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a. Category a: Submit standard requisition to normal source of supply. Complete justification must be included for items authorized on an as required basis.

1. Requisitions for spare parts or accessories the ries will contain the following information:

a. Complete nomenclature of major ar. ticles for which parts are being requisitioned. bili

b. Type and model of the major article. fiap pes

b. Categories b and c: Submit in letter form via the chain of command to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code AO) enclosing a prepared requisition containing a complete description of the articles desired. Such letters shall state in detail the justification for the request, and shall further state whether it is recommended that such allowances be established as a type allowance for like units or as an allowance for a specific unit only.

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c. Category d: Submit in accordance with specific instructions promulgated by the Commandant of the Marine Corps and Force Commanders.

d. Requisitions for articles to be used in conducting Marine Corps Equipment Board test projects will be submitted to the normal source of supply.

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3. Supply activities will:

a. Honor requisitions for supplies in category a above without reference to Headquarters Marine Corps unless:

g. Electronic spare parts having Army Signal Corps stock numbers will be grouped on the requisition in accordance with parent equipment on which parts are to be used. Each group of parts will be headed by a brief identification of the parent equipment as follows:

(1) Otherwise directed in specific instances by the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

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(2) In the case of supplies authorized

as required basis, the quantity requested appears excessive and the matter cannot be resolved locally, or the articles are not normally stocked or issued by the supply activity.

b. Take action on requisitions for supplies in category d above in accordance with specific instructions promulgated by the Commandant of the Marine Corps.


1. Sets, kits, chests, etc., have been made up either for convenience in handling or convenience in indicating allowances. The components of sets, kits, chests, and equipments are shown in the Material Allowance Lists; Ordnance Supply Bulletins; and Catalog of U. S. Marine Corps Material. If only a part of

set is needed, that part should be requisitioned and issued.

2. Component articles of a different supply department classification from the parent article, when required to replenish a set, kit, chest, or equipment, will be requisitioned from the supply department technical divi. sion having cognizance of the component rather than the technical division having cognizance of the complete set. 54209 SOURCE OF SUPPLY

4. Requisitions should be unclassified, or classified as low as possible consistent with security requirements. This may be accomplished by merely listing the references which established the need for the material in lieu of furnishing written justification on the face of the requisition.



1. Separate requisitions are required for the following:

a. Field and operational rations.

b. Garrison rations.

1. Requisitions will be submitted to the nearest Marine Corps supply agency unless otherwise specified by competent authority,

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b. Requests for athletic clothing and equipment will be addressed to the Comarba mandant of the Marine Corps (Code DSP) in These accordance with paragraph 17254, Marine

Corps Manual. med atza, e c. Rubber stamps required by activities, and : exceeding the aggregate $25.00 or more ale al per request, will be procured from the

nearest General Service Administration Regional Store from funds allotted to the requiring activity. Requirements for rubber stamps in an aggregate value of less than $25.00 will be procured on the open market in accordance with current regulations. Requests for facsimile stamps will be addressed to the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps (Code CSD) for approval prior to procurement action. Such requests will contain complete justification.

i. Requests for musical instruments, musical

publications and miscellaneous musical supplies will be addressed to the Post Supply Officer, Marine Barracks, 8th and Eye Streets, SE., Washington 25, D. C. Activities authorized band instrument repairmen may obtain repair tools for the maintenance of musical instruments by submitting Open Purchase Requisitions to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code CSD).

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j. Maps and charts for fleet marine force and troop training units are the responsibility of the Chief of Naval Operations and will be obtained by requisition through Fleet Command Channels. Headquarters Marine Corps is responsible for maps and charts for non-fleet marine force units. Aeronautical and hydrographical charts will be requested direct from the U. S. Navy Hydrographic Office, Department of the Navy, Washington, D. C., or from local branch offices. Maps should be ordered by letter using Army Map Service Catalog as a reference when applicable and available.

d. All items of chaplains' equipment listed in the Catalog of Navy Material are available to all units and stations of the Marine Corps to which chaplains are attached. Portable equipment is available for fleet marine force units. Chaplains shall initiate requests for articles required via the senior Marine Corps supply officer of the unit or station to which they are attached. Such requests shall be forwarded by the supply officer direct to the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. (See Chaplains' Manual NavPers 15664.)

k. Publications will be procured in ac. cordance with the instructions contained in the Material Allowance List. Periodicals will be obtained by requisition on the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps.

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1. Requisitions for boats, boat parts and accessories and boat engines shall be submitted in accordance with the following instructions.

e. Supply officers of Marine Corps aviation organizations will be governed by the same regulations as supply officers of Marine Corps ground organizations insofar as requisitioning and accounting for Marine Corps property is concerned. Navy property will be requisitioned and accounted for in accordance with instructions promulgated by the appropriate bureau of the Navy.

(1) Requisitions for boats shall be submitted to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, giving justification for the need.

(2) Requisitions for accessories or parts for boats shall be submitted to the nearest naval supply depot, in duplicate, and shall include the following:

(a) Registry number of hull.

f. Requests for official seals, within authorized allowances, bearing complete data as to name of organization (name of organization is restricted to 23 characters, not including words “U. S. Marine Corps'') will

(b) Make, model and serial number of engine.


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Supply (c) Stock number, part number c. Desired delivery date. or catalog number, stating name of catalog from which number was obtained.

d. Estimated weight and cubic measure.

ment whenever water or air shipment may be repulsi" (d) Whether the material is re- involved. quired for immediate replacement or for stock.

2. All emergency requisitions, submitted (e) If required for replacement,

in other than the regular requisition form, a statement shall be included on the requisi

will be immediately confirmed by a requisition as to whether the material to be replaced

tion prepared in accordance with instructions is worn out, broken beyond repair, or is

contained herein, and will bear the following repairable, and whether the condition of the

notation: material is due to normal wear, or to accident or other cause. (In describing the con

This confirms my emergency requisition dition of material, the use of the word "un

No. o. DO NOT DUPLICATE SHIPMENT serviceable'' shall be avoided.)

54212 FILLING REQUISITIONS (f) If required for stock, the estimated period for which required; the quantity

1. Marine Corps supply agencies will fill of like material issued during the preceding

promptly all properly approved requisitions six months, and the quantity on hand shall be

for supplies, or, when requested articles included on the requisition.

are not available from stock, initiate action

to procure them from their normal source (g) If material is required for

of supply. both replacement and stock, items for replacement shall be clearly distinguished from

2. When requisitions received in supply those required for stock.

agencies indicate obvious mistakes, such as

typographical errors in amounts or excessive (3) Requisitions for engines shall be

requirements for articles of known allowsubmitted to the nearest naval supply depot ances, supply agencies shall request addiin the same manner as for other boat parts. tional information regarding the articles in All pertinent information needed to identify question. However, in the event it is necessary the item required shall be included on the for the supply agency to request additional requisition.

data from the requisitioning unit, to further

identify an article or articles on the requisi. 54210 FREQUENCY OF REQUISITIONS tion, the procurement or issue of other

articles on the same requisition that are 1. Requisitions normally will be submitted

within allowances and properly validated for supplies sufficient for an estimated ninety shall not be delayed pending receipt of the days requirement. Supply officers should desired information. Requisitions containing consolidate requisitions from sources within obvious errors indicating excesses of allowtheir unit and keep the number of requisitions ances shall be filled within established allow. submitted to supply agencies at a minimum ances. The remainder of the questionable consistent with the requirements of their articles shall be referred to the requisitionunit. This shall not be construed as prohibiting ing organization for further justification or the submission of requisitions more often clarification. than once every ninety days where circumstances warrant such action. Requisitions 54213 LIMITED STANDARD AND should be submitted in sufficient time to

SUBSTITUTE STANDARD ITEMS prevent stocks from falling below a thirtyday level or the minimum stock level pre- 1. Depots and other supply agencies carry scribed by competent authority.

ing stocks of limited standard and substitute

standard articles will issue such articles 54211 EMERGENCY REQUISITIONS

whenever standard articles are requisitioned.

Stocks of limited standard and substitute 1. In cases of bona fide emergency, tele- articles will be completely exhausted before phone or dispatch requisitions may be made. standard articles are issued. Where such emergency requests are made, necessary data to identify the material de

2. In connection with the issue of standard sired, and the following information, shall stock articles, supply officers at both the be furnished.

depot and using level are instructed to issue

oldest stock first. In all cases, oldest stock a. Requisition number.

of standard articles will be completely ex:

hausted before the most recent procurement b. Method of transportation desired for of standard articles is made available for shipment.


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