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A'Becket, G. A. Angelo; or, the actress of Padua. Abbott, J. S.C. History of Joseph Bonaparte. N.Y.,
F's S. D. v. 23

Hb 9-10963

De 6–7568 Comic history of England, with colored etchings Hernando Cortez. N. Y., 1855 De 8–7571 and wood cuts by J. Leech. L., 1855. 2 v. go Hortense. N. Y., 1870

De 3-15638
He 7-12008
Josephine. N. Y., n. d.

De 3-5655 Comic history of Rome. Illustrated by J. Leech. - King Philip, including the early history of the L. 80.

He 7–12010 settlers of New England. N. Y., 1857 — The Siamese twins.' F's M. D. vi 28

Da 3–7562 Hb 10-11002

Madame Roland.' N. y., 1869 De 6-7570 - The turned head. 'F's M. D. v. 28

Maria Antoinette. N. Y., 1868 De 6–7569

Hb 10-11002 Napoleon Bonaparte. N. Y., 1867 De 4-5683 A. L. O. E. See Tucker, Miss.

Napoleon III., emperor of the French, includA Secreto agravio secreda venganza. Drama. Calde- ing a narration of all the most important

Aa 2-12576

events which have occurred in Europe since Abbey of Aberconway. Register and

chronicle. the fall of Napoleon I. B., 1869. 89 Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 39 Ce 6-3330

De 415900 Abbey of Croyland. Ingulph, chronicle of

- Italy from the earliest period to the present day. Cf 7-3601 N. Y., 1860

Cg 8-3932 Abbott. "Sir W. Scott

Fr 9-14131 The romance of Spanish history. n. Y., 1869. Abbott, A. O. Prison life in the south during the

Cg 7–3876 years 1864–5. N. Y., 1865 Cd 3-3156 Abd, Allatif

. 'Relation respecting Egypt. Pinkerton's Abboti, G. D. Mexico and the United States; their voyages. 15

Dg 1-5840 mutual relations and common interests. 'N.Y., Abendstunde, die. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10932 1869. 89

Ch 4-13664 Abeokuta and the Camaroons mountains. R. F. BurAbbott , J. The corner stone. N.Y.,


Dg 9–6363 Ef 5-8276 Abernethy, J. Macilwain G. Memoirs De 9-5326 - History of Alexander the Great. N. Y., 1849 Abigail. Baldwin, G. C. Representative women Da 3-7561

Dd 1-5388 King Alfred. N. Y., 1869 7-7548 Abington, Mass. See Massachusetts, A. Julius Caesar. N. Y., 1869

Da 3-7565 Aboriginal monuments of the State of New York. King Charles I. N. Y., 1869 Dc 7-7554 E. G. Squier

Ae 1-13476 King Charles II. N. Y., 1868 Dc 7-7551 About, E. The man with the broken ear. N. Y., Cleopatra. N. Y., 1869

Da 3–7559

Fd 3–14237 Cyrus the Great. N. Y., 1868 Da 3–7556

le progrès. N. Y., 1864

Aa 5–12783 Darius the Great. N. Y., 1868. Da 3-7564 Le roi des montagnes. P., 1863 Aa 4-12736 Queen Elizabeth. N. Y., 1869. Dc 7-7553 The Roman question. Translated by Mrs. Anne Hannibal. N. Y., 1868 Da 3–7563 T. Wood. B., 1859

Ee 2–8033 Margaret of Anjou. N. Y., 1861 Dc 7-7555 Rome of to-day.' N. Y., 1861

Di 7-6757 Mary Queen of Scots. N.Y., 1868 Dc 11-7552 Tolla, a tale of modern Rome. B., 1856 Fd 3–14238 Nero. N. Y., 1868

Da 3–7558 About babies, good looking people and other“ maga Peter the Great. N. Y., 1869 De 12-7566 social papers.” N. Y., 1867

He 4-364 King Richard I. N. Y., 1857. Dc 7–7547 | About in the world. J. H. Friswell. Hd 11-11963 King Richard II. N. Y., 1858 . Dc 7–7549 Abraham Page, Esq. A novel. Ph., 1868 Romulus. N. Y., 1868 Da 3–7557

Fd 13-13910 William the Conqueror. n.y.,1869 Dc 7-7550 Abrams, A. s. History of the siege of Vicksburg. Xerxes the Great. N. Y., 1867 Da 3-7560

Atlanta, 1863

Bh 5-Pam. 65 - The Juno Stories. N. Y., 1870. 4 v.

Ab-sa-ra-ka, home of the Crows; being the experi(1) Juno and Georgie

Fd 3-9427 ence of an officer's wife on the plains. By M. (2) Mary Osborne.

Fd 3-9528
J. c, Ph., 1868

DE 7-6026 (3) Juno on a journey Fd 3-9529 Abschied, der. Kotzebue.

Hb 8-10929 (4) Hubert Fd 3-9530 Abt, der. Sir W. Scott.

Aa 8-13063 A summer in Scotland. N. Y., 1848 Di 5-6702 Abyssinia. Hotten, J. C. Abyssinia and its people The way to do good. N. Y., 1852 Ef 7-14240

Ca 12-2599 Abbott, J. $. C. Confidential correspondence of the

Hozier, H. M. British expedition Dg 9–13711 emperor Napoleon and the empress Josephine. Johnston, C. Travels in Southern Abyssinia N. Y., 1856 : Cg 3-5593

Dg 9–6346 – History of the civil war in America; a full ac- Lobo, J. Voyages in 1622. Pinkerton's voyages. count of the origin and progress of the rebel

Dg 1-5840 lion. Springfield, 1863–6. 2 v. 8° Cd 8-3253 Parkyns, M. Life in A: Dg 9-6370-58 Henry IV. King of France and Navarre. N.Y., Poncet, C. J. Journey in 1698. Pinkerton's voy1856 De 6-7567

Dg 1-5840

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ages. 15

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Academic questions. M. T. Cicero Ha 1-10436 | Adams, J. Defence of the constitutions of governAcadia. Cozens, F. A. Month with the Blue Noses ment of the United States of America, against

Df 11-6157 the attack of M. Turgot in his letter to Dr. Acadian geology. Dawson, J. W. Eb 4-7472

Price. L., 1794. 3 y. 8°

Ba 6-120 Accomplished maid. Wild.

Hb 1-10736 Adams, J. Works; with notes and a life by C. F. Account of aeronautical expedition from London to Adams. B., 1856. 10 v. 89. Da 5-4669

Weilburg accomplished by Robert Holland,
Monck Mason and Charles Green. N.Y., 1837.

Contents.-Vol. I. Life. II. Diary; Notes of

debates in the continental congress, in 1775; Bh 6-Pam. 6

Autobiography; Appendix. III. AutobiograAccount of Independent Tartary. Pinkerton's voy- phy continued ; Diary; Notes of a debate in the

Dr 1-5834 ages. 9

senate of the U. S.; Essays; Dissertation on

the canon and the feudal law; Instructions of Account of the European settlements in America. Braintree to its representatives, 1765; InstrucEdmund Burke

Cb 2-2536

tions of the town of Boston to their representaAcero de Madrid, el. Vega

Aa 2-12575

tives, 1768-1769; On the independence of the Acharnians, the. Aristophanes

Ha 2-10490

judiciary ; Controversy between W. Brattle and

J. Adams; Appendix. IV. Novanglus, or a hisAchetá Domestica. Pseudonym of Miss L. M. Budgen. tory of the dispute with America, from 1754 : Achilles Tatius. See Heliodorus.

Thoughts on government, 1776; Report of a Achilli, G. Dealings with the inquisition; or Papal

constitution for Massachusetts, 1779, Defence

of the constitutions of the U.S., 1778. V. DeRome, her priests and her jesuits, with impor- fence, etc., continued. VI. Discourses on Datant disclosures. N. Y., 1851 Ee 2-8048

vila; Four letters on government; Three letters

on the constitution ; Letters to Jno. Taylor, of Ackerman, R. Repository of arts, literature, com

Carolina, in reply to strictures on the Defence; merce, manufacture and fashion. L., 1809.

Review of Mr. Hillhouse's propositions for 23. 28 v. 8° Second series Gc 1-9215

amending the constitution. VII.-IX. Official Same. Third series. L., 1823. 8° Gc 1-9242

letters, messages, and public papers. IX.-X.

General correspondence; Indexes. Acoustics. Bartlett, W. H. C. Acoustics and optics

Ea 5–7231 - Webster, D. Discourse in commemoration of See Natural Philosophy.

Bh 6-Pam. 3 Across America and Asia. R. Pumpelly Dh 2–6004 Wood, John. Suppressed history of John Adams The Carpathians. Cam., 1862

Di 3-6665

Cb 6-2629 The continent. S. Bowles

DE 9-6099 Adams, Mrs. John. Letters; with an introductory Actors. Collier, J.P. Memoirs of actors in the plays memoir by C. F. Adams. 4th edition. B., of Shakespeare

Hb 3-10832

He 6–11977 Cook, Wm. Memoirs of C. Macklin Hb 11-15932 Adams, J. Q: Lectures on rhetoric and oratory. Gould, T. R. Essay on the genius of J. B. Booth Cam., 1810. 2 v. 8°

Hc 11-11317 Hb 1-10740 – Letters on the masonic institution. B., 1847. 8° Grinsted, T. P. Relics of genius Dd 6-5509

Ci 11-4397 Lodge, T. Defense of stage players Hb 3-11946 – Lives of James Madison and James Monroe - Logan, Olive. Before the footlights Hb 11-15769 Buf., 1850

Da 11-4839 — Ritchie, A. C. M. Autobiography of an actress Melborne, J. Sketch of the life of

Db 6-5060 Da 9-4789 Quincy, J. Memoirs

Da 7-4736 - See Drama and Dramatic biography.

Adams, N. Annals of Portsmouth, comprising a Acts of the apostles. Alexander, J. A. Acts of the period of two hundred years, with biographiapostles explained

Eg 7–8528

cal sketches of a few of the most respectable – Barnes, A. Notes on the acts of the apostles

inhabitants. Ports., 1825. 8° Cb 9-2693 Eg 7-8502 - Broadcast. B., 1863

He 1-11774 – Chrysostom, st. J. Homilies on the acts of the Sermon preached at the Essex St. church, Boston,

the Sabbath after the interment of Daniel Hackett, H. B. Commentary on the original text Webster, B., 1852

Bh 6–Pam. 13 Ad 1-13190 See Pitts St. chapel lectures. Jacobus, M. W. Notes :

Eg 7–8500 Adams, Samuel. Wells, Wm. V. Life and public - Lechler, G. V. Commentary Ad 1-13201


Da 6–4760 - See Bible; New Testament.

Adams, Thomas. Three divine sisters, Faith, Hope Adalbert, H. W. Travels in the south of Europe and and Charity; The leaven, or a direction to

in Brazil, with a voyage up the Amazon and heaven; A crucifix; Semper diem; Heaven's Xingu. Trans. by R. H. Schomburgk and J. gate; Majesty in misery; The fool and his

E. Taylor. L., 1849. 2 v. 8o. Dr 8–6044 sport; The christian's walk; Love's copy; Adam Bede. Marian Evans

Fb 7-14521 God's bounty; Politic hunting; The taming of Adams, C. Life of Samuel Johnson. N. Y., 1869

the tongue. With introduction, by W. HI. Dc 2–5096 Stowell. L., 1847

Ef 3-8246 Words that shook ihe world; or, Martin Luther Adams, W. H. D. 'Queen of the Adriatic; or, Ven

his own biographer, being pictures of the great ice past and present. L., 1869 . Cg 8–11875 reformer. N. Y., 1858.

Ee 10-8154 The valley of the Nile; its tombs, temples and Adams, C. F. Chapter of Erie. B., 1869

monuments. L., 1867

Dg 11-15482 Ga 12-8975 Lighthouses and lightships; a description and - Life of John Adams. B., 1856 Da 5-4669

historical account of their mode of construcAdams, F. C. Justice in the by-ways. N. Y., 1857 tion and organization. L., 1870 Eb 9–16092 The story of a trooper. N. Y., 1865 Fd 3-14249

Fd 3–14245 Adams, W. T. Army and navy stories.
(1) The soldier boy

Fd 3-14253 The Von Toodleburgs. Ph., 1868 Fd 3–14241 (2) sailor boy

Fd 3–14252 Adams, H. Summary history of New England from

young lieutenant

Fd 3-10621 the settlement at Plymouth to the acceptance of

Yankee middy

Fd 3–7302 the federal constitution. Ded. 80 Cc 9-3042 (5) Fighting Joe

Fd 3–14254 Adams, H. G. Cyclopaedia of female biography; (6) Brave old salt

FI 3-14251 consisting of sketches of all women who have - Young America abroad series. been distinguished by great talents. L., 1869 (1) Outward bound

Fd 3-14255 Ab 6-11849

Fd 3-14257 – The sea-side lesson book; designed to convey to

(2) Shamrock and thistle
(3) Red cross.

Fii 3-14258 the youthful mind a knowledge of the nature (4) Dikes and ditches

Fd 3-14256 and uses of common things of the sea coast. (5) Palace and cottage

Fd 3-14259
L., 1856
Dk 10–7061 (6) Down the Rhine

Fd 3-14260

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With pre

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Adams, W. B. English pleasure carriages; their Adopted child. Drama. S. Birch. Hb 10-11002

origin, history, etc. L. 1837. 8° Gb 3–8932 Adrienne the actress. J. Oxenford Hb 9-10964 Adams New York State business directory. N. Y., Adrianople. See Literature, oriental. 1859. 89

Ck 2-4433 | Adriatic. Paton, A. A. Highlands and islands of Adanson, M. Voyage to Senegal , the island of Go- the Adriatic

Di 4-6602 ree and the river Gambia. Pinkerton's voy- Adrift in Dixie. J. R. Gilmore Fb 14-15122 ages. 16

Dg 1-5841 Adulterations. Bordeaux liquor dealer's guide Addey, M. Life and military career of T. J. Jackson,

Gb 5-9057 Stonewall Jackson." N.Y., 1863 Db 9-5034 – Peirce, c. H. Drugs, medicines and chemicals

, Addington, H. Pellew, G. Life and correspond- as to their purity

Eb 3-7371 Dc 4-5169 Advancement of learning. F. Bacon: ud 1-11384 Addington, s. Life of Paul the apostle, with critical Adventurer, the. J. Hawkesworth et al. remarks on his discourses and writings. L., face by A. Chalmers

Hd 12-11675 1784. 80

Ed 9-7932 Adventures in the moon and other worlds. L., 1836 Addison, J. Works. i., 1721. 4v. 4° ud 4-11486

Ha 10-11776 Contents.-Vol. I. Poems on several occa- Adventures in the wilderness. W. H. Murray sions; Rosamond, an opera: Essay on Virgil's Georgics ; Cato, a tragedy ; Poemata ; Dialogues Adventures of a gentleman in search of a horse." G. upon the usefulness of ancient medals; Three sets of medals illustrated by ancient poets. II.


He 6–11975 Remarks on several parts of Italy; The Tattler, Adventures of Gil Blas. A. R. Lesage Ha 9-10611 by Isaac Bickerstatte; The Spectator. II. Spectator, continued. IV. Spectator, con

Adventures of Haji Baba. J. Morier. Fc 11-15068 cluded; The Guardian; The Lover; Present Adventures of a marquis. A. Dumas Fd 11-15530 state of the war; Tryall and conviction of Count Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green. E. Bradley Tariff'; Whig examiner; Freeholder; Chris

Fa 6-14693 tian religion.

Adventures of Philip on his way through the world. Works. British poets Hf 1-12287 W. M. Thackeray

Fe 9-15308 Cato, Trag:

Hd 4–11486 Adventures of Rob Roy. James Grant Fb 14-14462 The Guardian.' British classics

Hd 11-11698 Advice to husbands. Com. C. S. Lancaster The Guardian. With preface by A. Chalmers.

Hb 10-11002 B., 1863. 3v.

Ad 12-11669 Aegean islands. Emerson, J. Letters from the Rosamond. Op. Hd 4-11486

Di 6-6600 The Spectator. With biographical notes. L, Aeneid. 'M. P. Virgilius. Translated by J. Coning1853. 4v.

Hd 12-11597

Ha-10393 - The Tattler, by Isaac Bickerstaffe. With preface Translated by T. A. Buckley Ha 2-10458 by A. Chalmers. N. Y., 1809. 5v.

Aërolites. Zürcher and Margollé. Meteors, aerolites, Hd 12-11752 storms, etc.

Ea 9-7355 - Same. B., 1856. 4v.

Hd 12–11665 Aeronautics.

Account of aeronautical expedition _ The Tattler and Guardian. Title page gone.

Bh 6-Pam. 6 Hd 11-11705 Mason, M. Theory of aerostation Ea 5–7245 Addison, L. "Account of West Barbary. Pinker

Wise, J. A system of aeronautics Ea 5–7144 ton's voyages

Dg 1-5840 Aeschylus. Greek tragic theatre. Vol. IV. Ed. by Addison, Mr. (Pseud.) Interesting anecdotes, me- Dr. Potter

Hb 3-10851 moirs, allegories, essays, and poetical frag

Contents.-A dissertation on antient tragedy; ments. L., 1794. 6 v. go He 9-12075

Prometheus chained; Supplicants; The seven Address of Epaminondas to the citizens of the state

chiefe against Thebes ; Agamemnon; The Chaeof New York. Alb., 1820 . Bh 6-Pam. 2

phorae; The furies; The Persians. Addresses on the death of Hon. E. D. Baker, deliv

- The new readings contained in Hermann's post

humous edition of Aeschylus. Trans, and conered in the senate and house of representa

sidered by G. Burges. Appendix to the prose tives, 1861

Bh 5-Pam. 55 Addresses on the death of Hon. Jacob Collamer, de

translation of Aeschylus. L., 1853

Ha 2–10474 livered in the house of representatives, Thurs

Tragedies. Tr. by T. A. Buckley. L., 1849 day, Dec. 14, 1865. W., 1866. 8° Ha 10-10622

Ha 2-10473 Addresses on the death of Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, Contents.--Agamemnon; Choephori ; Furies; delivered in the senate and house of represen

Persiane; Prometheus chained ; Seven against tatives, 1861

Bh 5-Pam. 55

Thebes ; Sappliants. Addresses on the death of J. A. Pierce, H. of R., Aesopus. Fables, with a life of the author. Illus1863

Bh 5-Pam. 60 trated with one hundred and eleven engravings Adelaide et Theodore. 'Mme. Stael-Holstein

from designs by Herrick. N. Y., 1867 Aa 1-12588

He 9-12053 Adelaide of Wulfingen. Drama." Kotzebue Aesthetics. Burke, E. Origin of our ideas of the

Hb 8-10943
sublime and beautiful

Hd 5-11519
Adelaide du Gueschin. 'Trag. Voltaire Aa 12-13241 · Cousin, V. Philosophy of the beautiful
Adele. Julia Kavanagh
Fc 13-15078

He 7-11218 Adelgitha. Trag. Hlb 9-10972 Ruskin, J. Works

Hc 2–11082, etc. Adelheid von Wulfingen. Kotzebue. Hb 8-10936 - Schiller, F. Works

Aa 1-12587 Adeline Mowbray. Mrs. A. Opie Fa 13-14848 - Spencer, H. Essays

. на 11-11263 Adelicia, Queen of Henry I. Strickland, A. Life of

See Beauty, Taste.

Dd 7–5575 Aethiop. Drama. W. Dimond . Hb 6-10960 Adelphi. Com. Terence :

Ha 1-10445 Aethiopia. See Ethiopia. Adieu. Balzac

Aa 2-12556 Afghanistan. Lal, Mahon. Disaster of the AfghanAdirondack, the. Headley, J. T. Df 7-6021

istan British army

Cf 12-3731 Adirondacks. Murray, W. H. Camp-life in the – Ullah, Neamet. History of the Afghans Df 10-6126

Cf 12-11842 Adler, G. J. Dictionary of the German and English Afloat and ashore. J. F. Cooper Ff 2-13979

languages. In two parts. I. German and Afloat and ashore. See Naval sketch book. English. II. English and German. N. Y., Africa. Anderson, C. J. Lake Ngami Dg 8–6319 1851. 89 Ac 3-12909 Okavango river.

Dg 9-6348 Adolphus, J. Memoirs of John Bannister, come- Baines, T. Explorations in South-west Africa dian. L., 1839. 2 v. 8°. Hb 4-13775

Dg 8-6322 Adolphus. See Gustavus Adolphus.

Barth, H. Travels in 1849_55

Dg 8–6307

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Africa. Africa, containing description of the man- Agassiz, L. Contributions to the natural history of

ners and customs, with historical particulars of the United States of America. First monothe Moors of the Zahara and of the negro graph. In three parts. I. Essay on classifinations between the rivers Senegal and Gam

cation. II. North American testudinata. bia. Ed. by F. Shober). L., n. d. 2 v.

III. Embryology of the turtle, 34 plates. Sec

Ci 10–4417 ond monograph. In five parts. I. Acalephs Bruice, J., of Kinnaird. Travels to discover the in general. II. Ctenophorae. III. Discophosource of the Nile

Cb 1-2451 rae. IV. Hydroidae. V. Homologies of the Burton, R. F. Camaroons mountains Dg 9-6363 radiata, 46 plates. B., 1857-62. 4 v. 4° Mission to Dahome Dy 9-6362

Af 4-13552 Caillié, E. Through Central Africa to Timbuctoo A journey in Brazil, by Professor and Mrs. AgasDg 9-6360 siz. B., 1868. 8°

Df 12-6181 – Clapperton, H. Second expedition into the in

Geological sketches. B., 1866 Eb 5-7498 terior of Africa

Dg 9–6354 Classification of insects from embryological data. -Cooley, W. D. Geography of Central Africa

S. C. to K. Vol. 2, Art. 6.

Ae 1-13476 Ci 3-6265 Methods of study in natural history B., 1863 – Cumming, R. G. Five years of a hunter's life

Dk 3–6899 Dg 10–6383 Monographie des poissons fossiles du vieux grès – Drayson, A. w. Sporting scenes among the Kaf

rouge ou système Devonien (old red sandstone), firs

Ga 8-8799 des isles britanniques et de Russie. Neuchatel, Du Chaillu, P. B. Ashango land : Dg 8-6312 1844-45. Obl. 40. Atlas. Ae 4-13519 Explorations

Dg 8–6316 Poisson fossiles. Neuchatel, 1833–43. 5 v. 4°. Lost in the jungle

Dg 10–6382 Texte. 5 v. Obl. 4o. Atlas Ae 4–13509 - Du Couret, L. Life in the desert Dg 10-6398 Seaside studies in natural history. Marine aniEvliya, Efendi. Narrative

Cb 1-2465 mals of Massachusetts Bay. B., 1865. 89 Foote, A. H. Africa and the African flag

Dk 10–7047 Dg 10–6386 Agassiz, İ. and A. A. Gould.' Principles of Zoology; Gerard, J. Adventures in

Ga 8-8805 touching the structure, development, distribuGrout, L. Zulu-land

Dg 10–15775 tion and natural arrangement of the races of Harris, W. C. Highlands of Ethiopia Dg 9–6359 animals, living and extinct. B., 1851 Harriot, John. Travels in Dg 1-11850

Dk 5-6949 Hawthorne, N. Journal of an African cruiser Agatha's husband.' Miss d. M. Muloch Fd 7-14291 Dg 10-6400 Agathocle. _Trag. Voltaire

Aa 12-13245 Ibn Batuta. Travels in Dg 1-15564 Age, the. P. J. Bailey

Hf 9-12353 — Jewett, S. A. W. Livingstone in Africa Age of chivalry. T. Bulfinch

Ch 11-4207 Dg 11-16128 Agincourt. G. P. R. James

Fb 11-14605 – Krapi, J. I. Eighteen years in eastern Africa Agincourt. Seroux d'. See Seroux d’Agincourt. Dg 10-6206 Agis. Trag. J. Home

Hd 3-11473 Laing, A. G. Western Africa

Dg 9-6352 Agnel, H. Ř. Book of chess. n. Y., 1853 Le Vaillant, F. Travels into the interior of

Gb 12-9189 Dg 9-6367 Agnes. Mrs. M. O. w. Oliphant Fa 13-14840 Livingstone, D. and G. Expedition to the

Zam- Agnes and Karel. J. B. De Leifde Fd 11-15232 besi

Dg 8-6310 Agnes of Sorrento. H. B. Stowe Fb 11-14154 Martin, R. M. "History of the British possessions Agnes Wentworth. E. Foxton Fa 15–14366 in Ce 2–3224 | Agradecer y no amar.

Com. Calderon Aa 2-12576 Moffat, R. Southern Africa

Dg 10–6392 Agricultural chemistry. Boussingault, J. B. Rural Ocean and the desert

Dg 9-6365

Ec 11-7798 Ogilby, John. Africa

Ac 1-15332 - Chaptal, J. A. Chemistry applied to agriculture Ormsby, John. Rambles in North Africa

Eb 3-7375 Dg 10-6399 - Davy, Sir H. Elements of

Eb 2–7401 - Park, Mungo. Travels in

Dg 1-5841 – Johnson, C. W. Farmers' and planters' encycloMission to the interior of Africa in 1805


Ad 7-1347 Dg 9-6357

- Johnson, s. w. How crops grow. Ec 11-7794 Reade, w. w. Savage Africa

Dg 8–6317


Eb 3-13646 · Richardson, J. Travels in the great Sahara, Solly, E. Rural chemistry

Eb 3–7379 1845–6

Dg 9-6356 Topham, J. Chemistry made easy Ec 11-7800 Riley, James. Narrative of the loss of the Ameri- See chemistry can brig Commerce on the west coast, 1815 Agricultural society of the state of New York.

Dg 9-6353 Transactions. 1844-1863. 20 v. 8° Robbins, A. Journal of the loss of the Com

Bc 8-602 merce. See Riley, J.

Dg 10-6391 Agriculturist. 11 v. 4. 1857-67 Bh 1-1925 Saugnier and Brisson. Coast of Africa

Agriculture. Allen, L. F. Address 1849
Dg 8–6311

Bh 6-Pam. 4 -Taylor, B.' Journey to central Africa, 1851-2 - Bi-monthly report of the agricultural department

Dg 10-6385 for 1864-65-66–67-68. 5 v. 8°. W.
Wilson, J. L. Western Africa
Dg 10–6388

Ec 9-7757 See Literature, oriental; and names of the various British husbandry

Ec 9-7754 parts of Africa.

Colman, H. European A.

Ec 10–7762 African repository. Vols. 19-27 and 29-34. W., - Agriculture of France, Belgium, Ilolland and 1843–58. 15 v. 8°

Bi 11-2049

Ec 11-7787 After dark. Wilkie Collins

Ff 5-14287 Copeland, R. M. Country life Ec 5-7506 After life. E. M. Sewell Ff 11-14528 The cultivator .

Ec 9-7740 Afternoon of unmarried life. N. Y., 1859

Dickinson, D. S. Address

Bh 6–Pam. 20 He 14-12116 Emmons, E. A. of New York. Nat. llist. N.Y. Afterthought. R. L'Estrange Hc 9-11312

Dk 13–13807 Against wind and tide. Mrs. H. Parr Fb 13-14325 Gray, A. ' Explanation of engraving of impleAgamemnon. Trag. Æschylus

Ha 2-10473
ments used in Scotland

Ec 9-11843 Agar dans le desert. C. Genlis

Hb 2-10798 - Journal and transactions of the board of A. of Agar dans le desert. Scene lyrique. StaelHolstein Upper Canada. Toronto, 1856-58. 2 v. 80 Aa 1-12589

Ec 10–7766




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Agriculture. The Genesee Farmer Ec 9–7734 Ainsworth, W. H. Myddleton Pomfret Fd 3–14479 – Die Koeniglich Wuertembergische lehranstalt fur - Old court

Fd 3-14478 land-und forstwirthschaft in Hohenheim. Eine - Old St. Paul's : a tale of the plague and the fire. festgabe der centralstelle des land-wirthschaf- L., n. d.

FI 3-15778 tlichen vereins in Stuttgart fur die mitglieder Ovingdean Grange

Fd 3-14483 der sechsten versammlung der deutschen land- South sea bubble

Fd 3–14477 und forstwirthe. St., 1842 Ec 11-7788 Spanish match. Leip., 1865 Fd 2-14232 - Liebig, Justus Von. Natural laws of husbandry Spendthrift

Fd 2-14235 Ec 10–7775 Star chamber

Fd 3-14482 – Memoirs of the board of A. of the State of - Tower of London

Fd 3--15777 New York. v. 1 and 3. Alb., 1821-26

Windsor Castle

FA 2-14233 Ec 10-7782 Air. Dick, T. The Atmosphere HD 4-11480 Nicholson, J. The farmer's assistant Ec 11-7707 - Griscom, J. H. Uses and abuses of the air Norton, J. D. Elements of scientific A.

Ga 5-8778 Êc 11-7791 – Lowe, E. J. Treatise on atmospheric phenom– Pabst, H. W. Lehrbuch der landwirtschaft

Ea 9-7358 Ec 11-7785 Youmans, E. L. Popular account Ea 6–7273 - The prairie fariner :

Ec 10–7749 Airy, Geo. B. Treatise on trigonometry. L., 1855 - Report of the commissioner of agriculture for

Eb 10-7590 the year 1862. W., 1863. 89 Ec 10-7764 Ajax. Trag. Sophocles

Ila 2-10487 For 1863. W., 1863. 8°

Ec 10–7765 Akenside, M. Works. British Poets Hf 1-12280 For 1864–65-66-67

Ec 9–7751 Akerman, J. Y. Coins of the Romans relating to For 1867

Ec 11-13621

Britain described and illustrated. L., 1844. For the years 1847–61. w., 1847–61. 15v. go 80

Ci 8-4362 Bc 7–587 – Numismatic illustrations of the narrative portions – Ruskin, J. Inquiry affecting the study of, in our of the New Testament. L., 1846. go schools

Cd 8-4367 - Seventh annual report of the board of A. of the Alabama. Royall

, Anne. Letters from Alabama State of Ohio, 1852. Columbus, 1853. 8°

Df 8-6052 Ec 10–7784 Aladdin. Drama

Hb 9-10964 Sinclair, Sir John. "Code of A. Ec 5–7683 Alarming sacrifice. Far. J. B. Buckstone Skinner, J. S. Address. Bh 6-Pam. 17

Hb 10-11003 - Tallmadge, James. Remarks Bh 6-Pam. 20 Alaska. 'Dall, w. H. A. and its resources - United States monthly reports. 1863

Cb 10–15851 Bh. 5-Pam. 62 Whymper, F. 'Travel and adventure in Waring, G. E. ' Elements of : Ec 10–7777

DE 8-6061 - Wilson, J. M. Rural cyclopaedia Ab 8–12812 Albach, James R. Annals of the West, embrac-Young, J. Letters of Agricola Ec 10-7768 ing the principal events in the Western States See Botany; Cattle; Farming; Forest trees; and Territories to the year 1856. Pitts., 1858. Trees; Gardening; Insects; Poultry; Vege- go

Cb 4-2649 tables.

Albany young men's association. Catalogue of books. Aguilar, Grace. Days of Bruce. N. Y., 1868. 2 v. Alb., 1853

Bi 2-2155 Fd 2-14227 Annual reports for the years 1858–1861–62-63- Home influence. N. y., 1866 Fd 2-14224


Bh 5-Pam. 50 Home scenes and heart studies. N. Y., 1853

Zouave cadets to the Rochester blues. Alb., Fd 2-14225 1866. 4°

Cc 2-2907 Mother's recompense. N. Y., 1868 Fd 2-14226 Albert, Prince Consort of England. Greg, C. Early Vale of cedars. N. Y., 1868 Fd 2-14229

Dc 1-5075 Woman's friendship. N. Y., 1863 Fd 2-14236 Albert Nyanza. S. W. Baker

Dg 8–6326 Women of Israel. N. Y., 1851. 2 v. Ed 9–7937 Albert Savarus. Balzac

Aa 2-12542 Aide, Hamilton. Carr of Carrlyon Fd 3-14509 Alcade de Zalamea. Calderon

Aa 2-12576 The Marstons Fd 3–15852 Alcestis. Drama. Euripides

Hb 3-10849 Aids to faith: a series of theological essays by several Alchemy. See Hermetic art.

writers, being a reply to "essays and reviews.” Alchymist. Com. B. Jonson Hb 1-10733 and 7–10641 Ed. by W. Thompson. N. Y., 1862 Ef 5–8272 Alciabiades. Trag. T. Otway

Hlb 1-10745 Aids to reflection. S. T. Coleridge Hd 8–11607 Alcock, Sir Rutherford. The capital of the Tycoon ; Aiken, G. L. Uncle Tom's cabin. Drama

Narrative of three years' residence in Japan. Hb 9-10965 N. Y., 1863. 2 v.

Dh 2-6122 Aikin, John, and Wm. Enfield. General biography; Alcohol. Anstie, F. E. Action on the vital organs or, lives critical and historical, of the most emi

Ga 4-5711 nent persons of all ages and countries. L.Alcott, A. Bronson. Tablets. B., i868 Ad 9-13385

Ile 4-15750 Aikin, Lucy. Memoirs of the court of king Charles Alcott, L. M. Hospital sketches Fd 2–15990 I. Ph., 1833. 2v. 8° Dd 415480 Little women. 2 v.

Fd 1-14127 - Memoirs of the court of queen Elizabeth. Ph., Moods

Fd 1-15642 1823. 80 Dc 5–5197 Old fashioned girl

Fd 2-14194 Aikman, James. Annals of the persecution in Scot- Alcott, Wm. A. American annals of education for

land, from the restoration to the revolution. the year 1838. B., 1838. 1v. 8°
Ph., n, d. 2 1.
Ee 5–8062

Hc 12-11334 Aikman, Wm. Life at home; or, the family and its - Forty years in the wilderness of pills and powmembers. N. Y., 1870

Bb 5-15759
ders. B., 1859

Ga 5-8778 Ainsworth, W. H. Cardinal Pole Fd 3-14480 – Moral philosophy of courtship and marriage. B., - Constable de Bourbon

FI 2-15578

Bh 5-356 - Crichton. N. Y., 1864 FI 2-14231 Aldeane. Laura Preston

Fb 13-14191 - Hilary St. Ives

Fa 3-14481 Alden, Ebenezer. Memorial of the descendants of - John Law, the projector

FI 2-15579 John Alden. Randolph, Mass., 1867. 89 - Lancashire witches. Leip., 1849 Fd 2-14234

Ch 8-4137 - Lord mayor of London FA 2-14239 Alderbrook. E. Chubbuck

Ff 4-14009 - Mervyn Clitheroe

Fa 2–15577 Aldrich, T. B. Story of a bad boy. B., 1870
Miser's daughter
FI 2-14230

FI 3-14410

years of

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