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Subtitle A-Department of Defense






1000 [Reserved]

1001 General provisions.

1003 Procurement by negotiation.

1006 Foreign purchases.

1007 Contract clauses.

1009 Patents, data and copyrights.

1011 Taxes.

1012 Labor.

1013 Government property.

1016 Procurement forms.

1017 Extraordinary contractual actions to facilitate the national defense. 1018 Procurement of construction and contracting for architect-engineer services. 1030 Appendixes to Headquarters U.S. Air Force Armed Services procurement regulation supplement. 1031-1199 [Reserved]

[blocks in formation]




1001.452 1001.453



Purpose of subchapter. Subpart B-[Reserved]

Subpart C-General Policy

1001.405-1 Selection. Appointment.


1001.405-50 Distribution of designation and termination of appointment instruments.

1001.405-51 Representative of contracting

officers. 1001.405-52 Organization



Requirements to be met before entering into contracts.

placement and other duties of contracting officers.


Delegation of authority.

General procurement authority. Designation of heads of procuring activities. Contracts for public utility services extending beyond current fiscal year but not exceeding 10 years. Procurement support in urgency areas or situations.

Subpart E-[Reserved]
Subpart F-[Reserved]

Subpart G-Small Business Concerns
Set asides.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 1001 issued under 10 U.S.C. Ch. 137 and 10 U.S.C. 8012.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 1001 appear at 35 F.R. 4846, Mar. 20, 1970, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A-Introduction

§ 1001.101 Purpose of subchapter.

The Hq USAF ASPR Supplement is issued by order of the Secretary of the Air Force and supersedes the Air Force Procurement Instruction (AFPI) previously contained in this subchapter. Its

135 F.R. 4846, Mar. 20, 1970.


purpose is to supplement Subchapter A, Chapter I of this title and other Department of Defense publications pursuant to § 1.108 of this title, to establish for the Department of the Air Force uniform policies and procedures relating to the procurement of supplies and services. It is emphasized that ASPR (Armed Services Procurement Regulation, Subchapter A, Chapter I of this title) is the primary Department of Defense regulation containing procurement policies and procedures, and is the first regulatory source to which procurement personnel should make reference.

Subpart B-[Reserved]

Subpart C-General Policy § 1001.320 Industrial security.


Within 10 days after award of this contract or 30 days prior to the date of (5) below the contractor shall notify the Director, Security Police shown in the distribution block of the DD Form 254, Contract Security Classification Specification, as to:

(1) The name, address, and telephone number of this contract company's representative in the overseas area,

(2) The contract number,

(3) The highest classification category of defense information to which contractor employees overseas will have access,

(4) The APO number(s) where the contract work will be performed,

(5) The date contractor operations will begin in the overseas area; and,

(6) The estimated completion date of operations in the overseas area,

(7) Any changes to information previously provided under this clause.

[35 F.R. 8659, June 4, 1970]

Subpart D-Procurement Responsibility Authority

§ 1001.401 Responsibility of each procuring activity.

Procurement authorities of major commands, not designated "Head of a Procuring Activity," are as outline in §§ 1001.450 through 1001.455 of this subchapter.

§ 1001.402 Authority of contracting officers.

(a) Only the following purchases may be made by individuals other than duly designated contracting officers.

[blocks in formation]

appointments will be limited to commissioned officers, civilians in Grade GS-9 and above and NCOS (E-8 and E-9) who have a minimum of 2 years of traffic management or commissary experience.

(d) Redistribution and Marketing (R&M) personnel in overseas commands with authority limited to the execution of sales contracts. Appointments will be limited to personnel who have been awarded AFSC 6416, 6424, or 6534; or fully qualified citizens who occupy a manning authorization lisited under one of these AFSC's. Applicants must have a minimum of 3 years R&M experience. [35 F.R. 15211, Sept. 30, 1970]

§ 1001.405-2


(a) (1) The commander or deputy commander of a base, division, wing, etc., and, in the case of AFLC activities, the Director of Procurement and Production (or other comparable official) will review and sign the request for designation of a contracting officer. In the case of AFSC activities the request for designation of a contracting officer will be reviewed and signed by the Director or Chief of Procurement and Production (or equivalent); however, if this individual is the designating authority, the request will be reviewed and signed by the Officer (or civilian) immediately subordinate to him. Chief of the USAFE procurement centers will sign such requests for officers serving within the USAFE procurement centers. The request will include:

(i) A résumé of his qualifications by the applicant.

(ii) A statement by the person signing the request that the qualifications contained in the résumé were verified against the applicant's personnel file.

(iii) If the designee is not an employee of the requesting activity and his qualifications are known, a statement that the designee is qualified.

(iv) If the designee is not an employee of the requesting activity and his qualifications are not known, a summary of an interview of the designee by the chief or deputy chief of the procurement activity. The summary will include a statement that the designee is qualified. If the designee is located at a distance which makes it impractical and uneconomical to conduct an interview, this requirement will be waived. Justification for not having an interview will be included. However, the statement that the designee is qualified must still be made.

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