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Brokerage, or Esma-20

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Prods. 37
STERNE S Tristmas: Shair

!s En ciota, Ls61
* STEPHEN'S Aptent of the Br"

Minnal of Practical Dr.

at 53 STORE of Kolage for at

rioz, imperiul st. dicta su STURR ard Flatt's Cases

Fith additions by Dr. Sebze

coch. DF, 4561 STRUIT'S Tract-on Satels

orsstr. 1730-on Prezi

the Divinitr, ! rolsin 1, 353. d. 26 STUARTS Moss Comments

Irpse. thick sra. cioth. nes, tad STTRGES Joseph, of Birm. To

States of America in 1841,

10s6d STYLES' Rer. Dr.) The 433 claims on our humanity

, staciones deth, 2s pub at 9s SWIFTS (Dean) Ciosing Teas by

Poems and Remarks on Stei

Sro, ch th, 2560 pub at 6s SINTAI'S Dr.) Tour in

TAYLOR'S Scenes in England, plates, 1s TREVELYAN, a novel, by the author of "A
TAYLOR'S (Jeremy) Great Exemplar, in the Life Marriage in High Life.” 12mo. cloth, 2s
and Death of Christ, with Prayers, fitted to the

Bentley's Stand. Novels 1837
Several Mysteries, numerous fine old engravings, TUDOR (The) Sisters, a novel. orininal large type

and portrait by Lombart, folio, calf, 7s6d 1657 edition, 3 vols. post 8vo. half roan, 2s6d pub at TAYLOR'S (John, of Norwi h,) Paraphrase with $1 lls 6d

1848 Notes on the Epistle to the Romans, 4to. calf, 38 TURNER (J. M. W.) and Ruskin's Harbours of THACKERAY'S Vanity Fair, post 8vo. cloth, 3s6d England, 12 highly finished engravings, by Lupton THIERRY'S History of the Conquest of England 1. M. W. Turner himself, with Essay and Des

by the Normans, translated by Hazlitt, 2 vols. criptions, by J. Ruskin, Esq., author of Mod

post 8vo. half calf extra, marbled edges, 7s6d 1847 ern Painters,” small folio, cloth, gilt, gilt leaves, THOMSON'S Etymons of English Words, tracing 15s pub. as £2 2s,

1856 the descent of English Words, their Affinity with A great mind has at last come and almost dethe different dialects of Gothic spoken in Europe. ciphered the meaning of the surge's moan and the and connexion with other tongues of Europe and deep sea's shout of madness. Mr. Lupton deserves Asia, 4to. cloth, 4s6d pub at 285

1826 great praise for his careful and excellent engravings THOMSON'S Materia Medica, 2nd edition, thick of these works. Turner himself, wrought on six of

8vo. half calf, 58 pub at £1 lls 6d 1835 the plates, finishing them wt:h tender care and infi. -pnother copy boards, 3s.

1831 | nite elaboration.- ATHENÆUM. THOMSON'S Seasons, and Poetical & Dramatic | TWO Old Men's Tales, 12mo. cloth, 2s Works, complete, 3 yols. 8vo, calf, 4s6d 1744

Bentley's Stand Novels 1849 THORNTON'S Family Prayers, 12mo. cloth, 1s6d TYMM'S Family Topographer, an Account of the THUCYDIDES History of the Peloponesian War, History and Antiquities of each County in Eng

newly translated, with very copious Annotations, land, its Ancient and Present State, &c., with Philological, Historical, and Geographical, by maps, 7 vols. post 8vo. clotn, 10s6d pub at £1 158 the Rev. S. T. Blomfield, D D., maps, 3 vols. UNCLE Philip on the Whale Fishery, and the 8vo half cloth, uncut, 13s6d pub at £2 53 1829 Polar Regions, numerous engravings, cloth, 186d

By far lhe best translation of Thucydides. UNCLE Tom's Cabin, large edition, with plates, The noles are a Trcasury of Erudition,

cloth, gilt edges, 2s6d

1853 TILLOTSON'S (Archbp.) Sermons, 14 vols. 8vo. VALPY'S (Rev. Dr.) Sermons, with Notes, and portrait, calf, 14s

1704 Appendix an various important subjects, 2 vols. “He tanght, by his sermons, more ministers to 8vo boards, 28

1811 preach well, and more people to live well, than any other VALPY'S Latin Dialogues, bound, 18 1832 man since the Apostles' days; he was the ornament of VALPY'S Greek Delectus, cloth, 186d the last century, and the glory of his function; in the

1854 pulpit another Chrysostom, --Bp BORNET.

VALPY'S Ovidii et Tibullo, cloth, ls

1844 TIT FOR TAT, or American Fixings of English VALPY'S Latin Delectus, by White, 12mo. cloth, Humanity, post 8vo. cloth, 1s6d

1856 1s6d 1857-Second Latin Exercises, 12mo. cloth, TODD'S (Rev. John) Works; Sunday School Tea- 1s3d pub at 2s6d

1841 cher, Student's Manual, Simple Sketches, Great VAN MILDERT'S (William, D.D.) Sermons, Cities, Truth made Simple, Lectures, &c., post preached in the Parish Church of St. Mary-le8vo. cloth, 4s

1858 Bow, London, from 1802 to 1805, 2 vols. 8vo. TOOKE'S (Horne) Diversions of Purley, with boards, 4s6d pub at £1

1808 notes by Taylor, 850, cloth, extra, 3s 1860 “The writings of Bishop Van Mildert may, indeed, TOOKE'S View of the Russian Empire during the be recommended to students as a text book of divinity. reign of Catherine II., and to the end of the words, and the sound orthodoxy of bis doctrine, cannot

The perspicuity of his style, the exact propriety of his XVIIIth Century, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 4s6d fail to command the respect and rivet the attention of TORY (The) Baronet, a novel, original large type

the reader."- "-CHRISTIAN HEMEMBRANCBA. edition, 3 vols

. post 8vo. half roan, 2s6d pub at VAUGHAN'S (Rev. Dr.) John De Wycliffe. D.D. £1 lls 6d


a Monograph, with some account of the Wycliffe TOWN LIFE; Chapters on Good and Bad Wives,

M.S.S., portrait and engravings, small 4to. How Working Men become poor, Houses and

cloth, 7s6d pub at 16s

1853 their Tenants, “Going it," Going on Tick," VIRGILLI Opera Delphin, 8vo. bound, 186d 1753 Bending the Twig, Recreation, The Free and VIRGILIUS Maro, Aldine edition, i2mo. cloth, Easy, Wakes, The Cigar Shop, Having a Glass

, VIRGIL, literally translated by Davidson, post extra, 2s pub at 5s

1857 Working Men's Clubs, &c., 12mo. cloth, 1s6d TRACTS-Priestley's Principles of Dissenters,

8vo. cloth, 2s with respect to the Constitution-Britain's Re VOLTAIRE'S Romances, Novels, and Tales, 2 membrancer, Effects of Vices in Britain, Remark.

vols. 8vo. portrait, boards, scarce and curious, 5s able Deliverances of the Nation, &c., 1748— VORAGINE (Jacobi de) Historia Lombardica, seu Warren's Funeral Sermon of the Rev. J. Merrel

Legenda Sanctorum, folio, BLACK LETTER, oriof Coventry, 1716--and several others, 8vo.

ginal old wood bindiny, 16 s6d

1496 half calf, 28

"On Recherche les premiers Editions de cet TREASURY OF ORNAMENTAL ART; Illus- a retranchees dans les editions Posterieures." SANTANDER

ouvrage & canse des Singularites, qu'on y trouve et qa'on trations of Choice Objects of Art and Vertu, from VOYAGE (The) of Life, a novel, original large the Museum at Marlborough Hous?, 71 esquisite type edition, 3 vols. post 8vo. half roan, 2s6d plates, printed in colours, by F. Bedford, with pub at £1 ils 6d descriptions by J. C. Robinson, F.S.A., imperial WAKEFIELD'S Facts relating to the Punishment 8vo. elegantly bound and gill, 30s pub at £3 133 60 of Death, 8vo. boards, 1s6d

esque, with numerous colonia

landson, to rai Sro. cait. 02. SINTAI'S Second Tour in

numerous coloured plates. rosa..."

Deat, ested
STEPHANI Concordantis vt's

Græco Latine, folio, stie copy, * **

original binding. 5s STEPNEY'S (Lads The There is

Orijinal large type eritira, 3 F25.23*

Toan, 2s61 pub. at £! Ils 6d STILLING': Theory of Parameters

ing Presentiments, Vin DE

12010. cloth, scarts, 2-6 STORIES from the Greeks and lots

120.0, cloth, isod pub ai 363

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STORIES OF an Archaus

2 rols in one post Src Coas,


tires of Individuals and Fama of Newcastie, and Nosies uiters. ing places and objects, br d.o. plotne, half morocco, utat, illatelse S[FFOLK Histors and inte ishes of Guzten, Lifeste Aluingham cum Tborr, Davit flere Lienstead, Huntingtied, der er

SC Wed, lös pub at £?

Suckling's Suti, in part to con STSIN Hoplir, or th: Adreptar TILES of my Time, 3 rola posta fois


rant, 12mo. cicli, gull. 33

91 £l lis id

WADDINGTON'S (Dr. George) History of the WICKIIAM'S (J. A., of Frome.) Synopsis of the

Church, from the earliest ages to the Reforma- Doctrine on Bapti-m. Regeneration, Conversion, tion, with a Table of the Principal Councils, and and Kindred Subjects, by the Fathers and other Index, thick 8vo). cloth, extra, 4s6d pub at 168 writers, from the time of our Saviour to the end

“This work was disti ignished on its appe irance of the fourth Century, with an Introduction on with no ordinary share of public approbation, by no mean

the Use and Authority of the Fathers, thick Sro. judges, as entitled it to a conspicuous place among our

cloth, extra, 3s6d pub at 12s It is perhaps, the best history of native

1850 standard works. growth of which we can bonst.'-EDIN REVIEW.

"A very valuable acquisition to the library of the WALDEGRAVE, a novel original large type edi- theologiau. The extracts are given in their original len.

glages, as well as in English "--ENGLISH REVIEW. tion, 3 vols. post 8vo. half roan, 2s6d pub at

WILKINSON'S (il ) Engines of War; or Ancient £1 lls 6d


and Modern Warlike Machines and Implements, WALSH S Economical Housekeeper, Advice on

with remarks on Bronze, Iron, Steel, etc., sro. purchasing supplies for the House, on Brewing,

cloth, 3s pub at 12s

1851 Baking, Preserving and Pikling, Management

WILLIAM'S (Josh. of Kiddermipster.) Diary, of the Dairy, Poultry Yard, Laundry and Cellar,

Meditations, and Letters, large edition, Sro. with plates, 12mo. ncatly half hound, 2-6d 1857

portrait, 2s6d

1815 WALTER the Shoolmaster, by Rev. E. Monro: WILLIAMS'S Practical Geodesy, comprisig 12mo. cloth, 1s6d

Masters 1856

Chain Surveying and the use of Surveying InWALL'S Ceremonies of the Senate House of Cam

struments, 8vo. cloth, 5s pub at 12s6d 1842 bridge University, Tablcs of Fees, Forms of pro- WILLS'S (1lfrid, Barrister, Birm. Wanderings ceeding to Degrees, &c., Svo. boards, 1s6d 1798

aming the High Alps, post 8vo. cloth, estrite WALFORD'S New Trauslation of the Psalms,

2-6d pub at 6s

1858 with notes, 8vo. cloth, 2:6, pub at 7s6d 1837 WILSON'S (Bp. Dan.) Evidences of Christianity, WALTON'S English and Welsh Dictivuary, with

8vo. boards vol. 1, 2. pub at 128

1826 a Dissertation on the Welsh Language, &c., 2 WILSON'S (Rev. E.) XXII. Parish Sermons vols. 4to. calf, 18s6d

Dolgelley 1815 WALTON and Cotton's Angler, with Lives and WINTER Niglits, a novel by Calder Campbell,

preached at Bath, Svo. boards, 2s pub a: 1064 Notes by Hawkins and Rennie, 12mo. cloth, 2s WALTON and Cotton's complete Angler, diamond

original large type edition, 3 vols, post sro, kalf ro'n 2-60 pub at £1 lls d

1850 edition, cloth, 1s6d pub at 6s Pickering 1025 WITTICH'S German Tales for Beginners, post Sro, WANDERINGS among the Wild Flowers, How

cloth, 2s pub at 6s

1847 to see and how to gather them, by Dr. Spencer | WOMAN'S Love, and the World's Favour, a noThomson, with engravings, 12mo. cloth, 2s6d

vel, original large edition, 3 vols. post 870. half pub at 58

roan, 3s pub at £1 lls 6d

1839 WARBURTOY'S Crescent and the Cross, post 8vo. WOODHOUSE on Plane and Spherical Trigonomecloth, extra, 4s6d

1858 WARBURTON'S Darien, or The Merchant Prince WORCESTERSHIRE-Allies Ancieni, British,

try, 5th edition, Svo boards, 2s pub at 125 1827 post 8vo. cloth, new, 4s6d


Roman, and Saxon Antiquities of Worcestershire, WARBURTON'S Rollo and his Race, or Footsteps

8vo, 2 plates, cloth, 3s

1840 of the Normans, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, extra, HISTORY and Description of the City and Cathe3s6d pub at £1 ls


dral of Worcester, also an Account of all the WARD'S Young Mathematician's Guide; an Easy Towns and Scats of Nobility and Gentry in the

Introduction to Mathematics, 8vo. calf, 1s6d WARREN'S Ten Thousand a Year, 2 vols. post

County, Biographies of Eminent Natives, &c, map, &c., 12mo, boards, 2s

1829 8vo, cloth, 6s

1854 MAY'S History of Evesham, 8vo. plates, boards, WARWICK, Warwick Castle, Guy's Cliff, and

3s pub at 93

1884 Kenilworth Castle, 6 large plates, folio, 2s6d NOAKE'S Worcester in Olden Times, 12mo. maps, pub at 9s

Warwick 1822
cloth, 3s6d pub at 58

1949 WATTS'S (Dr.) Psalms of David, witb Preface SYMOND'S Stones of the Valley, Geology of the and Notes, 1772—also Hymns and Spiritual

Vale of Worcester, 12mo. engravings, cietb, 25 Songs, 2 vols. 12mo, calf, 1s6d scarce od editions

pub at 5s

1851 WEBB'S Sensibility of Separate Souls considered, WORCESTERSDIRE, Shropshire, and Hereford12mo, cloth, 1s6d


shire, Cooke's Descriptions of, with maps, calf. 23 WELLINGTON; a Lecture by Dr. Cumming, XENOPHON'S Anabasis, greek, cloth, is 1829

new and enlarg d edition, with valuable additions XENOPHON’S Anabasis, Greek, with notes by tcap. cloth, 186d pub at 2s6d


Hutchinson, 8vo. half culf, 1s6d Oxun 1819“Of all the works written on the death, and reviewing the life of the deceased bero, this alone bears

Ditto, Books I and 2, is

1854 the character of permanency. Its beauty, fulness of de XENOPHON'S Expedition of Cyrus and Retreat lails, richness of language, and general correciness, de- of the 10,000 Greeks, translated by Spelman, roy: serve to make it a standard work,''-COURCH AND STATK

8vo. cloth, 23 GAZETTE

1813 WESLEY'S (John) Sermons, vol. 2, containing 95 YEAR BOOK of Facts in Science and Art, for Sermons. 8vo, cloth, 2s6d


1860, by J. Timbs, 12mo, engravings, cloth, les* WESLEY'S (John) Journal, best edition, 4 vols.

as new, 3s6d pub at 5s

1960 8vo. portrait cloth, scurce, 12s6d pub at £1 43

YORKSHIRE-Hutton's (Wm. of Birm.) Trip WESLEY'S (John) Journals, thick 8vo. cloth

to Coatham, 8vo. calf, wants title and plates, 1s6d portrait, 58


BYWATER’S (Abel) Sheffield Dialect, a Series of WILLCOLKES and Fryer's System of Mental

Humorous Conversations in broad Yorkshire, Arithmetic, 12mo. cloth, 186d pub at os

18mo. cloth, very curious, 1s6d







All now on Sale



22, PARADISE STREET, Six doors from the Town Hall) BIRMINGHAM.

(And at Sheffield.

The Books are all warranted perfect. Books of all kinds purchased or taken in exchange.

Former Catalogues may be had on application.

SCOTT'S (Sir Walter) NOVELS, complete, the Author's favourite edition, good type, with 96 plates, 48

vols. 12mo. newly bound, half calf, extra, marbled edges, nice library set, £8 88 originally published at £12 in cloth

1854 LODGE'S PORTRAITS OF ILLUSTRIOUS PERSONAGES, with Memoirs of their Lives and

Actions, 12 vols. imperial 8yo. half morocco, top edge gilt, £7 pub at £50 fine early impressions of the portraits,

1835 GILFILLAN'S LIBRARY EDITION OF THE BRITISH POETS, 38 vols. 8vo. doth, good as new, £5 cost 56 13s by subscription,

Includes the works of Akenside, Armstrong, Dyer and Green, Beattie, Blair and Falconer, Bowles, Burne, Butler, Churchill, Cowper, Crashaw, Quarles. Dryden, Herbert, Milton, Prior, Goldsmith, Colling and Wharton. Johnson, Parnell, Gray and Smollett, Percy's Reliques of Ancient Poetry Pope,'Scott, Shakespeare, Surrey, Shenstone, Spenser, Thomson, Waller and Denham, Kirke White and Grahame, Wyatt, Young, all in good readable type. ABBOTT (Charles, Lord Colchester), Speeches in A HANDY BOOK to Safe Investments, 12mo. Returning the Thanks of the House of Commons cloth, 1s6d pub at 2s6d

1860 to Military Commanders, 1807.16, with a bio- AIKIN'S England Described, an Account of Every graphical memoir and appendix, 12mo. not pub- County in England and Wales, Notices of the

lished, very scarce, crimson morocco extra, gilt Principal Seats, Civil and Military Transactions, edge3, 58

&c., map, 8vo. half calf, 2s

1818 ABBOTT'S (Jacob) Works; Young Christian, AINSWORTH'S Old St. Pauls, a Tale of the

Corner Stone, Way to do Good, the Teacher, Plague and the Fire, large edition, with plates, Parental Duties, Way to be Saved, Mother at 8vo. cloth, gilt, 5s

1855 Home, Little Philosopher, in one vol, 8vo. AINSWORTH'S Windsor Castle, large edition, cloth, 4s6d 1851 with plates, 8vo. cloth, gilt, 4s6d

1859 À BERCROMBIE'S Gardener's Dictionary, a Daily AINSWORTH'S ROOKWOOD, large edition,

Remembrancer to all Lovers of Gardening, 3 vols. with plates, 8vo. cloth, gilt, 4shid 12mo. calf, 28

1786 | AINSWORTH'S Lancashire Witches, a Romance ABERCROMBIE'S Philosophy of the Moral Feel- of Pendle Forest, large edition, with plates, 8vo. ings, 12mo, cloth, 2s pub at 48 1849 cloth, gilt, 58

1854 ACCUM'S Practical Treatise on Gas Light, with AINSWORTH'S Miser's Daughter, large edition, plates, royal 8vo. half calf, 2s 1816 with plates, 8vo. cloth, gilt, 4s6d

1855 ADAM the Gardener, by Charles Cowden Clarke, AINSWORTH'S The Star Chamber, 8vo. plates by 12mo. cloth, 1s6d 1834 Phiz, cloth, gilt, 4s6d

1857 ADAMS (W. B.) on English Pleasure Carriages, AINSWORTH'S The Spendthrift, lurge edition, their Origin, Varieties, and Improvements, also with plates, 8vo. cloth, gilt, 4s6d

1857 on the Construction of Roads, Railroads and AITKEN'S Elements of Physiology, and on the

Vehicles, with plates, 8vo cloth, 4s pub at 14s Constitution of Man, post 8vo. cloth, 2s6d pub ADAMS' Roman Antiquities, 8vo. 1s6d—improved at 98

1838 by Major, 2s

1835 A LARGE PORTFOLIO OF ENGRAVINGS, ADDISONIANA, a Collection of Anecdotes relat- including Illustrations of Costume, Dresses and

ing to the Life & Writings of Addison, portraits, Manners, English and Foreign, many Portraits, &c., 2 vols. 12mo. boards, scarce, 2s6d

- Landscapes, Natural History, Pencil Drawings ADDISON'S INDIAN REMINISCENSES, 8vo. cloth and Miscellaneous, in all 239 engravings of every 1 s6d

1837 description, plain and coloured, with portfolio, AGNES, or Beauty and Pleasure, by G. W. M.

only 21s Reynolds, with engravings, royal' 8vo. cloth, 48 ALISON'S Continuation to his History of Europe pub at 108 (no title page)

vol 1, 8yo. cloth, 58 pub at 12s

1853 AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY'S Journal vol. ALISON'S, The Future, or the Science of Politics, 6 in 2 parts 8vo. sewed 28 pub at 10s 1845

post 8vo. cloth, 1s6d


ALBUMS OR SCRAP BOOKS, FILLED WITH PINE ART-A History of Art, & Lives of the Painters,

ENGRAVINGS, a Volume containing 200 interest- Raffaelo, Titian, Vasari, Van Eyck, Caracci, ing coLOURED ENGRAVINGS, folio, neat embossed Carlo Dolci, Rubens, Claude, Mengs. Stothari, binding, 21s-Another volume, containing 167 Fuseli, &c, (no plates) 4to. half calf, gill, fery fine engrarings, (a few coloured) folio half crimson neat, 3563 morocco, gilt, very neat, 21s—Another Volume, ASCENT to the summit of Mont Blanc, August smaller, containing 340 engravings, plain and 1837, with plates, 8vo. cloth, Is6d Privately coloured, 4to. half calt, 10s6d

printed 1837 ALLDRIDGE'S Goldsmith’s Repository; a Trea- ASTROLOGY (Familiar) an easy Guide to Fair.

tise on the Art of Assaying Metals, 8vo. calf, Destiny and Foreknowledge, by Raphael, with searce, 3s6d

1789 coloured plates, thick 8vo. cloth, scarce 5s6d 1819 ALVES' Sketches of a History of Literature, Lives | ASTRONOMY-Wilson's(John) Lost Solar System

and Characters of the most eminent Writers and of the Ancients discovered, with engrarings, 2 pols.

Remarks on their Works, 8vo. boards, 1s6d 1794 8vo. cloth extra, good as new, only 4s pub at £1 16: AMERICA-Constitution for the Goverment of the

Longman's 18.56 United States, Svo, sewed, 1s6d

A TRIBUTE for the Negro, being a Vindication of AMERICA-Historical View of the Progress of the Moral, Intellectual and religious Capabilities

Discovery on the Northern Coasts, by of the coloured portion of Mankind, with numer. P. F. Tytler, with Sketches of the Natural His- ous Biographical Sketches, and fine portraits and

tory by Wilson 12mo. cloth 2s pub at 58 1832 engravings, thick 8vo. cloth, gilt, 3s6d 1818 AMERICA-Livingston's Psalms and Hymns, AUSTRALIAN Essays; Political, moral and Reli

Catechism, Confession of Faith and Liturgy of gious by J. Norton, Member N. S. Wales Legisthe Reformed Dutch Church ,N. Am calf, lative Council, small 4to. cloth, 1s6d 1857 1s6d

New York. 1814 BACON (Lord) His Philosophy and TimesA Month in the Camp before Sebastopol by a Non- Realistic Philosophy and its Age, by Dr. Fischer, Combatant post 8vo. cloth, ls6d

1855 translated by Oxenford, post Svo. cloth, estrz, ANATOMISTS , Vade Mecum (Wilson's) with 3s6d pub at 9s6d

Longman's 1857 engravings, 12 mno. cloth, 4s6d pub at 12s6d (the « Those who wish for something more preciza two first leaves inked)

1854 about Bacon than usually appears in a readable fora, ANDERSON'S Mercantile Correspondence, a col

will have every reason to feel obliged to the German

Doctor and his English Translator."--ATBENET 4. lection of liedern Letters of Business, 10th edition 12mo. cloth, (is nou 38 pub at 58 1860

BACON'S (Lord) Letters written during the Reiga Another càition, boards, 2s


of King James 1st, with Introduction and Notes, ANDREWS'S (J.P.) Collection of Anecdotes An- BACON'S ESSAYS, with a Table of the Colours

small 4to. calf, 2s6d

1702 cient and Modern Sro. huif cars, 28 1789

of Good and Evil, and the Wisdom of the ANGELO'S (IIenry) Reminiscences, including


Antients, 12mo. calf, 1s6d numerous Original Anecdotes and curious traits of the most celebrated Men who have fourished BAILLIE'S (Joanna) Collection of Poems, sro.

boards, 1s6d

1923 Juring the last 80 years, 2 vols. 8vo. boards 3s

BAINBRIDGE'S Fly Fisher's Guide, with enloud pub at £1 ls

1830 ANSTIS'S Observations upon the Knighthood of

plates of upwards of 40 of the most useful flies, the Bath 4to. half calf, 2s


accurately copied from Nature, 3rd edition, sro. ARABIAN Nights Entertainments, with 150 en.

cloth, 53 pub at 16s


BAKEWELL'S Natural Evidence of a Future Life, gravings, 8vo. cloth 4s6d ARBELL, a Tale for the Young, with plates, 12mo,

derived from the properties and actions of matter, cloth, 2s puh at is

a Sequel to the Bridgwater Treatises, Sro. cloth.

1854 ARCANA of Science and Art for 1834 with 45 BALLANTYNE'S Life in the Wilds of North

3s6d pub at 128

1810 engrarings, 12mo, cloth, 1a6d pub at 5s ARCHÆOLOGICAL Institute Proceedings- His

America, Six Years Residence in the Territories

of the Hudson's Bay Company, post 8vo. tory and Antiquities of Bristol and the Western Counties, Evo, plates, cloth, 5s pub at 12s

engravings, cloth, 2s

1848 1853 ARCHERS (Major) Tours in Upper India and in BALLARD'S Memoirs of Learned Ladies of Gt parts of the Himalaya Mountains, with Accounts BARBAS' Art of letals, translated in 1699, by

Britain, 4to. calf, scarce, 3s6d

1674 of the Courts of ihe Native Prir.ces, 2 vols. 8vo.

Earl of Sandwich, 12mo, culf, scarce, 330d 1674 half bound, 3s

1833 ARCHITECTURE (Essay on) explaining its true

“Gentle Reader thou hast now in ths hands

a jewell so esteemed in Spain and the Indies, that there principles, and on the planning of Gardens 12mo. they sell even all they have (and the Kingdom of Heaven half rulf, isod

1755 to boot) to purchase it.'--PREFACE. ARETIN; a Dialogue on Painting, from the Italian BARBARY_(The) States, their Institutions, Arts,

of Lodovico Dolce, 12mo. calf, 1s6d 1770 Religion, Literature, Commerce, &c., by Bishop ARITIMETIC-Crossley aud Martin's Intellect- Russell, 12mo. map, cloth, 1s6d

1835 ual Calonlator, and the Key, 2 vols. borind, 2s pub | BARRUEL'S (Abbe) History of Jacobinism, transat 5s-51th edition

lated by Honorable R. Clifford, 4 vols. Svo. ARNOT'S Roots and Fruits of the Christian Life bords. 48

. 1798 8vo. cloth extra, 686d

1860 BARTLETT'S GLEANINGS, Pictorial and AntiARTIFICIAL MEMORY-Brayshaw's Metrical quarian of the Overland Route, numerous fine

Mnemonies applied to Geography, Astronomy, plates, imperial 8vo, half bound, 6s pub at 12s and Chronology, post 8vo. cloth, 2s 1849

BARRRY'S (Jas. Historical Painter) Works; Cor- | BENN ETT'S ARCANUM OF GEOMETRY,

respondence with Burke, Lectures on Painting, exhibiting the various Transmutations of SuperObservations on Works of Art in Italy & France, ficies and Solids, their actual capacity by the Kemarks on the Paintings in the Orleans Gallery, Mathematical Scale, with Solutions to the yet Essay on Pandora, Inquiry into the causes which unanswered Problenis of the Ancients, 8vo. 179 have obstı ucted the progress of the Fine Arts in figures, cloth, 4s6d pub at 16s

1838 England, &c with portrait and plates, 2 vols, 4to. BENTLEY'S Wealth, How to get, Preserve and half calí, 12: 1809 Enjoy it, cloth 18

1861 BATTLES OF WATERLOO, Ligny and Quartre BETAGH'S Voyage round the World, being an

Bras, circumstantial details, with plates, 8vo. Account of a remarkable Enterprize begun in cals, 2s

1817 1719 chiefly to Cruise on the Spaniards in the BEAST (The) and his Image, or the Coming Crisis great South Ocean. 8vo. half calf, 1s6d 1728 post 8vo. cloth, 2s

1859 BIBLE (Holy) elegantly bound in morocco, gilt, BEATRICE, or the Influence of Words, post 8vo. with clasp and rims round the edges, 2s6d cloth, 1s6d 1850 (original price 58)

1855 · BEATTIE'S (Dr. James) Nature and Immutabi.ity BICKERSTETH (Rev. Edward) Memoir of, by

of Truth, in Opposition to Sophistry and Rev. 1. R. Birks, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 5s pub Scepticisnı, 8vo, calf, 1s6d 1772 at 16s

1855 BEATTIE'S (Dr. James) Theory of Language, the BIGSBY'S (Robt. Antiquary) Poems and Essays,

Origin and Nature of Speech, and of Universal large paper copy, royal 8vo. cloth, 2s6d pub Grammar, 8vo. caif, 2s 1788 at 12s

1842 BEATTIE'S (Dr. J.) Essays on Poetry & Music, BINGLEY'S Naratives of the Personal Adventures

Laughter and Ludicrous Composition, and the of Celebrated Travellers, 12mo. boards, lsd 1819 Usefulness of Classical Learning, 8vo., frontés- BIRMINGHAM, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and piele, calf, gilt, 2s

1779 Worcester:hire Directory, with maps, royal 8vo. BEAUMGARTEN'S Apostolic History, 3 vols cloth, 2súd pub at £1 88

1854 8vo. cloth, 16s6d Clark's Theol. Liby. 1854 BIRTH (The) Day Gift, with fine steel plates, 12mo BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER'S DRAMATIC cloth, yilt eilges, 2s6d

WORKS, with Introduction by Darley, 2 vols. BLACKBURN'S Nineveh, its rise and ruin, 12mo

royal Svo. cth. ertra, 21s pub at 32s Moxon 1856 cloth, gilt edges, ls6d BEAUTIES of English Scenery, 35 steel plates, ! BLAKEY'S Essay on Logic, 2nd edition, with a

from designs by Bartlett, Cox, Daniel and others list of upwards of 1000 Works on Logic, 12mo. with descriptions by Tillotson, 4to. richly bound cloth, 1s6d pub at 3s6d

1848 in blue cloth, eleganily gilt, 7s6d

1860 BLACK'S Etymological and Explanatory DictionBEAUTIES of English Poetry, by Dr. Wolcot, ary of Words derived from the Latin, 18mo. 2 vols. 12mo. boards, 1s6d 1804 boards, 1s6d pub at 5s6d

1825 BECKINGTON'S (Bishop of Bath and Wells) BLACK WOOD'S Magazine July to December,

Journal of an Embassy to Negociate a Marriage 1826, thick vol. 8vo. half culf, 1s6d between Henry VI. and a Daughter of the Count BLESSINGTON'S (Lady) Victims of Society, Svo of Armagnac, A.D. 1442, with Notes by Sir half calf, 1s6d

Paris 1837 Harris Nicolas, 8vo. cloth, 3s Pickering 1828 BLOME'S Britannia, a Description of England, BECON'S (Thos. one of the early Reformers) Works ; Scotland and Ireland with a map of each County,

Early Writings, Catechism and other Pieces, and the names, titles and seats of the Nobility Flower of Godly Prayers, Sick Man's Salve, and and Gentry of each County, Account of the numerous other Works, 3 vols, imperial 8vo. clh. American and other Colonies, &c., with a list of

8s6d pub at 15s by subscription Parker Socy. 1843-4 806 subscribers to the work and the engraved BEEC'ER'S Lectures on Atheism, post 8vo. coats of arms of each of them, folio, calf, cloth, 1860

scarce, 1086d

1673 BEECHER'S (Captain) Voyage of Discovery BLUNT'S (Rev. H.) Lectures on the History of

towards the North Pole, 8vo. cloth, 4s6d pub Jacob, 12mo. cloth, 1s6d pub at 4sôd 1852 at 10s6d

1843 BOHN'S Standard Library- Ranke's History of BEES—Natural History of, their production, man- the Popes, 3 vols. 6s6d 1847-Count Hamilton's

ner of their making Wax and Honey, and Fairy Tales, 28 Methods for Improvement and Preservation of BOHN'S Antiquarian Library-Brand's Popular them, 8vo. calf, 2s6d

1744 Antiquities, 3 vols. Is pub at 15s 1848–KeightBELL'S (Major) Mechanism of Historic Memory, ley's Fairy Mythology, 3s pub at 5s 1850

developing Organic Principles for the most rapid BOÉN'S Pictorial Hand-Book of London, 900 acquisition & affixment of Historical Knowledge, pages, with good map and engravings, 3s pub at 5s post 8vo. cloth, 1s6d

1853 BOLINGBROKE (Lord) on the Study and Use of BELSHAM'S (W.) Essays, Philosophical and History, and Reflections upon Exile, LARGE PA

Moral, Historical and Literary, 2 vols. 8vo. PER COPY, 2 vols. royal 8vo. calf, 3s 1752 calf, 2s

1799 BOOTHBY'S Synopsis of the Law relating to BENCA FORMULIST, a Directory to the forms Indictable Offences, and Digest of Cases by Temof Instruments and Processes, used by Justices ple. 8vo. cloth, 3s pub at 93

1851 of the Peace, post 8vo, cloth, 2s

1846 BOSANQUET'S New System of Logic, and DevelBENTHAM'S (Jeremy) Catechism of Parliament- opement of the Principles of Truth and Reasonary Reform, 8vo. boards, 1s6d

1817 ing, 8vo. cloth, 3s pub at 10s6d Parker 1839

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