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by proper authorities in accordance with applicable regulations.

(3) Nothing in this part authorizes the furnishing of copies of official records by the Board. Requests for Copies of these records should be Submitted in accordance with applicable regulations governing the release of information. The BCNR Can provide a requestor with information regarding procedures for requesting copies of these records from the appropriate retention agency.

$723.5 Hearing.

(a) Convening of board. The Board will convene, receSS and adjourn at the Call of the Chair or Acting Chair.

(b) Conduct of hearing. (1) The hearing shall be conducted by the Chair or Acting Chair, and shall be subject to his/ her rulings so as to ensure a full and fair hearing. The Board shall not be limited by legal rules of evidence but shall maintain reasonable bounds of competency, relevancy, and materiality.

(2) If the applicant, after being duly notified, indicates to the Board that he/she does not desire to be present Or to be represented by counsel at the hearing, the Board will consider the case on the basis of all the material before it, including, but not limited to, the application for correction filed by the applicant, any documentary evidence filed in support of such application, any brief Submitted by Or in behalf of the applicant, and all available pertinent records.

(3) If the applicant, after being duly notified, indicates to the Board that he/she will be present or be represented by counsel at the hearing, and without good cause and timely notice to the Board, the applicant or representative fails to appear at the time and place set for the hearing or fails to provide the notice required by $723.4(b)(2), the Board may consider the case in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (b)(2) of this section, or make such other disposition of the case as is appropriate under the Circumstances.

(4) All testimony before the Board shall be given under oath or affirmation. The proceedings of the Board and the testimony given before it will be recorded verbatin.

(c) Continuance. The Board may continue a hearing on its own motion. A request for continuance by or in behalf of the applicant may be granted by the Board if a continuance appears neceSSary to insure a full and fair hearing.

$723.6 Action by the Board.

(a) Deliberations, findings, conclusions, and recommendations. (1) Only members of the Board and its staff shall be present during the deliberations of the Board. (2) Whenever, during the course of its review of an application, it appears to the Board’s satisfaction that the facts have not been fully and fairly disclosed by the records or by the testimony and other evidence before it, the Board may require the applicant or military authorities to provide such further information as it may consider essential to a complete and impartial determination of the facts and issues. (3) Following a hearing, or where the Board determines to recommend that the record be corrected without a hearing, the Board will make written findings, conclusions and recommendations. If denial of relief is recOnmended following a hearing, Such written findings and conclusions will include a statement of the grounds for denial as described in § 723.3(e)(4). The name and final vote of each Board member will be recorded. A majority vote of the members present on any matter before the Board will Constitute the action of the Board and shall be so recorded. (4) Where the Board deems it necessary to Submit Comments or reconmendations to the Secretary as to matters arising from but not directly related to the issues of any case, such comments and recommendations shall be the Subject of Separate Communication. Additionally, in Military Whistleblower Protection Act cases, any recommendation by the Board to the Secretary that disciplinary or administrative action be taken against any Navy official based on the Board's determination that the Official took reprisal action against the applicant will not be made part of the Board’s record of proceedings or furnished the applicant but will be transmitted to the Secretary as a separate Communication.

(b) Minority report. In case of a disagreement between members of the Board a minority report will be submitted, either as to the findings, conclusions or recommendation, including the reasons therefor. (c) Record of proceedings. Following a hearing, or where the Board determines to recommend that the record be corrected without a hearing, a record of proceedings will be prepared. Such record shall indicate whether or not a quorum was present, and the name and vote of each member present. The record shall include the application for relief, a verbatim transcript of any testimony, affidavits, papers and documents considered by the Board, briefs and written arguments, advisory Opinions, if any, minority reports, if any, the findings, conclusions and recOmmendations of the Board, where appropriate, and all other papers, documents, and reports necessary to reflect a true and complete history of the proceedings. (d) Withdrawal. The Board may permit an applicant to withdraw his/her application without prejudice at any time before its record of proceedings is forwarded to the Secretary. (e) Delegation of authority to correct certain naval records. (1) With respect to all petitions for relief properly before it, the Board is authorized to take final corrective action. On behalf of the Secretary, unless: (i) Comments by proper naval authority are inconsistent with the Board’s recommendation; (ii) The Board’s recommendation is not unanimous; Or (iii) It is in the category of petitions reserved for decision by the Secretary of the Navy. (2) The following categories of petitions for relief are reserved for decision by the Secretary of the Navy: (i) Petitions involving records previously reviewed or acted upon by the Secretary wherein the operative facts remained substantially the same; (ii) Petitions by former commisSioned Officers or midshipmen to change the character of, and/or the reason for, their discharge; or, (iii) Such other petitions as, in the determination of Office of the Sec

retary Or the Executive Director, warrant Secretarial review. (3) The Executive Director after enSuring compliance with this section, will announce final decisions on appliCations decided under this section.

$723.7 Action by the Secretary.

(a) General. The record of proceedings, except in cases finalized by the Board under the authority delegated in $723.6(e), and those denied by the Board without a hearing, will be forwarded to the Secretary who will direct such action as he or she determines to be appropriate, which may include the return of the record to the Board for further Consideration. Those cases returned for further consideration shall be accompanied by a brief statement Setting out the reasons for Such action along with any Specific instructions. If the Secretary’s decision is to deny relief, such decision shall be in writing and, unless he or she expressly adopts in whole or in part the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the Board, or a minority report, shall include a brief Statement of the grounds for denial. See $723.3(e)(4). (b) Military Whistleblower Protection Act. The Secretary will ensure that decisions in cases involving the Military Whistleblower Protection Act are issued 180 days after receipt of the case and will, unless the full relief requested is granted, inform applicants Of their right to request review of the decision by the Secretary of Defense. Applicants will also be informed: (1) Of the name and address of the Official to whom the request for review must be Submitted. (2) That the request for review must be submitted within 90 days after receipt of the decision by the Secretary of the Navy. (3) That the request for review must be in writing and include: (i) The applicant’s name, address and telephone number; (ii) A copy of the application to the Board and the final decision of the Secretary of the Navy; and (iii) A statement of the Specific reasons the applicant is not satisfied with the decision of the Secretary of the Navy.

(4) That the request must be based on the Board record; request for review based on factual allegations or evidence not previously presented to the Board will not be considered under this paragraph but may be the basis for reconsideration by the Board under $723.9.

$723.8 Staff action.

(a) Transmittal of final decisions granting relief. (1) If the final decision of the Secretary is to grant the applicant’s request for relief the record of proceedings shall be returned to the Board for disposition. The Board shall transmit the finalized record Of proceedings to proper naval authority for appropriate action. Similarly final decisions of the Board granting the applicant’s request for relief under the authority delegated in $723.6(e), shall also be forwarded to the proper naval authority for appropriate action. (2) The Board Shall transmit a copy Of the record of proceedings to the proper naval authority for filing in the applicant’s service record except where the effect. Of Such action would be to nullify the relief granted. In Such cases no reference to the Board’s decision Shall be made in the Service record or files of the applicant and all copies of the record of proceedings and any related papers shall be forwarded to the Board and retained in a file maintained for this purpose. (3) The addressees of such decisions shall report compliance therewith to the Executive Director. (4) Upon receipt of the record of proceedings after final action by the Secretary, or by the Board acting under the authority Contained in § 723.6(e), the Board shall communicate the deciSion to the applicant. The applicant is entitled, upon request, to receive a Copy of the Board's findings, concluSions and recommendations. (b) Transmittal of final decisions denying relief. If the final decision of the Secretary or the Board is to deny relief, the following materials will be made available to the applicant: (1) A statement of the findings, conclusions, and recommendations made by the Board and the reasons therefor; (2) Any advisory opinions considered by the Board;

(3) Any minority reports; and

(4) Any material prepared by the Secretary as required in § 723.7. Moreover, applicant shall also be informed that the name and final vote of each Board member will be furnished or made available upon request and that he/she may submit new and material evidence Or Other matter for further consideration.

$723.9 Reconsideration.

After final adjudication, further consideration will be granted only upon presentation by the applicant of new and material evidence or other matter not previously considered by the Board. New evidence is defined as evidence not previously considered by the Board and not reasonably available to the applicant at the time of the previous application. Evidence is material if it is likely to have a substantial effect on the outcome. All requests for further consideration will be initially screened by the Executive Director of the Board to determine whether new and material evidence or other matter (including, but not limited to, any factual allegations or arguments why the relief should be granted) has been submitted by the applicant. If such evidence or other matter has been submitted, the request shall be forwarded to the Board for a decision. If no such evidence or other matter has been submitted, the applicant will be informed that his/her request was not considered by the Board because it did not contain new and material evidence or other matter.

$723.10 Settlement of claims.

(a) Authority. (1) The Department of the Navy is authorized under 10 U.S.C. 1552 to pay claims for amounts due to applicants as a result of corrections to their naval records.

(2) The Department of the Navy is not authorized to pay any claim heretofore compensated by Congress through enactment of a private law, or to pay any amount as compensation for any benefit to which the claimant might Subsequently become entitled under the laws and regulations administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

(b) Application for Settlement. (1) Settlement and payment of claims shall be made only upon a claim of the person whose record has been corrected or legal representative, heirs at law, or beneficiaries. Such claim for settlement and payment may be filed as a separate part of the application for correction of the record. (2) When the person whose record has been corrected is deceased, and where no demand is presented by a duly appointed legal representative of the estate, payments otherwise due shall be made to the Surviving Spouse, heir or beneficiaries, in the Order prescribed by the law applicable to that kind of payment, or if there is no such law covering order of payment, in the Order Set forth in 10 U.S.C. 2771; or as otherwise prescribed by the law applicable to that kind of payment. (3) Upon request, the applicant or applicants shall be required to furnish requisite information to determine their status as proper parties to the claim for purposes of payment under applicable provisions of law. (c) Settlement. (1) Settlement of claims shall be upon the basis of the decision and recommendation of the Board, as approved by the Secretary or his designee. Computation of the amounts due shall be made by the appropriate disbursing activity. In no case will the amount found due exceed the amount, which would otherwise have been paid Or have become due under applicable laws had no error or injustice Occurred. Earnings received from civilian employment, self employment or any income protection plan for Such employment during any period for which active duty pay and allowances are payable will be deducted from the Settlement. To the extent authorized by law and regulation, announts found due may be reduced by the amount of any existing indebtedness to the Government arising from military Service. (2) Prior to or at the time of payment, the person or persons to whom payments are to be made shall be advised by the disbursing activity of the nature and amount of the various benefits represented by the total settlement and shall be advised further that acCeptance of Such settlement shall conStitute a complete release by the

claimants involved of any claim against the United States on account of the correction of the record. (d) Report of settlement. In every case where payment is made, the amount of Such payment and the names of the payee or payees shall be reported to the Executive Director.

$723.11 Miscellaneous provisions.

(a) Earpenses. No expenses of any nature whatsoever voluntarily incurred by the applicant, counsel, witnesses, or by any other person in the applicant’s behalf, will be paid by the Government. (b) Indering of decisions. (1) DocumentS Sent to each applicant and counSel in accordance with $723.3(e)(5) and $723.8(a)(4), together with the record of the votes of Board members and all Other Statements of findings, concluSions and recommendations made on final determination of an application by the Board or the Secretary will be indexed and promptly made available for public inspection and copying at the Armed Forces Discharge Review/ Correction Boards Reading Room located on the Concourse of the Pentagon Building in Room 2E123, Washington, DC. (2) All documents made available for public inspection and copying shall be indexed in a usable and concise form so as to enable the public to identify those cases Similar in issue together with the circumstances under and/or rea,SOnS for which the Board and/or Secretary have granted or denied relief. The index shall be published quarterly and shall be available for public inspection and distribution by sale at the Reading Room located on the ConCourse of the Pentagon Building in Room 2E123, Washington, DC. Inquiries Concerning the index or the Reading Room may be addressed to the Chief, Micromation Branch/Armed Forces Discharge Review/Correction Boards Reading Room, Crystal Mall 4, 1941 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Virginia, 22202. (3) To the extent necessary to prevent a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, identifying details of the applicant and other persons will be deleted from the documents made available for public inspection and copying. Names, addresses, Social Security numbers and military Service numbers must be deleted. Deletions of other information which is privileged or classified may be made only if a. written statement of the basis for Such deletion is made available for public inspection.


Subport A–Definitions


724.101 724.102 724.103 724.104 724.105 724.106 724.107 724.108

Naval Service. Naval Discharge Review Board. NDRB panel. NDRB Traveling Panel. President of the NDR.B. Presiding Officer, NDRB Panel. Discharge. Administrative discharge. 724.109 Types of administrative discharges. 724.110 Reason/basis for administrative discharge. 724.111 Punitive discharge. 724.112 Clemency discharge. 724.113 Appication. 724.114 Applicant. 724. 115 Next of kin. 724.116 Council/representative. 724.117 Discharge review. 724.118 Documentary discharge review. 724.119 Personal appearance discharge reView. 724.120 National Capital Region (NCR). 724.121 Decisional document. 724.122 Recorder, NDRB Panel. 724.123 Complainant.

Subport B–Authority/Policy for Departmental Discharge Review

724.201 Authority. 724.202 Statutory/Directive Authority. 724.203 Broad objectives of naval discharge review. 724.204 Eligibility for naval discharge review. 724.205 Authority for review of naval discharges; jurisdictional limitations. 724.206 Jurisdictional determinations. 724.207 Disposition of applications for disCharge review. 724.208 Implementation of NDRB decisions. 724.209 Evidence supporting applications. 724.210 Review action in instances of unavailable records. 724.211 Regularity of government affairs. 724.212 Availability of records. 724.213 Attendance of witnesses. 724.214 Applicant’s expenSeS. 724.215 Military representation. 724.216 Failure to appear at a hearing or reSpond to a Scheduling notice.

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724.601 General. 724.602 Mission.

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