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pay any additional forwarding or return postage, this postage shall also be rated up for collection upon delivery if not prepaid. If the article requires prepayment of additional postage before forwarding or return, any additional registry fee required shall also be collected, and if both postage and fee are not prepaid in such cases, the article shall be marked "Remailed after delivery–Not registered," and disposed of as ordinary mail. (See $8 12.5, 12.36.) Such action shall be taken in these cases as will result in the collection of any additional surcharges required for registered articles remailed after proper delivery.

(e) A sealed article presented for reregistration bearing evidence of having been opened, resealed, tampered with, or which is otherwise in bad order shall be refused until reenveloped by the patron. In such case additional postage, registry fee and any surcharge properly collectible shall be collected before dispatch. If the patron refuses to comply with these requirements and the article is subsequently found in the ordinary mail, it shall be withdrawn therefrom, appropriately indorsed, and given the safeguards required for registered mail, as provided in this section.

(f) A descriptive registration receipt shall be issued to the person presenting for reregistration a registered article once properly delivered, which shall show by whom the article was presented, postmark of issuing office, original number, name of original mailing office, names and addresses of original sender and addressee, and be marked "Reregistered after delivery,” followed by notation showing the amount of any additional postage, fees and surcharge collected, or collectible upon delivery. When such an article is returned to a letter carrier and subsequently delivered by him to the post office or a station, receipt shall be issued to the carrier on Form 3868, such receipt and office record to show that the article was returned after proper delivery.

(g) Such notations shall be made as will connect the delivery record of an article reregistered after proper delivery with the record of the article made upon reregistration.

(h) If neither the addressee nor the sender will accept an article removed from the ordinary mail and reregistered and pay the additional fee, surcharge, and postage, if any, required, the article shall be disposed of as undeliverable.

(i) If the sender of any registered article does not desire it reg. istered, if forwarded or returned after proper delivery, he may indorse the article, when mailed, "Do not reregister after proper delivery.” When such an article is remailed after proper delivery it should be indorsed "Remailed after delivery-Not registered, unless the person presenting it, or the addressee or his authorized representative, requests re-registration and prepays the fee and any postage required.

(j) If for proper reason any article once registered is forwarded or returned in the ordinary mail, it shall be marked "Remailed after delivery-Not registered."

(k) Offices to which articles removed from the ordinary mail and registered and articles reregistered after proper delivery are for

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warded or returned marked to indicate that additional registry fee and postage, if any, is required, shall keep such record as will show that the articles were removed from the ordinary mail and registered or remailed after delivery, how they were disposed of, and the amount of any additional fee, surcharge or postage actually collected on any particular article. (See $ 16.25.)

(1) Registered matter which has not been marked "Registered" by the mailing postmaster shall be so indorsed by the first postal employee noting the irregularity.*1 [Sec. 1329]

16.35 Undelivered and refused matter. (a) Domestic registered letters and parcels which remain undelivered at either the office of their original address or the office or station to which they have been properly forwarded for

(1) Five days if intended for delivery by village or rural carrier;

(2) Ten days if intended for box or general delivery at an office having city-carrier service or for delivery by city carrier;

(3) Fifteen days at offices not having city-carrier service, unless intended for delivery by village or rural carrier;

(4) Such other period as may be named in the sender's return request, if any, not less than 3 nor more than 90 days, shall be indorsed on the face with the reason for nondelivery and disposed of as herein provided.

(b) Undelivered registered articles of the first class and those inclosed in penalty envelopes, or under penalty labels or franks, those of any class the delivery of which is forbidden by the Postmaster General, shall be returned to the office given in the sender's address by registered mail, without charge for returning.

(c) Refused articles prepaid at the letter rate and all those whose delivery is forbidden by the Postmaster General shall be returned immediately.

(d) At the expiration of the period mentioned in the sender's return request, or, if the period is not mentioned in the return request, at the expiration of the periods mentioned in paragraph (a), à notice shall be mailed promptly to the sender of undelivered or refused registered articles originally prepaid at other than the firstclass rate (unless the sender has pledged payment of return postage, in which case the matter may be returned without prepayment of postage), requesting him to send the required amount in stamps to pay the return postage (see $ 12.36), but not registry fee or surcharge on such articles. When the stamps are received, they shall be affixed to the article and canceled, and the article promptly returned. If the stamps be not furnished, the articles shall be treated as prescribed in 8 12.36. Undelivered or refused registered matter of other than the first class originating in the Philippine Islands, or on board United States naval vessels, shall be returned, through the proper post office at division headquarters of the Railway Mail Service, without notice to the sender, unless provision has been made for the payment of the return postage by either the sender or the addressee, in which case the matter shall be returned direct.

(e) When a postmaster has good reason to believe that undelivered registered mail of domestic origin, bearing no time limit, can be delivered properly if it is held longer than the periods specified in paragraph (a), he may indorse it Specially held for delivery" and retain it not longer than three months.*+ [Sec. 1330]

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**For statutory and source citations, see note to $ 16.1. **For statutory and source citations, see note to 8 16.1.

16.36 Undelivered articles at stations. (a) Undelivered registered articles at stations or branch post offices shall be held for the period prescribed in § 16.35, unless there is good reason to believe that an article is not deliverable within the territory of such station or branch, in which event it shall be returned immediately to the main office.

(b) Registered mail for which there is a proper forwarding order at other than an independent station or branch may be forwarded to destination through the main office in the manner prescribed by 88 16.32, 16.33, instead of being sent to the main office for purposes of forwarding. *+ [Sec. 1331]

16.37 Articles sent to dead-letter offices. (a) When registered articles are disposed of under the provisions of sections 809 and 818 to 824, Postal Laws and Regulations, 1932 (see $S 12.36, 13.2-13.5), they shall be postmarked with the date of sending, indorsed with reason therefor, be accompanied with duplicate lists showing the sending post office and the number and address of each letter and parcel; and the lists, with the articles described thereon, shall be placed in an official penalty envelope indorsed “Inclosing registered matter," and addressed as prescribed in paragraph 5, Section 821, Postal Laws and Regulations, Postmaster General, 1932. The packet shall then be registered and dispatched as one free registered article.

(b) The contents of a sealed packet of matter sent to the Division of Dead Letters and Dead Parcel Post, or branch thereof, or to a post office at division headquarters of the Railway Mail Service shall not be entered on the registered-package receipt or manifold registry bill, but only the packet itself as made up. (See 88 16.35, 16.38.)** Sec. 1332]

16.38 Treatment of matter when returned to mailing office. (a) When an undelivered article reaches the office to which it is sent for restoration to sender, it shall be recorded as billed, and be receipted for by the sender as such on the delivery record, but the letters "R.W. shall appear in every record of such article. The original return receipt shall be destroyed. When practicable note shall be made on the original record of the article, showing its return and date, with a reference to its new entry on the delivery record,

(b) After a registered article has been returned for restoration to the sender the addressee shall have no further control over it. After a registered article has been returned to the sender it shall not be received again in the registered mail without prepayment anew of postage, registry fee, and any required surcharge and its reinclosure in a new

envelope. (c) When a returned registered article cannot be delivered to the sender within the time specified in § 16.35_(a), it shall be treated as prescribed in sections 817 to 821, Postal Laws and Regulations, 1932. (See 88 13.1-13.3.)** [Sec. 1333]

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[801] **For statutory and source citations, see note to $ 16.1.


16.39 Registration of mail by city and village carriers. (a) City and village carriers shall receive and register all mailable matter of the first class that is not cumbersome on account of size, shape, or weight, when properly offered them for registration, and shall give the regulation receipt therefor.

(b) Small packages of matter other than of the first class, proper for registration, may also be registered by city and village carriers, provided it does not interfere with their other duties.*1 [Sec. 1340)

16.40 Mail registered en route to be delivered en route. When a rural carrier accepts for registration a piece of mail addressed to a patron residing on a portion of the route over which the carrier is to pass before returning to the post office or station with which he is connected, he shall endeavor to effect its delivery before reaching such office or station, making the usual entries in the registration and delivery records and obtaining proper receipt for the article, which receipt shall be filed at the post office or station. The carrier's record shall be marked to show how the piece was disposed of, and signed by the postmaster or superintendent of the station.*+ [Sec. 1341]

16.41 Authorization of registration. Rural carriers shall register any matter proper for registration which may be offered to them while on duty, handle registered mail in transit over their routes, and deliver such mail to patrons on their routes, issuing and taking the necessary receipts on forms prescribed for the purpose.** [Sec. 1343)

Cross REFERENCE: For provisions relating to the acceptance of mail by rural carriers, see $ 14.33.

16.42 Treatment of matter found in rural mail box. When a rural carrier finds in a rural mail box an acceptable letter or parcel marked for registration bearing name and address of sender, with sufficient stamps affixed to pay postage, registry fee and any required surcharge, or money to pay for same, he shall at once register the article, and, if the sender is a patron of the route, leave the registration receipt in the box. If the sender is not a patron of the route, the registration receipt shall be mailed in a penalty envelope to his address. The same procedure shall be followed if the article is marked to indicate that the sender desired it to be registered even though it does not bear the name of the sender or sufficient postage is not affixed.*+ (Sec. 1344]

16.43 Carriers not to address mail for or place contents in envelopes. Carriers shall not address matter tendered for registration, place contents in envelopes or seal them, but may act as agents of patrons, without remuneration, to inclose money orders, procured for the remitters, in addressed envelopes furnished by senders for the purpose, and seal or present the same for registration at the office or station to which they are attached.** [Sec. 1345]

16.44 Unmailable matter. (a) When a piece of matter accepted for registration by a carrier is found to be unmailable, but the irregularity can be properly corrected by the sender without taking the article from the carrier's custody, the sender shall be permitted to make such correction. It shall then be taken to the distributing office or station for dispatch without requiring the payment of additional postage, registry fee or surcharge. Corrections so made shall be noted on the sender's original receipt and on the office or station records.

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(b) If an unmailable piece of matter can not be rendered mailable by the sender while in the custody of the postal service, it shall be returned to him with a statement of the reasons for its rejection, and the sender's registration receipt indorsed across the face "Returned to sender," with the reason therefor. When mail is returned to the sender in this manner the carrier shall receipt to the post office for it by signing his name and number under the indorsement "Returned to sender," the sender's receipt taken by the carrier on the proper form, and the sender requested to surrender the original registration receipt, which shall be similarly indorsed and signed by the carrier and pasted on the edge of the stub in the carrier's registration book.*+ [Sec. 1346]

16.45 Excess cash received with mail matter. Any cash in excess of the amount required to pay postage, registry fee and any required surcharge shall be handed to the sender on the carrier's next trip or inclosed in an envelope and deposited in the sender's mail box. The amount required shall be noted by the receiving postmaster or authorized employee directly beneath the amount received, as written by the carrier, the subtraction being made on the registration receipt and office record, so as to show both on the office record and the receipt given the sender the amount received and the amount returned to the sender. (See $ 14.34.)** [Sec. 1349]

16.46 Delivery by city and village carriers. (a) Postmasters at city and village delivery offices, unless requested to the contrary by addressees, shall deliver by city or village carriers all registered mail, addressed to street and number and to persons whose addresses appear in the city or office directory.

(b) When there is reason to believe that a registered letter or parcel contains a large sum of money or valuable securities which can not be delivered by city, village, or rural carrier or by specialdelivery messenger without unusual 'risk, the addressee shall be requested to call for it at the post office, and the special-delivery stamps or special-delivery indorsement thereon, if any, may be disregarded.

(C) When a postmaster receives a considerable number of registered articles for delivery at the same time to the same addressee, he shall hold the registered matter for desk delivery, if in his opinion the aggregate value of the articles is such that delivery can not be made by carrier without unusual risk.*+ [Sec. 1354)

16.47 Box holder's mail held for desk delivery. When the addressee is a box holder, all of his registered mail shall be held for desk delivery unless he requests that it be delivered by carrier.*+ [Sec. 1355]

16.48 Delivery of registered mail by carriers. (a) Carriers shall endeavor to deliver registered mail on the first trip after it is

**For statutory and source citations, see note to 8 16.1.

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