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31 July 1952


I certify that I have this date forwarded to the Division sisbursing officer, 1st Marine Division, the sum of four hundred thirty-five dollars and fifty-nine' cents ($435.59) which represents collections from individuals to whom sales were made during the month of July 1952 with due observance of regulations and instructions relative to the sales of packaged operational rations.

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2. Stores procured primarily for issue to the general mess may be sold to regularly established officers' and noncommissioned officers' messes.

9. Articles purchased by the Marine Corps by net weight will be sold at net weight at the time of sale. Where the weight of a wrapper or cover was included in the weight of an article at the time of purchase, it will be included in the weight when the article is sold. Articles in cartons, packets, or sealed cans will be sold as purchased. Stores longest on hand will, if in good condition, be sold first.

10. The commanding officer will regulate the sale and delivery of supplies. Resale or bartering of supplies by individuals is forbidden.

3. Sales and/or transfers to activities of the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Army, Air Force, other departments of the Government, state maritime academies, merchant vessels of the maritime commission and contractors operating Navy owned tankers will be made at the unit price of the article. 4. Sales to persons other than those listed in subparagraph 3 above will be made at cost price plus three per cent. The cost price of baked products and ice cream shall be in accordance with paragraph 51219-5. Any resulting fraction in computing the three per cent will be considered as one cent. 5. All purchases by individual patrons shall be made for cash, except where charge sales are specifically authorized in overseas areas by the Secretary of the Navy. Charge sales may be made to official organizations and resale activities other than concessionaires, which are in operation at a post or station for uniformed personnel on active


AND GARBAGE 1. Proceeds from sales of empty food containers will be deposited in the Treasury as "Miscellaneous Receipts," except in cases where such containers are returned in accordance with the terms of a contract, when the refund will be deposited to the credit of the appropriation which stands charged with their cost. Such sales will be reported as separate entry on Form NAVMC-563-SD as illustrated in figure 51-6.


6. Where sales commissaries are not oper ated, each activity making sales of provisions will use Sales Slips, Form NAVMC-734-SD in all cases. These slips will be numbered serially and copies retained until the accounts have been audited by the Supply Department Audit and Inventory Team, Purchases of apparently excessive quantities of provisions will be reported by the supply officer concerned to the commanding officer, who will cause them to be investigated to satisfy himself that only those entitled to the sale privilege are being supplied. Such sales will be limited to stock ordinarily carried for issue to general messes. Miscellaneous articles will not be procured exclusively for sales purposes without special authority from the Quartermaster General

2. For the disposal of garbage, tallow, and bones, see disposal of surplus property, Chapter 60. For contracts, preparation of proposals, etc., in connection with the disposal of garbage, tallow, and bones, see Chapter 55.

3. All nonreturnable barrels, egg crates, glass jars, textile bags, vegetable and fruit lugs or crates, paper cartons, etc., emanating from Food Service activities, other than commissary stores, shall be salvaged and turned in to the nearest authorized selling activity for disposition in the best interest of the Government (see paragraph 60052). Officers in Charge of Food Service activities, other than the Officers in Charge of Commissary Stores, will certify monthly to the Supply Officer that all materials mentioned herein have been salvaged and disposed of as required by these regulations (see paragraph 51061).

of the Marine Corps.

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