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V. 18

Fisher, James H. The federal constitution; its Flacons. Com. Genlis

Hb 2–10799 claims upon the educated men of the country. Flag. Hamilton, S. History of the national flag An address. Geneva, 1862 Bh 5–Pam. 55

Cb 8-2720 Fisher, R. S. Book of the world; being an account Flagg, Edmund (editor). Report on the commercial

of all republics, empires, kingdoms and na- relations of the United States with all foreigu tions. N. Y., 1852

Ca 2-2225
nations. v. 1, 3, 4. W., 1856. 4°

Be 3-965 - New and complete statistical gazetteer of the - Venice; the city of the sea. N. Y., 1853. 2 v. United States of America; founded and com

Di 7-6741 piled from official federal and state returns, and Flagg, W. J. Three seasons in European vineyards ; the seventh national census. N. Y., 1853. 8° treating of vine culture, etc. N. Y., 1869 Ck 1-4419

Di 3-11868 Fisher, s. g. 'Trial of the constitution. Ph., 1862. 8" Flagg, Wilson. Studies in the field and forest B.

, 1857 Ba 4-73

Dk 3-6901" Fisher, s. w. The mission of the teacher; an ad- Flagler, C. L. Wisner, Wm.c. Memorial sermon dress before the graduating class of the normal

Bh 5-Pam. 56 school, Albany, 1863 . Bh 6-Pam. 38 Flagship. F. w. Taylor

Dg 3-6186 Fisher maiden. A Norwegian tale. Björnstjerne Flanders, Mrs. G. M. Ebony idol

· Fa 15–14372 Bjornson

le. Com Fiske, S. Mr. Dunn Brown's experience in the army Flaxman, John. Lectures on sculpture, as delivered

Fa 15–14342 before the president and members of the royal Fitch, A. M. 'Bound down; or, life and its possibili- academy. L., 1865

Hc 8-11120 ties. Ph., 1870

Fa 15-15756 Fleming and Tibbins. French and English and Fitch, John. Westcott, T. Life Da 10-4813 English and French dictionary. Ph., 1851. 89 Whittlesey, C. Life. S. A. B. v. 16 Da 8-4706

Ac 3-13020 Fitch, R. Voyage to Ormus and the East Indies, Fletcher, James c., and D. P. Kidder. 'Brazil and the 1583-91. Pinkerton's voyages. 9

Df 1-5834 Brazilians, portrayed in historical and descripFittis, R. S. Gilderoy

Fa 15–14353
tive sketches. B., 1867 8°

Ch 6-4109 Fitzball, E. Thirty-five years of a dramatic author's Fletcher, Rev. John. "Letters of, edited by Melvill lite. L., 1853

Hb 11-15952
Horne N. Y., 1819

Ef 8-8366 Esmeralda. F's S. D. v. 19 Hb 9–10961 Fletcher, John. Campbell

, T., et al. Life by G. - Father and son. F's S. D.

v. 25.
Hb 9-10964

Hb 11-11011 - Flying Dutchman. E's S. D. v. 14 Hb 9–10958 Fleury, M. `Hook, T. Memoirs of Hb 2-10782 - Hofer. F's S. D.

v. 21

Hb 9-10962 Flindersland, and Sturtland. W. R. H. Jessop - Innkeeper of Abbeville. F's S. D. v. 25

Dh 9-6545 Hb 9-10964 Flint, Austin, jr. The physiology of man; designed Jonnihan Bradford. F's S.D. v. 19 Hb 9-10961

to represent the present state of physiological Momentous question. F's S. D. v.32 Hb 9–10967 science as applied to the functions of the human The pilot. F's S. D. v. 16

Hb 9-10959

body. N. Y., 1867–8. 2 v. 8° Ga 4–8690 Tom (ringle. F's S. D.

HIV 9-10960 Flint, Charles L. Grasses and forage plants; a pracFitz-bootlle papers. W. M. Thackeray Fe 9-15326

tical treatise on their natural history, comparaFitzgerald, E. Moore, T. Life and death Dd 10–5614 tive nutrative value, methods of cultivating, Fitzgerald, Percy. A famous forgery, being the cutting, and curing, and management of grass story of the unfortunate Dr. Dodd. L., 1865

lands in the United States and British provinces. Dc 9–15921 B., 1867

Ec 9–7635 Fitzhugh, George. Sociology for the South ; or, the Milch cows and dairy farming; to which is added failure of free society. Richmond, 1856

Horsfall's system of dairy management. B., Bb 5–358 1866

Ec 10-7776 Fitz-Patrick, Wm. J. The sham squire and inform- – Practical treatise on grasses and forage plants. N. ers of 1798

Fa 15–14369
Y., 1857.

Ec 9-7739 Fitz-Roy, Robert. Narrative of the surveying voyages Flint, H.'m. Mexico under Maximilian. Ph., 1867 of his majesty's ships Adventure and Beagle,

Ch 44062 between the years 1826 and 1836, describing Flint, Timothy. History and geography of the Mistheir examination of the southern shores of sissippi ; to which is added a condensed physiSouth America, and the Beagle's circumnavi- cal geography of the Atlantic, United States, gation of the globe. L., 1839. 3 v. 8°

and the whole American continent. 2d edition. Df 2–5872 Cin., 1832. ? v. in 1. 8°

Ci 3–4264 Fire acres too much. Ř. B. Roosevelt Ec 11-7793 - Indian wars of the west, with a view of the charFive black arts. A popular account of the history, acter, manners, and antiquities of the western processes of manufacture, and uses of printing, Indians. Cin., 1833

Cb 4–2651 pottery, gas-light, glass, and iron. Columbus, Recollections of the last ten years, passed in the 1801. 89

Ga 11-8907 valley of the Mississippi, from Pittsburg to the (The article on printing was written by T. c.

Gulf of Mexico. B., 1826. 8° Df 5-5965 Hansard; Gas-light, by C. Tomlinson and A.

Flirtations in fashionable life. Catherine Sinclair Anderson; Pottery. by C. Tomlinson; Glass, by W. Cooper and James Ballantine; Iron, by

Ft 15-15433 W. Fairbanks.)

Floating beacon. Md. E. Ball

Hb 9-10963 Five months among the Arabs. M. A. de France. Flora Americae septentrionalis. F. Pursh Di 7-6196

Ec 4-7665 Five months on the Yang-Tsze. "T. W. Blakiston Flora and faina, within living animals. J. Leidy.

Dh 6-6501

S. C. to K. Vol. 5, Art. 2 . Ae 1-13479 Five weeks in a balloon. Jules Verne Ha 10-10640 Flora boreali-Americana. A. Michaux Ec 4-7671 Five years in an English university. C. A. Bristed Flora cestrica. W. Darlington

Ec 2-7641 Hc 12–11343 Floral offering. H. Dumont

If 11-12464 Five years in China, 1812-7. F. E. Forbes

Florence. Da Ponte, L. L. History of the Florentine Dh 2-6405 republic

Cg 8-3896 Five years of a bunter's life.' R. G. Cumming

· Dix, J. A. Summer in

Di 7-6760 Dg 10–6383 Machiavelli, N. History of Cg 8-3934, and 3388 Five year's residence in Canada. ' E. A. Talbot Trollope, T. A. History of

Cg 8–3917 DE 11-6152 Weld, C. R. The new capital of Italy Five years within the golden gate. Isabelle Saxon

Cg 8-3933 Df 10-6123 | Flores de Don Juan. Com. Vega Aa 2-12575

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Florian, J. P. C. de. Guillermo Tell, libertador de la Food, continued.

Suiza y Andres Hofer, el “ Tell” del Tirol, Youmans, E. L. Popular account of aliment con la vida del autor. N.Y., 1866 Aa 3-12695

Ea 6-7273 Floriated ornament. A. W. Pugin Cab. C 2-15614 Food of London. "G. Doda.

Ce 3-3245 Floriculture. Henderson, P. Practical floriculture Fool of quality. Henry Brooke

Fa 6-14680 Ec 8–7726 Fools and jesiers. J. P. Collier . Hb 3-10810 Florida. Bartram, w. Travels, 1793 Df 5-5967 Fools' revenge. Drama. T. Taylor . Hb 9-10972 - Giddings, J. R. Exiles of

Cb 12–2827 Foot, S. A. Argument in favor of the constitution– Irving, T. Conquest of .

Cb 12–15535 ality of the general banking law of the state of – Perrine, H. Culture of tropical plants in

New York. Geneva, 1839 Bh 6-Pam. 9

Ec 4–7669 Foot notes from the page of nature. H. Macmillan Sprague, J. T. Florida war Cb 12-2821

Ec 3-7626 Vignoles, C. Observations on the Floridas Foot prints of the Creator. H. Miller EL 5-8391

Cb 12-2815 Foot prints of a letter carrier. J. Rees He 3–11924 Volney, c. F. 'Remarks on Cb 3–2564 Foote, A. H. Africa and the American flag. N.Y., War in, by a late staff officer

Cb 6–2643

Dy 10–6386 St. Augustine. Fairbanks, G. R.' History and Foote, H. S. Texas and the Texans; including a antiquities

Cb 12-2826 history of the leading events in Mexico from Florida, the. Apuleius

Ha 3-16350

the conquest by Fernando Cortez to the termiFlorizel and Perdita. Drama. D. Garrick

nation of the Texan revolution. Ph., 1841. 2 v. Hb 7-10902

C'b 11-2745 Florus, L. A. See Sallust.

War of the rebellion; or Scylla and Charybdis; Flower, fruit, and thorn pieces. J. P. F. Richter

consisting of observations upon the causes, Fc 5-14929

course, and consequences of the late civil war in Flowers. Barnard, c. Simple flower garden

the United States. N. Y., 1866 Cd 1-3108

Ec 6–13707 Foote, Sámuel. Dramatic works of, with a life of Barrett, W. A.' Flowers and festivals Gb 5-9080 the author. L., 1781. 2 v. 8° Hb 7-10900 · Beecher, H. W. Talk about

Ec 11-7801

Contents.-Vol. I. Taste; Englishman at Dumont, H. The floral offering Hf 11-12464

Paris; The author; Englishman returned from - Fuller, J. J. Uncle John's flower garden

Paris; The knights: Mayor of Garrat; The ora

tors; The minor; The Iyar; The patron. II. Ec 8–7722

The commissary; The lame lover; The bankHibberd, S. Field towers

Ec 8-6116

rupt; The cozeners; The maid of Bath: The Rand, E. S. Flowers for the parlor and garden

nabob; The devil npon two sticks; A trip to

Calais; The capuchin.
Ec 8-7723
The author. Com.

Hb 1-10738 Tyas, R. Flowers and heraldry Ch 11-4217

Commissary. Com.

Hb 1-10729 Flowers of the forest. Drama. J. B. Buckstone

Englishman in Paris. Com.

IIb 1-10:38 Hb 9-10970 Flowers of history Matthew of Westminster

- Englishıman returned from Paris. Far.

Hb 1-10738 Cf 7-3602 Floyd, W. R.' Handy Andy. F's s. D. v. 42

Knights. Com.

Hlb 1-10737
Orators. Com.

Ilb 1-10729
Hb 9-10972
Patron. Com.

Hb 1-10729 Fluch eines Romers. Kotzebue

Hb 8–10935
Taste. Com.

Hb 1-10737 Flussgott Nieman und noch Temand. Kotzebue

Footfalls on the boundary of another world. R. D.
Hb 8-10940

Ed 13-8007 Fluxions. MacLaurin, C. Treatise on Eb 10–7574 Footsteps of Messiah. w. Leask Eg 4-8168 Flying Dutchman. Drama. E. Fitzball Hb 9-10958 Footsteps of our forefathers. J. G. Miall Eg 3–5066 Foes of our faith. James Grant .

Ef 6–8327 For ever and ever. Florence Marryat Fc 12–15039 Folies amoureuses. Com. Regnard. Aa 6–12940 Forayers. W. G. Simms

Fb 1+-15:373 Folle journée. Com. Beaumarchais Aa 6–12945 Forbes, C. S. Iceland; its volcanoes, geysers, and Follen, C. T. C. Works, with a memoir of his life


Di 9-6790 by E. L. Follen. B., 1841–2. 5 v. Hd 9–11629 Forbes, Duncan, of Cullodon. Works; with bioContents.-Vol. I. Life. II. Sermons on moral

graphical sketch of the life of the author. By philo-ophy., III. Fragments on psychology. IV. Schiller's life and dramas. V. Miscellan

J. Bannatyne. L., 1816

Ef 10–8105 eous writings; Future state of man; History;

Contents.-Thoughts on religion; Reflections
Inaugural discourse; Funeral discourse on G.

on the sources of incredulity with regard to re-
Spurzeim; Address on slavery; Franklin lec-

ligion; Letter to a bishop, concerning some imture; Religion and the church; Peace and war.

portant discoveries in philosophy and theology. Follet, Fred. History of the press of western, Ņ. Y. Forbes, Mrs. E. A. A woman's first impression of Rochester, 1847

Bh 5-Pam. 74 Europe; being wayside sketches made during Follies of a night. Com. J. R. Planché Hb 9–10954

a short tour in the year 1863. N. Y., 1865 Folly as it flies. Mrs. S. P. Parton He 3–11919

Di 3-6666 Fontaine, James. Memoirs of a Huguenot family. Forbes, F. E. Five years in China, from 1842 to N. Y., 1863

De 6-15074
1847. L., 1848. 8°

Dh 2-6405 Fontainebleau. Drama. J. O'Keeffe

Hb 7–10897 Forbes, Wm. An account of the life and writings Fonthill recreations. M. G. Sleeper. Di 4-13837

of James Beattie. E., 1807. 3 v. 8° Dc 10-5345 Fonvielle, W. de. Thunder and lightning. Trans. Force, Peter. See American archives, and Be 1-855

by T. L. Phipson. L., 1868 Ea 10–7416 Force. Pratt, II. F. A. Eccentric and concentric Food. Bellows, A. J. Philosophy of eating

Ea 5-7232 Ĝa 5-8721 Force and nature.' C. F. Winslow

Ea 4-7176 Hassall, A. II. ' Food and its adulterations Ford, J. Broken heart

Itb 7-10884 Ga 5-8714 Fancies, chaste and noble

Hb 7-10884 - Lewis, Dio. Talks about people's stomachs

Lady's trial

Hb 7-10884 Ga 3–16723 Lover's melancholy

Hb 7-10884 Pereira, J. Treatise on Ga 5–8715 Love's sacrifice

Hb 7-10884 Soyer, A. History of food and its preparation Perkin Warbeck

Hb 7-10884 Ga 5-8713 - Sun's darling

Hb 7-10884 Smith, John. Fruits and farinacea the proper 'Tis pity she's a whore

11h 7-10884 food of man Ga 5–8718 Witch of Edmonton

IIb 7-10884 - Thompson, R. D. Food of animals and man Ford, R. Hand-book for travellers in Spain. Part Dk 5-6952 I., II. L., 1855

Ck 7-456

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a hawk"



Ford, R., continued.

Forwood, W. S. An historical and descriptive narraThe Spaniards and their country. N. Y., 1847

tive of the mammoth cave of Kentucky, inDi 9-6808

cluding explanations of the causes concerned Forde, John. Honour triumphant, and a line of lite; in its formation, its atmospheric conditions, its Two tracts unknown to the editors of his

chemistry, geology, zoology, etc., with full sciworks, and now first reprinted from the origi- entific details of the eyeless fishes. Ph., 1870 nal copies published in 1606 and 1620. L.,

Df 11-10874 1813. go

Hv 3-10819 Foscolo, Ugo. Shelley, Mrs., et al. Life of Foreign quarterly review. v. 30–34. Am. ed. N.

De 11-5804 Y., 1843-5. 3 v. 8°

Gf 12-10360 Fossils. "Agassiz, L. Monographie des poissons fosForest, the jungle. A. Elliott

Dk 2-6878
siles, Plates

Ae 4-1:3519
Forest days. G. P. R. James
Fb 11-14603 Text.

Ae 4-13509 Forest rose. S. Woodworth. Drama IIb 9-10972 Bailey, J. W. Letter on

A 4-13532 Forest tragedy. Mrs. S. J. Lippincott Ff 7-14018 Brougham, II. Fossil osteology Et 9-8380 Forester, Frank. See Herbert, H. W.

- Buckland, W. and Mr. Clift. Description of the Forester, Thomas. Rambles in the islands of Corsica fossil remains of Ava .

Dh 5-6464 and Sardinia, with notices of their history, an- - Conrad, T. A. Check list of the invertebrate fostiquities, and present condition. L., 1861. 80

sils of North America

Dk 12-7078 Di 3-6674 Description of tertiary fossils Ae 4-13536 Forestiers. A. Dumas

Fd 11-15219 – Ferber, J. J. Oryctography of Derbyshire Forgiven at last. Jeannette R. Haderman Fe 4–15981

Dt 1-5826 Forgotten by the world. By the author of "Wild as Figuier, L. The world before the deluge Fd 13-13915

Eb 4-7467 Forlorn hope. Edmund Yates

Fa 4-4966 Gibbes, R. W. Masasaurus. s. C. to K. Vol. 2, Forrest, Geo. Hand-book of swimming and skating:

Art. 5

Ae 1-13476 L., 1865

Gb 12-13642 - Leidy, J. Ancient fauna of Nebraska. S. C. to Forrest, James. Some account of the origin and pro- K. Vol. 6, Art. 7

Ae 1-13480 gress of trinitarian theology in the second, third, Extinct sloth tribe.

S. c. io K.' Vol. 7, Art. 5 and succeeding centuries; and on the manner

Ae 1-13481 in which its doctrines gradually supplanted the -- Extinct species of fossil ox. s. c. to K. Vol

. unitarianism of the primitive church. Mead

5, Art. 3

Ae 1-13479 ville, Pa., 1853

Eg 11–8641 Mackie, S. J. The fossils of the boitom rocks Forrest, N. B. "Jordan and Pryor. Campaigns of

Eb 5–7501 Cd 6-16145 - Mantell, G. A. Petrifactions and their teachings Forrest, Wm. s. ilistorical and descriptive sketches

Eb 5-7499 of Norfolk and vicinity. Ph., 1853. . 8°

Pictorial atlas of fossil remains. Eb 1-7330

Ch 10-2790 - Meek, F. B. Check list of invertebrate fossils Forster, 'Rev. Charles. Historical geography of

Dk 12-7078 Arabia; or, patriarchal evidences of revealed Miller, H. Fossiliferous deposits of the Hebrides religion. L., 1844. 2 v. 8° Ca 12-2595

Eb 4-7473 Forster, John. Statesmen of the commonwealth of

oid red sandstone

Eb 5–7500 England. Edited by J. 0. Choules. N. Y., Murchison. R. J. Siluria; the history of fossilif1816. So

Dd 3-5496
erous rocks.

Eb 5–7493
Contents.- Treatise on the popular progress

- Parkinson, James. "Organic remains Eb 1-7327 in English history: Sir John Eliot; Thomas Foster, E. New cyclopaedia of illustrations adapted Wentworth, earl of Stafford; John Pym; John Hampden; Henry lane, the younger; Henry

to teaching; embracing mythology, analogies, Marten; Oliver Cromwell.

legends, parables, etc. N. Y., 1870.

Ad 4-16139 Walter S. Landon. A biography. B., 1869 Foster, Fiannah. "The coquette ; or, the life and let

Dc 1–5063
ters of Eliza Wharton

Fa 15–14357 - et al. Lives of eminent British statesmen. Ph., Foster, John. Critical essays contributed to the ec1832. v.1.

Dd 2-5437 Forster, J. G. A. Travels in the northern parts of

letic review. L., 1856. 2 v. . Hd 11-11708

Contents.-Vol. I. On travel writing; On mePersia, 1783. Pinkerton's voyages.


moir writing: Thoughts on affectation; Future Df 1-5834

of England and America; On memoir writing; Forsyth, Wm. Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero. N.

On Blair's life and writings; On David Hume; Y., 1866. 2 v.

Da 3-4637

Hindoo idolatry and Christianity; Vindication

of the baptist missionaries; On poetical critiFort Sumter. Trip of the steamer Oceanus, 1865

cism; On personal virtue in its relation to poDf 6–5979

litical eminence; On statesmen; Memoirs of Fortia de Piles. A t. J. A. M. M. de. Travels in Sir Thomas More; Christianity in India; On

Paley as a theologian ; America before the revoSweden. Pinkerton's

voyages. 6 Df 1-5832 lution ; On the peninsular war; Sydney Smith's Fortification. Straith, H. Treatise on Gb 10-9161

sermons; Paley's memoirs; Rore on Fox's Fortnight in Ireland, F. B. Head

Di 5-6706

history; On theatrical amusements; Characters

of Fox; Education in reference to religion; Fortune, R. Journey to the tea countries of China Sanscrit literature; Morality of works of fiction; including Sung-lo and the Bohea Hills. L.,

On cruelty to animals; Soutbey'e curse of Ke1852. 8

Dh 2-6409

hama; Vindication of Fox's history: Jesse's

II. Coleridge: Highland supersti. – Two visits to the tea countries of China and the

tions; Grecian architectur; Richard CumberBritish tea plantations in the Himalaya. L.,

land; George Whitefield : Junius; Henry Grat1873. 2 v..

Dh 2–6410

tan; Zollikofer's sermons; Irish society; Horne Fortunes and misfortunes of the famous Moll Fland

Tooke; On biography; Public worship of non

conformists; The relation of man to nature; ers. D. Defoe

Hd 7-11581

Wilberforce on Christian missions; Robert Fortunes frolic. Far. Allingham Hb 10-10998

Hall on the East India charter; Chateaubriand's Fortunes of Glencove. Charles Lever Fb 5-14395

Christian martyrs; Life of Michael de L'Hopital;

Mungo Park; Hobhouse's Albania; Curran; Fortunes of Nigel. Sir W. Scott

Ff 9-14181

Brittou's cathedral antiquities; Jeremy Taylor; Forty and fifty. Far. T. H. Bayley Hb 10–11002

Astronomy and the Christian revelation ; AnForty thieves. Drama

Hb 9-10959

drew Fuller: Benjamin Franklin; John Fow

cett; John Ryland; Recollections of Coleridge; Forty years in the wilderness of pills and powders. Modern Egypt; Chatterton; Daniells' oriental W. A. Alcott

Ga 5-8773 Forum; or, forty years' practice.' D. P. Brown - An essay on the evils of popular ignorance. N. Db 4-4912 Y., 1821

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Hc 12-11308


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Foster, John, continued.

Fowler, S. P. Salem witchcraft; comprising more Lectures delivered at Broadmead chapel, Bristol. wonders of the invisible world collected by L., 1853. 2 v.

Ef 11-13981

Robert Calef; and wonders of the invisible Ryland, J. E. Life and correspondence Dc 6-5237 world by Cotton Mather. Salem, 1861 See Hall, Robert.

Ci 9-4383 Foster, J. W. Mississippi valley; its physical geog- Fowler, w.c. History of Durham, Ct., from the first

raphy, including sketches of the topography, grant of land in 1662 to 1866. Hart., 1866. go botany, climate, geology, and mineral resour

Cc 10–3072 ces; and of the progress of development in Fownes, Geo. Manual of elementary chemistry,

thepopulation and material wealth. Chicago, 1869. oretical and practical. Ph., 1867 Eb 3–15751 8°

Ci 3–13633 Fox, C. J. History of the early part of the reign of and J. D. Whitney. Report on the geology and James the second. L., 1808. 4° Dc 3–5124

topography of a portion of the lake Superior - History of the reign of James II. L., 1846
land district in the state of Michigan. W.,

Cf8-3620 1850. 8°

Eb 5-7496 Russell, lord John. "Life and times of Dc 1-5070 Foster, N. Simms, J. R. Biography of Db 3-4904 - Trotter, J. B. Latter years of Dc 9–15531 Fou Yegof, le. Erckmann-Chatrian Aa 4-12748 Fox, C. J. History of the old township of Dunstable, Foul play. Charles Reade

Fc 6-14965 including Nashua, Nashville, Hollis, Hudson, Foulke, W. P. Remarks on cellular separation. Ph., Litchfield, and Merimack. N. H. ; Dunstable 1861

Ba 9-231 and Tyngsborough, Mass. Nashua, 1846 Founders' guide; brass and iron. J. Larkin

Ce 7-2976 Gb 9-9137 Fox, Geo. A journal or historical account of the life, Fouqué, F. de la vi. Undine :. Fa 15–14374 travels, sufferings, Christian experiences and Four Georges. W. M. Thackeray

labor of love in the work of the ministry. L., Fe 9-15327, and Dc 1-5079 1765. 4°

Di 1-6557 Four gospels. s. H. Tyng

Ad 4-13408 Foxe, John. Book of martyrs. 'Edited by J. KenFour months in Algiers. J. W. Blakesly Dg 8–6324 nedy. L., n. d. 4°

Ee 9-8119 Four oaks. K. Thorpe

Fe 12–15389 English martyrology, abridged by Charlotte ElizFour plays in one. Beaumont and Fletcher

abeth. Ph., 1852. 2 v.

Ee 10–8145 Hb 7-10883 Narratives of the days of the reformation. Cam. Four years aboard the whaleship. W. B. Whitecar Soc. Pub. v. 77

Ce 9–16038 Df 3-5916 · Writings of. Ph., n. d.

Ee 6-8088 Four years among Spanish Americans. F. Hassaurek Foxton, E. Pseudonym of S. Palfrey.

Df 12–6036 Foy, M. S. History of the war in the peninsula under Four years in Great Britain.' c. Colton Di 5-6687 Napoleon, to which is prefixed a view of the Four years in the saddle. H. Gilmor Cd 1-14470 political and military state of the four belligeFour years in Secessia. J. II. Browne Cd 3–3158

rent powers. Trans. from the French. L., Fourberies de Scapin. Com. Molière

1829. 2 v. 80

Cg 7–3861 Hb 2-10767, and 8–10947 Fracture tables." F. H. Hamilton Bh 5-Pam. 57 Fourdrinier, Harriet E.' Our new parish ; its privi- Fragmens d' Iphis. Trag. Rousseau Aa 6-12934

leges and progress. L., 1852. Fa 15–15529 Framingham, Mass. See Massachusetts, Framingham. Fourier, Charles. Le nouveau monde industriel et Framley parsonage. A. T'rollope. Fe 7-15351 sociétaire. P., 1818 .

Aa 3-12700 Francatelli, C. E. The royal confectioner; English - Passions of the human soul and their influence on and foreign; a practical treatise on the art of

society and civilization. Trans. by H. Doherty, confectionary in all its branches. L., 1866
L., 1851. 2 v. 8°
Bb 5-345

Gb 4-8938 Fourier, Joseph. Arago, F.' Biography Dd 1-5394 France, M. A. de. . The prisoners of Abd-el-Kader; Fournier, M. R. Comedy and tragedy. F's M. D. or, five months' captivity among the Arabs.

Hb 10–10999
N. Y., n. . .

Di 7-6211 Fowle, W. B.' Parlor dramas; or, dramatic scenes France. History general, and before revolution

for home amusement. B., 1856 Ab 12–16152 of 1789. Fowler, C. H. Colenso's fallacies. Another review of Anquetil, L. P. Memoirs of the reign of Louis the bishop of Natal. Introduction by H. Ban


Cg 4-3801 nister. Cin., 1864

Eg 11–8639 - Bonnechose, E. de. "IIistory of France Cg 5-3832 Fowler, Geo. Three years in Persia; with travelling Caesar, Julius. Commentaries Ha 2-10484 adventures in Koordistan. L., 1841. 2 v.

Chateaubriand, R. F. A. Histoire de France Dh 4-6453

Aa 1-12590 Fowler, it. American pulpit; sketches biographical - Collection universelle des memoires particulières

and descriptive of living American preachers. relatifs à l'histoire de France Aa 9-13112 N. Y., 1856. 8°.

Db 1-4877 Crowe, E. E. History of France Cg 4-3828 Contents.---Edward N. Kirk; Chester Dewey;

Freer, M. W. Reign of Henry IV. Cg 4-3814 Robert Baird; John P. Durbin; C. F. Post, the

Froissart, C. Chronicles

C1 1-3363 pioneer preacher: Wm. H, Milburn ; llenry W.

Godwin, Park. History.
Beecher; William R. Williams; Charles G. Soin-

Cg 3–3781 mers; Orville Dewey ; Fred. D. Huntingdon ;

History of England and France from 1324 to Leonard Bacon; Theodore L. Cuyler; Samuel


Cf 6-3579 H. Cox; Francis L. Hawks; George W. Beth

Martin, Henri. Age of Louis XIV.

Cg 3–3779 une; Richard S. Storrs, Stephen H. Tyng; James W. Alexander; George B. Cheever; Al

Michelet, J. History to 1483 Cg 2–13629 bert Barnes.

- Monstrelet, E. de. Chronicles Cg 1-3204 Fowler, Jolin. Journal of a tour in the state of New Normand, H. de. Two eras of France Cg 5-3842

York in the year 1830. L., 1831 Df 9-6091 Ranke, L. Civil wars and monarchy in the 16th Fowler, 0. S. Hereditary descent; its laws and facts and 17th centuries Cg 4-3810, and 3820 applied to human improvement. N. Y., 1847 - Stephen, Sir J. Lectures on the history of France Ga 3-8736

Cg 3–3782 A hoine for all; or, the gravel wall and octagon Student's France.

Cg 4-3827 mode of building, new, cheap, convenient, su- Sully, M. de Bethune, duc de. Nemoirs perior, and adapted to rich and poor. N. Y.,

Cg 2-5706 18.54

Ga 11-8913 Revolution of 1789;-First empire. - Practical phrenology; giving a concise elemen- Carlyle, T. French revolution (9 5–3845 tary view of phrenology. N. Y., d.

Crocker, J. W. Early period of the French revo. Ga 6-8758 lution.

Cg 2–3776

V. 19.

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France, continued.

France, continued. MacFarlane, C. French revolution Cg 5–15912 Miscellaneous. - Michelet, J. Women of the French revolution Berkeley, G. F. Month in the forests of France (g 43831

Di 0-6713 Moleville, A. F. B. de. Annals of the revolution – Paine, T. Letter to the people of France Cg 5-3847

Bh 5-Pam. 55 Money, J. History of the campaign of 1792 Reach, A. B. Claret and olives Di 6–6717

Cg 2-13798 - Scrope, G. P. Geology of France Eb 4-7462 – Moore, John. View of the causes and progress of Franchere, Gabriel. Narrative of a voyage to the the French revolution

Cg 11-16170 north-west coast of America, in 1811-14; or, - Necker, J. On the French revolution Cg 3–3792 the first American settlement on the Pacific.

Normand, H. de. Two eras of France (g 5–3812 Trans. by J. V. Huntington. N. Y., 1854 Pardoe, Miss J. Episodes in history Cg 4-3825

DI 7-6017 Reign of terror

Cg 3-3784 Francis, c. Life of John Elliot.' s. Å. B.v.5 - Roland, Mme. Appeal to impartial posterity

Da 8-4695 Cg 3–3796

– Life of Sebastian Rale, missionary to the Indians. – Sketch of the history of France from 1792 to 1815 S. A. B. v. 17

Da 8-4707 Cg 3-3786 Francis, G. H. Orators of the age, comprising por- Smythe, Wm. Lectures on the history of the traits, critical, biographical, and descriptive. French revolution Cg 5-3836 N. Y., 1817

Dd 6-5510 Staël-Holstein, Mme. de. Considerations on the

Contents.-Sir Robert Peel; Lord John Rusevents of the French revolution C'g 2-3777

sell; Duke of Wellington; T. B. Macaulay; Evénements de la revolution Aa 1-12589

Lord Stanley; Lord Palmerston ; Lord Lynd

horst; Earl Grey; Sir James Graham; Lord - Sybel, H. von. History of the French revolution

Morpeth; Duke of Buckingham;
Cg 5-14467

Radnor: Duke of Richmond, Mr. Bright; Mr. - Thiers, Adolphe. Consulate and empire

Sheil: George Bentinck; Mr. Villiers; T. Mil

ner Gibson; Mr. Wakley; Dr. Bowring: Mr. Cg 2-3760

T. S. Duncombe: Mr. Wyse; Mr. Uawes; Mr. French revolution

Cg 3–7644

Ward; Mr. Roebuck: Thomas Wilde; Lord Since the first empire.

Sandon; Hugh McNeille. - Blanc, Louis. Ten years, 1830–40 Cg 3–3794 Francis, J. W. Old New York; or, reminiscences of - Guizot, F. P. G. Memoirs of my own times.

the past sixty years; being an enlarged and

('g 3–3788 – Hobliouse, J. C. Letters from Paris, by an Eng

revised edition of the anniversary discourse de

livered before the New York historical society, lislaman

Og 4-3800
Nov. 17, 1857. N. Y., 1858

(c 4-2920 - Lamartine, A. de. Past, present, and future of Francis I. Pardoe, J. Court and reign of De 6-5726 the republic

Cg 5-3835 Francklin, W. Tour from Bengal to Persia, 1786-7. Restoration of the monarchy Cg 4-3816 Pinkerton's voyages. 9

Di 1-5834 Revolution of 1818

('g 5-3838 Franconia. Perry, W. C. The Franks to the death Normandy, marquis of. A year of revolution, of Pepin

Cg 9-3952 1818

Cg 5–15905 Frank, Elizabeth. Memoirs of the life and writings - Sarrans, B. French revolution of 1830 De 2-5633

of Lindley Murray. N. Y., 1827. Siborne, W. War in France and Belgium

De 9-15532 Cg 3-3783 Frank Fairleigh. F. E. Smedley Ft 13-14209 - Turnbull, D. French revolution of 1830

Frank Mildmay. F. Marryat

Aa 8-13045
Cg 5–15920

Fc 12-15040 – Politics and society.

Frank Warrington. Miss M. Coles

Fb 3-14039 - Bulwer-Lytton, Henry. France, social, literary, Frankenstein. M. W. Shelley

FI 13-14202 and political

Di 6–6718 Franklin. Drama. John Brougham. Hb 9-10962 – Chateaubriand, R. F. A. de. Melanges politiques Franklin, Benjamin. Works; consisting of essays,

Aa 1-12593

humorous, moral, and literary, with his lite, Courcillon, E. de. Le Curé Nanqué Di 6-6712

written by himself. N. Y., 1847 Ha 9-10602 - Hodde, L. de la Secret societies of France

Contente.- Life of Franklin as written by
Cg 1-3805

himself; (ontinuation of hi- life by Dr. Stuber; Maintenon, Mme. de. Secret correspondence

Extracts from his will; On early marriages; On
Cg 2-16073

the death of his brother, John Franklin ; Letter Moore, J. View of society, 1779

to Dr. Mather; The whistle; A petition of the Cg 4-3812

left hand: The haudrome and deformed leg; Morgan, lady. France, 1817 .

Cg 4-3803

Conversation of a company of ephemerae', with Travels and descriptions.

soliloquy of one advanced in age; Morals of

chers; Art of procuring pleasant dreams; Ad- Buffum, E. G. Sighis and sensations Di 8-6781

vice to a young tradesman; Ilints to those that - Clemens, S. L. Innocents abroad . Di 4-6624

would be rich; Way to make money plenty; An - Drake, E. C. Sacheverel Stevens' travels

economical project: Sketch of an English

school; On modern innovations in the English Cb 1-2432

language, and in printing; Court of judicature Dumas, A. Pictures of travel Di 6-6723

in Pennsylvania; Poem; Art of swimming; - Haren, G. Pilgrim's wallet

Di 5-6689

New mode of bathing; Observations on life and - Hazlitt, Wm. Journey through Di 6-14684

death; Precautions for a rea voyage; On lux.

ury, idleness, and industry; On the slave - Humphrey, H. Short tour in 1835 Di 5-6703

trade; Observations on war; Impress of rea– Ireland, S. Picturesque tour.

Di 2–6579

men : On the criminal laws, and the practice of – Ireland, W.W. Studies of a wandering observer

privateering; Savages of North America; To

Mr. Duboury concerning the dissensions be-
Di 2-6606

tween England and America; Comparison of - Letters from Geneva and France Di 8-6788

the ancient Jews and of the antifederalists; Mirza, I. M. Travels

Di 5-6679

Nautical affairs; Position to be examined ; Pre

Jiminary address to " Poor Richard's almanac Voah, M. M. Travels

Di 2-6591

for 1750": Internal state of A erica: InformaNolte, V. Fifty years in both hemispheres

tion to those who would remove to America; Df 9-6101

Thoughts on commercial subjects; American Raffles, T. Letters during a tour in 1817 Di 3-6642

whitewashing: Answer to the above; Final

fpeech in the federal convention ; Preference of Wheaton, N. S. Short tour

Di 5-6682

bows and arrows in war to fire arms; Theory of Willard, Emma. Journal and letters Di 6-6722

the earth; Thoughts on an universal fluid. Hand-books.

- Works; containing several political and histori- Bradshaw's travellers' hand-book Ck 7-4583 cal tracts not included in any former edition,

Hand-book for travellers in France Ck 7-4572 and many letters oflicial and private not


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