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Helen and Arthur. Mrs. C. L. Hentz Fe 2-15195 Henderson, E., LL. D. Life of James Ferguson; Helen Erskine. Mrs. M. H. Robinson Fc 4-14894 in a brief autobiographical account and further Helen Ford. H. Alger

Fd 3 14244 extended memoir. E., 1867. 8° Dc 3–5139 Helen Gardner's wedding day. Mrs. M. V. Terhune Henderson, J. J. Annual statement of the trade and

Fe 6–15634 commerce of Buffalo, for 1853, together with Helfenstein, E. Hugo; a legend of Rockland lake. a brief review of the general business of the

Ed. by E. 0. Smith. N. Y., 1851 Ha 10–13840 city, its progress in improvements and manu. Heliodorus ; Longus; and Achilles Tatius. Scriptores factures, also the state of trade during the sea. erotici Graeci. The Greek romances, compris

son. Buf., 1854 .

Cc 3-2883 ing the Ethiopics; or, adventures of Thea- Henderson, Peter. Gardening for profit; a guide to genes and Chariclea; the pastoral amours of the successful cultivation of the market and Daphnis and Chloe; and the loves of Clitopho family garden. N. Y., 1867 Ec 6-7805 and Leucippe. Trans. by R. Smith. L., 1855 - Practical floriculture; a guide to the successful

Ha 2-10466 cultivation of florists' plants. N. Y., 1869 Hell. Blain, Jacob. Death not life: Eg 11-8640

Ec 8–7726 Hell, X. H. de. Travels in the steppes of the Cas- Hengstenberg, E. W. Egypt and the books of Moses

. pian sea, the Crimea, the Caucasus, etc. L.,

Trans. by R. D. C. Robbens. N. Y., 1850 1847. 8° Di 10-6618

Ee 7-8103 Helme, Elizabeth. The farmer of Inglewood forest; Hennepin, L. A new discovery of a large country or, an affecting portrait of virtue and vice

in North American, extending above 4000 Fe 5–15262

miles. See Archaeologia Americana. Wor., Helper, H. R. Impending crisis of the South. How 1820

Ci 2-11810 to meet it. N. Y., 1860

Bb 7-403 Shea, J. G. Voyage to the upper Mississippi Negroes in negroland; the negroes in America

DT 8–5815 and negroes generally; also the several races Henningson, C. F. Twelve months' campaign with of white men considered as the involuntary Zumalacarregui in Navarre and the Basque and predestined supplanters of the black races. provinces. Ph., 1836

Di 9-6803 N. Y., 1868.

Ch 9-4170 Henriade, la. F. M. A. de Voltaire Aa 12-13249 Helping hands. Drama. T. Taylor · Hb 9-10969 Henrietta, queen of Charles I. Strickland, A. Life Helps, Arthur. Casimer Maremma Fe 4-15263


Dd 7-5582 Companions of my solitude. B., 1870 He 6-16118 Henrietta the forsaken. J. B. Buckstone Hb 9–10960 Friends in council; a series of readings, and dis- Henrietta Temple. B. Disraeli

Fc 9-14993 course thereon. N. Y., 1869. 2 v. in 1 Henriques, A. D. Y. Modern mercantile calculator,

He 12-12067

a companion for the accountant and book. Life of Columbus. L., 1869 De 11-11873 keeper. N. Y., 1868. 8°

Eb 10–7582 Life of Las Casas. Ph., 1868

De 2–5623 Henriques, M. B. DeF. Trip to the Azores or WestLife of Pizarro. L., 1869

De 8-13635
ern islands. B., 1867.

Di 9-6811
Fe 4–15580 Henriquez. Trag. J. Baillie

Hb 7-10885 - Spanish conquest in America, and its relation to Henriquez, Jean. Dictionnaire raissonairé du droit de

the history of slavery and to the government chasse on nouveau code des Chasse. P., 1784. of colonies. N. Y., 1867. 4 v. Cb 2-2545

Ba 12-266 See Victoria's journal.

Henry II. Lyttelton, G. History of . Dc 8–5219 Helvetian reformers. Robinson, H. The Zurich Henry IV. Åbbott, J. S. C. History of De 6–7567 letters

Ee 5–8055 Chronicle of the reign of. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 64 Helvetic union. Du Pan, J. M. History of the de

Ce 9-16025 struction of, and liberty

Cg 6–3913 Freer, M. W. Last decade of a glorious reign Hemans, Mrs. F. Works, with a memoir by her sis

Cg -3814 ter, and an essay on her genius, by Mrs. Si- - James, G. P. R. Life of

De 6-5728 gourney. Ph., 1844. 7 v.

Hf 7-15516 Péréfixe, H. de. Histoire de Henri le grand Contents.-Vol. I. Essay on the genius of Mre.

De 2–5610 Hemans; Monody on Mrs. Hemans; Memoir

Sully, M. de Béthune. Memoirs of; England and Spain, or, valour and patriot

Cg 2–5706 ism; Wallace's invocation to Bruce. II. Tales Henry Ň. Chronicle of the reign of. Cam. Soc. Pub. and historic scenes; The restoration of the

Ce 9-16025 works of art in Italy; Modern Greece; Trans- Henry VI. Chronicle of the reign of. lations from Camoens and other poets, Miscel

Cam. Soc. laneous poems; Italian literature.

Pub. v. 64

Ce 9-16025 sceptic; A tale of the secret tribunal; Super- – Vergil, P. History of the reign of. Cam. Soc. stition and revelation; The caravan in the des.


Ce 6-3320 erts ; Marius among the ruins of Carthage; Henry VII

. Bacon, Francis Lord Verulam. History Translations from Horace; From the Italian The Maremma; Stanzas to the memory of

of the reign of Cf 1-3357, and Hd 1-11385 George III.; Tale of the fourteenth century;

- Bull of Innocent VIII. in the marriage of Henry Belshazzar's feast; The last Constantine; Greek songs : Elysium; Song of the battle of Morgar

VII. with Elizabeth of York. Cam. Soc. Pub. ten, Sebastian of Portugal; Siege of Valencia.

v. 39

Ce 6-3330 IV. The forest sanctuary : Lays of many lands; Henry VII. and Henry VIII. Rutland papers. Cam. Miscellaneous pieces; Dartmoor; Welsh mel

Soc. Pub. v. 21

Ce 6-3317 odies; Hymns for childhood ; De Chattilon, or, the crusaders, a tragedy; Miscellaneous pieces.

Henry VIII. Browne, E. G. K. Life of Dd 8-5546 V. The vespers of Palermo, a tragedy ; Songs

Herbert, H. W. Memoirs of . Dd 2-5431 of the Cid; Records of women; Miscellaneous

Turner, S. Reign of

Dd 4-16079 poems.

VI. Songs of the affections: Miscellaneous poems; National lyrics. VII. Songs

Henry, Alexander. Travels and adventures in Canof a guardian spirit; Songs of Spain; Songs for

ada and Indian territories between 1760–1776. summer hours; Songs of captivity; The league

N. Y., 1809. 8° .

Df 6-6000 of the Alps; Scenes and hymns of life; Female characters of scripture, a series of sonnets; Son

Henry, C. S. An address before the association of nets, devotional and memorial; Records of the

the alumni of the university of the city of New spring of 1834; Records of the autumn of 1834;

York, June 28, 1852 .

Bh 6-Pam. 13 Despondency and aspiration; Thoughts during sickness; Juvenile poems; General index to

- Dr. Oldham at Greystones, and his talk there the life and works.

Fe 5–15210 Hen fever. History of. G. P. Burnham Dk 5-6937 - Epitome of the history of philosophy. N. Y., 1841.

. Henderson, E. Iceland; or, a residence in the

Hc 7-11221 island during the years 1814-15. B., 1831 Henry, G. W. The marriage of the lamb; or wed

Di 9-6795 lock and padlock, temporal and spiritual. Same. E, 1819. g.

Di 9-6542
Oneida, 1859

He 1-11779

2 v.


V. 64

III. The

2 v

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Henry, James. Sketches of Moravian life and char- Herbert, H. W., et al. The dog. Edited by F. Foracter, a general view of the history, life, char- rester. N. Y., 1868

Dk 5-6942 acter, and religious and educational institutions Frank Forrester's complete manual for young of the unitas fratrum. Ph., 1859 Ed 11-7957 sportsmen. N. Y., 1866

Ga 9-9210 Henry, Joseph. Address at the closing of the first Same. N. Y., 1868

Ga 9-9214 exhibition of the metropolitan mechanics' in- - Frank Forrester's field sports of the United States

stitute, Washington, 1853 Bh 6-Pam. 19 and British provinces of North America. N. Henry, Matthew. Daily communion with God. L., Y., 1868. 2 v. 80

Ga 9-9211 1847

Ef 7-8350 Same. N. Y., 1852. 2 v. go Ga 9-11798 Henry, Patrick. Everett, Å. H. Life of. S. A. B. Frank Forrester's fish and fishing of the United v. 11

Da 8-4701 States and British provinces of North Ameri– Wirt, Wm. Life and character of Da 6–4746 ca; with a treatise on fly fishing, by “Dinks.” Henry, Paul. Life and times of John Calvin. Trans. N. Y., 1866. 8°.

Ga 8-8793 from the German by H. Stebbing. N. Y., 1853. - Frank Forrester's horse and horsemanship of the 2 v. 8°

De 5–5663

United States and British provinces of North Henry, Philip. Life and times of Rev. Philip Henry. America. N. Y., 1857. 2 v., 40 Ga 8-8783 L., 1848

Dc 1-5091 - Hints to horse keepers, a complete manual for Henry, Robert. History of Great Britain from the horsemen and chapters on mules and ponies. first invasion of Julius Caesar. L., 1805–6.

N. Y., 1859.

Dk 7-7000 12 v. 8°

Cf 2–3467 Memoirs of Henry the eighth of England, with Henry, Wm. Elements of experimental philosophy the fortunes, fates, and characters of his six Ph., 1831. 2 v. 8°

Eb 2-7399
wives. N. Y., 1855

Dd 2-5431 Henry, Capt. W. S. Campaign sketches of the war Herbert Tracy; or, the trials of mercantile life, and with Mexico. N. Y., 1847

Cb 8-2718
the morality of trade .

Fd 12-15175 Henry Courtland. A. J. Cline

Ff 5–14057 Hercules distracted. Trag. Euripides Hb 3-10850 Henry Dunbar, the story of an outcast. M. E. Brad- Hercules furens. Trag. Euripides Ha 1-10457 don

Fa 5–14655 Herd, D. Ancient and modern Scottish songs, heroic Henry eighth and his court. ' Muhlbach Fd 6-14309

ballads, etc. Glasgow, 1869. 2 v. Hf 5-12341 Henry Esmond. W. M. Thackeray Fe 9–15328 Hereditary descent. 0. S. Fowler Ga 3-8736 Henry Masterton. G. P. R. James Fb 10–14578 Hereditary genius. F. Galton

Ch 8-4146 Henry of Guise. G. P. R. James Fb 10-14592 Hereward. C. Kingsley

Fc 14-15110 Henry of Ofterdingen. F. von Hardenberg

Hericourt. See d'Hericourt.

Fd 11-15243 Heriot, Geo. Travels through the Canadas; with an Henry Powers. R. B. Kimball

Fc 15-15094 account of the productions, commerce, and inHenry Woodville. Mrs. A. Opie Fa 13-14849 habitants of those provinces; comparative Henslow, J. S. The principles of descriptive and view of the manners and customs of several of

physiological botany. L., 1835 Ec 3–7628 the Indian nations of North and South AmeriHenslowe, Philip. Diary from 1591 to 1609, printed

L., 1807. 4°

Df 4-5920 from the original manuscript preserved at Dul- Herman. E. Foxton

Fa 15–14367 wich college. Edited by J. P. Collier. L., Hermann and Dorothea. J. W. von Goethe 1845. 8° Hb 3-10828

Hf 13–12537 Henson, J. Father Henson's story of his own life, Hermann und Thusnelde. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10940 with an introduction by H. B. Stowe. B., 1858. Hermetic art. Christmas, H. Cradle of the twin

Da 12–14156

Ci 9-4380
Hentz, Mrs. C. L. The banished son, and other stories – Lives of alchymistical philosophers Ci 9-4373
of the heart
Fe 2–15197 Hermit, the. o Goldsmith

Hd 2-11420 – Eoline; or, the magnolia vale Fe 2-15193 Hermits. Kingsley, C. The hermits . Dd 1--5389 Ernest Linwood

Fe 2-15190 Ruffner, H. The fathers of the desert Ee 2–8030 Helen and Arthur Fe 2-15195 Hermosa fea. Com. Vega

Aa 2-12575 – Linda ; or, the young pilot of the Belle Creole Herndon, W. L., and L. Gibbon. Explorations of the

Fe 2–15191

valley of the Amazon, made under the direc– The lost daughter, and other stories of the heart tion of the navy department. W., 1854. 2 v.

Fe 2-15198

DE 12–6174 - Marcus Warland; or, the long moss spring Hero. D. M. Muloch

Fd 7-14281 Fe 2-15200 Hero and Leander. Com. Marlowe IIb 11-11016 - Planter's northern bride

Fe 2-15192 Hero and Leander. Musaelis. See Homer Ha 4-10410 - Rena; or, the snow bird Fe 2-15196 Hero missionary. A. S. Patton

Da 9-4794 – Robert Graham, a sequel to “Linda,” Fe 2-15194 Herodotus, history, a new English version, with notes Hequembourg, C. L. Plan of the creation ; or, other by Geo. Rawlinson. N. Y., 1859. 4 v. 8° worlds, and who inhabit them. B., 1859

Ca 42266 Eg 3-8458 History. Trans. from the Greek, with notes by Heraclius, emperor d'Orient. Corneille Hb 2-10770 Wm. Beloe. L., 1819. 2 v. 8° Ca 4-2279 Heraclius espagnol (from Calderon). Voltaire

Niebuhr, B. G. Geography of Ci 3-4265

Aa 12-13248 Renal, J. Geographical system of Ci 4-4276 Herald of the truth; devoted to the religion of the Swayne, G. C. Herodotus. See Ancient classics bible. W. T. Horner. (Editor.) Buf., 1862. 8° for English readers, in Appendix Ca 4–16501

Bi 5–1812 Heroes and hero worship. T. Carlyle Hd 11-13995 Heraldic anomalies. L., 1824. 2 v Ch 11-4205 Heroes of the cross. B. Clarke

Ed 9-7948 Heraldry. Burke, John, and J. B. Encyclopaedia Heroes of discovery. S. Mossman Dd 6–5498 of

Ch 10-4198 Heroes of the Indian rebellion. D.W. Bartlett -- Heraldic dictionary Ch 10-4199

Dd 6–5508 - Fairbairn, J. Crests of the families of Great Bri- Heroes, philosophers, and courtiers of the time of tain and Ireland

Ch 10-4196
Louis XVI.,

De 2–5626 – Historical anecdotes of

Ch 8–13917 Heroic age. Gladstone, W. Ė. Juventus Mundi - Tyas, R. Flowers and heraldry Ch 11-4217

Ca 4-7653 Heraud, J. A. Shakespeare, his inner life, as inti- Pococke, E., et al. 'Dissertations : Ca 7-2378

mated in his works. L., 1865. 8° Hb 5–8972 Heroines of history. J. S. Jenkins Dd 1-5386 Herbert, G. Works of, in prose and verse. Edited Herpetology. Storer, D. H. Herpetology of Mass. by R. A. Willmott. Ñ. Y., 1867 Hf 7-16557

Dk 4-6915 - Walton, Izaak. Life of .

Dd 2-5447 - See Reptiles.

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V. 34

Herrick, R. Hesperides, the poems and other remains, Hiawatha. H. W. Longfellow

Hf 12-12524 now first collected. Ed. by W. C. Hazlitt. L., Hiawatha. C. M. Walcot

Hb 10-10997 1869. 2 v.

Hf 6–12326 Hibberd, Shirley. Field flowers; a bandy-book for Herring. Mitchell , John M. Natural history of

the rambling botanist, suggesting what to look

Dk 10–7049 for and where to go in the out-door study of Herring, James, and James B. Longacre. National British plants. L., 1870

Ec 8-6116 portrait gallery of distinguished Americans. Hibernian magazine. A monthly journal of literaN. Y., 1834. 2 v. 8°

Db 4-4907 ture, science, and art. v. 1-5. New series. Herschel, John F. W. Familiar lectures on scientific Dublin, 1862-4

Ge 1-10184 subjects. L., 1867

Ea 4–7196 Hickey, W. 'Constitution of the United States of - A manual of scientific enquiry; prepared for the America, with an alphabetical analysis; the

use of officers in her majesty's navy, and trav- declaration of independence; articles of conellers in general. Third edition, superintended federation ; electoral votes for the presidents by Robert Main. L., 1859.

Ea 4-7192 and other officers of government, from March - A preliminary discourse on the study of natural 4, 1789 to March 3, 1847, with an account of philosophy. Ph., 1835

Ea 6–7283 state papers and public documents. Ph., n. d. - A treatise on astronomy. Ph., 1835 Eb 8–7542

Ba 6-144 Herschel, W. Arago, F. Biography . Dd 1-5394 Hickok, L. P. Address delivered before the young Hervey, G. W. The principles of courtesy; with men's association of the city of Buffalo. Dec., hints and observations on manners and habits.


Bh 6-Pam, 20 N. Y., 1862

He 12-12106

Rational cosmology; or, the eternal principle, and The rhetoric of conversation ; or, bridles and the necessary law of the universe. N Y., 1858. spurs for the management of the tongue.


Ea 8–7303
Y., 1853
Hc 10–15961 Hidden sin. N. Y., 1866. Si

Fd 13-13905 Hervey, Lord John. Memoirs of the reign of George Hide and seek. Wilkie Collins

Ff 5-14199 II. to the deatb of queen Catherine. Ph., 1848. Hieover, Harry. See Bindley, C. 2 v. Dc 5-5215 Hierocles, Dacier, M. Life of

Da 3-4642 Hervey, T. K. Ilustrations of modern sculpture, a Hieroglyphics. Landseer, J. Sobaean researches series of engravings with descriptive prose and

Ci 2-4225 illustrative poetry. L., 1834. 4. Af 5-13565 – Young, Thomas. Hieroglyphical essays. Vol. Herz, H. King Rene's daughter. F's M. D. v. 34 III., of miscellaneous works

Ea 3-7155 Hesekiel, G. L. The life of Bismarck, private and Hb 10-11004 Higgie, T. Devilish good joke. F's M. D.

Hb 10–11004 political, with descriptive notices of his ances- House dog. F's M. d. V. 13

Hb 10-10997 try. N. Y., 1870. go

De 7-7654 Higginson, T. W. Army life in a black regiment. Hesiod. Works. Trans. by T. Cooke. Chis., 1822 B., 1870

Cd 1-3130 Ha 4-10420 - Malbone ; an

old port romance Fe 5-15276 Contente.-Coluthus's rape of Helen, by Mr.

Out-door papers. B., 1863

He 14-12130 Meen; Eupolis's hymn to the Creator, by

High life below stairs. Far. D. Garrick Hb 1-10737 Charles Wesley.

High life in Washington. Mrs. N. P. Lasselle Works and days. See Homer Ha 4-10410

Fb 3-14338 Calimachus and Theognis. Works ; Trans. into High, low, jack, and the game. J. R. Planché, and prose, with copious notes by J. Banks; with C. Dance

Hb 10–10999 metrical translations of Eston, Tytler and Highland rambles.' w. B. Wright Hf 11-12479 Frere. L., 1856 .

Ha 2-10489 Highland reel. Drama. J. O'Keeffe Hb 7-10899 Hesperian, the. Edited by Mrs. F. H. Day. v. 2, 3, Highland widow. Sir W. Scott Ff 9–14108

4, 6, and 7, 1859 to 1861. San Francisco, Highlands. Anderson, G. and P. Guide to the
1859-61. 5 v. 80
Bi 10-1996

Ck 7-4592 Hesperides. R. Herrick

Hf 6-12326 Browne, James. History of the highlands and Hesperus. J. P. F. Richter . Fc 5-14924 the highland clans

Ce 10_3390 Hester Strong's life work; or, the mystery solved. - Hamerton, P. G. Painter's camp in the Mrs. S. A. Southworth Ff 7-14089

Hc 2–15826 Hester Strong's life work. Ann S. Stevens Ff 8–14105 - Logan, J. Scottish gael

Ce 12-3454 Hewett, J. D. The votary; a narrative poem. N.Y., Victoria's journal

Di 5-6734 1867

Hf 11-12499 Highlands and islands of the Adriatic. A. A. Paton Hewett, Mary E. Lives of illustrious women of all

Di 46602 ages. Ph., 1866. Dd 1-5398 Highlands of Ethiopia.' w. C. Harris

Dg 9–6359 Heywood, Thomas. The fair maid of the exchange; Highways and byways. Far. B. Webster a comedy; and fortune by land and sea; a tragic

Hb 10-10998 comedy, by T. Heywood and Wm. Rawley. Hilary St. Ives. W. H. Ainsworth Fd 3–14451

Ed. by Barron Field. L., 1846. 8° IIb 3-10830 Hildebrandt, C. Winter in Spitzbergen. Edited by - The first and second parts of the fair maid of the E. G. Smith. N. Y., 1852 .

Df 3-5917 west; or, a girl worth gold. Two comedies, Hildreth, Richard. Despotism in America; an inwith introduction and notes by J. P. Collier. quiry into the nature, results, and legal basis L., 1850. 8°

Hb 3-10842 of the slaveholding system in the United States. - The first and second parts of King Edward IV.

B., 1854

Bb 7-415 histories. Reprinted from the unique black – History of the United States from the adoption of letter first edition of 1600, collated with one the constitution to the end of the 16th congress. other in black letter, and with those of 1619 N. Y., 1851–2. 3 v. 8°

Cb +2618 and 1626, with introduction and notes by Bar- History of the United States from the discovery

ron Field, esq. L., 1842. 8° Hb 3-10813 of the continent to the federal constitution. N. The golden and silver ages. Two plays, with an Y., 1849. 3 v. 8°

Cb 4-2015 introduction and notes by J. Payne Collier. Japan as it was and is. B., 1855 Dh 6-6502 L., 1851. 8°

Hb 3-10846 Hildreth, S. P. Biographical and historical memoirs The royal king and loyal subject. A woman killed of the pioneer settlers of Ohio, with narratives

with kindness. Two plays, with introduction of incidents in 1775. Cin., 1852. 8° Db #4914

by J. P. Collier. L., 1850.89 Hb 3-10844 Meteorological observations made at Marietta, Two historical plays on the life and reign of queen Ohio, 1826 to '59. S. C. to K. Vol. 16, Art. 4 Elizabeth, with introduction and notes by J. P.

Ae 2–15848 Collier. L., 1851. 8°

Hb 3-10845 Hill, Aaron. Works. British poets Hf 1-12283

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V. 11

Hill, Aaron, continued.

His last legs. Far. W. B. Bernard . Hb 10–10993 Merope. Trag:

Hb 1-10732 Hislop, Alexander. Proverbs of Scotland, with exHill, F. S. Shoemaker of Toulouse. F's S. D. v. 32

planatory and illustrative notes, etc. E., n. d. Hb 9-10967

He 7-12019 Six degrees of crime. F's S. D. v. 30 Hb 9-10966 Histoire de chaque jour. x. Marmier Aa 5-12788 Hill, G. C. Cap sheaf, a fresh bundle Fe 5–15273 Histoire de Gil Blas. A. R. Lesage Aa 3-12687 - Daniel Boone, the pioneer of Kentucky. Ph., 1863 Histoire de la colonie Francaise en Canada. Ville

Da 10_4829
marie, 1865. 3 v. 4°

Ch 2–3383
Hillard, G. S. Life and adventures of Capt. John Histoire de Pauline. Staël-Holstein Aa 1-12588
Smith. S. A. B. v. 2 .
Da 8-4713 Histoire des treiz. Balzac

Aa 2-12550 Hillern, W. von. Only a girl; or, a physician for the Histoire par jour. Mme. Delarbre Aa 2-12573 soul

Fe 5–15274 Histology. Quekett, J. Lectures on Ea 10–15960 Hillier, G. A parrative of the attempted escapes of Historia plantarum quae in horto academico Lugdu

Charles I. from Carisbrook castle, and of his ni-Batavorum crescunt. H. Boerhaave detention in the Isle of Wight, from Nov. 1647

Ec 3–7630 to the seizure of his person by the army, at Historia soni et auditus. F. Bacon. Works. Newport, in Nov., 1648. Including the letters

Hd 1-11393 of the king to colonel Titus. L., 1852 Historians. Lawrence, E. Lives of the British his

Dc 2–5106

Dd 4-5462 Hills of the Shatemuc. Susan Warner Fa 14-14141 Historic doubts. R. Whately

Eg 2–8434 Hillyars and Burtons. H. Kingsley Fc 14-15105 Historic of portraits and paintings, with briet Hili to bilt. J. E. Cooke

Ff 5-14059 memoirs of the most celebrated men of every Hilton, Jolin. Notes on some of the developmental age and country. L., n. d. 3 v. 8° Hc 4-11133 and functional relations of certain parts of the Historic ninepins. J. Timbs

He 7-12016 cranium, selected by F. W. Pavy. L., 1855. 8° Historical and critical essays. T. De Quincy Ga 6-8748

Hd 2-11440 Himalayas. Hooker, J. D. 'Notes of a naturalist Historical anecdotes of heraldry and chivalry, tending

Dh 3-6130

to show the origin of many English and foreign - Moorcroft, w. M.' Travels in the Himalavan coats of arms, circumstances and customs. provinces

Dh 5-6173 Worcester, Eng., 1795. 4. Ch 8-13917 Hind, Henry Y. Canadian Red river exploring ex- Historical magazine. Oct., 1862 Bh 5–Pam. 62

pedition of 1857, and the Assiniboine and Sas. Historical magazine and notes and queries concernkatchewan exploring expedition of 1858. L., ing the antiquities, history, and biography of 1860. 2 v. 30

DE 8–6053

America. v. 1, 2, 3, 9, 10. Morrisania, 1867. - Essay on the insects and diseases injurious to 4°

Gf 9-13744 wheat crops. Toronto, 1857. 8° Dk 7-7003 Historical memorials of Westminster Abbey. A. P. - Explorations in the interior of the Labrador pen- Stanley

Ce 3-3234 insula. L., 1863 2 v. 89 Df 6–5973 Historical reason why. English history.

By the Hindostan. Buyers, W. Origin, customs and moral author of the Biblical reason why. L., n. d. sentiments of the Hindoos Dh 5-6172

Cf 8-13728 - Ibn Batūta. Travels

Dg 1-15564 Historical register. Drama. H. Fielding - Knighton, W. Tropical sketches . Dh 8-6518

Hd 13–11730 - Maurice, T. History of

CT 10-3673 Historical researches. A. H. L. Heeren Ca 2-2197 – Moorcroft, W., and G. Trebeck. Travels in the Historical society of Michigan. Cass, L. Discourse, Himalayan provinces

Dh 5-6473

Bh 6-Pam. 17 - Oliphant, L. Journey to Katmandu Dh 5-6484 Schoolcraft, H. R. Discourse, 1830 Bh 6-Pam. 17 - Tennant, Rev. W. Indian recreations CI 10-3685 Historical studies. G. W. Greene Ha 11-10917 – Waru, F. DeW. India and the Hindoos

Historical tales of the wars of Scotland and of the Dh 5-618)

border raids, forays, and conflicts. E., 1852. Wilson, H. H. Vishnu Purana Ci 2-4245


Ce 10-15836 Hinds, S. History of the rise and early progress of History. Philosophy and Study. Christianity. L., 1854

Ed 3-7832 Arnold, T. Lectures on modern history Hines, Rev. Gustavus. Voyage round the world, with

Ca 9-2435 a history of the Oregon mission, etc. Buf.,

Belsham, w. Historical essays Hd 11-11701 1850

Df 9-6084 - Bigland, John. Lectures on the study of Hinman, R. R. Letters from the English kings and

Ca 3-11820 queens, Charles II., James II., William and Bossiet, J. B. 'Discours sur l'histoire universelle Mary, Anne, George II., etc., to the governors

Ca 3-2265 of the colony of Connecticut, together with the Chateaubriand, R. F. A.' Études historiques answers thereto, from 1635 to 1749; and other

Aa 1-12590 original, ancient, literary, and curious docu- De Quincey, T. Historical and critical essays ments, compiled from files and records in

Hd 2-11440 the office of the secretary of the state of Con- Follen, c. T. c History

Hd 9-11633 necticut. Hart., 1836

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Ca 3-11213 - Vol. IX

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Aa 12-13267

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History, continued.

History, continued. Periodicals.

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Gf 9-13744
the old

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phy, antiquities, and present condition of that Ca 2-2210 country. B., 1827. 8°

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substances; also an account of the pastoral life Boynton, C. B. English and French neutrality

of the ancients. N. Y., n. d. 8° Gb 3-8934

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Ca 9-2428
and J. Webster

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History of Vartan. Elisaeus

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Eb 4-7470 of the 19th century

Ca 9-2418 - Illustrations of surface geology. s. C. to K. Vol. 9, - Smythe, Wm. Lectures on

Ca 9-2436
Art. 3.

Ae 1-1313

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