrich. Uni- Plates.' 3 v. 40

Cab. B 1-15621 versal illustrated atlas Cab. A 4–15599 Auerbach, Berthold. Black forest village stories. Butler, S. Atlas of ancient geography Ci 44216

Fd 1-14116 Burr, D. H. New universal atlas Cab. A 3-15603 Edelweiss

Fd 1-14117
Atlas of New York
Cab. A 3-15603 German tales

Fd 1-14118 Holgate, J. B. Atlas of American history

- The little barefoot

Fd 1-12040 Cab. A 415600 On the heights

Fd 1-14119 - Johnston, A. K. Physical atlas of natural phe- - Villa on the Rhine.

Fd 1-9520
Cab. A 6–15586
Same. In 2 v.

Fd 1-14114
National atlas

Cab. A 8-15581 Aughey, J. H. Iron furnace; or, slavery and secesMagnus's commercial atlas Cab. A 7-15583

sion. Ph., 1863

Cd 1-3138 Mitchell, S. A. New general atlas Cab. A 5-15592 Augmentation de la baguette de Vulcain. Com. - New topographical atlas of Erie county. Ph., Regnard

Aa 6-12943 1866

Cab. A 4–15594 Augustine, Saint. Confessions. Revised from a - Philip, G. Classical, historical and scriptural ge- former translation, by Rev. E. B. Pusey. Ox., ography Cab. A 8-15582 1853. 8°

Eg 2-13705



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Augustine, Saint, continued.

Austria, continued. - Exposition on the book of Psalms. Ox., 1847–57. - Turnbull, P. E. Narrative of travels in 6 v. 8 Eg 1-13671

Cg 9-3954 – Homilies on the gospel of St. John and his first - Vehse, E. Court, aristocracy, and diplomacy epistle. Ox., 1848–9. 2 v. 8. Eg 1-13677

Cg 9-3950 - Sermons on the selected lessons of the New Tes- Author. 'Far. s. Foote Ab 1-10738, and Hb 7-10900

tament. Ox., 1845–54. 2 v. 8° Eg 1-13691 Authors. Allibone, S. A. Critical dictionary of au- Seventeen short treatises. Ox., 1847.89


Ab 6-13578 Eg 1-13696 - Challice, Mrs. Å. E. French authors at home Aulus Persens Flaccus satyrs.' See Juvenalis, D.

De 3–10915 J. and.

Ha 4-10424 Chambers, R. C. Cyclopaedia of English literaAnnet. Mme. Léonie d'. Voyage d'une femme au ture

Ac 6–15791 Spitzberg. Ph., 1855

Aa 5-12785 Davidson, J. W. Living writers of the south Aunt Dinah's pledge. M. D. Chellis Ff 4-14033

He 12-12101 Aunt Dinah's pledge. Drama. H. Seymour

De Quincey, T. Essays on philosophical writers Hb 9-10974 and other men of letters

Hd 2-11422 Aurelian. Wm. Ware

Fd 14-14448 Essays on the poets and other English writers Aurelius, Marcus. Farrar, F. w. Life of. See Seek

Hd 2-11436 ers after God Ca 5-2315 - Literary reminiscences

Hd 2-11428 - See Antoninus.

Disraeli, I. Calamities of authors Hd 11-11710 Aurora borealis. Olmstead, D. Recent secular pe- Kavanagh, Julia. English women of letters riod. S. C. to K. Vol. 8, Art. 3 Ae 1-13482

Dc 7-14292 Aurora Floyd. M. E. Braddon

Fa 5-14664 Shelly, Mrs.

, et al. Lives of eminent literary and Aurora Leigh. E. B. Browning Hf 9-12404 scientific men of Italy

De 11-5803 Austen, Jane. Northanger abbey Fd 1-14124 Stebbing, H. Lives of the Italian poets - Persuasion Fd 1-14125

De 11-5803 – Pride and prejudice

Fd 1-14124 - See Literary and scientific men. - Sense and sensibility Fa 3-14510, and Fd 1–14125 Author's farce. H. Fielding

Hd 13–11727 Austin, B., and L. Abbott. Cone cut corners: the ex- | Autobiographic sketches. T. De Quincey Hd 2-11439

periences of a conservative family in fanatical Autobiography. A collection of the most instructive times. N. Y., 1855

Fd 3-14248 and amusing lives ever published, written by Austin, J. G. The outpost

Fd 1-14126 the parties themselves; with brief introductions - Cipher

Fd 3–15338 and compendious sequels carrying on the course Austin, James T. Life of Elbridge Gerry. B., 1828. of events to the death of each writer. L., 1830. 2 v. 8° Da 7-4721 v. 1, 2, 7, 13, and 18..

Dd 5-5435 Austin, Mrs. Sarah. Germany from 1760 to 1814; or,

Contents.- Vol. I. Colley Cibber. II, David sketches of German life. L., 1854 Cg 6-3912 Hume; Wm. Lilly; F. M. A. Voltaire. VII. Austin and his wife. Mrs. A. Opie Fa 13-14848

Mary Robinson ; Mrs. Charlotte Charke. XI.
Austin Elliot.

John Creighton; Wm. Gifford; Thomas Ell-
H. Kingsley Fc 14-14101, and 14103

wood. XIII. James H. Vaux. XVIII. James Australasia. Dilke, C. W. Greater Britain


Df 2–15241 Autobiography of an actress. A. C. M. Ritchie - Martin, R. M. ' History of Australasia Dh 8-6534

Da 9-4789 Pelsart, F. Voyage in 1628. Pinkerton's voy- Autobiography of the emperor Charles V., recently

Df 1-5836 discovered in the Portuguese language. Trans. – Rise and progress of Australia, Tasmania, and

by L. F. Simpson. L., 1862. 8° De 9-16461 New Zealand

Dh 9–15939 | Autobiography of an English soldier in the United Australia. Brosses, C. de. Observations on Austra

States army. N. Y., 1853 .

Cb 7-2696 lia

Df 1–5836 Autobiography of a New England farm house. N. - Cornwallis, K.' Panorama of the new world

H. Chamberlain .

Ff 5-14056 DP 10-6120 Autocrat of the breakfast table. 0. W. Holmes - Dampier, w. Account of New Holland. Pink

He 3-11912 erton's voyages

Df 1-5836 Autographs for freedom. J. Griffiths. Bb 7-404 - Jameson, R. G. Australia and her gold fields Autre étude de femme. Balzac.

Aa 2-12543 Dh 9–6547 Autre Tartuffe. Drama. Beaumarchais Aa 6–12945 - Jessop, W. R. II. Flindersland and Sturtland Autumn holidays of a country parson. A. H. K. Dh 9–6545

He 2-11895 – King, P. P. Survey of the western coasts of Autumn rambles in North Africa: J. Ormsby Australia Dh 9-6536

Dg 10-6399 Martin, R. M. History of the British possessions Auxiliary protestant episcopal society; constitution in Australia

Ce 2-3221 of, in the city of New York, 1848 Bh 6–Pam. 8 - Meredith, L. A. Nine years in Australia

Ava. Corner, Miss. Account of

Dh 2-6413 Dh 9-6456 Crawfurd, J. Embassy to the court of Dh 5–6464 – Mitchell

, T. L.' Journey into the interior of Aus- - Symes, M. Embassy in 1795. Pinkerton's voy. tralia Dh 9-6539

Df 1-5834 Three expeditions into the interior of New Avare, i.Com. J. B. P. de Molière : Hb 2-10767 South Wales Dh 9–6551 Avenger. T. De Quincey

Hd 2-11430 Read, C. R. Australian gold fields Db 9–6544 Avenger. Md. H. Lee

Hb 9-10966 Sidney, S. Three colonies of Dh 9-6538 Avery Glibun. R. H. Merrill

Fa 3–14607 Woods, J. E. Geological observations in South Aveugle de Spa. Com. Genlis . Hb 2-10795 Australia

Eb 4–7468 Avolio, and other poems. P. H. Hayne Hf 10-12447 See Australasia; Tasmania; Victoria.

Avon river. Ireland, S. Picturesque views Austria. Coxe, Wm. History of the house of Aus

Di 2-6583 tria

De 10–5774 Awkward arrival. Com. J. s. Coyne Hb 10-10996 - Hartig, Count. History from Francis I. to the Ayerst, W. The Jews of the 19th century. L., 1848 revolution of 1848 De 10–5777

Ca 11-16191 - Kelley, W. K. History of the house of Austria Ayeux chemiques. Rousseau

Aa 6-12928 De 10-5777 Ayton, R. The rendezvous. F's M. D. IIb 10-10998 - Kohl, J. G. Austria and the military frontiers Aytoun. W. E. Both well. A poem in six parts. B.,

Cg 9-3953

Hf 5-12349 - Stiles, w. 1. Austria in 1848-9 Cg 9-3955 Azores. Bullar, J. and H. Winter in

Di 9-6801

ages. 11

ages. 9

[blocks in formation]

Azores. Clifford, G., Earl of Cumberland. Voyage Bacstrom, J. Voyage to Spitzbergen, 1780. Pinkin 1589. Pinkerton's voyages. 1 Df 1-5826

erton's voyages.

Df 1-5826 Henriques, M. B. de F. Trip to the Di 9-6811 Badeau, Adam. Military history of Ulysses S. Grant, Raleigh, W. Engagement in 1591. Pinkerton's from April, 1861, to April, 1865. N. Y., 1868. voyages. 1.

Df 1-5826

Db 8-5005

Badger, G. P. Nestorians and their rituals; with the Bäbbel. P. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10936 narrative of a mission_to Mesopotamia and Babo, J. M. Dagobert. Trag

Hb 8–10943 Coordistan in 1842-4. L., 1852. 2 v. 8° Otto of Wittelsbach. Trag Hb 8-10943

Ed 1-7812 Baby worlds. Gumpach, J. v. Eb 8-7527 Badia y Leblich, D. Travels in Morocco, Tripoli

, Babylon. Buckingham, J. S. Researches Dh 4-6441 Cyprus, Egypt, Arabia, Syria, and Turkey, be- Layard, A. H. Discoveries among the ruins

tween 1803 and 1807. Written by himself, Dh 4-6393 Ph., 1816. 2 v. 8°

Dg 11-6372 Rennell

, J. Topography of Ancieni B. Dh 4–6446 Bagdad. Buckingham, J. s. From Aleppo to Bag- Rich, C. J. Site of Babylon, 1811 Dh 4-6446


Dh 4-64,1 Bacchanalians. Euripides

Hb 3-10848 Bagehot, w. 'The English constitution. L., 1867 Bache, A. D. Eulogy on James A. Pearce. W., 1863

Bb 2-309 Bh 5-Pam. 60 Bagnette de Vulcain. Com.' Regnard Aa 6-12943 Magnetic and meteorological observations at Gir- Bailey, Jacob. Bartlet, W. S. Life of Ed 1–7818 ard college. S. C. to K.

Bailey, J. W. Letter on fossils, submitted by Dr. Part 1, Vol. 11, Art. 4 de 1-13486 Shiel. Reports of explorations,

Ae 4-13532 Part 2, Vol. 13, Art. 5

Ae 1-13488 Microscopical observations made in South CaroPart 3, Vol. 13, Art. 6

Ae 1-13488 lina, Georgia and Florida. S. C. to K. Vol. Parts 4, 5 and 6, Vol. 13, Art. 7 Ae 1-13488

2, Art. 8

Ae 1-13476 Parts 7, 8 and 9, Vol. 14, Art. 2 Ae 1-13489 Microscopical observations of soundings. S. C. Parts 10, 11 and 12, Vol. 14, Art. 3 Ae 1-13489

to K. v.2.

Ae 1-13476 - Magnetic survey of Pennsylvania. S. C. to K. - Notes on new species and localities of microscoVol. 13, Art. 8

Ae 1-13488 pic organisms. S. C. to K. Vol. 7, Art. 3 Bachelor of arts. ca. 'P. Hardwické Hb 9–10970

Ae 1-13481 Bachelor's bed-room. Comic scene. c. Matthews Bailey, N. Universal etymological English diction

Hb 10–11000
ary. L., 1726

Ac 5-13110
Back, G. Arctic land expedition to the mouth of the Bailey, P. J. Festus. A poem. ' L., 1864
Great Fish river and along the shores of the

Hf 5-12337
Arctic Ocean in the years 1833–34–35. Ph., The age. 'A colloquial satire. B., 1858
1836. 80
Df 3-5905

Hf 9–12353 Back-bone. E. H. Dixon

Ga 3-15246 Bailey, Samuel. Essays on the formation and publiBackus, I. Hovey, A. Life and times Da 11-4829 cation of opinions, the pursuit of truth, and on Bacon, Francis, Lord Verulam. Works. A new edi- other subjects. B., 1854

Ha 11-10661 ition by Basil Montagu. L., 1825–34, 16 v. in 17 Baillie, Joanna. Dramatic and poetical works. L.,

Hd 1-11383
1853. 8°

Hb 7–10885
Contents.-Vol. I. Preface; Essays or coun-

Contents.-Life of Joanna Baillie. Plays on . gels, civic and moral; Meditationes sacrae; The

the passions; Basil, a tragedy; The trial, a colours of good and evil ; Miscellaneous tracts

comedy; De Monfort, a tragedy; The election, upon human philosophy; Miscellaneous tracts

a comedy; Ethwald, a tragedy; The second (Apophthegmes, etc.). II. Preface; Analysis of

marriage, a comedy; Orra, a tragedy: The the advancement of learning; The two books

dream, a tragedy; The siege, a comedy; The of Francis Bacon on the proficience and ad

beacon, a serious musical drama; Romiero, a vancement of learning; New Atlantis, a work

tragedy; The alienated manor, a comedy; Henunfinished ; Notes. III. Preface; The wisdom

riquez, a tragedy; Miscellaneous plays; Rayner, of the ancients; History of the reign of King

a tragedy; The country inn, a comedy; Con. Henry VII.; The state of Europe; Felicities of

statine Paleologus; or, the last of the Cæsars, A Queen Elizabeth; Character of Julius Cæsar;

tragedy; The family legend, a tragedy; The IV. Sylva Sylvarum, or natural history. V.

martyr, a drama; The separation, å tragedy;
Tracts relating to Scotland; Tracts relating to

The stripling, a tragedy; The phantom, a musi-
England (True greatness of Britain, etc.) VI.

cal drama; Enthusiasm, a comedy; Witchcraft.
Speeches ; Charges; Papers relating to the Earl

a tragedy; The homicide, a tragedy; The bride, of Essex. VII. Theological tracts; Prayers,

a drama ; The match, a comedy. Miscellaneous etc.; Miscellaneous; Judical charges and tracts.

poetry. Metrical legends; Fugitive verses ;
VIII. Preface; De augmentis scientiarum.

Poetry written since the year 1790; Verses on
IX., X. Instanratio magna. XI. Descriptio

sacred subjects. Ahalya Baee, a poem.
globi intellectualis; Thema coeli; De fluxu et
refluxu maris; Parmenidis, Telesii et Demo-

Bailly, J. S. Histoire de l'astronomie ancienne, decriti philosophia; Partis instaurationis magnae

puis son origine jusqu'à l'etablissement de secundae delineatio; Phaenomena universi;

l'école d'Alexandrie. P., 1775. 4°
Historia soni et auditus; De sapientia ve-
terum; Meditationes sacrae; In felicem me-

Eb 8–7522 moriam Elizabethae; Imagines; Parasceve ad

Histoire de l'astronomie moderne depuis la foundhistoriam naturalem; Redargutio philosophia

ation de l'école d'Alexandrie jusqu'à l'epoque rum; Epistolae. XII., XIII. Letters; Law tracts; Common law; The use of the law; Le

de 1730. P., 1779. 3v. 4° Eb 8-7546 gal arguments; Index to the English works.

- Traite de l'astronomie indienne et orientale. P., XIV. Translations; Novum organum; Natural

1787. 4°

Eb 8–7520 history (of winds, of life and death); Fifth part of the great instauration; Thoughts on the

- Arago, F. Biography of

Dd 1-5394 nature of things. XV. Translations continued ;

Baily, Francis. Journal of a tour in the unsettled Theory of the firmanent; Interpretation of na

parts of North America in 1796 and 1797. ture (Fable of Cupid); Phenomena of the uni

With a memoir of the author. L., 1856. 8° verse; Astronomical history; Ebb and flow; Sound and hearing; Sermons fideles, sive in

Df 10–6114 teriora rerum; Index. XVI. Life of Lord

Our own birds; a familiar natural Bacon ; Notes.

history of the birds of the United States. Ed. Historie of the reign of Henry VII. L., 1641. by E. D. Cope. Ph., 1869. Dk 9–7040 4°

Cf 1-3357 – Trees, plants and flowers, where and how they Dixon, W. H. Personal history Dc 7-5202 grow; a familiar history of the vegetable kingBacon, N. Ware, Wm. Memoir. S. A. B. 13

dom. Ph., 1870.

Ec 3-7627 Da 8-4703 Bain, A. The emotions and the will. L., 1865. go Bacon, T. s. 'Both sides of the controversy between

Hc 8-11231 the Roman and reformed churches. N. Y., – On the study of character including an estimate 1859

Ee 2-8012 of phrenology. L., 1861. 89. Hc8-11230

Baily, W.L.

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