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initiator of the request an Acceptance of MIPR forn, DD Porn 448-2, in quadruplicate. Each DD Acceptance Fora will show the action being taken or to be taken to fill the requirement and the name and complete address of the Department of Defense procurement activity for future direct contact by the initiator.

(b) To the extent feasible, all documents including acceptances, contracts, correspondence, shipping documents, work or project orders, and Standard Porn 1080 (Voucher for Transfer between Appropriations and/or Punds) billings will reference the NASA-Defense Purchase Request number and the item number when appropriate.

(c) Acceptance by the military Department is not required for NASA-Defense Purchase Requests covering deliveries of connon-use standard stock itens which the supplying department has on hand oc on order for prompt delivery at published prices.

5.1903. Estigated. Total.-Prices. When a Military Department determines that the estimated total price (Block 9, NASA Porn 523) of the items to be procured for NASA is not sufficient to cover the required reinburse rent, or is in excess of the amount required, a request for an amendment will be forwarded to the NASA originating office. The request will indicate a specific dollar amount, rather than a percentage, and will include justification for any upward adjustment requested. Upon approval of the request, an, amendment to the NASA Defense Purchase Request shall be forwarded by the NASA procurement office concerned to the DOD procuring activity.

5,1904. Beserved]

5. 1905. Paynents. Bxcept when agreements provide that reimbursement is not required, pa ynents to the military De partments for supplies and services furnished to or procured for NASA shall be effected on the basis of Standard Porn 1080 billings submitted to the NASA office designated in Block 11 of the NASA-Defense Purchase Request, Billings shall be supported in the sa ne canner as billings between Military Departaents.


80-137 0-81--46


A list of CFR titles, subtitles, chapters, subchapters and parts and an alphabetical list of agencies publishing in the CFR are included in the CFR index and Finding Aids volume to the Code of Federal Regulations which is published separately and revised semiannually (January 1 and July 1)

Table of CFR Titles and Chapters
Alphabetical List of Agencies Appearing in the CFR
List of Sections Affected by Unincorporated PRD's
List of CFR Sections Affected

Table of CFR Titles and Chapters

(As of June 19, 1981)

Title 1-General Provisions


I Administrative Committee of the Federal Register (Parts 1-49) II Office of the Federal Register (Parts 50-299) III

Administrative Conference of the United States (Parts 300-399) IV Miscellaneous Agencies (Parts 400-499)

Title 2-[Reserved]

Title 3— The President

Executive Orders
Presidential Documents Other Than Proclamations and Execu-

tive Orders
Executive Office of the President (Parts 100-199)


Title 4-Accounts



General Accounting Office (Parts 1-99)
Federal Claims Collection Standards (General Accounting

Office-Department of Justice) (Parts 100-299)
General Accounting Office (CASB) (Parts 300-499)


Title 5—Administrative Personnel

I Office of Personnel Management (Parts 0–1199) II Merit Systems Protection Board (Parts 1200-1299) III Office of Management and Budget (Parts 1300-1399) IV Advisory Committee on Federal Pay (Parts 1400-1499) V The International Organizations Employees Loyalty Board

(Parts 1500-1599) VII Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (Parts

1700-1799) IX Appalachian Regional Commission (Parts 1900-1999) XI United States Soldiers' and Airmen's Home (Parts 2100-2199) XIV Federal Labor Relations Authority and Federal Service Im

passes Panel (Parts 2400-2499)

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