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Elwes, Alfred. Ocean and her rulers; a narrative of Emmanuel-Philibert. A. Dumas Fd 11-15220

the nations who have from the earliest ages Emmet, T. A. Haines, C. G. Memoirs Dd 10–11840
held dominion over the sea. L., 1854

Emmons, Ebenezer. Geology of New York. Nat.
Ca 3-11817
Hist. N. Y.

Dk 13–13810 Elwood, James L. Elwood's grain tables; showing Emory, W. H. Notes of a military reconnoissance, the value of bushels and pounds of grain cal

from Fort Leavenworth in Missouri to San culated in federal money. Ph., 1852

Diego in California. W., 1848. 8° Cb 7–2675

Eb 10–7597 Report on the United States Mexican boundary Ely, Alfred. Journal, as a prisoner of war in Rich- survey. W., 1857. 4°

Ae 4-13030 mond. Ed. by C. Lanman. N. Y., 1862 Emotions. Bain, A. The emotions and the will cd 1-3119

Hc 8-11231 Emancipation. Antigua and the Antiguans

Cooke, w. Mind and the emotions Hc 8-11242

Ch 7–4117 Emperor of the east. Massinger. Hlb 7-10884 Cochin, A. Results of

Bb 7–406 Empire of the Czar. Marquis de Custine Cf 9–3651 Hall, M. Project of self-emancipation Bb 7–419 Employés. Balzac

Aa 2-12552 See Slavery.

Emporium of the arts and sciences. Conducted by Emancipation of faith. H. E. Schedel Ef 10–8402

John R. Coxe. Ph., 1812–14. 5 v. 8° Emblematic insignia. A. Brunet Ch 11-4215

Ea 13–7451 Emblems of life. W. Sewell

Ff 15-15448 Empress Josephine. Louisa Muhlbach Fd 5-14305 Embury, Emma C. Poems. First collected edition. Enamel. Burty, P. Chefs-d'oeuvre of the industrial N. Y., 1869.

Hf 10-12439

Gb 5–15979 Emerson, G. B. A report of the trees and shrubs Enchanter. Drama. D. Garrick

Hb 7-10903 growing naturally in the forests of Massachu- Enchiridion. F. Quarles

Hf 6–12332 setts. B., 1850. go

Ec 1–7617 Encyclopaedia Americana; a popular dictionary of Emerson, James. History of modern Greece, from

arts, sciences, literature, history, politics, and its conquest by the Romans, B. C., 146, to the biography. Ed. by Francis Lieber and E. Wig.

present time. L., 1830. 2 v. 8° Ca 8-15916 glesworth. Ph., 1829. 14 v. 8° Ac 10–13326 Letter from the Aegean. N.Y., 1829. 8o Di 6-6600 Encyclopaedia Britannica; a dictionary of arts, Emerson, R. W. Prose works. B., 1870._2 v.

sciences, and general literature. Eighth edi. Ha 8-10650

tion. B., 1860. 24 v. 4° . Ab 5-12629 Contents.-Vol. I. Miscellanies-Nature; The Encyclopaedia of domestic economy. See Practical American scholar; Address to the senior class


Gb 7-13736 in divinity college, 1838; The method of nature; Encyclopaedia of geography. H. Murray Ci 3–4251 Literary ethics ; Man, the reformer; Lecture on the times; The conservative; The transcen

Encyclopaedia of heraldry. J. and J. B. Burke dentalist ; The young American. Eseays-His

Ch 10_4198 tory ; Self-reliance; Compensation; Spiritual Encyclopaedia of instruction. A. B. Johnson laws; Love; Friendship; Prudence; Heroism;

He 5–11990 The over-soul; Circles; Intellect; Art; The poet ; Experience; Character; Manners; Gifts;

Encyclopaedia of religious knowledge. B. B. Edwards Nature; Politics; Nominalist and realist; New

Ad 1-13184
England reformers. II. Representative men-

Encyclopaedia of universal information He 5-11995
Uses of great men; Plato, or the philosopher;
Plato, new readings; Swedenborg, or the mys-

End of all things. James Grant .

Ef 6-8329 tic; Montaigne, or the sceptic; Shakespeare, or Endimion. Drama. J. Lilly

Hb 11-11017 the poet; Napoleon, or the man of the world ; Endless misery disproved. J. Blain Eg 11-8610 Goethe, or the writer. English traits-First visit to England; Voyage to England; Land;

Endor's witch. Baldwin, G. C. Representative Race; Ability; Manners; Truth; Character;

Dd 1-5388 Cockayne; Wealth ; Aristocracy; Universities; Endymion. J. Keats

Hf 3-12120 Religion ; Literature; The Times''; Stone. henge ; Personal; Result; Speech at Manches.

Endriagne. Com, op. A. Piron. Hb 2-10787 ter.” Conduct of life--Fate; Power; Wealth;

Enfans de la joie. Com. A. Piron Hb 2-10789 Culture; Behavior; Worship; Considerations Enfant gaté. Com. Genlis

Hb 2-10799 by the way; Beauty; Ilusions.

Enfant maudit. Balzac

Aa 2-12556 Conduct of life. B., 1866

Ha 11-10668 Enfant prodigue. Com. Voltaire Aa 12-13246 Essays. First series. B.,


Ha 11-10662 Enfants contes à l'usage de la jeunesse. Mme. Guizot Contents, same as in Prose works, Vol. I.

Aa 5-12796 Second series. B., 1866

Ha 11-10663 Enfield, Wm. ' History of philosophy from the earliest Contents, in Prose works, Vol. I. May-day and other pieces. B., 1867 Hf 11-12475

times to the beginning of the present century; Miscellanies ; embracing nature, addresses, and

drawn up from Brucker's historia critica philectures. B., 1865

Ha 11-10666

losophiae. Dub., 1792. 2 v. 8° Hc 5-1116.5 Contenta, in Prose works, Voli


Engagement téméraire. Com. Rousseau Aa 6–12934 Poems. B., 1866

Hf 10–12442 Engelmann, G. Description of the cactaciae (of the Representative men. Seven lectures. B., 1866

west). See Report of explorations. v. 4 Ha 11-10667

Ae 4-13534 contents, in Prose works, Vol. II.

Engelmann, Willelm. Bibliotheca oeconomica; cataSociety and solitude

Ha 11-10679 logue of books on agriculture, domestic econoEmerson, R. W., W. H. Channing, and J. F. Clarke.

my, etc. Leip., 1841. 8° Hc 14–11402 Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli. B., 1860. Engineering. Appleton's dictionary Ad 7-1342 2 v. Ha 8–10654 Appleton's journal of

Gb 2-8860 Emigrant churchman in Canada.' H. Christmas Architectural and engineering dictionary. P.

Ch 3-3993

Ab 8-12816
Emigration. "Curtiss, D. s. ' Emigrant's guide - Armengaud. Engineers’ drawing companion
Cb 4-2654

Gb 2-14015 Bromwell

, w. J. History of immigration to the - Barlow, P. Strength and stress of timber
United States
Bg 3–1346

Ga 12-8961 - Fidler, Isaac. Observations on emigration in - Brown, A. B. Facts and figures Ga 9-8846 the United States, 1832

Df 11-6162 Hebert, Luke. Engineers and mechanics' ency– Sanderson, J. P. Opinions of American states- clopaedia

Ad 7–13139 men on foreign immigration

Ba 5 -105 Isherwood, B. F. Precedents forsteam machinery Emilia Wyndham. Mrs. A. Marsh Fc 12–15064

Ga 9-8768 Emily Chester. A. M. Crane

Ff 4-14031 Mechanics and engineers' magazine Gb 3-8921 Eminent women of the age. James Paron, et al

- Moseley, H. Mechanical principles Ga 12_8949 Db 9-5054 Nicholson, P. Engineering dictionary Ab 8–12816


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Engineering, continued.

Era stato del - Papers on subjects connectei vith the funes it - Darliam, G Lives venuineat Englishthe corps of royal engineers LT

DI) 431 5.ssh: EsitEngi

(#12IN1 - Scott, D. Engineers' assistant ::-991 En als Sarutu 1.18 - Sganzin, M. J. Elementary course of amin

(163) + gineering

sri I Bamix Baries I

(† 3-3 483 – Stuart, B. How to become a success IPT

(13-31 12-13

Er etches of Charles - Tomlinson, c. Cyclopaedia o serier's

m , ali


rise 137 i qatto Elizabeth. Cam. - Watson, E. Practice of American enrneers

Ce-3301 130 h -7.1 Puin iztes II IS20 - Weisbach, J. Mechanics of

ces from Edward II. to See Bridges; Canals: Holics: Lo: Lene

(11-3363 tive; Mechanics; Public Works. Peter

Famibe blot Woolsey Steam ; Timber.

2. . 2. Zj

Ce-323 England Constitution.

Gaste. To bi un er der the reigns of Bagehot, W. The Enzlish constitke BH 3-4

reki gecrre it. When IV., and - Brodie, G. Constitutional history : the Brire

11-1633-1 empire

Get MSI P çoar niswry of Ergand - Care, H. Magna charta BH

Ce-3281 C'onstitution in the reign of Charles IL

- Gucci British history BD 2-1:45

(17-3598 -- De Lolme, J. L. Rise and progress of cross - Hory of the commonwealth of tution of England BS3

(13_3494 - Hallam, H. Con-titutional history of Ere! Go Hury, to the drath of Georre

(11-3301 - Mar, T. E. Constitutional histry CI

GOLFPG Em wamonwealth · Russell, J. History of the costiz Er

De 641319 land B5 2-2 Filmi)

Ce 32-3 - Political history.

(harles L C 3260 - Burton, T. Diary from 1656 to 1639

- H... E CE from Henry IV. to Henry - Cobden, R. Political writins

B> -

Ca 1-2193 - Cornwallis, C. Correspondence 012 - Hai Jages Chronicle of the late intestine - Grant, James. Random recollectives of te borse

in Dirhe kinglous of England, Scotof lords


hoi Di Il 19 to 1612 (11-3465 – Grimblot, Paul. Letters of Wrism III Herry. R H Tof Great Britain 012-3467 Louis XIV.

C1373 H. 7 of Eaciand and France from 1:324 to Hallam, H. Constitutional history Cf 31*

016-3779 Jones, Wm. History of the passing of the retorn - Hopkins Church, court and parliament in the bills

rins of Einard VI and queen Elizabeth - Junius' letters H 11-1:03

Ce 2-3226 - Lester, C. E. Glory and shame of Engazi Hame D. Historytrom Caesar to 1638 CT 6-3545 00:3 layip chronicle

(17-3601 - May. T. E constitutional history C16~1.7 Jesse J. H. Court of England during the reign Parliamentary history of England. Ce 1-348

of the Starts

Dd7-11813 – Regnault, E. Criminal history of the Erzsh

- Menoir of the court, from 1683 to the death government

of George III.

DI 5470 – Smith, Goldwin. Three English statesmen -Jones Co. Revollections of royalty from 1100

to 19,

(11837 – Tooke, II. Political history of the borroughs and Klore.C.LThe rebellion in 11th De:-11899 cinque ports

Knight, C. Popular history .

(12-35118 – Twysden, R. Certaine considerations. Cam. - Lappenberg, J.' N. History, under the AngloSoc. Pub.

(e 6-3336
Saxon kings

(1 6-3113 - Wellington, duke of. Dispatches: (g 10-16151 - Lingard, J. History, to iausi

(13519 - History.

Lodge, E Ilustrations ot British history
Alfred the Great Works
Hd +11497

C33502 Anecdotes and traditions. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 5 Lvson, s. Our British ancestors : Ch:-3017

(c 9-16015 - Lyttleton, G. History of the revolutions from – Bacon, Francis. Reign of Henry VII.

Ellward the contessor.

De 8-3299 Cf 1-33.77, and Hd 1-11385 - Macaulay. T. B. History, from the accession of Tracts relating to the history of England. James II.

C13235 Works, V, 5

Hd 1-11387 – Macintosh, James. History of the revolution of · Baker, R. Chronicle of the kings of England


Ca 1-2189 Macintosh, J., et al. Cabinet history (eg 148 Barons' Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 15 Ce 6-3309 Martineau, H. History of the peace, from 1816 to · Boyer, A. History of the reign of queen Anne


(10 3970 Ca 1-2180 Massey, Wm. Reign of George 111.

C-3009 - Burke, E' An abridgement of English history Mathew of Westminster, Flowers of history, to

Hd 5-11524

(13009 Burnet, G. History of his own time Ca 1-2184 Moleville, A. F. B. de. Chronological history of Caesar, Julius. Commentaries Ha 2–10484

Great Britain

(133559 – Camden, T. Imperial history of England

Nennius. History of the Britons
Ca 1-2176 New school history.

(is 105 – Chronicle of the reign of Edward IV. (13 years.) · Paris, M. English history from 1935 to 1978 Cam. Soc. Pub. Ce 6-3304

(13500 – Clarendon, E. Hyde. Rebellion and civil wars Parliamentary history

(1-3209 CE 5–3542 - Pepys, S. Diary in the reigns of Charles II, and - Cobbett, w. Parliamentary historyce 13-3431 James II.

De 8-5389


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V. 21

v. 74

dle ages

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England, continued. - Polydore Vergil. Three books. Cam. Soc. Pub. V. 29

Ce 6–3320 Eight books. Cam. Soc. Pub.' v. 36

Ce 6-3327 Prior; Mathew. History of his own times, from 1664 to 1721

Hd 8-11617 - Rebellion in Lancashire, 1470. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 39

Ce 6-3330 Rapin, T. P. de. History, to 1688

Ca 1-2172 - Roger de Hovedon. Annals from 732 to 1201

Cf 7-3604 – Roger of Wendover. Flowers of history, from Saxons to 1235

Rutland papers.
Cam. Soc. Pub.

Ce 6–3347
Stanhope, P. H. History, from 17i3 to 1783

Ce 5-3294 Reign of queen Anne, 1701–13 · Ce 4-7678 Symonds, R. Diary of the march of the royal

army during the great civil wars. Cam. Soc. Pub.

Ce 9-16035 - Thierry, A. Conquest by the Normans

Cf 8–3623 Thompson, A. B. Victoria history Ce 4-3267 – Timbs, J. Historical ninepins He 7-12016 Turner, S. IIistory of England during the mid

Ce 2-16083 History of the reign of Henry VIII.

Dd 4-16079 Modern history of England Cf 7-16081 - Vaughan, R. History, from 1603 to 1688

Cf 43530 Verney papers. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 31 Ce 6-3322 Vitalis, 0. Ecclesiastical history of England and

Normandy, 11th and 12th centuries Cf 7–3606 · Wade, John. British history, chronologically arranged

CI 6-3115 Whitlocke, B. Memorials of English affairs

Ca 1-2190 William of Malmsbury. Chronicles of the kings of England to Stephen

Cf 7-3595 - Wraxall, N. W. Memoirs of my own time 1772-84

Dc 8–7085
See Great Britain; Middle ages; and names of

the kings and queens of England.
Colonial history.
Martin, R. M. History of the British colonies

Ce 2–3221
See United States; Canada; Hindostan; India.
Army and navy.
Campbell, J. Naval history of England

Cf 8-15817
Great battles of the British army Cf 8-3628
Lediard, T. Naval history of England Ca 1-2186
Maxwell, W. H. Victories of Wellington and
the British army

Cf 8-3629 Nicholas, N. H. History of the royal navy

Cf 5–3556 Commerce, finance, and resources. – Hamilton, R. Inquiry concerning the national debt

Cť 6–3145 Ilanway, Jonas. Britisli trade over the Caspian

Cb 1-2468 Pebrer, Pablo. Taxation, debt, etc., of the whole British empire

Ce 4-3260 Education, religion, and society. Cobden, J. C. White slayes .

Ct 8-3621 Collier, W. F. Pictures of the periods Cf 8–3618 · Esquiros, A. Religious lite in England Ce 4–3274 - Fenn, J. Paston letters

Ce 4-3275 Kay, Joseph. Social condition and education in England

Bb 5–352 Manchester, W. D. M.

Court and society from Elizabeth to Anne

Dd3-5187 - Society of arts. Report on industrial education

Bb 6-386 – Staunton, H. The great schools of England

Hc 12-11335 – Thackeray, w. M. The four Georges Dc 1-5079

England, continued.
Thornbury, G. W. Shakespeare's England

Ce 4-3272
Timbs, J.' school days of eminent men

Hc 12-11346 Wright, T. Domestic manners and sentiments during the middle ages

Cf 6-3131
Travels and descriptions.
Antiquarian tour

Di 1-6564
Bulwer-Lytton, E. England and the English

Ce 8-8056 - Chateaubriand, F. A. de. Recollections of Eng. land

He 111928 Coxe, A. C. Impressions of

Di 5-6692 - Denholm, J. Tour to the English lakes

Ce 10_3399 Favourite haunts

Di 5-6680 Gonzales, M. Voyage in 1730 Df 1-5827 Haven, G. Pilgrim's wallet .

Di 5-6689 Hawthorne, N. English note-book Di 5-9524 Hawthorne, Mrs. S. Notes in England Di 5-6711 Head, G. Home tour

Di 5-6685 Hoppin, J. M. Old England; scenery, art, and people

Di 5-6694 Howitt, W. Rural life

Ce 43258 Ireland, S. Picturesque views on the Thames, Avon, and Medway

Di 2-6582 Mackenzie, A. S. The American in England

Di 5-6695 Mantel, G. A. Geological excursion round the isle of Wight

Eb 4-7485 Miller, H. First impressions : Di 5-6705 Mirza, I. M. Travels in Great Britain Di 5-6679 Moritz, C. P. Travels in 1782

Df1-5827 - Noah, M. M. Travels

Di 2-6591
Nucius, N. Second book of travels. Cam. Soc.
V. 17.

Ce 6–3311 - Olmsted, F. L. Walks and talks

Di 5-6699 Paulding, J. K. Sketch of old England

Di 5-3615 Raumer, F. von. England in 1841 Ce 43264 Richard of Cirencester. Description of Britain, and De situ Britanniae

Ce 4-3263 – Shaw, Rev. S. Tour to the west of England, 1788

Di 1-5.827 - Silliman, B. A journal of travels Di 5-6697 - True account of England about the year 1500. Cam. Soc. Pub.

Ce 6-3:328 Victoria's journal

Di 5-6734 Wheaton, N. S. Excursions

Di 5-6652 Hand-books. - Black, A. and C. Guide to the southern counties. Kent

Ck 7–594 Hampshire and isle of Wight Ck 8561 Picturesque tourist

Ck 8-4503 South western counties

Ck 7-4593 For travelers in Berks

Ck 7-4576 Bucks.

Ck -4576 Cornwall

Ck 7-4581 Dorsetshire.

Ck 7-4582 Devon.

Ck 7-4581 Hampshire

Ck 7-4580 Isle of Wight

Ck 7-1581 Kent

Ck 7-4579 Oxfordshire

Ck 7-4576 Somersetshire

Ck 7-4582 Surry

Ck 7-4580 Sussex

Ck 7-4579 Wiltshire

Ck 7-1592 Miscellaneous. Border antiquities Ci 2-12:23 - Browne, M. Chaucer's England Cf 8-15750 - Chamberlayne, E. Angliae notitia, 1679

CF&_3631 Dodd, c. R. Manual of dignities: Ch 11-4218 Ellis, H. Original letters, William I. to Henry VIII.

Cf 7-3591 Ellis, Mrs. S. s. women of England Ci 6-11801 Harleian miscellany

He 15-12133 Historical reason why

CI 8-13728 Thoms, W.J. Book of the court : Ch 11-4204


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England, continued.

English language, continued. - See Chivalry; Heraldry ; Knighthood.

Whipple, E. P. Literature of the age of Elizabeth England and America. E. G. Wakefield Ca 9–2416

Ha 11-10672 England's antiphon. G. Macdonald Hf9--12401 Philosophy and Study. England's yeomen. M. L. Charlesworth Ff 5-14058 - Disraeli, I." Amenities of literature Ha 6-10550 England's work shops. G. L. M. Strauss Gb 4_8939 — Gilman, A. First steps in English literature Englischen Waren. * Posse. Kotzebue Hb 8-10932

Ha 8-16156 English, T. D. Mormons. Drama Hb 9-10964 – Kent, chancellor. Course of English literature English and French neutrality. C. B. Boynton

Ha 13-10706 Ca 9-2426 – Trench, R. C. 'Select glossary of English words English comic writers. ' Hazlitt, Wm. Lectures on

Ha 13-10704 Hd 13–11720 - Specimens. English forests and forest trees; historical, legendary, Hazlitt, Wm. Eloquence of the British senate and descriptive. L., 1853. 89 Ec 4-7672

Bb 1-291 English-Greek lexicon. C. D. Yonge Ac 3–15967 Moore, Frank. American eloquence Ba 5-92 English history. Reed, H. Lectures on, as illustrated Morris, R. Specimens of early English by Skakespeare Ce 4-3268

Ha 13-10709 English humorists of the i8th century. W. M. Williston, E. B. Eloquence of the United States Thackeray Hd 10–11661

Ba 7-174 Same

Fe 9-15307 English opium eater. T. De Quincey Ha 2-11431 English language. Dictionaries.

English orphans. M. J. Holmes. Fd 4-14265 - Bailey, N. Universal etymological dictionary English puritan divines in the reign of queen Eliza

Ac 5-13110 beth. Life and times of Rev. T. Cartwright. – Barclay, James. Complete and universal diction- L., 1848

Dc 1-5000 ary Ac 4-13031 English songs. B. w. Procter

Hf 5-12375 Boag, J. Imperial lexicon

Ac 4–13026 English tales and sketches. Mrs. N. Crossland - Craig, John. New universal pronouncing dic

Ff 5-14055 tionary

Ac 4-13024 Englishman in Russia; impressions of the society – Johnson, s. Dictionary of the English language and manners of the Russians at home. By a

Ac 413021 lady, ten years resident in that country. L., - Phillips, E. New world of words Ac 1-12902


Di 10-6816 - Richardson, C. Dictionary of the English lan- English travellers and Italian brigands. W. J. C. guage

Ac 4-13017

Di 7-6740 – Webster, Noah. American dictionary Englishman in Paris. Far. 'Foote Ac 4-13036

Hb 1-10738, and 7-10900 Worcester, J. E. Dictionary of the English lan- Englishman returned from Paris

. Foote Ac 4-13019

Hb 1-10738, and 7-10900 Wright, T. Universal pronouncing dictionary Englishman's travels in America. J. Benwell Ac 6-13202

Df 6-5997 Glossaries.

Englishman's Greek concordance. W. Burgh – Bartlett, J. R. Glossary of words peculiar to the

Ad 4-13405 United States

Ac 4-13028 Engravers. Spooner, s. Anecdotes of Hc 1-11033 - Crabb, G. English synonyms Ac 3-12916 Dictionary of

Ab 7-12664 Halliwell

, J. o. Dictionary of archaic and pro- Engraving. Jackson, J. Treatise on wood engravvincial words Ac 5-13105 ing

Hc 4-11147 – Roget, P. M. Thesaurus of English words Engravings. See Pictures.

Ac 2–11768 Ennemies genereuses. Com. Genlis Hb 2-10795 – Trench, R. C. Select glossary Ha 13–11704 Ennis, Jacob. The origin of the stars, and the causes

Walker, J. Rhyming dictionary Ac 5-13099 of their motions and their light. N. Y., 1867 Williams, J. Readable dictionary Ac 5-13107

Eb 8–7535 Wright, T. Obsolete and provincial English

Ennui. M. Edgeworth

Fb 7-14547 Ac 5–13092 Enoch Arden. A. Tennyson

Hf 9-12354 - Etymology.

Enredos de Celauro. Com. Vega Aa 2-12575 - Hand-book of engrafted words Ha 13–10702 Enrolment d'Arlequin. Com. op. A. Piron - Swinton, W. Rambles among words Ha 13-10722

Hb 2-10789 - Trench, R. C. English, past and present Enthusiasm. Com. J. Baillie

Hb 7-10885 Ha 13-10713 Enthusiasm. Natural history of. I. Tayler Study of words Ha 13-10710

Ef 10–8413 Grammar.

Entick, John. General history of the late war; con- Alford, H. The queen's English . Ha 13-10723 taining its rise, progress, and events in Europe, Brown, G. The grammar of grammars

Asia, Africa, and America; with accurate de

Ha 1411027 scriptions of the seat of war, the nature and De Vere, M. S. Studies in English Ha 13–10703 importance of our conquests, and of the most Marsh, G. P. Lectures

Ha 14-11030 remarkable battles by sea and land, 1748–63. - Moon, G. W. The dean's English Ha 13-10724 L., 1763-4. 5 v. 80.

Cf 6–3574 History.

Entlarvte Fromme. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10939 Craik, G. L. History of the English language Entomology. Burmeister, H. Manual of Dk 7–7005

Ha 5–10506 Introduction to. J. Duncan. Nat. Lib. - Hand-book of Anglo-Saxon derivatives

Dk 6-6986 Ha 13-10711 Kirby, w., and w. Spence. Introduction to - Hand-book of Anglo-Saxon root words

Dk 7–7016 Ha 13-10715 Nat. Lib.' v. 34-40

Dk 6-6986 - Morris, R. Specimens of early English

Say, T.
American entomology

Dk 7-7007 Ha 13–10709 Envers de l'histoire contemporaire. Balzac - Reed, H. Lectures on English literature

Aa 2-12553 Ja 9-10601 Eoline. Mrs. C. L. Hentz

Fe 2-15193 Shaw, T. B. Complete manual of English litera- Eothen. J. A. Kinglake

Dg 6-6343 Ha 6–10543 Epicoene. Drama. B. Jonson

Hb 7-10641 Welsford, H. Origin and ramification of the Eng. Epictetus. Farrar, F. W. Life of (seekers after God) lish language Ha 14-11029

Ca 5-2315


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Epidicus. Com. Plautus

Ha 2-10464 Esprit des lois. C. de S. de Montesquieu Ba 3-64 Epigramm. Com. Kotzebue

Hb 8–10926 Espy, J. P. First report on meteorology to the surEpigrams. Homer

Ha 4-10410 geon general of the United States army, 1843 Martial, M. V. Epigrams Ha 3–15974

Cab. C 2-15609 Episode sous la terreur. Balzac

Aa 2-12553 Second and third reports, 1849 Cab. C 2-15612 Episodes of French history. J. Pardoe Cg 4-3825 The philosophy of storms. B., 1841. 8 Epithalamion. E. Spenser . Hf 3-12219

Ca 9-7344 Epps, John. Horae phrenologicae; being three Esquiros, Alphonse. Dutch at home.' L., 1863 phrenological essays. I. On morality. II. On

Cg 6-3911 the best means of obtaining happiness. III.

- Religious life in England. L., 1867 Ce 4-3274 On veneration. B., 1835

Ga 6–8757 | Esquisse d'homme d'affairs. Balzac Ae 2–12553 Equality of the races. Campbell

, J. Negromania Essay on the definition and division of knowledge, Ch 9-4159

and on the definition of truth as an essential Erbolato. Com. 'Ariosto

Aa 5-12808 element of knowledge. Alb., 1852
Erbschaft, S. Kotzebue
Hb 8-10931

Bh 6–Pam, 20 Erckmann-Chatrian. Conscript; a story of the Essay on man. A. Pope. l., 1777 Hf 5-12372 French war of 1813

Fb 9-14542 Essay on the principles of political economy, by an - Le Fou Yégof; episode de l'invasion. Paris

American. N. Y., 1837

Bh 6-Pam. 6 Aa 4–12748 Essays from the London Times; a collection of per- Madame Téréså; or the volunteers of '92

sonal and historical sketches. N. Y., 1852 Fb 9–14541

Fd 13–11719 Waterloo; a sequel to the conscript of 1813 Essays on reform. L., 1867. go!

Bb 2-294 Fb 9-14543 - I. Utilitarian argument against reform as stated Eremit auf Formentera. Kotzebue Hb 8-10921

by Mr. Lowe. G. C. Brodrick Bb 2-294 Eric. F. W. Tarrar

Fa 15–14355 - II. Political character of the working classes. Ericsson, John. Headly, P. c. Miner boy and his R. H. Hutton

Bb 2-294 monitor

Da 11-4837 - III. Admission of the working classes as part Erie city. See Penn, Erie city.

of our social system ; and on their recogErie county. Penn. See Penn.

nition for all purposes as part of the nation. Erie county common school education society. Hos- Lord Houghton

Bb 2-294 mer, G. W. Address before Cc 3–2883 - IV. The balance of classes. A. Venn Dicey Erie county, N. Y. See N. Y. State. Erie Co.

Bb 2-294 Erie county medical society. By-laws, 1834

v. 'Choice of representatives by popular constiBh 6-Pam. 6 tuencies. Leslie Stephen

Bb 2-294 Erman, Adolph. Travels in Siberia ; including ex- - VI. Redistribution of seats. J. B. Kinnear cursions northward down the Obi, to the polar

Bb 2-294 circle, and southward to the Chinese frontier. - VII. ' Analysis of the house of commons, or Trans. by W. D. Cooley. Ph., 1850. 2 v. 8° indirect representation. B. Cracroft Bb 2–294

Dh 6-6493 – VIII. Working of Australian institutions. C. Ernest Bracebridge. W.H. G. Kingston

H. Pearson

Bb 2-294 Fe 14-15115 - IX. Experience of the American commonErnest Linwood. Mrs. c. L. Hentz

Fe 2-15190
wealth. Goldwin Smith

Bb 2-294 Ernest Maltravers. Bulwer-Lytton

- X. Historical aspect of democracy. James Fa 8-14704, and 7–14726 Bryce .

Bb 2-294 Ernest Maltravers. Drama. Miss. L. Medina XI. Opportunities and short comings of gov

Hb 9-10960 ernment in England. A. O. Rutson Ernestin; or, the heart's longings Fd 13-13943

Bb 2-294 Ernestine. Drama. W. Robertson Hb 9-109.58 - XII. House of commons in 1833.

George Erotica ; the poems of Catullus and Tibullus, and the Young

Bb 2-294 vigil of Venus. Trans. by. W. K. Kelly. L., Essex, earl of

. Bacon, F. Speeches, charges : papers 1854 Ha 1-10449 relating to

Hd 1-11388 Erring, yet noble ; a tale of and for women Essex Co., England. Historical description of. Cam.

Fd 14-13889
Soc. Pub.

Ce 6-3303 Erskine, J. E. Journal of a cruise among the islands Esther. Baldwin, G. C. Representative women of the western Pacific, including the Feejees

Dd 1-5388
and others inhabited by the Polynesian negro Esther. Trag. J. Racine Hb 2-10779, and 10792
L., 1853. 8°
Dg 1–11813 Esther heureuse. Balzac

Aa 2-12552 Erskine, lord Thomas. Speeches when at the bar, Ethelwerd's chronicle. See six old English chronagainst constructive treason, with a prefatory icles

CI 7-3598 memoir by Lord Brougham, collected and ed- Ethelyn's mistake. M. J. Holmes Fd +14267 ited by James Ridgeway. L., 1869. 4 v. 8° Ethica. A. L Windsor

He 3-11906 Bb 3–14984 Ethics. Alcott, W. A. Moral philosophy of courtErskine, Wm. History of India under the two first ship and marriage

Bb 5-356 sovereigns of the house of Taimur, Baber, and Aristotle. Nichonachean ethics: Ha 2–10480 Humayun. L., 1854. 2 v. 80 CT 11-3702 Confucius

Ha 3-10386 Eryphile. Trag. Voltaire

Aa 12-13240 De Wette, W. M. L. Practical ethics Hc 10-11255 Eschenburg, J. J. Manual of classical literature, em- - Friswell, J. H. The gentle life Hc 10–11270

bracing treatises on the following subjects : - Jouffroy, Theodore Simon. Introduction to Classical geography and topography; Classical

Hc 10-11253 chronology; Greek and Roman mythology ; Kant, Immanuel. Metaphysics of Hc 10-11250 Greek antiquities; Roman antiquities; Arch- Mackintosh, J. Progress of ethical philosophy acology of Greek literature; Archaeology of

Hc 10-11248 Roman literature; Archaeology of art ; History

Stewart, D. v. 6 :

Hc & 11790 of Greek literature; History of Roman litera- Wayland, F. Theoretical ethics Hc 10–11349 ture. Ph., 1845. 8°

Ac 2–13035 Ethiopia. Harris, W. C. Highlands of Dg 9-6359 Esclave de su galan. Com. Vega Aa 2-12575 · Lepsius, R. Letters from

Dg 6-6327 Esels schatten. Posse. Kotzebue Hb 8-10932 Santos, J. dos. History of eastern Ethiopia. Esmeralda. Drama. E. Fitzball Hb 9–10961 Pinkerton's voyages. 16

Dg 1-5841 Esmeralda, la. Drama. Hugo Aa 1-12600 Ethiopians. Heeren. A. H. L. Researches into the Espousals, the. C. Patmore · Hf 11-12501 trade of

Ca 2-2200

v. 9

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