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b. Purchases over $1,000 when formally advertised:

Standard Form 30—Invitation and Bid
Standard Form 31–Schedule
Standard Form 36—Continuation Sheet
Standard Form 26-Award
Standard Form 32—General Provisions
NAVMC 10032-SD- Additional General

NAVMC 83-SD-Classified Provisions (to be

used in classified contracts).

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4. The foregoing should not be interpreted as requiring the use of specifications for sundry items authorized for local purchase involving the expenditure of small sums. Specifications actually required for procurement purposes will be furnished upon request to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code: CSG). Requests should not be submitted however for specifications for items furnished by Marine Corps Supply Depots, Naval Supply Depots, or other governmental activities, or for purchase on contracts made by the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps which do not require inspection by the receiving officer to determine acceptability.

c. Purchases over $1,000 when negotiated : DD Form 351–Schedule (Cover Sheet) DD Form 351-1-Schedule Standard Form 32—General Provisions NAVMC 10032-SD-Additional General

Conditions DD Form 351-2–Schedule (Signature


NAVMC 83-SD-Classified Provisions (To

be used in classified contracts)

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rine Corps as a whole. Contract symbol numbers will be assigned by the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps. Examples of these symbol numbers are as follows:

The Quartermaster General of the Marine
Corps, Washington, D. C.------

Depot Quartermaster, San Francisco, Calif. N52m

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1. The Purchase Order, Form NAVMC 18SD, when properly executed, constitutes the acceptance in cases of purchases made under written bids and acceptance not involving the execution of a formal contract, as well as the order for the articles or services offered by the successful bidder. The purchase order shall include reference to the Quartermaster Authority and the expenditure account number under which the purchase is made. It will be prepared in quadruplicate, addressed to the bidder whose bid has been accepted, the original and duplicate being signed by the purchasing officer. The original and quadruplicate must be attached to the first voucher submitted for payment, the duplicate forwarded to the person, firm, or corporation to whom it is addressed (the vendor) and the triplicate retained. This form will also be used when emergency purchases are made on bids obtained orally, either in person or by telephone.

2. The symbol will in every case be prefixed to the serial number and separated therefrom by a hyphen, the two together constituting a symbol number by which the origin of the contract may be readily identified, the serial numbers under each authorized symbol beginning with number 1, and continuing in a consecutive series of numbers, without reference to fiscal year, and regardless of changes of purchasing officers, until the numbers reach the limit of five digits, i. e., 99999. When the numbers under a symbol reach the limit of five digits a new series will be used, beginning with number 1 and distinguished by the use of the capital letter “A” at the end of the number, e. g., “N50m-1A.” Likewise, any additional series necessary under the same symbol will be distinguished by the capital letter “B”, “C”, “D”, etc., as may be required. The following examples illustrate the numbering of contracts:

2. In placing orders for supplies or services, the purchase orders will make request on contractors that their bills be rendered in quadruplicate or in accordance with the number of copies of the bills required.



a. Contract No. 2155 executed in the office of the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps will bear the symbol number NOm–2155, the next will be numbered NOm-2156, and so on.

b. Contract No. 947 executed by the Depot Quartermaster, San Francisco, will bear the symbol number N52m-947, the next will be numbered N52m-948, and so on.

1. All contracts exceeding $1,000 and all leases and board and lodging agreements will be assigned contract numbers. On awards where more than one payment is to be made a contract number will be assigned. For purposes of classification in the General Accounting Office, the number will be preceded by a symbol consisting of the capital letter "N”. standing for the Navy Department as a whole, & numeral identifying the contracting office, and the small letter "m" standing for the Ma

3. Supplemental agreements, renewals of leases and other contracts, extensions of time limit, and other authorized forms of modification of original contracts will be given the same number as the original contract, lease or agreement.

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4. All informal contracts and agreements, on poration must be furnished and filed in the ofwhich more than one payment is made, will be fice of the contracting officer (unless already numbered in the office of the local disbursing on file there) whenever the contract exceeds officer paying the account, using the symbol as- $1,000. In all such cases the contract will be signed to the post involved. Should it develop indorsed or stamped immediately following the that unnumbered contracts or agreements re- signature thereto, “Authority for signature an ceived by disbursing officers involved more than file in the office of (official designations of comone payment, or in case of doubt as to whether tracting officer)." more than one payment will be required thereunder, they will be numbered and transmitted 4. When the contract does not exceed $1,000 direct to the General Accounting Office by letter and in cases of service contracts with publicat least once a month (Gen. Reg. 51, Sup. 4). service corporations, such as telegraph and tele

phone companies, etc., executed by officers or

officials thereof who are authorized to and do 55302 PREPARATION OF CONTRACTS

sign service contracts on behalf of such corporations with the public generally, it is not neces

sary to file with the contract the evidence of 1. Contracts for supplies and services will be made in the name of the United States, and will

authority to sign called for in the preceding

paragraph. In all such cases the contracting be signed by the Contracting Officer or other officer designated by him. They will not be

officer must satisfy himself that the persons made at posts unless authorized by the Quarter

signing on behalf of the corporation is author

ized to do so, and place on or attached to the master General of the Marine Corps.

contract the following certificate: 2. When a contract is entered into with a

I certify that I have satisfied myself that the (efi

cer, or official, as the case may be) who signed this partnership the firm name should be given in

contract has authority to do so, being an (oficer, er the body of the instrument, and it may be signed official, as the case may be) who signs similar conwith the name of the firm by one of the partners,

tracts on behalf of the corporation with the publle who will append his own signature over the

generally. remark "Member of firm."

5. The contract will be prepared in sufficient

copies to enable the following disposition after 3. A contract with a corporation should have

the contract has been executed: the name of the corporation written in the body

The original will be forwarded immediof the instrument, as one of the parties thereto,

ately to the General Accounting Office, Audit and should be signed by the officer or person

Division, Cleveland, Ohio; 1 copy will be forauthorized to contract in its behalf, who should

warded to the Commandant of the Marine Corps sign the corporate name and his own, followed

(Code (HD); 1 copy to the Contractor; 1 cops by his official designation. Evidence of his

to the Disbursing Office designated to pay the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the cor

account; and 1 copy to the Receiving Officer.

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neral and burial may be allowed not to exceed (1) $125 if burial is in a private cemetery or (2) $75 if burial is in a national or naval cemetery, applicable to the usual and customary services, such as hearse hire, carriages or automobiles for local transportation for immediate relatives to cemetery, undertaker's services, clergyman's services, cost of single grave site (when burial in a private cemetery), opening and closing of grave, etc. Claims may be submitted to the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery or to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code CAF) covering such expenses for burial of deceased personnel of the respective services, accompanied by properly certified and itemized bills, in duplicate.

1. The remains of officers and enlisted personnel and accepted applicants for enlistment, including retired officers and retired enlisted personnel who die while on active duty, mem

bers of the Marine Corps Reserve who die while de sens on active or training duty or while performing

authorized travel to or from such duty, will be buried at Government expense, subject to the provisions of paragraphs 55501 and 55502. Accepted applicants will be considered such after rejection and up to the time of their arrival at the recruiting station where they were originally accepted. Where the remains of retired officers or enlisted personnel, or inactive members of the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve, who have died in a naval hospital are unclaimed, burial will be made under the annual contract of the hospital as set forth in the Manual of the Medical Department, U. S. Navy.

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3. When death occurs at a place where a contract undertaker is not available, and interment is made locally, expenses for preparation and encasement may be allowed not to exceed $300 and an amount not to exceed $125 may be allowed toward interment expenses as specified in subparagraph 2. Under conditions making it impossible to furnish suitable preparation, encasement, and interment within above allowance, such allowances may be exceeded but only by prior approval of the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code DN).



1. The following reasonable and customary services will be allowed at the time and place of burial, viz:

Outside box.
Undertaker's fee.
Carriages or automobiles (not exceeding

Digging of grave.

4. When primary expenses are defrayed by the Government through a local contractor and remains are delivered to the family in the same city for private interment, the funeral expenses specified in subparagraph 2 are authorized.

Grave space.

Minister's fee.
Cremation (in lieu of embalming and

burial) (Com. Gen. No. A-24771, October 27, 1928).

5. If the remains are shipped to a naval hospital or to a naval activity having a contract for care of the dead for interment in a national or naval cemetery in the vicinity, or are consigned direct to a national or naval cemetery (such as Arlington National Cemetery), the necessary expenses incident thereto are normally borne by the Government, in which case no allowance is made to the next of kin. If the remains are shipped to a national or naval cemetery where necessary burial services are not pro

2. After the remains of any person of the Navy or Marine Corps have been prepared and shipped or delivered at Government expense to the place designated, further expenses of fu



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vided by the Government, an amount not to demise have been such as to require expenditure exceed $75 may be allowed to the next of kin of funds for expenses incurred by local under toward interment expenses as specified in sub- takers or civil authorities in the recovery and paragraph 2.

delivery of such deceased personnel to naval 6. The local supply officer or recruiting officer

authorities. An example of reimbursement unwill forward to the Commandant of the Marine

der these circumstances would be the case of a Corps (Code CAF), a written report of the dis

aircraft crash in which the pilot's body was position of the remains, with an itemized state

recovered by the local undertaker and subst ment of all expenses incurred in connection

quently delivered to a naval activity

. In the therewith, such as the cost of embalming, casket,

recovery of the body, the undertaker incurred transportation, etc.

expenses for phone calls to local rescue squads,

fire protection, and for police services, in addi7. Where necessary, and burials are likely to

tion to a delivery charge for ambulance service be sufficiently numerous to warrant it, contract

in delivering the body to the nearest naval aewill be made with an undertaker or other com

tivity. Bills for such services and expenses inpetent person for the preparation and encase

curred in the recovery of bodies shall be subment of the remains of Marine Corps dead, for

mitted to the Commandant of the Marine Corps shipment or interment, and for authorized serv

(Code CAF), prepared and certified in the same ice in connection with their burial, during the

manner as outlined in paragraph 55503. fiscal year, in like manner as provided for the

12. The authorized expenses incurred in prep procurement of other services by annual contract. The Bureau of Medicine and Surgery,

aration, embalming, encasement, and burial of Department of the Navy, has issued the neces

Marine Corps personnel, including transportasary instructions covering the burial of retired

tion of corpse and escort (other than those enlisted men in inactive status who die at naval

specified in paragraphs 7 and 8, which are pay. hospitals.

able by “Medical Department, Nary") are

payable from the appropriation "General Ex-
8. The expenses incident to the preparation penses, Marine Corps."
and encasement of deceased personnel of the
Marine Corps who die at a naval hospital or
station having an annual contract for care of

the dead, are payable from the appropriation
“Medical Department, Navy."

1. Cremation of remains may be undertaken 9. Where burial is made at place of demise, or

only upon prior authority of the Bureau of in a post cemetery, and other means are not Medicine and Surgery when specifically reavailable, the cost of digging grave may be paid quested by the next of kin, provided the total by the supply officer.

cost of the primary expense does not exceed the

allowance of $300. The expense of cremation, 10. Pay for services of clergymen at burials of

when ordered as above, will be covered by emerenlisted personnel may be allowed when the

gency requisition approved in advance by the services of a Navy chaplain are not available.

commandant, commanding officer, or senior offi

cer present. Transportation of the cremated 11. Payment from the appropriation “Gen

remains to the place designated by the next of eral Expense, Marine Corps” is authorized in

kin may be allowed as an additional expense. those cases where Marine personnel have died

The cost of cremation of remains, when inor been killed under unusual circumstances, out

curred by the family, may be allowed as a side the jurisdiction of Marine Corps or Navy proper item of expense within the limits of reservations and the circumstances surrounding either the primary or secondary allowance.

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