Monthly Bulletin of the International Bureau of the American Republics, International Union of American Republics, Volume 22

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The Bureau, 1906 - America

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Page 59 - Assembly appoints seven of its members who form a body called "the Permanent Commission." This commission, as well as the executive, can call the Assembly to meet in extraordinary sessions. The executive power is exercised by the President of the Republic, who, for the transaction of public business, appoints six Ministers or Secretaries of State, who have charge of the portfolios of Foreign Relations, Government and Justice, the Treasury and Public Credit, War, Public Works, and Public Instruction....
Page v - Sugar Growing and Refining: a Comprehensive Treatise on the Culture of Sugar-yielding Plants, and the Manufacture, Refining, and Analysis of Cane, Beet, Maple, Milk, Palm, Sorghum, and Starch Sugars, with copious statistics of their production and commerce, and a chapter on the distillation of Rum. By CHARLES G. WARNFORD LOCK, FLS, &c., and GW WIGNER and RH HARLAND, FF.CS, FF.IC With 205 illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 30*. Spans' Information for Colonial Engineers.
Page 5 - It should be explained that the figures from the various custom-houses, showing imports and exports for any one month, are not received at the Treasury Department until about the 20th of the following month, and some time is necessarily consumed in compilation and printing, so that the returns for January, for example, arc not published until some time in March.
Page 5 - Bulletin of Books added to the Public Library of the City of Boston. Boston.
Page 3 - UNITED STATES. TRADE WITH LATIN AMERICA. STATEMENT OF IMPORTS AND EXPORTS. Following is the latest statement, from figures compiled by the Bureau of Statistics, United States Departmentof Commerce and Labor, showing the value of the trade between the United States and LatinAmerican countries.
Page 3 - Boletín de la Unión Industrial Argentina. Buenos Ayres. Monthly. * Boletín del Instituto Geográfico Argentino. Buenos Ayres. * Boletín Demográfico Argentino. Buenos Ayres. Monthly. * Boletín Oficial de la República Argentina. Buenos Ayres. Daily. Bollettino Mensile della Camera Italiana di Commercio ed Arti in Buenos Aires. Buenos Ayres. Monthly. Buenos Aires Handels-Zeitung. Buenos Ayres. Weekly. Buenos Aires Herald. Buenos Ayres.

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