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HEALTH Resorts of Gt. Britain, and how to profit | KITCHENER’S (Dr.) Continental Traveller's Ora

by them, with maps and engravings, by Dr. Spen. cle, or Maxims for Foreign Locomotion, 2 vols, cer Thomson, 8vo. cloth, 2s pub at 68 1860 12mo. boards, 1s6d

1828 HENGSTENBERG'S The Books of Moses illustra- KITTO'S (Dr.) PICTORIAL HISTORY OF PA

ted by the Monuments of Egypt, with notes by LESTINE and the Holy Land, including a com

Dr. Cooke Taylor, 8vo. cloth, 4s pub at 7s6d 1845 plete History of the Jews, fine early impressions I ENGSTENBERG’S Commentary on the Psalms, of the 500 beautiful engravings, 2 vols. in 1, imp.

3 vols. Svo. cloth, 18s6d Clark's Theolog. Liby. 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, £1 pub at £2 128 6d 1843 HENRY'S (Matthew) COMMENTARY on the KNIGHT'S LAND WE LIVE IN, a Pictorial,

OLD & NEW TESTAMENTS, 6 large vols. Historical, and Literary Sketch Book of the 8vo. cloth, extra, 52

1860 British Islands, with numerous engravings and HERESBACHIUS (Conradus) Foure Bookes of steel plates, newly bound, half calf, exlra, yill, marHusbandry, containing the whole Art and Trade bled leaves, 248

N.D. of Husbandry. Gardening, Grafting, and Planting, KNIGHT'S Store of Knowledge—Shakespeare and with the Antiquities and Commendation thereof, his Writings_Life of Napoleon—The Horse by enlarged by Barnaby Googe, small 4to. BLACK LET- Youat-Old English Ballads—Schools - Military TEL, calf, rare, 8s6d

1596 Life of Wellington-Europe—The Dairy-NaHERODOTUS, translated, with notes and life of tional Debt, &c.—Dante and Petrarch-also the

Herodotus, by Beloe. 8vo, cloth, 3s pub at 7s 1831 Christian Traveller, with engravings, imperial HILL'S (Dr.) Useful Family Herbal, numerous en- 8vo. cloth, 2s6d gravings, 8vo. old calf, 2s

1770 LAWRENCE'S Lectures on Physiology, Zoology, HILLES' Essentials of Physiology, 32mo. cloth, and the Natural History of Man, post 8vo. plates, 2s6d pub at 3s6d 1860 cloth, 1s6d

1834 HODGSON'S Sir Edgar, a tale, with serious trans- LEEDS-Seven Sermons preached at the Conse

lations from the ancients, and merry imitations cnation and Re-opening of the Parish Church of of the modern, 8vo. half russia, neat, 1s6d

1810 Leeds, by Rev. Dr. Hook, W. Dodsworth, W. HOGARTH'S (Wm.) Works; Moralized by Trus- Gresley, &c., post 8vo. cloth, 2s

1841 ler, two portraits of Hogarth and 74 steel engra- LESSONS for the Blind, raised letters, part 2, 1s6d vings, fine early impressions, 4to. boards, 155 LEWES'S Physiology of Common Life, with enpub at £5 58

N.D. gravings, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, new, I0s sells HOMER'S Iliad and Odyssey, translated by W. at 12s

1859 Sotheby, with 75 plates by Flaxman, 4 vuls. 8vo. LIFE and Times of Salvator Rosa, by Lady Morhalf calf, neat, cloth sides, 12s6d pub £3 128 1834 gan, best library edition, 2 vols. 8vo. portrait,

“Some of the plates spotted, and marked with a new half calf, extra, gilt, marbled leaves, 8s6d stamp on the titles.

LILLY'S Introduction to Astrology, with a Gram. HOOKE'S Roman History, with maps


engra- mar of Astrology and tables for calculating navings, 3 vols. 8vo. boards, 6s6d pub at £148 N.D. tivities by Zadkiel, post 8vo. cloth, 3s6d 1852 HORNE'S (Bp.) Discourses, 3 vols 8vo. half calf, LITERARY Souvenir Annual from 1829 to 34, 4s6d

1812 with numerous flne steel plates, 6 vols. 18mo. HOWITT'S (Wm.) Book of the Seasons, or the silk and morocco, gilt edges, 108 pub at £3 128

Calendar of Nature, 12mo. engravings, cloth, gilt, LINDLEY'S Elements of Botany, with Glossary 2s

1856 of Technical Terms, engravings, 8vo. cloth, good HUME'S (David) Essays and Treatises, 2 vols. as new, 6s pub at 128

1849 8vo. calf, gilt, scarce, 6s

1777 | LOCKS-Tomlinson & Hobbs on the construction IRON TRADE, its History from the earliest re- of Door Locks, with engravings, 12mo. cloth, 1s4d

cords to the present time, new edition, 8vo. cloth. LONDON Labour and the London Poor, by May3s6d pub at 10s6d

Longmans 1854 hew, with engravings, vol 1 492 pages, vol. 2 IRVINGS (Rev. Edwd.) Oracles of God, Four Ora- 324 pages, vol 3 (on Prostitution) 108 pages, 3

tions, Judgment to Come, an Argument, 8vo. vols. bound in 2, half calf, neat, scarce, 15s 1851 boards, scarce, 5s pub at 12s

1823 LONGFELLOW'S Poems, 12mo. portrait, cloth, JAY'S (Rev. Wm.) Mornings with Jesus, 12mo. 28 1851_Hiawatha, with engravings, cloth, gilt cloth, extra, new, 48 pub at 5s6d

1857 edges, 1s6d 1856–Miles Standish and other PoJAY'S Evenings with Jesus, 12mo. cloth, extra, ems, 12mo cloth, 1s6d

1858 new, 4s6d pub at 6s

1857 | LOWTH'S New Translation of Isaiah, with ComJARVIS'S (Lady) Tales of the Boyhood of Great mentary, 8vo portrait, cloth, 3s6d

1848 Painters, 12mo. cloth, gilt, 2s6d

1853 MACDUFF'S (Rev. J. R.) Memories of GennesaJOHN Bull and his Wonderful Lamp, a new read- ret, post 8vo. cloth, as new, 4s pub at 6s6d 1859

ing of an old tale, plates, boards, Is6d 1849 MACHINERY, its Construction and Working, JOHNSON'S Impartial History of Europe, with a with numerous examples, by C. D. Abel, C.E. Sketch of the French Revolution, 4 vols. 8vo. 12mo. cloth, 184d

1860 half calf 5s6d

1811 | MACKAY'S (Chas.) The Salamandrine, or Love JOHNSON'S Cottage Gardener's Dictionary, post and Immortality, post 8vo. cloth, 1s6d 1840

8vo. engravings, cloth, extra, now, 78 pub at 8s6d MAGNETISM, the Principles of Magnetical SciKANE'S (Dr.) Arctic Explorations, Adventures in ence and the purposes to which it has been appli

Search of Sir John Franklin in 1853-4-5, map and ed, by Sir W. Snow Larris, 97 engravings, numerous plates, 8vo. cloth, extra, 6s6d 1861 12mo. cloth, 3s

1805 KEIGHTLEY'S History of Greece, post 8vo. cloth, MALTBY'S (Bp.) Illustrations of the Truth of 2s pub at 6s6d

1845 the Christian Religion, 8vo. calf, 1s6d 1802 MASSEY'S (Gerald) Poems; Ballad of Babe | MOUNT Sorrel, or the Heiress of the De Veres, 4 Christabel, 12mo. cloth, gilt. 2s6d pub at 5s

parts, post 8vo. 3s pub at 128 1855-Craigerook Castle, The Mother's Idol, MUDIE'S Man in his Physical Structure and Lady Laura, Bridegroom of Beauty, Glimpses of Adaptations, 12mo. cloth, coloured frontispiece, the War, &c.; 12mo. cloth, gilt, 2s pub at 5s 2s pub at 58

1838 MATSON'S (W.T.) Poems, post 8v0. cloth, gilt MUSIC-Comprehensive Tune Book, arranged in edges, 2s6d pub at 7s6d

1858 a four partjHarmony by Gauntlet and Kearns, 2 MAUNDER'S Treasury of History, thick 12mo parts in l vol. 12mo. cloth, 2s6d pub at 78 cloth. 6s6d pub at 10s

1844 MUSIC-IIandel's Messiah, arranged for Organ cr MAWE'S Every Man his own Gardener, new edi- Piano, with Vocal Score by Dr. Elvey, imperial

tion with Drawing-roum Gardening, Aquariums, 8vo. cloth, 3s6d pub at 636 1854–Haydn's Creand Fern Culture, by Glenny, post 8vo. cloth, ation, similarly arranged by E. Sturges, 33 pub extra-new, 4s6d

at 5s

Surman's Editions 1854 MAYO (Dr. Herbert) on the Truth contained in MUSIC-Loder's Instruction for the Violin, folio,

Popular Superstitions and account of Mesmerism, half bound, 2s6d pub 12s post 8vo. cloth, 2s6d pub at 4s

1851 NATIONAL CYCLOPÆDIA, edited by Charles MCCRIE'S Sketches of Church History, 2 vols. Knight, with engravings, 12 vols. 8vo. cloth, good post 8vo. cloth, 2s


as new, 32s6d pub at £3 1847-51-A SupplemenMEDICAL Essays and Observations, by a Society tary or 13th vol. of the above, 8vo. cloth, 4s6d

in Edinburgh, with plates, 6 vols. 12mo. calf, 3s NATURAL History, and Scripture Natural HistoMEN of the Time, Biographical Sketches of Emi- tory of Animals and Plants, with about 300 fine

nent Living Characters, also celebrated Women coloured plates, 2 vols. square 8vo. calf, neat, 10s of the Time, thick 12mo. cloth, as new, 9s pub cost £1108 at 12868

1857 | NATURAL History-Five large plates of the Ele. MEREDITH'S (Owen) Clytemnestra, the Earl's phant-the Elk-Wild Boar-Spotted Antelope,

Return, the Artist, and other Poems, 12mo. &c., ls6d cloth, 2s6d pub at bs

1855 NELSON'S (David, M. D., of Birm ) Principles of MILL'S (Charles) Travels of Thcodore Ducas, in Health and Disease, 8vo. sewed, 6d pub at 23 1859

various Countries of Europe, at the Revival of Y NEWTON'S (Sir Isaac) Chronology of Ancient Letters and Arts, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 3s 1822

Kingdoms amended, with a Chronicle from the "An amusing Voyage IMAGINAIRE,' written first memory of things in Europe, to the Conquest with considerable spirit." Drury, 1266, 148.-LOWNDES. of Persia, 4to. calf, 2s

1728 MILLS' (John) The Flyers of the Hunt, plates bv NOEL'S (Baptist) Christian Missions to Heathen Leech, post 8vo. cloth, extra, 2s pub at 4s6d 1859 Nations post 8vo. cloth, 2360

1842 MILLS on the Local or Lay Ministry, post 8vo. OLD PLAYS-The_Mother-in-law, 1734–Londoa cloth, Is6d

1851 Merchani, 1731- Love and a Bottle, 1734– The MILLER'S (Hugh) The Cruise of the Betsy, post Old Debauchees, 1732--The Humours of Oxford, 8vo. cloth, 43

1858 1730—Celia, or the Perjured Lurer, 1733-8vo. MILLER'S (Thos.) a Day in the Woods, Tales and calf, 3s6d

Poems of a Country Life, post 8vo. cloth, 2s6d “In the same vol. is bound up the Importance of pub at 7s6d

1840 the British Plantations in America to this kingdom, 1731. MİLLOT'S Elements of General History, ancient OLD PLAYS-Harlequin's Jubilee, 1770–Midas,

and modern, 6 vuls. 12mo, calf, 3s6d Edin. 1803 frontispiece, 1768 – Taste by s. Foote, frontisMILMAN'S Poems; Fall of Jerusalem, Sro. calf, piece, 1768 — The Padlock - Tom Thumb the

very neat, 1825–Martyr of Antioch, 8vo. balf Great, frontispiece, desighed by Hogarth, 8vo niorocco, neat, gilt edges, 1822-Belshazzar, 8vo balf calf, scarce, 2s

1765. half calf, neat, 1822--Anne Boleyn, Svo. half ORCHARD'S Select Collection of Epitaphs & Moncalf, neat, 1826, together 4 vols. 8vo. very nearly umental Inscriptions, 12mo. boards, ls6d 1782 bound, Is (less than cost of binding)

OTTO'S Human and Comparative Pathological MOLLAND'S Art of Cookery made


and refin- Anatomy, translated by Dr. South, 8vo. boards, ed, $vo cloth, Is6d 1801 2s6d pub at 14s

1531 MORELL'S Essentials of Grammar, cloth, 9d PARLEY'S Annual for 1847, with fine steel plates, MORLAND'S (Geo the Painter) with critical ob- cloth, extra, good as new, 2s6d pub at 5s

servations on toe whole of his works, by Hassell, PETRARCH and Laura, by Madame De Genlis,

Life, portrait and plates, half calf, scarce, 6s 1806 12mo. cloth, Is6d MORMONS (The) or Latter Day Saints, with Me- PHOTOGRAPHY-Sutton's Calotype Process, mcirs of Joseph Smith, post 8vo. engravings,

cloth, 1s6d 1856-Newman on Colouring Photocloth, 2s

graphs, 9d

1859 MORMONS, or Latter Day Saints, a volume of PICTORIAL Juvenile Museum of Entertainment

Tracts by various Mormons, Svo. bound, Is6d and Instruction, plates, large print, Is MORNING (The) and Night Watches, 12mo. cloth, PHYSIOLOGY for Common Schools, ls 1860 186d

1853 PLAGUE (The) its contagious character, with MOS HEIM'S Ecclesiastical History, good edition, observations on its prevention, character, and

6 vols. 8vo. large type, boards, 9s pub at £3 38 treatment by Sir A. B. Faulkner, 8vo. boards, MOSHEIM'S Ecclesiastical History, a new trans


1820 lation by Murdock, with notes by Reid, thick PLATONIS Dialogi IV. curavit Burman, 8vo. 8vo. cloth, extra, 6s6d 1860 cloth, Is6d


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PLINII Epistolarum, vellum, no title, ls SIIARPE'S Peerage of th POPERY. its Character and Crimes, with illustra- cing the existing descen

tions from M.S.S. and rare boooks, by W. E. bility, with engravings Taylor, curious engravings, post 8vo. cloth, 2s cloth, 4s pub at 68

1851 SIMPSON'S Complete N PORTER'S (Miss) Thaddeus of Warsaw, a novel, 1s6d pub at 8s

12mo, cloth, gilt, 2s Bentley's Stand. Novels. ( SMOLLETT’S Adventure PORTFOLIO OF ENGRAVINGS, including Art plates, 2 vols calf, 1s6d

Union Prints, illustrative of Bunyan's Pilgrim's SOUTH'S (Robt., D.D.) Progess, Campbell's Gertrude of Wyoming, and vols. 8vo. cloth, 9s (vol others, and an Interesting Collection of Miscel- SOWERBY'S MANUAL laneous Prints, a superior collection, 119 in num- containing a complete ] ber. with portfolio, 21s

ence, illustrated by upw PRESCOTT'S IIistory of the Conquest of Peru, Shells, etched on copper

3 vols. post 8vo. cloth, extra, 10s6d Bentley 1851 10s. pub at £1 58 PRESCOTT'S History of the Reign of Philip II., This is the only work whit

of Spain, 3 vols. l2mo. cloth, as new, 5g pub gives a comprehensive view at 7-6d

1859 to the present advanced state TRESCOTT'S Critical and Historical Essays, post tary acquaintance with the su

only be found useful to all who 8vo. cloth, extra, new, portrait, 3s6d 1861 cient, as a book of reference. PRIDEAUX'S Connection of the Old and New STAFFORDSHIRE--Erd Testament History, 2 vols. &v(), calf, 5s 1719

History and Antiquities PRIDE (The) of the Village, a novel, by Hannah additions by Harwood, tl

Maria Jones. with engravings, post 8vo. boards, 12s. pub at £1 55
Is6d pub at 3s

STAFFORDSHIRE-PL PYCROFT on School Education, designed to as- TORY and ANTIQUI

sist parents in choosing and in cooperating with with the scarce LAKGE M. Instructors for their sons, 12mo. boards, ls6d

Coats of Arms of the C pub at 5s

1843 plates, with the proposa QUARLES Emblemy, Divine and Moral, with a list of subscribers, large sketch of the life and times of the Author,

rare, £5 58. portrait and numerous engravings, square 12mo. Another copy, wanting ti cloth, extra, red edges, 3s6d


plates, but the “History' QUEECHY, 12mo. plates, cloth, ls6d


supplied in manuscript, a REFORMED Botavio Practice of Medicine, 12mo. STEPHENS'S Gospel Hist

half morocco, gilt edges, 2s6d Birm. 1852 of the Man of Sorrow, thi ROLLIN'S Ancient History, complete, with maps, cloth extra, 2s6d

&c., 2 vols. royal 8vo. new half calf, extra, gilt, STEVENS'S Lecture on E marbled leaves, 13s6d


Satire, frontispiece, 1788– ROMANTIC Biography of the Age of Elizabeth, a Tale, and 3 others in or Sketches of Life from the Byeways of History,

calf, Isod edited by Dr. Cooke Taylor, 2 vols. 8vo, new SWIFT’S WORKS, edite half calf, extra, gilt, marbled leaves, and fine por. medium 8vo. portrait, e trait of Q. Elizabeth, 9s6d


full gilt backs uniform wi ROSS'S (Rev. J. L.) Man, considered in relation

lett, pub. at £1 12s reduce to a present and future state of being, 8vo. limp

1859 cloth, 1s6d pub at 10s

Whoever in the three ROTH (Dr. N.) on the Prevention and Cure of at all, hasSwift.—Lord CE

many Chronic Discases by Movements, 8vo. en- SYRIA AND THE HOLY gravings, cloth, 3s6d

1851 and their people; being RUSSELL'S The War, from the Landing at Gal- and Travel, from Buckhar

lipoli to the Death of Lord Raglan, post Svó. and other leading Author cloth, 3s pub at 55

1855 With 180 fine wood engra SCOTT’S (Sir Walter) NOVELS, complete, the Au- 38 6d. pub, at 12s.

thor's favourite edition, good large type, with 96 TACITUS'S Germany, and plates, 48 vols. 12mo. clolh, extra, 25 5s originally lated by Smith, with Lati published ut £12

1854 8vo. boards, 1s6d SEED'S (Jeremiah, D.D.) Discourses on Important THACKERAY'S Mrs. Pe Subjects, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 2s

1752 plates, small 4tó, bds. 28 p SERVICE and Adventures in India during the THOLUCK'S Commentary

Mutinies, 1857-8, by Dunlop, post 8vo. cloth, 28 8vo. cloth, 5s6d Cla SHAKESPEARE'S Plays, with the Corrections THOMASS Shooter's Guid

and Illustrations of various Commentators, and panion, Choice of a Fowlis notes by Dr. Saml. Johnson, portrait, LARGE of Sporting Dogs, their I

TYPE, 8 vols. 8vo, old calf, gilt, neat, 20s 1765 Game, &c., 12mo. cloth, 2 SHAKESPEARE, a new Exegesis of, Interpreta THOMPSON (Rev. E.)

tion of his principal Characters and Plays, onthe Miracles, the Great Bulwa Principle of Races, 8vo, cloli, 2s6d pub at 9s boards, 400 pages, 1s6d p= TACITI OPERA, 2 vols. 18mo. sewed 2s VOLTAIRE'S Age of Lewis the XIVth 2 nla. Lipsiæ 1846 8vo. portrait, calf, 2s6d

1752 TEMPLE'S Travels in Peru, and Year's Residence

" The constant merit of this Book is the ease in Potosi, 2 vols. 8vo, map and plates, half calf, and beauty of the narrative, the agreeable and often valoa neat, 3s6d pub at £1 4s


ble observations with which it is accompanied, above all THACKERAY'S The Virginians, a Tale of the Professor SMYTH ON HISTORY.

that the writer never trifles with the time of his readers." last century, with plates, 2 vols. 8vo. new half WALES- Picturesque Scenery in, 37 steel plates, calf, gilt, extra, marbled leaves, 1786d pub at by Adlard, Allen. Gastineau, &c., with descript£1 4s in parts


ions by Tillotson, richly bound in blue cloth, THOMPSON'S (E.) Popular Lectures upon the elegantly gilt, 4to. 786d

1859 Differences existing between the Churches of WALKER’S Manly Exercises, with numerous England and Rome, enriched with copious notes, plates, 12mo, cloth, gilt edges, 3s6d pub at 8s &c., 8vo. cloth, 417 pages, 1s6d pub at 6s6d 1845 WALPOLE'S (Horace.) Letters to Sir Horace THOMPSON'S (E.) Sermons upon the future state Mann, British Envoy to the Court of Tuscany,

of happiness, 2nd edition, 8vo. cloth, 256 pages edited by Lord Dover, 3 vols. 8vo. portrait bds.756d 1s6d pub at 6s6d

Hatchard 1844 WARD'S Reciter, Pieces Moral, Religious and THOMPSON'S (E.) 24 Sermons for the Use of Sacred, in Prose and Verse, 12mo. half calf, Issd

Families, 8vo, boards, 504 pages 1s6d pub at WATERSTON'S Manual of Commerce, Com10s6d

Flatchard 1838

mercial Frrms, Terms in Trade and Finance, &c. THOMPSON'S (E.) Sermons Preached in Critical

12mo. neatly bound, 2s6d sells at 3s6d 1860 Times, 8vo. boards, 252 pages 1s6d published WATSON'S (Rev. T.) Discourses, Practical and at 6s6d

Hatcha 1840

Experimental on the Epistle to the Colossians, THOMSON'S The Land and the Book, or Bibli.

8vo. cloth, 2s pub at 10s6d

1838 cal Illustrations drawn from the Manners and WATSON'S PRINCIPLES and PRACTICE OF Customs. the Scenes and Scenery of the Holy PHYSIC; 4th and last edition, 2 thick vols. 870. Land, with fine plates, printed in colours, small cloth, 218. pub. at 34s.

1857 8vo. cloth, extra, 6s6d

1861 WATSON'S (Richd.) Conversations for the Young, THOMSON'S Botanic Guide to Health, post 8vo. on the Profitable Reading of the Scriptures, 12mo. cloth, 186d

cloth, 1s6d

1839 TIMBS' Year Book of Facts in the Great Exhibit. WEBER'S (Dr. G.) Universal History from the ion of 1851 12mo. cloth, 186d pub at 58 1851

Criation to the present time, by Dr. Behr, 850. TOBACCO, its History, Manufacture and Adul- cioth, 4s6d pub at 12s

1851 teration, 1s

WEBSTER'S (John) Dramatic Works, with ATOPLADY'S (Rev. Aug.)Works, complete in one count of his Life and Writings, and notes by large vol, cloih, 7s6d pub at 12s


Dyce, royal 8vo. cloth, 6s pub at 9s Moxon 1857 TOWNLEY'S (Rev. R. of Liverpuol) The Second WELL'S Scripture Geography, post 8vo. cloth, 2s

Advent of Christ, a past event, 8vo. cloth, 28 WELSH-Edward's Poems, in the Welsh Lan. pub at 48

guage, 12mo. brards, 186d

1826 TRAILL'S (Rev. R.) Works, vol 1, containing WESLEYAN Methodist Conferences, vol. 13, XIV. Sermons on Grace, and the Best Way to 1855 to 1857, 8vo. boards, 28 pub at 83

18.59 Win Souls, also on Justification, 12mo. calf, WHITBY'S Paraphrase and Commentary on the 186d

New Testament, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. portrait

, hall
-Vol 3, Sermons on a Steadfast Adherence
calf, 786d

1808 to the Profession of our Faith, 12mo. clf, ls6d 1763 WILSON'S Complete Christian Dictionary, exTRENCH'S Notes on the Parables, 8vo. boards, plaining all Scripture Difficulties, and serving 8s6d pub at 128

1855 instead of a Concordance and Commentary, 6th TROLLOPE'S (Mrs.) The Mother's Manual, or edition, thick folio, old calf, 58

1655 Matrimonial Economy, an Essay in Verse, with WING'S (Vincent) Harmonicon Cæleste; or the 20 plates, royal 8vo. cloth, 2s pub at 10s 1833

Celestial Harmony of the Visible World, useful TRUTH in Fiction, or Sketches from real Life, a to all Scholers, Astronomers, Astrologers, &c. Novel, 4 vols. 12mo. half calf. 1s6d 1809

folio, calf, scarce, 3s6d TUCKER'S (Rev. W. H.) Scriptural Studies, the WITS (The) Album, a Repository of Wit, Humour, Creation, the Christian Scheme, the Inner Sense, and Eccentricity, engravings by Crukshank, sro 8vo. cloth, 38

boards, 2s6d pub at 556d

N.D. TUCKEY'S Maritime Geography and Statistics, or WOLLASTON'S Religion of Nature Delineated. a Description of the Ocean and its Coasts, Mari.

4to. half calf, 2s6d

S. Palmer, 1725 time Commerce, Navigation, &c., 4 vols. 8vo.

“This Edition was set by Benjamin Franklin. boards, 4s


when a journeyman compositor, in Palmer's Printing UPHAM'S Principles of the Interior or Hidden Office."

Life, 12mo. cloth, 3s best edition, 386d 1857 WYCLIFFE'S Tracts and Treatises, with SelecUPHAM'S Divine Union, in the Higher forms of tions and Translations from his M.S.S. & Lalin

Religious Experience, 12mo. cloth, 38 1858 Works, by Rev. Dr. Vaughan, 8vo. cloth, 3s6d UPHAM'S Life of Faith, 12mo cluth, new, 3s 1869 XENOPHỞN'S Anabasis, translated by Spelman, VALPY'S Greek Exercises, 12mo. bound 18 cloth, 1s6d pub at 4s6d

1830 VERCELLIS (Fra. Antoni De) Sermones De XII YOUNG'S Wayfarer's Notes on the shores of the

Mirabilibus Christiana fidei, small 4to. half Levant, and the Valley of the Nile, the Religion vellum, rare, 10s

Venetis 1492 of Syria, on Italy, and on the Site of the Holy VIEWS in Ceylon, its inhabitants and Natural Sepulchre, 12nió. cloth, 2s6d pub at 68

1848 History, 7 large plates, 2s



Mostly Second-hand, including a few GERMAN, (Page 5), AND ITALIAN BI

With the lowest prices affixed; on sale
No. 22, PARADISE STREET, 6 Doors from t




Books of all kinds and in any quantity purchased or exchai

POETS.-WORKS of the BRITISH POETS, beautifully illustrated with $ elegantly whole bound in morocco extra, gilt sides and gilt edycs, £4 10s

May be had separately as follows: Burns 6s6d, Byron 6s6u, Campbell and Co Crabbe 6s6d, Goldsmith 6s6d, George Herbert 686d, Kirke White 6s6d, Long Moore 6s6d, Pope 6s6d, Scott 6s6d, Southey 6s6d, Wordsworth 6s6d. "All plates and elegantly bound in morocco extra, gilt edges." RAPIN'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND, with TINDAL'S CONTINUATIO

Portraits and Monuments. by Vertue, Honbraken, &c., maps, medallic histor mary, fc. Also RAPIN'S ACTA REGIA, an Account of the Treaties, between the Monarchs of England and Foreign powers, selected and translate together 6 vols. folio, calf neat, fine iibrary copy, only £4 4s formerly priced by at £20

.“ Rapin and Hume are our two great Historians. Rarin is important, and always work which may readily, and ought always to be, curu pared with Hume. It is full, valuad the absence of all other writers," -- Professor Smyth's Lectures on History,

ACCOUNT of the most remarkable transactions of | A PEEP into Architectur

the two last Parliaments held at Westminster, manner the Elements and Oxford, with exact List of Members of each 16mo. plates, cloth, 2360 Parliament, 12mo, calf, 2s

1685 ARABIAN Nights Ente ADVENTURES of Telemachus, in French, Is. very neat, 38 and in English, Is.

ARMSTRONG, Dyer and AFFECTION'S Keepsake, Poems, silk binding, ls with Memoirs and Criti. AHN'S First Latin Course and Key, 2 vols. 12mo. G. Gilfillan, 8vo. large to cloth, 1s6d. new copy, 28

ARNOLD'S Greek Accide AIKIN'S (Dr.) Select Works of the British Poets, at 5s6d

with Biographical and Critical Prefaces, thick ANOTHER, 5th edition 8vo. half calf extra, gilt, very neat, marbled edges, | ART-Pyc's Account of 536d pub at £1 !3.

1826 Art and Artists in Londo ALBERT Durer's Humiliation and Exaltation of cal, Biographical, and ex

our Redeemer, in 32 prints, with descriptive woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, 3s Text. by Rev. J. Allen, square 12mo cloth, is

A highly interesting vo ALLEINE'S Heaven Opened; cloth, is 1842

and London Artists. ANDERSON'S (John D. D. of Newborough) The BAGSTER'S Comprehens

Course of Creation, post 8vo. cloth, 2s6d pub passages, Philological a at 63

1850 &c., 4to. purple calf, 16AMERICA,-Miscellanea Curiosa, being a Collec- BARNES' Notes on the Fc

tion of some of the Principal Phenomena in cloth, 2s–Tract Society, Nature, etc., 3 vols. 8vo. calf, 7s6d 1708 thcw and Mark, cloth, la The third volume contains a collection of curious

BASKERVILLE'S CEL Travels, and Clayton's Letters on Virginia; Part of a OF THE BIBLE; 2 Journal kept from Scotland to New Caledonia, by Darien,

scarce, 21s.

Printed by by Dr. Wallace, etc.

BEAUTIES of the Mod ANIMAL Magnetism, 18mo. cloth, gilt edges, 1s6d

12mo. bourds, ls6d pub at 2s6d


BICKERSTETH'S PSAL. ANNE'S (Queen) Life and Reign, portrait and nu.

BLAND'S Latin Hexame: merous plates, thick 8vo. calf, 23


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