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condition noted on the memorandum receipt form. These cases shall be treated as complete recovery and issue, the old form being returned to the individual or retained for action of a board of survey as appropriate, and a new memorandum receipt obtained for the issue of the replacement weapon. Responsibility for the loss of, or damage to firearms shall be determined by a board of survey. If the weapon is missing, the witnessing officer shall so state on the certificate of inspection.

centers, observation centers, or hospit or who for any reason are absent from tl units and have been physically unable turn in or properly store such items. I recovered items shall be stored with the i accountable officer or designated responsi officer in the case of units not having accountable officer, and the inventory sl be delivered to the commanding officer pe ing the individual's return to duty. It is duty of the commanding officer to prov safe storage for the effects of personnel wł absent from their units, during such absen



will emanate from the commanding officers must be justified to the extent that simika

tems are not available from local commerci sources at reasonable prices.

(c) Marine Corps exchanges, Res ess Houses, etc. Sales of housekeeping sa plies to Commissioned Officers' mesa COPEN), enlisted clubs, hostess houses, lli rine Corps exchanges, and like organizz occupying Government-owned or contre buildings may be made as provided ka paragraph 54501.

(4) Industrial Safety Goggles. Mano Corps industrial type activities on Mars Corps posts and stations employing cirii whose duties require that they be furas with prescription goggles from appropre funds, are authorized to sell such ser goggles to individual employees whes se employees leave the activity concerned. I sales price on safety goggles will be fire negotiation between the accountable off. and the employee but in no event will the su price be less than $4.00 each, plus the now 3 percent overhead charge (See parar 54702-3).

(5) Heating and cooking fuel--See se graph 57202 for limitations on such sales

1. When a weapon is lost or stolen, the following authorities shall be notified immediately:

Local police (civil, military or naval) Local Intelligence Officer (Area)

1. Officers and enlisted personnel prior absenting themselves from their units leave are responsible for the delivery in de signated storage government property charge to them. The commanding offic shall direct the procedures to be employ for the storage and safekeeping of su property and shall provide suitable space i this purpose.

Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
U. S. Department of Justice
Washington 25, D. C.

Director of Naval Intelligence
Department of the Navy
Washington 25, D. C.



1. The procedures outlined in paragra 54452 shall apply.

In case of discovery at sea of theft or loss, other than loss overboard, the local police (civil, military or naval) at the first port of call will be so notified. The local police (civil, military or naval) of the last port of call prior to discovery of such loss will also be notified. If the first port of call is not a United States port, the proper authorities shall be notified upon arrival at the first port of call in the United States.

(6) Trunk lockers and other authers items on personal military equipment as : quired in the performance of their duties: be sold to Marine Corps officers and ecks men of the seventh pay grade, officer chief petty officers of the Navy when atas to the Marine Corps.

(7) Stationery and envelopes (incis penalty indicia envelopes) may be soldbe rine Corps Exchanges, Hostess Houses, le missioned Officers' Messes, Enlisted Co and other like organizations occupying sa ernment owned or controlled buildings.



1. Commanding officers shall have t arms, equipment and property in the posse sion of personnel in a disciplinary stat inventoried and delivered to the respos sible officer or accountable officer w issued the property. The officer to whom t property is delivered shall handle the r covery as outlined in paragraph 54753.

2. In order that stolen or missing weapons may be registered with the National Stolen Property File of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, reports of survey covering missing weapons shall contain the following information:

a. That the appropriate authorities have been notified stating to whom notification was made.

b. The name, rank, and serial number of the person last having possession of the weapon. The name, rank, and serial number of the person upon whom responsibility has been fixed by the board of survey, if determined.


3. The foregoing restrictions shall ser :lude the sale of items of government in irty to an individual for the purpose a's intarily replacing items determined to s veen lost, damaged, or destroyed by s person. However, commanding officers nsure that this provision is not employees , medium to surreptitiously effect sat tems, the sale of which is otherwise" tricted, 4. The sale of any articles of govern roperty not coming within the purien uis paragraph is expressly prohibited. 4603 PROCEEDS OF SALES 1. Proceeds of sales shall be abstra lonthly, or more frequently if the vote ales so demands. Under no curcumst hall the proceeds of sales be accura ver a period greater than one month.


1. Commanding officers are responsib that individual weapons issued to membe of their command are adequately safeguard when not in use. It is not intended th commanding officers cause individual arn to be locked up in every instance, or th personnel be required to turn in their i dividual arms to armories specifi storage places when not in use. The securi measures to be employed must be consiste with the general security of the area and t mission of the organization and will be such

a nature that will enable personn to arm themselves with the least possib delay in case of emergency. The requir ments for security will differ broadly b tween various types of organizations. organization located inside a military naval reservation,

which is adequate



1. The commanding officer shall cause an officer to inventory the arms, equipment and property of personnel transferred to medical

guarded, will require a lesser degree of security for weapons than an organization located in the midst of a large metropolitan area. Each commanding officer must decide upon the best method of providing the maxi mum security compatible with the means at hand, and the mission of his organization.

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2. Commanding officers shall require that organizational weapons issued for a specific purpose or duty be returned to the armory or assigned place of safekeeping when not in use. This type of weapon will be secured under lock. The responsibility for the safe keeping of weapons when out of the armory or place assigned for their safekeeping rests with the individual to whom issued.

3. Commanding officers shall provide a system of control whereby the custodian of weapons will not issue weapons except on written authority of the commanding officer, or a responsible individual de signated by him. 54762 CUSTOMS DECLARATION


ni shed a certificate stating the need therefore. The certificate will state that the arms and equipment in the possession of the individual are required by competent orders in the execution of the individual's official duties, and shall be signed by the commanding officer of the individual and countersigned by the individual concerned stating that the items are in his possession.

2. The original of such certificate shall be given the individual being transferred, the duplicate retained by the commanding officer, and the triplicate used by the accountable offi cer to support the invoice covering the transfer. (The original memorandum receipt of the individual shall also support the invoice covering such transfers.)

3. The above certificate shall be prepared in all cases of enlisted or officer personnel being transferred through customs with individual arms, equipment, or property, from one unit to another, not as members of an organized unit. This certificate will serve to show customs officials the authority for possession of such government property, and prevent con fiscation. On arrival at destination the individual shall deliver the original copy of this certificate in his possession to the ac. countable officer to be reconciled against the invoice when received.

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1. When personnel are transferred in or out of the continental United States requiring passage through customs with individual arms, equipment, or property under circumstances outlined in paragraph 54754, they shall be fur

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certificate stating the need tberére tificate will state that the aresi nt in the possession of the indira uired by competent orders in: n of the individual's official do I be signed by the commanding si: individual and countersigned to al concerned stating that the iz s possession.

selling officer to record the sale by publ: private auction, or otherwise, of persona fects of deserters, deceased and missing rine, and personal effects determined to been lost or abandoned. The word "ote wise'' shall be construed to mean the sal personal effects as scrap or salvage.

account of sale of personal effects of deceased or missing personnel shall be recorded on Form NAVMC 504-SD and the proceeds derived from the sale of such effects shall be delivered to the local disbursing officer in exchange for a Government check to be drawn in favor of the commanding officer of the selling activity. The selling officer will then forward the exchange for cash check to the nearest Marine Corps Personal Effects and Baggage Center, together with sufficient copies of Form NAVMC 504-SD. (See paragraph 54910.) Prior to forwarding the exchange for cash check, the selling officer will assure that the check, drawn in favor of the commanding officer of the selling activity, is properly endorsed by that officer in favor of the officer in charge of the baggage center to which the check is to be sent.

original of such certificate skal ne individual being transferred e retained by the commanding câu riplicate used by the accountable support the invoice covering · (The original memorandum te dividual shall also support the line such transfers.)

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above certificate shall be prepare s of enlisted or officer personee's zed through customs with inct quipment, or property, from our er, not as members of an orpu

s certificate will serve to show icials the authority for possess Fernment property, and prevent . On arrival at destination to

shall deliver the original cu cificate in his possession te the e officer to be reconciled against when received.

In the absence of identification of owner, p sonal effects will, for the purpose of final c position, fall under the category of lo abandoned, or unclaimed, and in such cas the word, “Unknown' shall be entered un the above heading.



1. Upon fulfillment of the requirements prescribed in paragraphs 54903 and 54907-2, personal effects which have been determined to be lost, abandoned, or unclaimed may be sold at public or private auction or otherwise. Sales may be conducted by a local redistribution officer wherever practicable. Otherwise, sale will be conducted by the unit supply officer having custody of the effects. The selling officer has the option of either public or private auction sales on ordinary effects; however, only the public auction method is authorized in the disposition of effects of deceased or missing personnel. In determining to dispose of personal effects other than by public or private sale, selling officers shall consider proceeds to be derived from the sale of such effects as compared to disposal as scrap or salvage. Public or private sales of personal effects conducted under the provisions of this paragraph shall be scheduled and offered for sale in the same manner as sales are now conducted for surplus and salvage government property; except that such sales shall be recorded on Form NAVMC 504-SD. (See paragraph 54910.) Proceeds derived from the sale of personal effects determined to be lost, abandoned, or unclaimed, shall be handled in the same manner as provided in paragraph 54908 for the proceeds from the sale of personal effects of deceased or missing personnel. 54910 PREPARATION OF FORM NAVMC


3. When personal effects are sold at oti than a Marine Corps Personal Effects Baggage Center, Form NAVMC 504-SD sh be prepared in sextuplicate. The selling or cer shall sign the original and the duplic copy in the space provided for his signatu and, using the proceeds derived from the sa procure from the local disbursing officer, exchange for cash check for each lot of pe sonal effects sold. Exchange for cash chec shall be drawn in favor of the command officer of the selling activity except where proceeds are derived from the sale of pe sonal effects of a deserter when the check wbe drawn in favor of the Treasurer of E United States. The selling officer will forwa the exchange for cash check to the neare Marine Corps Personal Effects and Bagga Center together with the original and fi copies of the Form NAVMC 504-SD coveri the sale. Prior to forwarding exchange f cash check to the baggage center, the selli officer will assure that such check or chec that are drawn in favor of the local comman ing officer are endorsed by that officer favor of the officer in charge of the bagga: center to which the check is to be sent. Ti sextuplicate copy of Form NAVMC 504-5 shall be retained by the selling officer as tentative record of the sale pending receipt the signed sextuplicate copy from the office in charge of the Marine Corps Personal E fects and Baggage Center signifying recei of the exchange for cash check. The sextupla cate copy may then be destroyed.

1. Form NAVMC 504-SD, SALE OF PERSONAL EFFECTS, shall be prepared by the

4. Upon receipt of an exchange for cas check, the officer in charge of a Marine Corp Personal Effects and Baggage Center sha? acknowledge receipt of same by accomplish ing Item 1 on the reverse of all copies

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Form NAVMC 504-SD, and return one signed copy to the selling officer. An exchange for cash check endorsed in favor of the officerin charge of the Marine Corps Personal Effects and Baggage Center shall, except as provided in subparagraph 5, be reendorsed by him in favor of the local disbursing officer and for warded, together with the original and three copies of Form NAVMC 504-SD, to that offi cer. The local disbursing officer will receipt for the check received by accomplishing Item 2 on the reverse of Form NAVMC 504-SD, and return a signed copy to the officer in charge of the Marine Corps Personal Effects and Baggage Center. The copy of the 504 retained by the Baggage Center may be destroyed upon receipt of a signed copy from the disbursing officer. When the officer in charge of the Marine Corps Personal Effects and Baggage Center is the selling officer, Form NAVMC 504-SD will be prepared in an original and three copies.

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5. Exchange for cash checks representing moneys recovered from personal effects and/ or proceeds derived from the sale of personal effects other than deserter's effects, may be delivered to the rightful owner, next of kin or legal representative of the rightful owner except when the following conditions apply:

1. General. The regulations contained in this paragraph provide a means of identification and recovery of personal baggage, determined to be the property of Marine Corps personnel, that is held by the various common carriers as unclaimed or undeliverable because of improper or insufficient identification markings.

2. Definition. The term, “personal bag gage" as used herein means privately owned property, or Government owned property,

a mixture of both, that may be carried by hand individually or in receptacles, or be checked on a transportation ticket (rail, air, bus, or ship), or be shipped by express of freight. The term does not include household effects or shipments of personal baggage moved on Government bills of lading and consigned to shipping or receiving officers for Marine Corps personnel.

3. Contact between military installations and carriers. Chapter 8, Volume I, Marine Corps Manual requires commanding officers of posts and stations, through their personal affairs officer and in coordination with the supply officer to maintain a close contact with local agents of commercial carriers in order that Government property contained in unclaimed or undeliverable personal bag. gage of Marine Corps personnel may be recovered and where possible that such baggage may be delivered to the owners thereof.

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The exchange for cash check shall be properly endorsed by the officer in charge of the baggage center in favor of the person to whom the check is to be delivered and that person if physically present, shall be required to receipt for same on the face of the original Form NAVMC 504-SD, otherwise the check will be forwarded by registered mail and a return receipt requested. When return receipt is received, it will be securely fastened to the original Form 504-SD. The name and address of the person to whom the check is to be delivered and the date of delivery will also be typed on the face of the form. Where an exchange for cash check is so delivered, the officer in charge of the Marine Corps Personal Effects and Baggage Center will retain the original Form NAVMC 504-SD and destroy the other copies still in his possession.

4. Delivery of baggage by carrier's agent when present address of owner is unknown. By agreement with the

several common carrier agencies in the continental United States, exclusive of Alaska, when personal baggage determined to be the property of a marine is in the possession of a common carrier but is undeliverable because such baggage may have had external markings defaced but the name of the marine is known, the carrier's agent will forward such information to the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code DG), Washington 25, D. C., to obtain the present address of the member concerned. In

the event baggage of such members is undeliverable because of over seas assignment or otherwise, the appropriate procedure contained in paragraph 5 will be followed by the carrier's agent. riers have been advised that whenever per

5. Surrender of baggage by carriers. Carsonal baggage, apparently the property of

6. The proper accounting classification, including the expenditure account number, will be entered by the selling officer in the space provided Form NAVMC 504-SD. (See Chapter 87.)


te Form NAVMC 504.SDE h lot of personal effects sa



Marine Corps personnel, is unclaimed or cannot be delivered to the owner because of insufficient identification markings, or delivery to owner is impossible due to overseas assignment, the following action should be taken:

with an inventory listing all privately owr property left with the carrier. A copy of inventory of privately owned property 1 with the carrier will be furnished to t Marine Corps Personal Effects and Bagga Centers at Camp Pendleton, California, a at Camp Le jeune, North Carolina, with letter of transmittal containing all pertine information.

a. Where no transportation or storage charges are involved.

The regulations containe

provide a means of ices covery of personal baik

be the property of Me el, that is held by the vaz rs as unclaimed or under of improper or insufis arkings.



(1) When baggage is located at point at or near a Marine Corps activity and there

no transportation or storage charges involved, the carrier may turn over any unclaimed or undeliverable baggage of Marine Corps personnel to the supply officer of that activity.

The term, "personala erein means privately or vernment owned prozes

both, that may be care ally or in receptacles, e nsportation ticket (rail : - be shipped by expres

does not include houser ents of personal bagi nment bills of lading a -ping or receiving ofőre personnel.

(b) Where baggage is located at point distant from a Marine Corps activit the carrier's agent will notify the Con mandant of the Marine Corps (Code DN) ar request disposition instructions. The Com mandant of the Marine Corps will determir the Marine Corps activity to effect recover of Government owned property and wi!! dire the commanding officer of that activity:o tak action as prescribed in subparagraph (a above.

(2) In cases where the location of the nearest Marine Corps activity is such that, because of distance and cost involved, the carrier is not willing to forward the baggage but is willing to have same removed to Marine Corps control, the carrier's agent will so notify the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code DN), Washington 25, D. C., and request disposition instructions. The Com mandant of the Marine Corps will determine the Marine Corps activity to effect recovery of such baggage and will issue appropriate instructions to the commanding officer of such activity.

6. Furnishing receipt to carrier's agent In any case where personal baggage or Gov ernment property recovered from persona baggage is removed from the custody of common carrier, an adequate receipt, wher requested by the carrier's agent, will be furnished by the supply officer effecting suci recovery.

een military installate

pter 8, Volume I, ME aires commanding office ns, through their perso

in coordination with maintain a close corte

of commercial carrit nment property contes Beliverable personala

orps personnel mar ere possible that 5 elivered to the opp


b. Transportation or storage charges due.

(1) If charges have accrued on unclaimed personal baggage and the carrier is willing to waive such charges, the same procedure will be followed as outlined in subparagraph 5.a. above.

7. Disposition of personal baggage recovered from common carriers. In all cases upon receipt of personal baggage from carrier, the supply officer will recover all Government property therefrom. Privately owned property will be inventoried by the supply officer and otherwise handled prescribed in paragraph 54903 for personal effects determined to have been lost, abandoned or unclaimed. The inventory shall be prepared in sufficient copies to provide for distribution as follows:



(2) If a carrier is not willing to release unclaimed or undeliverable baggage be

of accrued charges, the following action may be taken:

(a) Where baggage is located at a point at or near a Marine Corps activity the carrier's agent will notify the commanding officer of such activity who will direct his supply officer to proceed to the carrier's holding point for the purpose of recovering any Government owned property that may be contained in such baggage. Upon arrival at the holding point, the supply officer will check and inventory such baggage and recover therefrom all Government owned property. An inventory of property so recovered will be furnished to the carrier's agent together

gage by carrier's are ss of owner is unkoor

the several come the continental Us: Alaska, when persoa to be the property

Original--To the

the Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code DN)

Copy--To service record (enlisted personnel only)

Copy--Retained by supply officer preparing inventory.

A letter of transmittal containing all pertinent information will be utilized in making the above distribution. If requested by the carrier, the inventory prescribed above will be accomplished in the presence of the carrier's representative and an additional copy of the inventory will be prepared for the carrier's records.

ssession of a come Liverable because si ad external marca of the marine is kace Ell forward such ich andant of the 12.7 shington 25, D.CH dress of the members rent baggage of su able because of over erwise, the approx d in paragraph 5 Eer's agent.

ge by carriers. Ces d that whenever pet atly the property

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