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American Motoro Corporation
Prosontation Bororo the
Sonator Muskio Subcommittoo
on Air and Water Pollution
April 7, 1965

As part of the automobile industry's Visual presentations on exhaust omission control, American Motors Corporation displayed two test Ramblors vith

nowly-doveloped air injection om ssion control systems. Those will be used on

the company', 1966 models for the Stato of California,

One of the test vehicles was equipped with a 287 cubic Inch displace

mont V-8 engine, and the other a 232 cubio inch six-cylindor engine, Both

ongines were equipped with air injection into the exhaust porta.

The components of the emission control system were designated by · color code. The function of each component was explained to the members of the

Subcommittee, including the air pump, hose connections, air piping into the

exhaust manifold, anti-backfire valve, spocial carburetor, special distributor,

and the positivo crankca 86 ventilation systom. (NOTE:

photographs of

this display are attached.)

It was pointed out to the Subcommittee that these cars were part of a fleet of test cars, 15 of which are running the required Callfornia qualiflostion

tests to demonstrate compliance with that Stato's present standard,

Procedures and tost equipment at Amorisan Motors is the same as shown

at other industry laboratories on April 7.


The chassis dynamometor tosts of the vehiclo aro run in accordance

with a cyclo prescribed by California. Of the gasoline which goes into the engine, most of the hydrocarbons are burned in the combustion chamber. Las then

one per cont of the engine oxhaust 18 in the form of unburned hydrocarbons which aro further reduced by the use of the air injection ei seion control

systom which will be used on 1966 Rambler cars in California,

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