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Fruits, continued.

Future of Africa. A. Crummell

Dg 10–6394 - Kenrick, W. New American orchardist Future state. Alger, W. R. Critical history of the

Ec 8-7730
doctrine of a future life

Ef 10_8300 - Lindley, G. Guide to the orchard and fruit gar- – Anspach, F. R. The sepulchres of our departed den in Great Britain Ec 8–7733

Et 5-5281 – Rivers, T. Miniature fruit garden Ec 6–7703 Dick, T. "Philosophy of – Thomas, J. J. American fruit culturist Ec 7-7712

Ef 10–8408, and HD 4-11480 Fruits and farinacea the proper food for man. John

Follen, c. 1. C. Future state of man
Ga 5-8718

Hd 9-11633 Fruits of the wine cup. J. H. Allen Hb 9-10974 Harbaugh, H. Heaven

Ef 6-8301 Fry, Elizabeth. Memoir; with extracts from her Heavenly home

Ef 7-8335 journal and letters. Ed. by her daughters.

Heavenly recognition

Et 6-8307 Ph., 1847 De 8–5282 Life in heaven.

Ef 6-8313 Timpson, T. Memoirs :

Dd 4-5399 Swedenborg, E. Heaven and its wonders
Fry, W. H.
A complete treatise on artificial fish

Ee 11-8151 breeding. N. Y., 1854

Dk 10–7056
Heaven and hell

Ee 11-8181
Fuca, John de. Belknap, J. Account of Db 3–4894 Zschokke, J. H. D. Meditations on death and
Fudge doings. D. G. Mitchell
Fc 11-15031 eternity

Eg 5-8480 Fugitive slaves. Parker, T. Trial for “misdemeanor,"

Future wealth of America. F. Bonynge Ba 6-139 with defence

Bb 3-8686
Fugitive slave law. Wisner, Wm. c. Review of Dr. Gabled house ; or, self sacrifice. By the anthor of

Bh 6-Pam. 20
“The climbers"

Fa 13-13925 Fulke, Wm. A defence of the sincere and true trans- Gabriel Vane. J. Loud

Fb 3-14333 lations of the holy scriptures into the English Gage, F. B. Theoretical and practical photography tongue against the cavils of Gregory Martyn. on glass and paper. N. Y., 1859 GD) 0-9068 Ed. by C. H. Hartshorn. Cam., 1843. 89 - Elsie Magoon

Fb 15-14-133 Eg 13–16262 Gage, M. E. J. Speech at the woman's right's convenStapleton's fortress overthrown. A rejoinder to tion held at Syracuse, 1852 . Bh 6-Pam. 12

Jartiall's reply. A discovery of the dangerous Gage, W. L. Life of Carl Ritter. N. Y., 1867 rock of the popish church commended by San

De 10-5783 ders. Cam., 1848. 8°

Eg 13-16263 Gain of a loss. By the author of "The last of the Fuller, Andrew. Principal works and remains.


Fd 13-13930 With a new memoir by A. G. Fuller. L., 1852. Gainsborough, T. Cunningham, A. Life of Ef 3-8250

llc 1-11056 Contents-The gospel its own witness, or the Gala days. A. E. Dodge

lle +-11943 holy nature and divine harmony of the Chris

Galatea. M. de Cervantes

Aa 3-12085 tain religion contrasted with the immorality and absurdity of deism; The harmony of the

Galatea. M. de Florian

FI 11-16227 Christain religion considered as an evidence of

Galaxy, the. v. 7, 8, 9, 1869-70. 3 v. 8o Gc 49275 its divinity: The Calvanistic and socinian sys

Gale, T. Electricity; or, ethereal fire, considered : tems examined and compared as to their moral tendency; Three letters on important subjects

1st. Naturally, as the agent of animal and vege-Truth, Mental error, and Liberty.

table life. 2d. Astronomically, or as the agent Dialogues, letters, and essays on various subjects, of gravitation and motion. 3d. Medically, or with an essay on truth. Hartford, 1810

its artificial use in diseases, comprehending Ef 11-13987

both the theory and practice of medical elecFuller, A. S. Grape culturist. N.Y., 1867 Ec 8-7728 tricity; and demonstrated to be an infallible Fuller, H. Sparks from a locomotive; or, life and cure of fever, inflammation, and many other

liberty in Europe. N. Y., 1859 . Di 3-6640 diseases, constituting the best family physician Fuller, Jane Jay. Uncle John's flower garden ; a ever extant. Troy, 1802

Ea 10-7415 companion for the woods and fields. N.Y., Gale Breezely. Drama. J. B. Johnstone IIb 10-10990 1869

Ec 8–7722 Galicia. Kohl, J.G. Travels of. Cg 9-3953 Fuller, Lydia. Mistaken

Fa 15–16324 Galilei, Galileo. Bethune, J. E. D. Life of Fuller, T. The holy and profane states, with some

De 11-5810 account of the author and his writings. Cam., - Celesie, sister Maria. The private life of 1831 Hd 13-11726

De 11-7517 Fullerton, Lady G. Constance Sherwood Fa 15–14363 Shelley, Mrs., et al. Life of

De 11-5804 - Grantley manor

Fa 15–14518 Gall, F. J. On the origin of the moral qualities and - Lady bird

Fa 15–14362

intellectual faculties of man, and the conditions A stormy life

Fa 15–14364

of their manifestions. Trans. by W. Lewis, jr. Too strange not to be true

Fa 15-14361
B., 1835. 6 v.

Ga 6-8749 Fullom, S. W. History of Wm. Shakespeare, player Gallathea. J. Lilly

Hb 11-11017 and poet, with new facts and traditions. L., Gallations. Dix, M. Exposition of the epistle of St. 1864. go

Hb 6-10856
Paul to the .

Eg 6–8599 - History of woman and her connexions with re- Galleries of art. See Art galleries.

ligion, civilization, and domestic manners, from Gallery of literary portraits. G. Gilfillan Ja 9-10600 the earliest period. L., 1855 Ci 6–4327 Gallery of nature. T. Milner

Ea 8–7301 – The marvels of science, and their testimony to Gallery of nature and art. E. Polehampton En 3-7133 holy writ. L., 1854

Ea 4–1197 Gallery of portraits and painting. llc 4-11133 Fulton, J. D. The Roman catholic element in Ameri- Gallon, M. Machines et inventions approuvées par can history. N. Y., 1857

Ee 2-8038 l'academie royale des sciences. P., 1735. Fulton, R. Colden, C. D.' Life . : Da 11-4790

6 v. 4°

Gb 8-9082 Renwick, J. Life

Da 8-4700 Galloway, Elijah. "Iistory of the steam engine from Furman, G. Address delivered before the American its earliest invention to the present time. L., institute during the sixteenth annual fair, Oct. 1828. 89

Ga 9-8765 20, 1843 Bh. 6 Pam. 17 Gallus. W. A. Becker

Ca 6-2343 Furniss, Wm. Waraga; or, the charms of the Nile. Galt, John. Life of Cardinal Wolsey. 3d edition. N. Y., 1850. Dg 10–6390 L., 1846

Dc 11-5384 Furics. Trag. Aeschylus

Life of Lord Byron. N. y., 1830 : Dc 7-5278 Ha 2–10473, and Hb 3-10851 Galton, F. Hereditary genius; an enquiry into its Furstliche wildsang. Kotzebue Hb 8-10939 laws and consequences. N. Y., 1870. 8° Fuss, J. D. Roman antiquities. Ox., 1840 Ca 9-2477

Ch 8-4146

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v. 14

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Galvanism. Lardner, D. Hand-book of voltaic elec- Gardner, Charles K., continued. tricity

Ea 6-7275 navy and marine corps who have served with See Library of useful knowledge Ea 5-7241

the land forces. N. Y., 1853. 80 Gambara. Balzac Aa 2-12556

Ab 6-12660 Gambria river. Adanson, M.' Voyage in 1749. Garibaldi, general. Life of, translated by T. Dwight

. Pinkerton's voyages. 16

Dg 1-5841
N. Y., 1859 .

De 11-5808 Gambler's fate. Drama. H. M. Milner Hb 9–10963 Garland, H.'A. The life of John Randolph,

of RoanGame of life. Com. J. Brougham Hb 9–10959

oke. N. Y., 1851. 2 v.

Da 11-4849 Game of love. Com. J. Brougham Hb 9-10958 Garland, the. Selections from various authors. Ph., Games. American Hoyle. By “ Trumps


Hf 6–12334 Gb 11–16127 Garneau, F. X. History of Canada, from the time of Bohn, H. G. Hand-book of : Gb 12-9197 its discovery till the union year 1840-1. Trans. Boy's handy-book of

Gb 12–15514 by A. Bell. Montreal, 1866. 2 v. 8° Ch 1-3971 Pardon, G. F. Hoyle's games modernized

Same. Montreal, 1862. 2 v. 8o. Ch 3-3966

Gb 11-15942 Garnet, T. Account of the Drosacks. Pinkerton's Gamester. Trag. E. Moore

voyages. 3

Df 1-5828 Hb 1-10747, and 9–10952 Garrett, Edward. The crust and the cake Gamesters. Drama. D. Garrick Hb 7-10903

Fb 15-14430 Gamesters. Drama. J. Shirley

- The occupations of a retired life

Fb 15-14429 Hb 1-10735, and 7-10888 and Ruth. White as snow

Fb 14-15762 Gammel, Wm. Life of Roger Williams. S. A. B. Garrett van Horn. J. S. Sauzade Ff 15–15437

Da 8-4704 Garrick, David. Private correspondence of, with the Life of Sam. Ward.' s. Á. B. v. i9 Da 8-4709 most celebrated persons of his time, with notes Gandon, Antoine. Les trente-deux duels de Jean and new biographical memoir. L., 1835. 2 v. Gigon; historie d'un enfant trouvè. P., 1861


Dd 11-16189 Aa 5-12775 - Dramatic works; with a life of the author. L., Gan-Eden ; or, pictures of Cuba.' w. H. Hurlbert

1798. 3 v..

Hb 7-10902 Ch 7-4124

Contents.-Vol. I. Lethe; The lying valet; Garbett, E. The dogmatic faith, an enquiry into the

Miss in her teens; Romeo and Juliet: Every relation subsisting between revelation and man in his humour; The fairies; Florizel and dogma. L., 1868

Ef 7-8336

Perdita; Catharine and Petruchio. II. Liliput;

The male-coquette; The gamesters; Isabella, or Gardening and gardens. Bridgman, T. Young

the fatal marriage; The guardian; The engardener's assistant

Ec 6–7705

chanter, or love and magic; Cymbeline; The Buist, R. Family kitchen gardener Ec 6–7701

farmer's return from London. III. The clan

destine marriage; A peep behind the cartain; Chambers, Sir W. On oriental gardening

Arthur and Emmeline; Bon-ton, or high life
Ec 9-14247

above stairs; High life below stairs; The Irish Henderson, P. Gardening for profit Ec 6–7805 widow; May day, or the little Gipsy; Theatri

cal candidates. - Johnson, G. W. Cottage gardener's dictionary Ec 6–7699 - Bon-ton

Hb 1-10729 – McIntosh, c. ' The practical gardener

Catharine and Petruchio

Hb 1-10738 Ec 6-7689 Country girl

Hb 1-10749 M'Mahon, B. American gardeners' calendar Guardian

Hb 1-10737 Ec 6-7698 High life below stairs

Hb 1-10737 Reason why

Ec 6–7795
Miss in her teens

Hb 1-10737 Robinson, W. Gleanings from French gardens - Davies, T. Memoirs of the life of Dd 4-13784

Éc 6–7706 Garstangs of Garstang grange. T. A. Trollope – Sinclair, Sir J. 'Observations on gardens, orchards,

Fe 8-15404 etc.

Ec 5-7683 Garth, Samuel. Works. British poets Hf 1–12286 Watson, A. American liome garden Ec 6-7700 Gas. 'Richards, W. Gas consumer's guide Gb 5-9052 Wilkenson, G. Remarks on laying out dressed Gas-light. Five black arts

Ga 11-8907 or geometrical gardens

Hc 3-11104 Gaskell, Mrs. E. C. Cousin Phillis and other tales Gardens and menagerie of the Zoological society de

Fb 15–14421 lineated. Vol. I. Quadrupeds. II. Birds.

Cranford :

Fb 15–14421
Chiswick, 1831. 2 v. 80
Dk 4-15907 - A dark night's work

Fb 15-14520 Gardiner, John. Essays; literary, political, and oeco- Life of Charlotte Bronté. N.Y., 1861. 2 v. in i nomical. E., 1803. 2 v. go Hd 11-11703

Dc 1-5007

Same. Leip., 1859.' 2 v. in 1 Dc 1-1301 Contents.-Vol. I. Conjectures on the origin of language; On the different races of men;

Lois the witch, and other tales Fb 15-14422 On the formation of the minds of children, pre

Mary Barton

Fb 15–14416, and 14422 vious to a literary education ; On the principal

The moorland cottage

Fb 15-14423 causes that retard or promote population. II. Historical remarks and observations on govern

North and south

Fb 15-14519 ment, and on the causes which have at all times

· Right at last, and other tales Fb 15-14417 obstructed its advancement to a free constitu

· Ruth

Fb 15-14420 tion; Observations on the principal causes which promote or retard the advancement of

Sylvia's lovers

Fb 15–14419 literature, commerce, and the arts.

Wives and daughters

Fb 15–14414, and 14418 Gardiner, Wm. The music of nature; or, an attempt Gasparin, Agènor de. America before Europe; prin

to prove that what is passionate and pleasing in ciples and interests. Trans. by M. L. Booth. the art of singing, speaking, and performing on N Y., 1862.

Cd 1-3148 musical instruments is derived from the Treatise on turning tables, the supernatural in gensounds of the animated world. B., 1852. 89

eral, and spirits. Trans. by É. W. Robert N. Hb 12–11034 Y., 1857. 2 v.

Ed 13-8002 Gardner, Charles K. Dictionary of all officers who – Uprising of a great people; the United States in

have been commissioned, or have been ap- 1861, to which is added a word of peace on the pointed and served in the army of the United difference between England and the United States since the inauguration of their first States. Trans. by Mary L. Booth. N.Y., 1862 President in 1789, to the 1st Jan., 1853, with

Cd 1-3132 every commission of cach, including the dis- Gasparin, Madame de. 'The near and the heavenly tinguished officers of the volunteers and militia horizons. N. Y., 1862

Fb :14-14467 who have served in any campaign or conflict Gaspé, P. A. de. The Canadians of old. Quebec, with an enemy since that date; and of the

1864. 80

Ch 8-3992

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V. 22


Gaspey, Thomas. History of England under the reign Genealogy, continued. of George III., George IV., William IV., and - Notes and queries

Gf 12-10325 queen Victoria. L., n. d. 14 v. 8° Cf 1-16377 - Family History. Gass, Patrick. Lewis and Clarke's journal to the - Alden, E. Descendants of John Alden Rocky mountains in the years 1804–5–6. Day

Ch 8-4137 ton, 1847

Dg 3–6207 Barry, J. S. Hanover (Mass.) genealogies Gaston Phoebus. Trag. R. Buchanan Hb 12–16553

Cc 6-2960 Gates, Thomas. Belknap, J. Account of Db 3–4895 - Bergen, T. g. The Bergen family Ch 8-4133 Gates ajar. E. S. Phelps

Fb 12-14399
Van Brunt family

Ch 8-4141 Gates wide open. Geo. Wood

Fa 13-14830 Binney, C. J. F. Prentice or Prentiss family Gatty, Mrs. Alfred. Legendary tales Fb 13-14189

Ch 8–4139 Gaudissart II. Balzac .

Aa 2-12553 Bond, h. Families and decendants of WaterGaussen, S. R. L. From Egypt to Sinai. L., n. d.

town, Mass.

Ch 8–3996 Ee 7-8104 - Bridgman, T. Pilgrims of Boston Cc 9–3040 Gautier, Theophilė. Romance of the mummy - Bronson, H. Waterbury, Ct., families Cc 10–3070

Fb 13–14505 - Burke, J., and J. B. Genealogical dictionary Gavazzi, A. Lectures in New York, reported by T.

Ch 10-4199 C. Leland; also the life of father Gavazzi, cor- Burke, J. B. Visitation of the seats and arms of rected and authorized by himself, with reports the noblemen of Great Britian and Ireland of his addresses in Italian to his countrymen in

Ce 2-3229 New York. Trans. by Julie de Marguerittes. Chapman, F. W. The Pratt family

Ch 844140 Y. Y., 1858.

Ee 2–8045 Clark, John. Descendants of Hugh Clark Gavin, Anthony. The great red dragon; or, the

Ch 8–4136 master-key to popery. B., 1854 Ee 2-8036 Drake, s. G. Founders of New England Gay, John. Works. British poets Hf 1-12273

Ch 8-4142 Beggars opera. Com.

Hb 1-10736 - Farmer John. "Register of first settlers of New Gayarré, Charles. History of Louisiana, the Spanish England

Ch 8–4138 domination. N.Y., 1854. 80 Cb 11-2749 - Galton, F. Hereditary genius Ch 8-4146 – Philip II. of Spain; with an introduction by G. Glover, Anna. Glover memorials Ch 844132 Bancroft. N. Y., 1866. 8°

De 8-5754 Goodwin, N. Notes on genealogy of families of Gayler, C. Love of a prince. Drama Hb 9-10962

Conn. and Mass.

Ch 8–3997 - Son of the night. F's M. D.

Hb 9-10962 Guild, C. The Guild family : Ch 844147 Gayworthys. Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney Fa 12–14857 Holgate, J. B. American genealogy Ch 8-4148 Gazetteers. Baldwin and Thomas. Gazetteer of the — Hudson, C. Genealogy of Marlborough, Mass. United States Ac 6-13210

Cc 6-2953 Barclay, J. Complete modern Ac 4-13031 Register of Lexington families

Cc 6-2945 Callicot, T. C. Hand-book of universal geogra- Kingman, B. Family registers of North Bridg. phy Ac 5-13100

Cc 6-2950 Wrigit, T. Universal dictionary: Ac 6-13202 Locke, J. G. Book of the Lockes

Ch 8-4027 - Great Britain.

Mitchell, N. Register of Bridgwater families - Gorton, John. Topographical dictionary of Great

Cc 6-2952 Britain and Ireland

Ab 8-12825 - Nichols, J. G. The topographer and geneologist - North America.

Ch 8-4009 - Davenport, Bishop. New gazetteer of Ck 1-4426 Redfield, J. H. Redfield family

Ch 8-4144 - United States.

Reed, J. W. Reed family in Europe and America – Fisher, R. S. New statistical gazetteer of

Ch 8-4131 Ck 1-4419 Savage, James

. Genealogical dictionary of the - Haskel, D., and J. C. Smith. "Gazetteer of

first settlers of New England Ch 8–4015

Ck 1-4221 - Shattuck, L. Descendants of Wm. Shattuck Mitchell, S. A. ' Index of all the counties, districts,

Ch 8-4043 Ck 1-4227 Smith, Mrs. E. v. Newburyport families Scott, J. United States gazetteer Ck 1-4428

Cc 6–2962 New York State.

Stile, H. R. Genealogy of Windsor (Ct.) families - French, J. H. Gazetteer of Ck 1-4420

('c 10-3061 - Gordon, T. F. Gazetteer of

Ck 1-4425 Vinton, J. A. 'The Vinton memorial Ch 8-4135 – Spafford, H. G. Gazetteer of

Ck 1-4124 - Visitation of the county of Huntingdon, Eng. - Pennsylvania.

Cam. Soc. Pub.

Ce 6-3:34 – Gordon, Thomas. Gazetteer of Ck 1-4422 Walworth, R. H. Hyde genealogy Ch 844007 - West Indies.

Ward, A. II. Rice family

Ch 8-4145 Davenport, B. New gazetteer of the Ck 1-4426 Shrewsbury (Mass.) families Cc 6-2956 Gazetteer, classical. Hazlitt, Wm.

Ck 1-1423 Weaver, W. L. Windham (Ct.) families Cc 10–3064 Gefahrliche nachbarschaft. Kotzebue Hb 8-10930 Wetmore, J. C. Wetmore family . Ch 8-3995 Gefangene. L. Kotzebue .

Hb 8-10925 Whitmore, W. H. Hand-book of American geneGeijer, E. G. History of the Swedes. Trans, from


Ch 8-4143 the Swedish by J. H. Turner. L., n. d. 8° Winsor, J. Register of Duxbury families Cg 9-3959

Cc 6–2947 Geldart, Mrs. Thomas. Popular history of England. Wyman, T. B. Genealogy of the name and family N. Y., 1860

Ce 5-3281
of Hunt

Ch 8-4134 Gell, Sir Wm. Pompeiana ; the topography, edifices See Mass. New Ipswich.

and ornaments of Pompeii ; the result of exca- General, the; or twelve nights in the hunter's camp. vations since 1819. L., 1835. 2 v. 8°

W. Barrows

Df 11-6168 Ca 8-2414 General Grant. Drama

Ilb 9-10974 Gemma. T. A. Trollope

Fe 8-15400 Genesee farmer, from Jan., 1833, to Dec., 1834, and Gems. Feuchtwanger, L. Popular treatise on

froni Jan., 1840, to Dec., 1841. Rochester. 4° Eb 6–7514

Ec 9-7734 King c. w. Antique gems. Eb 6-7510 Genesis.' Jacobus, M. W. Notes on the book of Natural history of precious stones, and of tlie

Eg 7-8501 precious metals. Eb 6-15779 Lange, J. P. Commentary

Ad 3-13362 Genealogy. Periodicals.

Genet, E. C. Memorial on the alluvions or obstruc- New England register

Gf 11-9989 tions at the head of navigation of the Hudson

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V. 43

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Genet, E. C., continued.

Geography, continued. river; the impossibility of removing them effect- Melish, J. Description of the United States ually; the practicability of a lateral canal along

Ci 44284 those impediments for vessels, as the only last- Milner, T. Gallery of:

Ci 3-4269 ing remedy.

Bh 6-Pam 1 Murray, H. Encyclopaedia of Ci 3-4251 Geneva. Letters from .

Di 8-6788 Neibuhr, B. G. Geography of Herodotus Ci 3-4265 Spon, Isaac. History of

Cf 12–15542 Lectures on ancient geography . Ch 9-4154 Geneva conference. Carlyle, G. Proceedings of, held Payne, John. New system of

Ci 4-4278 in 1861

Ed. 48127 Rennel, J. System of Herodotus Ci 4-4276 Genevieve. A. de Lamartine

Aa 412734 Rhind, Wm. Concise view Cab. A 7-15583 Genevieve de Brabant. S:ael-Holstein Aa 1-12589 Smith, T. Wonders of nature and art Ci 44288 Génie du christianisme. R. F. A. Chateaubriand

Standard library atlas of classical geography Aa 1-12592

Ci 24340 Genius. 'Galton, F. Hereditary genius Ch 8-4146 - Strabo. Geography

Ci 3-4270 Giles, H. Illustrations of

He 1-11764 - See Atlas ; Chronology; Earth; Gazetteer; PhyMadden, R. R. Infirmities of He 14-12121 sical geography; Travels ; Voyages; and LiGenius of Christianity. R. F. A. Chateaubriand

brary of useful knowledge.

Ef 10–8404 Geology. General. Genius of solitude wir. Alger

He 2–13838 - Agassiz, L. J. R. Geological sketches Eb 5–7498 Genlis, S. F. D. St. A. de. Memoirs ; illustrative - Ansted, D. T. Geology and physical geography of the history of the 18th and 19th centu

Ea 4-7169 ries, written by herself. N. Y., 1825. 2 v. 8° The great stone book of nature. Eb 5-11797

De 5–5675 Buckland, W. Geology with reference to natural Theatre, d'éducation. Nouvelle edition. P. , 1829. theology

Eb 4-7465 5 v.

Hb 2-10798 Campbell, J. F. Frost and fire Ea 2-7131 Contents.-Vol. I. La mort d'Adam; Agar dans

Cuvier, G. L. C. F. D. Revolutions of the surle désert; Isaac; Joseph reconnu par ses freres;

face of the globe

Eb 4-7486 Ruth et Noémi: La veuve de Serepta; Le re

· Theory of the earth

Eb 4-7469 tour du jeune Tobie. II. La Colombe; La

Dana, J. D., Manual of

Eb 5-7502 belle et la bête; Les flacons ; L'ile heureuse; L'enfant gaté; La curieuse ; Les dangers du

- Text-book of

Eb 5-7507 monde. III. L'aveugle de Spa; Cecile; Les

Davies, T. A. Answer to H. Miller Eb 5-8389 ennemies généreuses; La bonne mére; L'intriIV. Le bal d'enfans; Le voyageur;

De la Beche, H. T. Geological manual Vathek; Les faux amis ; Le magistrat. V. La

Eb4-7460 rosière de Salency; La marchande de modes;

Geological observer

Eb 4-7461 La lingère ; Le libraire ; Le vrai sage; Le por

- De Luc, J. A. Geological proofs of the divine trait ou les rivaux généreux.

mission of Moses

Eb 4-7463 Genoa. Saint John, B. Subalpine kingdom Di 8-6775 – Explanations; sequel to vestiges of creation Gent, H. C. The scarlet gown; or a history of all

Ea 8-7312 the present cardinals of Rome. L., 1653

- Goodrich, 's. G. Wonders of . Eb 4-7488

Ee 3-8051 Heck, J. G. Iconographic encyclopaedia. v. 1 Gentile and the Jew. J. J. J. Döllinger Ca 11-2559

Ac 8-13234 Gentile nations. G. Smith Ca 4-6447 Hitchcock, E. Elementary

Eb 4-7470 Gentle life. J. H. Friswell

He 10–11270 Geology of the globe, and United States in parGentle skeptic. C.Walworth

Eg 10-8628

Eb 5-7504 Gentleman front Ireland. Com. F. J. O'Brien

Religion of

Eb 5-7505 Hb 10-10999 Surface geology

Ae 1-13483 Gentleman of the old school. G. P. R. James

Humble, W. Dictionary of Ad 7-13449

Fb 10-14590 Jukes, J. B. Popular physical Eb 4-7487 Gentleman of Venice. Drama. J. Shirley Hb 7-10890

- Logan, W. E., et al. Geological survey of Canada Gentleman's magazine Sept., Oct., Nov., 1735, L. 8°

Eb 1-7334 Bi 12-2168 – Lyell, c. 'Evidences of the antiquity of man - for April and May 1771. ' L. Bh 6-Pam. 3.

Cb 9-4153 Gentleman's monthly intelligencer, June 1734

Manual of elementary geology Eb 4-7459 Bi 12-2168 Mantell, G. A. Wonders of .

Eb 5-7588 Gentleman's stable guide. R. McClure

Dk 7-13658 Miller, H. Foot-prints of the Creator Eb 5–8391 Geodaesia; or, the art of surveying and measuring Old red sandstone

Eb 5-7500 land. L., n. d.

Eb 10–7591
Popular geology .

Eb 4-7480
Geoffry Hamlyn. H. Kingsley
Fc 14-15106 Testimony of the rocks

Eb 5-8390 Geoffrey of Monmouth. British history. See Six old Molloy, G. Geology and revelation Eb 5-16154 English chronicles Cf 7-3598 Osborn, A. Field notes of

Eb 4-7483 Geograplıy. Anthon, C. System of ancient

Owen, D. D. Reports

Bh 1-1937 Ci 3–4267 Page, D. Elements of

Eb 4-7484 Bell, James. System of Ci 3-4258 Geology for general readers

Eb 4-7471 Bigland, J. View of the world Ca 2-2201 - Phillips, J. Manual

Eb 5-7503 Butler, S. Atlas of ancient geography Ci 4–4216 Reason why

Ea 8-13727 · Cooke, G. A. Universal Ci 3–4249 St. John, s. Elements

Eb 4-7479 Cooley, W. D. Geography of Central Africa

Schoedler, F. Book of nature Dk 3-6907

Ci 3-6265 Tenney, S. Geology for classes and private stu- D'Anville, J. B. B. Compendium of ancient


Eb 4-7482 Ci 4-4282 Trimmer, J. Practical geology .

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Vestiges of creation

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· Woods, J. E. Geological observations in South - Malte-Brun, M. Universal

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Eb 4-7468

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Geology, continued.

Geology, continued. Canada.

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of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota Bh 1-1937 - England.

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the reign of

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Dd 6-15911 Near 35th parallel

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Ae 4-13532
tion in 1838-9

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- Lanman, C. Letters from the alleghany mounNewberry, J. S. Routes in

Ae 4-13536

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eralogy; T. A. Conrad, palaeontologist ; W.W. among the wild animals of northern Africa. Mather, geologist of 1st district; E. Emmons, Trans. by C. E. Whitehead. N. Y., 1856 geologist of 2d district; L. Vanuxem, geologist

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Eb 1-7333
animae. Printed in 1492

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gical department; L. C. Beck, mineralogical anatomy of man and the mammalia ; notes and and chemical; John Torrey, botanical; T. A. appendix by G. Gulliver. With plates. L., Conrad, palaeontological; W.W. Mather, geolo

1842. 8°

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technical terms. Albany, 1840. 89 Eb 1-7332 tionary of the German and English languages - Geology. Hall, J. Natural history of New York

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Vanuxem, L.
Dk 13–13811

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v. 2-5

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Count Benyowsky, or the conspiracy of Kamt· Hitchcock, E., et al. Geology of . Eb 1-7325

schatka. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10941

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