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FORSYTH'S Italy; Remarks on Antiquities, Arts GARDENER'S (The) Manual, 12mo. Is 1813

and Letters, 2nd edition, 8vo half calf, 23 1816 GEOGRAPHY and History, by a lady, 12mo. ioan, FOSTER'S (John) Essays on Decision of Charac- 1s3d pub at 4s6d

ter &c., 9th large edition, 8vo. boards, 3s6d pub GEOGRAPHICAL Memoirs on New South Wales, at 10s6d

1830 with original papers on the Aborigines, Geolog!, FOSTER'S Essay on the Evils of Popular Igno- Botany, Timber, the Astronomy, and the Meteor

rance, 8vo. boards 2s6d pub at 7s6d 1820 ology of New South Wales and Van Dieman's FOSTER’S Lectures at Broadmead Chapel, Bristol, Land, edited by Barron Field, Judge N.S.W., 2 vols post 8vo. cloth, new, 6s 1858 Evo, plates, half calf, 2s6d

1825 FOSTER'S Essay on the different Nature of Ar-GERMAN BOOKS -- AHN'S Easy Method of

cent and Quantity, with their use and applicati- learning German, parts 1 & 2, 12mo. cloth, extra, on in the English, Latin, and Greek Languages, new, 1s3d each-Key to ditto, 1s3d 1860 8vo. calf, neal, 2s

1800 ARNOLD'S First German Book, post 8vo. cloth, FRANCE and Her Religious Ilistory; Sketches of

new, 4898

1859 Her Martyrs and Reformers, 12mo. eloth, Is6d BERNAY'S German Grammar, ls

183 FRANCIS (Dr.) on Change of Climate as a re- BERNAY'S German Exercises, 12mo. cloth, 1s6d

Dedy in Chronic Affections, wirh an Account of BERNAY'S German Prose Anthology, 12mo. cloth, the most Eligibie Praces of residence for Ipvalids, 1s6d pub at 75

1831 at different Seasons of the Year, post Svo cloth, BERNSTEIN'S German Selections, 12mo. cloth, 246d pub at 5s. 1853 1s6d

1842 FRASER'S Scientific Wanderings, or results of BIALLOBLOTZKY'S Paradigms and Glossary to

Observation and Experiment in l'hysics, explain- German Reading Lessons, 12mo cloth, 1s6d 1838

ing Phenomena, 12 mo. engravings, cloth, 28. 1848 COLLINS (Geo., Evangelisch-reformir ten, Rigo) FREESE's Commercial Class Book; Bills of ex- Predigden2 vols. 8vo. half calf, neat, 1s6d 1811

change, and of Lading, Charter-parties, In- CRAMER’S (J A.) Predigten be Sonders über voices, Account Sales, Accounts Current, Insu- Evangelia und crnge andere texte, 10 vols. 8vo. rances, Ship Papers, Fortign Fxchanges, Pro- half calf, 5s.

Leipzig, 1765 portion, Book Keeping, &c., 8vo. cloth, 2s. 1849

"A learned divine, Professor of Theology, and FREKE, on the Nature and Property of Fire ; Chaplain to the Court of Danmark, buru 1723, divl 1783

Cause of Vitality, on Electricity, on Magnetism DE PORQUET'S German Grammar, 12mo. coth, and the variations of the compass, Svo, calf, 1s6d

1s6d pub at 3s6d

1814 FRENCH-Dufief's How to read, write, & speak DONATTI'S German Grammar, 12mo cloth, 1s3d French correctly without a Master, sewed, 1s

pub at 3:6d

1839 FRENCH LIBRARIAN, or Literary Guide, a

GERMAN without a Master, part I, 1s--Ditto, volume of 500 pagng, with an Alphabetical Ind er

parts 1 and 2, sewed, 1s9d pub at 43 (by Ventouillac), 3s6d pub at 185 8yo. bds. 1829 GERMAN and English Dictionary, square 12mo.

1800 "A valuable work, pointing out the best writers

half calf, 1s3d of France, in every branch of literature. with criticisms ; GUIDE to Conversation English and German pcrsunal anecdotes, and bibliographical notices."

32mo. boards, 186d MAGASIN de Enfans, ls

HALLE (J.S) Fortgesetze, Magie, order die QauNUMA Pompilius, bound, ls

ter Krafte der Natur, with plates, 11 vols. Svo. PENSEES de Pascal, 12mo. sewed, 1s9d pub at tellum, curious, and scarce, 16s

1787-97 3fr 50 c.

Paris, Charpentier 1843 HILPERTS English German, and German EngROCHEFOUCAULD Reflexions; ou Sentences et lish Dictionary, thick 8vo cloth, 78 1851

Maximes morales, 12mo. sewed, 1s6d Paris 1844 HOGARTH — Lichtenberg's Description of HoROUILLON'S Tourists French Companion, 18mo. garth's Pictures, in German, 2 vols 16mo-cloth, 2s neatly bound, Is6d pub at 4s6d

1839 JACOB'S Die Staats-F:ranzwissenschaft thick SEMONIN'S Guide to the French Verbs, Is

Svo boards, 2s6d pub. at 9s. Halle, 1837 FREY'S HEBREW GRAMMAR, tenth edition, JERUSALEM'S Wahrheiten der Religion, 3 vols carefully revised and greatly enlarged by the 8vo. ralf, neat, 2s6d

1776 addition of Reading Lessons, Rules, and Analy: KRAUSE Bersuch eines systems der National sis from Genesis and the Book of Psalms, 8vo. und Staatsokonomie, 2 vols in one, 8vo. nently cloth, lettered, 4s pub at 8s6d

1839 luilf bound, 2s6d pub at 12s6d Leipzig, 1830 FROST'S History of the United States of America, KUTTNER'S (C. G.) Reise durch Deutsehland post 8vo. cloth, 1s6d

1838 Denmark, Schwden. Norwegen, und einen Theil FUSS'S Roman Antiquities, translated from the Von Stabein, 4 vols. 12mo. seued, 2s 1801

last edition of the German, thick 8vo. cloth let. Lebahn's Exercises in German, with complete Votered, only 3s6d pub at 12s6d Oxford 1840 cabularies, post 8vo. cloth, Isod pub at 3s6d

" This admirable and well-digested synopsis of | LEBAHN'S First German Reading Book, GramRoman antiquities is accoumodated to the present im. proved state of learned inquiry; and engrafts in a con.

mar and Vocabulary, post 8vo. cloth, Is6d 1851 densed form the important researches of Niebuhr, Hugo MALCHUS Handbuch der Finanzwissenschaft, und

Finanzverwaltung, 2 vols 8vo. hulf calf, neat 3s. FUSSELL'S Journey round the Coast of Kent, puh, at 16s

Stuttgart, 1830 remarks on Penshurst, Tunbridge, &c., also Rye, MEIDINGER'S first Lessons in German, Is Winchester, Hastings, and Battle, in Sussex, MENZEL'S Deutsche Literatur 4 vols in 2 12mo. 8vo map, boards, 1s6d 1818 cloth, 5s6d

1836 GARDEN Flowers and Wild Flowers of the Year, MORALISCII-romantische Diehtungen, 12mo 2 vols. cloth, gilt edges, 1s3d

boards, 1s6d

Leipzig, 1751

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and others."

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MOSHEIM'S Sitten Lehre der Heiligen Schrift, HALL'S (Rev. Robt. ) complete Works ; Sermons, 4to portrait, calf, 1s6d

1737 Essays and Miscellaneous Pieces, by Morris, MOST'S (Dr. G. F.) Encyclopädie der gesaminten, post 8vo. cloth, 2s

1828 Medicinischen und Chirurgischen Praxis, 2 thick HALL’S (Mrs. S. C) MIDSUMMER EVE; A

vols roval 8vo. cloth, 2s 6d Leipzig, 1836 FAIRY TALE, with upwards of 200 illustrations MULLER Geschichte der Schweitz, 3 vols 8vo. after Maclise, Stanfield, Creswick, Kenny Mes. hulf calf, neat, 3s

Leipzig, 1786 dows, Franklin, &c., many of them filling the MUNDT (The) Kunst der Deutschen Prosa, 12mo. page, 8vo. richly bound in gilt cloth, gilt edges, half calf, 1s6d

1843 only 7s pub at 16s Longman & Co. 1813 NOEHDEN'S German Grammar, 1s6d Exercises HALL'S (Mrs.) Stories of the Irish Peasantry, Svo. for Writing German Grammatically, 1s

sewed, is

Chambers PEITHMAN'S German Grammar, cloth, 1s 1840 HAMEL'S French Exercises, bound, ls PLAYS (Eight) in German, sewed, 186d

HAMILTON'S (Jas. D.D ) The Happy Home, enPOEMS, Pictures and Rhymes for Children, Ger- gravings, cloth, gilt edges, 1s

1848 man and English, on opposite pages, numerous HĂRRIS'S Mammon, or Covetousness the Sin of beautiful engravings, square 12mo. cloth extra, the Christian Church, 8vo. cloth, 2s pub at 88 gilt edges, 2s6d

HARTLEY’S Oratorical Class Book and Principles RÈDEN'S FINANZ—Statistik, 2 vols. 8vo. half of Elocution, 12mo. bound, Is

1838 calf, neat, 4s6d pub at £1 108 Darmstadt 1851 HAVET'S Complete French Class Book, 8vo. neatly SCHADE'S German Grammar, calf, ls 1817 bound, 3s pub at 6s

1855 SCHMIDT'S German Reader, for English Schools. HAYDEN (Dr. G.T.) on the Wear and Tear of post 8vo. cloth, 28 pub at 6s6d

1842 Human Life, and the Real Remedy for this comSCHILLER'S Jung Frau von Orleans, 18mo. 18 plaint, post 8vo. sewed, 1s6d

1846 SCHILLER'S Geschichte des Abfalts, 2 vols. 12mo HENRY (Matt.) on Communion, and on Meekness portrait, sewed 28

Lipzig 1801 and Quietness of Spirit, cloth, ls STILLING'S Siegsgeschichte nebst nachtra, und DISTORY of the War in Bosnia, during 1737-8-9,

Register, thick 8vo. half calf, neat, 2s 1822 translated from the Turkish by Fraser, imp. 870. TASCHENBUCH fur die vaterlandische Geschichte boards, Is6d Oriental Translation Society 1830 12mo. portraits, boards, 1s6d

1830 HONE'S (W.) POPULAR WORES; Every Day TIARK'S Progressive German Reader. 12mo. cloth Book, Year Book and Table Book; an interesting 1s6d pub at 3s6d

Collection of 5000 Anecdotes of Popular Customs WILLIAMS'S Pocket Dictionary of the German and Amusements on each of the days of the Year, and English Languages, 18mo. cloth, neat, 2s6d portrait and 436 engravings, 4 vols 8vo. new

half WILLIAMS'S Dialogues German and English, 18 calf extra, gilt, very neat, marbled leaves, 368 WITTICH'S German for Beginners, 12mo. cloth, “ These volumes have been universally extolled 28 pub at 68


as highly interesting, amusing and instrucure, amongst WITTICH'S German Tales, 2nd edition, post 8vo. “Cornhil Magazine " have called attention to the inter

others by Sir W. Scott, Southey, Chas. Lamb & lately the cloth, 2s pub at 68 1847—Another Copy 4th esting nature of their contents." edition, 3s

1850 HORATII Opera, good edition, ls GIRDLESTONE'S Sermons at Sedgeley during the HORT'S Pantheon; Mythology of the Ancients Cholera, 12mo. cloth, 1s3d 1833 plates, neatly bound, ls6d

1849 GLASGOW Infant School Repository, 18mo. cloth, HOW to Make Home Happy, with 500 Odds and 1s6d pub at 3s

1840 ends worth remembering, by W. Jones, post Svo. GLASS MAKING—Apsley Pellatt's Curiosities of, cloth, 2s6d pub at 4s6d

1857 with Details of the processes and productions of HOWARD'S (Frank) Sketcher's Manual, or the Ancient and Modern Ornamental Glass Manu- whole Art of Picture Making, by which Amateurs

facture, coloured plates, sm. 4to. cloth, 9s6d 1849 may instruct themselves without the Aid of GOLDSMITH'S Vicar of Wakefield, with 24 a Master, post 8vo. plates, cloth, 3s6d pub at coloured plates by Rowlandson, royal 8vo. half 7s6d

1841 russia, neat, clean copy, ds6d pub at £1 1s scarce HUARTE’S Trial of Wits, discovering the great GRACE Howard and the Family at Glenluna, difference of Witts among Men and what sort of 12mo, cloth, 1s3d

1853 learning suits best with each genius, 8vo. calf, GRAHAM'S (Dr. T. J.) Spiritual Treasury for a very curious and scarce work" 4s6d 1698

Seekers of Christ's Salvation, thick 12mo. boards HUNT'S (Robt.) Manual of Photography, post 870. as new, 2360 pub at 78

1833 plates, cloth, 2s 1851--Another, 4th edition, cloth GREGORY'S Outlines of Inorganic Chemistry, 3s6d pub at 58

1854 with engravings, 12mo. cloth, 2s pub at 5s 1816 HUTCHINSON'S (William, Author of the AnGUTHRIE'S (Rev. Dr.) Christ and the Inheritance tiquities of Cumberland and Durham) Excursion of the Saints, Discourses on the Colossians, post

to the Lakes of Westmoreland and Cumberland, 8vo: cloth, 4s6d pub at 7s6d

1859 8vo. 19 curious Druidical plates, half calf, very GWYXNE'S The School for Fathers, an Old En

scarce, 2s6d

1776 glish Story, post 8vo. cloth, 1s6d 1852 HUTTON'S (Wm. of Birm ) Life, Is HÅRKLANDER'S Clara, or Slave Life in Europe, ICELAND, its History, Natural History, and Ad

a picture of Life in all the Stages of Society, from tiquities, Volcanoes, Hot Springs, Nanners of the Cellar to the Garret, with a most "highly the Inahabitants &c., by Von Troil, also Dr. Ibre commendatory Preface by Sir ARCHIBALD and Dr. Bach concerning the Edda and the EleAlison, 3 vols. post 8vo. boards, 4s6d pub phantiasis of leeland, and Bergman on the Lava at $1 lls 6d

1856 &c., of the Island, 8vo. 28 inups, half culf, 1780

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IDLER (The) by Dr. Johnson, good edition, 8vo. COBBETT'S Italian Grammar, 12mo. boards, 1s6d half calf, 2s 1816 pub at 6s

1834 Ihne's Researches into the History of the Roman DÊ Porquet's Il Tesoretto, or the Art of translating

Constitution, 8vo, cloth, 2s6d pub at 6s Pickering easy English into Italian at sight, 12mo. cloth, ILLUSTRATED Literature of all Nations--Ma- 1s6d pub at 3s6d

1810 non Lescaut, Sterne's Sentimental journey, Mar- DE Porquet's Italian Phrase Book, 12mo. cloth, quis of Letoriere, Vicar of Wakefield, Silvio Is6d pub at 3s6d

1839 Pellico's Imprisonments, Gulliver's Travels, Guil- DON Chisciotte, tradotta Lorenzo Franciosini, lotind Woman, Devil on two Sticks, Mary Queen thick 12mo, calf, 2s6d

Venetia 1625 of Scots, Lionel Lincoln, Joan of Naples, Sorrows FORTEGUERRI Ricciardetto, poema, 3 vols. 12mo. of Werter, The Nun, Gold Mine, Reign of Satan, fine old plates, calf, scarce, 6s6d

1780 Simple Story, Massaniello, Undine, Lazorillo the

“ The last of the Poetical Romances founded on Spanish Rouge, &c., with several hundred engra- the adventures of Charlemagne's Peers. Portions of the vings, imperial 8vo. half calf, neal, 10s

romance are of the highest order of Poetry, the comic “A complete library of entertaining reading."

part is displayed in broader relief than in Oriosto, indeed

he equals all his predecessors in Wit and Pleasantry."INDUSTRIAL Library—The Banker's Clerk, ls

SISMONDI. INGOLDSBY, (The) Legends ; or Mirth and GIANA Battaglia del Ticino tra Annibale a Scipi.

Marvels, complete, post 8vo. cloth, gilt, new, 4s6d one ossia Scoperta, plates, royal 8vo. half calf, INGRAM'S System of Mathematics, 7th edition, 1s6d

Milan 1824 by Trotter, 12mo, neatly bound, good as new, 36 GOLDONI Scelta di Commedie, 12mo. cloth, 1s6d 6d pub at 7s6d

1845 GUIDE to Conversation, English and Italian, 32mo. INQUISITION, ( Secrets of the) or Papal Rome boards, Is4d

N.D. her Priests and Her Jesuits, with important dis- ITALIAN without a Master, 8vo. sewed, ls pub at2s

closures, post 8vo. cloth, 2s pub at 10s6d 1857 LETTERS of a Peruvian, in French and Italian, INSECT Transformations by Rennie, engravings, on opposite pages, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, Is6d Paris 12mo. cloth, gilt, 2s pub at 4s6d

N. D. LUCREZIO della Natura delle Cose, tradotti da INVENTOR'S" (The) Advocate; a Journal of In- Marchetti, 12mo. half calf, ls6d

1765 ventions, Manufactures, Trade, Science, and the LUCREZIO della Natura delle Cose, tradotti dal Arts, Jany. to Dec. 1840, 2 vols. 4to. neatly half Marchetti, 2 vols. royal 8vo. beautiful plates and bound, 2s6d

vignelles by Cochin and Eisen, calf, 58 Ams. 1764 IRELAND, Historical and Statistical; its connec- MARULLI su d'Architettura e su la Nettezza delle

tion with England, progress and prospectsof pub- Citta idee, 4to. eniravings, boards, 2s Firenze 1808 lic works, state of agriculture, and the reclama- MEADOWS'S Italian and English Dictionary, tion of Waste Lands, Exposition of the State 18mo roan, neat, 4s pub at 78

1857 of Religion, Educational Establishments, Com- MENGS-Opere di Ant. Raffaello Mengs. primo merce, Manufactures, Banking, Mining, &c.,

Cha- pittore della Maesta Carlo III, 2 vols 8vo. vellum ritable and Industrial Institutions, &c., by G. L. 38

Bassanno, 1783 Smyth, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 886d pub at £1 11s 6d METASTASIO Scelta delle opere, 2 vols 12mo. IRELAND—Tourists Hand Book, maps, and 70

calf, ls6d

1787 engravings, post 8vo. cloth, 1s6d

1854 MILÍZIA Dizionario delle belle Arti del Disegno, IRVINE'S Flora, a Description of Phænogamous 2 vols Svo, half calf, neat, 33 Bologna, 1827

British Plants which grow spontaneously in the PALERMO'S Collection of Humorous Stories, vicinity of the Metropolis, a Sketch of Botanical Bon Mots, Smart repartees, &c., in Italian and Geography, &c., post 8vo. cloth, Is6d pub at 7s English, for learners, 8vo. boards, ls6d

1779 IRVING'S (Washington) Salmagundi, larye edi- PETRARCA Rime, e Vita del Petraca, 8vo velm 2s tinn, post 8vo. boards, 1s6d pub at 7s6d


another, modern edition, post 8vo. ISAACS (Nathaniel) Travels and Adventures in sewed, 2s6d

Didot, Parigi, 1847 Eastern Africa; The Zoolus, their Manners, Cus- PLVTARCO Vite, tradotte da L Domenichi, thick toms, &c, with a sketch of Natal, 2 vols. post 8vo. 4to. half calf, 4s6d

Venetia, 1570 boards, 2s6d pub at 21s

1836 TASSO La Gerusalemme liberata, 2 vols. 32mo. ITALIAN BOOKS. Aggiunta a Poeti Lirici, scelti sewed, 1s6d

Firenze, 1846 da T. J. Mathias, 3 vols. in one, 12mo. cloth, 2s VALERIANI Florilegio. di Novelle, Piacevoli ed AHN'S Practical & Easy Method of learning Italian istruttive 12mo. half calf, ls6d Norimberg,,1829

12mo. cloth, new, 1s3d Key to ditto 1s3d 1860 VERGANI'S Italian Grammar, 12mo calf, ls, ALFIERI Tragedie Scelte, con Note di Rolandi, Birm. 1781-Ditto in French, Is 2 vols. 12mo. boards, 2s pub at 12s

1821 VECCHIA Ricerche sulla vera posizione de Campi ARIOSTO Orlando Furioso, portrait and numerous Taurasini e delle colonie Liguri e Romane, plates, fine old plates, 4vols. royal 8vo. half russia fine 4to. haif calf, 2s

Napoli, 1823 library copy, 7s6d

Parigi, 1803 VOCABALARÍO della Crusca (Compendio del) ARIOSTO Orlando Furioso, con utile annotazioni, 5 vols 4to calf 7s6d

Firenze, 1739 3 vols post 8vo. boards, 2s6d


ZENO (Apostolo) Poesie Drammatiche di ll vols. ASDRUBALI Manuale Cliuice di Obstetricia, por. 8vo, sewed, 5s.

1785 trait x plates.2 vols.8vo.hlf clf, nt, 2s Roma, 1826 JACOB'S (Wm.) Historical Enquiry into the proBRANCIA Antologia Italiana; Corso di Literatu- duction and consumption of the Precious Metals, ra Italiana, Prose e Versi, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf, 8vo. half calf, 3s

Philadelphia 1832 neat, 4s6d

Napoli, 1834 JAMES'S ( Rev. J. A.) Young Woman's Guide CARO (Anibal) Lettre Familiari, 12mo. half calf, through Life to Immortality, post 8vo. cloth, new neat, 1s6d

Napoli 1827 3s6d 1860-Ditto Young Man's Guide 3s



JAMES'S (G. PR.) Little Ball O’Fire, or the KEITH on the use of the Globes, 12mo. neatly Life and Adventures of John Marston Hall, bound, good as new, 3. pub at tisod

1811 large edition, 8vo. balf calf, 2s6d pub at 5s 1848 KELLEY'S Sabbath Evening R-adings, 12mo. JAMES'S History of Charlemagne, and Prescott's

cloth, ls6d

18+2 History of Mexico, abridged, post 8vo. cloth, KENNEDY'S (Jane) Shreds and Patches, a series 1s6d

1850 of Tales and Sketches, founded upon occurrences JAMESON'S (Mrs.) Memoirs and Essays, illustra- of every day life, post 8vo. cloth, Is6d 1859

tive of Art, Literature, and Social Morals, post KENNEDY and Grainger on the Tenancy of Land 8vo. cloth, 3:6d pub at 6s

1846 in Gt Britain, the customs and practices between JAMESON'S ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY outgoing and in coming Tenants in the several OF THE SCOTTISH LANGUAGE, illustrating Counties, &c. 8vo, cloth 2s

1829 the words in their different significations, shew- KEYS on the Breeding and Management of Bees, ing their affinity to those of other Languages, ex- deduced from a series of Experiments during 30) plaining many terms, which, though obsolete in years, 12mo boards, 2s pub at 6s

18!4 England, were formerly common to both countries KILLEN'S Our Friends in Heaven, or the Huand elucidating National Rites, Customs and In- tual recognition of the redeemed in Glory, de.

stitutions, 2 vols. 4to. half russia, scarce, 28s 1808 monstrated, post 8vo. cloth, extra 2s6d pub at 5s. JAMIESON'S Dictionary of the Scottish Language, KING'S (!r. Wm.) Works; Reflections upon Va

abridged by Johnstone, 8vo. portrait, cloth, 7s rillas' History of Heresy, Account of Denmark, pub at £l ls

1846 Dialogues of the Dead, Journey to London in JAMIESON'S One Thousand Entertaining and In- 1698, Adversaria, or Remarks on Men, Manners,

structive Facts and Experiments in Natural Phil- and Books. The Transactioner, the Funucb's osonhy, and the Useful Discoveries in the Arts, Child, important queries whether a woman may

2 vuls. 12mo. engraving, half calf, 2s6d 1821 lay a child to an Eunuch, a voyage to the Island JAMIESON on the Construction of Maps, with 20 of Cajamai in America, Art of Love, Miscellany, plates. 8vo. boards, 2s pub at 9s

1814 Poems, &c, 3 vols. small 8vo. half calf, 3s6d JARVIS' Art Hints, Architecture, Sculpture and KING'S (Dr. Wm.) Anecdotes of his own Times,

Painting. post 8vo. cloth, 289d pub at 10s6d 1855 post 8vo boards, Isod
JEFFREYS (Lord) Essays; contributed to the KINGSLEY'S Sermons; Good News of God,
Edinburgh Review, thick 8vo. cloth, 14s pub 12mo cloth, 38 pub at 6s

1359 at £i le

Longman's 1853 KINNEAR'S Wanderings in Arabia Petra, Cairo JESKYN'S Exposition of Jude, edited by Rev. and Damascus, Residence in Beyrout, and Re

James Sherman, imperial 8vo. cloth, 58 N.D. marks on Mehemet Ali and the Prospects of Syria, JESSE'S Literary & Historical Memorials of Lon- post 8vo. cloth, Is6d pub at 9s6d

18 41 dun, 2 vols.also Celebrities of London, 2 vols. KIRKLAND'S (Mrs.) Holidays Abroad, or Europe

- together 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, 16s6d pub at £2 8s from the West, 2 vols post 8vo. cloth, 3360 1819 JEWISH Perseverance, or the Jew at Home and KITTO'S Pictorial Life of our Saviour, several

Abroad, an Autobiography, by M. Lissack, 8vo. hundred fine engravings, small 4to. cloth, gilt cloth, 28 1851 edges, 4s

1852 JOBSON'S History of the French Revolution, KLOPSTOCK'S Odes, translated by Nind, finely

till the Death of Robe pierre, 8vo. portrait, printed, 12mo. cloth, lshd pub at 6s Pickering cloth, 23

1841 | KNIGHT'S Tourists Companion through England, JOHNSON'S (Dr.) Lives of the Poets, with with numerous engravings, 8vo. cloth, 3s pub atás

critical observations on their Workz, royal 8vo. KNOX'S (Dr.) Great Artists, and Great Anatohalf calf, 28

N.D. mists, a biographical and philosophical study, JOHNSON'S (G. W.) The Stranger in India ; or post 8vo. cloth, 3s pub at 7s6d Van Voorst 1-52

Three Years in Calcutta, 2 vols. post dvo. cloth, KOCH'S History of European Nations, imperial 2s6d pub at £l ls 1843 8vo. half calf, 2s

ND. JONES'S Dictionary of Religious Opinions, 12mo. KOLBEN'S Account of the Cape of Good Hope, boards, 1s6d pub at 5s

1821 and of the several nations of the Hottentots, their JOURNAL of a Residence in Gt. Britain, by Jeban- Religions, Laws, Customs, &c., and of the Dutch

geer Nowrojee, and Hirjeebhoy Merwangee, Naval Settlements at the Cape, numerous curious plates, Aichitects of Bombay, post 8vo. cloth, 28 1841 8vo. calt, scarce,


1731 JOURNAL of a Residence in Portugal, and Glimp- LAING'S Notes on the Schism in the German

res of the South of Spain, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, Catholic Church, l'ilgrimage to the Holy Coat at 3s pub at 189 Moxon 1817 Treves, &c., 12mo. cloth, is6d

1815 JUVENILE Forget me Not, by Mrs.S.C.Hall, with LAMARTINE'S Travels in the East, and Journey fire steel plates, 12mo embossed roar, gilt in the Holy Land, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 3560 edges, Issa

pub at 58

1850 KAMES'( Lord) Essays on the Principles of Morality LAMB'S (Chas.) Adventures of Ulysses, 12mo. and Natural Religion, 8vo. cals, ls6d Edin 1751 cloth, gilt edges, 1s6d

1839 KARR’S (Alphonse) The Alain Fanily, a Tale of LAMPLIGHTER (The) large edition, with plates,

the Norman Coast, translated by R. B. Brough, post 8vo boards, 1s3d

post Svo, plates, cloth, 2s sells at 2s6d 1553 LANDOR'S (W. Savage) Andrea of Hungary, and KAYE'S (Lady Lister) Britisa Homes and Foreign Giovanni of Naples, dro. boards. Is6d 1839

Wanderings, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 3s pub | LANG on Transportation and Colonization, and at £l is

1849 Causes of the Failure of the Transportation Sys.

tem in Australia, post 8vo. boards, Is6d 1837

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LANGFORD'S Book Keeping by Double Entry, | LIFE'S Last Hours, cloth, gilt edges 6d.-Plan of 8vo. calf, ls6d

1822 Salvation, cloth, gilt edges, 6d LANGUAGE of Flowers, with beaujiful coloured | LINE upon Line, 2 vols 18mo, cloth, 28 pub plates, square 12mo, cloth, gilt edges, 28 1858 at 5s

1844 LARDNER'S Treatise on Railways; an Exposit' LISTER'S Life and Administration of Edward,

First Earl of Clarendon, with original Corresion of the practical results of Railways in the United Kingdom, on the Continent, and in

ondence and Authentic Papers never before pubAmerica, post Sve. cloth, 3s pub at 143 1856

lished, 3 vols. 8vo. portrait, cloth, 10s6d pub LARDNER'S (Dr.) Electric Telegraph, popularly LITERARAY (The) Album of Entertainment and

at £2 8s

Longmans 1838 described, with engravings, 12mo. Is 3d 1855 LARDNER'S Euclid, 8vo. boards, 2s6d pub LITERARY & Pictorial Repository; a collection

Instruction, 12mo. cloth. gilt edges, Is6d. 1848 at 78

1810 LARES & Penates, or Cilicia and its Governors,

of Interesting Tales, Anecdotes and Poems, with (the Birthplace of St. Paul) an Account of that

34 fine steel plates, 8vo. half calf, (no title Province from the Earliest times to the present, LITTLE on the Improvement and Management of

page) 2s6d

N.D. a Description of some Household Gods of the

Mountain Sheep, and on various kinds of Stock, Ancient Cilicians, &c., by W. Burckhardt Barker

8vo. boards, 1s6d

Edin. 1815 and W.F. Ainsworth, with engravings, 8vo. cloth LITTLE (The) Drummer, a Story of the Russian 3s pub at is

1853 LASTEYRIE'S History of Auricular Confession, LIVES of Lord Lovat, and Duncan Forbes, of

Campaign, plates, 12mo. cloth, 1s3d 1852 Religiously, Morally, and Politically considered,

Culloden, by J. A. Burton, Advocate, post 8vo. among Ancient and Modern Nations, 2 vols. post

cloth, 38 pub at 9s

1847 8vo, cloth, 48 pub at 16s

1848 LAW Quibbles; a Treatise of the Evasions, Tricks, LLANDUDNO Visiters Hand Book, cloth, ls

Turns and Quibbles commonly used in the Pro- LLOYD'S (Wm. M.D.) Visit to the West Indies in

fession of the Law, 8vo. calf, scarce, 2s6d 1736 1836 and 1837, with map and plates, post svo LAWRANCE (Sir James) on the Nobility of the

cloth. Is6d

Birm. British Gentry, compared with Ranks on the Con- LOCKE'S (John) Reasonableness & Christianity

Goldsmith's Citizen of the World.-Life of Lord tinent, 12mo. cloth, 1s6d

1840 LAWRENCE'S Philosophical & Practical Treatise

Herbert, royal 8vo. cloth extra, 2s3d on Horses, 8vo. half calf, 28


LOCKE'S (John) Two Treatises of Government, LEA'S Tables of the Strength and Deflection of LOCKHART'S Attica and Athens; an Inquiry con

8vo. 1s6d Timber, post 8vo. cloth, 38 pub at 10s6d 1850 LECTURES to Young Men at Exeter Hall, 1848-9

cerning the Civil, Moral & Religious Institutions,

Rise and Decline of the Athenian Power, and the 12mo. cloth, 2s6d LECTURES on Sabbath Schools, by Dr. Wardlaw

Topography and Chorography of Ancient Attica and others, post 8vo. cloth, Is


and Athens, with map and plan, 8vo. cloth, 2s6d LEGH'S Critica Sacra, Observations on all the

pub at 98

1842 Radices, or Primitive Hebrew Words of the Old LOCKMAN'S Travels of the Jesuits into various Testament, small 4to calf, 2s.


parts of the World, with an account of the Spanish

Settlements in America, 2 vols. 8vo. maps and LEIBNITZ System of Theology, translated with an Introduction and Notes by C. W. Russell, D.D. LONDON (The) Vocalist, a Collection of Songs,

plates, calf, scarce, 7s6d

1762 of Maynooth, 8vo. cloth 4s pub at 12s. 1850 LEIGHTON'S (Archbp.) whole Works, thick 8vo.

post 8vo. engravings, cloth, 1s cloth, extra, new, 6s

1360 LONDON IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY, LEMPRIERE'S Classical Dictionary, enlarged and

and METROPOLITAN IMPROVEMENTS, improved, by Barker and Anthon, thick 8vo.bound upwards of 250 fine steel plates of the most in53 pnb. at 17s6d

1828 teresting objects in the Metropolis and its vicinity LESSONS on the English Language, without a engraved from original Drawings by Shepherd, Master. by Monteith, 8vo. sewed, ls

descriptions by Elmes, 2 vols. 4to. elegantly whole LETTER Writer; Models of Letters from Cicero, bound in purple calf, extra, gilt sides & marbled Lady Russell, Pope, Swift, Shenstone, Gray, edges, only 20s

1827 Lady Montagu, Sterne, Chesterfield, Dr. Johnson, “ Considerably less than the cost of the binding alone." and others, square 12mo. calf, Isôd

1794 LONDON & the Londoners ; 2 vols.- Babylon the LEWIS'S Selection of Games at Chess, 8vo. 1s6d Great, or Men and Things in the British Capital, LIBERAL (The) Verse and Prose from the South. by James Grant, 4 vols. post 8vo. boards, 5s pub 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. half calf, scarce 3s. includes the at £2 23

1828-35 early productions of Byron, Leigh Hunt and LONDON and its Sights, pictorially delineated by other eminent writers."

1822 Charles Kuight, small 4to., several hundred fine LIBRARY of Romance; a Collection of Traditions, engravings, cloth, Is9d

N.D. Legends, Tales and Romances of all Nations, LOUDON’S Suburban Gardener, and Villa Com12mo. cloth, gilt, Is6d

1837 panion, the choice of a Residence, the ArrangeLIEBEG'S Organic Chemistry of Physiology and ment & Furnishing of the House, and the laying

Pathology, 8vo. cloth, 4s6d pub at 8s6d. 1842 out, planting, and general management of the LIFE in Mexico, during two years Residence of a Garden and Grounds, with numerous engravings, Lady, with Recommendatory Preface, by Prescott, thick 8vo. cloth, 9s6d pub at £1

1838 the Historian, 8vo. cloth, 3s pub at 125 1843

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