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Wreford's History of Presbyterian Noncon- Scott's Marmion, large edition, 8vo. boards, formity in Birmingham, 8vo, boards, scarce, ls 6d

1808 2s 6d

Birmingham, 1932 Camden's Britannia, first translation by Philimon MRS. HEMAN'S LIFE and WORKS; 7 vols. Holland, thick, folio, maps, clean copy, 128 12mo, portrait, and vignettes, clean copy, 215,

Another Copy, by Gibson, folio, calf, pub at £1 158 1840 10s 6d

1695 The True Difference between Christian Subjec-Comber's Companion to the Temple, 8vo. wants

tion and unchristian Rebellion, wherein the title, calf, 1s6d
Princes Lawful Power to Command and inde- Gideon, the Mighty Man of Valour, 12mo. cloth,
privable right to beare the Sword, are defended 2s

1841 against the Pope's Censures and the Jesuites Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress, old edition, with Sophismes, with a demonstration that the plates and notes by Burder, 12mo., bound, things reformed in the Church of England 2s

Coventry, 1797 are truly Catholike. by Thos. Bilson, Warden Memoir and Remains of Caroline Fry, duthor of Winchester, dedicated to Queen Elizabeth, of the Listener, &c., 12mo., portrait, cloth, 3s, the four parts in one thick vol. small 8vo, pub. at 7s 6d

1848 BLACK LETTER, rare, 10s.- Imprinted at Reid's Essays on the Intellectual Powers, 8vo. London by John Jackson and Edmund Bolli. half vellum, gilt very neat, 5s6d

18:27 fant.

1586 MUSIC.--Crivelli's Art of Singing, sewed, 3s, Discourses at Manchester New College on pub. at £1 ls

Classical Literature by F. W. Newman, About 20 pieces of Music for Piano Forte, half
Mathematics by Finlay, Physical Science by bound, 2s
Phillins, Mental Philosophy by Martineau,

Another Volume, Is 6d
History by Kenrick, 8vo, cloth, 2s 1841 Musical Bijou, for 1832, 4to. half bound, 38
Rogers's Ecclesiastical Law, thick 8vo, boards, Musical Gem, for 1832, very neally bound, gilt
5s. pub, at £l Ils 6d

1840 edges, 45 LEWIS'S TOPOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY Cary's Translation of Dante, 3 vols. 12mo. cloth, OF ENGLAND; with Atlas of County Maps, 5s, pnb. at 183

1831 (last edition) 5 vols. 4to, cloth, clean, £3 38, Patterson's Introduction to Zoology, Vertebrate, pub. at £10 10s


and Invertebrate Animals, 2 vols. post ovo. Horodoti Historiarum, Greek et Lat, folio, engravings, cloth, 4s, pub. at 75 lid 1846 vellum, 58 H. Stephani, 1592

Ditto. Invertebrate only, 28 Greene's' Reminiscences of Robert Hall, and Memoir of Rev. Jno. Jas. Weitbrecht, compre

Sketches of his Sermons, 8vo, boards, 2s pub. hending a History of the Burdwan Mission, at 98

1832 Bengal, with Recommendatory notice, by Rev. Liby Useful Knowledge—Treatise on Cattle, H. Venn, &c., post 8vo., portrait, cloth, 4s

their Breeds, Management and Diseases, 8vo, Jeremy Taylor's Liberty of Prophecying, 12mo., engravings, cloth, 5s, pub. at 10s 60 1812 cloth, 1s6d

1834 Tredgold on Warming and Ventilating Buildings, Latham's Hand Book of the English Language, &c., 8vo, plates, boards, 2s 6d, pub. at 158 cloth, 5s, sells at 8sed

1851 Theory and practice of Warming and Ventilating Campbell's Beauties of the British Poets, 2 vols. 8vo, plates, cloth, 28 1-25 12mo. cloth, 2s

1824 Dr. Arnott on Warming and Ventilating, 8vo. Southey's Poetical Works, complete in one vol. cloth, Is 6d, pub. at 5s


royal 8vo. portrait, cloth, clean, 145, sells at Memoirs of the Life and Selections from the £1 Is

184+ Correspondence of Rev. Dr. Lant Carpenter, Pigott's Directory, & Historical and Topographi. 8vo, portrait, cloth, 2s 60

1842 cal Account of every Town and Village in the Sermons on Practical Sulijects by Dr. Lant ('ar- Midland Counties, calf, neat, 2s

1835 penter, 8vo, cloth, 2s 6d

1810 Gadsby's Selection of Hymns, 32mo., sheep, King's Tables of Interest, 6th edition, 8vo, 5s, Is Od

1850 1815—9th edition, 10s 6d, pub. at £l 18 Trials of the Birmingham Rioters, in 1791, 8vo. Morell's History of Philosophy and Science sewed, scarce, ls 6d

from the earliest records to the XVIII century, Leighton's Commentary on Peter, best edition, 8vo, boards, 3s, pub. at 12s

1827 8vo. cloth, 5s, pub. at 10s 6d, fine portrait. Unitarianism in its actual Condition ; Essays on Charlotte Elizabeth's War with the Saints, 12mo. the Rise, Progress and Principles of Christian cloth, 28

1848 Anti-Trinitarianism in different parts of the Buchan's Domestic Medicine, large edition, 8vo. World, edited by Rev. Dr. Beard, 8vo, cloth, plates, cloth, 2s 3s

1816 | Caussin's Holy Court; or Christian Institution Dupin's Commercial power of Gt. Pritain, 2 vols. of Men of quality, with examples of those who 8vo, boards, (no plates) 2s

1828 in Court bave flourished in Sanctity, small MILTON'S POETICAL WORKS, BASKER- 4to. vellum, scarce, 5s

Paris, 1626 VILLE'S SPLENDIDLY PRINTED EDITION, 2 vols. Mrs. Sherwood's Infants Progress to Everlasting 4to. calf, not quite uniform, but a fine clean Glory, post 8vo, cloth, Is 6d

1847 sound copy, unusually free from stains, only Nesbit's Mensuration 12mo, roan, 3s6d, pub. at 21s 1759 6s

1850 Parliamentary Debates on the Dissenters Wheatley on the Common Prayer, 8vo. best Chapels Bill, 8vo, cloth, 1s bd 1844 edition, cloth, 3s 6d


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Arheologia Cambrensis, a record of the Anti- | LOUDON'S ENCYCLOPÆDIA OF PLANTS quities of Wales and its Marches, etc., new comprising the description, specific character, series, Nos. 2, 3, , 3 Nos, plates, sewed, 2s6d, culture, history and application in the Arts, of pab. at 7s6d

1850 all the Plants cultivated in, or introduced to MERICA.–Jefferson's Notes on Virginia, Britain, thousands of engravings, 8vo, half *FO, map, calf, 2s6d,

1787 calf, clean 208, pub. at £3 13s 6d 1829 Ramsay's History of the American Revolution, Thomsons memoirs of the Court of King Henry 2 vols, 880., calf, neat, 5s6d

1793 the 8th. port, 2 vols, 8vo, half calf, 5s 1826 Bochefoucault's Travels through the United Pope's Works, complete 9 vols. 8vo, calf, plates, States, the Country of the Iroquois and 168 Od

1766 Cpper Canada in 1795-6-7, 4 vols, 8vo, map, Stuarts Historical Memoirs of the city of Armagh taif, neat, 7s6d

1799 for a period of 1373 years, comprising a portion Bassell's History of America, and rise and pro- of the history of Ireland and Refutation of Dr.

gress of the unhappy contest between Great Ledwich's opinion respecting the non-exis. Britain and her Colonies, 2 vols, 4to, half calf, tence of St. Patrick, plates, 8vo, calf, neat, 10s6d


Newry 1819 Anwer to the Declaration of the American Con- De Kotzebue's the Negro Slaves an historical gress, 1777,- Treaty between Great Britain piece. 8vo, half calf, is 6d

1796 and America, 1794, --Information respecting Schiller's The Robbers, 8vo, half calf, 18 America, collected by T. Cooper, map, 1791, –

The Poetical works of Pomfret, Parnell, and Yal. On Emigration to America, 1798,- Jardine's den, 3 vols. in one, 18mo, half calf, neat, Letter from Pennsylvania, 1795,-Washing- 1s 6d

1833 ton's Letter to American People, 1996, Lucan's Pharsalia translated by Rowe, 2 vols. half calf, 3s6d

12mo, calf, Is 6d

1722 Selections from Correspondence of Gen Wash. Job Orton's Letters to Dissenting Ministers, 2 ington and J. Anderson,-Some Portions of vols. 12mo, half calf, 2s

1806 American Review,-Benezet's Caution to Gt. Thos. Moore's Life of Sheridan, 2 vols, 8vo. Britain and her Colonies on Slave Trade, 1781, portrait, half calf, neat, 10s

1825 Every Man his own Brewer, and other Pam. Hutcheson's Inquiry into the Original of our phlets, &vo, half calf,2s

Ideas of Beauty and Virtue, &vo. calf, 1s6d Silas Deane's Address to the United States, Keate's Account of the Pelew Islands, 8vo., calf, 1784,-Memoire of the Duke of Orleans, ac


1789 cused of High Treason, 1790,- Secret Me. Morse's Geography of America, 8vo. calf, Isod moirs of Count De Parades, French Spy in Paterson's Roads by Mogg, 16th edition, 8vo., England, 1791,- The Englishman's Fortnight

half calf, neat 2s

1822 in Paris, or Art of ruining himself in a few Robt Southey's Life of Wesley, and the Rise and days, 1777, 8vo, half calf, 2s

Progress of Methodism, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. Letter from Tom Paine to General Washington

half calf, neat, 10s

1820 and 7 other Pamphlets on Finance, Paper Hume's History of England, 8 vols., 8vo., calf, Money, Banking, War, National Debt,&c., 8vo, NEALE'S HISTORY OF THE PURITANS,

neat, 155

1763 balf calf, es Pinckard's Notes on the West Indies, Obser

4 vols. 8vo. calf, 10s

1732 vations on the Creoles, Slaves, and Indians of

- Another Copy, 5 vols., 8vo, half calf, South America, and Remarks

on Yellow

1793 Fever, 2 vols, 8vo, half calf, 3s


Barbauld's Selections from the Spectator, Tatler, HALLAM'S WORKS; Middle Ages, 2 vols. 8vo,

Guardian, and Freeholder, 3 vols. 12mo., half half calf, neat, 168, pub. at £1 4s, boards 1841. Lamartine's Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, por

calf, neat, 4s 60

1804 Constitutional History of England, 3 vols. 8ro, half calf, neat, 155, pub. at £1 188, 1829; Gibbons' Decline and Fall of the Roman Em

trait, 3 vols. post 8vo.x.calf, very neat, 7s6d Literature of Europe, 4 vols. 8vo, boards, 16s6d pub. at £2 88


pire, portrait and maps, 4 vols, in 2, 8vo., half Whitaker's Ancient Cathedral of Cornwall, bis Nicholson's Operative Mechanic and British

calf, neat, 10s 60

1825 torically surveyed, 2 vols. 4to plates, boards, 8sed


Machinist, with supplement by Charles TayMawe and Ambercrombie's every Man his own

lor, 115 plates, thick 8vo. boards 8s 6d, puh. at 3ls 6d

1823 Gardiner, 12mo, bound, Is ed


Young's Night Thoughts, and other Works,comRelfour's History of Scotland, plates, 12mo, half plete, 5 vols. 12mo, calf, 3s6d

1757 calf, Is 60

1770 Belsbam's Essays, 2 vols, 8vo, calf, neat, 3s6d Facetia Cantabrigiensis consisting of anecdotes,

Reply to Moysey, 8vo., half calf, Is 6d smart sayings, Satires, Retorts, &c., 12mo,

View of the Evidence and Importance cloth, 23

1836 of the Christian Revelation, 8vo. half calf, 28 Tom Cribs memorial to Congress by Thomas -- Review of Wilberforce's Treatise, dvo., Moore, 12mo, boards, 1s 1819 half calf, Isod

1813 Mrs. Marcets conversations on Vegetable Physio-Gwilt's Anglo-Saxon Grammar, 8vo., cloth, 3s, logy, 2 vols. 12mo, half calf, 28

pub, at 6s

Pickering, 1829 Allan Ramsay's Poems, 2 vols. 12mo, bound. Mackenzie's Essay on the Life of Offa, King of 1793 Mercia, 8vo. cloth, 1s0d




Dr. Silvor on Diseases of the Rectum Anus and The Pastors Wife, a Memoir of Mrs. Sherman, Liver, plates, 8vo. c!oth, 1s6d

1815 . best edition post 8vo. cloth clean, 5s, pub. at Sussex Archæological Collections, illustrating 7s 60

1819 the History and Antiquities of the County, Memoir of Lady Warwick, also her Diary from

vol. 2, plates 8vo. cloth, clean, 5s 1843 1666 to 1672, &c., 12mo, cloth, portrait, 25 The Pictorial Book of Ballads, Traditional and The Old Church Clock, by Parkinson, plates, Romantic, Edited by Moore, engravings and 12mo: cloth, 2s

1844 illuminated title, 8vo. cloth, 5s6d 1947 Aytoun's Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers, and Mc Culloch's Dictionary of Commerce and Com. other Poems, 12mo. cloth, clean, 4s 6d, pub. mercial Navigation, with maps, 1100 pages, at 7s6d

1851 thick 8vo, boards, 10s, pub, at £2 10s 1832 The Apostolical Christians, Catholic Guizot's History of Civilization in Europe, 8vo, Church of Germany, edited by Smith, with boards, 3s6d

1838 preface by Rev. W. Goode; plates, 12mo. cloth Kenrick's (Rev. T.) Sermons, 2 vols, 8vo, boards. Is 6d

1815 23

1805 Gill's Fortunes of Faith or Church and' State, Report of the Sixteenth Meeting of the British a Poem, 18mo. cloth, Is

1811 Association for Advancement of Science, for The Flower Faded, a Memoir of Clementine 18-16, 8vo, boards, ts6d

1847 Cuvier, by J. A. James, 18mo, cloth, Is 1836 Suggestions on the Ancient Britons, part 1, 8vo, Mann's Memoir of the Rev R. Adams, 18mo. sewed, 1soj, pcb at 7s6d 1852 cloth, Is

1842 Bloxam's Glimpse at the Monumental Architec. Alleine's Heaven Opened, 18mo, cloth, Is 1819

ture and Sculpture of Great Britain, engrav- Salmon's View of the Families, of the English, ings, post 8vo, cloth, oshdi, published at Irish, and Scottish Nobility, 3 vols. 12mo., 12s 1831 calf, 2s 6d

1758.9 The History of Rehobeth, Massachusetts, by REPORTS OF THE BRITISH ASSOCIABliss, 8vo, cloth, Isod

Boston, 1836 TION, for Advancement of Science, 1834 to LIVES OF THE ENGLISH SAINTS, edited 1852, iuclusive, (except 1839-40.13,) 16 vols,

by the Rev. J. H. Newman, D.D., 14 vols, 8vo, plates, boards, clean set, £t 12mo, portraits, sewed, 14s

1841 BRITISH ESS.VYISTS, complete, Spectator, Simpson on Civil Mandates for days of Public Tatler, Rambler, Guardian, Idler, Adventurer,

Worship, 8vo, boards, 1s6d Bath, 1993 World, Mirror, Lounger, Observer, Conpoi. Rickman's Attempt to discriminate the Styles of seur &c., with notes and engravings, in 5 thick

Architecture in England, from the Conquest vols. 8vo, cloth, only 20s, pub. at £4 1832 to the Reformation, plates, 8vo,cloth,5s6d, pub. Specimens of the Russian Poets translated by at 2ls

1835 Bowring, 12mo, half calf; scarce, 2s Reid's Remarks on M. Arago's statements re. Humphrey Clinker, 3 vols, 12mo, calf, Is 6d garding the Invention of the Steam Engine,

1771 8vo, cloth, Is

1840 Life of William Penn, 12mo, cloth, 9d GOLDSMITH'S MISCELLANEOUS WORKS Inwood's Tables for the purchasing Estates,

AND LIFE, by Jas. Prior, best library edition Leases, Annuities &c, 12mo, boards, ls 6d 6 vols. 8vo., portrait and vignettes, balf cloth, Cappe's Discourses on the Providence and 32s 6d, pub, at £3 125

1837 Government of God, 12mo, half calf, neat, Burke on the Sublime and Beautiful, 8vo. calf, Is 6d

York 1811 1s6d

1776 Ware on the Formation of the Christian characAikins' Essay on Song Writing, and Collection ter, 12mo, boards, Is

1831 of Songs, 8vo. half calf, ls 6d

Grahame's Sabbath and other Poems, 12mo, Sutton Park, &c., by Horton, plates, 12mo, cloth boards, Is

1808 Is

Scott's (Sir W.) Guy Mannering, 3 vols. 12mo, Johnson's Journey to the Western Islands of half calf, 3s

1813 Scotland, 8vo. half calf, 1s6d

-Waverley, 3 vols., 12mo., half calf, Irwins Adventures in a voyage up the Red Sea, 33

1814 on the Coasts of Arabia, and Egypt, maps and Stewart's Stable Economy a treatise on the maplates, 2 vols, 8vo. calf neat, 2s6d 1787

nagement of Horses, engravings, 12mo, cloth, Sir Wm. Jones's Poems, from the Asiatic Lan- 33, pub. at 78 6d

1841 guages, 8vo. half calf, is 6d

1772 OLD TRACTS-Burke's Letters on Peace with Win.Howitt's Rural Life of England, engravings, France, five other pamphlets in answer or

2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, clean, 7s6d 1838 relating to same, 1796, Miles's Letter on P. Withering's Arrangement of British Plants, of Wales's Debts, 8vo, half calf, ls 6d

plates. vols. 8vo. half calf, peat, 6s 1796 Tithes Indefencible, Advice to the Priveleged Or: Murray's English Grammar, large complete edi. ders, Mary Wolestonecrofts vindication of the tion, 2 vols., 8vo., calf, neat 63

1808 rights of Men, and two other tracts, 8vo, half Life of John P. Curran, by his Son, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, is 6d

1792 half calf, 59

1819 Copy of the French Constitution in English and Aikins' (Miss) Memoirs of the Court of French, Constitution of Poland, Declaration

King Charles the first, 2 vols., 8vo., half calf, of Merchants, &c., of London, with the names neat, istid 1833 &c, 8vo, half calf, is 6d

1791.2 The Palace of Glass, and the Gathering of the On the Freneh Revolution by Christie, Kersaint, People, 12mo. cloth, ls

1851 Fox and others, 8vo, half calf, is 6d 1791-2


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2. Watson's Address to people of Gt. Britain | Arte of Gardening, with a number of secrets, ad nine tracts in answer to, or relating to and the Phisicke Helps to each Herb, and Saibe subject, Allardyce's address to proprie. two proper Treatises the meruailous Govern. lors of Bank of England.— Theory of National ment, propertie and benefite of Bees, with rare Debt-A chapter to the English Multitude.- secrets of Honie and Waxe, and the yearly Talgar errors, and several others, 8vo, balf conjectures for Husbandmen, and on Graftcail, ls lid

1798 ing and Planting Trees, by Thos. Hill, small Lindsey's Vindiciæ Priestleianæ, Priestley's Fu- 4to. BLACK LETTER, rare, calf, 7s 1608 Deral Serinon on Dr. Price, Disney's Sermons Milton's Areopagitica, a Speech for the Liberty en Public Worship, &c., Dia!ngue between an of unlicensed Printing, with remarks, copious Unitarian and Athanasian and Rule of Unita- notes and illustrations, by T. H. White, also Tian Society, 8vo, half calf, ls 6d 1788 a French Tract, by Mirabeau, in imitation of De Thou Triomphe de L'Honneur Persecute; Milton, 8vo. half calf, 38

1819 De Thou's Miscellany, Eytons Letter to Sir Baxteri Glossarum Antiquitatum Romanarum, W. W. Wynne. Affair of honour between W. 8vo. portrait, calf, 3s

1731 T. Jones, and Sir R. Musgrave, Histoire du Laws of Poetry as laid down by D. of BuckingGeneral Pichegru, 8vo, half calf, Is 6d

ham, in his Essay on Poetry, by E. of RosJarbin and Boaz: or an authentic Key to the common, and Lord Lansdowne, and on

door of Freemasonery, plates, 1790.-Disser- unnatural flights in Poetry, 8vo. calf, 2s 1721 tation on the existence, nature & extent of the Jones' Complete History of the Turks, from Prophetic Powers of the Human mind 1794. European and Oriental Authors, with a Life Advantages of Inland Navigation, on Wet of Mahomet, portraits of all the Emperors Locks and Trade of London and other and famous Generals, 2 vols., 8vo., calf, Tracts, 8vo, half calf, 2s 6d


1701 Paine's Age of Reason, --Address to Burke from Calumy's Abridgement of Baxter's History of

the Swinish Multitude,- Rights of Swine,- His Life and Times, with account of ejected On Subscription to Religious Tests,- The Ministers in Reign of Charles 2nd. &c. 2 vols. True Churcbman and 9 other Tracts, 8vo,half 8vo. portrait calf, 6s od

1713 calf, 2s

Osbeck's Voyage to China, Toreen's Voyage to Anstey's New Bath Guide,- Extracts from vari. Suratte, and Eckerberg's acccount of Chinese

ous Magazines,–Benezet's Caution to Great Husbandry, and Nat. History, vols, 8vo. Britain and Colonies on Slavery, 1784.–Pitt calf, 2s

1771 on Slavery, &c., 8vo, half calf, 150d

PALEY'S WORKS, good large clear type, 5 vols. BIRMINGHAM RIOTS; Trials of the Rioters, 8vo, portrait, half calf, extra, gilt, very neat, 1791,- Priestley on the Riots, 2 parts, 1791, fine library copy, 28s

1837 and Priestley on Air, &c., 8vo, half calf, Hume and Smollett's History of England com2s6d

plete 16 vols. 18mo, boards, 8s, pub. at £3 Pigott’s Political Dictionary; the real meaning 12s

1812 of Words exemplified in the Lives, &c., of 11- Cunningham's Lives of the most eminent lustrious Individuals, 1795,–Impartial His- British Sculptors, Painters and Architects, tory of Abuses in the Government of the portraits and plates, 6 vols. 12mo, cloth, 9s, British Empire in Europe, Asia, and America, pub. at 30s

1829 1795, and 2 other Pamphlets, 8vo., half calf, History of Don Ignatius Logola, founder of the 2s

order of the Jesuits, 2 vols, 12mo, calf, 28 Alexander on Harrowgate Waters,- On Inocula- od

1754 tion,- Wines of Portugal,—and Pamphlets on The Guardian, 3 vols. 12mo, bound, ls 6d the Poor, Veterinary, Convicts, Patents, Verdi

1771 digris Brewing, &c., &c., 8vo., half calf, Butler's Hudibras, with Hogarths plates, 12mo, Isod

calf, 2s

1732 West's Guide to the Lakes of Westmoreland, Sir Walter Scott's complete Poetical Works, 10

&c.,Walker's Tour to the Lakes and Trip vols. 18mo, boards, 7s bd, pub. at £3 3s
to Paris,-Description of the Peak, Derby Baskerville --Shakespeare's Works, 9 vols. in four
shire,- Chester Guide, 8vo, half calf, 1s6d 12mo, half calf, 10s Birmingham, 1768
Barrington's Voyage to New South Wales, The Architecture, Faculties, & Habits of 'Birds,

1715,-Christian's Letter on Mutiny of the engravings, 3 vols. 12mo, cloth, 5s
Bounty, and Travels in South America, 1796,- Library of Entertaining Knowledge 1831
On the Source and Current of the River Nile, Insect Architecture, Transformations and Mis-
and other Curiosities, -Bramah on Watt's cellanies, engravings, 3 vols. 12mo, cloth, 5s
Patent Steam Engine, evo, half calf, 2s

Library of Entertaining Knowledge 1831 Moore's Lalla Rookh, with Westall's plates, Lives of celebrated British Physicians, portraits, 12mo, balf call, gilt, elegant, 6s6d

12mo, cloth, is 6d, pub. at 5s Memorials of Mrs. llemans, with Illustrations Spectator, Complete, 8 vols, 12mo., bound, of her Literary Character by H. F. Chorley, 4s

1760 2 rols., post 80., portrait, half calf, neat, The Beauties of Burke with Sketch of his Life, 08 1836 &c., 2 vols, 8vo, half calf, 3s

1798 Gleig's Memoirs of Warren Hastings, 3 vols., Moss's History and Antiquities of the Town and bvo. portrait, very neatly and newly half bound Port of Hastings, numerous plates, 8vo, boards, call, extra gilt, los od 1814 2s6d


scarce, 5s

The History of Dion Cassius, abridged, 2 vols, 1 Home Education by Isaac Taylor, post 8vo, cloth, 8vo, calf, 2s 1704 3s 6d

1838 Blair's Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Let Heaven's Antidote to the curse of labour, post tres, 3 vols, 8vo, calf neat, 3s6d 1793 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, 2s

1819 Andrews' History of Great Britain from the The Bible its own interpreter ; with a brief ac

death of Henry VIII to the Accession of count of the books & writers, post 8vo, cloth James I, being a continuation to Dr. Henry's 28

1833 History, 2 vols, 8vo, calf, 2s6d

1796 Rev.John Fletcher's Posthumous Pieces,contain. Millar's History ef the Propagation of Christi. ing his Pastoral and Familiar Epistles, Six

anity & Overthrow of Paganism, 2 vols., 8vo, Letters, on the Prophecies &c., 12mo, cloth, calf, scarce, 4s6d 1731 ls 6d

1833 Cicero's Letters translated by Melmoth, 3 vols, Lauline and other Poems, by Rev. Geo Beddow, Svo, calf, 35

1778 Curate of St. Mary's Birmingham, 12mo, cloth, The Lady's Poetical Magazine, 4 vols, 8vo, calf, 18 od

1851 1781 Life and Character of Tersteegen, translated by Fleetwood's Chronicon Preciosum, or an account Jackson, 12mo, cloth, Isod, pub. at 5s 1832

of English money, the price of Corn and Pinnock's Analysis of Scripture History, i8mo, other Commodities for the last 600 years, 8vo, 2s

1848 call, scarce, 35

1707 Wakefield's Juvenile Travellers or & Tour QUAKERS—Barclay's Apology for the Quakers through the Principal States, &c., of Europe 8vo. calf, ls 6d

1705 coloured map, thick 12mo., neatly half bound, -Another Copy, printed by Baskerville, 28 in fine condition, 4to. calf, 12s Birm., 1705 Curiosities of Modern Travel, a Book of Ad. The Memory of the Righteous Revived, being a venture, plates, 12mo., cloth, gilt edges, breif collection of the Epistles, &c.. of John 2s

1814 Camm, and John Audland, published by T. Backgammon its History and Practice, illus Canon and Charles Marshal, 12mo, calf, trated by Kenny Meadows, 12mo, cloth,1s 1841 scarce, 2s

1689 Lessons on Shells, plates, 12mo., boards, Life of John Grattan, with account of his Is6d

1838 Labours, Travels, Sufferings, &c, 12mo, bound The Young Ladies Book, a manual of elegant Is6d

1795 Recreations, Exercises, and Pursuits, numerLife and Labours of Sarah Grubb, post 8vo., ous very fine plates, post 8vo, silk, very clean, boards, ls6d 1794 6s, 21s

1829 Account of the Remarkable Passages in the Abel Allnutt, by the Author of Hajji Babba, 3 Life of Oliver Sanson, scarce, 12mo. bound, vols. post 8vo, boards, 2s 6d

1851 2s

1710 | Conybeare & Phillips's Outlines of Geology, large Burke on the French Revolution, 1791, and colored map,&c., 12mo, neat, scaree, 7 sod

Preistley's Letter's to Burke, Birm. 1791.- Barrington on the Possibility of Approaching Reply to Burke on his Reflections on the the North Pole, and Beaufoy's papers on French Revolution, 1790, 8vo. half calf, 1s6d ditto, map 8vo. half calf, Js6d

1818 HORACE WALPOLE'S PRIVATE COR- Canova's Letter, with Visconti's two Memoirs

RESPONDENCE, 4 vols. 8vo. very neatly on the sculptures in the British Museum, and newly half bound, calf, extra, gilt, royal 8vo. half calf, 1s6d

1816 20s

1820 Letters of Richard Reynolds, with memoir of Leighton's Works, with Preface by Doddridge, his Life by his Granddaughter, portrait, post and Life by Middleton, 4 vols. 8vo. portrait. 8vo. cloth, 3s, pub. at 7s 6d

1852 half calf extra, gilt very neat, 18s

1805 Tingry's Painters and Varnishers Guide, a Godwin's Lives of the Necromancers, 8vo. half Treatise on the Art of Making and Applying

calf, extra, gilt, very neat, scarce, 7s6d 1834 Varnishes, and on the method of preparing Blair's Celebrated Sermons, LARGE PAPER, 3 Colours, plates 8vo. half russia, 3s6d

1801 vols, royal 8vo. half calf, elegant, very neat, Clarkson's Memoirs of the Public and Private 15s, fine library copy, at little more than cost Life of Wm. Penn, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf, peat, of binding. 1824 33

1813 Havernick's Introduction to the Pentateuch, 8vo, Campbell's Philosophy of Rhetoric, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, 4s 1850 half calf, 3s

1776 Hallett's Notes on some peculiar texts of Scrip. Thomson's Memoirs of Sir Walter Raleigh and ture, 8vo, calf, is 6d

1729 the period in wbich he lived, portrait, 8vo, Gully on the Water cure in Chronic Disease, post half calf, 3s

1830 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d

1846 Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments, 8vo, cloth, Trials of G. R. Fitzgerald and T. Brecknock for ls 6d

1767 the procurement of J. Fulton and others for Taylor's Arithmetic, scarce, 8vo, bound, 3s, the Murder of Mc Donnell and Hipson, also

Birmingham 1800 the King against James Fox and trial of R. Dr. Hurd's Letters on Chivalry and Romance, Keon, Gent, for the murder of G. N. Reynolds 8vo, half calf, Is 6d

1762 8vo, calf, 2s 6d

Dublin 1786.8 | Ramsay (Allen) The Gentle Shepherd a Scots, The Anniversary, edited by Allan Cunningham Pastoral comedy, portrait, 8vo, bound, 18

post 8vo, 20 fine steel plates, 2s, pub. at Le Brethons French Exercises, 8vo, half calf, 41 ls

1829 ueat, ls 6d


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