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injury or disease causing disability or death was not incurred in the line of duty in the active military or naval service, to discontinue payment of pension as of the last day of the calendar month during which such determination is made.* (Sec. 4, 48 Stat. 9; 38 U.S.C. 704.) [E.O. 6100, Mar. 31, 1933 (Veterans' regulation No. 12)] PETROLEUM CONSERVATION DIVISION, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTE

RIOR: See Mineral Resources, 30 CFR Chapter IV. PHOSPHATE LEASES: See Public Lands: Interior, 43 CFR Part 71, 196. PILOT RATING: See Civil Aviation, 14 CFR Part 20. PILOT RULES: See Navigation and Navigable Waters, 33 CFR Parts 312, 322,


PIPE LINE COMPANIES: See Transportation and Railroads, 49 CFR Chapter I.
POISONS: See Food and Drugs, 21 CFR Part 175.
POLITICS AND RELIGION: See Administrative Personnel, 5 CFR Part 1.
PORTS OF ENTRY: See Aliens and Citizenship, 8 CFR Chapter I. Customs

Duties, 19 CFR Chapter I.
POSTAGE STAMPS: See Money and Finance: Treasury, 31 CFR Part 400.

Postal Service, 39 CFR Part 3.
POSTAL SAVINGS SYSTEM: See Postal Service, 39 CFR Part 18.

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Part 1 Establishment and organization of 12 Treatment of mail matter at rethe Post Office Department

ceiving offices 2 Supply contracts

13 Dead mail matter 3 Postage stamps and other stamped 14 Delivery service paper

15 Special delivery 4 Letter boxes, call and lock boxes 16 Registry system: insurance and col5 Classification and rates of postage lect-on-delivery services 6 Provisions applicable to the several 17 Money order system classes of mail matter

18 Postal savings system 7 Unmailable matter: excepted fire 19 Transportation of mails arms

20 Treatment of mail matter in the 8 Free matter in the mails

railway mail service 9 The privacy and safeguarding of the 21 International postal service mails

22 Treatment of mail matter received 10 Treatment of mail matter at mailing from foreign countries involving offices

the customs revenue 11 Short-paid and unmailable matter

at mailing offices


Canal Zone regulations relating to postal service: See Panama Canal, 35 CFR

Part 17. Civil Aeronautics Authority regulations relating to air mail: See Civil Aviation,

14 CFR Part 90. Illustrations of United States postage stamps: See Money and Finance: Treas

ury, 31 CFR Part 400. Importations by mall under regulations of the Bureau of Customs, Department

of the Treasury: See Customs Duties, 19 CFR Part 7. Importations of plant or plant products by mail: See Agriculture, 7 CFR

Part 351. Regulations of the Secret Service relating to illustrations of United States postage stamps: See Money and Finance: Treasury, 31 CFR Part 400.

SUPPLEMENTAL PUBLICATIONS List of international money-order offices in certain foreign countries, Post Office Department. Rev, to July 1, 1935.

(Form XIV) Opinions of the Solicitor of the Post Office Department. Irregular. The Postal Bulletin, Post Office Department. Daily except Saturdays, Sundays,

and holidays.
For list of abbreviations used in this chapter, see note to s 1.1.




Sec. 1.1 Post offices and post roads.

Functions and duties 1.2 Post Office Department.

1.4 Office of the Postmaster General. 1.3 General duties of Postmaster Gen- 1.5 Office of the First Assistant Posteral,

master General.

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Sec. 1.6 Office of the Second Assistant Post. 1.8 Office of the Fourth Assistant Postmaster General.

master General. 1.7 Office of the Third Assistant Post

master General. Section 1.1 Post offices and post roads. The Congress shall have power to establish post offices and post roads; and to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers.† (Constitution, art. 1, sec. 8) [Sec. 1]

iThe source of 88 1.1 to 1.8, inclusive, (except for amendments and other sources noted in the text,) is Postal Laws and Regulations, Postmaster General, 1932.

ABBREVIATIONS: The following abbreviations are used in this chapter : (A.)

Artigas. (Ah.)

Ahuachapan. (C.)-El Salvador Cuscatlan. (C.)—Uruguay Canelones. (Ch.)

Chalatenango. C. 0. D.

Collect on delivery. (C. P.)

Colonia. E.O.

Executive order, L. or s.

Large or small. (L. L.)

La Libertad. (L. P.)

La Paz. (L. U.)

La Union. (M.)

Morazan. M. 0. B.

Money order business. N. 0.

New Orleans. P. G.

Postal Guide. P. O. Dept.

Post Office Department. P. L. & R.

Postal laws and regulations. P.M.G.

Postmaster General. PS

Postal savings. P. T.

Processing tax. R.

Registered R.P.O.

Railway post office. Rs.

Rupees. R. W.

Returned to writer. S. F.

San Francisco. (S. M.)

San Miguel. spp.

species. (S. S.)

San Salvador. (S. V.)

San Vincente. T.D.

Treasury decision. T. P.

Trans-Pacific. 1.2 Post Office Department. There shall be at the seat of government an executive department to be known as the Post Office Department, and a Postmaster General, who shall be the head thereof, and who shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and who may be removed in the same manner; and the term of the Postmaster General shall be for and during the term of the President by whom he is appointed, and for 1 month thereafter, unless sooner removed.** (R.S. 388; 5 U.S.C. 361) [Sec. 2]

*$$ 1.2 to 1.8, inclusive, issued under the authority contained in R.S. 161, 396, sec. 304, 309, 42 Stat, 24, 25; 5 U.S.C. 22, 369.

1.3 General duties of the Postmaster General. It shall be the duty of the Postmaster General:

(a) To establish and discontinue post offices. Page 2

†For source citation, see note to 8 1.1.

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(b) To instruct all persons in the postal service with reference to their duties.

(c) To decide on the forms of all official papers, except as otherwise provided by law.

(d) To enforce the prompt rendition of returns relative to accounts.

(e) To control, according to law, and subject to the settlement of the General Accounting Office, all' expenses incident to the service of the department.

(f) To superintend the disposal of the moneys of the department.

(g) To issue warrants to cover money into the Treasury; and to pay out the same.

(h) To superintend generally the business of the department, and execute all laws relative to the Postal Service.** [Sec. 6]


1.4 Office of the Postmaster General-(a) Matters assigned. The Postmaster General assigns to his office: The superintendence and government of the department, and the appointment of the officers, clerks, and employees; the general direction of the Postal Service in all its branches, the management of its finances, and disbursement of appropriations; the appointment of postmasters of the fourth class; the submission of cases to the President relating to appointments to be made by him; the determination of appeals from the action of the several Assistant Postmasters General; the promulgation of rules and regulations; the consideration of claims for damage done to persons or property by or through the operation of the Post Office Department and claims of postmasters for credit or reimbursement for losses by fire, burglary, or other unavoidable casualty; the issuance of all orders requiring the formal approval of the Postmaster General; the custody of the official seal; and the performance of all special duties enjoined by law upon the Postmaster General.

(b) Executive Assistant. The Executive Assistant to the Postmaster General shall perform_such duties as may be assigned to him from time to time by the Postmaster General.

(c) Special Assistant. The Special Assistant to the Postmaster General shall perform such duties as may be assigned to him from time to time by the Postmaster General.

(d) Chief Clerk. The Chief Clerk of the Post Office Department is charged with the general superintendence and assignment to duty of the clerical and subclerical forces of the department; the supervision of the preparation of estimates of appropriations for the department; of the advertising of the department; of requisitions on the Treasury and the expenditures of the appropriations for the departmental service; with the custody of the journals and order books; the consideration of requisitions on the Public Printer for printing and binding required by the department and service; the furnishing, receipt, and inspection of stationery, blanks, and supplies for the department; the compilation and distribution of the Official

*For statutory citation, see note to s 1.2.

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