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La Fontaine, J. de

Faca. O. S. Wilcox.

Facetiae. See Wit and humor.
Facheux. Com. Bal. Molière

Hb 2-10766, Hb 8-10945
Facheux Veuvage. Com. op. A. Piron Hb 2-10788
Facino cane. Balzac
Aa 2-12551
Hc 4-11145

Facsimilies of the original studies of Raffaello

Of Buonarroti

Faerie queen. E. Spenser

Faggot of French sticks. F. B. Head Faint heart never won fair lady. Planché

Hc 4-11144

If 3-12219

Fair Harvard; a story

Fair maid of the inn.

Di 6-6721 Com. J. R. Hb 9-10954 of American college life Fd 14-13877 Beaumont and Fletcher

Hb 7-10883 Ff 9-14109 Ff 6-14067

Fair maid of Perth. Sir W. Scott Fair play. E. D. E. N. Southworth Fair quaker of Deal. Com. C. Shadwell Hb 1-10733 Fairbairn, James. Crests of the families of Great Britain and Ireland, revised by L. Butters. Ed. by Joseph Maclaren. E., 1860. 2 v. 8° Ch 10-4196 Fairbairn, P. The typology of the scriptures reviewed in connection with the entire scheme of divine dispensations. Ph., 1859. 2 v. 8° Eg 10-8604 Fairbairn, Wm. Iron, its history, properties, and processes of manufacture. New edition, revised and enlarged. E., 1865. 8° Gb 9-9126 See Original essay, under head of Five black


On the application of cast and wrought iron to building purposes. N.Y., 1854. 8 Gb 9-9123 - Principles of mechanism and machinery of transmission. Ph., 1869 Gb 8-13659

Fairbanks, G. R. History and antiquities of the city of St. Augustine, Fla., founded 1565, comprising some of the most interesting portions of the early history of Florida. N. Y., 1858. 8° Cb 12-2826 Fairburn's genuine edition of the death-bed confessions of the countess of Guernsey Dd 6-15911 See Guernsey, countess of Dd 6-15911 Faire Saint Germain. Com. Regnard Aa 6-12943 Fairfax, Sir Thomas. Fairfax correspondence. Memoirs of the reign of Charles the first. Edited by G. W. Johnson. L., 1848. 2v. 8° Cf 3-3483

Ff 4-14032

Edited by Robert

Cf 3-3485 Dc 3-13636

Fairholt, F. W. Dictionary of terms in art.

Fairie queen. See Faerie queen.
Fairies. Drama. D. Garrick
Fairy fingers. A. C. M. Ritchie
Fairy tales. C. Mathews

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L., n. d. Ac 6-13212

Hb 7-10902

Fc 8-14986

Ha 9-10616

Ruskin, J. The king of the golden river

He 4-11141

Fairy tales and romances. A. Hamilton Ha 10-10645 Faiseur, le. Com. Balzac

Faith. Auberlen, C. A. The foundations

-Schedel, H. E. Emancipation of
Tillotson, J. Rule of
Faith Gartney's girlhood. Mrs. A. D. T.

Aa 2-12560
of our faith
Ef 10-8409
Ef 10-8402

Eg 1-8560

Fc 12-14856 Ef 3-8246

Faith, hope, and charity. T. Adams.
Faith Unwin's ordeal. G. M. Craik
Faithful forever.
Faithful friends. Drama. Beaumont and Fletcher

C. Patmore

Ff 3-10647 Hf 12-12512

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Falconer, Wm. Universal dictionary of the marine. L., 1780. 4°

Ad 8-13456 Falkland, A. F. V. Chow-chow; selections from a journal kept in India, Egypt, and Syria. L., 1857. 2 v. 8° Dh 5-6470

Falkland islands. Mackinnon, Capt. L.

and transatlantic Falkner Lyle. M. Lemon

Fall of Mortimer. Drama. B. Jonson
Fall of the Nibelungers. W. N. Lettsom
Fall River, Mass. See Mass., Fall River.
Fallen pride. Ann S. Stephens
Fallen pride. E. D. E. N. Southworth
Falsche scham. Sch. Kotzebue .
False delicacy. Kotzebue
False heir. G. P. R. James.
False one.

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Fanatisme. Trag. Voltaire
Fanchon. Kotzebue

Fanchon. A. Waldauer
Fancies, chaste, and noble.



Aa 12-13242 Farquhar, G., continued. - Twin rivals. Com.. Campbell, T., et al. Life of Farquharson, Martha. Casella; the valleys

Hb 8-10930 Hb 9-10972

Drama. J. Ford

Hb 7-10884

Fancies of a whimsical man, by the author of " Musings of an invalid." N. Y., 1852 He 8-12033 Fancourt, Charles St. J. History of Yucatan, from its discovery to the close of the 17th century. L., 1854. 8° Ch 5-4080 Dg 2-6217

Fankwei. Wm. M. Wood Fanning, Edmund. Voyages round the world; with sketches of voyages to the south seas, north and south Pacific oceans, China, etc. N. Y., 1833. 80

Df 3-5900 Far above rubies. Mrs. J. H. Riddell ́. Fc-14920 Faraday, M. Chemical manipulations; being instructions for students in chemistry. Ed. by J. K. Mitchell. Ph., 1831. 8° Eb 2-7398 Course of six lectures on the chemical history of a candle; with a lecture on platinum. Ed. by W. Crooks. N. Y., 1861

-Jones, B. Life and letters

- Tyndall, J. Faraday as a discoverer Farm drainage. H. F. French

Farm implements. J. J. Thomas - Todd, S. E. Young farmers'

Eb 3-7386

Dc 3-5135

Dc 2-5099

Ec 10-7781

Ec 11-7797


Ec 11-7804 Fa 2-15765 Hb 7-10899

Farm of Aptonga. Rev. J. M. Neale
Farmer. Drama. J. O'Keeffe
Farmer, John. A genealogical register of the first
settlers of New England. Lancaster, Mass.,
Ch 8-4138
— and J. B. Moore. Collections, topographical, his-
torical, and biographical, relating principally
to New Hampshire. Concord, 1831. 3 v. 8°
Cb 9-2726
Farmer boy (Washington). M. Heady Db 7-4963
Farmer of Inglewood forest. Elizabeth Helme
Fe 5-15262

Farmer's and planter's encyclopaedia. C.W. Johnson
Farmer's assistant. J. Nicholson
Farmer's barn-book. F. Clater, et al
Farmer's return from London. Drama.

Ad 7-13447 Ec 11-7707

Ec 11-7802

D. Garrick Hb 7-10903

Farming Beecher, H. W. Talk about Ec 11-7801
Brackett, E. G. Farm talk
Ec 11-7790
Clift, W. Tim Bunker papers Ec 10-7778
Hoskyns, C. W. Talpa.
Ec 11-7799
Ec 10-7775
Mead, P. B. Our farm of four acres Ec 11-7772
Mitchell, D. G. My farm at Edgewood

- Liebig, J. von.

Natural laws of husbandry

Ec 11-15029 Ec 10-7779 Ec 6-7795 Ec 11-7793 Todd, S. E._Young farmers' manual Ec 11-7804 - Waring, G. E. Book for young farmers Ec 10-7777 - See Agriculture; Cattle; Drainage; Gardening; Landscape-gardening. Farnham, Eliza W. California indoors and out; or, how we farm, mine, and live generally, in the golden state. N. Y., 1856. Df 11-6167 Woman and her era. N. Y., 1864. 2 v. Ci 6-4324 Farnham, T. J. Mexico; its geography-its people -and its institutions. N. Y., 1846 Bh 4-Pam. 77 - Travels in the great western prairies; the Rocky mountains, and in Oregon territory. N. Y., 1843. 8° Df 9-6081 Faroe islands. Nichol, J. Historical account of Di 9-6793

Morris, E. How to get a farm
Reason why

Roosevelt, R. B. Five acres too much

Farquhar, G. The beaux stratagem.

Hb 1-10727

Farr, Edward. Ancient history.

Hb 1-10733 Hb 11-11011 or, the children of

Fa 15-14358

N. Y., 1850. 4 v.

Ca 4-2281

Contents.-Vol. I. History of the Egyptians. II. Macedonians. III. Persians. IV. Macedonians and Parthenians.

- Editor. Select poetry, chiefly devotional, of the
reign of queen Elizabeth, collected and edited
for the Parker society. Cam., 1845. 2 v.
Hf 7-16280

- Editor. Poetry; chiefly sacred, of the reign of
James the first. Cam., 1847
Hf 6-11847
Aa 2-12550

Farragus. Balzac
Farragut, D. G. Headley, J. T. Farragut and our
naval commanders

Montgomery, J. E. Cruise of

[blocks in formation]

- Experimental treatise on optics.
Farrar, Mrs. John. Recollections of seventy years.
B., 1866
Dď 1-5408
Farrar, T. Manual of the constitution of the United
States of America. B., 1867. 8° Ba 4-84
Farrar, Timothy. Report of the case of the trustees of
Dartmouth college, against William H. Wood-
ward. Portsmouth, 1819.
Bb 6-398
Farrell, J. Dumb girl of Genoa. F's S. D.
v. 33
Hb 9-10968
Farriery. Miles, W. The horse's foot Ec 11-7800
See Horses and horsemanship.
Fascinating individual. F's M. D. v. 21 Hb 10–10999
Fashion. Anna C. Mowatt Ritchie

Hb 9-10965, and 11-11015
Fashion and famine. Ann S. Stephens Ff 8-14102
Fashionable life. M. H. Eastman
Fb 9-14540
Fashionable wife and unfashionable husband. Mrs.
A. Opie
Fa 13-14848
Fatal boots. W. M. Thackeray
Fe 9-15324
Fatal curiosity. Trag. G. Lillo
Hb 1-10751, and 11-11020
Fatal discovery. Drama. J. Horne Hd 3-11474
Fatal dowry. Drama. P. Massinger Hb 7-10884
Fatal marriage. E. D. E. N. Southworth Ff 7-14077
Fatalla Sayeghir. A. de Lamartine
Fate. M. T. Cicero

See Literature, oriental.
Father and daughter. Mrs. A. Opie.
Father and son. Drama. E. Fitzball
Father Henson's story of his own life.
Fathers. Butler, A. Lives of the

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Sir Harry Wildair. Com.

The inconstant.


Ha 5-10522 Hb 2-10786 Aa 2-12542


Faust. Drama. Goethe Hb 9-11627, and 10-11006
Faust and Marguerite. Drama
Hb 9-10969
Faustus; his life, death, and doom, a romance in
prose. Trans. from the German. L., 1864
Ha 10-10646
Faux, W. Memorable days in America; being a
journal of a tour to the United States, princi-
pally undertaken to ascertain by positive evi-
dence the condition and probable prospects of
British emigrants, including accounts of Mr.
Burbeck's settlement in the Illinois. 1818-20.
L., 1823. 8°
Df 10-6118
Hb 2-10796
Favorite haunts and rural studies. E. Jesse Di 5–6680
Fawcett, H. Economic position of the British labour-
er. L. and C., 1865
Ba 8-188
Fawne. Drama. J. Marston
Hb 11-11022
Fay, T. S. Dreams and reveries of a quiet man. N.
Y., 1832. 2 v.
He 14-14370
Norman Leslie
Fa 15-14359
Ha 9-10952

Faux amis. Com. Genlis.

Fazio. Trag. H. H. Milman Fearon, H. B. Narrative of a journey of five thousand miles through the eastern and western states of America. L., 1819. 8° Df 6-6001 Feathered tribes of the British islands. R. Mudie Dk 9-7035

Featherstonhaugh, G. W. Canoe voyage to the sources of the Minnay Sotor, with an account of the lead and copper deposits of Wisconsin, and of the gold region in the Cherokee country. L.. 1847. 2 v. 8° Df 8-6055 - Geological report of an examination made in 1834, of the elevated country between the Missouri and Red rivers., W., 1835. 8° Eb 4-7478 - Same Bh 6-Pam. 36 Federalist. Hamilton, Madison, and Jay Ba 5-113 Ba 6-129



Feejee islands. Erskine, J. E. Journal of a cruise

See Fiji.

Felicita. E. C. Kinney


Dg 1-11853

Hf 11-12498 Fb 7-14523

Felix Holt, the radical. Marian Evans Fellowes, W. D. Historical sketches of Charles I., Cromwell, Charles II., and the principal personages of the period; the king's trial and execution, an account of the sums extracted and the names of all those who compounded for their estates, with other scarce documents. L., 1828. 4° Di 1-6558 Fellows, Sir C. Travels and researches in Asia Minor, more particularly in the province of Lycia. L., 1852. Dh 10-6567 Fellows, John. Exposition of the mysteries; or, religious dogmas and customs of the ancient Egyptians, Pythagoreans, and Druids; also, an inquiry into the origin, history, and purport of free masonry. N. Y., 1835. 8° Ci 11-4396 Feltham, Owen. Resolves, divine, moral, political. Cam., 1832 Hd 13-11723 Felton, C. C. Familiar letters from Europe. B., 1866 Di 3-6631 2 v. 8°

Greece, ancient and modern. B., 1867.

Ca 8-2386 Da 8-4699

Life of Wm. Eaton. S. A. B. V. 9

- Selections from modern Greek writers, in prose and poetry, with notes. 2d edition. Cam., 1857 He 12-13865 Fc 11-15015

Female pilgrims. J. Mitchell

Female poets of America. R. W. Griswold

Femme abandonnée. Balzac

Ha 5-10500

Aa 2-12543

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Fenians. See Stephens, James. Fenn, John. Paston letters; original letters written during the reigns of Henry VI., Edward IV., and Richard III., by various persons of rank or consequence; containing many curious anecdotes, and elucidating matters of state, and private manners of the age, with notes historical and explanatory, authenticated by engravings of autographs and seals. New edition by A. Ramsay. L., 1840. 2 v. in 1 Ce 4-3275 Fenton, E. Works. British poets. Hf 1-12294 Feodore. Singsp. Kotzebue Hb 8-10933 Ferber, J. J. Oryctography of Derbyshire. erton's voyages. 2

PinkDf 1-5826

[blocks in formation]

- The palaces of Nineveh and Persepolis restored; an essay on ancient Assyrian and Persian architecture. L., 1851. 8° Dh 4-6450 Ferland, prétre J. B. A. Cours d'histore du Canada. Première partie, 1634-1663. Seconde partie, 1663-1779. Quebec, 1861-'65. 2 v. 8° Ch 1-3962

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Fern leaves from Fanny's portfolio. Mrs. S. P. Par-
Fernand Cortes. Trag. A. Piron
Fernando Cortes. See Cortes, F.
Ferns, Moore, T. British ferns
Ferris, B. History of the original settlements on the
Delaware, from its discovery by Hudson to the
colonization under Penn. Wilmington, 1846.
Cb 10-2781
Ferris, C. D. The balance sheet. Fe 15-14365
Ferry, G. Vagabond life in Mexico. N. Y., 1856
Festin de Pierre. Com. Corneille
Festus. P. J. Bailey
Feuchtwanger, L. A popular treatise on gems, in
reference to their value; a guide for the teacher
of natural sciences, the lapidary jeweller, and
amateur. N. Y., 1867

[blocks in formation]

Camors, a love story. Ph., 1870 Romance of a poor young man Fever. Hardie, J. Malignant fever in New York Ga 3-8740 Hutchinson, G. Essay on marsh fevers Ea 9-7350 Miner, T., and W. Tully. Essays on fevers Ga 3-8732 Fibres. Squier, E. G. Tropical fibres Ec 4-7668 Fichte, J. G. Science of rights. Trans. from the German, by A. E. Kroeger. Ph., 1869. 8° Ba 3-58 Fiction. Dunlap, J. History

Ha 5-10596, and 6-10548

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Field, G. Tritogenea; or, a synopsis of universal philosophy. L., 1846. 8° He 6-11203

Field, M.


Field, H. M. History of the Atlantic telegraph. N. Y., 1866 Gb 6-9065 Field, Horace. A home for the homeless; or, union with God. Ph., 1869 Ef 5-8288 Field, J. Prison discipline; and the advantages of the separate system of improvement. L., 1848. 2 v. 80 Ba 9-11861 City architecture; or, designs for dwelling houses, stores, hotels, etc., with 20 plates. Y., 1853. 80 Ga 10-8867 Field, T. W. Manual for the propagation, planting, cultivation, and management of the pear tree. N. Y., 1859. Ec 8-7727 Field flowers. S. Hibberd Ec 8-6116 Field sports of the north of Europe. L., 1830. 2 v. Ga 9-9208 Fielding, H. Select works, with an original account of the life and writings of the author. E., 1807. 5 v. 8o Hd 7-11570

Contents.-Vol. I. Life of Henry Fielding; History of the adventures of Joseph Andrews and his friend, Mr. Abraham Adams. II., III. The history of a foundling. IV. Foundling, completed; Amelia. V. Amelia, completed; The history of the life of the late Mr. Jonathan Wild, the great.

Works, with a life of the author. L., 1824. 12 v. Hd 13-11570


- Vol. I. Life; Love in several masques, a comedy first acted in 1727; The temple beau, 1729; The author's farce; The pleasures of the town; The lottery; Rape upon rape, or the justice caught in his own trap Hd 13-11570 - Vol. II. Tom Thumb the great; The letter writers, or a new way to keep a wife at home; The grub-street opera; The modern husband; The mock doctor, or the dumb lady cured; The Covent Garden tragedy; The debauchees, or the Jesuit caught Hd 13-11571 - Vol. III. The miser; The intriguing chambermaid; Don Quixote in England; An old man taught wisdom, or the virgin unmasked; The universal gallant, or the different husbands; Pasquin, a dramatic satire on the times, being the rehearsal of two plays, viz.: a comedy called the Election, and a tragedy called the Life and death of common sense, 1736. Hd 13-11572 Vol. IV. The historical register; Eurydice; Eurydice hissed, or a word to the wise; Tumbledown Dick, or Phaeton in the suds; Miss Lucy in town, a sequel to the virgin unmasked; The wedding day; History of Mr. Jonathan Wild, the great Hd 13-11573 - Vol. V. Joseph Andrews; History of a foundling Hd 13-11574 — Vols. VI-VIII. Foundling completed Hd 13-11575

[ocr errors]

- Vol. IX. Philosophical transactions for the year

1742-3; The first Olynthiac of Demosthenes;
Of the remedy of affliction for the loss of our
friends; Dialogue between Alexander the
Great and Diogenes the cynic; An interlude be-
tween Jupiter, Juno, Apollo, and Mercury,
which was originally intended as an introduc-
tion to a comedy called Jupiter's descent on
earth; The true patriot; The Jacobite's jour-
Hd 13-11578



[blocks in formation]

- Lawrence, Fred. Life of Fieras afemina amor. Calderon Fiesco. Trag. Schiller Fife, Sir John Manual of the Turkish bath, heat, a mole of cure and a source of strength for man and animals, from the writings of Mr. Urquhart. L., 1865

Ga 5-8783 Fa 13-14853

Ca 3-2254

Md. D. Jerrold

Hb 9-10973

Fife and drum. L. Wraxall
Fifteen decisive battles. E. S. Creasy
Fifteen years of a drunkard's life.
Fifty years in both hemispheres. V. Nolte
Df 9-6101
Fighting by proxy. Burl. J. Kenney Hb 10-11002
Fighting the flames. R. M. Ballantyne Ha 13-13829
Fighting Joe. W. T. Adams
Fd 3-14254
Figuier, Louis. Earth and sea. Trans. by W. H.
Davenport Adams. L., 1870. 8° Dk 10-16482
The insect world. L., 1868. 8° Dk 7-7006
Mammalia, their various orders and habits popu-
larly illustrated by typical species. N.Y., 1870.
Dk 4-7682
Ch 9-15790

Primitive man. N. Y., 1870. 8°

- Reptiles and birds; a popular account of their various orders, with a description of the habits of the most interesting. Ed. by B. Gilmore. N. Y., 1870. 8° Dk 10-7062 -The vegetable world; a history of plants, with their botanical descriptions and peculiar properties. N. Y., 1867. 8° Ec 1-7618

- The world before the deluge; containing twentyfive ideal landscapes of the ancient world; and two hundred and eighty figures of animals, plants and other fosil remains and restorations. L., 1866. 8°

Eb 4-7467 Ha 13-10699 Ea 2-7126

Figurative language. D. N. Lord
Figure of the earth. E. Sabine
Fiji. Seeman, B. Visit to the Fijian islands
Williams and Calvert. Fiji and
Filicaja, V. da. Shelley, Mrs., et al.


Dh 8-6512


Dh 8-6421

Life of

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- Taylor, W. B. S. Fine arts in Great Britain and Ireland Hc 2-11087 See Aesthetics; Architecture; Art; Artists; Engraving; Expression; Galleries; Ornament; Painting; Oil painting; Sculpture; Taste. Fine arts and art culture in the university of Michigan. A. Bradish Bh 5-Pam. 69

Finger rings. Edwards, C. History and poetry of

Finland. Elliott, C. B. Letters from


Finlay, G. Greece under the Romans;

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He 14-12109

Di 3-6670 Ck 7-4574 a historic view of the Greek nation from its conquest by the Romans until the extinction of the Roman power in the East, B. C. 146 to A. D. 716. E., 1857. 8° Ca 8-2392 History of the Byzantine and Greek empires, from 716 to 1453. E., 1854-6. 2 v. 8° Ca 8-2390 History of Greece from its conquest by the crusaders to its conquest by the Turks and of the empire of Trebizond. E., 1851. 8o Ca 8-2389 History of Greece under Othoman and Venetian domination. E., 1856. 8o. Ca 8-2393

Finley, J. B. Autobiography; or, pioneer life in the west. Ed. by W. P. Strickland. Cin., 1853

Fior d'Aliza. A. de Lamartine

Fireside philosophy; or, familiar talks about common


Fish, H. C., continued.


ton. The Irish pulpit.-H. Cooke; R. Whate-
ly; A. King; R. Irving. The Welsh pulpit.—
Wm. Roberts; Wm. Rees; T. Aubrey.

History and repository of pulpit eloquence, (de-
ceased divines), containing the masterpieces of
Bossuet, Bourdaloue, etc.; with historical
sketches of preaching in the different countries
represented, and biographical and descriptive
notices of the several preachers and their dis-
courses. N. Y., 1869. 2 v. in 1. 8° Eg 8-8539
Contents.-Vol. I. The Greek and Latin pul-
pit.-Historical sketch; Tertullian; Cyprian;
Athanasius; Cyril; Gregory Nazianzen; Basil
the Great; Chrysostom; Augustine. The Eng-
lish pulpit.-John Wickliffe: Hugh Latimer;
John Jewell; John Donne; J. Hall; T. Adams;
Wm. Chillingworth; R. Baxter; John Bunyan;
John Howe; John Tillotson; Isaac Barrow; R.
South; B. Keach; F. Atterbury; J. Wesley; G.
Whitfield; R. Robinson; R. Hall; Wm. Jay;
John Foster; R. Watson. The German pulpit.
-Luther; Melancthon; Spener; Zollikofer;
Herder; Reinhard; Schleiermacher; Harms;
Theremin. The Irish pulpit.-Jeremy Taylor;
W. B. Kirwan; A. Carson; C. Wolfe. II. The
French pulpit.-Calvin; Bossuet; Bourdaloue;
Flechier; La Rue; Fénélon; Abbadie; Super-
ville; Massillon; Saurin; Vinet. The Scottish
pulpit.-John Knox; R. Erskine; J. M'Laurin;
R. Walker; H. Blair; J. Logan; Thomas
M'Crie; T. Chalmers; E. Irving. The Ameri-
can pulpit.-T. Hooker; Cotton Mather; J. Ed-
wards; S. Davies; J. Livingston; Wm. White;
John Leland; Jonathan Maxcy; E. D. Griffin;
J. M. Mason; Wm. Staughton; G. T. Bedell;
S. Olin; J. Summerfield; B. B. Edwards; A.
B. Dod. The Welsh pulpit.-David Charles;
C. Evans; John Elias.

Fish and fishing. Adams, H. G. Sea

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book - Alexander, J. E.

Salmon fishing in

side lessonDk 10-7061 Canada

Da 9-4785 Fb 4-14573

[blocks in formation]

things. N. Y., 1861

Ea 6-7279

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Dk 1-6864


Ga 8-8812 Dk 10-7048 Dk 6-6981

Firmiani, Mme. Balzac

Gb 4-8946 Aa 2-12542

Firmilian, a spasmodic tragedy. T. P. Jones

First book of the history of the Germans. wood

Hf 13-14291

T. GreenOf 1-16311

First impressions of Engla :d. H. Miller Di 5-6705 First night. Com.

Hb 10-11001

First of the Knickerbockers. P. H. Myers

First steps in English literature. A. Gilman

Fc 10-15020

Ha 8-16156 Ef 5-8270

First things. G. Spring Fischer, E. S. Elements of natural philosophy. Trans. into French by M. Biot, and from French into English by John Farrar. B., 1827. 8o Ea 5-7243 Fish, H. C. Pulpit eloquence of the nineteenth century; being supplementary to the history and repository of the pulpit, deceased divines, and containing discourses of eminent living ministers in Europe and America, with sketches biographical and descriptive. Introduction by E. A. Park. N. Y., 1857. 8° Eg 8-8540

Contents.-The German pulpit.-F. A. G. Tholuck; Julius Müller: C. A. Harless; C. I. Nitzsch; R. Stier; F. W. Krummacher; W. Hoffmann; E. W. Krummacher; Philip Schaff. The French pulpit.-J. H. Merle d'Aubigné; S. R. L. Gaussen; Caesar Malan; Adolphe Monod; J. H. Grandpierre; A. Coquerel; Wm. Monod; J. J. Andebez. The American pulpit.Wm. R. Williams; Albert Barnes; R. J. Breckinridge; John McClintock; Mark Hopkins; G. W. Bethune; Alonzo Potter; F. D. Huntingdon; R. Fuller; T. H. Skinner; Eliphalet Nott; J. P. Durbin; Lyman Beecher; J. Romeyn; C. P. McIlvaine; F. Wayland; G. F. Pierce; R. S. Storrs, jr. The English pulpit.-Henry Melvill; J. A. James; B. W. Noel: J. Bunting; H. McNeil; T. Binney: Wm. Arthur; C. H. Spurgeon. The Scotch pulpit.-T. Guthrie; A. Duff; J. Caird; John McFarlane; John Cumming; James Buchanan; R. S. Candlish; J. Hamil

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Dk 10-7053

Dk 13-13823

Dk 10-7056

water fishes

Vol 3, Art. 3

Ae 1-13477

Ae 4-13536, and 13540

Gb 12-13639

Herbert, H. W. Frank Forester's fish and fishing

Report on fishes

Hand-book of fishing

Ga 8-8793

Idle, C. Hints on fish and fishing

Ga 8-8811

Jardine, W.

Fishes of the perch family

Dk 6-6980

Lee, Mrs. R.

Anecdotes of

Dk 9-7041

Martin, F.

[blocks in formation]

Norris, T.

American angler's book

Ga 8-8797

Report of the commissioners of fisheries of the

[blocks in formation]
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