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in fine, that the work of sanctification, gion should keep at a distance from from its very commencement to its per- each other, and constitute separate fection in glory, is carried on by the churches, merely because they differed operation of the Holy Spirit, which is in their opinions as to some of its docthe gift of God by Jesus Christ. So trinal articles. He thought that Chrissound, indeed, are the Arminians with tians of all dénominations should form respect to the doctrine of justification," one great community, united and up" that those who look into the writings held by the bonds of charity and of Arminius may be disposed to sus- brotherly love; with the exception, pect him of having even exceeded Cal- however, of the Roman Catholics, who, vin in orthodoxy."

on account of their idolatrous worship, What a terrible « monster" such a and persecuting spirit, must be unfit creed must be! what a heresy !” members of such a society.” “ Hedid How glaring its deficiency in those de- not mean to insinuate that a difference lectable points which distinguish “ge- of opinion was of no consequence at nuine" Calvinism!

all; that they who thought one way Thirdly. The last misrepresentation were just as right as they who thought of Arminianism I am to notice is, the a contrary way; or that men have no taking from it the honour of promoting occasion to be solicitous about the relia spirit of union among Christians, and gious tenets which they hold. He did ascribing that honour to Calvinism. not mean to give up his own system as Schemes are agitated, at the present equally true, or equally false with that day, of a half-union, or comprehension, of Calvin." “ But he endeavoured, in or intermixture of different denomina- the first place, tó assert liberty of con, tions, with as wide a latitude of opinion science and of worship; and then upon as is consistent with holding the Ca- that fundamental principle, to persuade tholic doctrines, the 'Trinity, the Atone- all Christians, however divided in opiment, &c.: and on these schemes the nion, to lay aside the distinctions of sect opponents of Arminianism pride them- and party, and in one united body to selves vastly. They offer the whole consule that tranquillity and peace range between high and low Calvinism, which is so agreeable to the Christian so called, as affording a wide enough name. This we conceive to have been liberty of doctrine. I am at present the object of Arminius,” “and to cononly concerned with the popular mis- stitute the true glory of Arminianism.” take of connecting this liberalising plan And here I cannot but remark,-if with the Calvinistic name.--It was ac- this plan of Arminius, with his sound tually a project of Arminius, long ago; and moderate doctrines, proved aboras another reference to the Encyclope- tive, who can hope for a better issue to

the projects now holding out their at“ The same temper of mind which tractions to the religious world? led him to renounce the peculiarities of In conclusion, I would ask more toCalvinism, induced him also to adopt leration for the name Arminian. I am more enlarged and liberal views of far from wishing that name to be idenchurch-communion than those which tified with our denomination; since had hitherto prevailed. While he main- our articles are older than the theology tained that the mercy of God is not con- of this teacher, and are expressed in fined to a chosen few, he conceived it language somewhat different, and not to be quite inconsistent with the genius quite so definite in some constructive of Christianity, that men of that reli- particulars. The standards of our

church cover a little broader ground life. 'A grant of a right is not always a gua

than the Arminian creed; and it would rantee of actual possession. The pope, and the be an injury to narrow them, by our kings of Spain, granted, to certain adventur

This commeners, a right to parts of America ; but it rested assuming that name. with the latter to overcome the natives and dation, however, may be justly claimed make good their riglit. So, in the justification for Arminius; that his theology is far mentioned, we obtain the grant of a right in the heavenly country; but we must conquer many

more accurately scriptúral than that of enemies before we can gain possession of it.



dia will prove.

For the Christian Journal.

Reader! whosoever thou art, dosť The Character of Laban.

thou trace the lineaments of thy own

character in this too common portrait? Who can read the pathetic remon- It so—retrieve it before it be too late. strance of the patriarch Jacob with his Recollect the solemn words of the aposobdurate oppressive task-master, La- tle-“We brought nothing into this ban, without reprobating the avaricious world, and it is certain that we can heart of a father whose daughters ex

carry nothing out." claimed" Is there yet any portion or

1. inheritance for us in our father's house? Are we not counted of him strangers ? for he hath sold us, and hath quite de

For the Christian Journa. voured also our money." This twenty years (says Jacob)

Bible and Common Prayer Book. have I been with thee; thy ewes and “ Ye shall know them by their fruits." thy she-goats have not cast their young, To all those who appear zealously proand the rams of thy flock have I not eaten. That which was torn of beasts

moting Bible Societies, and rejectI brought not unto thee; I bare the

ing and reprobating the Common Joss of it: of my hand didst thou ré

Prayer Book. quire it, whether stolen by day, or The great end in view in distributing stolen by night. Thus I was; in the the Bible, is to bring men to the knowday the drought consumed me, and the ledge and love of God, and of his Son frost by night; and my sleep departed Christ Jesus--to maké known to them from mine eyes. 'Thus have I been the will of God, and to point out to them twenty years in thy house; I served the way of peace, and of life eternal. thee fourteen years for thy two daugh- But is there not a church of Christ, ters, and six years for thy cattle; and instituted by him, into which we must thou hast changed my wages ten times. enter as the ark of our salvation-into Except the God of my father, the God which the Scriptures are designed to of Abraham, and the Fear of Isaat, lead us, and whose rule of faith and had been with me, surely thou hadst practice they are ? sent me away now empty." Gen. xxxi. Will, then, the reading of the Bible 38-42.

alone make us Christians ?-or, in other Laban's character appears, in almost words, are the knowledge of the Scrip- every instance, to disadvantage-he tures, and a belief of the truths containdoes not seem to be what we commonly ed in them, the only things necessary term a wicked man; but he was cer- to salvation ? Are we not also bound tainly both weak and covetous; and to become members of that church, and covetousness extinguished in him, as it to live in communion with it, and with does in all its votaries, the principles its Head, that, through him, we may be of righteousness and benevolence; and united to God, and restored to his grace the very charities of human life. " Pro- and favour? Can we be made memvided he could get an increase of pro- bers of that church without baptism? perty, he regarded not who was wrong. Can we live in communion with it, and ed, or who suffered. In this case he with Christ, its Head, without a due hid himself even from his own bowels, participation of his body and blood in and cared not that his own children his Supper, as he hath ordained? Can should lack even the necessaries of life, either of these sacraments be adminisprovided he could increase his own tered to salvation by any man without store! How watchful should we be a divine and lawful commissionagainst this destructive, unnatural, and commissioa derived from Christ him. degrading vice! It is impossible for a self? man, who loves money, to love either Is not, then, the knowledge of the God or man. And consequently he church of Christ as necessary for manmust be in the broad way that leads to kind as the knowledge of the Bible ? destruction. Dr. Adam Clarke. Is not the proinoting of the knowledge

of the one without the other a doing intrusted with the direction of its concerns; good partially and by halves ?

many of whom, it is believed, do not exer.

cise their right of voting, and perhaps have The Jewish church, and the Scrip- no knowledge of their competency to do so. ture of the Old Testament, went hand in hand-neither could have existed to

For the Christian Journal. any purpose without the other. And did not the preaching of the

New-York Hospital. gospel, and the knowledge, and esta- On the third Tuesday of May, blishment of the church of Christ, also (1823) corresponding to the 20th day go hand in hand together? Were they of that month, agreeably to charter, not so closely united from the first pro- the following gentlemen were elected mulgation of the gospel, that we can governors :—Thomas Eddy, Peter A.. scarcely in imagination conceive of them Jay, John Adams, Robert H. Bowne, separately? And is not the church the Thomas Buckley, F. C. Schaeffer, pillar of the faith?

George Newbold, Cadwallader D. ColThis being the fact, does not the den, Jonathan Goodhue, Ebenezer SteBook of Common Prayer, distinctly, vens, William Johnson, Jonathan Litclearly, and faithfully, point out that tle, John B. Lawrence, Gulian C. Verprimitive, pure, and apostolic church planck, John R. Murray, Duncan P. of Christ to all, who, reading and be- Campbell, Thomas C. Taylor, John lieving the Holy Scriptures, would en- Clark, jun. Stephen Allen, Najah Tayter into it? Does it not accord in all lor, Robert I. Murray, Ezra Weeks, things with the Holy Scriptures, and John M'Comb, Benjamin W. Rodgers, furnish all the outward means of sancti- Thomas R. Smith, Thomas Franklina fication and grace? Is it not the best From a perusal of the charter, it appractical commentary upon the Scrip- pears that, independently of the imme. tures now extant in the world? Will diate subscribers, the following persons it not teach every man, after receiving have, ex officio, the right of voting for the faith, what he is to observe and do? governors, to wit:-" The mayor, re

Is there to be found any thing among corder, aldermen, and assistants, of the all the various and discordant sects of city of New-York; the rector of TriChristians, that can lay a higher and nity church, now, and for the time bebetter claim to the accomplishment of ing; the president of King's (now Cothese sacred purposes, or tend more to lumbia) college; the senior minister of the restoration and preservation of the the reformed Protestant Dutch church peace and unity of the church?

the minister of the ancient Lutheran If there is, let it be made known— church; the minister of the French let it be produce:1. But if there is not church'; the senior minister of the --then, in the name of God, let the Bi- Presbyterian church; the minister of ble and the Common Prayer Book go the Moravian church; the minister of hand in hand together.

the German reformed Calvinistic church; The first will lead to the faith of the minister of the new Lutheran Christ, and the other into his church church; the minister of the Anabap! and fold; the first will teach the way tist congregation; the minister of the of salvation, and the other will place Scotch Presbyterian church-all of the them in it.

city of New-York.” This hospital is The Christian faith, and the Chris- most munificently endowed by the state, tian church, are united in Christ, their and its operations have extended comAuthor and Head-and those whom

mensurately with the increase of the God hath joined together, let no man population of the city and of the state; put asunder.

it is therefore highly important that the clergy of the different religious de

nominations above mentioned, with At the particular request of a correspondent we insert the followiny article rliting to an ex- the corporation of the city, should be tensive and important charity in this city, reminded of their privileges, in order which he has sent us with the laudable view

that they may exercise them at the an: of calling to it the attention of the persons interested in the election of those who may be pual election.

Abstract of the Proceedings of the unity in itself.” Her spiritual build

First Convention of the Diocess of ing is now “ fitly framed together, that Georgia, held in St. Paul's Church, it may grow unto an holy temple in Augusta, from the 24th to the 28th the Lord.” Duly and harmoniously of February, 1823.

organized, she is now about to exThe convention was composed of change the feebleness of individual sethree presbyters, and six lay delegates, parate action, for the strength of united representing two parishes.

concentrated effort. She is about to It was opened with morning prayer,

take a name and a station among her conducted by the Rev. Hugh Smith,

sister churches in our country, and to rector of St. Paul's church, Augusta,

form a component part of that glorious and an appropriate sermon, delivered body, of which Christ Jesus, our ascendby the Rev. Abiel Carter, rector of ed Lord, is the glorified Head. Christ church, Savannah.

Deeply indeed ate we indebted to The Rev. Abiel Carter was unani- this divine Head of the church for his mously chosen president; Dr. J. B. fostering care over her infant stateRead, treasurer; and Dr. Thomas I. for having preserved in her members, Wray, secretary.

when as yet “ they were few in numThe following gentlemen were duly ber, yea, very few, and they strangers elected members of the standing com

in the land," their attachment to her mittee, viz.-The Rev. Edmund Mat- pure and primitive principles, and their thews, the Rev. Abiel Carter, the Rev. zeal for her interests; for having put it Hugh Smith, E. F. Campbell

, esq. Ja- into their hearts to associate for the cecob Wood, Dr. J. B. Read.

lebration of her services, and the recepResolved, that this convention do tion of her ordinances—and, finally, for hereby accede to the constitution of the having now united, by one tie of ChrisProtestant Episcopal Church of the tian fellowship, these separate associaUnited States of America; and that the tions into one body, animated by one delegation from this diocess to the next spirit, having “one faith, one Lord, General Convention, be requested to one baptism.” make known this resolution to the These, indeed, are causes of the most aforesaid convention.

lively gratitude, and we trust that you The following gentlemen were chosen will cordially unite with us in the delegates to the General Convention, thankful acknowledgment, that the viz.-The Rev. Edmund Matthews, hand of the Lord has been over us for the Rev. Hugh Smith, the Rev. Abiel good. Yes, brethren,“ hitherto hath Carter, Mr. Joseph Wheeler, Mr. An- the Lord helped us,” and while we thony Barclay, Mr. William W. Ha- gratefully acknowledge his aid, while zard, and Dr. George Jones.

we rejoice in the animating prospects On motion of the Rev. Hugh Smith, which it opens to our view, let us reseconded by Edward F. Campbell, esq. member that it is both our duty and it was resolved, that the next conven- our privilege to be “ fellow-workers tion of this diocess be held in Christ with God” in the establishment and exchurch, Savannah.

tension of his church; and that on the The following address was adopted zealous indefatigable discharge of this by the convention :

duty, in a great measure depends the

actual acquisition of those important The first Convention of the Protestant advantages which are now apparently

Episcopal Church for the state of within our reach. It is the good pleaGeorgia, to all the scattered men- sure of God to work by means; to acbers of that church throughout the complish the purposes of his providence state of Georgia

by human instrumentality. If, then, The present, brethren, is an inter- we would attain the end, we must use esting era in the local history of our the means. “ It is good always to be venerable church. It marks the dawn zealously affected in a good cause;" of a brighter day upon her prospects. and what cause can more imperiously She now appears as a

“ city that is a demand our warmest zeal than the


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to go

welfare of the Redeemer's church, scattered. But be not disheartened. which was purchased by his blood ?" These obstacles are not insurmountBrethren, to you we look.— In the able. Despondence itself must become name of our common faith, our common sanguine when it inspects the record of hopes, and, above all, of our common our past proceedings. Incredulity itLord, we ask your prayers, and your self must believe that he who 6 hath co-operation. Pray ye the Lord of thus begun among us a good work, the vineyard, that he would send forth will perform it" unto the end. labourers into his field," and that he However small, then, be your number would crown their labours with an in each vicinity, let that small number abundant harvest. In dependence on be embodied. The Master whom you thạt aid which he has promised to the serve declared, that “wheresoever even prayer of faith, diligently use your own

two or three should be gathered together exertions for the establishment of that in his name, there would he be in the church, which in your infancy received midst of them.” Make the experiment. you into her bosom, or, in maturer Fear not even though you be a little years, admitted you to her altar. She fock.” The Great Shepherd of the has a claim on your affections and on sheep," who “ laid down his life" for your aid. She is the church of your their sakes, can augment your number, Fathers : in her faith they were bạp- and cause you

in and out and tized, and lived, and died; in her words find pasture." Under the strong conthey presented their petitions before victions of duty, and in your Master's God; at her altar they knelt, and her name, set up the standard of the church. solemn services consecrated their com- It will be hailed with joy by many an mitment to the grave.

eye now dim with age, that once gazed It is not, however, on the feelings of upon it with youthful rapture ; and it nature, the tender recollections of filial will perhaps allure to the Great “ Cappiety, that we would rest her claims. tain of your salvation,” many who are In herself she is worthy of your affec- now engaged in the service of "the tion and support. Her ministry is world, the flesh, and the devil.” apostolic; her constitution is primi- Brethren, we invite and entreat your tive; her services are fervent and ani- free and full communications on all mated, yet chastened and reverential; points connected with the situation, the her doctrines are the doctrines of the wants, and the prospects of the church Bible, the doctrines of the Cross ; her in your respective vicinities. A knowonly object is the promotion of "pure ledge of the actual state and necessities and undefiled religion.” Such, bre- of the church is indispensable, in order thren, is the church in whose establish- to the amelioration of the one, and the ment we ask


relief of the other. Any counsel or aid Brethren, you act, not only for your- in the furtherance of your exertions selves, but also for those who will suc- which the providence of God may place ceed you. In laying the foundation, in our power, shall be cheerfully acand raising the goodly fabric of our corded. Zion, you will be engaged in a work for At a crisis like the present, brethren, which posterity will bless your memo- when the church of our fathers in this ry. When you shall be laid low in the state is for the first time concentrating grave, your children, and your chil- her energies, and assuming an organizdren's children will think on you with ed form, it will not, we trust, be regratitude. They will reap fruits of garded as an indication of sectarian righteousness, and joy, and peace, from narrowness, but as a suggestion of pruthat

very seed which you will cast into dence and of duty, when we remind the ground, and on which you will in- you of the exclusive claims which your voke the blessing of the Most High. own Zion (especially under existing

We are aware, brethren, that there circumstances) has upon your liberaliare difficulties to be elicountered. Your ty. Her wants are now various and number is small, and the individuals pressing. Her very existence depends composing that number are perhaps on your willing contributions. All the

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