National Representation and Suffrage for the Residents of the District of Columbia. Hearings Before a Subcommittee ... on H.J. Res. 62

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Page 33 - Unity shall be pledged to the holding of free and unfettered elections as soon as possible on the basis of universal suffrage and secret ballot.
Page 57 - United States ! the ages plead, — Present and Past in under-song, — Go put your creed into your deed, Nor speak with double tongue. For sea and land don't understand, Nor skies without a frown See rights for which the one hand fights By the other cloven down.
Page 57 - A ferry of the free. And henceforth there shall be no chain, Save underneath the sea The wires shall murmur through the main Sweet songs of liberty. The conscious stars accord above, The waters wild below, And under, through the cable wove, Her fiery errands go. For He that worketh high and wise, Nor pauses in his plan, Will take the sun out of the skies Ere freedom out of man.
Page 15 - But if the power to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever over the District of Columbia...
Page 62 - The United States, under the present Constitution, cannot acquire territory to be held as a colony, to be governed at its will and pleasure. But it may acquire territory which, at the time, has not a population that fits it to become a State, and may govern it as a Territory until it has a population which, in the judgment of Congress, entitles it to be admitted as a State of the Union.
Page 13 - ... American with a badge of honor and arms him with power. Its lack slurs the Washingtonian as unfit and defective, and slurs the Nation as in this respect un-American and impotent. What the amendment proposes is equitable in itself and compulsory in accordance with American principles and traditions. It gives to residents of the District rights and privileges which, under our scheme of government, belong to all who pay national taxes and fight as national soldiers. It gives to residents of the...
Page 44 - ... amend the Constitution of the United States, so as to extend the term of office of President and VicePresident to six years, and to render the President ineligible.
Page 53 - Joint Committee on National Representation for the District of Columbia which was organized in 1917.

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