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Mr. Fuller's strictures, can have only a very imperfect idea of their tenor, and the strength of the argument which they exhibit. I have only to request, that they would read and judge for themselves. The whole is now submitted to their candid and impartial attention, in connexion with Mr. Fuller's Tracts. The zeal of Unitarians does not tempt them to discountenance and suppress the reading of what is wrote against their opinions; but to promote, in the spirit of candor and meekness, discussion and investigation. We ask only to be heard; and, to the providence of the God of wisdom and truth, we leave the event.

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The Practical Efficacy of the Unitarian Doctrine proved from the Preaching of the Apost LEs


The same Subject continued


The Subject continued, in a Review of the Epistles to Timothy and Titus . . . . . .


The Concessions of the Fathers on this Head and
of modern Writers. The Creed of the ancien
Church, and that of the Church of England
Unitarian Sentiments a Ground for Devotion


The Unsuccessfulness of the Preaching of UnitarianS,

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- Page ams. The uncandid Conduct observed towards them. Mr.Fuller's Mode of Attack. His Application of the Term Socinians. The Propriety of the Name Unitarians being claimed by Trinitarians. The Resemblance of Socinianism to Deism, considered. Mr. Fuller's Charge against the Author of these Letters. A Quotation from Dr. Lardner. On judging others. A Reply to Mr. Fuller's Argument for refusing Communion with those who avow Socinian Principles 76

APPEND IX, No. 1. On the Nature and Ground of the Love of Christ 103

APPEND IX, No. 2. Two Letters to a Friend . . . . . . . . 129

N. B. The additions in this edition, whether of text or note, are inckded between crotchets.


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IT was but lately that your celebrated piece, entitled “ The Calvinistic and Socinian Systems “Examined and Compared,” fell in my way, so as to find me at leisure to read it. In the mean time I have heard it spoken of in high terms of approbation, and an expectation strongly expressed that some one, of those against whose religious scheme it is pointed, would think it incumbent upon him

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