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sumed we have refused to receive cor- more than ordinary, and deserving of rection! Woe be to us, if mercy does the highest commendation. This has

not soften the heart which remains un- been remarkably the case with the con1 subdued by calamity! May we know gregation at Trenton. It has been made

better the way of the Lord, and the a missionary station, thongh the funds judgment of our God!

did not admit of fixing the salary of Mr. Hollister at a higher sum than one hundred dollars per annum.

I have to notice the destruction, by In our last number, page 372, our readers were

promised for the present number an abstract fire, in the month of December, of the of the proceedings of the last Convention of Church of St. Philip's, New-York, apthe Church in this diocess. The printing of those proceedlings bring yet unfinished, our

propriated to the people of colour. This abstract is necessarily deferred; but in the congregation was increasing in nummean time we insert the address of Bishop bers, in piety, and in attachment to the Hobart to the Convention.

sober and orderly worship of our

Church, under the ministrations of Mr. Address delivered to the Convention of Peter Williams, jun. one of their own

the Protestant Episcopal Church in colour, who had been recently admitted the State of New York, in St. Paul's to deacons' orders. Happily, the buildChurch, Troy, on Tuesday, October ing was insured; and the insurance mo15,1822, by the Right Rev. John H. ney, with some additional contributions, Hobart, D.D. Bishop of said Church. for which, the congregation being gene

rally in low circumstances, they must Brethren of the Clergy and Laity,

trust to public beneficence, will enable IMMEDIATELY af'er the meeting of the them to erect a structure of brick, inlast Convention, on the 18th Sunday stead of the one of wood, which was after Trinity, October 21, I held an or- consumed. The building is nearly comdination in St. Paul's Chapel, New- pleted, and it will give me great pleaYork, and admitted William B. Thomas sure to see assembled in it the decent to the holy order of deacons, and the and devout congregation whom I have Rev.. Marcus A. Perry, deacon, mis- often witnessed in the former edifice. sionary at Unadilla, Otsego county, and There is every prospect that the spiriparts adjacent, to the holy order of tual condition of the people of colour, priests. Mr. Thomas has, since his belonging to our communion, in the city ordination, officiated at Fishkill, Dut- of New-York, will be essentially imchess county, and occasionally in some proved by this arrangement of their other vacant congregations.

forming a distinct congregation, under On the 23d Sunday after Trinity, the judicious, zealous, and prudent miNovember 25, in St. John's Chapel, in nistrations of their present pastor. the city of New-York, I admitted Mr. On Friday, December 21, being the Algernon S. Hollister to the order of festival of St. Thomas, in St. Michael's deacons. Mr. Hollister soon after 'en- Church, Bloomingdale, I admitted the tered on duty as a missionary in the Rev. Wm. Richmond, deacon, the offitown of Trenton, in Oneida county, ciating minister of that church and St. where a small number of individuals, James's, to the order of priests. whose meritorious exertions I noticed On Wednesday, the 6th of March, in in my address of the former year, had Trinity Church, New-York, I admitted organized an Episcopal congregation, the Rev.Wm.H.De Lancey,deacon, miand, with much difficulty, through the nister of St. Thomas's Church, Mamawant of pecuniary means, have suc- roneck, Westchester county, to the-orceeded in nearly completing a place of der of priests. Mr. De Lancey was soon worship. It ought to be kept in mind, after appointed assistant minister to the that, in many instances, new congrega- RightRev.rector of the united churches, tions have been organized, and edifices Christ Church, St. Peter's, and St. for worship erected, by a very few indi- James's, Philadelphia, and has removed viduals, whose pious zeal has manifest- to that city. od itself in contributions and exertions In the month of March, it gave me great pleasure to lay, with suitable re administered in the ehurches in the city ligious solemnities, the corner stone of of New-York as follows :a new building for the parish of Christ The fourth Sunday in Lent, March Church, in the city of New-York. This 17, a. m. in Trinity Church, 54 concongregation, one of the first organized firmed; p. m. in Zion Church, 120 conin that city since the revolutionary war, firmed ; on the following Sunday, the and which, for several years, has been 24th, in St. Paul's Chapel, a. m. 71 conunder the charge of the Rev. Dr. Lyell, firmed; on the next Sunday, the 31st, have worshipped in a building in Ann- 4. m. at Grace Church, 49 confirmed ; street, which requiring very extensive p. m. at St. Jahn's Chapel, 77 confirmrepairs, the parish resolved to erect a fd; on the third Sunday after Easter, new edifice in a more eligible site, and April 25, at St. George's Church, 97 in a style of greater taste and conve- confirmed; the following Sunday, at nience. The Episcopal churches in Christ Church, 45 confirmed; and the New-York have hitherto been erected, next Sunday, at St. Stephen's Church, either wholly or in great part, at the 130 confirmed ; an Sunday, June 2d, expense of the vestry of Trinity Church. at St. Mark's Church, 19 confirmed. The condition of the funds of that cor- On Wednesday, May 1, the festival poration has compelled them to with- of St. Philip and St. James, I held an hold those liberal grants, by which, in ordination in Trinity Church, Newvarious parts of the state, the congrega- York, and admitted Alonzo P. Potter, tions and the clergy, previously to the at that time tutor in Union Callege, period of my Episcopal administration, Schenectady, to the order of deacons. were aided. This circumstance, though This gentleman has since been elected of course retarding the progress' of our professor of mathematics and natural church, and operating unfortunately in philosophy in that institution. many cases, has not prevented the for- On Ascension-day, the 16th of May, mation of new congregations, and the I consecrated to the service of Almighty erection of new churches, under cir- God, the new church of St. Luke's, in cumstances which, from the compara- the city of New-York; having the pleatively small number of the individuals sure, on this occasion, of the attendance composing the congregations, require and participation in the services of the great effort, great zeal, and great pecu- Right Rev. Bishop Brownell, of Con. niary liberality. But no new congrega- necticut. This church is situated in that tions, and no new churches had, as yet, part of the city of New-York which is been organized and erected in the city called Greenwich. The building is a of New

York, independently of the neat and commodious edifice, of modebounty of Trinity Church. The parish rate dimensions. The desk, the pulpit, of Christ Church has the credit of set- and the chancel are constructed with ting the example of a parish in that city great judgment and taste; and the chanresolved to erect a building, the expense cel is so elevated in front of the former, of which will amount to twenty-five that the congregation may see witli thousand dollars, entirely on their own convenience all the services performed responsibility. This, indeed, is doing there. The congregation of St. Luke's no more than what has been done, in was organized about two years since, many instances, by other denominations and has been gradually increasing under of Christians. It is earnestly to be de- the services of its rector, from thirty fasired, that the numerous, respectable, milies to more than double that numand wealthy Episcopalians of New- ber. The lay gentlemen who associated York would cease to depend on a boun. for the building of this church deserve ty which it is now impossible should be great credit for their zealous and perseextended, and would meet the demands vering exertions; and it is much to be of the increasing population of the city, desired that their example should be iniand imitate the spirited efforts of other. tated by others, and that new churches religious communities in erecting new might thus be erected in other parts of churches.

the city where they are much needed. The ordinance of confirmation was On the next day, Friday, at an ordi:

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nation in St. John's Chapel, New-York, order of deacons. And it gives me Manton Eastburn, of that city, was ad- pleasure to mention, that these gentlemitted to the order of deacons. men immediately entered on their du.

On the following Sunday, in the af- ties in the western parts of the state: ternoon, confirmation was administered Mr. Peck, as missionary at Onondaga, in St. Luke's Church to 33 persons. in the place of Mr. Wilcox, whose

In the month of June I held confirma- health required his removal; Mr. Ives, tion in St. Peter's Church, Westchester, at Batavia; and Mr. Irving, as officiatand confirmed 11 persons; and in Tri- jag minister at Le Roy, both in the nity Church, Netv-Rochelle, and con- county of Genesee. firined 16 persons.

I had made arrangements for perOn the 27th of June last, I held an forming various Episcopal acts in the ordination in St. James's Church, Go- congregations in the northern part of shen, Orange county, and admitted the the state, in the Black River and St. Rev. James P. C'øtter, deacon, the offi- Lawrencé country, and to the westciating minister of that church and St. ward, but have been prevented by a Andrew's, Coldenham, to the order of dispensation of Providence, in an illpriests. On the next day I performed ness of some weeks continuance, from divine service in this latter church, in which I have just recovered. the morning, and, in the afternoon, at In addition to the particulars already the village of Montgomery.

mentioned, the following are to be no On the sixth Sunday after Trinity, ticed :the 14th of July, in St. George's Church, In consequence of the establishment Flushing, the rite of confirmation was of the general theological seminary in administered to 60 persons. On the the city of New-York, this diocess has next day, Monday, I consecrated the received the valuable accession of the new church in Jamaica, Long-Island, Rev.Dr. Turner, and the Rev. Dr. Wil. which the respectable congregation of son, professors in that institution. Grace Church, in that village, one of The Rev. Mr. Pardee has removed the oldest in the state, had erected on the to Oswego, from the missionary station site of their former edifice. The church at Manlius, Onondaga county, which is is remarkably neat and handsome; and now filled by the Rev. Mr. Dyer, from the chancel, the desk, and the pulpit, the diocess of Connecticut. The Rev. are so conveniently arranged as to ac- Lawson Carter has taken the missioncommodate all the worshippers with a ary station at Ogdensburgh. The Rev. full view of the chancel. In this part Mr. Shaw has removed to the diocess of of the church the Episcopal solemnities, Maryland; and the congregation at and some of the most interesting paro- Sacket's-Harbour, where he officiated, chial offices are celebrated ; and yet, in is now supplied by the occasional seralmost all the old churches, and in vices of the Rev. Mr. Rogers, the mismany of the new ones, it is so low, or sionary at Turin. The Rev. Phineas otherwise so placed, as to be concealed L. Whipple, deacon, officiates as misfrom the great body of the congregation. sionary at Fairfield, Herkimer county; It would be very desirable that this de- and the Rev. Moses Burt, deacon, at fect should be remedied; and I am gra- Granville and Hampton, Washington tified to find, in several of the new county, in the place of the Rev. Mr. churches, that the chancel is elevated, Jewett, long the active missionary in and placed in full view of the congrega- those places, who has removed to the tion.

diocess of Connecticut. The Rev. RaOn the 9th Sunday after Trinity, vaud Kearney has resigned the charge August 4, in St. John's Church, New of the church at New-Rochelle, and the York, I 'admitted Thomas K. Peck, Rev. Lewis P. Bayard that of EastchesLevi S. Ives, and William S. Irving, ter, and the latter gentleman is now the who had pursued their theological stu- rector of the church at New-Rochelle. dies in the diocesan seminary in that The Rev. Charles W. Hamilton has recity, and the two latter, subsequently, signed the charge of the church at Duin the general institution, to the holy anesburgh, and the Rev. Mr. Phinney officiates in a congregation recently or- animated the deliberations of the Genes ganized at Ithaca, at the head of the ral Convention. Its adoption called Cayuga lake, in the county of Tomp- forth the liveliest emotions of pleasure kins. The Rev. Nathaniel Huse has in the members. They cherished the resumed the charge of the churches at persuasion that the plan of the general Richfield and Paris, and the Rev. Amos seminary then adopted, would unite the G. Baldwin officiates as missionary at efforts of all parts of the Church in its Sandy-Hill, and some other places. support, and that it would thus assume

I have also to record the admission, an importance worthy of the high stathis day, to the order of deacons, of tion which our Church occupies; and Richard Bury and William L. Johnson. not only furnish her with a ministry of

The following are candidates for or- learning, piety, and zeal, but also greatders :-George M. Robinson, Eleazarly contribute to secure her purity, unity, Williams, Roosevelt Johnson, Augustus and peace. It is most earnestly to be G. Danby, David Osborne, Henry N. desired that no circumstances may ocHotchkiss, Seth W. Beardsley, Richard cur to disappoint these gratifying exSalmon, Orsimus H. Smith, Marvin pectations, and that Episcopalians geCady, W. W. Botswic, Edward K. nerally, viewing this institution as one Fowler, Augustus L. Converse, Burton of the most powerful instruments, under

, H. Hecox, W. C. Meade, Samuel God, of extending our Church, and of Morse, Edward Neufville, jun. Henry thus advancing the interests of pure reW. Duchachet, Cornelius R. Duffie, ligion, may afford it that liberal support Lewis Bixly, William R. Whittingham. which will be essential to its extensive There are several preparing for orders and permanent dignity, prosperity, and in the academy at Geneva, and else- usefulness. where, who are not yet admitted candi- As connected with this subject, it is dates for orders.

with the highest gratification that I inAt the last Convention a resolution form you of the incorporation of a colwas passed, pledging the Convention to lege at Geneva, in this state. With the concur in any plan for consolidating the exception of Columbia College, which, diocesan seminary with any general se- eminently useful and respectable as it minary established by the General Con- is, must, from obvious circumstances, vention in the state of New-York,on cer- acconimodate almost solely the citizens tain conditions; and with the provision of New-York, the colleges of this state that the terms should be approved by are under the management of non-Episthe Bishop of the diocess, and the clerical copalians. Extending our views to the and lay delegates to the General Con- other states of the Union, the numerous vention; and also by the trustees of the colleges that are established in various Protestant Episcopal Theological Edu- parts, with increasing funds and influcation Society in the state of New-York, ence, are, with one or two exceptions, or the board of managers acting under under the same control. The fact is an their authority. The plan of consolida- alarming one, and were it not for the tion in the constitution of a general very peculiar circumstances of depresseminary, perinanently established in sion and difficulty under which she has the state of New York, which was laboured, and wbich rèndered all her adopted by the General Convention, exertions necessary for providing the has received the approbation specified means essential to her existence, would in the resolution of the last Convention, he a disgraceful one to our Church. and the seminary has gone into opera- The union between science and religion, tion in the city of New-York, and a and their reciprocal influences, are so branch sehool at Geneva. It may be intimate and powerful, that no religious proper, as a matter of form, that this community can flourish where that Convention, agreeably to the pledge union is not recognized, and that influgiven by the last Convention, should ence maintained in literary institutions concur in the plan of consolidation. and colleges subject to its paramount

This arrangement was the result of control. There is no instance of any a happy spirit of compromise, which universities or colleges in the Christian world, in which some religious denomi- continent, a place can be found, uniting nation has not directly or indirectly so many advantages for a college which predominating influence. The causes is to accommodate episcopalians geneof this may be traced to the intimate rally. Central in its situation in referunion between science and religion, ence to the western and atlantic states; and to principles deeply seated in hu- immediately contiguous to the canal, man nature. And it is believed that no the great water communication between universities or colleges, whatever may them; in a country that is destined to be their professions, will long be ma- be the garden of America, affording naged on any other footing. But, with- from its soil the richest products, and out digressing into these general views, in its numerous lakes and diversified it is surely obvious that episcopalians, surface, the most interesting and picin common with other Christian deno- turesque views, the healthy village of minations, ought to have colleges in Geneva unites all the local requisites which their candidates for orders may for the site of a literary institution. receive preparatory instruction, and in Our church has now an opportunity which they may have an opportunity of of obtaining a college that may be educating their sons under circum- made, in all respects, to answer her stances most favourable to their being wishes; and much is it to be desired that confirmed in those principles and views episcopalians, laying aside all local of religious truth, maintained by the jealousies and partialities, should unite church of which they are members.

their liberal and zealous efforts in the An eminently favourable opportunity establishment of an institution that will of obtaining a college of this description be honourable to their church, and is now afforded. The regents of the productive of incalculable and lasting university in this state, recognizing the benefit. It is believed that the institu. right of all religious denominations to tion may be so organized as to present colleges of their own; and viewing, in powerful inducements to general supthe competition thus excited, results port. highly favourable to the general inter- A Domestic and Foreign Missionary ests of science, have, with great libera- Society was organized at the last Gem lity, granted conditional charters for neral Convention, and is recommended two colleges, one at Ithaca, and the to the patronage of the members of our other at Geneva : the former of which, church; and so far as may be compait is understood, will be under Metho- tible with the claims of this diocess, dist influence, and the latter, under where there is so extensive a field for that of our own church. Not that there missionary exertions, I trust this pais to be exacted any religious test for tronage will be extended. I should office, or any exclusion from the benefit much fear, however, that any plan of of these institutions of those of other constant and permanent operation, denominations, or any restraint im- such as the constituting of auxiliary soposed on the religious principles of the cieties, would essentially interfere with students, or any obstacles presented to the missionary system of this diocess, their worshipping where they may which has been so successful in its opethink proper. But it is presumed that, ration, and to which we are indebted without infringing on the rights or pri- for the organization of many new convileges of others, these institutions will gregations, and for the resuscitation of be managed as other institutions are, some which were nearly extinct. In with an especial reference to the in- order to increase the missionary fund, terests of those religious denominations the last convention provided, by a who have the principal control over canon, for the formation of parochial them.

associations, or societies; and it is In my address at the last conven- hardly to be expected that our parishes tion, I took the liberty to allude to the would liberally support more than one eminent advantages of Geneva as the association or society for missionary site of a literary institution, and I much purposes, or if constituted, that they question whether, in any part of the would not materially interfere with each Vol. VII.



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