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Hand-Books, continued.

Hand-book for locomotive engineers. S. Norris Hand-book for travellers, in Berks, Bucks, and

Ga 9-8845 Oxfordshire, including 'description of the uni- Hand-book for young mothers. E. Parker Ga 3-8737 versity of Oxford. L., 1860 Ck 7-4576 Hand-book of Anglo-Saxon derivations, on the basis

In Devon and Cornwall. L., 1859 Ck 7-4581 of the hand-book of Anglo-Saxon root-words. - In Kent and Sussex. L., 1855 . Ck 7-4579

N. Y., 1854 .

Ha 13-10711 Surrey, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. L., Hand-book of Anglo-Saxon root-words. N. Y., 1854 1858 Ck 7-4580

Ha 13-10715 Wiltshire, Dorsetshire, and Somersetshire. L., Hand-book of billiards.' G. F. Pardon Gb 12-13638 1859

Ck 7-4582 Hand-book of dining. A. Brillat-Savarin - Europe.

Ga 5-8720 Bradshaw's continental railway guide Ck 8-4559 Hand-book of the engrafted words of the English lan- Lee, E. Bradshaw's invalid companion Ck 8–4565 guage, embracing the choice Gothic, Celtic, Hand-book for northern Europe, including Den- French, Latin, and Greek words. N. Y., 1854 mark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

Ha 13-10702 Part I. L., 1849

Ck 7-4574 Hand-book of fishing. L., n. d. Gb 12-13639 – Hand-book for travellers in Denmark, Norway, Hand-book of proverbs

Ac 5-13108 Sweden and Iceland. L., 1858 . Ck 7-4576 Hand-book of swimming and skating. G. Forrest - France.

Gb 12-13642 - Bradshaw's hand-book

Ck 7-4583 Hand-book of whist. Ġ. F. Pardon Gb 12-13643 - Guide to Normandy, Brittany, the rivers Seine, Handwriting of God in Egypt, Sinai, and the holy Loire, Rhone and Garonne; the French Alps, land. D. A. Randall.

Dg 4-6254 Dauphiné, Provence, and the Pyrenees, the Handy Andy. Drama. W. R. Floyd Hb 9–10972 island of Corsica, etc., their railways, and Hanly, Sylvanus. The young conchologist's book of roads. L., 1861

Ck 7-4572 species; univalves, containing descriptions of Greece.

six hundred species. L., 1840 : Dk 11-7109 – Hand-book for travellers in Greece. L., 1854 Hanmer, Meredith. "The chronicle of Ireland: col

Ck 7-4585 lected in the yeare 1571. Dublin, 1809. Havana.

Ce 7-3460 Stranger in the tropics. Ck 7-13066 Same

Ce 8-3374 - Holland.

Hanna, William. The last day of

Lord's passion. — Guide to Holland, Belgium, Prussia, Northern N. Y., 1863.

Eg 4–8467 Germany, and the Rhine from Holland to Memoirs of the life and writings of Thomas ChalSwitzerland. L., 1860

Ck 7-4586
N. Y., 1855. 4 v.

Dc 6–5255 - India.

Hannah Thurstone. B. Taylor

Fe 11-15378 - An account of the three presidencies, and of the | Hannay, James. Satire and satirists. N. Y., 1855 overland route; intended as a guide for travel

He 6–11961 lers, officers and civilians, with vocabularies Hanribal. Abbott, J. History of Da 3–7563 and dialogues of the spoken languages in India. Hanover, house of Wright, T. Annals of Cf 6-3584 Part I., Madras; Part II., Bombay. L., 1859. Hanover, Mass. See Massachusetts, Hanover. 2 v.

Ck 7-4590 Hans Breitman's ballads. C. G. Leland Hf 10-12438 Ireland.

Hans Brinker. Mary E. Dodge . Fd 11-15225 - Fraser, James. Hand-book for travellers in Hansard, G. A. The book of archery; a complete

Ck 8-4564 history and practice of the art, ancient and - Italy.

modern. L., 1841. 8°

Gb 12-9199 - Hand-book for travellers in Central Italy, includ- Hansard, T. C. See Five black arts. ing Lucca, Tuscany, Florence, etc. L., 1861 Hansliche Swift. L. Kotzebue . Hb 8-10932

Ck 7-4570 Hans Max Eiesbrecht. Kotzebue Hb 8-10935 In Northern Italy, comprising Piedmont, Li- Hanson, J. H. The lost prince; facts tending to guria, Lombardy, etc. L., 1860 Ck 7-4571

prove the identity of Louis XVII. of France, In Southern Italy. L., 1858 Ck 7-4569 and the Rev. E. Williams. N. Y., 1854 - Mississippi river.

Da 11-4836 - Tourist's guide

Ck 11-4623 Hanson, J. H., and w. J. Rolfe. Selections from Ovid - Portugal.

and Virgil; a shorter hand-book of Latin - Hand-book for travellers in. L., 1856 Ck 7-4584

poetry. B., 1867

He 11-10652 - Scotland,

Hanson, J. W. History of Gardiner, Pittston, and - Anderson, G. and P. Guide to the Highlands and West Gardiner, with a sketch of the Kennebec Lowlands

Ck 7-4592 Indians and New Plymouth purchase, from - Switzerland.

1602 to 1852. Gardiner, 1852 Cb 9-2740 – Hand-book for travellers in Switzerland, the Alps History of the 6th Massachusetts volunteers, of Savoy and Piedmont. L., 1861 Ck 7-4573 1861-4. B., 1866

Cd 1-3110 - Syria and Palestine.

Hanway, Jonas. Historical account of the British - Hand-book for travellers in Syria and Palestine; trade over the Caspian sea; with a journal of

including geography, history, antiquities, and travels from London through Russia into Perinhabitants of those countries. Parts I, and II. sia and back again through Russia, Germany L., 1858

Ck 7-4587

and Holland. L., 1753. 4 v. in 2. 4° - United States.

Cb 1-2468 - Appleton's companion hand-book, 1864 Ck 8-4562 Happy faces. Mrs. A. Opie

Fa 13-14848 - Western tourist's guide . Ck 11-4621 Happy family. Kotzebue

Hb 8–10944 - Wales.

Happy man. Drama. S. Lover Hb 10-11000 - Black, A. and C. Picturesque tourist Ck 8–4563 Happy prescription. Com. W. Hayley Hf 2-12191 - Hand-book for travellers in North Wales. L., Happy thoughts. F. C. Burnard He 5-14767 1861

Ck 7-4571 Haps and mishaps of a tour in Europe. Mrs. S. J. In South Wales, and its borders, including the Lippincott

Di 3-6649 river Wye. L., 1860

Ck 7-4578 Haraszthy, A. Grape culture, wine and wine-mak- Washington.

ing, with notes on agriculture and horticul- Sketch book of

Ck 8-4619
ture. N. Y., 1862. 80

Ec 7-7711 - Miscellaneous.

Harbaugh, H. Heaven; or, an earnest and scriptur- Sweetzer, C. H. Book of summer resorts

al inquiry into the abode of the sainted dead. Ck 8–4560 Ph., 1854

Ef 6-8301

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V. 45

Harbaugh, H., continued.

Harper's weekly. 1860-1-2-3-4

Va 1-15892 Heavenly home; or, the employments and enjoy- Harriot, duchess of St. Albans. Baron-Wilson, Mrs. ments of the saints in heaven. Ph., 1853. 80

C. Memoirs

Hb 11-15950 Ef 7–8335 Harriott, John. Struggles through life exemplified in - The heavenly recognition ; or, an earnest and the various travels and adventures in Europe,

scriptural discussion of the question, will we Asia, Africa, and America. L., 1815. 3 v. know our friends in heaven. Ph., 1854

Dg 1-11850 Ef 6-8307 Harris, A. Little treasure. Com. F's s. D. . 16 Harcourt, Marquess de. Memoir of the duchess of

Hb 9-10959 Orleans, together with biographical souvenirs - My son Diana." Far. F's M. D. V. 30 and original letters, collected by Prof. G. H. de

Hb 10–11002 Schubert. Trans. from the French. N. Y., Harris, C. H. History of the Venango oil regions. 1860

De 2–5618
Titusville, Pa., 1866

Cc 11-3097 Hard struggle. Drama W. Marston Hb 9–10971 Harris, George.' Civilization considered as a science Hard cash. Charles Reade

Fc 6–14962 in relation to its essence, its elements, and its Hard scrabble. E. Kellogg

Fc 11-16352
end. L., 1861. 8°

Hc 12-11319 Hard times. Charles Dickens

Fd 8-15133 Harris, Joel, D. D. An address, Nov. 9, 1835, the Hardenberg, F. von. Henry of Ofterdingen

close of the second century from the first set

Fd 11-15243 tlement of the city of Hartford. Hart., 1835 Hardie, James. Account of a malignant fever, lately

Ce 10_3073 prevented in the city of New York. 'N. Y., Harris, Joseph. On the pig; breeding, rearing, man1799. 80

Ga 3–8740 agement, and improvement. N. Y., 1870 Hardwich, T. F. A manual of photographic chem

Dk 5-9812 istry, including the practice of the collodion Harris, J. Collection. Description of Persia. Pinkerprocess. L., 1855

Eb 3-7385

ton's voyages.

Df 1-5834 Hardwicke, P. Bachelor of arts.' F's s. D. v. 38 Harris, John. The patriarchy; or, the family, its con

Hb 9-10970 stitution, and probation. B., 1858 Bb 5–354 Hardwicke's science gossip.' M. C. Cooke

Pre-Adamite earth ; a contribution to theological Ea 3–7154, and 15847 science. B., 1851

Ea &-7311 Hardy, Campbell. Forest life in Acadia, 'sketches of Harris, Thaddeus W. Treatise on some of the insects

sport and natural history in the lower provin- injurious to vegitation. Edited by C. L. Flint. ces of the Canadian dominion. N. Y., 1869. N. Y., 1862. 8

Dk 7-7004 8°

Ga 8_7659 Harris, W.C. Highlands of Ethiopia. N. Y., 1844. Hardy, E. T. Widow Freeheart. F's s. D.


Dg 9–6359 Hb 9–10974 Harris' Pittsburgh business directory for the year 1837. Hare, Julius C. The mission of the comforter, with Pitts., 1837 .

Ck 2-4436 notes. B., 1854 .

Eg 5-8487 Harrison, James. "Life of the Right Hon. Horatio - and A. W. Guesses at truth. B., 1861

Lord Viscount Nelson. L., 1806. 2 v. 8° He 2-11904

Dd 4-16077 Hare, R. Compendium of the course of chemical in- Harry Lorrequer. Charles Lever Fb 5-14396

struction in the medical department of the uni- Harsha, D. A. Life of Philip Doddridge, with speciversity of Pennsylvania. Ph., 1834.8°

mens of his style. Ph., 1869 Dc 2–510

Eb 2–7404 - Most eminent orators and statesmen of ancient and - On the explosiveness of nitre. s. c. to K. Vol. 2 modern times. N. Y., 1855. 80 Dd 3-5194 Art. 7.

Ae 1-13476 Harsha, J. W. Song of the redeemed, salvation to Harem. Belgiojoso, Mme. 'Oriental barens

God, and to the Lamb. Ph., 1870 Ef 7-7624

Dh 10–6574 Harte, F. Bret. Condensed novels Fe 5–15266 Lott, E. Harem life in Egypt and Constantino- The luck of roaring camp, and other sketches ple

Dh 10-6573
B., 1870

Ha 10–10639 Paine, C. Tent and harem Dh 10-6576 Harte, Walter. History of the life of Gustavus AdolHarem life. Trenery, G. O. L. G. Pictures of

phus, king of Sweden, surnamed the Great. L., Dh 10–6540 1759. 2 v. -4°

De 11-5792 Harem. 'L. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10932 Hartford convention. The proceedings of a convenHarford, John S. Life of Michael Angelo Buonarroti ; tion of delegates from the states of Massachu

with translations of many of his poems and setts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island; the coun

letters. L., 1858. 2 v. 8° De 11-5794 ties of Cheshire and Grafton, in the state of Harlan, R. Fauna Americana ; being a elescription New Hampsbire; and the county of Windham,

of the mammiferous animals inhabiting North in the state of Vermont, convened at Hartford, America. Ph., 1825. 8°

Dk 4-7675 in the state of Connecticut, Dec. 15, 1814 Harleian miscellany; or, a collection of scarce, curi

Bh 6-Pam. 2 ous, and entertaining pamphlets and tracts Dwight, T. History of :

Cb 6-2627 found in the late earl of Oxford's library, in- Hartford female seminary. Annual catalogue of. terspersed with notes. L., 1808. 12 v. go


Bh 6-Pam. 25 He 15–12133 Hartford young men's institute; seventh annual reHarlequin blue beard. Pantomime : Hb

Hb 10-10999
port. 1855 ,

. Bh 6-Pam. 33 Harley, Brilliana. Letters of. Cam. Soc. Pub., 58 Nineteenth annual report. 1857 . Bh 5-Pam. 76

Ce 9-16019 Annual reports. 1858–9-61-2-3-4-5-6 Harmonia, the great. A. J. Davis Ed 13–8004

. Bh 6-Pam. 40 Harmonies of nature. G. Hartwig Dk 4-6918 Thirtieth and thirty-first annual reports. 1868-9 Harmonies of political economy. F. Bastiat

Bh 5-Pam.51 Ba 7–16419 Hartford, Connecticut.. See Connecticut. Harold. Bulwer-Lytton

Fa 7-14725 Hartig, count. Genesis ; or, the late revolution. See Harp of Aeolus. T. Pentecost Hf 5-12346 Kelly, W. K.

De 10–5777 Harper, chancellor, Gov. Hammond, Dr. Simms, and Hartley, Florence. The lady's book of etiquette and Prof. Dew. Pro-slavery argument. Pb., 1853 manual of politeness. B., 1860. He 12–12107

Bb 7-408 Hartmann, Maurice. Last days of a king Fe 5–15269 Harper's new monthly magazine, June 1850 to May Hartt, C. Fred. Scientific results of a journey in Bra1870. 40 v.

Gd 2-9479 zil by Louis Agassiz, and his travelling comHarper's pictorial history of the rebellion. A. H. panions; geology, and physical geography of Guernsey, and H. N. Alden Cab. B 1-15625

Brazil. B., 1870. 89.

Ch 6-16328


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Hartwig, G. The harmonies of nature; or, the unit- Haunted London. W. Thornbury Ce 3-3233 ies of creation. L., 1866 Dk 4-6918 Haunted man. Charles Dickens

Fd 8-15125 - The polar world; a popular description of man Havelock, H. Brock, Wm. Biographical sketch and nature in the Artic and Antartic regions of

Dc 1-5089 the globe. N. Y., 1869. 8°

Dr 3-5896 Haven, Alice B. "The coopers; or, getting under – The sea and its living wonders; a popular account

Fe 5-15283 of the marvels of the deep. L., 1866. 8° - Loss and gain; or, Margaret's home Fe 5–15264 Dk 10–7044 Memoir of. N. Y., 1868

Db 7-4970 - The tropical world; a popular scientific account Haven, Gilbert. The pilgrims wallet; or, scraps of

of the natural history of the animal and vege- travel gathered in England, France and Gertable kingdoms in the equatorial regions. L., many. N. Y., 1867

Di 5-6689 1863. 8°

Dk 4–6921 Haven, S. F. Archaeology of the United States. s. Hartzell, J. H. Causes for gratitude; a discourse. C. to K. Vol. 8, Art. 2

Ae 1-13482 1864

Bh 5–Pam. 65 Haven, S. C. Elementary principles of mesmerism Harvard college. Annual reports. 1865-6

Bh 5–Pam. 59 Bh 5–Pam. 49 Haverhill, Mass. See Mass., Haverhill. - Eliot, s. A. History of

Hc 12–11359 Haverty, M. History of Ireland ancient and modern. - Everett, E. Speech in support of Bh 6–Pam. 38 Dublin, 1860. 8°

Ce 7-3365 Memorial concerning the history of. 1851 Haviland, A. Climate, weather, and disease; opin

Bh 6-Pam. 31 ions with regard to the influence of climate - Quincy, Josiah. History of Hc 12–11327 and weather in producing disease. L., 1855. Report of the committee appointed to visit the


Ga 5-8771 library of. 1862 . Bh 5-Pam. 49 Hawadji in Syria. G. w. Curtis

Dg 5–6278 Harvest home. James Sheldon Ha 10–10624 Hawaii. Anderson, R. Hawaiian islands Dl 8-6523 Harvest of the sea. J. G. Bertram Dk 10–7018 Bingham, H. Residence of twenty-one years in Harvey, W. H. History of marine Algae. Part I. the Sandwich islands

Dh 8-6412 Melanospermeae. S. C. to K. Vol. 3, Art. 4 - Hopkins, M. Past, present, and future Ae 1-13477

Dh 8-6522 – Part II. Rhodospermeae. Vol . 5, Art. 5 Perkins, E. T. Na motu

Dg 1-11794 Ae 1-13479 Hawkesworth, Dr. Edgar and Emmeline. Com. - Part 111. "Chlorospermeae. Vol. io, Art. 2

Hb 1-10729 Ae 1–13485 Hawkesworth, John. Account of the voyages for Haskel, David, and J. C. Smith. Complete descrip- making discoveries in the Southern hemis

tive and statistical gazetteer of the United phere. Dublin, 1773. 3 v. 8° Dg 2-6218 States of America, containing descriptions of Hawkins, E. Silver coins of England arranged and the states, territories, counties, districts, par

described with remarks on British money preishes, cities, towns, and villages, mountains, vious to the Saxon dynasties. L., 1841. 8° rivers, etc. N. Y., 1843. 8° Ck 1-4221

Ci 844366 Haskins, R. W. Art and artists. Buf., 1851 Hawkins, w. g. Life of John H. W. Hawkins B.,

Bh 6-Pam. 12

Db 7-4984 Astronomy for schools, upon the basis of M. Hawkin's zouaves. J. H. E. Whitney Cd 1-3144

Arago's lectures at the royal observatory, Paris; Hawks, Francis L. Monuments of Egypt; or, Egypt without mathematical demonstration. N. Y., a witness of the bible. N. Y., 1850. 80 1811 Eb 9-7609

Ca 10-2481 Effects on the civilized world of an increase in the A narrative of events connected with the rise and quantity of the money metals. Bh 6-Pam. 6

progress of the protestant episcopal church in – Examination of the hypothesis of central heat in Virginia. N. Y., 1836

Ed 4-7869 the earth. Buf., 1869

Bh 5-Pam. 69 Narrative of the expedition of an American squad- Exposition of Guizot's history of civilization. Buf., ron to the China seas and Japan, in the years 1846

Bh 6-Pam. 26 1852–3-4, under Com. Perry. N. Y., 1856. 8° - History and progress of phrenology. Buf., 1839

Dh 6–6500 Ga 6-8761 Same. w., 1856. 3 v. 40

Dh 8-6505 – New England and the west. Buf., 1843

Hawley, Jesse. Essay on the enlargement of the
Bh 6-Pam. 26
Erie canal. 1810

Bh 6-Pam. 6 Popular essay on comets Bh 6–Pam. 28 Hawthorne, N. Blithedale romance Fe 1-16510 Hassall, A. H. Food and its adulterations. L. 1855. House of the seven gables

Fe 1-15182 80

Ga 5-8714 Marble Faun; or, the romance of Monte Beni Hassaurek, F. Four years among Spanish Ameri

Fe 1-15184
N. Y., 1868

Df 12-6036
- Mosses from an old manse

Fe 1-15183
Hassell, J. Tour to the Isle of Wight, 1790. Pinker- Our old home, a series of English sketches
ton's voyages. 2
DE 1-5827

Di 5–15180 Hasses und der Liebe Rache. Kotzebue Hb 8-10937 - Passages from the English note-books of. B., 1870. Hassler, F. R. Comparison of weights and measures

Di 5-9524 of length and capacity, reported to the senate Scarlet letter

Fe 1-15179 of the United States by the treasury depart- Snow image, and other twice told-tales ment in 1832. W., 1832. 8° Ba 7-154

Fe 1-15181 Hasted, F. Writings of. 8°

Ef 2-8225
Twice-told tales

Fe 1-15186 Hastings, Warren. "Burke, E. Charge against

(Editor.) Journal of an African cruiser. By an

Hd 5-11522 officer in the United States navy. N. Y., 1845 - Gleig, G. Ř. Life of Dc 4–5172

Dg 10–6400 - Prinsep, H. T. British India during the admin- Hawthorne, Mrs. S. Notes in England and Italy istration of

Cf 10–3672
N. Y., 1869

Di 5-6711 Hatch, Israel T. Report on the commercial relations Hayden, Sidney. Washington and his masonic comof the United States with the Dominion of peers. N. Y., 1866

· Db 5-4960 Canada. 1869

Bh 5-Pam. 64 Hayden, Joseph. Dictionary of dates relating to all Hatfield, R. G. The American house carpenter; a ages and nations. Edited by B. Vincent. N. treatise on the art of building, and the strength Y., 1869. 8°

Ac 6-13208 of materials. N. Y., 1868. go Ga 10-8875 Hayden and other poems. By the author of " Life Hatton, Joseph. Christopher Kenrick Fe 4-15294

below." N. Y., 1870

Hf 11-12505 Haunted hearts. Maria Cummings Ff 4-14022 Haydon, B. R. Taylor, Tom. Life of Dc 6–5253

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2 v.

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v. 1

Hayes, Isaac I. Arctic boat journey in the autumn Head, Sir F. B., continued. of 1854. B., 1860

Df 3-5911 - A faggot of French sticks; or, Paris in 1851. N. - Physical observations in the Arctic seas. s. c. to

Y., 1852

Di 6-6721 k. Vol. 15, Art. 5

Ae 1-13490 A fortnight in Ireland. N. Y., 1853 Di 5-6706 Hayes, J. D. Niagara ship canal and reciprocity. The horse and bis rider. L., 1861 Dk 7-6996 Buf., 1865 Bh 5-Pam. 64 A narrative. L., 1839. 8°

Ch 1-3970 Hayley, Wm. Poems and plays. L., 1785. 6 v. Rough notes taken during some rapid journeys

Hf 2-12187 across the Pampas and among the Andes. B., Contents.--Vol. 1. Essay on painting; Epis


Ch 5-4065 tle to a friend on the death of John Thornton, Head, George. A home tour through the manufacesq.; Ode inscribed to John Howard; Ode to Mr. Wright, of Derby; Ode to the Countess de

turing districts of England, in the summer of Genlis ; Sonnets; Songs and verses. II. Essay

1835. N. Y., 1836

Di 5-6685 on history; Notes. III. Essay on epic poetry; Head of the family. Muloch

Fd 7-14285 Notes. IV. Notes to the 3d, 4th and 6th epis.

Headland home. Madame de Lesdernier Fb 3-14332 tles of essay on epic poetry. V. Triumphs of temper; Happy prescription, a comedy VI.

Headless horseman. M. Reid

FC 2-14861 Marcella, a tragedy; The two connoisseurs, & Headley, H. Works. British poets Hf 1-12290 comedy; Lord Russell, a tragedy; The mauso

Headley, J. T. Miscellaneous works, with biographileum, a comedy.

cal sketch. N. Y., 1849. 2 v. . Hc 6-11978 The triumphs of temper; a poem in six cantos.

Contents.-Vol. I. Rome; Easter Sunday in
Newburyport, 1781

Hf 11-12507

Rome; Relics; Roman Children; Pope Pius Hayne, Paul H. Avolio; a legend of the island of IX. and Italy ; Rambles through Paris; Rambles

about Paris : Out of Paris-over the channel to Cos, with poems, lyrical, miscellaneous, and

England; Rambles in London; Rambles about dramatic. B., 1860

Hf 10-12447

London; Rambles in England; Rambles in Hayti. Candler, John. Brief notices of Ch 7-4317 Wales; The St. Regis Indians; On the adapta

Ch 7-4174
Redpath, James. Guide to

tion of one's intellectual efforts to the character
of his own mind and the circumstances

in which Hayward, C., jr. Life of Sebastian Cabot. S. A. B.

he is placed; George Washington ; Battle of v. 9

Da 8-4699

Monmouth. II. The Waldenses; Persecutions Hayward, J. Annals of the first four years of the

of the Waldenses; Paul Jones; Letters and

speeches of Oliver Cromwell; Tbier's revolareign of Elizabeth. Cam. Soc. Pub. v.7

tíon; Alison's history of Europe; Waterloo; Ce 6-3301

The one progressive principle. Haywarde, R Prismatics

He 10–15247 - The Adirondack; or, life in the woods. N. Y., Hazard, R. G. Freedom of mind in willing; or, 1849

Df 7-6021 every being that wills a creative first cause. – The Alps and the Rhine ; a series of sketches

. N. Y., 1864

HC 8-11243
N. Y., 1845

Di 8-6779 Hazard's - historical collections.” See Collections, Chaplains and clergy of the revolution. N. Y., N. Y. Hist. Soc.

Cc 42908

Db 3-4906 Hazeltine, M. J. Brevity and brilliancy in chess; a - Farragut and our naval commanders. N. Y., collection of games at this “ royal pastime" in

1867. 80

Db 8-5000 geniously contested and ending with scientific – The great rebellion; a history of the civil war in problems. N. Y., 1866

Gb 12-9185

the United States. Hart., 1866–7. 2 v. 8° Hazlitt, Helen. Glennair; or, life in Scotland

Cd 6-15901 Fe 5-15271 – Life of George Washington. 'N. Y., 1856.80 Hazlitt, Wm.' Classical gazetteer, a dictionary of an

Da 44660 cient geography, sacred and profane. L., 1851, Life of Oliver Cromwell. n. y., 1848 Dc 9-5321 80

Ck 1-4423 Lives of Winfield Scott and Andrew Jackson. Eloquence of the British senate, with notes. N. Y., 1852.

Da 12-4860
Brooklyn, 1809–10. 2 v. 8°
Bb 1-291 The sacred mountains. n. Y., 1847

Dg 5-6025 - Lectures on the English comic writers. N. Y., - Second war with England. N. Y., 1853. 2 v. 1845 Hd 13-11720

Cb 6-2641 - Lectures on the English poets

. n. Y., 1845 Washington and his generals. n. Y., 1847. 2v. Hd 13–11718

Db 7-4964 - Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. ' N. Y., 1847. 3 v. Headley, P. C. Historical and descriptive sketches

De 3-5648 of the women of the bible. N. Y., 1865
Notes of a journey through France and
Italy. L.,

Ed 9-7947 1826. 8°

Di 6–14684 Life of the empress Josephine, first wife of Na- Literary remains, with a notice of his life, by his poleon. N. Y., 1855 .

De 3-5654 son; and thoughts on his genius and writings - Life of the Gen. Lafayette, marquis of France, by E. L. Bulwer and Sergeant Talfourd. L., general in the United States army. N. Y., 1865 1836. 2 v. 8°. Hd 9-16442

Db 9-5033 Spirit of the age; or, contemporary portraits. – Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. N. Y., 1865 Ph., 1854 Dd 2-5419

De 4-5651 Table-talk; opinions on books, men, and things. Miner boy and his monitor; or, the career and N. Y., 1845. 2 v. in 1

He 6–11974 achievements of John Ericsson. N. Y., 1865 Hazlitt, W. Carew. History of the Venetian repub

Da 11-4837 lic; her rise, her greatness, and her civiliza- Patrio: boy; or, life and career of Maj. Gen. tion. L., 1860. 2 v. 89

Cg 9-16396 Ormsby M. Mitchell. N. Y., 1865 Da 10-4815 Memoirs of'Wm. Hazlitt. L. 1867. 27.80

Headlong bail. T. L. Peacock. Fb 13-14493

Dc 1-5073 Heads and hands in the world of labour, W. G. Blaikie (Editor.) Remains of the early popular poetry of

Ba 8-187 England ; with introduction and notes. L., Heads of the people; or, portraits of the English, 1864

Hf 6–12328 drawn by K. Meadows, with original essays by - (Editor.) Shakespeare jest-books; reprints from

distinguished writers. Ph., 1841. 8° the early and very rare jest-books supposed to

He 15-12155 have been used by Shakespeare. L., 1864. 3 v. Heads or tails. Com. J. P. Simpson Ab 10-11005 He 13-16515 | Headsman. J. F. Cooper

Ff 1-13957 He knew he was right.' Anthony Trollope

Heady, M. The farmer boy, and how he became com

Fe 7-15346 mander-in-chief. By Uncle Juvinell. Edited He would be a gentleman. S. Lover: Fb 4-14572 by W. M. Thayer. B., 1864 Db 7-4963 Head, Sir F. B. Bubbles from the Brunnen of Nas- Heale, É. M. Manual of geography for military stuN. Y., 1845

Di 3-6661
dents. L., 1853.

Ci 4-4286



[blocks in formation]

V. 10

Health. Bellows, A. J. How not to be sick

Heck, J. G., continued.
Ga 5-8775

Geography and planography; History and
Cooke. wm. Mind in relation to : Hc 8-11242 ethnology, military sciences, naval sciences.
Dunglison, R. Human health

Ga 5-8772

IV. Architecture, mythology, the fine arts,

technology. Hall, W. W. By good living

Ga 5-8774 - Mussey, R. D. Health, its friends and foes

Hecker, John. Scientific basis of education, demonGa 5-8777

strated by an analysis of temperaments, and of Healthy homes. W. Bardwell

Ga 10–8869

phrenological facts in connection with mental Heap, Ġwinn H. Central route to the Pacific, from the

phenomena, and the office of the holy spirit in valley of the Mississippi to California; journal

the processes of the mind. N. Y., 1868. 8° of the expedition of E. F. Beale and G. H. Heap, Hecker, J. T. Questions of the soul. N. Y., 18.75

Hc 12-383 from Missouri to California, in 1853. Ph., 1854.

Ef 5-8284 8o.

Df 4-5928 Hearne, Thomas. Reliquiae Hearnianae; the re

Heckewelder, Jolin. Narrative of the mission of the mains of Thomas Hearne, with a few notes by

united brethren among the Delaware and Philip Bliss. L., 1869. 3 v. Hd 7-11586 Mohegan Indians, from 1740 to 1808. Ph., - Works. Ox., 1724. 4v. 8o.

Ed 1-7815
1820. 80
Cf 5-3548
Heckington. C. F. Gore

Fb 14-14514 Contents,-Vols. I. and II. Robert of Glouces. ter's chronicle ; III., IV. Peter Langtoft's

Hecuba. Euripides

Hb 3-10849 chronicle.

Hecyra. Terence

Hb 11-11013 Heart of Mid-Lothian. T. Dibden Hb 9–10962 Hedge, F. II. The primeval world of Hebrew traHeart of Mid-Lothian. Sir W. Scott Ff 9-14113

dition. B., 1870

Ed 3-7844 Heartsease. C. M. Yonge .

Fa +14615 Prose writers of Germany. Ph., 1849. 8° Heat. Boyle, R. Works Ea 6-7269

Ha 5-10499 - Cazin, A. Phenomena, and laws of Ea 6–7281 Hedged in. Ė. s. Phelps

Fb 12-14398 - Lardner, D. Hand-book of

Ea 6–7275 Hedges and evergreens. J. A. Warder Ec 2-7636 - Metcalfe, S. L. Caloric .

Ea 5-7228 Heeren, A H. L. Historical researches into the poli- Stewart, B. Treatise on

Ea 6–7280 tics, intercourse, and trade of the Carthagini- Tyndall, J. Heat considered as a mode of motion ans, Ethiopians, and Egyptians. L., 1850. 8° Ea 5-1235

Ca 2-2200 - Williams, c. W. Heat in its relations to water Historical researches into the politics, intercourse, and steam

Ga 9-8769 and trade of the principal nations of antiquity. - Youmans, E. L. Popular account of Ea 6–7273 L., 1854. 2 v. 89

Ca 2-2197 - See Library of useful knowledge Ea 5-7265 Manual of the history of the political system of Heath, James. Chronicles of the late intestine war in Europe and its colonies. L., 1846. 85 the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and

Ca 2-2199 Ireland, with intervening treaties, usurpations, - Reflections on the politics of ancient Greece. B., foreign wars, etc., to the restitution of Charles

1824. 8°

Ca 8-2383 II. In four parts : 1. Common war; II. De Heermann, A. L. "Report on birds. See Report of mocracie. III. Protectorate; IV. Restitution. explorations, etc.

Ae 4-13540 With continuation to 1675. By F.P. L., 1676. Heidelberg. G. P. R. James

Fb 10-14597 4.

Cf 1-3465 Heidelberg catechism. Bethune, G. W. Lectures on Heath, R. account of the islands of Scilly, 1744.

Eg 6–8593 Pinkerton's voyages. v. 2. Dr' l -5827 Heidenmauer. J. F. Cooper

Ff 1-13961 Heathen and holy lands. J. P. Briggs Dg 5–6261 Heighway, 0. W. T. Leila Ada, the Jewish convert, Heathen mythology, illustrated by extracts from the an authentic memoir.

Fe 5-15267 most celebrated writers, ancient and modern. Heine, Henry. Pictures of travel. Trans. by Charles L., n. d. 8° Ci 5-4304 G. Leland. Ph., 1856

Ďg 3-6199 Heautontimorumenos. .Com. Terence Ha 1-10445 Poems complete. Trans. by E. A. Browning. L., Heaven. Holcombe, W. H. Our children in heaven 1866

Hf 3-12215 Ef 5-8286 Sammtliche werke.' Ph., 1865. iv. Aa 2-12562 Heaven and its wonders. E. Swedenborg Ee 11-8151

Contents. -- Vol. I. Reisebilder. II. Buch der Heaven; the abode of the sainted dead. H. Harbaugh Lieder; Neue Lieder; Tragödien. III. Fran

Ef 6–8301

zosische Maler; Gedichte; Aus den memoiren Heaven upon earth. J. Janeway

Ef 3-8243

des Herrn von Schnabelewop-ki; Zur Ges.

chichte der Religion und Philosophie in Heavenly home. H. Harbaugh.

Ef 7-8335

Deutschland; l'eber den Denunzianten; FlorHeavenly recognition. H. Harbaugh . Ef 6-8307

entinische Nächte; Elementargeister; Heber, Reginald. Narrative of a journey through

Rabbi von Bacherach; Ueber die fransörische

Bühne. IV. Deutschland; Atta Troll; Roman. the upper provinces of India from Calcutta to zero; Neueste Gedichte. V. Der Doktor Faust;

Bombay. 1824–5. Ph., 1829. 2v. Dh 5–6479 Die Götter im Exil; Die Göttin Diana; Ges. Hebert, Luke. Engineers and mechanics' encyclo

tändnisse; Ludwig Marcus; Die romantische

schule; Der Schwabenspiegel; Shakespeare's paedia ; comprehending practical illustrations

Mädchen und Frauen; Briefe aus Berlin: Einlei. of the machinery and processes employed in

tung zur Prachtausgabe des Don Quixote;

Ueber Polen; Vorwort zu A. Weill's sittengeevery description of manufacture of the British

mälden aus dem elsössischen Volkeleben; Nachempire. L., 1810. 2 v. 8° Ad 7-13439

trag zu den Gedichten. VI. Kahldorf über den Hebrew heroes. Miss Charlotte Tucker Fe 12-15388

Adel in Briesen an den Grafen W. Von Moltke; Hebrew language. Gesenius, W. Hebrew and Eng.

Französische Zustände; Lutezia; Gefängnistz

reform und Strafgesezgebung; Aus den Pyrelish lexicon .

Ac 3-12904

näen: Musikalische Saison von 1814; Veber Hebrew men and times. J. i. Allen: Ca 11-2514

Ludwig Vörne; Vorrede zur zweiten An-lage Hebrews. Moll, C. B. Epistles to the Ad 3-13368

des Buchs der Lieder. VII. Aeltere Gedichte; Hebrides. Miller, H. Cruise of the Betsy Eb 4-7473

Nachträge zu den permischten Schriften ; Hein

rich Heine. Eine biographisch-literarische SkizHeck, Barbara. Stevens, A. Women of methodism

ze von Godfrid Becker.

Dd 6-5512 Heinrich Reusz von Plauen. Kotzebue Hb 8–10929 Heck, J. G. Iconographic encyclopaedia of science, Heir at law. Com. G Colman . Hb 9-10957 literature, and art. Trans. from the German, Heir of Redclyffe. C. M. Yonge

Fa 3-14622 with additions, by S. F. Baird. N. Y., 1851. Heiress. Ann S. Stephens

Ff 8-14103 4v., text. 8o. 2 v., plates. 4o. Ac 8-13231 Heiress of Haughton. A. Marsh Fc 12-15061 Contents.-Vol. I. Mathematics and astron

Held in bondage. L. De Larame

Fb 1-14314 omy, physics and mineralogy; Chemietry and

Helen. Trag. Euripides

Hb 3-10850 meieorology: Geognosy and geology. II. Botany: Zoology ; Anthropology, and surgery. III. Helen. M. Edgeworth

Fb 9-14551

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