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Aldrich, T. B. Out of his head. A romance. N.Y., Alfred. Drama Kotzebue

Hb 8-10938 1862

Fd 3-14242 Alfred Hagart's household. A. Smith Ff 12–14172 Aldrovandi, Ulysses. Memoir. Nat. Lib."

Algebra. Colenso, J. W. Elements Eb 10–16101

Dk 6–5959 Jones and Cheyne. Algebraical exercises Alençon, Duchesse d'. 'Freer, M. w. Life

Eb 10–16102 De 6-5722 -Young, J. K. Arithmetic, algebra and elements Aleppo. ' Buckingham, J. S. Aleppo to Bagdad

of Euclid. Orr's Circ. of the Sci. Ea 4-7173

Dh 4-6441 Maundrell , H. From Aleppo to Jerusalem. 1697.

- Towne, P. A. Algebra for academies and colleges

Eb 10-7683 Pinkerton's voyages. 10

Df 1-5826 Alger, H., jr. The campaign series. Alexander, Archibald, P. D. History of the Israelit- (1) Paul Prescott's charge

Fd 6-15465 ish nation, from their origin to their dispersion (2) Frank's campaign

Fd 6–15466 at the destruction of Jerusalem. Ph., 1853. (3) Charlie Codman's cruise

Fd 6–15467 8° Ca 11-2502 Helen Ford. B., 1866

Fd 3-14244 Alexander the Great. Abbott, Jacob.' History Luck and pluck

Fd 6-15464 Da 3—7561 and Da 3-4640 Ragged Dick series. Quintus Curtius Rufus. History Da 3-4635

(1) Ragged Dick

FI 6–15454 Alexander the Great. Trag. N. Lee Hb 1-10730 (2) Fame and fortune

Fd 6-15455 Alexander of Lycopolis. Writings. A. N. C. L. (3) Mark, the match boy

Fd 6–15456 v. 14 . Ef 4-13861 (4) Rough and ready

Fd 6–15457 Alexander, Josephi A. The acts of the apostles ex- (5) Ben, the luggage boy

Fd 6-15458 plained. N. Y., 1864. 2 v.

W. R.
N. future . N. Y.° Ef 10-8300

Eg 7-8522 The friendships of women. B., 1868 Ci 6-4336 The gospel according to Matthew explained. N.

The poetry of the orient. B., 1865 Hf 5-12338 Y., 1862

Eg 7–13418 - The solitudes of nature and man; or, the loneliIsaiah translated and explained.' N. Y., 1865. ness of human life. B., 1869 He 2–13838 5 y.

Eg 7-8526 Algic language. McKenney, T. L. Vocabulary – The Psalms translated and explained. N. Y.,

Df 6-5988 1866. 3 v.

Eg 7-8523 Algiers. Blakesly, J. W. Four months in Alexander, J. E. Salmon fishing in Canada. L.,

Dg 8–6324 1860

Ga 8-8812 Bowen A. Account of the wars with Algiers Alexander, J. H. 'Universal dictionary of weights

Cb 8-2714 and measures, ancient and modern ; reduced Cox, s. s.' Search for winter sunbeams. to the standards of the United States of Amer.

Dg 2–6214 ica. Bal., 1850. 8° Ad 7-13448 Crusades in Africa

Di 7-6196 Alexander, James W. Discourses on common topics · Ditson, G. L. Crescent and French crusaders of Christian faith and practice. N. Y., 1858.

Cf 11-3708 8°

Cg 8–8533 Edwards, M. R. Winter with the swallows – Thoughts on preaching: being contributions to

Dg 9–6350 homiletics. N. Y., 1863

Ef 8–8110 – France, M. A. de. Five months' captivity among Alexander, J. W., John Todd, et al. The man of the Arabs

Di 7-6196
business considered in his various relations. Gordon, Lady Duff. French in Algiers
N. Y., 1857.
Hc 10–11252

Dg 6-6343 Alexander, Samuel D. History of the presbyterian Moreil, J. R. Algeria

Dg 8-6323 church in Ireland; condensed from the stand- Naphegyi, G. Among the Arabs Dg 8–14568 ard works of Reid and Killen. N. Y., 1860 Riley, James. Sequel to Riley's narrative Ed 11-7956

Dg 9-6349 Alexander, Wm., Earl of Stirling. Duer, W. A. - Wilde, w. R. Visit to

Dg 4–6258
Db 8–5014 Alhambra. W. Irving

Ha 8-10632 Alexander, Wm. History of women from the earliest Ali Bey. See Badia y Leblich, D.

antiquity to the present time; giving some ac- Alic Forbes of Howglen. G. Macdonald
count of almost every interesting particular

Fc 12-15067 concerning that sex, among all nations, ancient Alice. Bulwer-Lytton, E. L. Fa 7–14726 and 8–14695 and modern. L., 1782. 2 v. 8° Ci 6-4353 | Alice Learmont. Muloch

Fd 7-14281 - Picturesque representations of the dress and man- Alice Tracy. Sophronia Currier

Ff 4-14030 ners of the Chinese. L., 1814. 89 Ci 10-4403 Alien and sedition laws. Virginia report on Alexandre le grand. Trag. J. Racine

Ba 5-96 Hb 2–10775 and 10792 Alienated manor. 'Com. J. Baillie Hb 7-10885 Alexandria. Wilkinson, J. G. Description Aline. Drama. E. Stirling

Hb 9-10960 Ck 7–4589 Alison, Archibald. Essays on the nature and princiAlfieri, V. Autobiography: trans. by C. E. Lester. ples of taste. N. Y., 1830. 8°Hc 11-11320 N. Y., 1845

De 11-5816 - History of Europe from the commencement of Shelley, Mrs., et al. Life

De 11-5804

the French revolution in 1789 to the restoraAlfio Balzani. Minelli

Fc 10–15023

tion of the Bourbons in 1815. N. Y., 1842. Alford, H. Greek testament, with English notes. 4 v. 89

Cg 1–3741 Abridged by Bradley II. Alford. Ph., 1869 Same. E., 1853–5. '20 v.

Cg 10–15793 Ad 5-13417 History of Europe from the fall of Napoleon in A plea for the queen's English: stray notes on 1815 to the accession of Louis Napoleon in speaking and spelling. N. Y., 1866

1852. N. Y., 1855. 4 v. 8° Cg 1-3756

Ha 13-10723 - Military life of John, Duke of Marlborough. N. Alfred the Great.' whole works; Jubilee edition, Y., 1848

Dc 9–5317 with preliminary essays, illustrative of the Alison, S. S. Physical examination of the chest in history, arts, and manners, of the ninth cen- pulmonary consumption and its intercurrent tury. v.1. Ox and Cam., 1852 Hd 4-11497 diseases. L., 1861. 8°

Ga 3-15957 Abbott, Jacob. History of

Dc7-7518 All about California and the inducements to settle Asser of St. David's. Life of. See Six old Eng. there. San Fran., 1870.

Bh 5-Pam. 73
Jish chronicles
Cf 7–3598 All for love. Com. Dryden

Hb 1-10738
Pauli, R. Life of
Dc 9-5328 All for love. R. Southey

Hf 5-12364 Alfred. Trag. J. Home

Hd 3–11474 | All in the wrong. Com. A. Murphy IIb 1--10750

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IL KOST - History of the America rese:

Aromi R T . DICksanaan Dont importani residias the action SUK. Tai onzess Balisty T.

0:- Tasos mit D V Nah Allen. The as G. Mentole Rer. Basia Aar Drum C D

Allen: with the focal sena te Rer. G.T. Alzira Tag Polisin
Belell Pa, 15

Db 66 Amant mrsi. Ci
Allen, Z PLIN the nejasis of nature Amants magique (winBaui Malinen

201 the source and mode of stva of natural
motive power. XI.2012.3 Ea 2) Amateur inaints G N Biling

NO1 10115 – The science of mechanics, as applied to the Amateurs an acton Far. RR Perhe

present importements in the us-fal arts in Earope and the United States Pror...

Pror, Aniazan. Adalbert, W. vorage up the Am

Alleyn, E Collier, J. P. sis Pub Hb 3-10 - Agassiz. Prof. and Mrs journey in 13
Alleyn papers J. P. Collier. SS. Pub.

Hb 3-10-16 - Elvanis ir ni. Tovar up ine Aman
Allibones Austin. A critical dictionary of English
literature, and British and American authors,


Wil Gibrant tot living and deceased, from the earliest accounts the ralles in the Amazon to the middle of the 19th century, containing - Orton, Jannis Anees and the Amazon 30.00) biographies and literary notices, with 40 indexes of subjects. Ph., 1819-10. v. 1 and 2 Warren, J. E 'Pera; on the banks of the me

Ab 6-135,8 zon




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Amazones de Paris

Aa 4-12740 America. Everett, A. H. Political situation Amazons. Van Heuvel, J. H. Defense of Raleigh

Cb 2-2535 in his relations respecting the Amazons

Macgregor, J. Progress of America Cb 2-2520 Bh 6-Pam. 37, and Ch 6–6082 America, North. History. Amber gods. H. E. Prescott Fb 13-14501 American archives

Be 1-849 Ambrose Guinett. Md. D. Jerrold Hb 9-10963 – Howitt, M. Vignettes of American history Amelie; ou, le duc de Foix. Trag. Voltaire

Cb 2-2550 Aa 12-13241 Humboldt, A. ` Essai sur la Nouvelle Espagne Amenities of literature.' I. Disraeli Ha 6-10550

Cb 2-2539 America. Antiquities and History.

- Kip, W.J. Early Jesuit missions DE 7-6038 – American antiquarian society. Transactions and Parkman, F. Pioneers of France Cb 2–2538 collections

Ci 2-11810 Tuckerman, H. T. America and her commenta– Bradford, A. W. American antiquities


Cb 2–2534
Ci 2–4228 Travels.
– Burke, E.' Account of European 'settlements in - Anburey, T. Travels through the interior in

Cb 2-2536

Df 5-5960 - Cabrera, P. F. Research into the history of the – Burgundy, A. Travels through the middle setAmericans

Ci 2-4226 tlements, 1759–60. Pinkerton's voyages. 13 De Costa, B. F. Pre-Columbian discovery

Df 1-5838 Cb 3–2592 – Chateaubriand, R. F. A. de. 'Voyage en Ameri– Domenech, E. Seven years in the deserts of que

Aa 1-12591 North America

Df 4-5922 - Domenechi, E. Seven years in the deserts of - Everett, A. H. America Ch 2-2535

Df 4-5922 - Fulton, J. D. Roman catholic element in Amer- Eddis, W. Letters from 1769 to 1777 Df5-5970 ican history

Ee 2-8038 Kalm, P. Travels, 1748. Pinkerton's voyages. Gordon, T. F. History of America Cb 2-2552


Df1-5838 Helps, A. Spanish conquest . Cb 2-2545 Latrobe, C. J. 'Rambler in N. A. . 1832–3 Holmes, A. Annals Cb 2-2523

Df 9–6096 Jones, G. History of ancient America Cb 2–2522 Lyell, c. Travels in 1841-2:

Df 9-6112 Knapp, S. L. Passages of American history

Mackenzie, A. Voyages in 1801 Df 4-5943 Ha 10-10619 Majoribanks, A. Travels

Dr 9-6085 - Pidgeon, w. Traditions of De-coo-dah

Memoirs of. Pinkerton's voyages. 13 Df 1-5838

Ch 10-4187 Parkman, F. Jesuits in America Ch 3-4846 Robertson, w. History of America Cb 2-2531 Power, T. Impressions in 1833–5 Df 5-5958 Schoolcraft, H. R. Contributions to American Saxe-Weimar. Travels, 1825-6 Df 5-5968 antiquities Ch 10_4182 Short American tramp, 1864 :

Df 8–6057 Snowden, R. History of America Cb 5-2707 Stansbury, P. Pedestrian tour, 1821 Df 9–6102 Verplanck, G. C. Discourses on subjects of Sullivan, E. Rambles and scrambles Df 8–6067 American history

Ha 10-10631 - Trollope, A. North America Willson, M. American history Cb 2–2530

Df 9-6100 and 14295 Discovery.

-Tudor, H. Tour in

Df 8–6059 Beamish, N. L. Discovery of America by the See Arctic regions; United States and other parts Northmen

Cb 2-2526

of North America. – De Costa, B. F. Pre-Columbian discovery America, South. History and Travels.

Cb 3–2592 - Bishop, N. The Pampas and Andes, Dr 12–6035 – Discoveries made by the English. Pinkerton's - Brackenridge, H. M. Voyage, 1817-18 voyages. 12 Df 1-5837

Dg 1-11822 Goodrich, F. B. Man upon the sea Dh 1-16142 Cornwallis, K. Panorama of the new world Hakluyt, R. Divers voyages touching the dis

Df 10-6120 covery of America

Df 1-5819 Darwin, C. Geological observations Ch 6-4087 - Irving, W. Companions of Columbus

- Fitz-Roy, R. Voyages of the Adventure and Dg 2-6213 and De 10–10579 Beagle

Df 2–5872 Voyages of Columbus

De 10-10577 - Graham, M. Voyage from Chili to Brazil in 1823 Kerr, R. History of the discovery of America

Ch 2-3974 Df 2-5817 - Hassaurek, F. 'Four years among Spanish AmerMackintosh, J.' Discovery of America by Chris- icans

Df 12–6036 topher Columbus

Cb 2-15527 Head, F. B. Rough notes across the Pampas and Rafn, C. C. Sur la decouverte au dixieme siecle

among the Andes

Ch 5-4065 Ci 2–4242 Humbolt, A. Von. Personal narrative Ch 6-4088 Read, J. M. Hudson's discovery of Delaware · La Condamine, C. M. de. Travels, 1743 bay Cb 3-2594

Dg 1-5839 Smiti, J. T. ' Discovery of America by the Majoribanks, A. Travels

Df 9-6085 Northmen

Cb 3-2527 · Paez, Don Ramon. Wild scenes in the Llanos of - Societas regia antiquariorum septentrionalium


Ch 6–4107 Ci 2-4222 Page, T. J. La Plata, the Argentine confederaAmerica. Travels and descriptions.

tion and Paraguay

Ch 5-4050 - Beauvallet, L. Rachel and the new world

Revolutions de l'Amerique espagnole Cb 2–2544

HD 7-10895 Sullivan, E. Rambles and scrambles Dr 8-6067 – Chateaubriand, R. F. A. de. Recollections of Ulloa, Antonio de. Voyage to S. A. Df 2-5865 America

He 4-11928 Ulloa, J. J. and A. de. Voyage. Pinkerton's Clarke, E. D. Travels Dg 2–6087 travels. 14

Dg 1-5839 Harriot, John. Travels

Dg 1-11850 – Wood, Wm. M. Wandering sketches DK 8-6227 Kalm, P. Travels. 1772

Df 5–5962 - See Amazon; The Amazons; Andes; and parts Kingsley, Calvin. Round the world Dg 1-4640 of South America. Rosenberg, C. G. Jenny Lind in America America and Europe. Gurowski A. G. de Ba 3-55

De 12–5886 America before Europe. A. De Gasparin Cd 1-3148 – Wise, H. A. Los Gringos

Ch 4-4063 America by river and rail. W. Ferguson Df 4–5924 Miscellany.

American almanac and repository of useful knowlBonnycastle, R. H. Spanish America Ch 4-4037 edge from 1830 to 1861. B., 1839–61. 20 v Disturnell, J. Influence of climate Ea 9–7342

Ck 5-4447

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American and foreign anti-slavery society. Annual American monthly magazine. N. Y., 1836-7. v. 1, report, 1851-2

Bh 6-Pam. 14
2 and 4. New series

Bi 10–2030 American annual cyclopaedia and register of import- American muck book. D. J. Browne Ec 10–7780 ant events, 1861-9. N. Y., 1862. 9v. 8° American naturalist. A popular magazine of natural

Ab 3-12621 history. Ed. by A. S. Pacard, et al. Salem, American annual register for the years 1825–7. N. 1868–9. 2 v. in 3

Dk 12–7088 Y., 1827–8. 2 v. 8o.

Ck 10-4596 American notes. Charles Dickens Fd 8-15125 American antiquarian society. Proceedings of 1851 - Same

Df 8–6069 Bh 5-Pam. 59 American philosophical society. Transactions. New – See Årchaeologia Americana, and Ci 2-11810 series. Ph., 1818-63. 12 v. 4° Ea 1-7199 American archives; a documentary history of the Same. Ph., 1789-1804. 6 v. 4o. Ea 1-7211

English colonies in North America from the American publisher's circular and literary gazette. king's message to parliament, March 7, 1774, to Sept., 1855 to April, 1863. N. Y., 12 v. 4° the declaration of independence by the United

Bi 1-2003 States. By M. St. Clair

Clarke and Peter Force. – May, 1863 to May, 1869. 13 v. 8° Bi 4-1785 Fourth series. W., 1837–46. 6 v. 4o Be 1-849 American pulpit. H. Fowler

Bb 1-4877 Fifth series; containing doc. history of the American quarterly register. J. Stryker Ck 10-4609 United States from July 4, 1776, to Sept. 3, American quarterly review. Ph., 1827–36. 20 v. 8° 1783. By P. Force. W., 1848. 4. Be 1-855

Gf 13–10340 American association for the advancement of science. American republic. o. A. Brownson Ba 4-88

Proceedings from the first meeting in 1848 American (Whig) review. v. 2–6, old series. v. 1-10, to that of 1860. 14 v. 8°.

Bh 7-1479 new series. N. Y., 1845–52. 8° Bi 10-11-2034 American bethel society. Annual report, June 4, American seamen's friend society. Annual report, 1845

Bh 6-Pam. 6

Bh 5–Pam. 50
American Bible society. Strickland, W. P. History American society for colonizing free people of color.
Eg 3-8447 Report. W., 1824

Bh 6-Pam. 3 American citizen, the. J. H. Hopkins Ba 6–141 American sportsman. E. J. Lewis Ga 8-8792 American colonization society. "Twenty-fourth an- American State papers; documents, legislative and nual report, 1841

Bh 6-Pam. 4 executive, of the congress of the United States. – Thirty-seventh annual report, 1854 Bh 6-Pam. 33 Edited, under the authority of congress, by W. Annual report, 1870

Bh 5-Pam. 47 Lawrie and M. St. Clair Clarke. Foreign reAmerican commercial law. F. Chamberlin Ba 11-248 lations, v. 1-6; Finance, v. 1-5; Military affairs, American conflict. H. Greeley

Cd 8-3255 v. 1-7; Public lands, v. 1-8; Miscellaneous, v. American debater. J. N. Mclligott: Ba 8-15754 1-2 ; Naval affairs, v. 1-4; Commerce and navAmerican eloquence. F. Moore

Ba 5-92 igation, v. 1-2; Indian affairs, v. 1-2; Claims 1 American ephemeris and nautical almanac for 1871. v.; Post office, 1 v. W., 1832. 27 v. 4° W., 1869. 80 Ch 11-5041

Be 1-856 American family in Paris. N. Y., 1869 Di 6-6727 American statesman. A. W. Young Ba 5–107 American home garden. A. Watson . Ec 6–7700 American stud-book. J. H. Wallace Ga 8_8785 American Hoyle; or, gentleman's handbook of games American theatre. W. Dunlap Hb 12–11047

played in the United States, with rules, descrip- American woman's home. C. E. Beecher, and H. B. tions, etc. By“ Trumps." N. Y., n. d.


Bb 5-349 Ġb 11–16127 Americanisms. Bartlett, J. R. 'Glossary of words American in England. ' A. S. Mackenzie Di 5–6695 peculiar to the United States Ac 4-13028 American institute. Journal, 1835-6 . Bc 9–11331 Americans in Paris. Com. .

Hb 9-10965 - Furman, G. Address, 1843 Bh 6-Pam. 17 Americans in Rome. H. P. Leland Di 7-6754 - Report on the commercial intercourse of the Americus Vespucius. Lester, C. E., and A. F. Foster. United States and Great Britain. Jan., 1844

Life and voyages

De 11-5796 Bh 6-Pam. 19 Ames, Fisher. Works; with a selection from his – Transactions, 1843-67. 22 v.' 80. Bc 9-622 speeches and correspondence. Ed. by S. Ames. American institute of Homoeopathy. Payne, Wm. B., 1854. 2 v. 8°

Ha 7–10572 E. Address in 1854

Bh 6-Pam. 34

Contents.-Vol. I. Memoir by J. T. Kirkland;
American Journal of Homoeopathic materia medica.

II. Speech on biennial elections ;
Ph., 1868. v. 2

Gb 1-8837

Madison's commercial resolutions; British American journal of horticulture and florist's compan

treaty; Eulogy on Washington; Lucius Junius

Brutus; Camillus ; Laocoon; Falkland; Obion. B., 1867-9. 5 v. 8°

Ec. 6–7692

server; Sketches of the State of Europe; PhoAmerican journal of science and arts. Conducted by

cion; The new Romans; Russia';' Foreign B. Silliman. N. Y. and N. H., 1818-45. 50 v.

politics ; No revolutionist; Equality; History

is philosophy teaching by example ; Balance of

Gd 14-9606 Europe; Political review ; Monitor; The Re- Same. conducted by B. Silliman, jr., and J. D. publican; Alexander Hamilton; War in EuDana. N. Y., 1846–70. 48 v. Gd 12-9655

rope ; Brutus; Coalition against France; The

combined powers and France; The successes American juror. H. B. Wilson

Ba 6-142

of Bonaparte; Dangerous power of France; American literature. Boston book. He 12-15553 Non-intercourse act, lessons from history; Brit- Ames, F. Essay on

Ha 7-9268

ish alliance; Duration of French despotism;

Dangers of American liberty: British constitu- Chasles, P. Anglo-American literature and man

tion; School books; Hercules; Institutions of

He 14-12118 Lycurgus; American literature. – Davidson, J. W. The living writers of the South - Works; with notices of his life and character,

He 12-12101 by J. T. Kirkland. B., 1809.89 Duyckinck, E. A. and G. L. Cyclopaedia of

Ha 7-9268 American literature

Ha 10–10619

Contents.-Lucius Junius Brutus; Camillus ; – Kirkland, C. M. Patriotic eloquence. Selec- Speech on biennial elections; Madison's resotions

He 12-12096

lutions; British treaty; Eulogy on Washing- Knapp, s. L. Lectures on Ha 10–10619

ton"; Schoolbooks; Falkland; The observer;

State of Europe; Phocion; The new Romans; Verplanck, G. C. Discourses on Ha 10-10631

Russia; Foreign Politics; Hercules, no revolu- Williston, E. B. Eloquence of the United States

tionist; Equality ; “History is philosophy He 12-12090

teaching by example"; Balance of Europe:

Political review; Monitor; Republican; AlexAmerican merchant, 1858-9

Bi 12-2167

ander Hamilton; Reflections on the war in EuAmerican merchant in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

rope; Character of Brutus; New coalition against G. F. Train

France; The combined powers and France;

Successes of Bonaparte; Dangerous power of American miscellany. F. C. Woodworth He 14-12112

France. I.-III. Non-intercourse act; Lessons



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from history; British alliance; Duration of

Anatomy of melancholy. R. Burton He 3-11925
French despotism; Dangerous power of France.
IV. Dangers of American liberty; Institutions

Anburey, T. Travels through the interior parts of of Lycurgus; American literature; Review of a

America. L., 1789. 2 y. 8° Df 5–5960 pamphlet, entitled "Present state of the British

Ancient art. C. 0. Muller

Hc 3-11105 constitution"; Letters.

Ancient art among the Greeks. J. Winckelmann Amherst, J. A. Ireland as it is. Drama Hb 9-10959

Hc 3-15825 Amherst college. Catalogue, 1855–6 Bh 5-Pam. 75 Ancient commerce. J. w. Gilbart

Bb 10-428 1856–7

Bh 5-Pam. 76 - Vincent, Wm. Periplus of Erythrean sea - 1857–8 Bh 6-Pam. 38

Bb 10–15643 1858-9

Bh 5–Pam. 49 Ancient fragments. J. P. Cory Ca 4-6325 Burr, E. F. Lectures to the senior class on natural Ancient mariner. 8. T. Coleridge Hd 8–11613 theology

Ef 9–8379 Ancient maxims for modern times. H. S. Brown. Among the Arabs. g. Naphegyi Dg 8–14568

Ef 5-8292 Among the guerillas. J. R. Gilmore : Fb 14–15121 Ancient philosophers. ' Banvard, J. ' Wisdom, wit Among my books. J. R. Lowell Ha 11-10683 and whims of the

He 9-12066 Among the hills. J. G. Whittier Hf 11-12485 Ancient regime. G. P. R. James Fb 10-14581 Among the pines. J. R. Gilmore Fb 14–15120 Ancient Spanish ballads; historical and romantic. Amoor river. Atkinson, T. W. Upper and lower Trans. by J. G. Lockhart. N. Y., 1842 Amoor Dh 6–6490

Hf 8-12298 Collins, P. McD. Voyage down Dh 6-6495 Ancient states and empires. ' J. Lord : Ca 4-9363 – Tilley, H. A. Japan, the A. and the Pacific Ancren riwle; a treatise on the rules and duties of

Dh 5-6488

monastic life. Cam. Soc. Pub. 57 Ce 9-16018 Amos, Andrew. The English constitution in the reign Andersen, H. C. German fairy tales Fd 1-14243

of Charles II. L., 1857. 8° Bb 2–11865 - The ice maiden and the story of my life. – The great oyer of poisoning. Trial of the Earl


Fd 1-7375 of Somerset for the poisoning of Sir Thomas Improvisatore:

Fd 1-14121 Overbury, in the tower of London. L., 1846. 8° In Spain and a visit to Portugal Di 9-9813

Bb 3-324 - The marsh king's daughter, and other stories Amour, i. J. Michelet Aa 4-12750

Fd 1-7492 Amour médecin. Cb. Moliere Hb 2-10766 Sandhills of Jutland

Fd 1-14122 Amours permises. M. Monnier . Aa 5-12786 - 0. T., a Danish romance

Fd 1-10636 Amphibians. Swainson, W. Natural history of - Only a fiddler; a Danish romance. N. Y., 1870 Dk 10–7058

Fd 1-11220, and 15978 Amphitryon. Com. Moliere

Hb 2-10767
The two baronesses

Fd 1-14120 Amphitryon. Com. Plautus

Ha 2-10464 · What the moon saw, and other tales Fd 1-7378 Amusements. Bellew, F. Art of amusing

- Wonderful stories from Denmark . Fd 1-15773

Gb 12–10673 Wonder stories told for children Fd 1-14079 Boys' handy book of

Gb 12–15514 Anderson, Adam. Origin of commerce. L., 1801. Bumstead, J. On the wing

Gb 12–9202
4 v. 4°

Bb 10–433 Corning, J. L. The Christian law of Eg 8–8559 See five black arts.

Crane, J.T. Popular amusements Gb 12–9201 Anderson, Christopher. Annals of the English Bible. - Elliott, A. Playground and the parlour

N. Y., 1849. 8°

Ee 7-8092 Gb 12-9206 Anderson, C. S. Lake Ngami. N. Y., 1857. 8 Walsh, J. H. Manly exercises Gb 12–13640

Dg 8–6319 See Games; Gymnastics ; Sports.

Anderson, Charles J. Okavango river. N. Y., 1861. Amussat, A. A. On the employment of water in sur- 80

Dg 9–6348 gery. Tr. by F. H. Hamilton. But., 1851. 8° Anderson, E. Claims on the United States for ser

Ga 5-8717 vices during the late war. N. Y., 1824. 8° Amy Denbrook. A lite drama. By the author of

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“Our parish.” B., 1856. Fd 13-13918 land; containing, also, directions for visiting Amyot, T. The old Taming of the shrew, upon which the lowlands, with descriptive notices. E., Shakespeare founded his comedy, reprinted 1850

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Ef 9–8388 Anderson, James, S. M. The history of the church Analysis, chemical. See chemistry.

of England in the colonies and foreign dependAnalytical chemist's assistant. F. Woehler

encies of the British empire. L., 1856. 3v. Eb 3-7384

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B., 1864

Dh 8-6523
Anatomy. Bell, C. The hand Ga 6–8387 Andes. "Bishop, a. The pampas and Andes
Gerber, Fr. Elements of
Ga 2-8682

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Df 12-11824

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