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Report of visit to AMERICAN MOTORS



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When Senator Muskie and representatives of the above Subcoudttoo woro in Detroit on April 7, we furnished you copies of our statement onto llning the status of our work on the control of exhaust oni ssions. We also showed two American Motors vehiclos equipped with an air injection system for reducing emissions on American Motors vebiolos.

For your records, we are enclosing the following informations(a) - A description of our exhaust emission control system

with illustrations.

(b) A summary of the presentation accompanying the show

ing of the American Motors vehicles equipped with tho exhaust emi 8810n control system to be supplied on 1966 model cars in California. Included with this summary are color photographs of the vehicles showing the ends

sion control components.

We believe the above items will meet your requirements, and additional copies can be made available if nooded.

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American Motors Means More for Americans

Description of the Rambler

ATR-GUARD SYSTTM for Exchaust Control

The accompanying photographs 11lustra to the method used by Amorican Motors to control exhaust omissions on Rambler onginos.

The automobile engine as we know it today is a highly nord ble machine. In quick succession it is asked to ino at no loar, to accolerate, to run at speeds up to 4000 revolutions per minute, or to oncolorate.

Furthermore, the automobile engine has been develnpod to a high point of combustion efficiency. Only an extremely small percontage of the fuel leaves the combustion chamber unburned. The Rambler emission control system is designed to reduce the average emissions of unburned hydrocarbons to a fraction of 1 per cent and carbon monoxide to lens than 1.5 por cont by volume in the oxhaust stroan. By "averago" we mean the emissions computed from an "averago" trip driven according to a schedule specified by the state of California.

To obtain thi, low level of em 1881ons, every component of tho power plant 18 adjusted for the minimum output of unburned gases from the engine cylinders. Finally, as the axhaust gas leaves the cylinders, air 1. 10jected at the exhaust ports to oxidize the unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, converting most of these compounds to water vapor and carbon dioxdce.

The Illustration of a cut-away section of the engine shows the tube that Injects air into the exhaust port.

The Rambler AIRSDARD SYSTEM for amenalon control 1o lonown as an "air Infection" syston. "o make such a system effective requires more than injecto ing alr into the exhaust port. Many things on the engine must be changed to achieve the overall result, these changes are as followsia Carburetor

A carburetor with special characteristics lo
built for Ramblers equipped with the air 10jection system.
Ignition Distributor

A special spark advance callbration
is used on cars with this emission control system.
neinc Cooling

A special fan has been designed and other
chanpes made in the cooling system to provide the additional
cooling capacity required by the air injection system.
Alr Injection Pump

This pump requires additional drive
fulla:, belt, supporting brackets, air filter, check valvo,
and air delivery tubing and fittings.
Special Ensino Casting

Either the cylinder head casting
of the exhaust manifold casting must be designed to permit
placoment of air injection tubes in the exhaust port.

Description of the Ramblor
for Exhaust Control
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Ant. Backfire Valve This valve inhibits backfire in
the exhaust systom od vehicles equipped with air injection.

The foreguing describes the Rambler "AIR-GUARD SYSTEM for en selon control. The 11lustration of this system also shows the positivo orankcase ventilation valve and hose connections. The latter eliminates the hydrocarbon omi 88 ions from the crankoa ne. This device was the first step in reducing hydrocarbon ami solons from the automobile. For several years, the positivo crankcase ventilation system has been included on all Ramblor vehicles sold 10 the United Statos.

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