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that all bids will be rejected or unless suspension of action is necessitated by a claim of mistake.


b. Examination of Bids. Before making an award the disposal officer will carefully examine the highest bid received in order to insure that

deposits may be returned to those bidders who are not under consideration for an award (ordinarily the bidder claiming error and the next highest bidder). Each claim of mistake

error forwarded to the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps will be accompanied with the disposal officer's recommendations. The names of all unsuccessful bidders will be compared with the Navy Sales Contract Hold Up List to insure that no deposit tendered by any bidder. whose name appears on the list will be returned pending a report thereof to the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps and receipt of instructions as to disposition.

(1) The bid is accompanied by the full amount of the required deposit (Par. 60114-1).

(2) There are no qualifications, not noted at the time of bid opening, acceptance of which would compromise the government's position or would afford the bidder an advantage over any other bidder (Par. 601142e).

(3) The name of the bidder, or of the person signing the bid, does not appear on the Navy Sales Contract Hold Up List or the List of Ineligible Contractors (Paragraphs 60113Ic and 60119-2c).

(4) The bid fairly represents the best price obtainable.

(5) The total of the highest acceptable bids on all lots to be awarded to any one bidder is sufficient to justify the expenditure of the total estimated costs to be incurred by the Government in the performance of any loading, packing or other handling required under the terms of the contract; if not, all bids will be rejected and the material will be readvertised on an "as is, where is' basis (Para. 60116-4).

(6) The bid is not so far in excess of the next highest bid or of the true value of the material as to indicate a mistake.

If, in the opinion of the disposal officer, the highest bid does not reflect the true market value of the material, all bids will be rejected and the material immediately readvertised for sale. When it is necessary to reoffer material for sale, every attempt will be made to widen the distribution of the offering both geographically and as to trade channels. Such action always will be taken when it appears that there has been a collusive attempt by bidders to hold down prices. When the highest acceptable bid appears to be excessive, suggesting a possible error on the part of the bidder, the bidder will be requested to confirm his bid in writing. If the bidder claims error, he will be required immediately to submit convincing proof of the existence and character of the error and the manner in which it occurred. The disposal officer will suspend all action on the lot or lots involved pending reference of the matter to and receipt of instructions from the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps, except to the extent that all

c. Tie Bids. When two or more bids are tied, the award will be determined by the drawing of lots. A time and place will be established for a public drawing, and the bidders whose bids are tied will be advised accordingly. At the appointed hour the drawing will be made by a disinterested person and the contract awarded.

d. Form of Award. The award will be accomplished through execution of the contract by the contracting officer and transmittal of one signed copy to the successful bidder. Prior to execution by the contracting officer, those particular items or lots which are not being awarded to the bidder will be appropriately deleted from the contract.


a. General. When a sale is negotiated on the basis of quotations, the contract will be prepared after the determination is made as to whom the sale will be made. Three unsigned copies will be forwarded to the contractor with the request that he sign and return two copies. Upon receipt of the duplicate copies signed by the contractor, the contracting officer will execute both copies on behalf of the Government and return one executed copy to the contractor.

b. Payment in Advance. Though the standard contract clause (see paragraph 60116-2a) contemplates payment of all or a part of the purchase price subsequent to the signing of the contract by both parties, in the case of onetime sales the contractor will be requested to make full payment for the material at the time he signs and returns the contract to the Government.

3. STATEMENT AND CERTIFICATE OF AWARD. Statement and Certificate of Award (Standard Form 1036) will be prepared and signed by the contracting officer for each contract of sale. This statement will include a certificate that the bid or quotation accepted was the highest one received or a detailed explanation of the reasons for accepting

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"ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS 17. DELETIONS: Conditions No. 4 (Bid Guarantee), No. 5 (Payment), and No. 8 (Adjustment for Verification in Quantity of Weight) are hereby deleted.

e. One copy of the contract and one copy of the statement and certificate of award for the files of the authorized selling activity, for the contract folder or the account of sale folder;

f. Any additional copies as required for local purposes.

5. BID BOOK ENTRIES. Within 24 hours after the execution of the contract of sale by the contracting officer the bid of the successful bidder for each lot will be circled in red in the bid book. If a qualified bid (see paragraph 60114 -2e) accepted, the word “Waived" or, if the high bid was rejected because of a qualification, the word “Disqualified" and the initials of the disposal officer will be entered in the "Remarks" column next to the word "Qualified", which was entered at the time of the bid opening.


18. BID GUARANTEE AND LIQUIDATED DAMAGES. The bidder agrees that (1) the bid will not be withdrawn within the time speci. fied for acceptance after the opening of bids (60 calendar days if no period be specified by the bidder), and will during that time re. main firm and irrevocable, and that (2) the bidder will pay to the Government the pute chase price of the Property in accordance with the bid if accepted. If a bid deposit is said bid deposit. If after award the Purchaser required, the bid must be accompanied with fails to pay the balance of the purchase price, fails to remove the material, or otherwise fails to perform any of its obligations, he will thereby lose all right, title, and interest in the material hereunder, and the Government may, at its election, retain the material and may retain from any amount paid by the Purchaser, as liquidated damages, a sum equal to twenty: five percent (25%) of the purchase price plus if any, shall be remitted to the Purchaser. any accrued charges hereunder. The balance, the purchase price, if a deposit has been

19. PAYMENT. Payment of the balance of made, or otherwise of the full purchase price, shall be made by cash, or by certified check,

6. NUMBERING OF SALES CONTRACTS. Contracts for $1,000 or more and contracts calling for multiple deliveries, will be numbered in the regular contract number series of the authorized selling activity (see paragraph 55301). Other contracts may be assigned local numbers,

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c. Submission. The original of the report will be submitted monthly to the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps in time to reach the Quartermaster General of the Marine Corps by the tenth of the month following the month covered by the report.

Naval Ammunition Depot, Crane, Ind. Naval Ammunition Depot, McAlester, Okla. Naval Ammunition Depot, Hastings, Nebr.

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Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.
Naval Submarine Base, New London, Conn.
Naval Station, Key West, Fla.
Naval Aviation Supply Depot, 700 Robbins

Avenue, Philadelphia 11, Pa.
Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Md.
Naval Station, Orange, Tex.
Naval Station, New Orleans, Algiers 14, La.
Naval Advanced Base Supply Depot, Con-

struction Battalion Center, Port Hu

eneme, Calif. Naval Gun Factory, Washington 25, D. C. Naval Ordnance Plant, York, Pa. Naval Ordnance Plant, Forest Park, Ill. Naval Supply Activity, Third Avenue and

Twenty-ninth Street, Brooklyn 32, N. Y. Naval Station, Tongue Point, Astoria, Oreg. Naval Ordnance Plant, Strawberry Lane,

Louisville 1, Ky. Naval Advanced Base Supply Depot, Con

struction Battalion Center, Davisville,

R. I. Marine Corps Air Station (address) Naval

Supply Officer, Miami, Fla. Marine Corps Air Station (address) Naval

Supply Officer, Cherry Point, N. C. Marine Corps Air Station (address) Naval

Supply Officer, El Toro, Santa Ana, Calif. Marine Corps Depot of Supplies, 1100

South Broad Street, Philadelphia 46, Pa. Marine Corps Supply Annex, Barstow,

Calif. Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island,

S. C. Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, Va. Marine Corps Supply Depot, Camp Lejeune,

N. C. Marine Corps Supply Depot, Camp Pendle

ton, Calif. ATLANTIC AND MEDITERRANEAN AREA Naval Station, Bermuda (mail address)

Navy Number 138, Fleet Post Office,

New York, N. Y. Headquarters Support Activities, Naples,

Italy Naval Advanced Base, Bremerhaven, Ger

many (mail address) Navy Number 913,

Fleet Post Office, New York, N. Y. Naval Station, San Juan, Puerto Rico (mail

address) Navy Number 116, Fleet Post

Office, New York, N. Y. Naval Supply Depot, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

(mail address) Navy Number 115, Fleet Post Office, New York, N. Y.

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