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Ethiopians of Arabia. Baldwin, J. D. Pre-historic Europe, continued.
Ca 44168 · Koch, C. W. Revolutions in

Cg 1-3738 Ethnology. Gibbs, G. "Instructions for research

Latham, R. G. Nationalities of Cg 1-3750 Dk 12-7078 - Leach, J. Rough sketches

Cg 2–3766 Heck, J. G. iconographic encyclopaedia. v. 3 - Pradt, M. de. Europe after the congress of Aix

Ac 8-13236
La Chapelle

Cg 1-3732 Latham, R. G. Varieties of the human race. See - Robertson, W. Reign of Charles V. De 7-5748 Orr's Circ. of the Sci.

Ea 47166 Roger de Hovedon. Annals from 732 to 1201 - Morgan, L. H. Degrees of relationship among

Cf 7-3604 ditferent nations

Dk 12–7073 Tillotson, John. Stories of the wars of 1574–1658 - Morton, S. G. Varieties of the human species.

Cg 2-3765 Cab. C 1-15608 Politics, education, and social condition. -Niebuhr, B. G. ' Lectures on ancient ethnography - Barnard, H. National education in Europe Ch 9-4154

Bb 6–375 Nott, J. c, and G. R. Gliddon. Indigenous races - Draper, J. W. ' Intellectual system Ca 2-11193 of the earth

Ae 2–13500 – Duff, M. E. G. Studies in European politics · Types of mankind Ch 9-4152

Ba 3–48 Schoolcraft, H. R. Contributions to general eth- Heeren, A. H. L. İlistory of the political system nology:

Ch 10_4182
of Europe

Ca 2-2199 – Smith, 3. S. Variety of complexion and figure - Holland, 11. R. Foreign reminiscences De 25101

Ch 9-4158 Kay, J. Social condition and education of the Ethwald. Part I. Trag. J. Baillie: Hb 7-10885

Bb 5-352 Ethwald. Part II. Trag. J. Baillie. Hb 7-10885

Kemble, J. M. State papers and correspondence Etiquette. Bazar-book of decorum He 12-16125

Cg 1-3752 Habits of good society

He 12-11785 – Laing, s. ' Social and political state of Europe Hartley, F. The ladies' book of : He 12-12107

Di 2-6588 Eton boy. Far. E. Morton

Hb 10–11001

– Pradi, m. de. 'Europe after the congress of Aix Etourdi. Com. Moliere İb 2-10766, 8–10945 la Chapelle

Cg 1-3732 Etruria. Gray, Mrs. H. History of Cg 9-3929 – Praet, J. van. Essays on the political history of Ettore Fieramosca. Massino d'Azeglio Fd 3-14246 the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries Ba 2-3799 Etude de femme. Balzac

Aa 2-12542 Travels and description. Eucharist. Pusey, E. B. Doctrine of the real pres- - Adalbert, H.W. Travels in the south of Df 8–6044

Ef 10-11245 – Arnold, H. P. The great exhibition, with contiEugene, prince. Memoirs of. Trans. by Wm. Mud- nental sketches :

Di 4-6625 ford. N. Y., 1811

De 11-5817

Baird, R. Visit to northern Europe Di 10-6821 Engene Aram. Bulwer-Lytton Fa 7–14723, 9–14744 Bellows, H. W. The old world in its new face Eugenie. Beaumarchais Aa 6-12944

Di 3-6634 Eugenie Grandet. Balzac

Aa 2-12546

Benedict, E. C. A run through Europe Di 3-6637 Eulen speigel. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10930 Brown, W. W. Sketches of places and people Euler L. Letters of Euler on different subjects in


Di 3-6641 physics and philosophy, addressed to a German Browne, J. R. Land of Thor Di 10-6753

princess. L., 1802. 2 v. 8° Ea 3–7147 Bryant, W. C. Letters of a traveller Dg 3-6194 Eunuchus. Com. Terence

Ha 1-10445 Burritt, E. Thoughts and things at home and Euphrates. Tweedie, W. K. Rivers of scripture


Di 3-6632 Dg 6-6330 Calvert, G. H. Scenes and thoughts Di 3-6657 Eupolis.' Hymn to the Creator. "See Hesiod

Carr, John. Northern summer Di 3-6692 Ha 4-10420 Carter, N. H. Letters from

Di 2-6589 Euripides. Tragedies. Trans. by T. A. Buckley. - Catlin, G. Travels with his North American inL., 1867

Ha 1-10456
dian collection

Di 2-6613
Contents.-Vol. I. Hecuba; Orestes; Phoe-

Channing, W. Summer in

Di 2–6592 nissae: Medea ; Hippolytus; Alcestis; Bac

Choules, J. O. Cruise of the North Star chae; Heraclidae; Iphigenia in Aulide; Iphi

Dg 3-6197

Clarke, J. F. Eleven weeks in

Di 3-6643
Helen : Electra ; Cyclops; Rhesus.

Clemens, S. L. The innocents abroad Di 4-6624 - Greek tragic theatre. Vols. I., II., and III. Ed. Dewey, 0. The old world and the new Di 3–6652 by Mich. Wodhull, esq. L., 1809 Hb 3-10849 Durbin, J. P. Observations in

Di 3-6662 Contents.-Vol. I. Hecuba; Orestes; Phoe

Elliot, C. B. Letters from the north of Di 3-6670 nician dumsels; Medea ; Hippolytus; Alcestis;

Evliya Efendi. Narrative of travel in Cb 1-2465 Andronache. II. Suppliants: Iphigenia in

Felton, C. C. Familiar letters

Di 3-6631 Aulis; Iphigenia in Tauris; Rhesus; Trogan

Flagg, W.J. Three seasons in European vinecaptives; Bacchanalians; Cyclops ; Children of Hercules. III. Helen; Ion ; Hercules dis


Di 3-11868 tracted; Electra; Fragments; Index,

– Forbes, Mrs. E. A. A woman's first impression Europe. History.


Di 3-6666 Abbott, J. S. C. Events since the fall of Napoleon – Fuller, H. Sparks from a locomotive Di 3-6640 I.. De 15000 Griscom, J. A year in

Di 2-6586 Alison, A. History from 1789 to 1815

Hanway, J. Travels from London through RusCg 10–15793 sia into Persia

Cb 1-2468 - History of Europe from 1815 to 1853

Harriott, J. Travels

Dg 1-11850 Cg 1-3756 Howe, J. W. From the oak to the olive - Bacon, F. State of. Works. v. 3 Hd 1-11385

Di 3-6644 – Baines, E. History of the wars of the French Kingsley, c. Round the woria

Dg 1-4640 revolution

Cg 2-3772 Kirkland, C. M. Holidays abroad Di 3-6647 – Busk, Mrs. W. Germany, Italy, and Palestine Letters from Scandinavia

Di 10-6819 from 1125 to 1268

Ee 1-8021 Le Vert, 0. W. Souvenirs of travel – Dyer, T. H. Modern Europe, 1453 to 1857

Di 2–6607, and 6673 Cg 1-3734

- Lippincott, Mrs. s. j. llaps and mishaps Hallam, İ. State of Europe during the middle

Di 3-6649 ages Cg 1–3745 Longfellow, 1. w. 'Outre-Mer

Di 46618 -Jones, Wm. Views of the state of Europe from Macgregor, J. A thousand miles in the Rob-Roy the close of 1831 Dd 45468

Di 4-13739






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Europe, continued.

Eve. Baldwin, G. C. Representative women Merwin, S. J. M. Old sights with new eyes

Dd 1-5388 Di 3-6645 Eve et David. Balzac.

Aa 2-12549 Mirza Itesa Modeen. Excellent intelligence from Eve of St. Agnes. J. Keats .

Hf 3-12120 Di 5-6679 Eveleen Wilson. Drama. J. Pilgrim Hb 9–10971 Mitchell, D. G. Fresh gieanings Di 3-15038 Evelina. F. B. d' Arblay

Fa 7-13999 Ossoli, M. F. At home and abroad Di 5-6684 Evelyn, Wm. Memoirs; comprising his diary from Thoughts and things in Europe Ha 8-10652

1641 to 1705-6, and a selection of his familiar Peabody, A. P. Reminiscences Di 3-6646

letters; with the private correspondence bePrime, S. J. Travels

Dg 3–6202

tween king Charles I. and Sir E. Nicholas; · Rockwell, C. Sketches of foreign travel

also, between Sir E. Ilyde and Sir R. Browne.

Di 2–6605 Ed. from the original MSS., by Wm. Bray. -- Sedgwick, C. M. Letters from abroad Di 3-6654 L., 1827. 5v. 8°

De 8–5294 Silliman, B. A visit to Europe in 1851 Di 4-6620 Evelyn Marston. A. Marsh .

Fc 12-15060 Steele, O. G. Letters from, 1858 Di 3–6664 Evening book. Mrs. C. M. Kirkland . He 2-11899 Stowe, Mrs. H. B. Sunny memories Di 3-6649 Evening by evening. C. H. Spurgeon Eg 8–8545 Tappan, H. P. A step from the new world to Evening Journal almanac for 1869. Alb., 1869. Yo the old Di +-6626

Ck 11-4624 Taylor, B. At home and abroad Di 3-6633 Evenings at Donaldson manor. M. J. Mcintosh By-ways of Europe Di 3-6636

Fc 12-15091 Views afloat

Di 4-6623 Everett, A. H. America ; or, a general survey of the Tilley, H. A. Eastern Europe Di 46616 political situation of the several powers of the Tripp, A. Crests from the ocean-world Di 4–6617 western continent, with conjectures on their Vassar, J. G. Twenty years around the world

future prospects. Ph., 1827. 8 CB 2-2535

Dg 1-11836 - Journal of the convention for framing a constituWillis, N. P. Pencillings by the way Đi 3-6638 tion of government for the state of MassachuYankee boy from home .

Di 3-6635

setts bay, from the commencement of their first Hand-books.

session, Sept. 1st, 1779, to the close of their last Bradshaw's continental railway guide Ck 8–4559 session, June 16th, 1780; including a list of Hand-book of Europe

Ck 7-4586
members. B., 1832. 8°

Ba 5-106
Lee, E. Bradshaw's invalid companion Ck 8-4565 - Life of Joseph Warren. S. A. B. v. 10
Europe, and the allies of the past, and of to-day. Ed.

Da 844700 ited and compiled by an officer of the British Life of Patrick Henry. S. A. B. v. 11 Da 8-4701 army, with a complete history of the origin Everett, C. C. The science of thought; a system of and progress of the present struggle in the east ; logic. B., 1869

Hc 9-11290 the battles of Alma, Balaklava, Inkerman; Everett, Edward. The great issues now before the siege of Sebastopol ; and biographical sketches country; an oration delivered at the New York of the Czar, Sultan, Omer Pacha, Schamyl, academy of music, July 4, 1861. N. Y., 1861. Raglan, Canrobert, and other commanders.

Ha 11-10671 N. Y., 1855 .

Cg 1-3707 Life of John Stark. S. A. B.' v.i Da 8-4712 European life and manners. H. Colman.

Di 4-6614 - Orations and speeches on various occasions. B., Eurydice. Far. H. Fielding

Hd 13-11730
1836. 80

Ha 7-10618 Eurydice. Trag. Mallet

Hb 1-10732 Everett, Edward. 'Orations and speeches on various Eurydice hissed. Drama. H. Fielding Hd 13–11730 occasions. B., 1850-9. 3 v. 89 Ha 7-10566 Eusebius Pamphilus. Ecclesiastical history. Intro.

Contents.--Vol. I. The circumstances favorby C. F. Cruse, and historical view of the coun

able to the progress of literature in America,

oration at Cambridge, Aug. 24. 1824; The first cil of Nice by I. Bayle. Ph., 1865. 80

settlement of New England, oration at PlyEd 5-7879

mouth, Dec. 22, 1924; First battles of the revoluEustace, J. C. Classical tour through Italy. Ph., tionary war, oration at Concord, April 19, 1925; 1816. ? v. 8°

Di 7-2438

The principle of the American constitutions,

oration at Cambridge, July 4, 1826; Adams and Eustache Bandin. J. Courtney Hb 9-10960

Jefferson, eulogy at Charlestown, Aug. 1. 1924; Eustaphieve, A. Demetrius, the hero of the Don, an

The history of liberty, oration at Charlestown,

Hf 6–12306 epick poem. B., 1818. 8°

July 4, 1828 ; Monument to Harvard, address at Eutaw. W. G. Simms .

Ff 14-15366

Charlestown, Sept. 26, 1828; Speech at Nash

ville, Tenn., June 2, 1829; Speech at Lexington, Euthanasy. W. Mountford :

Eg 5-8488

Ky., June 17, 18:29 ; Speech at the Yellow Eutropius. See Justinius.

Springs, O., June 29, 1829; The settlement of

Massachusetts, address at Charlestown, June Eva. Bulwer-Lytton

Fa 7-14727

28, 1830: Importance of scientitic knowledge to Evadne. Drama. R Sheil.

Hb 9-10955

practical men, and the encouragements to its Evangeline. H. W. Longfellow

Hf 12-12523

pursuit: The workingmen's party, lecture at

Charlestown. Oet. 6, 1830: Advantage of scienEvans, Augusta J. Beulah .

Fb 8-14380

tific knowledge to workingmen, an introducInez.

Fb 8–14382

tion to the Franklin lectures, Boston, Nov. 14, - Macaria

Fb 8–14377

1831 ; Colonization and civilization of Africa, - St. Elmo

Fb 8–14379

speech at Warhington, Jan. 16. 1832; Educa.

tion in the western states, speech on behalf of - Vashti

Fb 8-14378

Kenyon college, O., Boston, May 21, 1833: BunEvans, Christmas. Sermons, with a memoir and por

ker hill monument, speech at Faneuil hall, May traiture of the author, by Rev. J. Cross. Ph.,

28. 1833; Temperance, speech in Salem. June

14, 1833 ; The seven years' war the school of the 1853. 89

Eg 8–8534

revolution, oration at Worcester, July 4, 1833; Evans, H. D. A treatise on the Christian doctrine of The education of mankind. oration at New marriage. N. Y., 1870

Hc 10–15513

Haven, Aug. 20, 1833; Agriculture, address at

Brighton, Oct 16, 1833; Eulogy on Lafayette, in Evans, John. A sketch of the denominations of the

Faneuil hall, Sept. 6, 1834; The battle of LexChristian world, an outline of atheism, deism,

ington, oration at Lexington, 19th (3010h) of theophilanthropism, Mahometanism, Judaism,

April, 1835 ; The youth of Washington. oration and Christianity. Amherst, 1832 Ed 11-7958

at Beverly, Mass., July 4, 1835; Education

favorable to liberty, morals, and knowledge, ad. Evans, Marian. (G. Eliot.) Adam Bede Fb 7-14521

dress before literary societies of Amherst Col. Felix Holt, the radical

Fb 7-14523

lege, Aug. 25, 1835; The battle of Bloody Brook, Mill on the floss

Fb 7-14522

address in South Deerfield, Sept. 30, 1835. II.

The boyhood and youth of Franklin, lecture in Romola

Fb 7-14527

Boston, Nov. 17, 1829; Fourth of July at Lowell, Scenes of clerical life

Fb -14526

oration at Lowell, July 5, 1830 ; American manu. Silas Marner, the weaver of Ravéloe Fb 7-14524 factures, address at New York, Oct. 14, 1831;

Anecdotes of carly local history, lecture before - Spanish gypsy, a poem

If 7-14525

the Mass. hist. society, Oct. 21, 1833; The

[blocks in formation]

Everett, Edward, continued.

western railroad, speech in Faneuil hall, Oct. 7, 1835; Anniversary of the settlement of Spring. field, speech, May 35, 1836; The importance of the milita, remarks at the anniversary dinner of the ancient and bonorable artillery company, June 6,1836: The seventeenth of June at Charlestown, remarks at a public dinner at that place, June 17, 1836; Harvard centennial auniverrary, speech, Sept. 8, 1836; The settlement of Dedham, remarks, Sept. 21, 1835; The cattle show at Danvers, remarks, Sept. 28, 1836; The Irish charitable society, speech, March 17, 1837; Improvements in prison discipline, remarks made in Boston, May 30, 1837; Superior and popular edncation, address before the Adelphic union society of Williams college, Aug. 16, 1837; The Boston schools, remarks in Faneuil hall, Ang. 23. 1837; The importance of the mechanic arts, address before the Massachusetts charitable mechanic association, Sept. 20, 1837; Reception of the Sauks and Foxes, address to the chiefs, Boston, Oct. 30, 1837; Dr. Bowditch, remarks at a meeting of the American acad, of arts and sciences, March 20, 1538; Fourth of July, 1833, remarks in Faneuil hall; Education the nurture of the mind, remarks made at Tisbury, Ang. 16, 1838; Festival at Exeter, remarks, Aug. 23, 1838, in honor of Dr. Abbotti Accumulation, property, capital, credit, address in Boston, Sept. 13, 1838: Importance of education in a republic, remarks in Taunton, Oct. 10, 1838: Settlement of Barnstable, remarks, Sept. 3, 1839; Vormal schools, andrere at Barre, Sept. 5, 1839; Opening of the railroad to Springfield, remarks, Oct. 23, 1839; Scots' charitable society, remarks made at the 183d anniversary in Boston. Nov. 319, 189; John Lowell. jr., founder of the Lowell institute, memoir delivered in the Odeon, in Boston, Dec. 31, 1839; Dr. Robinson's medal, reply to the speech of the president of the royal geographical society, May 23, 1812; British association at Manchester, response to a toast, May 35.1812; University of Cambridge, reply to a toast complimentary to the American and other foreign ministers, July 4, 1842; Royal agriculture society at Bristol, reply to a toast, July 14, 1812; Agricultural society at Waltham, reply to a toast, Sept. 21, 1812: York Minster, remarks, Oct. 6, 1812; Lord Mayor's day, reply to a tout, Nov. 9, 1812; Geological society of London, reply to a toast; Roval academy of art, reply to a toast May 6, 1813; Royal literary fund, reply to a toast, May 10, 1813; Agricultural society at Derhy, reply to a toast, July 13, 1813 ; Reception at Hereford, remarks Sept. 9. 1813; Saffron Walden agricultural society, reply to a toast, Oct. 13, 1813; Scientific association at Cambridge, remarks, June 19, 1815; Pilgrim fathers, reply to a toast at Plymouth, Dec. 22, 1815; University education, address at Cambridge, Mass., April 30, 1816; New medical college, Boston, address, Nov. 4, 1816; Famine in Ireland, remarks in Fanenil hall, Feb. 18, 1847; Aid to the colleges, remarks made before the committee of the board of education of Massachusetts. Feb. 1, 1818; Enlogy on J. Q. Adams, in Faneuil hall, April 15, 1918; Cambridge high school.remarks at the dedication, June 27, 1818; Second speech on aid to the colleges, Feh. 7, 1849: American scientific association, remarks at Cambridge. Aug. 21, 1849; Departure of the pilgrims, remarks at Plymouth, Sept. 17, 1819; Cattle show at Dedham, remarks, Sept. 26, 1819; Nineteenth of April at Concord, reply to a toast, April 19, 1830: The Bible, fperch in Bos. tou, May 27, 1850. III. Battle of Bunker hill, oration in Charlestown, 1850; Opening of the Brattle house, Cambridge, remarks, June 28, 1670: Cambridge high school, remarks, July 25, 185); The Ottoman empire, reply to a toast at a dinner given to Emin Bey, Boston, Nov. 4, 1850; Birth day of Washington, speech in New York, in reply to a toast, 1851; Conditions of a good school, remarks at Cambridge, Aug. 2, 1531; Beneficial influence of railroads, remarks, Sept. 19. 1851 ; The husbandman, mechanic, and manufacturer, remarks at Lowell, Sept. 24, 1551; Treatinent of animals, remarks in Boston, reb, 17, 1852; Effects of immigration, remarks in Boston, April 18, 1832; Festival of the alumni of Harvard, remarks, July 22, 1852; Education and civilization, -peech at Cambridge, Aug. 7, 1852; Dinner to Thomas Baring, esq., remarks, Sept. 16. 1852; Speech, Sept. 22, 1852; Progress of agriculture, repiy to a toast at Northampton, Oct. 7, 1952: Death of Daniel Webster, remarks in Faneuil hall, Oct. 27, 1852; The colonization of Africa, speech in Washington city, Jan. 18, 1453 ; Abdul Rahaman: Discovery of America, a lecture in Boston, repeated in New York, June 1, 1853; Stability and progress, remarks in Fadruil ball, July 4, 1853, Pilgrim fathers, speech at Plymouth, Aug. 1, 1853; New Hamp

Everett, Edward, continued.

shire, speech at Manchester, Oct. 7, 1853 ; Vice-
president King, remarks in the senate of the
United States, Dec. 8. 1853 ; Peter Chardon
Brooks, memoir; Dorchester in 1630, 1776, and
1855, oration, July 4, 1855; Boston school fes.
tival, remarks in Faneuil hall, July 23, 1855;
Launch of the Defender, remarks, July 28, 1855;
Abbott Lawrence, remarks made in Faneuil
hall on occasion of [his) decease, Ang. 20, 1855;
Obituary notice of Abbott Lawrence; Vege-
table and mineral gold, speech in Boston, Oct.
4, 1855 ; D. Webster as a man, remarks, Jan. 18,
1856; Reception at Philadelphia, reply to a com.
plimentary address, April 5, 1856; Mr. Dowse's
Îibrary, remarks in Boston, Aug. 5, 1856; Uses
of astronomy, discourse at Albany, Aug. 28,
1856: George Peabody, speech in Danvers, Oct.
9, 1856; Obituary notice of Mr. Dowse, Nov. 13,
1856; Memorial of the Franklin family, remarks
before Massachusetts historical society, April
9, 1857; Academical education, address at St.
Louis, April 22, 1857; Statue of Warren, ad-
dress on Bunker hill, June 17, 1857; Importance
of agriculture, address at Buffalo, Oct. 9, 1857;
Charitable institutions and charity, address in
Boston, Dec. 22, 1857; Dedication of the Boston
public library, speech, Jan. 1, 1858; Dedication
of Crawford's Washington, remarks at Rich-
mond, Feb. 22, 1858; Presentation of the cane
of Washington, reply to Col. Munford's address,
Richmond, Feb. 23, 1858; Recollections of Tur.
key, remarks at a dinner in honor of Mehem-
med Pasha, Boston, May 25, 1858; Washington
abroad and at home, speech in Faneuil Hall,
July 5, 1858; Fourth of July, speech in response

to a toast, Boston, July 5, 1858.
Speech in support of Harvard, Williams, and

Amherst colleges. B., 1849 Bh 6–Pam. 38 - Davis, T. T. Eulogy on

Bh 5–Pam. 63 Everett, Wm. On the Cam.-Lectures on the uni

versity of Cambridge in England. Cam., Mass., 1865 .

Ha 11-10678 Evergreens.' Hooper, J.

3. Book of Ec 2-7639 Everybody's business is nobody's business. D. De Foe

Hd 7-11580 Everybody's friend. Com. J. s. Coyne IIb 9–10973 Every-day life. Drama. C. W. S. Hb 9-10974 Every-day philosopher. A. K. H. Boyd He 5–15558 Every man in his humour. Drama. 'D. Garrick

Hb 7-10902 Every man in his humour. Com. B. Jonson

Hb 1-10727, and 7-10641 Every man out of his humour. B. Jonson Hb 7-10641 Evil eye. Md. J. B. Phillip

Hb 10-10998 Evil genius. Com. W. B. Bernard Hb 9-10961 Evliya Efendi. Narrative of travels in Europe,

Asia, and Africa, in the 17th century. Trans. from the Turkish, by J. Von Hammer. L., 1834. 2 v. in 3

Cb 1-2465 Evremond, M. de Saint. The works of, made Eng.

lish from the French, with a life of the author, by Mr. Des Maizeaux, to which are added the memoirs of the duchess of Mazarin. L., 1728. 3 v.

He 10–16074 Ewald, A. c. ' Last century of universal history; a

reference book, containing an annotated table of chronology, lists of contemporary sover, eigns; a dictionary of battles and sieges, and biographical notes of eminent individuals, from 1767 to 1867. L., 1868

Ca 3-2992 Ewbank, T. Descriptive and historical account of

hydraulic and other machines for raising water, ancient and modern. N. Y., 1847. 8°

Ga 12-8953 Life in Brazil; or, a journal of a visit to the land of the cocoa and the palm. N. Y., 1856. 80

Df 12-6170 The world a workshop ; or, the physical relationship of man to the earth. N. Y., 1855

Ea 4-7186 Examination of the president's message at the open

ing of congress, Dec. 7, 1801 Bh 6-Pam. 3 Examiner, or theological and literary repository. W.

S. Brown, Ed. B., 1833. 89 Bi 5-1798 Example. Drama. J. Shirley

Hb 7-10888 Examples of life and death. L. H. Sigourney

Dd 1-547





Excursions. H. D. Thoreau

Dt 7-6037 | Exeter Hall, continued. Excursions in Normandy. F. Shoberl Di 6-6714 of Christianity to the freedom of human thought Executive power. B. R. Curtis Bh 5-Pam. 65 and action, by A. Mahan. 5. The church in Executor, the. Mrs. Oliphant

Fa 13-14846

the catacombs, by W. Arthur. 6. Nature of Exemplary novels. M. de S. Cervantes Ff 4-14017 Romanism, as exhibited in the missions of the Exeter Hall. Lectures delivered before the young Jesuits and other orders, by M. H. Seymour.

men's Christian association from 1845 to 1865. 7. The bible, by H. M'Neile. 8. The apostle L., 1869. 20 v. 80

Hd 6–11544 Paul, by W. Brock. 9. Money, by S. Martin. – 1845-6. History of Y. M. C. association of Lon- 10. Music in its relation to religion, by J. Cum.

don. List of Exeter hall lectures, 1845-64. 1. ming. 11. William Allen, by J. Sherman. 12.
Biblical statements in harmony with scientific History of French protestantism; its present
discoveries, by J. Stoughton. 2. The extent condition and prospects, by R. Burgess.
and moral statistics of the British empire, by

Hd 6–11548 W. Arthur. 3. Ancient Rome and modern Lon- 1850–51. 1. National obligation to the bible, by don,by J. Stoughton. 4. The cedar and the palm, R. Bickersteth. 2. The age we live in, by Hİ

. by J. Hamilton. 5. The field and the garden, Stowell. 3. India and its evangelization, by the Bible illustrated by the plants of Palestine, A. Duff. 4. Revival of religion, by B. W. by J. Hamilton. 6. The lily of the valley and Noel. 5. God in science, by J. Cumming. 6. the glory of Lebanon, by J. Hamilton. 7. Life in London, by H. M. Villiers. 7. Heroes, Luther and the reformation, by J. Cumming

by W. Arthur. 8. Daniel; a model for young

Hd 6–11544 men, by W. Brock. 9. Solomon the prince, - 1846–7. i. British India, by W. Arthur. 2.

and Solomon the preacher, by J. Hamilton. Physical, moral, and intellectual effects of pro- 10. The instincts of industry, by S. Martin. tracted labour, by H. Hughes. 3. Druidism the 11. The cherubic symbol, by J. B. Melson. 12. ancient religion of Britain, contrasted with Authority and inspiration of the holy scripChristianity, by G. Smith. 4. Patriarchal tures, by R. S. Candlish.

Hd 6-11519 civilization, J. Stoughton. 5. History and in- – 1851-2. 1. Progress of the gospel in France, by fluence of literature, by J. Cumming. 6. Works B. W. Noel. 2. Italy, by C. Buxton. 3. Divine of fiction, by J. Aldis. 7. Points of similarity revelation, by Dr. Beaumont. 4. Philosophy between Judaism and Romanism, by J. Wil. of prayer, by J. Aldis. 5. Never man spake son. 8. Theatrical amusements, by J. B. Ben- like this man, by H. Stowell. 6. Wm. Tyndal nett. 9. On the origin, progress and moral and the Englislı bible, by W. L. Thornton. 7. effects of the Crusades to the Holy Land, Ireland, by R. Bickersteth. 8. Christianity in by D. Moore. 10. Unity of the species, by T. its relations to sects and denominations, by H. Archer. 11. The tabernacle of Israel, by S. Allen. 9. Alfred the Great, by W. W. ChampMartin

Hd 6-11545

neys. 10. Christian character in its connexion 1847–8. 1. Natural history of creation, by E. with secular pursuits, by G. Fisk. 11. Lord Lankester. 2. Social organization, by J. Har- Byron, by G. Gilfillan.

Hd 6-11550 ris. 3. Art of printing, and the effects of the — 1852-3. 1. Wonders of the bible, by II. Stowell

. cheapness and facilities of that art on society, 2. Prophets of scepticism, by W. Landels. 3. by J. T. Brown. 4. Mohammedanism, its Wellington, by J. Cumming. 4. Gold and gold rise, tenets and history, by W. Arthur. 5. seekers, by H. M. Villiers. 5. Irish eloquence Acquisition of knowledge, by J. Beaumont. 6. as illustrated by the speeches of Curran, by G. Geological evidences of the existence of the Croly. 6. Precursors of the English reformation, deity, by T. Archer. 7. Mythology of the by A. Rooker. 7. Sincerity, in its relation to huGreeks, by J. Aldis. 8. History of the forma- man actions, and to matters of religious belief, tion of the free church of the canton de Vaud, by S. D. Waddy. 8. Anglo-Saxon colonies, by J. Switzerland, by B. W. Noel. 9. Truths pe- Stoughton. 9. Baxter and his times, by J. c. culiar to Christianity and the principle truth of Ryle. 10. Coleridge and his followers, by W. which they are susceptible, by C. Stovel. 10. W. Hetherington. 11. Young men for the Moral influence of the commercial spirit of the age, by W. Brock. 12. What fifty years have day, by G. Fisk. 11. Mysteriousness of Chris- done for the bible, and what the bible can do tianity compatible with its truth, and with for ourselves, by J. Hamilton. . IId 6-11551 faith in its verities, by C. Prest. 12. The age – 1853–4. 1. On desultory and systematic reading,

we live in, by J. Cumming HD 6-11546 by J. Stephen. 2. Habit, J. B. Gough. 3. – 1848–9. 1. Characteristics of Romanism, and of Romanism in its relation to the second coming

protestantism, as developed in their respective of Christ, by R. Bickersteth. 4. The Haldanes, teaching and worship, by H. M'Neile. 2. God by W. Landels. 5. Signs of the times, by J. in history, by J. Cumming: 3. The bearing of Cumming. 6. Christian education, by F. Close. commerce upon the spread of Christianity, by 7. Prophet of Horeb, his life and its lessons, by R. Bickersteth. 4. Common origin of the hu- W. M. Punshon. 8. Passages from the life of man race, by W. Brock. 5. Modern infidel Cicero, by C. J. Vaughan. 9. Authorship, by philosophy, by H. Stowell. 6. Possession of T. Binney. 10. Study of modern history in spiritual religion the surest preservative from London, by A. P. Stanley. 11. The two records; the snares of infidelity, and the seductions of mosaic and geological, by H. Miller. 12. Jews false philosophy, by J. A. James. 7. Charac- and Judaism, by H. M'Neile. 13. On Mauteristics of the middle ages, by T. Archer. 8. rice's theological essays, by R. S. Candlish French revolution of 1848, by W. Arthur. 9.

Hd 6-11553 Church and the world, by B. W. Noel. 10. 1854–5. i. On the origin of civilization, by archInternal evidences of the divine inspiration of bishop of Dublin. 2. Labour, rest, and recreathe scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, tion, by J. Cumming. 3. Popular fallacies, by by T. Raffles. 11. Cardinal Wolsey, by S. W. Landels. 4. The glory of the Old TestaMartin. 12. Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton; a ment, by Hugh Stowell. 5. Philosophy of the study for young men, by T. Binney

atonement, by T. Archer. 6. Man and his

Id 6-11547 masters, by J. B. Gough. 7. The intelligent 1849-50. 1. Bible self-evidential, by H. Stowell. study of holy scripture, by II. Alford. 8. Čon

2. Influence of Romanism on the intellectual stantinople and Greek Christianity, by R. Burand moral condition of the people subject to gess. 9. Agents in the revival of the last its sway, by W. L. Alexander. 3. Literary attrac- century, by L. H. Wiseman. 10. God's heroes tions of the bible, by J. Hamilton. 4. Relation and the world's heroes, by J. H. Gurney. 11. EXETER HALL.




Exeter Hall, continued.

Exeter hall, continued. Dignity of labour, by N. Hall. 12. Ragged world's oldest poem, by F. Greeves. 12. The schools, by T. Guthrie. 13. Opposition to power of example, by J. B. Gough great inventions and discoveries, by S. Martin

Hd 6-11558 Hd 6-11553

– 1860–61. 1. Our Indian empire, by H. B. Ed1855-6. i. Obstacles which have retarded moral wardes. 2. Scottish covenanters, by W. Lan

and political progress, by Lord J. Russell. dels. 3. Individuality, by T. Pearson. 4. Eng2. The fullness of times; or, the advent of the land in the olden time, by J. H. Gurney. 5. Lord the divine key to history, by J. B. Brown. Lessons from the lives of the Jesuits, by C. 3. Saul of Tarsus, by H. Alford. 4. Labour Vince. 6. Revivals, ancient and modern, by lightened not lost, by J. Miller. 5. Palissy the J. Stoughton. 7. Commerce Christianized, by potter, by H. Allon. 6. Talkers of society, by R. T. Jeffrey. 8. The blessed life, by S. Coley. J. B. Owen. 7. Prospective results of interna- 9. Formation of Engtish character, by J. Bardstional exhibitions, by L. Levi. 8. Home har- ley. 10. Erasmus, by J. Hamilton. 11. Relavest, by J. C. Miller. 9. Credulities of scepti- tions of religion and art, by W. Pollock cism, by R. Vaughan. 10. Things secular and

lid 6-11559 things sacred, by L. H. Wiseman. 11. Lessons

1861-62. 1. France and England eighty years which war teaches, by H. M. Villiers. 12. ago, by I. Taylor. 2. Anglo-Saxon ChristianMercantile morality, by W. Brock. 13. Con

ity, and Augustine of Canterbury, by S. Marscience and the Bible, by R. S. Candlish

tin. 3. Anglo-Norman Christianity and An

Hd 6-11554 selm, by J. Stoughton. 4. Lollardie and Wic– 1856–7. i. Truth and its counterfeits, W. P. liffe, by W. B. Mackenzie. 5. English refor

Wood. 2. Gambling, by S. Martin. 3. Evi- mation and archbishop Cranmer, by E. Cordence in support of statements made in lecture duroy. 6. Church song, with illustrations of on gambling. 4. The Sabbath--patriarchal, the people's worship in ancient and modern mosaic, and Christian, by J. J. Cummins. 5. times, by H. Allon. 7. Counterfeits, by C. H., The triple plea; “Body, soul, and spirit,” Spurgeon. 8. The creteria of truth, by A. by W. Beal. 6. Battle of life, by II. S. Brown. Boyd. 9. Uses of prophecy, by W. C. Magee. 7. Revision and new translation of the bible, 10. Miracles, by W. Smith. 11. New testaby J. Cumming. 8. Abstinence, its place and ment narratives, real not ideal, by J. C. Miller. power, by J. Miller. 9. Popular amusements, 12. Macaulay, by W. M. Punshon Hd 6–11560 by E. Corderoy. 10. The imagination-its use 1862–63. 1. Scientific experiments in balloons, by and abuse, by J. McCosh. 11. The two lights James Glaisher. 2. The purpose of being, by -reason and revelation, by E. Mellor. 12.

R. Roberts. 3. A sound mind, by J. HamilJohn Bunyan, by W. M. Punshon. 13. Self

4. Defaulters, by H. S. Brown. 5. Italy culture, by H. Stowell

Hd 6-11555 and her rulers, by W. McCall. 6. The earth, - 1857-8. i. Social influence of Christianity, by W. as it has been occupied, cultivated and im

E, Baxter 2. Manliness, by II. S. Brown. 3. proved by the industry of man, by W. Arnot. Social responsibilities, by J. B. Gough. 4. Mod- 7. John Howe and the times of the puritans, ern geographical researches in Africa, by G. by R. Machray. 8. Bishop Burnet, and the Smith. 5. Silence of scripture, by J. C. Miller. times of the English revolution and protestant 6. Lessons of the street, by Wm. Landels. 7. settlement, by G. W. Condor. 9. Bishop Butler, Hugh Miller's " testimony of the rocks"--God and the religious features of his times, by A. S. in his word and in his works, by the dean of Car


Hd 6-11561 lisle. 8. The church; its influence, duties and - 1863-4. 1. Some instances of the power of God hopes, in the present age, by S. Coley. 9. Pul- as manifested in his animal creation, by R. pit eloquence of the seventeenth century,

Owen. 2. Edward Irving, by W. Landel. 3. the dean of Canterbury. 10. Varieties of spir- Poverty, competence and wealth, by A. Raleigh. itual life, by J. Stoughton. 11. Progress ; life 4. An evening with the church fathers and of George Stephenson, by E. Corduroy. 12. A early Christians, by F. J. Sharr. 5. Calvin, by life story, with characters and comments, by E. Garbett. 6. Psalmody of the reformation, N. JcLeod

Hd 6-11556 Lutheran, Calvanistic, English, by H. Allon. — 1838-9. 1. Social effects of the reformation, by 7. Israel in Egypt, monumental testimonies to

the lord bishop of Ripon. 2. Occultation of the Pentateuch, by J. Cumming. 8. Missions Jupiter, by N. Hall. 3. The Spanislı armada, and missionaries of the last half century, by M. by G. Smith. 4. Life of Jesus, its own wit- C. Osborn. 9. Bible in India, by J. Makeness, by J. M. McCulloch. 5. William Carey, peace. 10. Practical service of imperfect bv J. P. Chown. 6. De propaganda fide, by means, by A. K. H. Boyd. 11. Some of the C. H. Spurgeon. 7. Characteristics and ten- battles of the bible, reviewed in connection dencies of modern literature, by H. Allon. 8. with the physical geography of Palestine, by Bible and modern progress, by J. H. Rigg. 9. E. Bayley

Hd 6-11562 Liberty of opinion and the qualifications for - 1861–5. 1. History of the Mediterranean, by J. using it, by G. Fisk. 10. Law of labour a law S. Howson. 2. Chalmers, by J. Cairns. 3. of love, by H. Stowell. 11. Socrates, by E. M. Character of Christ, an argument for the literal Goulburn, 12. Sacred music (with illustra- truthfulness of the four gospels, by C. Vince. tions), by J. Cumming

Hd 6-11557

4. From doubt to laith, by R. W. Dale. 5. - 1839-60. i. The intluence of Knox and the Scot- John Angel James, by J. Č. Miller. 6. Italy

tish reformation on the reformation in Eng- and France, with relation to their present re-
land, by James Moncrieff. 2. Bigotry, by J. ligious condition, by R. Burgess. 7. Some of
C. Miller. 3. Self-conquest, by R. Roberts. 4. the social laws of Moses considered in their in-
Queen Elizabeth, by H. Stowell. 5. Influence fluence on the character of the Hebrew boy,
of society in the formation of character, by J. youth, and man, by J. Edmond. 8. Rivers;
Graham. 6. The earth framed and furnished notes on the laws which they obey, and the
as a habitation for man, by W. Arnot. 7. lessons which they teach, by W. Arnot. 9.
Blaise Pascal, by E. M. Goulburn. 8. Advan- Wilberforce; his life, work, and fellow-work-
tages to be derived from church history, by S. ers, by W. M. Punshon. 10. M. Renan on the
Martin. 9. Hogarth and his pictures, Wy É. S. kingdom of God, by W. Alexander
Brown. 10. Old school affectations, in litera-

Hd 6-11563 ture, art, science, etc.

, concluding with Bonnie Exhortation to peace and unity. J. Binyan Christie, a sketch, by J. B. Owen. 11. The

Ef 3–8242

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