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Putna m's Science Series

i. The Study of Man. By A. C. Haddon.

a. The Groundwork of Science, By St. George Mivart.

3. Rivera of North America. By Israel C. Russell.

4. Earth Sculpture; or, The Origin of Land Forms.

By James Geikie.

5. Volcanoes: Their Structure and Significance.

Revised Ed. By T. G. Bonney.

6. Bacteria. By George Newman.

7. A Book of Whales. By P. E. Beddard.

8. Comparative Physiology of the Brain, etc. By

Jacques Loeb.

9. The Stars. By Simon Newcomb.

10. The Basis of Social Relations. By Daniel G. Brinton.

11. Experiments on Animals. By Stephen Paget.

12. Infection and Immunity. By George M. Sternberg.

13. Fatigue. By A. Mosso.

14. Earthquakes. By Clarence E. Button.

15. The Nature of Man. By Elie Metchnikoff.

16. Nervous and Mental Hygiene in Health and

Disease. By August Forel.

17. The Prolongation of Life. By Elie Metchnikoff.

18. The Solar System. By Charles Lane Poor.

19. Heredity. By J. Arthur Thompson. M.A.

20. Climate. By Robert Decourcy Ward.

21. Age, Orowth, and Death. By Charles S. Minot.

22. The Interpretation of Nature. By C. Lloyd Morgan.

23. Mosquito Life. By Evelyn Groesbeeck Mitchell.

24. Thinking, Heeling, Doing. By E. W. Scripture.

25. The World's Gold. By L. Db Launay.

26. The Interpretation of Radium. Revised Ed. By


27. Social Evil. By E. R. A. Seligman.

28. Microbes and Toxins In Nature. By E. Burnet.

29. Problems of Life and Reproduction. By M. Hartog.

30. Problem of the Sexes. By J. Pinot.

31. The Positive Evolution of Religion. By F. Harrison.

32. The Science of Happiness. By J. Finot.

33. Genetic interpretation. By James Mark Baldwin.

34. Mosquito Control In Panama. By J. A. I.e Prince.

35. The Organism as a Whole. By Jacques Loeb.

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Considered Especially in Relation to Man

Robert DeCourcy Ward

Professor of Climatology in Harvard University

Second Edition, Revised



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