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duty, the senior officer present will, in the same manner, and under the same conditions as stated above, have a second inventory taken. The officer restored to duty will be held responsible only for the money and stores then on hand. Whenever in either of the above cases the senior officer present considers it impractical to have an inventory taken, he will furnish the officers concerned with a statement to that effect.

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1. Title 18 U. S. C. 1914 provides as follows:

“Whoever, being a Government official or employee, receives any salary in connection with his services as such an official or employee from any source other than the Government of the United States, except as may be contributed out of the treasury of any State, county or municipality; or Whoever, whether a person, association, or corporation, makes any contribution to, or in any way supplements the salary of, any Government official or employee for the services performed by him for the Government of the United States-shall be fined not more than $1,000. or imprisoned not more than six months, or both."

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3. Before a supply or disbursing officer under suspension or arrest is taken permanently from the ship or station to which he has been attached, he will be allowed a reasonable time in which to close his books and complete his vouchers. No books or vouchers necessary to the settlement of his accounts will, under any circumstances, be taken from his personal charge unless absolutely necessary for the public interest. In this case a detailed receipt for them will be furnished him by the person appointed to take charge of such documents or to relieve him from his duties.

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4. Complete details on suspension or arrest of naval officers will be found in U. S. Navy Regulations.

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1. A supply officer is not authorized to advance public money to the commanding officer or to any other person by his order. However, when ordered by a commanding officer to make any expenditure of money or stores which the officer believes to be illegal or contrary to regulations, the latter shall state in writing the grounds on which he objects to obeying the order, and request that the order be reiterated in writing. On receipt of such order the expenditure shall be made. Such disbursements shall be allowed by the General Accounting Office in settlement of the account of the supply officer and the commanding officer by whose orders such disbursement or disposal was made shall be held accountable for the same. Art. 1904, U. S. Navy Regulations.

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1. In the case of robbery or the discovery of loss or deficiency of money or other public property in the custody of any person in the United States naval service, the person responsible for its custody will immediately report the occurrence. The senior officer present will order a court of inquiry, if authorized by law to order such a court, or, if not so authorized, a board of investigation to investigate the case and report fully all the circumstances.





1. Whenever a commanding officer or other senior officer orders a supply or disbursing officer under suspension or arrest, he shall take possession of the safe and of the keys of the storerooms under the charge of such officer, and shall immediately have a seal placed on the safe in the presence of the of ficer suspended. The senior officer present will then direct a board consisting of at least three officers, to take an inventory of the money, papers, provisions, supplies and equipment in charge of the suspended officer; and will also appoint a suitable person to take immediate charge, who will be present

1. No officer detailed to duty involving the custody or disbursement of public funds, or accountability for public property shall be charged with the handling or custody of, or accountability for, any funds whatever other than funds placed in his custody by operation of law or regulation, or pursuant to the orders of the Secretary of the Navy.

at the inventory

2. Should the officer concerned be released from suspension of arrest and restored to

2. The term “accountable officer" is defined by Navy Regulations to mean an officer detailed to duty involving pecuniary responsibility for Government funds and property in his custody. Accordingly, “accountable officers," including disbursing officers and their deputies, are prohibited from handling

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(2) Ration, small detachment. The ration, small detachment (5-in-1) is designed specifically for small group feeding and contains sufficient food to sustain five men for one day. It contains varied menus and is so packaged that it can be easily distributed and carried when transportation facilities limited. Field cooking equipment is desirable but not required for the preparation of this ration. The small detachment ration is intended for situations where organized messing cannot be accomplished but where feeding in small groups is possible.



1. GENERAL. Field rations are classified into two general types; operational rations and packaged operational rations.

(3) Food packet, individual assault. The food packet, individual, assault, is designed for use only when an individual cannot be supplied with a complete combat or other type ration. It may be provided troops for use in the initial assault phase of combat when food is required that is light in weight, highly palatable, and can be conveniently carried by an individual. This food packet is available in various menus. It is not intended for use as a single meal nor will any combination of packets provide a balanced ration. The food packet, individual assault is for use only when the individual cannot receive and carry a complete ration through planned supply.


2. ACCOUNTING. Field rations shall be accounted for as follows:

a. Operational rations. Operational rations are designed for large group feeding in the field when kitchen and cooking facilities are available and consist as nearly as practicable of the same components as contained in the regular garrison ration. There are two types of operational rations and the type issued for use will depend on field conditions.

(1) Ration, operational “A". The ration, operational "A", contains perishable stores and should be issued for use only when refrigeration facilities are available to the using troops.

(2) Ration, operational "B". The ration, operational "B" does not contain perishable stores and should be issued for use when refrigeration facilities are not available to the using troops. In this ration, canned nonperishable foods have been substituted for like foods of a perishable nature.

b. Packaged operational rations. The packaged operational ration is designed spe cifically for individual or small group feeding when the tactical situation is so unstable that kitchen facilities are not available. There are several types of packaged operational rations the most common of which are the ration, individual, combat; the ration, small detachment; and the food packet, individual, assault.

(1) Ration, individual, combat. The ration, individual, combat, is intended for use when the tactical situation is so unstable that messing in small groups is Such a situation will exist during actual

a. Operational rations. Operational rations shall be accounted for in the same manner as is the garrison ration except that the ration value is not to be computed in the field. The ration value for the operational ration will be established by the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps and duly promulgated to the field. Fresh provisions when available may be substituted for non-perishable components of the operational "B" ration. The substitution of fresh provisions for non-perishable provisions will not alter either the accounting process or the ration value.

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Packaged operational rations. Authority to approve issues of packaged operational rations within the allowances established by the Commandant of the Marine Corps is restricted to the Commanding General, FMF, Pacific and the Commanding General, FMF, Atlantic. Issues in excess of allowances or issues for activities other than Fleet Marine Force must have prior approval of the Commandant of the Marine Corps except when required for emergency operational purposes.

not possible. combat with the enemy or in effecting am phibious landings. This is a full ration for one person and is so packaged that it may easily be carried by an individual. Although this ration is designed for use when cooking facilities are not available, heating when possible will improve palatability.

3. PACKAGED OPERATIONAL RATIONS ACCOUNT. Accountable Officers receiving, transferring, or issuing packaged operational rations will maintain an account entitled

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"Packaged Operational Rations Account''. The unit value of packaged operational rations will be periodically established by the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps by appropriate memoranda and this value will be used by organizations of the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve for accounting purposes.

e. Form NAVMC 582-SD will be used to inventory packaged operational rations on hand at the close of each accounting period and the rations shall be listed thereon by quantity, stock number, full nomenclature, date of pack, unit price, and extended value dicen of each type ration (See Figure 51-4a).




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All packaged operational rations transferred between organizations of the Marine Corps; between the Marine Corps and the Marine Corps Reserve; from the Marine Corps to the Army, Navy, or other Government activities shall be recorded and accounted for by the use of the Shipping Order -Invoice and Receipt, Form NAVMC 33-SD. In preparing Form NAVMC 33-SD, the quantity, stock number, complete nomenclature (including menu number where appropriate), date of pack, unit price, and total value of the rations transferred, shall be shown (see Figure 51 -2).

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4. PACKAGED OPERATIONAL RATION ACCOUNT RETURN. Accountable officers maintaining a Packaged Operational Rations Account will submit monthly to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code CSI), a “Packaged Operational Rations Account Return''. This return shall be prepared on Form NAVMC 581-SD, and shall be submitted within twenty (20) days after the close of the account. ing period (See Figure 51-4b). The Packaged Operational Rations Account Return shall list in chronological order, a description of each credit and debit voucher accomplished during the month and the total value of each voucher will be entered in the debit or credit column as appropriate. The first entry on each return (debit) submitted after the initial return shall be the total money value of the inventory taken at the close of the preceding accounting period. The last entry on each return shall be the inventory of packaged operational ra. tions on hand at the close of each accounting period. (See subparagraph 3e above). The total money value of this inventory shall be entered on the Packaged Operational Ration Account Return as a credit entry.

5. PACKAGED OPERATIONAL RATIONS TO PAID SUPERNUMERARIES. When fur; nished meals from messes using packaged operational rations, paid supernumeraries shall be charged as follows:

a. Officers and civilians of the United States and all personnel of other nations of the daily subsistence allowance established authorized to eat in the mess--the total value by law for an officer for each full ration of three meals, or one third thereof for each meal when the full ration is not furnished.

personnel of the United

b. Enlisted States in a commuted ration status--the total money value of the currently authorized commuted ration for each full ration of three meals, or one third thereof for each meal when the full ration is not furnished.


When one third of the allowance set forth in subparagraphs a and b above results in a fraction of five mills or more, the cost of the individual meal will be increased to the next full cent. Fractional amounts of less than five mills will be disregarded.

b. Packaged operational rations issued for consumption shall be dropped from the Packaged Operational Ration Account by an approved certificate of expenditure. The certificate of expenditure will reference the authority for effecting such issues. The certificate will also indicate the number of rations consumed by permanently attached personnel that are being subsisted in kind, and the amount of funds received from the sale of rations or food packets to paid supernumeraries (See Figure 51-3). Reimburse ment for rations furnished personnel temporarily attached from other Government departments will be accomplished as prescribed in paragraph 54302. When packaged operational rations are transferred to other Government departments on a reimbursable basis, the original contract price will be used.

c. All funds received from paid supernumeraries shall be accounted for on Form NAVMC 563-SD. The type of ration sold (individual combat, small detachment, etc.), and unit value thereof will not be shown nor will the three per cent overhead be added (See Figure 51-4). Form NAVMC 563-SD will be used in support of the Certificate of Expenditure. Under no circumstances will funds received from the sale of packaged operational rations be accounted for on the mess officer's Report of Paid Supernumerary Rations, Form NAVMC 828a -SD.

d. Credit for packaged operational rations consumed during training exercises or maneuvers shall not be taken on the Financial Status of the Mess, Form NAVMC 580SD, nor shall ration credit be claimed for meals or rations furnished personnel who are subsisted on this type ration.

d. The charges established in subparagraphs a and b above for nationals of other



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exists, the orders of such personnel will be C 582-SD =]ke nations will apply only in cases where the

number of such personnel subsisted daily endorsed by the activity providing subsistence

does not exceed fifty. In the event the number to indicate the number of meals furnished, as each accoma

of foreign nationals subsisted daily as paid illustrated: Ser, full es supernumeraries, exceeds fifty, the com


12 August 1948 manding officer of the unit operating the mess will request instructions from the force or

From: Commanding Officer, MCAS,
theater commander or Commandant of the

Cherry Point, N. C.
Marine Corps as appropriate.


Sergeant John N. MILLS, U. S. M. C.

::2-:.. Night rations meals were furnished from this station. 51009 FLIGHT RATIONS

J. J. BERRY 1. The act of June 5, 1942 (56 Stat. 308) pro

By direction. vides that officers, enlisted personnel, and civil employees of the Navy and Marine Corps, while actually engaged in flight operations,

7. Enlisted personnel traveling to and from

the United States incident to leave will be furmay be furnished an aircraft flight ration in kind, chargeable to the proper Navy or Ma

nished a flight ration without charge. Leave rine Corps appropriation, which flight ration

papers or orders will be endorsed to show will be supplementary to any ration or sub

ihat subsistence was furnished at government sistence allowance now granted to such per

expense during flights.
sonnel. No part of an aircraft flight ration
is to be furnished without cost to any person

8. Passengers not entitled to subsistence at in a travel status or to any person to whom

Government expense will be charged for each a per diem allowance is granted in lieu of

meal furnished as provided in subparagraph actual subsistence.

4 above. 2. A flight ration is an allowance of pro- 9. Payment for the flight rations furnished visions provided daily for officers, enlisted will be required prior to departure of the personnel, and civil employees of the Navy

plane. The squadron commander, or his desand Marine Corps, while engaged in flight

ignated officer representative, will be held operations; on duty traveling aboard aircraft;

responsible for the cash collected for the or on watch in an airplane at anchor during meals furnished. If other than the supply regular meal hours and to whom regular

officer, such officer will turn in to the supply messing facilities are not accessible because officer all cash so collected, with a list of of such conditions. The value of a flight ra

the total number and type meals or box tion may not exceed $1.80 for each three

lunches sold to personnel not entitled to a meals served when composed of regular and

ration at Government expense. authorized special items of provisions.

10. When due to mecharical failures of 3. Flight rations may be issued in the form of prepared meals, ration components, frozen

equipment, or for other reasons, passengers

crew members cannot be served meals precooked meals, or box lunches. Figure 51.1 properly filled out as indicated, con

for which money has been collected, the tains all the information required for the

squadron commander, air transport officer, issuing of and receipt of flight rations.

other designated officer representative

responsible for the collection of cash, at the 4. When officers in a travel status entitling

next stop where money for meals is regularly them to actual and necessary expenses or a

collected, will refund the exact amount colper diem allowance in lieu of subsistence

lected. Such refunds to the passengers or and officers entitled to air transport service

members will be made from funds per diem allowance in lieu of subsistence are

previously collected and on hand as authorized furnished flight rations, cash payment for

in subparagraph 9. each meal so provided will be required at the rate of $0.40 for breakfast, $0.80 for dinner

11. All cash received in excess of $50. by and $0.60 for supper when meals are com

the squadron commander or his designated posed of regular and authorized special items

officer representative, must be turned over of provisions; $0.85 for each meal when

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daily to the issuing commissary officer, All meals served are in the form of frozen pre

cash received in excess of $50. by the comcooked meals; and $0.60 for each box lunch

missary officer may be turned over daily to a disbursing officer but must be so turned over at least twice a week. On the last day of the month, or on the date of detachment of the supply (commissary) officer or squadron commander (or his designated officer representative responsible for the collection of cash), necessary forwarding of all cash on hand will be made so that all cash collected

served in lieu of meals.

5. Officers in a leave status traveling via aircraft will pay cash for flight rations,

6. When flight rations are furnished enlisted personnel on any day in which air travel

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