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For thou hast giv'n him pow'r

O’er all on earth who live, That those thou lovest may through him

Eternal life receive.
This is eternal life

Thee, only God above,
And Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent,

To know, obey, and love.
Father! I come to thee,

My saints are left alone; O keep them stablish'd through thy name,

For they are all thine own. 0! may they all be one

In truth, in love, in grace ; As thou in me, and I in thee,

So be they one in peace! And be the glory theirs

Which thou to me hast giv'n! And be they with me where I am,

To see my face in heav'n!
Father! thy work is done,

Thy name and truth declar'd:-
Now glorify thy Son belov’d,
And grant him his reward


For the Christian Journal. With the elear drops of dew were the glittering

leaves wet, As I strolkd through the sweet scenied forest

of pine. That calm summer morning I ne'er shall for

get Great Father of all! it was thine it was

thine. The neat little church, o'er the hill-side that lay, Shot aloft its bright spire to the sun's garish

blaze; And the waves rippled on from the clear sum.

mer bay, As if hallowing that morn with their offering

of praise. I look'd through the wood to that glittering bay, And I thought of the moments of life that

were gone How the passions of men, which no force could

allay, Would at length sink in peace when the tem

pest was done. And I thought that the surface that glitter'd so

bright, Lifting up its bright waves where the sun

seem'd to gaze, Was an image of purity daring his light,

Nor fearing defect to be found on its face. O thus let me be through this dark vale of woWhen troubles assail and temptations are

nigh, May I pass on unspotted, though facing eack And stand pure as thou, at the court of the sky.



half past 6 o'clock this morning, the Pontiff, full of virtues and of courage, expired.

The Cardinals de Clermont Tonnerre, and de la Fare, are upon the point of set. ting out for Rome to the conclave.

His late holiness, Pius VII. (Barnabas Chiaramonti) was born in the town of Ce. sene, on the 14th of August, 1742, and was created a Cardinal in April, 1785. He was elected Pope at Venice, on the 14th of March, 1800, and his exaltation took place on the 21st of the same month. At that time he occupied the See of Imola.

Extract of a private letter of the 21st inst. from Rome" According to immemorial custom, the body of the Pope will lie in state for nine days, in an illuminated chapel, where all the religious bodies and ecclesiastics of the city will come to celebrate the holy mysteries. The burial will take place on the ninth day, and on the tenth, the sacred college will assemble in conclave. Arrangements are making for the first formalities observed at the selection of a Pope. The foreign Cardinals will be admitted to the conclave on the first or second day after their arrival at Rome. Cardinal Pacca, Camerlingo of the Roman Catholic religion, has taken the temporal government of the states of the church."

For the Christian Journal.

Version of Joel ii. 11-17.
The Lord shall utter forth his voice,

His messengers of wrath call down :
Who can his dreadful day abide ?

Who can abide his vengeful frown?
Now therefore, saith the gracious Lord,

Turn ye to me with all your heart,
With fasting and with tears return;

Mourn in th' assembly, mourn apart.
Cone not to me with outward woe,

But rend your hearts, in spirit grieve:
Who knoweth but I may repent,

My wrath recal, a blessing leave?
Lord! we now sanctify thy fast,

And all our vain delights forget,
Renounce our sins, our follies mourn,

And humbly in thy temple meet.
Within thy porch, thy altar near,

We weep; our souls we pray thee spare;
Give not thy people to reproach,

Nor cast us wholly from thy care.
O spare thy chosen heritage,

Remove thy judgments threaten’d rod;
And let not our triumphant foe
Exclaim, Ah! where is now their God!


Version of John xvii. 1, &c.
Father! the hour is come,

Thy work completed see!
Now glorify thy Son belov'd,

That he may honour thee.

To correspondents. DELTA-M. A. W.-MARAH, and several others, are received, and will have attention in our next.

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Report on the State of the Church.- From field, D. D. at the age of 97 ; the Rev. John

the Journals of the General Convention.-- Tyler, also at a very advanced age; the See page 311.

Rev. William Smith, D. D, and the Rev.

David Botsford, deacon. Connecticut. The state of the church The Rev. Solomon Blakesley has remov. in the diocese of Connecticut has been ed to the eastern diocese, and the Rev. steadily improving since the last triennial Jonathan Judd to Maryland ; and the folreport; and now generally appears under lowing clergymen have been received into prosperous circumstances. In some in the diocese:- The Rev. Ambrose S. Todd, stances, the increase of communicants has and the Rev. Stephen Jewett, from Newbeen altogether unprecedented ; and in York; the Rev. William J. Bulkley, and every parish, where the ministrations of the Rev. Henry R. Judah, from Maryland; the word and ordinances are regularly en- and the Rev. Stephen Beach, from Verjoyed, the congregations are advancing in mont, employed as a missionary number, zeal, and respectability.

The clergy of the diocese consist at preThe following churches have been finish- sent of the bishop, forty presbyters, and ed and consecrated, viz. St. Paul's, Sha. four deacons : and the following persons ron; St. John's, Kent; St. Paul's, Riptoni are candidates for holy orders :-William St. John's, Washington ; St. John's, Es- Shelton, George Shelton, Todd, Ed. sex ; St. Paul's, Woodbury; and Grace ward Ives, Hector Humphreys, Enoch church, Hamden. These are all new, spa. Huntington. cious, and commodious edifices, reflecting The rite of confirmation has been admin great credit on the zeal and liberality of nistered to rising of 1600 persons. the respective parishes. St. Andrew's For the purpose of preserving that strict church, in Northford, raised before the re. regard to the canons and rubrics of the volutionary war, having been completely church, which is one of the characteristics refitted and finished, hus also been conse- of the diocese, the convocations of the cler. crated. The churches in Hartford and gy have been employed in settling an uniBridgeport, in consequence of the increas. form practice throughout the respective ing demand for seats, have been so alter- parishes; and it is believed that departures ed as to accommodate their growing con- from the established rules of the church gregations. Three other churches are now seldom or never occur. building in the diocese.

The Society for the Promotion of ChrisThe following persons have been admit- tian Knowledge, having determined to deted to the holy order of deacons :-Edward vote its receipts for the present to the supRutledge, since removed to South-Caroli. port of missionaries within the diocese, has na ; Daniel Somers, since removed to Ma. been enabled, by the annual collections in ryland ; Beardsley Northrup, lately a mi. the several parishes, and by the aid of aux. nister of the Methodist connexion; David iliary societies established in many of Botsford, since deceased; Bennet Glover; them, to employ two or three active misThomas Warner, late of the Associate Re- sionaries, whose labours have been already formed Church in New-York; Moses P. crowned with the most flattering success. Bennet, since removed to Pennsylvania; The agent for the Domestic and Foreign Seth B. Paddock; Palmer Dyer, since re. Missionary Society has visited a few of moved to New-York; John M. Garfield ; the larger parishes in the diocese, for the Lemuel B. Hull; William Jarvis; and purpose of making collections, and his sucRansom Waruer.

cess has been such as to afford an earnest The following deacons have been admit that the claims of that society will not be ted to the holy order of priests :- The neglected in Connecticut. Rev. Peter G. Clarke; the Rev. Origen P. The cpiscopal fund, partly through the Holcomb; the Rev. George B. Andrews ; munificence of the state administration, the Rev. Thomas Warner, since removed and partly by the liberality of the respecto the island of St. Croix, West-Indies ; tive parishes in the diocese, now amounts the Rev. Beardsley Northrup ; and the to a sum nearly sufficient to give to the kev, Seth B. Paddock.

bishop an adequate support. The following clergymen have been re. Sunday schools are generally establishmoved by death-The Rev. Richard Mans. ed throughout the diocese; and by the


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adoption of measures for pursuing a sys. men to their respective rectorships has tematic course of instruction, are becom- taken place, viz.-The Rev. William A. ing highly beneficial to the interests of the Clarke, to that of Christ Church, Balston. church.

Spa, Saratoga county; the Rev. Cyrus A memorial is now before the state le. Stebbins, to that of Christ church, Hudgislature, praying for the charter of a col. son, Columbia county; the Rev. Parker lege, to be located either in Hartford, Adams, from South-Carolina, to that of St. Middletown, or New-Haven, and to be un- John's church, Johnstown, Montgomery der the patronage and direction of epis. county; the Rev. Alexis P. Proal, to that copalians.

of St. George's church, Schenectady; and Amid the general prosperity of the the Rev. Henry Anthon, to that of Trinity church in Connecticut, however, it is not church, Utica, Oneida county. to be disguised that there are some cir. The following clergymen have also been camstances of an unfavourable tendency: settled in their respective stations, viz.. Many of the parishes are still small and The Rev. David Huntington, rector of St. depressed; and in consequence of the fre. Paul's and St. Mary's churches, Charlton, quent emigrations from the state, are

Saratoga county; the Rev. John V. E. sometimes deprived of their most active Thorne, from Pennsylvania, rector of St. members. These are only partially sup. George's church, Flushing, Queen's coun. plied; as, in many cases, one clergyman ty; the Rev. William Richmond, from has the care of two, three, or more pa. Pennsylvania, rector of St. Michael's and rishes; and even with this laborious St. James's churches, New-York; the Rer. charge, it too frequently happens that his Peter Williams, jun. (a coloured man,) support is altogether disproportioned to deacon, minister of St. Philip's church, his labours. But the hope is indulged, that New-York, of which the congregation is through the instrumentality of mission. composed of coloured persons; the Rev. ary exertions, the Lord will cause the George Upfold, M. D. rector of St. Luke's waste places to be repaired, and the whole church, New-York; the Rev. Benjamin diocese to become a flourishing portion of Dorr,rector of Trinity church, Lansingburg, bis vineyard.

Rensselaer county, and Grace church, Wa.

terford, Saratoga county ; the Rev.Jonathan New-York.-The diocese of New York M. Wainwright, rector of Grace church, contains eighty-nine clergymen, (viz.- New-York; the Rev. George W. Doane, deaThe bishop, sixty-nine presbyters, and con, a temporary assistant minister of Trinineteen deacons,) and 127 congregations. nity church, New-York; the Rev. Lewis P.

Since the last stated General Conven- Bayard, from New-Jersey, rector of Trinity tion, the following persons have been or. church, New-Rochelle, Westchester coundained deacons viz.-Benjamin Dorr, Am- ty: the Rev. Samuel Phinney, rector of St. brose S. Todd, (since removed to Connec. John's church, Ithica, Tompkins county; ticut,) Henry P. Powers, (since removed the Rev. William B. Thomas, deacon, mito New-Jersey,) Moses Burt, Peter Wil nister of Trinity church, Fishkill, Dutchliams, jun. (a coloured man,) James P. F. ess county; the Rev. William S. Irving, Clarke, William Thompson, (since remove deacon, minister of St. Mark's church, Le ed to Pennsylvania,) George W. Doane, Roy, Genesee county; the Rev. Seth W. Lawson Carter, Ezra B. Kellogg, (since re- Beardsley, deacon, minister of Christ moved to Ohio,) Phineas L. Whipple, Wil. church, Sackett's Harbour, Jefferson counliam B. Thomas, Algernon S. Hollister, ty; the Rev. James P. F. Clarke, rector of Alonzo P. Potter, Manton Eastburn, Tho. St. John's church, Canandaigua, Ontario mas K. Peck, Levi S. Ives, William S. Irv. county; the Rev. Richard Bury, deacon, ing, Richard Bury, William L. Johnson, minister of Christ church, Duanesburgh, (since removed to New Jersey,) Seth W. Schenectady county; the Rev. Manton Beardsley, Burton H. Hecox, John Sellon, Eastburn, deacon, assistant minister of and Agustus L. Converse-total 24. Christ church, New-York.

The following deacons have been ordain- The Rev. John Sellon, deacon, officiates ed priests, viz.The Rev. George Upfold, to a congregation which occupies the M. D. the Rev, Alexis P. Proal, the Rev. building formerly the parish church of the Charles M'Cabe, the Rev. Leverett Bush, parish of Christ church; which congrega. the Rev. Henry M. Shaw, (since removed tion, it is expected, will soon be organized. to Maryland,) the Rev. William Barlow, Twenty missionaries are at present em. the Rev. John Grigg, the Rev. Francis H. ployed in this diocese; of whom the folCuming, the Rev. Deodatus Babcock, the lowing have entered on their duties since Rev. Marcus A. Perry, the Rev. William the last stated General Convention :- The Richmond, the Rev. William H. De Lan- Rev. Marcus A. Perry, from the eastern dicey, (since removed to Pennsylvania,) the ocese; the Rev. Algernon S. Hollister, Rev. J.awson Carter, the Rev. James P. F. deacon; the Rev. Thomas K. Peck, deaClarke, and the Rev. Benjamin Dorr- con; the Rev. Levi S. Ives, deacon; the total 15.

Rev. Palmer Dyer, deacon, from ConnecThe institution of the following clergy. ticut; the Rev. Lawson Carter; the Rer:

Phineas L. Whipple, deacon: the Rev. Mo. funts 2713, not specified 1282,) 4524
ses Burt, deacon; the Rev. Frederick T. marriages 1112--funerals 3488.
Tiffany, deacon; and the kev: David The number of communicants reported

at the last convention, is 4722. The following persons are candidates The number of persons reported by the for orders :

-George M. Robinson, Eleazar bishop as confirmed, since the last stated Williams, Samuel R. Johnson, Augustus General Convention, is 1797. G. Danby, David Osborne, Henry N. Hotch- The collections for the missionary fund, kiss, Richard Salmon, Orsimus H. Smith, reported at the last three conventions, Marvin Cady, W. W. Bostwick, Edward amount to $4603 251; and for the epis. K. Fowler, W. C. Meade, Samuel Morse, copal fund, to $1866 33). Edward Neufville, jun. Cornelius R. Duffie, Missionary labours continue to receive Lewis Bixley, William R. Whittingham, much attention, and to be very usefully Panforth Billings,James L.Yvonnet, Benja- prosecuted. The appointment and charge min Holmes, Isaac Low, Henry J. White- of the missionaries rest solely with the house, Charles P. Elliot, John Duer---24. ecclesiastical authority. There are a num.

It has pleased the Divine Head of the ber of missionary societies; but their only church to preserve this diocese from any object is to collect funds to be placed at loss of its clergy by death. It is painful, the disposal of the Committee for Propahowever, to be obliged to notice that the gating the Gospel, which is appointed by Rev. James P. Cotter, a presbyter, and the the convention, and of which the bishop is, Rev.Asahel Davis, a deacon, of the diocese, ex officio, chairman. As an important por. have been displaced from their respective tion of our western country is included grades in the ministry, under the seventh within the bounds of New-York, and the canon of the General Convention of 1820. rapid increase of its population renders

The following churches have been duly obvious the duty of extending to it proorganized, and received into union with portionable means for the diffusion of the the convention of this diocese :-St. John's principles and practice of the gospel, it is church, Ogdensburgh, St. Lawrence coun, gratifying to find this section of our church ty; Zion church, Russel, St. Lawrence bestowing its efforts in this way. There county; St. Mary's church, Charlton, Sara, are annually raised, in various ways, within toga county; St. Luke's church, New the diocese, and devoted to this object, York; St. John's church, Ithica, Tomp- about $2500. The reports of the missionkins county ; Trinity church, Fredonia, ariés afford the gratifying hope that much Chatauque county; Trinity church, Cherry good to religion and the church is thus efValley, Otsego county.--Total 7.

fecting: The following churches have been Besides these missionary exertions at consecrated by the bishop :--St. Luke's home, the members of the church in this church, Rochester, Monroe county; St. diocese lent a willing ear to the late earPaul's church, Buffalo, Erie county ; St. nest and affecting appeal of the bishop of George's church, Flushing, Queen's coun, Ohio for assistance to the missionary soci. ty; St. Luke's church, New-York; Grace ety of that diocese, from the more favour. church, Jamaica, Queen's county ; St. Phi, ed sections of the church in the Atlantic lip's church, New York, (rebuilt after de states. It appears by the returns of the struction by fire;) Christ church, Bing, agent of the Ohio society, that of the hamton, Broome county; Christ church, $2911 9, raised by him, $1339 17, were New York --8.

from the diocese of New York, The churches at Flushing and Jamaica The several societies of the church in have been erected in the place of former this diocese continue their beneficial opeédifices, which had gone to decay. Christ rations. Under their auspices, Bibles, church, New York, has been built by the Common Prayer Books, and Religious old parish of that name, who have dispos. Tracts, are distributed in considerable ed of their former church; the present numbers, funds are raised for missionary situation of which is noticed above. purposes, and the benefits of gratuitous

Again--the third time in less than eight Sunday instruction extended to a large years—the members of our communion in number of children and others. As conthe city of New York, have lost a church nected with this latter branch of religious by fire. In December, 1821, St. Philip's charity, may be mentioned the existence was destroyed. It is highly creditable, and successful operation, in the city of however, to the prudence of the vestry of New York, of an episcopal charity school, that church, which is composed of colour: originally established long before the rem ed persons, that the building was insured. volution, but lately enlarged and organized This circumstance enabled them to erect on Dr. Bell's system, extending daily inon the same spot, the very neat edifice struction to 250 poor children, and parti. which was consecrated in December last.

cularly devoted to their improvement in The missionary and parochial reports christian knowledge and piety. for the last three years, furnish the follow. It appears by the address of the bisho ing aggregate :-baptisms (adults 539, in to the last convention, that there is not

fair prospect of securing, at Geneva, in The number of baptisms reported to the this diocese, what has been so long a de- last three diocesan conventions, is four sideratum in our church-a college, to be hundred and twenty-three. The number under the management and direction of her of persons who have been confirmed, is members. Should the efforts to this end two hundred and eleven. The communi. prove successful, as there is every reason cants in the diocese amount to about seto hope they will, very essential benefit to ven hundred and forty.* Attention is gethe cause of our church and religion, may nerally paid to the canons and rubrics of be anticipated.

the church, and her authority is respected To this notice of matters relating to the in the diocese. outward state of the church in this dio. The Sunday schools are flourishing, and cese, it is gratifying to be able to add, that promise much good. Very considerable there is reason to hope, that in the much benefit is derived from the missionary more essential point of spiritual prosperity, fund, which is gradually increasing. It has the divine blessing continues to rest upon already been the means, under the divine it ; and that in the enjoyment of this, very blessing,of preserving and rescuing seve. satisfactory evidence is afforded of the na- ral churches from impending ruin, and of tural tendency of the institutions of our fostering and improving the condition of church, and of conscientious adherence to others. her primitive and evangelical order, to pro- The fund of the Corporation for the Relief mote the interests of true gospel piety, and of Widows and Children of Clergymen, is likewith them, the glory of the Saviour, and wise in a very prosperous state; upwards the spiritual and eternal good of his people. of $8000 of which are now at interest.

The Episcopal Society of this diocese, New-Jersey - In New-Jersey the church for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge continues gradually to improve. The and Piety, which was instituted princinumber of clergymen is thirteen; the bi- pally for the distribution of Bibles, Prayer shop, nine presbyters, and three deacons. Books, and Tracts, has succeeded beyond The number of congregations is twenty- calculation Its support is derived chicây eight; eighteen of which have the enjoy- from four or five congregations; yet it has ment of regular service; the remainder, been able, through the smiles of Proviof occasional service by a missionary. The dence, to distribute, and almost altogether number of churches is twenty-five, which, gratuitously, upwards of two thousand with one exception, are in excellent repair. Prayer Books, besides a large number of A new one, of considerable size, to be con- Bibies, and more than five thousand Tracts. structed of stone, is in progress in New. Its permanent fund also exceeds $1000. ton, in Sussex county, in which place no The congregations, with an occasional episcopal church has ever been erected.

exception of one or two, are visited yearly Since the last stated General Convention, by the bishop. the bishop of the diocese has admitted to From all these circumstances, it is evi. deacons' orders, John Mortimer Ward ; dent that the church in this diocese is re. and the following deacons, viz. the Rev. gularly improving, both in its temporal Richard F. Cadle, and the Rev. Henry P. and spiritual concerns. May it, under the Powers, to priests' orders.

blessing of its Divine Founder and Head, Within the same period, the Rev. Lewis still progress, and become instrumental P. Bayard has removed to the diocese of in a higher degree, to the promotion of his New-York; the Rev. Simon Wilmer, to glory, and the best interests of men, the diocese of Virginia ; the Rev. Augus. tus Fitch, deacon, to the diocese of New- l'ennsylvania – The diocese of Pennsyl. York; the Rev. Daniel Higbie, to the di.

vania consists at present of the bishop, ocese of Delaware ; the Rev. George H.

twenty-nine presbyters, four deacons, and Woodruff, (since deceased,) to the diocese forty-four congregations. of Pennsylvania ; and the riev. Abiel Car. Since the last stated General Convention, ter, to Savannah, in Georgia.

the following persons have been admitted The bishop has also, within that time, by the bishop of this diocese, to the boly instituted the Rev. Richard F. Cadle, to

order of deacons :-Charles P. Möllraine, the rectorship of St. John's church, Salem; (since removed to the diocese of Mary: the Rev. Jacob M. Douglass, to the rector. land,) Joseph Jaquett, Thomas H. Taylor, ship of Trinity church, Swedesborough ; (under letters dimissory from the bishop and the Rev. Henry P. Powers, to the rece

of South-Carolina,) Peter Van Pelt, jun. torship of Trinity church, Newark. (since removed to South-Carolina,) and

The Rev. John M. Ward has taken Richard U. Morgan.-5. charge of St. Peter's churclı, Spotswood deacons have been ordained priests :

Within the same period, the following and St. Peter's, Freehold; and the Rev. Wm. L.Johnson, late of the diocese of New.

The Rev Charles f. Snowden, the Rev. York, of St. Michael's church, Trenton.

*In the last report there was an error in the Robert B. Croes is at present the only calculation, it should have been seven not eight Candidate for holy orders.


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