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V. 39

Exhibition of the works of industry of all nations, Fairfax, J. Esten Cooke

Ff 4-14032 1851. Reports of the juries. L., 1852. 8°

Memorials of the civil war. Edited by Robert Gb 3-8920 Bell. L., 1849. 2v. 8°

Cf 3-3485 Exodus.. Bush, G. Notes on Eg 7-8520 Markham, C. R. Life of

Dc 3–13636 Experience of life. E. M. Sewell Ff 11-14138 Fairholt, F. W. Dictionary of terms in art. L., n. d. Exposition of the causes and character of the late

Ac 6–13212 war with Great Britian, published by authority Fairie queen. See Faerie queen. of the American government. L., 1315. 8° Fairies. Drama. D. Garrick

Hb 7-10902 Cb 7-2688 Fairy fingers. A. C. M. Ritchie

Fc 8-14956 Exposition of the thirty-nine articles. T. Rogers Fairy tales. C. Mathews

Ha 9-10616 Eg 12-16285 - Ruskin, J. The king of the golden river Expositions on sundry portions of the holy scripture.

Hc 4-11141 Win. Tyndale

Eg 12-16289 Fairy tales and romances. A. Hainilton Ha 10–10645 Explanations; a sequel to “ vestiges of the natural Faiseur, le. Com. Balzac

Aa 2-12560 history of creation.” By the author of that Faith. 'Auberlen, C. A. The foundations of our faith work. N. Y., 1846 Ea 8-7312

Ef 10–8409 Expression. Bell, Sir C. Anatomy and philosophy of - Schedel, H. E. Emancipation of Ef 10–8402 Hc 3-11094 Tillotson, J. Rule of

Eg 1-8560 Extraordinary men. W. Russell'. Dd 1-5410 Faith Gartney's girlbood. Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney Eye. Knapp, G. A. The eye and its diseases

Fc 12-14856 Bh 5-Pam. 36 Faith, hope, and clarity. T. Adams Ef 3-82 46 Wallace, w. c. Structure of

Ga 6–8386 Faith Unwin's ordeal. G. M. Craik Ft 3-10647 Eyes and ears. H. W. Beecher : He 3-11917 Faithful forever. C. Patmore

Hf 12-12512

Faithful friends. Drama. Beaumont and Fletcher Faber, George S. The difficulties of infidelity, to

Ib 7-10883 which is added modern infidelity considered, by Faithful shepherdess. Drama. Beaumont and Fletcher Robert Hall. N. Y., 1853 . Eg 10–8631

Hb 7-10552 Fable. Beattie, J. Fable and romance Hd 13–11740 Falcon family. M. w. Savage

Ff 12-14160 Fables. Aesopus :

He 9–120.53 Falconer, E.' Husband of an hour. F's S. D. v. 38 Fables of Phaedrus. Ha 1-10445

Hb 9-10970 Kalila and Dimna

He 7-12017 - Peep O'day. F's S.D. V. 44


Hb 9-10973 - La Fontaine, J. de

Ff 8-12352 Too much for good nature. F's M. D. Faca. 0. S. Wilcox . • Fa 11-15486

Hb 10-11005 Facetiae. See Wit and humor.

Falconer, Wm. The shipwreck; a poem, with life, Facheux. Com. Bal. Molière

by R. Caruthers. L., 1868

Hf 5-12262 Hb 2-10766, Hb 8–10945 Works. British poets

Hf 1-12283
Facheux Veuvage. Com. op. A. Piron' lb 2-10788 Falconer, Wm. Universal dictionary of the marine.
Facino cane.

Aa 2-12551
L., 1780. 4°

Ad 8-13456 Facsimilies of the original studies of Raffaello Falkland, A. F. V. Chow-chow; selections from a

Hc 4-11145 journal kept in India, Egypt, and Syria. L., – Of Bionarroti

Hc 4-11144
1857. 2 v. 8°

Dh 5–6470 Faerie queen. E. Spenser

Hf 3-12219 Falkland islands. Mackinnon, Capt. L. Atlantic Faggot of French sticks. F. B. Head Di 6-6721

and transatlantic

Df 9-6103 Faint heart never won fair lady. Com. J. R. Falkner Lyle. M. Lemon

Fb +-14563 Planché

Hb 9-10954 Fall of Mortimer. Drama. B. Jonson Hb 7-10641 Fair Harvard; a story of American college life Fall of the Nibelungers. W. N. Lettsom Hf 8-12392

Fd 14-13877 Fall River, Mass. See Mass., Fall River. Fair maid of the inn. Beaumont and Fletcher Fallen pride. Ann S. Stephens

Ff 8-14099 Hb 7–10883 Fallen pride. E. D. E. N. Southworth Ft 7-14084 Fair maid of Perth. Sir W. Scoit

F1 9-14109 Falsche scham. Sch. Kotzebue . Hb 8-10923 Fair play. E. D. E. N. Southworth Ff 6–14067 False delicacy. Kotzebue

Hb &–1012 Fair quaker of Deal. Com. C. Shadwell IIb 1-10733 False beir. G. P. R. James .

Fb 10-14598 Fairbairn, James. Crests of the families of Great False one. Drama. Beaumont and Fletcher Britain and Ireland, revised by L. Butters. Ed.

Hb 7-10882 by Joseph Maclaren. E., 1860. 2 v. 8° Fame and fortune. H. Alger, jr., Fd 6-154.55 Ch 10-4196 Famile, une. Mme. Guizot.

Aa 5-12794 Fairbairn, P. The typology of the scriptures reviewed Familiar letters from Europe. c. C. Felton Di 3-6631

in connection with the entire scheme of divine Familiar letters on public characters. W. Sullivan dispensations. Ph., 1859. 2 v. 8° Eg 10–8604

Cb 3-928 Fairbairn, Wm. Iron, its history, properties, and Family. Aikman, w. Life at home Bb 5-15759

processes of manufacture. New edition, revised – Harris, J. Constitution and probation of Bb 5–354 and enlarged. E., 1865. 8° Gb 9-9126 Family and the church. Fr. Hyacinthe Ef 7-8353 See Original essay, under head of Five black Family aquarium. H. D. Butler .

Dk 3-6-91

Family doom. E. D. E. N. Southworth Fb 6–14062 – On the application of cast and wrought iron to Family failing. Far. J. Oxenford Hb 10-11002

building purposes. N.Y., 1854.80 Gb 9-9123 Family history. Jewett, L. The Wedgwoods - Principles of mechanism and machinery of trans

Dc 4-5177 mission. Ph., 1869

GD 8–13659 Wiffen, J. H. Memoirs of the house of Russell Fairbanks, G. R. History and antiquities of the city

Dd 3-3485 of St. Augustine, Fla., founded 1565, compris- See Genealogy ing some of the most interesting portions of Family jars. Far.

Hb 10-10997 the early history of Florida. N. Y., 1858. 8. Family legend. Trag. J. Baillie Hb 7-10885

Cb 12–2826 Family pictures. Miss Anne Manning Fc 8-14971 Fairburn's genuine edition of the death-bed confes. Family secrets. Mrs. S. S. Ellis

Fb 9-14539 sions of the countess of Guernsey Dd 6–15911 Famous Americans of recent times. J. Parton See Guernsey, countess of Da 6–15911

Db 3-1896 Faire Saint Germain. Com. Regnard Aa 6–12943 Famous forgery. P. Fitzgerald

Dc 9–15821 Fairfax, Sir Thomas. Fairfax correspondence. Me- Famous men of ancient times. S. G. Goodrich moirs of the reign of Charles the first. Edited

Dd 1-5117 by G. W. Johnson. L., 1848. 2v. 8° Cr 3-3483 Fanaticism. I. Taylor. History of Ef 8–8399







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Fanatisme. Trag. Voltaire

Aa 12–13242 Farquhar, G., continued.
Fanchon. Kotzebue
Hb 8–10930 - Twin rivals. Com..

Hb 1-10733 Fanchon. A. Waldauer

Hb 9-10972 Campbell, T., et al. Life of Hb 11-11011 Fancies, chaste, and noble. Drama. J. Ford Farquharson, Martha. Casella ; or, the children of Hb 7-10884 the valleys

Fa 15–14358 Fancies of a whimsical man, by the author of " Mus- Farr, Edward. "Ancient history. 'N. Y., 1850. 4 v. ings of an invalid." N. Y., 1852 He 8–12033

Ca 4-2281 Fancourt, Charles St. J. History of Yucatan, from

Contents.-Vol. I. History of the Egyptians. its discovery to the close of the 17th century.

II. Macedonians. III. Persians. IV. Macedo

Ch 5-4080 L., 1854. 80

nians and Parthenians. Fankwei. Wm. M. Wood

Dg 2-6217 Editor. Select poetry, chiefly devotional, of the Fanning, Edmund. Voyages round the world ; with reign of queen Elizabeth, collected and edited

sketches of voyages to the south seas, north and for the Parker society. Cam., 1845. 2 v. south Pacific oceans, China, etc. N. Y., 1833.

Hf 7-16280 80

Df 3-5900 Editor. Poetry; chiefly' sacred, of the reign of Far above rubies. Mrs. J. H. Riddell : Fc-14920

James the first. Cam., 1847 Hf 6-11847 Faraday, M. Chemical manipulations; being instruc- Farragus. Balzac.

Aa 2-12550 tions for students in chemistry Ed. by J. K. Farragut, D. G. Headley, J. T. 'Farragut and our Mitchell, Ph., 1831. 89

Eb 2-7398
naval commanders

Db 8–5000 - Course of six lectures on the chemical history of Montgomery, J. E. Cruise of DE 2–5876

a candle; with a lecture on platinum. Ed. by Farrar, A. S. A critical history of free thought in W. Crooks. N. Y., 1861

Eb 3-7386 reference to the Christian religion ; eight lec-Jones, B. Life and letters

Dc 3–5135

tures preached before the university of Oxford. - Tyndall, J. Faraday as a discoverer Dc 2–5099 N. Y., 1863.

Eg 3-8460 Farm drainage. H. F. French Ec 10–7781 Farrar, c. c. S. The war; its causes and conseFarm implements. J. J. Thomas Ec 11-7797

quences. N. Y., 1864

Cd 1-3143 - Todd, S. E. Young farmers' workshop

Farrar, F. W. Eric; or, little by little Fa 15–14355

Ec 11-7804 Julian home, a tale of college life . Fa 15–14356 Farm of Aptonga. Rev. J. M. Neale Fa 2-15765 - Seekers after God (lives of Seneca, Epictetus, and Farmer. Drama. J. O'Keeffe

Hb 7-10899
Marcus Aurelius). L., n. d.

Ca 5-2315 Farmer, John. A genealogical register of the first Farrar, John. Elements of electricity, magnetism,

settlers of New England. Lancaster, Mass., and electro-magnetism, embracing the late dis1829

Ch 844138 coveries and improvements. Cam., 1826. 8° - and J. B. Moore. Collections, topographical, his

Ea 10–7411 torical, and biographical, relating principally Experimental treatise on optics. Cam., 1826. go to New Hampshire. Concord, 1831. 3 v. 8°

Ea 8–7300 Cb 9-2726 Farrar, Mrs. John. Recollections of seventy years

. Farmer boy (Washington). M. Heady Db 7-4963

B., 1866 Farmer of Inglewood forest. Elizabeth Helme Farrar, T. Manual of the constitution of the United

Fe 5–15262

States of America. B., 1867. 80 Ba 4-84 Farmer's and planter's encyclopaedia. C.W. Johnson Farrar, Timothy. Report of the case of the trustees of

Ad 7-13447 Dartmouth college, against William H. WoodFarmer's assistant. J. Nicholson Ec 11-7707 ward. Portsmouth, 1819. 8

Bb 6-398 Farmer's barn-book. F. Clater, et al Ec 11-7802 Farrell, J. Dumb girl of Genoa. F's S. D. Farmer's return from London. Drama. D. Garrick

Hb 9-10968 Hb 7–10903 Farriery. Miles, w. The horse's foot Ec 17-7800 Farming Beecher, H. w. Talk about

Ec 11-7801 See Horses and horsemanship. Brackett, E. G. Farm talk

Ec 11-7790 Fascinating individual. F's M. D. v. 21 Hb 10–10999 - Clift, W. Tim Bunker papers Ec 10–7778 Fashion. Anna C. Mowatt Ritchie Hoskyns, C. W. Talpa Ec 11-7799

Hb 9-10965, and 11-11015 - Liebig, J. von. Natural laws of husbandry Fashion and famine. Ann S. Stephens Ff 8-14102

Ec 10–7775 Fashionable life. M. H. Eastman Fb 9-14540 Mead, P. B. Our farm of four acres Ec 11-7772 Fashionable wife and unfashionable husband. Mrs. Mitchell, D. G. My farm at Edgewood

A. Opie

Fa 13-14848 Ec 11–15029 Fatal boots. W. M. Thackeray : Fe 9-15324 Morris, E. How to get a farm


Ec 10–7779 Fatal curiosity. Trag. G. Lillo
Reason why
Ec 6–7795

Hb 1-10751, and 11-11020 - Roosevelt, Ř. B. Five acres too much Fatal discovery. Drama. J. Horne Hd 3–11474

Ec 11-7793 Fatal dowry. Drama. P. Massinger Hb 7-10884 - Todd, s. E. Young farmers' manual Ec 11-7804 Fatal marriage. E. D. E. N. Southworth Ff 7-14077 - Waring, G. E. Book for young farmers

Fatalla Sayeghir. A. de Lamartine Dg 10–6282 Ec 10–7777 Fate. M. T. Cicero

Ha 1-10438 - See Agriculture ; Cattle; Drainage ; Gardening; See Literature, oriental. Landscape-gardening.

Father and daughter. Mrs. A. Opie. Fa 13–14848 Farnham, Eliza W. California indoors and out; or, Father and son. Drama. E. Fitzball Hb 9-10964

how we farm, mine, and live generally, in the Father Henson's story of his own life. J. Henson golden state. N. Y., 1856 Df 11-6167

Da 12–14156 Woman and her era. N. Y., 1864.2 v. Ci 6-4324 Fathers.' Butler, Å. Lives of the Ed 8–7907 Farnham, T. J. Mexico; its geography—its people Library of the fathers of the holy catholic church --and its institutions. N. Y., 1846

Eg 2–13697 Bh 4–Pam. 77 Fathers and sons. Ivan s. Turgenef Fe 13-15411 – Travels in the great western prairies; the Rocky Fathers of the desert. II. Ruffner Ee 2-8030 mountains, and in Oregon territory. N. Y., Fauna Americana. R. Harlan

Dk 4-7675 1843. 89

Df 9–6081 Fauriel, C. C. History of Provençal poetry. Trans., Faroe Islands. Nichol, J. Historical account of

with notes and specimens of verses in the origDi 9-6793

inal, and an introduction on the literature of Farquhar, G.' The beaux stratagem. Com.

the history of Provençal poetry. N. Y., 1860. Hb 1-10727 80

Ha 5-10522 - Sir Harry Wildair. 'Com. Hb 1-10731 Fausse alarmė. A. Piron

Hb 2-10786 – The inconstant. F's S. D. v. 28 : Hb 9–10965 Fausse maitresse. Balzac

Aa 2-12542

V. 33


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Faust. Drama. Goethe Hb 9–11627, and 10–11006 Fenians. See Stephens, James.
Faust and Marguerite. Drama Hb 9–10969 Fenn, John. Paston letters; original letters written
Faustus; his life, death, and doom, a romance in during the reigns of Henry VI., Edward IV.,
prose. Trans. from the German. L., 1864

and Richard III., by various persons of rank

Ha 10-10646 or consequence; containing many curious anFaux, W. Memorable days in America ; being a ecdotes, and elucidating matters of state, and

journal of a tour to the United States, princi- private manners of the age, with notes histori-
pally undertaken to ascertain by positive evi. cal and explanatory, authenticated by engrav.
dence the condition and probable prospects of ings of autographs and seals. New edition by
British emigrants, including accounts of Mr. A. Ramsay. L., 1840. 2 v. in 1 Ce 4-3275
Burbeck's settlement in the Illinois. 1818–20. Fenton, E. Works. British poets Hf 1-12294
L., 1823. 80
Df 10–6118 Feodore. Singsp. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10933 Faux amis. Com. Genlis.

Hb 2–10796 Ferber, J. J.Oryctography of Derbyshire. PinkFavorite haunts and rural studies. E. Jesse Di 5-6680 erton's voyages. 2

Df 1-5826 Fawcett, H. Economic position of the British labour- Ferdinand,

count Fathom. T. Smolleti hd 13–11714 L. and C., 1865

Ba 8–188 Ferdinand, VII. Kolli, baron de. Memoirs De 8–5760 Fawne. Drama. J. Marston · Hb 11-11022 Ferdinand and Isabella. Prescott, W. H. History of Fay, T. S. Dreams and reveries of a quiet man. N. the reign of .

De 8-5755 Y., 1832. 2 v.

He 14-14370 Ferguson, Adam. Essay on the history of civil soNorman Leslie Fa 15–14359 ciety. Ed. 1814. 89.

Ba 3-54 Fazio. Trag. H. H. Milman

Ha 9-10952 - History of progress and termination of the Roman Fearon, H. B. Narrative of a journey of five thou- republic. Ph., 1835 89

Ca 5-2317 sand miles through the eastern and western Same. E., 1825. 5 v. 8°

Ca 5-2318 states of America. L., 1819. 8° Df 6–6001 Ferguson, doctor. See Jules Verne. Feathered tribes of the British islands. R. Mudie Ferguson, James. Lectures on select subjects; me

Dk 9–7035 chanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, pneumatics, Featherstonhaugh, G. W. Canoe voyage to the optics, geography, astronomy, dialing. E., 1805. sources of the Minnay Sotor, with an account 2 v. 8°

Ea 6–7266 of the lead and copper deposits of Wisconsin,

Plates. E.,
1806. Si

Ea 6-7268 and of the gold region in the Cherokee country. Tables and tracts, relative to several arts and sciL., 1847. 2 v. 8°

Df 8-6055
L., 1867. 8°

Eb 9-7606 – Geological report of an examination made in Henderson, E. Life of

Dc 3–5139 1831, of the elevated country between the Mis- Ferguson, Wm. America by river and rail; or, notes

souri and Red rivers. W., 1835. 8° Eb 4–7478 by the way on the new world and its people. Same Bh 6-Pam. 36 L., 1856. 8°

Df45924 Federalist. Hamilton, Madison, and Jay Ba 5–113 Fergusson, James. The illustrated hand-book of arSame

Ba 6–129 chitecture; a popular account of the different Feejee islands. Erskine, J. E. Journal of a cruise styles of architecture prevailing in all ages and

Dg 1-11853 nations. L., 1855. 2 v. 8. Ga 10-8877 See Fiji.

- The palaces of Nineveh and Persepolis restored; Felicita. E. C. Kinney

Hf 11-12498

an essay on ancient Assyrian and Persian arFelix Holt, the radical. Marian Evans Fb 7-14523 chitecture. L., 1851. 80

Dh 4-6450 Fellowes, W. D. Historical sketches of Charles I., Ferland, prétre J. B. A. Cours d'histore du Cana

Cromwell, Charles II., and the principal per- da. Première partie, 1634–1663. Seconde parsonages of the period; the king's trial and exe- tie, 1663–1779. Quebec, 1861–65. 2 y. 8° cution, an account of the sums extracted and

Ch 1-3962 the names of all those who compounded for Fern leaves from Fanny's portfolio. Mrs. S. P. Partheir estates, with other scarce documents. L.,


He 13-13836 1828. 4°

Di 1-6558 Fernand Cortes. Trag. A. Piron Hb 2-10786 Fellows, Sir C Travels and researches in Asia

Mi Fernando Cortes. See Cortes, F. nor, more particularly in the province of Lycia. Ferns, Moore, T. British ferns

Ec 8-7721 L., 1852. 80

Dh 10-6567 Ferris, B. History of the original settlements on the Fellows, John. Exposition of the mysteries ; or, re- Delaware, from its discovery by Hudson to the

ligious dogmas and customs of the ancient colonization under Penn. "Wilmington, 1846. Egyptians, Pythagoreans, and Druids; also,

Cb 10-2781 an inquiry into the origin, history, and purport Ferris, C. d. The balance sheet:

Fe 15–14365 of free masonry. N. Y., 1835. go' Ci 11-4396 Ferry, G. Vagabond life in Mexico. N. Y., 1856 Feltham, Owen. Resolves, divine, moral, political.

Df 7-6043 Cam., 1832

Hd 13–11723 Festin de Pierre. Com. Corneille Hb 8–10951 Felton, C. C. Familiar letters from Europe. B., 1866 Festus. P. J. Bailey

Hf 5-12337 Di 3–6631 Feuchtwanger, L. A popular treatise on gems, in – Greece, ancient and modern. 'B., 1867. 2 v. 80 reference to their value; a guide for the teacher

Ca 8-2386 of natural sciences, the lapidary jeweller, and – Life of Wm. Eaton. s. Å. B. v. 9 Da 844699

amateur. N. Y., 1867

Eb 9-7514 Selections from modern Greek writers, in prose Feudal times. J. White

Hb 9-10954 and poetry, with notes. 2d edition. Cam., 1857 Feuerprobe. L. Kotzebue.

Hb 8-10933 He 12-13865 Feuillet, Octave. Camors, a love story. Ph., 1870 Female pilgrims. J. Mitchell Fc 11-15015

Fd 7-16347 Female poets of America. R. W. Griswold

Romance of a poor young man

Hb 9-10966 Ha 5–10500 Fever. Hardie, J. Malignant fever in New York Femme abandonnée. Balzac Aa 2-12543

Ga 3-8740 Femme qui a raison. Com. Voltaire Aa 12-13246 Hutchinson, G. Essay on marsh fevers Ea 9-7350 Femmes de trente ans. Balzac

Aa 2–12544 Miner, T., and W. Tully. Essays on fevers Femmes savantes. Com. Moliere

Ga 3-8732 Hb 2-10767, and 8–10947 Fibres. Squier, E. G. Tropical fibres Ec 4-7668 Fencing. Walsh, J. H.

Gb 12–13637 Fichte, J. G. Science of rights. Trans. from the Fenelon, F. de S. de La Mothe. Butler, C. Life of German, by A. E. Kroeger. Ph., 1869. 80 De 2-5621

Ba 3-58 Fenian raid on Fort Erie, 1866. G. T. Denison, jr. Fiction. · Dunlap, J. History Bh 5-Pam, 68

Ha 5-10596, and 6-10548


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Fiction, continued.

Fielding, H., continued. Staël-Holstein, A. L. G. de. Essai sur les fictions Vols. X., XI. Amelia

Hd 13-11579 Aa 1-12588 - Vol. XII. An inquiry into the causes of the late See Novels.

increase of robbery; Essay on conversation ; Fidler, Isaac. Observations on professions, literature, Essay on the knowledige of the characters of

manners, and emigration, in the United States men; The Covent Garden journal, by Sir Alexand Canada, made during a residence there in ander Drawcansir ; Charge delivered to the 1832. N. Y., 1833

Df 11-6162

grand jury, at the sessions of the peace held Field, George. Outlines of analogical philosophy; for the city and liberty of Westminster, on

being a primary view of the principles, rela- Thursday, 22d of June, 1794; The journal of tions and purposes of nature, science and art. a voyage to Lisbon; Comment on Lord BolingL., 1839. 2 v. 80

Hc 6-11181
broke's essays

Hd 13-11581 Field, G. Tritogenea; or, a synopsis of universal Lawrence, Fred. Life of

De 9-5329 philosophy. L., 1846. g* Hlc 6-11203 Fieras afemina amor. Calderon

Aa 2-12576 Field, H. M. History of the Atlantic telegraph. N. Fiesco. Trag. Schiller

Hb 10-10977 Y., 1866

Gb 6-9065 Fife, Sir John Manual of the Turkish bath, heat, a Field, Horace. A home for the homeless ; or, union mo le of cure and a source of strength for man with God. Ph., 1869

Ef 5-8288

and animals, from the writings of Mr. CrquField, J. Prison discipline; and the advantages of hart. L., 1865

Ga 5-8783 the separate system of improvement. L., 1848. Fife and drum.'' L. Wraxali

Fa 13-14853 2 v.

Ba 9-11861 Fifteen decisive battles. E. S. Creasy Ca 3-2254 Field, M. City architecture; or, designs for dwelling Fifteen years of a drunkard's life. vid. D. Jerrold houses, stores, hotels, etc., with 20 plates. N.

Hb 9-10973 Y., 1853. 8

Ga 10-8867 Fifty years in both hemispheres.' v. Nolte Field, T. W. Manual for the propagation, planting,

Df 9–6101 cultivation, and management of the pear tree: Fighting by proxy: Biirl. J. Kenney Hb 10-11002 N. Y., 1859.

Éc 8–7727 Fighting the flames. R. M. Ballantyne Ha 13–13829 Field flowers. S. Hibberd Ec 8-6116 Fighting Joe. W. T. Adams

Fd 3-14254 Field sports of the north of Europe. L., 1830. 2 v. Figuier, Louis. Earth and sea. Trans. by W. H.

Ga 9-9208 Davenport Adams. L., 1870. 8° Dk 10–16482 Fielding, II. Select works, with an original account The insect world. L., 1868. 8° Dk 7-7006

of the life and writings of the author. E., Mammalia, their various orders and habits popu1807. 5 y. 8°

Hd 7-11570 larly illustrated by typical species. N. Y., 1870. Contents.--Vol. I. Life of Henry Fielding;


Dk 4-7682 History of the adventures of Joseph Andrews

Primitive man.' N. Y.,


Ch 9-15790 and his friend, Mr. Abraham Adams. II., II.

Reptiles and birds; a popular account of their The history of a foundling. IV. Foundling, completed; Amelia. V. Amelia, completed;

various orders, with a description of the habits The history of the life of the late Mr. Jonathan

of the most interesting. Ed. by B. Gilmore. Wild, the great.

N. Y., 1870. 80

Dk 10–7002 - Works, with a life of the author. L., 1824. 12 v. - The vegetable world; a history of plants, with

Hd 13-11570 their botanical descriptions and peculiar prop– Vol. I. Life; Love in several masques, a comedy erties. N. Y., 1867. 89

Ec 1-7618 first acted in 1727; The temple beau, 1729 ; – The world before the deluge; containing twentyThe author's farce; The pleasures of the town; tive ideal landscapes of the ancient world; and The lottery ; Rape upon rape, or the justice two hundred and eighty figures of animals, caught in his own trap

Hd 13-11570 plants and other fosil remains and restorations. – Vol. II. Tom Thumb the great; The letter L., 1866. 8°

Eb 4-7467 writers, or a new way to keep a wife at home; Figurative language. D. n. Lord · Ha 13–10699 The grub-street opera ; The modern husband; Figure of the earth. E. Sabine

Ea 2-7126 The mock doctor, or the dumb lady cured; Fiji. Seeman, B. Visit to the Fijian islands The Covent Garden tragedy; The debauchees,

Dh 8-6512 or the Jesuit caught Hd 13-11571 · Williams and Calvert.

Fiji and the Fijians – Vol. III. The miser; The intriguing chamber

Dh 8-6121 maid ; Don Quixote in England ; An old man

in England ; An old man Filicaja, V. då. Shelley, Mrs., et al. "Life of taught wisdom, or the virgin unmasked; The

De 11-5804 universal gallant, or the different husbands ; Fi'le aux yeux d'or. Balzac

Aa 2-12.551 Pasquin, a dramatic satire on the times, being Fille d'Eve. Balzac

Aa 2-12543 the relearsal of two plays, viz.: a comedy called Filles errantes. Com. Regnard . Aa 6-12942 the Election, and a tragedy called the Life and Fillmore, Millard. Biography. Buf., 1856 death of common sense, 1736 Hd 13-11572

Da 10-4819 – Vol. IV. The historical register; Eurydice ; Eury- Finance. Bowen, F. American political economy dice hissed, or a word to the wise; Tumble

Ba 7-2228 down Dick, or Phaeton in the suds; Miss Lucy Commercial and financial chronicle

Bi 1-2016 in town, a sequel to the virgin unmasked; Thie - Law, John. Money and trade Bc 1-15841 wedding day; History of Mr. Jonathan Wild, Medbery, J. K. Men and mysteries of Wall street Hd 13-11573

Bc 1-505 - Vol V. Joseph Andrews; History of a foundling Murray, James. French finance and financiers

Hd 13-11574
under Louis XV.

Bc 1-495 — Vols. VI-VIII. Foundling completed

Thornton, H. Effects of the paper credit of Great
Hd 13-11575

Bc 1-4208 – Vol. IX. Philosophical transactions for the year - Trotter, A. Financial position and credit of the 1712-3; The first Oly hiac of Demosthenes;

Bc 1-16217 Of the remedy of affliction for the loss of our See Banking; Currency ; Money; Taxation. friends; Dialogue between Alexander the Fine arts. Bell, Sir C. Anatomy and philosophy of Great and Diogenes the cynic; An interlude be

He 4-11159 tween Jupiter, Juno, Apollo, and Mercury,

- Heck, J. G. Iconographic encyclopaedia. v. 4 which was originally intended as an introduc

Ac 8–13237 tion to a comedy called Jupiter's descent on – Jameson, Mrs. A. Mi. History of our Lord in art. earth; The true patriot; The Jacobite's jour

Hc 3-11094 Dal Hd 13-11578 -- Legends of the Madonna

Hc 3-11098

the great


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Fine arts, continued.

Legends of the monastic orders Hc 9-11099
Sacred and legendary art

Hc 3-11096
Laurent, H. Le musée royal Af 5-13561
Lossing, B. J. History of

Hc 3-11116 - Sass, H. Observations on

Di 7-6749 - Taylor, W. B. S. Fine arts in Great Britain and İreland

Hc 2-11087 See Aesthetics; Architecture; Art; Artists ; En

graving; Expression ; Galleries; Ornament;

Painting ; Oil painting ; Sculpture; Taste. Fine arts and art culture in the university of Michigan. A. Bradish

Bh 5-Pam. 69 Finger rings. Edwards, C. History and poetry of

He 14-12109 Finland. Elliott, C. B. Leiters from Di 3-6670 Hand-book

Ck 7-4574 Finlay, G. Greece under the Romans; a historic

view of the Greek nation from its conquest by the Romans until the extinction of the Roman power in the East, B. C. 146 to A. D. 716. E., 1857. 8°

Ca 8-2392 History of the Byzantine and Greek empires,

from 716 to 1453. E., 1854-6. 2 v. 8° Ca 8-2390 History of Greece from its conquest by the cru

saders to its conquest by the Turks and of the

empire of Trebizond. E., 1851. 8° Ca 8-2389 History of Greece under Othoman and Venetian domination. E., 1856. 8°.

Ca 8-2393 Finley, J. B. Autobiography; or, pioneer life in the west. Ed. by W. P. Strickland. Cin., 1853

Da 9-4785 Fior d'Aliza. · A. de Lamartine :

Fb 4-14573 Fire-arms. See Artillery ; Gunnery. Fireman. S. D. Johnson

IIb 9–10968 Fireside, the. A. B. Muzzey

Bb 5-360 Fireside philosophy; or, familiar talks about common things. N. Y., 1861

Ea 6-7279 Fireside travels. J. R. Lowell

Di 7-6752 Fireworks. Mortimer, G. W. Pyrotechnist's companion

Gb 4-8946 Firmiani, Mme. Balzac

Aa 2-12542 Firmilian, a spasmodic tragedy. T. P. Jones

Hf 13–14291 First book of the history of the Germans. T. Greenwood

Cf 1-16311 First impressions of Engla :d. Ii. Miller Di 5-6705 First night. Com.

Hb 10-11001 First of the Knickerbockers. p. II. Myers

Fc 10-15020 First steps in English literature. .A. Gilman

Ha 8-16156 First things. G. Spring

Ef 5-8270 Fischer, E. S. Elements of natural philosophy.

Trans. into French by M. Biot, and from French into English by John Farrar. B., 1827. go

Ea 5-7243 Fish, 11. C. Pulpit eloquence of the nineteenth cen

tury; being supplementary to the history and repository of the pulpit, deceased divines, and containing discourses of eminent living ministers in Europe and America, with sketches biographical and descriptive. Introduction by E. A. Park. N. Y., 1857. 8.

Eg 8–8540 Contents. The German pulpit.-F. A. G. Tholuck; Julius Müller; C. A. Harless; C. I. Nitzsch; R. Stier; F. W. Krummacher; W. Hoffmann; E. W. Krummacher: Philip Schatl. The French pulpit.-J. II. Merle d'Aubigné; S. R. L. Gaussen; Caerar Malau; Adolphe Monod; J.H. Grandpierre; A. Coquerel; Wm. Monod; J. J. Andehez. The American pulpit.Wm. R. Williams; Albert Barnes; R. J. Breckinridge; John McClintock; Mark Hopkins; G. W. Bethune; Alonzo Potter; F. D. Huntingdon; R. Fuller; T. HI Skimuer; Eliphalet Nott; J. P. Durbin ; Lyman Beecher; J. Romneyn; C. P. McIlvaine: F. Wayland; G. F. Pierce; R. S. Storrs, jr, The English pulpit. - Henry Mel. vill; J. A. James; B. W. Noel; J. Bunting: H. McNeil; T. Binney: Wm. Arthur; C. H. Spurgeon. The Scotch pulpit.- T. Guthrie ; A. Duff; J. Caird; John McFarlane: John Cumming; James Buchanan; R. S. Candlish; J. Hamil

Fish, H. C., continued.

The Irish pulpit.-H. Cooke; R. Whate. ly; A. King; R. Irving. The Welsh pulpit.

Wm. Roberts; Wm. Rees; T. Aubrey. - History and repository of pulpit eloquence, (de

ceased divines), containing the masterpieces of Bossuet, Bourdaloue, etc.; with historical sketches of preaching in the different countries represented, and biographical and descriptive notices of the several preachers and their discourses. N. Y., 1869. 2 v. in 1. 80 Eg 8–8539

Contents.--Vol. I. The Greek and Latin pulpit.-Historical sketch; Tertullian; Cyprian; Athana-ius; Cyril; Gregory Nazianzen ; Basil the Great; Chrysostom ; Augustine, The Enylish pulpit.-John Wicklitle; Hugh Latimer; John Jewell; John Donne; J. Hall, T. Adams; Wm. Chillingworth; R. Baxter: John Bunyan; John Howe; John Tillotson; Isaac Barrow; R. South; B. Keach; F. Atterbury; J. Wesley; G. Whitfield; R. Robinson; R. Hall; Wm. Jay; John Foster; R. Watson. The German pulpit. -Luther; Melancthon; Spener; Zollikofer; Herder; Reinbard; Schleiermacher; Harme; Theremin. The Irish pulpit.-Jeremy Taylor; W. B, Kirwan; A. Carson; C. Wolfe. II. The French pulpit.-Calvin ; Bossuet: Bourdaloue; Flechier; La Rue; Fénélon ; Abbadie; Superville; Massillon; Saurin; Vinet. The Scotiish pulpit. -John Knox; R. Erskine; J. M Laurin;. R. 'Walker; H. Blair; J. Loyan; Thomas M'Crie; T. Chalmers; E. Irving. The American pulpit.-T. Hooker; Cotton Mather; J. Edwards; S. Davies; J. Livingston ; Wm. White; John Leland; Jonathan Maxcy; E. D. Grifiin; J. M. Mason; Wm. Staughton; G, T. Bedell; S. Olin; J. Summerfield; B. B. Edwards; A. B. Dod. The Welsh pulpit.-David Charles:

C. Evans; John Elias. Fish and fishing. Adams, H. G. Sea side lessonbook

Dk 10-7061 Alexander, J. È. Salmon fishing in Canada

Ga 8_8812 Bertram, J. G.' British food tishes

Dk 10–7018 Bushman, J. S. Nat. Lib.

Dk 6-6981 Cuvier, Baron. Animal kingdom. v. 2

Dk 1-6864 — Davy, 1. ' Salmonia ; or, days of fly fishing

Dk 10–7053 De Kay, J. E. 'Nat. His: of N. Y. Dk 13–13823 Fry, W. H. Artificial tish-breeding Dk 10–7056 Girard, C. Natural history of fresh water fishes of North America. S. C. to K. Vol 3, Art. 3

AC 1-1347 Report on fishes Ae 4-13536, and 13540 Hand-book of fishing

Gb 12-136:39 Herbert, II. W. Frank Forester's fish and fishing

Ga 8-8793 Idle, C. İlints on fish and fishing Ga 8–8811 - Jardine, W. Fishes of the percli family

Dk 6-6980 Lee, Mrs. R. Anecdotes of

Dk 9-7041 Martin, F. Natural history of

Dk 3–3873 Norris, T. American angler's book Ga 8-8797 Report of the commissioners of fisheries of the

state of New York. Alb., 1869 Ga 8-8798 Roosevelt, R. B. Superior fishing Ga 8-5806 Schomburgk, R. H. Fishes of British Guiana. Nat. Lib.

Dk 6-6953 Smith, J. V. c. Nat. list. of fishes of Massachusetts

Dk 10–70.59 Suckley, Ġ. Report on fishes

Ae 4-13541 Swainson, Wm. History of fishes Dk 10–7058 Walton, Isaac. The complete angler Ga 8-8809 Wood, J. G. Fresh and salt water aquarium

Dk 10-7060 Illustrated Nat. Hist.' v. 2

Dk 4-6910 Young, L. J. H. Sea-fishing as a sport Ga &_8807 Fisher, E. Lecture on the North and South before

the young men's mercantile library association

of Cin., O., Jan. 16th, 1819 Bh 6-Pami. 4 - Reply by a Carolinian

Bh 6-P:um. 4 Fisher, G. P. Life of Benjamin Silliman, chiefly

from his manuscript reminiscences, diaries, and correspondence. N. Y., 1866. 2 v.

Da 9-4770

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