Forest Fire Control in Southern California: Hearings Before a Special Subcommittee of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, House of Representatives, Eighty-fifth Congress, First Session, on Matters Relative to the Control of Forest and Brush Fires in Southern California

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Committee Serial No. 14. Hearings were held in Los Angeles, Calif.

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Page 37 - We were fortunate in securing a grant for the financing of such a study in California. The grant was made available by Mr. Carl F. Rehnborg, president of the Nutrilite Foundation. Dr. Samuel T. Dana, dean emeritus, School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan headed the study. It is now being prepared for publication in book form. In making this study we found that we could not separate public ownership from private ownership, nor could we separate ownership from management. Ownership is a...
Page 14 - A unit of a complex fire perimeter between designated topographical or cultural features (such as ridges, streams, and roads) organized into two or more sectors for control. Fire trail. — Same as fireline. See Handline. Fire weather. — Weather factors that affect the probability that forest fires will start and their rate of spread after starting. It is the composite of elements such as drought conditions, wind, and air temperature and relative humidity. Flanks of a fire. — The parts of a fire's...
Page 3 - CALIFORNIA 3 represent every strata of local and State and Federal Government in this picture. If there is no objection, that will be the order of the committee. Hearing no objection, we will proceed in that manner. The first witness is Regional Forester Charles A. Connaughton, California District, United States Forest Service. Mr.
Page 202 - ... a recess was taken until 1 : 30 pm, this same day.) AFTERNOON SESSION The CHAIRMAN. The subcommittee will be in order.
Page 233 - A strong and flexible public health infrastructure is the best defense against any disease outbreak. Thank you very much for your attention. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Page 88 - ... 1956. United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC 7. United States Forest Service, 1955. California A-Flame. United States Forest Service, San Francisco, Calif. 8. Weaver, Harold; 1955. Fire as an Enemy, Friend, and Tool in Forest Management. Journal of Forestry 53 : 499-504. ATTACHMENTS 1. Biswell, HH, AM Schultz, and JL Launchbaugh; 1955. Brush Control in Ponderosa Pine. California Agriculture 9 (1) ; pp. 3 and 14. 2. Biswell, HH, and AM Schultz ; 1956. Forest Tinder in Ponderosa...
Page 86 - One is to build more access roads and to intensify suppression. This method has received much attention, but it will not solve the fire problem and it intensifies soil erosion. The second choice is to reduce fuels and to manage forest areas with the objective of low fire danger uppermost in mind. This method, although given little attention thus far, offers a solution to the problem, and is the one I want to discuss. Fuels and fire hazards in ponderosa pine can be reduced by prescribed burning under...
Page 109 - Soil-vegetation survey and related research: (2) basic plant research; (3) additional hydrologic watershed research; (4) fire-control studies; and (5) administrative fire-prevention and fire-control experiments. 1. In the southern California mountains there is particular need for information on both the vegetation and the underlying soil as a basis for the management of their resources, and for fire protection. Without such basic information recommendations of the most experienced land manager are...
Page 186 - Remember, every time you see a muddy river flowing to the ocean, you are seeing golden oranges, peaches, red apples and cherries, loaves of bread, and sides of beef going to waste that will .never nourish mankind. You are also seeing contaminating minerals that are 'being deposited in riverbed silts and irrigated land downstream to present an...
Page 263 - California Division of Forestry, United States Forest Service, Los Angeles County Fire Department, Los Angeles City Fire Department, California Office of Civilian Defense, Federal Civil Defense Administration and Department of Defense.

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