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V. 38

2 v.

How a penny became a thousand pounds, and life Howel, William, continued. doubled by the economy of tiine. L., 1863

history of the ecclesiastical affairs of the world. He 7-13726 L., 1680-5. 3 v. fo

Ca 1-2177 How he won her. E. D. E. N. Southworth Ff6-14066 Howell, . A complete bistory of the holy bible, as How not to be sick. A. J. Bellows Ga 5-8775

contained in the old and new testaments: How to furnish a house and make it a home. L.,

also, a life of our blessed Saviour and his aposGb 7-11966

tles, with additions by G. Burder. L., 1806. How to get a farm: E. Morris

Ec 10-7779
3 v. 8°

Ee 7-8096 How to observe. H. Martineau Hc 9–11311 Howell, T. B. State trials, à complete collection of, How to pay the rent. Far. T. Power Hb 10-10993 and proceedings for high treason and other Howard, Alfred. Biographical illustrations; con- crimes and misdemeanors from the earliest

sisting of authentic portraits and biography of period to the year 1783, with index. L., 1816 the most eminent persons of all ages and na

-26. 34 v. 80

Bu 8–1584, and 1617 tions. L., 1830. 4°

Ab 6–12669 Howells, W. D. Italian journeys. N. Y., 1867 Howard, Henry. A course of lectures on painting,

Di 7-6755 delivered at the royal academy of fine arts. - Venetian life. N. Y., 1867

Di 7-6759 Ed., with memoir, by Frank Howard. L., 1848 Howison, John. Sketches of Upper Canada, domes

Hc 1-11067 tic, local, and characteristic; to which are Howard, John. Dixon, w. H.' Prison world of added practical details for the information of Europe

Dc 1-5082 emigrants of every class; and some recollecHoward, Katherine. Queen of Henry VIII. Strick- tions of the United States of America, Third land, A. Life of

Dd 7-5577
edition. E., 1825. go

Ch 1-3968 Howard, R. Committee. Com. Hb 1-10727 Howitt, Anna Mary. School of life Fe 4-15250 Howe, C. E. B. Signing the declaration of independ- Howitt, Mary. Ballads and other poems. N. Y., F's M. D.

HI 10-11005

Hf 13-12535 Howe, Fisher. Oriental and sacred scenes; from - Popular bistory of the United States of America. notes of travel in Greece, Turkey and Pales

N. Y., 1860. 2 v.

Cb 5-2702 tine. N. Y., 1854

Dy 5-6266 Vignettes of American history. L., n. d. Cb 2-2.50 Howe, Henry. Historical collections of Ohio, relat- Who shall be greatest?

Fe 4-15249 ing to its general and local history, with de- Howitt, Wm. The country year book; or, the field, scriptions of its counties, principal towns and the forest, and the fireside. N. Y., 1850 villages. Cin., 1857. 89 Cb 11-2771

He 13-13835 · Historical collections of Virginia; with geo- - History of the supernatural in all ages and na

graphical and statistical descriptions and a his- tions, and in all churches, Christian and pagan, torical and descriptive sketch of the district of demonstrating a universal faith. Ph., 1863. Columbia. Charlestown, 1852. 8° Ch 10–2791

Ef 11-8418 - Memoirs of eminent American mechanics; also - Homes and haunts of the most eminent British

lives of distinguished European mechanics; poets. N. Y., 1847. 2 v. 8. Dd 5-5329 together with a collection of anecdotes relat- Land, labor, and gold; or, two years in Victoria; ing to the mechanic arts. N. Y., 1858

with visits to Sydney and Van Diemen's Land. Da 10-4807 B., 1855. 2 v.

Dl 9-6549 Contents. - AMERICAN MECHANICS. John

Rural life of England. Ph., 1841 8° Ce 4-3258
Fitch; Benjamin Franklin; Oliver Evans;

Student-life of Germany. Ph., 1842.80
Samuel Slater; Eli Whitney ; David Bushnell;
Amos Whittemore; Robert Fulton; Jacob Per-

IIc 12-11330 kius; Thomas Blanchard; Henry Eckford. Eu

– Woodburn Grange; or, a story of English country ROPEAN MECHANICS. --John Smeaton: Edward


Fe 4-15297 Somerset, marquis of Worcester; James Fergu- Howitt, Wm. and Mary. Literature and romance of son; Samuel Crompton; Wm. Edwards; Richard Arkwright; M. Guinand; James Wart;

northern Europe ; a history of the literature of James Brindley; Jesse Ramsden : Charles (earl

Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, with of) Stanhope; Hohlfield: Matthew Boulton; Thomas Telford; Edmund Cartwright; John

specimens. L., 1852. 2 v. Ha 6-15516 Whitehurst; James Hargreaves; Joseph

Stories of English and foreign life. Fe 415272 Bramah.

Howitt's journal. 3 v. L., 1847–8 Howe, John. The Redeemer's tears wept over lost Hows, John W. S. Ladies' book of readings and re

souls; Union among protestants; Carnality of citations for the use of higher classes in schools, religious contention; Man's enmity to God, seminaries, and family reading circles. Ph., and reconciliation between God and man.


нь 12-16156 With lite of the author by W. Urwick. L., Hoyland, F. Works. British poets Hf 1-12290 1816

Ef 3–8245 Hoyland, John. Epitome of the history of the world, Howe, J. B. The British slave; or, seven years of a from the creation to the advent of the Messiah. soldier's life. F's S. D.

HD 9-10969
L., 1821. 2 v. in 1

Ca 2-3205 · The golden eagle. F's S. D. v. 22 H) 9-10962 Hoyle. American Hoyle, by i Trumps." Gb 11-16127 Howe, Julia W. From the oak to the olive; a plain Hoyle's games. G. F. Pardon Gb 11-15942 record of a pleasant journey. B., 1868 Hoyt, Jesse. Mackenzie, W. L. Life and opinions

Di 3-6614

Bh 6-Pam. 37 Words for the hour. B., 1857 Hf 11-12503 Hozier, H. M. British expedition to Abyssinia. L., Howe, Mary A. Merchant-mechanic; a tale of“ New

1869. 80

Dy 9-13711 England Athens"

Fe 5–15282 The seven weeks' war, its antecedents and inciThe rifle volunteers; or, the black plume rifles

dents. L., 1867. 2 v. 80

Cg 2-3770 Fe 5-15278

Bi 10–2022-3, and 2105 Howe, s. g. "Historical sketch of the Greek revolu- Hubbard, F. M. Life of W. R. Davie. S. A. B. v. 25 tion. N. Y., 1828 Ca 7-2379

Da 84711 Howel, William. Institution of general history, or Hubbell, L. See Leland, T. c.

the history of the world. Part I. Being a com- Hubbock, Mrs. The stage and the company
plete body thereof from the beginning of the

Fe 5-15259 world till the monarchy of Constantine the Huber, Francis. Nemoir of: Nat. Lib. Dk 6-6991 Great. Part II. Containing that of the Roman Hubert. Jacob Abboit

Fa 3-9530 empire from the monarchy of Constantine the Hubner, M. See Newdegate, c. N. Great to the taking of Rome by Odoacer, king Hubsche Kleine Putzmacherinn. Kotzebue Hb 8–10929 of the Heruli, and the erecting of a kingdom Huc, M. Journey through the Chinese empire. N. of barbarians in Italy. Part III. Containing a Y., 1859. 2 v.

Dh 2-6117

V. 36

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V. 10

Huc, M., continued.

Hugo, Madame V. Victor Hugo, by a witness of his Recollections of a journey through Tartary, Thi- life. Trans. by C. E. Wilbur. N. Y., 1863 bet, and China in 184+5-6. N. Y., 1852. 2 v. 89.

De 5–567 Dh 2-6418 - Victor Hugo; a life related by one who has witHudibras. s. Butler

Hf 3-12216 nessed it, including a drama in three acts, enHudson, Charles. Address to citizens of the fifth con- titled Inez de Castro (authorized translation). gressional district of Massachusetts, on retir

L., 1863. 2 v.

De 6-10878 ing from the office of representative in congress Hugo Blanc, the artist ; a tale of practical and ideal

Bh 6-Pam. 7
life. N. Y., 1867

Fd 13–13928 – History of the town of Lexington, Middlesex coun. Hugo Grotius

. Sch. Kotzebue :

Hb 8-10928 ty, Massachusetts, from its first settlement to Huguenot. G. P. R. James .

Fb 10-14585 1868, with gencalogical register of Lexington Huguenot family. Sarah Tytler . Fe 13-15415 families. B., 1868. 8°

Cc 6–2945 Huguenots. Browning, W. 8. History Ed 4-7851 – History of the town of Marlboroughi, Massachu- · Lee, Mrs. H. F. History of, in France and Amerisetts, from 1657 to 1861, with a brief sketch of

Ee 9-8140 the town of Northborough, genealogy, etc. B.,

Normand, H. de. True stories from history 1802. 8 Cc 6-2953

Cg 5-3842 Hudson, H. Bardsen, Ivar. Sailing directions Peyrat, n. The pastors in the wilderness Df 2-13730

Ed 3–7829 - Belknap, J. Account of – j

Db 3-4894

Weiss, c. ' History of the French protestant refu- Cleveland, H. R. Life of. S. A. B.


Cg 5–3840 Da 8–4700 Huish, Robert. Memoirs of her late majesty Caro- Read, J. N. Historical inquiry concerning

line, queen of Great Britain, embracing circumCb 3-2594

stances illustrative of the most memorable - Voyages and journal

. col. of the N. Y. Hist. Soc. scenes in her eventful life. L., 1821. 2 v. 8° v. 1. Cc 4-2908

Dd 6-15940 Hudson, H. N. Lectures on Shakespeare. N. Y., Huit mariannes. Drania. A. Piron : Hb 2-10789 1818. 2 v..

Hb 6–10862 Hull, Wm. Campbell, Mrs. M. Revolutionary serHudson, New Hampshire. See Fox, C. J.

vices of

Db 8–4999 Hudson river. De Costa, B. F. Discovery of. See Human body. Pileur, A. le. Wonders of Ga 49209 Bardsen, Ivar, and Ďr 2-13730 Human hair. B. C. Perry

Ga 3-8735 - Genet, E. C. Memorial on the alluvions

Human health. R. Dunglison

Ga 5-8772 Bh 6-Pam. 1 Humau intellect, the. N. Forter

Hc 9-5055 Hudson's bay. R. M. Ballantyne Ha 13–13824 Human life. De Wette, W. M. L. Hc 10-11255 Hudson's bay company. Circular to officers. S. M. C. Dewey, 0. Discourses on

Ef 5-8297 v. 2

Dk 12-7073 Human nature. Boase, H. S. Essay on Hc 8–11235 - Simpson, T. Discoveries by the officers of Burgh, James. Dignity of

Hc 8-11239 Df 3-5902 Human race. Johnes, A. J. Philological proofs of Hoen-Dubourg, J. See Hamond, M.

the unity of

Ch 9-4174 Hugh, Wm. Writings of. Ph., n. d. Ee 6-8080

-Smith, C. H. Natural history of the human species Contents.--Some account of W. Hugh; The

Ch 9-4161 troubled man's medicine; Book I. To comfort

Smith, s. s. Variety in the human species A man being in trouble, adversity or sickness.

Ch 9-4158 II. To teach a man gladly to die.

Human understanding. J. Locke. Works Hc 5-11168 Hugh Worthington. M. J. Holmes. Fd 4-14268 Humāyān. Jouher. Private memoirs De 12–15573 Hughes, J. Siege of Damascus. Drama Hb 1-10732 Humber, W. Hand-book for the calculations of Hughes, John. Murray, N. Letters to Ee 2-8044

strains in girders and similar structures and Hughes, John T. Doniphan's expedition; contain

their strength. L., 1868

Gb +16494 ing an account of the conquest of New Mexico; Humble, Wm. Dictionary of geology, and minerKearney's overland expedition to California; alogy, comprising such terms in botany, chemDoniphan's campaign against the Navajas; istry, comparative anatomy, conchology, and march upon Chihuahua and Durango; and the other branches of natural history as are conoperations of Gen. Price at Santa Fé; with nected with the study of geology. L., 1860. 8° sketch of the life of Col. Doniphan. Cin., 1819.

Ad 7-13449 8

Df 6–5984 Humboldt, F. H. A. von. Aspects of nature in difHughes, Thomas. · Alfred the Great. "L., n. d.

ferent lands and different climates; with sciDc 1-16490

entific elucidations. Trans. by Mrs. Sabine. - School days at Rugby

Fe 2-15201
Ph., 1850

Ea 8-7293 - Scouring of the white horse

Fe 2-16147 - Cosmos; a sketch of a physical description of the – Tom Brown at Oxford; a sequel to School days at universe. Trans. by E. C. Otté. N. Y., 1850. Rugby.

Fe 2-15202
5 v.

Ea 8-7304 Hugo; a legend of Rockland lake. E. Helfenst -in Essai politique sur le royaume de la Nouvelle-Es

Ha 10-13840
pagne. P., 1811. 5 v.

Cb 2-2539 Hugo, Victor. Oeuvres complètes. v. 1, 2, 3, Poesie. The island of Cuba. Trans. by J. S. Thrasher. v. 4, Drame; La Esmeralda ; Ruy Blas; Les N. Y., 1856

Ch 7-4126 Burgraves. P., 1860

Aa 1-12597 - Letters to Varnhagen von Ense from 1827 to 1858. - Claude Gueux. The last days of a condemned man Trans. by F. Kopp. N. Y., 1860 He 10-12086

Fe 4-15255 – Political essay on the kingdom of New Spain. N. - Jargal

Fe 4-15254
Y., 1811. 2 v. 80

Ch 44041
The man who laughs
Fe 415251 Klencke, R. F. H. Life of

De 10-5770 Les miserables Fe 4-15252 Memoir of. Nat. Lib.

Dk 6-6985 Los miserables. N. Y., 1863. 2 v. gi Aa 1–12595 Humboldt, F. H. A. von, and A. Bonpland. Mono- Notre-dame; a tale of the "ancien régime,” with graphie des melastomacées, comprenant toutes

prefatory notice by the translator of Thierry's les plantes de cet ordre recueillies jusqu'à ce “history of the conquest of England by the jour, et notamment au Mexique, dans l'Ile de Normans." L., 1833. 3 v.

Fe 4-16069 Cuba, dans les provinces de Caracas, de Cum. - Toilers of the sea

Fe 4-15253 ana, et de Barcelone, aux Andes de la Nouvelle - La Tour de Nesle. Drama. F's S. D. v. 14

Grenade, de Quito et du Pérou, et sur les bords

Hb 9-10958 du Rio-Negro, de l'Orénoque et de la rivière - Hugo, Madare. Life

De 6-10878

des Amazones. L., 1833 Cab. C 2-15611


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2 v.

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Humboldt, von, and Bonpland, continued.

Hunt, Freeman, continued. Personal narrative of travels to the equinoxial J, Chickering, by J. L. Blake: Asa Clapp; P. regions of the new continent during the years

T. Jackson, by J. A. Lowell; Henry Laurens; 1799–1804. Trans. by Helen Maria Williams.

William Parsons; Appendix to the life of P. T.

Jackson. II. Elias H. Derby, by E. H, Derby;
L., 1822–1829. 7 v. 8°

Ch 6-4088

Sir William Pepperrell, by U. Parsons; Stephen Humbugs of the world. P. T. Barnum He 5–11994

Allen, by W. M. Allen; Major S, Shaw; Amos

Lawrence; Abbott Lawrence, by N. Appleton; Hume, Ď. Autobiography. L., 1829 Dd 5–5435

Wm. Lawrence, by S. K. Lothrop; John J. AsEssays and treatises on several subjects. E., 1817. tor, by D. R. Jaques; Judah Touro, by A. 2 v. 8°

Hd 11-11698

Walker; John Bromfield, by J. Quincy; Harry

R. W. Hill, by W. K. King; James Brown, by
Contents.-Vol. I. On the delicacy of taste and

G. S. Hillard ; John Hancock, by G. Mountfort;
passion; of the liberty of the press; That poli-

Robert Morris. tics may be reduced to a science; of the first

Hunt, J. Rowe, G. S. Life of

Ed 2-7806 principles of government; Of the origin of gov. ernment; Of the independence of parliament;

Hunt, J. H. L. Autobiography, with reminiscences Whether the British government inclines to ab

of friends and contemporaries. N. Y., 1850. solute monarchy or to a republic; of parties in

De 2-5111 general; of the parties of Great Britain; or

A book for a corner; or, selections in prose and superstition and enthusiasm ; of the dignity or meanness of human nature; Of civil liberty, of

verse from authors the best suited to that mode eloquence; Of the rise and progress of the arts

of enjoyment, with comments on each, and a and sciences; The epicurean; The stoic; The Platonist: The skeptic: Of polygamy and di

general introduction. N. Y., 1857 Hd 5-11528 vorces; Of simplicity and refinement in writing;

- A day by the fire; and other papers, hitherto unOf national characters; Of tragedy; of the

collected. B., 1870

He 6-12054 standard of taste; Of commerce; Of refinement in the arts; Of money; Of interest; of the balance

– Essays and miscellanies, selected from the indicaof trade; of the jealousy of trade; Of the balance

tor and companion. N. Y. 1857 Hd 5-11529 of power; Of taxes; of public credit; Of some remarkable customs; Of the populousness of an

– The indicator; a miscellany for the field and the cient nations; Of the original contract; Of pas

tireside. N. Y., 1845 .

He 1-11757 sive obedience; Of the coalition of parties;

Selections from the English poets, with markings of the protestant succession ; Idea of a perfect

of the best passages, critical notices of the commonwealth. II. An enquiry concerning the human understanding ; An enquiry concern

writers, and an essay on “ What is poetry.". ing the principles of morals; Appendix; The

Vol. I. Imagination and fancy. II. Wit and natural history of religion.

humor. N. Y., 1857 .

Hd 5-11527 - History of England, from the invasions of Julius Stories from the Italian poets; being a sum mary

Caesar to the abdication of James II., 1688. in prose of the poems of Dante, Pulci, Loiardo,
Ph., 1868. 6 v.

Cf 6–3585 Ariosto, and Tasso; with comments throughLife of. L., 1829

Dd 5-5435 out; and critical notices of the lives and genius Humorous courtier. J. Shirley

Hb 7-10889

of the authors. N. Y., 1846 Ha 13–5812 Humorous lieutenant. Beaumont and Fletcher

Stories from the Italian poets, with lives of the Hb 7-10882 writers. N. Y., 1857 .

Hd 5-11526 Humorous speaker. o. oldham

. He 12–15560 Wit and humor, selected from the English poets, Humphrey, E. J. Six years in India. N. Y., 1866

with an illustrative essay. N. Y., 1846 Dh 5-6187

He 8–12043 Humphrey, H. Great Britain, France, and Belgium; Hunt, J. H. L., and s: A. Lee.' The book of the a short tour in 1835. 2 v.

Di 5-6703
sonnet. B., 1867. 2 v.

Hf 13-12531 Humphrey Clinker. T. Smollett Hd 13-11712 Hunt, Robert. Manual of photography. L., 1854 Humphreys, H. N. Coin collector's manual, or guide

Gb 6-9070 to the uumismatic student in the formation of The poetry of science; or, studies of the physical

a cabinet of coins. L., 1853. 2 v. Ci 8-4368 phenomena of nature. L., 1854 Ea 4-7193 Hunchback, the. Drama. J. S. Knowles Hb 9–10952 - Researches on light in its chemical relations; emHundred Boston orators. J. S. Loring Db 4-4915 bracing a consideration of all the photographic Hungary. Brace, C. L. Hungary in 1851 Cg 9–3945 processes. Second edition. L., 1854. 80 Kohl, J. G. Travels in Cg 9-3953

Ea 8-7298 Merle d'Aubigné, J. H. History of the protestant A treatise on the progressive improvement, and church in

Ee 9-8139

present state of the manufactures in metal. Paget, John. Remarks on

Cg 9-3942 Vol. I., II., Iron and steel. Vol. III. Tin, lead, Pardon, Miss J. City of the Magyars Cg 9-3948 copper and other metals. L., 1853. 3 v. Pragay, J. Hungarian revolution. Cg 9-3946

Gb 9-9139 Quinn, M. J. Sketches

Di 10-6815 Hunter, Henry. Sacred biography; or, the bistory Scenes of civil war in 1818-9

Cg 9–3944

of the patriarchs; to which is added the bisHungary and its revolutions from the earliest period tory of Deborah, Ruth and Hannah, and also

to the 19th century, with a memoir of Louis the history of Jesus Christ. Ph., 1832. 8 Kossuth, by E. O. S. L., n. d.. Cg 9-3947

Ed 9-7823 Hungerford, James. The old plantation Fe 5-15277 Hunter, John. Memoir of. ' Nat. Lib. Dk 6–6956 Hunt. Wyman, T. B. Genealogy of the name and Hunter, John D. Memoirs of a captivity among the family of

Ch 844134

Indians of North America from childhood to Hunt, C. E The Shenandoah ; or, the last confed- the age of nineteen, with anecdotes descriptive erate cruiser. N. Y., 1867 .

Cd 1-3126

of their manners and customs. L., 1823. 8° Hunt, Charles H. Life of Edward Livingston, with

Ch 10-4183 an introduction by G. Bancroft. N. Y., 1864. Hunter, Joseph. Collections concerning the church go

Da 6–4745 Hunt, Freeman. Lives of American merchants. N.

or congregation of protestant separatists, formed

at Scrooby, in North Nottinghamshire, in Y., 1858. 2 v. 8°

Db 1-4875 the time of King James I; the founders of Contents.-Vol. I. Introductory essay, by G.

New Plymouth, the parent colony of New R. Russell; Life of Thomas H. Perkins, by T.

England. L., 1854. 8°

Cc 9-3037 G. Cary; Thomas P. Cope, by Joseph R. Chandler; Peter C. Brooks, by E. Everett; James G.

Hunter, R. M. T. Observations on the history of King, by Charles King; Nicholas Brown;

Virginia, 1855

BL 5-Pam. 71
Stephen Girard; Samuel Ward, by C. King; Hunter's feast.' Mayne Reid

Fc 2-14859
Mathew Carey; Thomas Eddy; Jonathan
Goodhue; Joseph Peabody, by George A.

Hunting. Berkley, G. F. Month in the forests of
Ward; Jacob Lorillard, by Wm. Berrian: Gid-


Di 6–6712 eon Lee, by Charles M. Leupp; Walter R. Jones,

- Boner, C. Chamois hunting

Ga 8-8813 by Wm. A. Jones; Samuel Appleton, by E. Peabody; Joseph May; Samuel Slater, by J. L.

- Cumming, R. G. Five years in South Africa Blake ; Alexander Henry, by S. A. Allibone;

Dg 10-6383





Hunting, continued.

Huysinga, Johannes, continued. - Gerard, J. Adventures of Gerard the lion killer gronden uytgehaalt; ook van de wegen Gods

Ga 8-8805 ontrent zijn Kerke van den beginne tot aen Jorrocks's jaunts and jollities He 6–11958 het eynde der eeuwen, uyt Moses en de proph– Meunier, V. Adventures

Ga 8-14936
eten. Amsterdam, 1689

Ef 6-8319
Newhouse, s. Trappers' guide Ga 8–8800 Hyacinthe, Fr. Discourses on various occasions.
Hunting grounds of the old world, Asia. Major Lev- Trans. by L. W. Bacon, with biographical
eson. L., 1865. 8°
Ga 8-8794 sketch. N. Y., 1869

Ef 11-8032 Huntingdon, S. s., countess of Life and times of — The family and the church. Edited by L. W. BaSelina, countess of Huntingdon. L., 1839. 2 v. con. Ñ. Y., 1870

Ef 7-8353 89

Dc 3-5157 Hyde genealogy. 'R. H. Walworth Ch 8-4007 - Stevens, A. Women of methodism

Dd 6–5512 Hyde park. Drama. J. Shirley Hb 7-10887 Huntington, F. D. Christian believing and living. Hydraulia. W. Mathews

Ga 12-8954 Sermons. B., 1860

Eg 8-8557 Hydraulics and hydrostatics. Ferguson, J. Lecture Huntington county, England. Visitation or, under

Ea 6–7266 the authority of Wm. Camden, by his deputy Lardner, D. Hand-books of : Ea 5-7244 Nicholas Charles, 1613. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 43 See Library of useful knowledge Ea 5–7265 Ce 6-3334 Hydriotaphia. T. Browne

Hd 13–11725 Hurlbert, Wm. H.' Gan-Eden; or, pictures of Cuba. Hydrobünae. Stimpson, Wm. Researches B., 1854 Ch 7-4124

Dk 12-7078 Hurry-graphs. N. P. Willis

He 1-11777 Hydrometers. McCulloch, R. s Scientific investiHurst, John F. History of rationalism; embracing gations

Gb 3-8930 a survey of the present state of protestant the- Hydropathy. Johnson, E. Domestic practice ology. N. Y., 1865. go Eg 10–8621

Ga 6-15922 Husband at sight. Far. J. B. Buckstone

Vidart, M. Paul. Considerations general sur

Hb 10–10998 l'Hydrothérapie Husband of an hour. Drama. È. Falconer

Bh 5-Pam. 57 Hygea. Va. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10929 Hb 9–10970 Hygiene. Dalton, J. C. Treatise on Ga 5-8595 Husbands and homes. Mrs. M. V. Terhune

Hamilton, F. H. Military hygiene Ga 5-8723

Fe 6-15301 Hammond, W. A. Treatise on Ga 5-8596 Huskesson, Wm. Speeches, with biographical me- - Spurzheim, J. G. Philosophical catechism moir. L., 1831. 3 v. 89 Bb 2-306

Hc 10–11274 Husks. Mrs. M. V. Terhune

Fe 6-15299 Sweetzer, W. "Mental hygiene Ga 5-8776 Huss, John. Gillett, E. H. Life of De 7–5746 Hymns Cary, A. Hymns

Hf 13-12470 Hussein-Khan. See Mir Gholam Hussein-Khan.


Ha 4-10410 Hussiten von Naumburg. Kotzebue . Hb 8-10928 Macdonald, G. England's antiphon Hf 9–12401 Hutchinson, Anne. Ellis, G. E. Life of. S. A. B. Schaff, P. Christ in song

Hf 13-12539 V. 16

Da 844706 White, R. G. National hymns Hf 11-12463 Hutchinson, Graham. A treatise on the causes and Winkworth, C. Christian singers of Germany principles of meteorological phenomena, also

Hf 13–12538 two essays; the one on marsh fevers; the other Wither, G. Hymns and songs of the church on the system of equality for ameliorating the

Hf 6–12321 condition of mankind. Glasgow, 1843. 8°

Hymns and hymn-writers. 'Miller, Josiah. Singers Ea 9-7350 of songs of the church

Dd 1-5418 Hutchinson, Lucy. Memoirs of the life of Col. John Hypatia. c. Kingsley

Fc 14–15111 Hutchinson; with original anecdotes of many Hyperboraesche Esel. Kotzebue Hb 8-10925 of his contemporaries, and a summary review Hyperion. J. Keats

Hf 3-12120 of public affairs; from the orginal manuscript Hyperion. H. W. Longfellow Hf 12-12522 by Julius Hutchinson; with a life of Mrs. Hypocrisy. Cobbett, W. Sermons on Eg 8–8547 Hutchinson written by herself. L., 1846 Hypocrite. Com. Sol. Smith

Hb 9-10958 Dc 9-5322 Hypolytus. See Hippolytus. Hutchinson, Roger. Works of. containing bio

graphical notice of Hutchinson ; Image of I dine with my mother. Com. C. McLachlan God, or Layman's book; Three sermons on

Hb 10-10997 the Lord's supper; Two sermons on oppres- I suppositi. Com. Ariosto sion, affliction, and patience; Index and glos

Aa 5-12808 and Hb 12–11046 sary of obsolete words. Cam., 1842. 8° Ibn Batūta. Travels; trans, from the abridged Ara

Eg 12-16267 bic manuscript copies, preserved in the public Hochinson, T. History of the colony of Massachu- libraries of Cambridge, with notes illustrative

setts Bay from the first settlement thereof, in of the history, geography, botany, antiquities,

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- Pfeiffer, Ida. Journey

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Di 9-6791



ages. 1.








Ichthyology. Nat. Lib. V. 28-33

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jected articles. L., 1844

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Contents.-Vol. I. Inkle and Yarico, G. Col.
Trans. by G. Chapman

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way to pay old debts, P. Massinger; Measure Trans. by Wm. Cowper

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Julius Caesar, Shakespeare; The deserted
DE 10–6118

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Tancred and Sigismunda, J. Thomson ; A bold

stroke for a wife, Mrs. S. Centlivre; The road to Illusions perdues. Balzac

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ruin, T. Holcroft; The beau stratagem. G. Illustrated magazine of art. v. 1. n. Y., 1853

Farquhar. X. The tempest, Shakespeare; The
Hc 2–11091

siege of Damascus, J. Hughes; Barbarosa, Dr. Illustrations. Foster, E. New cyclopaedia of

Brown; The suspicions husband, Dr. Hoadly :

De Montfort, J. Baillie. XI. The way to get
Ad 4-16139

married, T. Morton; The honey moon, J. Tobin; Illustrations of political economy. H. Martineau

King Henry IV., Part 1st, Shakespeare; The

brothers, R. Cumberland ; The maid of the mill, Fc 15-15426

XII. The distressed mother, A. Illustrations of sculpture, ancient and modern, out- Philips ; Mahomet the imposter, Rev. Mr. Mil. lines from celebrated works of the best masters.

ler ; Cymbeline, Shakespeare; Venice preserved, L., n. d. 8°

Hc 2–11092

T. Otway; Comedy of errors, Shakespeare.
Illustre Gaudissart. Balzac

Aa 2-12547 - Animal magnetism. F's M. D. v. 18
Illustrious stranger.
Far. T. Kenney

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M. E. Hewett Inchiquin. See Ingersoll, C. J.

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Image of both churches. John Bale :
Ee 6–8088 Incognito. Kotzebue

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He 11-10411 Independence hall. Belisle, D. W. History of Imaginary rejected articles He 5-11985

Cb 6-2630 Imison, John Elements of science and art ; a famil- Independent Tariary. Account of. Pinkerton's iar introduction to natural philosophy and voyages. 9

Df1-5834 chemistry. L., 1822. 2 v. 80. Ea 4-7182 Indexes. Adams, J. Works. j. 10: Da 5-4678


J. Bickerstaff.

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